Away We Go! (Jovianth and Ashwi go Between!)

Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The morning in Half Moon Bay dawns bright and clear; a lovely summer day with the promise of stifling heat and humidity come. But for now, at least, it is pleasant. And the perfect day to start taking a few weyrlings Between. Or, rather /one/ particular weyrling. This is just one of those lessons best done solo, and so while the others in the class might be flying, exercising, or stealing a quiet moment away, R'sner is here in the bowl with Toith and calling Jovianth and Ashwi to the lesson at hand. « Straps on an' ready t' go! » issues Toith, serious despite the flicker of electricity in her blue-washed mind.

Flying lessons has been fairly uneventful and easy for Jovianth. No major mishaps and really a few minor mishaps. So he's likely more than ready and willing for this particular lesson to happen. Bounding out with the youthful enthusiasm that seems to hang around the suave brown, Ashwini trails behind as she is pulling on riding leathers and such. His straps are on already as he departs the barracks which indicates he made her put them on in there so they'd be completely ready. His mind voice is rolling swamp waters with a faint echoey sound this morning. « All ready to go oh wise teacher o'mine. How lovely you are this morning? And is it not a fine morning in which to do lessons? »

« Didja jus' call me 'lovely', » asks Toith, unnecessarily. It comes with enough disgust and dislike that it ought to be immediately apparent that was The Wrong Thing to Say. Bristling, just a little, the little green twitches her wings across her back and points her muzzle toward the arriving Jovianth. « I ain't lovely, I'm— » but whatever she is, R'sner cuts her off with a quick step forward and a brusque "How are you feeling?" for Ashwi. "Confident? Nervous?" It's important to him, clearly, even if his expression leaves little room for sympathetic returns.

« But you are as lovely as the day is bright. » Jovianth clearly misses the cues of /not/ saying such things. His gaze lands on her only briefly before he is swinging his head around to look to his rider, clearly already distracted by the lesson to be happening real soon.

Ashwini knows nothing of the exchange between brown and green as she comes along side the brown. One hand rests lightly on the muzzle lowered to nudge at her. At R'sner's question she pauses before answering. "Nervous." admits the weyrling. "But ready."

While Toith might hiss, both aloud and within her mind, it's R'sner who offers a bit of insight with a wince and a quick, "Please, stop calling her lovely. In fact," he continues, pointedly speaking to Jovianth, "Don't call her anything that might be considered complimentary." No 'pretty' or 'beautiful' or anything of the sort. But, while the green might be bristling under the label of 'lovely', she's at least practiced enough (or R'sner has control enough) to remain professional for this all important lesson. "Good," decides Res, of Ashwi being nervous. "Nervous means you understand the dangers. Truly," and here he softens just a bit, "I have the utmost faith in you, Ashwi. You and Jovianth will do fine. Now," and there's a straightening of his shoulders, a deepening of his tone into something appropriately serious. "Here is how it will go. We will mount up and fly to the star stones. Once there, I want you to take a good look at the Weyr as it is laid out. I know you've seen it before, but it's a good image to constantly refresh yourself on. When you are ready, Toith will provide the first destination to Jovianth and, on her mark, we will go Between. Sound good?"

Ashwi casts an amused look towards Jovi. "Jovi…." she murmurs to the abashed looking brown. "I'd take his advice." which he clearly does since he goes silent. There's not a peep from him towards Toith. Not even a hint of the swampy voice he'd been projecting. Of course he's more than likely giving Ashwi an 'earful' because after a minute she holds up a 'hush' signal to the brown. Then her full attention is on R'sner. Focus is her middle name. Deep breath and she nods. "Right." at his instructions she spares a peek upwards briefly in the general direction of the star stones before her gaze drops down. "Sounds good." she confirms.

"Alright then. Mount up, and we will see you up there. Toith will give further instructions," because once they are in the air, there's no way R'sner will be able to yell over the wind. And then that is exactly what he is doing; hoisting himself up to Toith's neck and, once sufficiently strapped in, holding tight as the green launches herself upwards. It's a quick flight, and she hovers there above the bowl to await Jovianth and Ashwi. « Take yer time, » she encourages, losing the disgruntled tones of earlier and settling easily into 'teacher' mode. « And lemme know when you an' Ashwi are ready ta go »

"Yes sir!" Ashwi starts the mounting up process only half way up the brown when Toith takes off. Briefly watching her flight she refocuses her attention to mounting and buckling up the straps around her. "Alright hon." another deep breath. "All ready luv." with a few steps forward to gain momentum Jovi leaps up and launches himself towards the star stones with ease. Soon enough the pair join Toith and R'sner. « All set! » Jovi's dropped the failed attempts at flirting, clearly he needs some lessons or something or at the very least needs to learn with whom to flirt. His two words give the impression of coming from deep, deep caves.

Poor Jovianth. Toith is probably the worst green to try and flirt with. Unless he wants to present dead-things as presents and tell her she looks especially fierce covered in mud. But lessons in romance must wait, as lessons on Between take precedence! « 'Kay, » but before she'll continue, she offers a quick reminder to, « Make sure Ashwi's taken a good look a'the weyrbowl. She's gonna hafta jump us back home later! » just in case that wasn't known. But after the requisite time is passed, she'll feed an image of where they are going first. It is perhaps unremarkable: a picture of the weyr from the other side of the bowl, seen as though one was hovering over the lagoon and looking in. « Give it to Ashwi an' then, we go! »

Jovianth hovers easily enough as Ashwi gets a good long look of the bowl. Of course she's seen this view before but now she's /really/ looking at all the details and engraining the image. A moment then she nods once. "Alright luv." she murmurs to Jov." now her and Jovi and getting the new and relatively boring image. "Got it." another low murmur to the brown. « I have told her. » assured Jovi to Toith. « And given her the image. » he's ready! He waits tho, not wanting to jump the gun before Toith.

« Then jump! » and Res and Toith will see them on the other side. Just as soon as the words are given, the green is vanishing Between, reappearing almost instantly over the lagoon in the spot detailed. It is with patience but, hopefully not for very long, that they await the arrival of Jovianth and Ashwi.

With no hesitation Jovianth jumps between! There's no time to count before they are reappearing right where they should be. Ashwi looks around and lets out a whoop!

Toith will second that whoop with a bugle of her own; clear pride at the triumph of Jovianth and Ashwi in their first jump! « Nice! » she echoes, smug pleasure erasing all lingering irritation at failed flirtations. R'sner is a touch more subdued, but there's probably a grin hiding beneath that stony mask of his. « Res says, if yer good to go, we will go here next, » and she provides an image of Half Moon Bay Hold as seen from the air, the sprawling Hold laid out in the morning light. « Ready? You go first, and we will follow, » she encourages.

Ashwi can feel the happy rumbles of Jovianth under her. « Easy as breathing! » Jovianth carols out happily. Taking the next image and quickly passing it on to Ashwi the pair disappear.

Toith and R'sner are on their heels, vanishing just as soon as Jovianth's gone from sight. Over Half Moon Bay Hold they appear, and once more there is cheerful triumph bugled out (and disguised as a welcome to the Holders below, poor them). « Yes! See? Easy, » agrees Toith, radiating delight as she hovers in the sky. « Res wants ta know how Ashwi's feelin', » she offers. « Is she comf'table with it so far? »

Jovianth wings easily in the skies above the hold, perhaps showing off for any holders below. A happy rumble emits from the weyrling. A moment then he replies to the question after asking his rider. « She says she is much more comfortable now after two successful jumps. »

« Good! » and the sound of that word has a very distinct 'R'sner' tone to it; clearly Toith is echoing her rider, though she's pleased as well. « Do ya wanna try jumpin' home? Don't, » she's quick to add, « go until we say so! You've gotta let Ashwi picture it, give it ta me, and then we'll say yay or nay, » she finishes, laying down the rules.

And….got it. Ashwi gives a thumbs up once Jovi passes on their marching orders. Jumping home. It's a snap. But she stops herself from hastily picturing the way home after she gives a quick image. Pausing she closes her eyes and takes her time to picture the bowl as she saw it in the beginning of the lesson. Finally with her eyes closed still she passes on a crystal clear image to Jovi who in turn passes it to Toith.

Toith and R'sner wait patiently, hovering in the sky above the Hold, while Ashwi prepares and pictures their destination. When it comes, there's only a moment of pause before Toith responds with an affirmative, « perfect! Go, » and they will be right on their heels, vanishing out of the sky and reappearing over Half Moon Bay Weyr.

Picture confirmed and planted firmly in mind Jovianth goes *between* with an audible pop. Bye bye holders below! Until next time! A count of 5 and they are back above the bowl in a perfect hover. Now Jovianth bugles a pleased bugle to announce their continued success.

« Yahoo! » declares Toith, shouting her delight to all dragons within hearing range. It might get a few disgruntled comments in return, from those who had been snoozing, but the green couldn't care less. « Yer a proper dragon now, Jovi! » she declares. As if he wasn't before. « Head on down, » she instructs, mindvoice still humming with pleasure. « Res wants ta chat an' says ya should take a quick break a'fore we do any more. IF we do anymore, » she amends.

« I could do more. I'm not tired at all. I want to learn lots of places! » Jovi does spiral down to a smooth landing with a pleased looking Ashwi upon his back. Sliding down to his side she's all smiles.

« Later, » promises Toith. Though that's rather ambiguous, and she knows it. Regardless, she is soon landing herself in the training field and kneeling to allow R'sner to slide off. "Congratulations," he declares, allowing himself the pleasure of a smile. It's subtle, and fleeting, but it was totally there! "That was well executed," he decides. "How did it feel?"

« Later. » Jovianth can wait. He can be patient. Mostly cause he has to! So he settles down into a comfortable position beside Ashwi. The brown weyrling's eyes are practically glowing she's so pumped up with adrenaline from the couple pops between. Being astride your own life mate and in control of that step is huge! "It felt great!"

"Good," declares R'sner, pleased. "Now," he cautions, " do not get over confident. You did well. Your image home was perfect. Keep that same crispness whenever you envision a destination. Don't jump when you're tired…" and so on and so forth with the same tired list of 'DO' and 'DO NOTs' that has been given since practically day one. But R'sner ends it with, "No jumping alone. We will go out again, and you will likely go with Valeska and Pieta as well. And when you've successfully jumped around Pern without needing us to tweak a visual, then you'll be free," to flyyyyyy! Or jump Between on their own. "We'll take a half hour break, and then we can go again." And that's exactly what they'll do.

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