Guard Your Towels

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

Note: This is not the beginning of the scene, as the player for this log arrived in at this point…

Solarus blushes a little. "I don't think you have to worry about the mattresses sir. As soon as the nannies learned about my little…adventure…they started inspections of all the residences," he swirls his pencil around in circles to shape the weyrleader's head. "I'm looking forward to the end of spiderclaws. If you need anymore help looking for hiding ones though, don't ask me. I've had enough of it," he looks desperately embarassed to say such a thing to the weyrleader. "I'm just glad I got my good glasses back. Now at least I have something I can wear until I can have new ones made. Wearing mom's glasses weren't helping me at all," and not only that, but purple and black is far more stylish than…brown. Mud brown with black spots. He has his mother's glasses in his satchel and he pulls them out to show the weyrleader. "Mom doesn't seem to understand that different people need different lenses for their eyes. She thinks her spare glasses should be fine. But she hasn't gotten a new pair in years," he makes a little face. "And they're…darned expensive to get made…" he admits quietly.

It's afternoon at Western and Zi'on is fresh out of the water. He's sitting on a towel with Solarus nearby, the candidate with his sketchbook out getting a sketch of the weyrleader while they chat. "Well, that's good. That way I don't have to send out a search party." Zi'on blinks a bit as Solarus tells him he's done with spiderclaws. Then he starts laughing. "Well, fair enough." There's a nod about the glasses. Zi'on can't tell what from what. "Yeah. Your eyes can't be that horrible though, or the dragons wouldn't have searched you. But I'm sure it's hard to do certain things. Draw maybe. Not sure though. But if you have to have then you have to have them. You'll have to get special riding goggles, too."

Perhaps her chores and duties for the day have been completed. Perhaps they have not. The even less likely option is that Keelyra didn't have chores to begin with on this fine day. Whatever the case may be, she's not letting it get in the way of some swim time. The teen meanders her way from the bowl towards the shore, sandals half-laced as they flop about on her feet. A towel is slung over a shoulder and over the two-piece swimsuit she wears is only a loose, sleeveless top. It can barely even be considered a proper cover-up. She sidles her way towards Solarus and Zi'on, perhaps to get a peek at what the other candidate is drawing. The weyrleader, on the other hand, might just get a face-full of towel as she tosses it his way from her shoulder.

Kaliena wanders down from the bowls, fresh from her morning tasks of whichever chore she was saddled with. With her mentor gone, the young girl has no work waiting for her with the smiths, so of course that leads her to wandering. And if one is set to wandering, why not towards the lagoon? She's not dressed to swim and in fact doesn't even look as though she planned at all to stick around. Dressed only in a sleeveless tunic and a pair of pants rolled up to the knees, she kicks off her sandals once she's by the sandier part of the shore and proceeds the rest of the way barefoot. Her wild hair, as usual, has been loosely tamed into a braid, but already most of it is slipping free. Blue eyes scan the shores quickly and it doesn't take her long to spy the trio, two of whom are familiar (one especially). "Afternoon," she drawls once she's close enough, one hand up in a half-wave gesture.

Solarus nods firmly. "The rider I've been following around already found me a pair for when we ride, though I haven't gone with another rider since this sandclaws thing started," he looks upset by that, and its probably due to the very fact that his mother's glasses were not adequet enough for his vision. "I'm so glad I found them," he touches the speckled frames on his face with a little bit of gentleness as he pushes them up his nose, the one missing arm causing them to droop a little to the right. "I can see through them at least, even if I'm having trouble keeping them on my face," he looks up a the arrival of the two girls and waves. "Hi! Mind if I sketch both of you? I'm just doing anybody who comes along, I haven't been able to in awhile. Probably need the practice."

Zi'on grunts as Keely tosses her towel at him. "What's this for?" Zi'on of course is just in his swim trunks. He's given up on shaving his chest it would seem, and is instead back to shaving his face. "Oh, I know." He lifts up his arm to rub her towel over his underarm. Gross. Kali is given a wave on her approach and Zi'on waves her over to sit next to him. "Hey there hammer hitter." Suldith is lounging behind the weyrleader, and he lifts his muzzle to give both ladies a warble. Zi'on nods. "I'm sure there are some pairs with different lenses here and there. I don't need them really, at least I don't think. Suldith's eyes are better than mine anyways." Zi'on leans back a bit on one of his hands.
The towel-to-underarm trick gains a look that falls somewhere between horror and loathing. Keelyra makes a small, strangled sound in the back of her throat, taking a step away from Zi'on… and out of her sandles. Wiggling feet got them partially buried in the sand and she stumbles half a step. "Really? Come on…" That was her only towel. For now, at least. If she chooses to swim, she'll either have to return to the barracks dripping or use an underarm-towel. Ew. The teen glances sidelong at Solarus at his request and she shrugs somewhat. "I, uh, don't understand why ya'd want to, but… I guess it doesn't bother me."

"You're gross, Zi'on. And hammer hitter? That's your new name?" Kaliena mutters as she wrinkles her nose when Zi'on chooses to use Keelyra's towel on his underarms, but there's little sympathy otherwise for the other candidate. As she plunks down ungracefully to the sands where the Weyrleader had gestured, the girl chuckles gruffly. Suldith is given a brisk nod for the warble, but her attention shifts to Solarus then at his request for sketching. Instantly, Kaliena is a touch guarded and wary, but there's a curious glance given all the same to the sketchbook and then the candidate himself. "What'd I have to do? Just sit here? Do I have to be still?" Cause "sitting still" might not fall in her vocabulary."

Solarus looks momentarily horrified by the weyrleader using somebody elses towel. Then he blushes a bit, cause, oh my. A gorgeous adult is toweling himself off here, in front of them. He looks down at his sketchbook and quickly turns to a fresh page in order to start sketching one or the other of the girls. "No, you don't have to stay still, you can move. In fact, I like moving subjects," he looks over at Keelyra. "I like to sketch all sorts of different people, its good practice, cause you never know who might want me to sketch them, and doing a variety of faces will only help me improve," he's not going to say because either girl is attractive to him, probably not as much as the ahem, person he was sketching previously. He looks up at Suldith for a moment. "Especially like sketching dragons in flight," he admits.

Zi'on laughs at Keely's reaction. "Oh relax. I was just in the water, there's no sweat on it." He throws it back at her. At least he doesn't think there's sweat on it. That'll learn her though to throw things at Zi'on she didn't want grossed up. He grins to Kali. "It is now. I dunno. I'm still trying to think up a good name for you. Angry face doesn't work for you too well anymore." Zi'on leans over to try and take up one of Kaliena's feet to he can rub it. Poor Solarus. Zi'on is unaware of the other guy's blushing. It could be the sun, after all. Suldith looks to Sol as he mentions him. "He says he can go for a fly later if you want to draw him. He'll try to fly low enough that you can see him."

Keelyra almost sidesteps the towel. /Almost/. Likely the things are in high demand from time to time and she knows certain members of the lower caverns staff would be on her tail if she lost one merely because the Weyrleader was sweating on it. They, however, may very well also understand. She still catches it, holding it for a moment betwixt fingers. Finally, with a shrug, the candidate drops it onto her sandals. "Well, I guess you can draw me, but," she hooks a thumb towards the water, "I'mma be swimming."

Kaliena seems oblivious to Solarus' blushing as well, focused more on the sketchbook then the candidate's reaction to everyone. Her shoulders sag visibly and she exhales heavily in relief when he says she's free to move. "Thank Faranth!" she exclaims and then promptly stretches out, legs out straight in front, knees partially bent, with her feet partially buried and her arms coming out behind her to prop herself up. Picture of comfort and relaxing! "Then sketch away. Though can we see when you're done? Or you one of those that hides his work?" she muses, before her eyes dart up to glance sideways to Zi'on. "Angry face? Why not?" Kaliena scowls a little at this point, as if to prove a point. "Better then hammer hitter. Keep tryin'." There's no complaint from here when the bronzerider moves in to rub one of her feet, though he does shoot him a questioning look that's more or less a glare. He should have expected that.

Without even looking up Solarus reaches into his satchel to find another filled sketchbook. "Sure you can look, here's some of my other sketches. Knock yourself out," he is now so fascinated by drawing that he's barely catching the conversation. "I can see find with these glasses sir, its just hard to keep them on my face, and the crack in the lense makes a line in my eye, thats all," he looks a little embarassed but smiles. "I'm looking forward to drawing him though."

Zi'on always has towels in his weyr. He's got girls who come in and clean and pick up after him these days. So he doesn't look like such a slob as he used to. It was all part of the perks, also because he generally doesn't have the time. It's surprising to see him out at the beach without being bent over a clipboard looking at paperwork. "Because I've seen you smile too many times now. It's ruined. Do you like hammer-holder, better? Kind of got the double meaning there. Since you hold hammers and you're from the hold." Also it's a euphemism for something perverted. He ignores that scowl. It's generally how Kaliena looks when she's around him in public. "Maybe we can get those fixed up then. Get a new lense made for the cracked side and fix the frame. Might be cheaper, and if you can see well with them no sense in wasting the good lense."

The blushing? Totally went over Keelyra's head. The girl just doesn't notice such things. It may be in part because she's unobservant, but perhaps also because she's filtered a lot of things of that nature out of her life. She leaves the trio to their sketching and talks of sketching as she heads for the water. Once at the edge, she lets it lap at her ankles to get a feel for it before heading in. She's quick to get to where it's deep enough to start swimming.

Kaliena blinks in surprise when Solarus' is suddenly pulling out another filled sketchbook and offering it over. Leaning forwards, she stretches awkwardly to bridge the gap to grasp it and once she does, she settles back comfortably. Peering down at it, she very carefully thumbs the pages open, handling it as though she were handling something as fragile as glass. "How many of these do you have? Filled, that is?" she asks, though her tone is distracted as she examines the work with obvious wonder and curiosity. "So I'm not supposed to be happy?" the girl drawls to Zi'on with a quirked brow and a smirk. "Shards, and here I figured you'd be overjoyed I was smiling. I could go back to being grumpy and angry all the time if you want." She grumbles. She's already partially there anyhow! There's a roll of her eyes for his next "name" attempt and from her scoff her opinion is known even before she remarks in an edged tone. "Right. No to that one too. How about just Kali? I don't need no title." Then she bends her head a looks down to the sketches in the book now resting safely in her lap.

Surely Keely is leaving her towel behind someplace. Zi'on is already thinking about the horrible things he could do to it without her knowledge. Zi'on makes sure to rub all the bits of Kaliena's foot before he switches to the other one idly. He's not even tickling her or anything! "No, you're supposed to be happy. It's a good thing. It just means that I can't call you angry-face anymore because it doesn't make a lot of sense. I am overjoyed to see you smiling. Though since you started candidacy I haven't seen too many smiles." He grins to her. "Just Kali? But everyone calls you that. I need a cute pet name to call you. Like… tiny-toes or something." Actually the first name that came to mind was tiny-t-something else, but he doesn't dare say it. The bronzer and Kaliena are lounging on the beach in front of Suldith while Keely goes out for an afternoon swim.

Oh, the towel got left behind. In a sloppy bundle on top of her discarded sandals and cover-up. Keelyra isn't the sort to meticulously lay out her towel and other items. That takes away from swim time! The candidate is somewhere out in the lagoon, though not too far, as she swims.

It's probably a good thing Zi'on doesn't tickle her, or he'll wind up with sand kicked in his face when Kaliena reacts. She snorts and another lopsided smirk curves the corner of her mouth as she more or less agrees with the bronzerider's comment. "I've been tired." She remarks, which is only a partial lie. "So I've been tired. That's all." Looking up from the sketchbook, she slowly closes it as she fixes the Weyrleader with another pointed look that borders on a glare. "Tiny… toes?" The girl stresses, eyeing him suspiciously. Perhaps she senses that he meant something else but she doesn't press him. Not yet, anyways. "That one is awful." She says in a flat tone and promptly returns the sketchbook to Solarus, careful not to disturb the candidate while he works. But it does mean she has to move out of Zi'on's reach for a moment before she resettles herself again. "So you just out catching some sun then?" Kaliena asks rather out of the blue.

Zi'on doesn't want sand in his face. A towel is enough for one afternoon. "I can tell you're tired. Harder to relax I guess, too." As in, she can't just run away to his weyr to be pamper for a night at a time if she needs a break. He holds up the foot he's supposed to be rubbing. "Tiny toes." He chuckles a bit. No, he won't say the other thing. He doesn't want a foot in the gut or someplace else. He finishes up with the foot he's on and sets it down with her other one. The bronzer slides back to lean against Suldith then, the bronze outstretching a wing a bit to block the sun. "Sort of. I went for a swim, too. Now I'm a little hot. What brings you down here? You look bored. Maybe I can help with that."

The sun makes it difficult to swim for too long. Likely. Either that or Keelyra is just a bit tired from her daily chores. They do like giving her the more physical, outdoors ones. Harder for her to bribe other weyrbrats into doing them for her that way. The candidate starts swimming in towards shore, but what's that? Something seems to be preceeding her. In fact, while she's still a bit of a ways out, a wave brings her swimsuit top up onto shore a bit of a ways down. The teen, however, seems to be blissfully ignorant that she's lost part of her wardrobe.

"Eh, it's not that bad to relax. But those spiderclaws caused a ruckus and what not." Kaliena murmurs with a shrug of her shoulders. Zi'on knows of her other reasons too for why she may be tired, but the girl doesn't go into details now. Even though he doesn't say the other thing, the Weyrleader almost winds up getting kicked anyways, when he lifts her foot up. But she promised to be "nice" and so she only glares at him, lips drawn into a thin line. Once her feet are free, she buries them under the sand. At the shade cast by Suldith's wing, there's a look of thanks from the candidate to the bronze but then her attention turns back to Zi'on. "Bored. Chores finished early and my mentor is gone for a bit. So there's only studyin' for me to do and it's too hot to focus on that. So I wandered a bit and came down here." Kaliena eyes him then, almost suspiciously. "How?"

Zi'on blinks a bit as something familiar seems to wash up on shore. He blinks a bit as he realizes what it is. "Eh? Not tied enough or something." Zi'on had nothing to do with it! "Yeah yeah. Hopefully they're all gone now. Did you make your delivery? There's only one more letter or something left, no?" The bronzer nods to her. "I took the afternoon off to relax a little. Figured you'd be busy until after dinner." Zi'on just grins to her when she asks him how. "I dunno. We could make out or something. That might be fun." He chuckles a bit, then gets up to go pick the suit up out of the water, rinsing it off a bit. "Hey Keely!" He calls out, waving the suit around like a wet flag.

Oh yes, the flag of Zi'ons everywhere. Someone's underthing. Or, well, swimsuit top in this case. Keelyra is just wading up to shore as Zi'on starts hollaring and waving the top around. She blinks and glances down, before effecting a shrug. "Guess I spend more time in the baths," she offers as she shuffles across the sand towards the former-weyrbrat to retrieve the article of clothing. Fortunate for some, but unfortunate for others, she seems to have zero shame at being topless for the moment.

Solarus accepts the sketchbook back and slips it into his satchel. "Just a couple," he says. "Okay, well," he blushes. "Several," and then he's folding closed the one in his hands. "I'd better get back to the dorms and get out of these clothes now. It is getting a bit hot and I haven't had a chance to read my work books in awhile either," he picks up his discarded work clothes to bundle up, shoulders his satchel and waves by to them all with his free fingers. "See you around!" he says, then turns to head back to the weyr.

Kaliena is too busy pinning Zi'on with another long, almost-glared look to notice the article of clothing that's washed ashore. She frowns; slightly puzzled when he mentions something not being tied, but that slides away when he brings up the letters. "One left. I should be getting to that soon. I've been busy." Chores, studies and other pranks and mischief, it eats up a lot of one's time! "Nope, not today." At his suggestion, she snorts and shoots him a disapproving look. "Ain't that pushing the rules?" she asks with just a hint of sarcasm. Then he's up and going to the water's edge and at first Kaliena doesn't follow. It's only when he starts waving the flag and hollering at Keelyra that she pushes herself to her feet and curiously steps closer. When it all clicks in, the girl's gaze darts between Zi'on and the now approaching topless candidate. She seems unruffled by modesty sake, though her gaze may linger for a breath longer before she's narrowing her glance to the bronzerider.

Zi'on laughs a bit at Keely's uncaring attitude at the fact he has her bathing suit top. "Fine then, you won't mind if I keep it then. Or… wear it." He can't really get it on himself, but that doesn't mean he's not going to try. There's a pause to wave goodbye to the departing Solarus. "See ya later, Solarus." Zi'on grins to Kaliena. "Yeah? Good. Maybe I'll have Enka write one final one asking to meet him someplace. And then be sitting there when he shows up." Zi'on laughs. He grins to her. "No. Ain't no one I ever heard of got pregnant just from making out. It's not very sexual either." He finally gets Keely's top fastened on himself, even though it's stretched out all funny on him. Then he laughs.

Jiggly things are happening. They weren't, but when Keelyra realizes he's about to put on her top and /stretch it out/, she begins to jog through the jog-slowing-sand to stop him before the horrendous act. Unfortunately, she's just not quick enough and arrives somewhat short of breath, for having been swimming just moments prior. Now it's her turn to be a scowly one as she holds out a hand. Clearly for the top. "I'mma make you buy me a new one if it doesn't fit anymore."

Kaliena turns her head just enough to catch Solarus as the other candidate turns to leave, lifting her hand up in a half-wave of farewell. "'Later!" she calls back. Maybe she'll thank him later too for letting her takes a peek at his sketches. Back to Zi'on, she simply shrugs her shoulders. "Could work. I'll try to get the last letter in then tomorrow." She murmurs and then smirks. "Suppose not. But still. Gets close enough, doesn't it?" Maybe that's her way of saying she wants to, but also doesn't want to provoke temptation. She's certainly trying to hint at /something/ from the way she keeps side glancing at him. When the bronzerider threatens actually wearing the other girl's top, Kaliena laughs gruffly. "Didn't take you as the cross dressin' type. Why didn't you just ask?" she replies, her tone sarcastic and her mouth twisting into a vague and lopsided smile. Keelyra is given another look, considering she's jogging towards them now and the girl only snorts for the other's comment.

Yep. He's got the top on all stretched out. It's slowly sliding down his frame though, since he didn't bother putting his arms into it. He just grins to the open hand. "If you want it you have to take it off me." Zi'on turns the grin to Kali then. "Excellent. No, it don't get -that- close. I ain't gonna even feel you up or anything. It's just some harmless kissing. I know I'm hard to resist and all." He laughs a bit. "Ask for what? Anyways I'm a terrible cross-dresser. I can't even put a bathing suit top on." Which is evident because it's now right above his abdomen.

There's a grunt of frustration from Keelyra, but she seems to have no problem reaching out to grab the top. It's fortunate he didn't put his arms through it. She tries to put it back on, but it is well and truly stretched out. "Mebbe washing it'll fix it," she grouches, glancing up to fix Zi'on with an eye. A glaring eye. She looks to Kaliena and offers a sigh and a roll of the eyes. Very 'boys.' in statement.

Kaliena only sighs in an exasperated way, giving Zi'on a vague annoyed look as she brushes aside his comments on harmless kissing. "Uh huh." She huffs as she shifts her weight to one side. Blue eyes dart from bronzerider to Keelyra and back again when he proves to be difficult in returning the candidate's top. "Stubborn…" she mutters, the rest being said lower but it's likely not to be pleasant or polite. Hadn't she been told to behave in that respect? "Maybe its cause a swim top doesn't suit you." Kaliena remarks flatly, brows furrowing together and her once vague smile is now twitching back to another smirk. "Maybe dresses would work better. Sure I could scrounge some up for you to try…" Not that she's the slightest bit serious, but the girl is simply finding someway to roll along with things and tease the bronzerider. It's also distracting! When Keelyra finally gets her top back, Kaliena edges in to give Zi'on a good elbow to the side for his little joke. "Your awful," she chides, catching the other girl's comment over her now ruined top. At the sighed statement that gets an understanding look from her, she suddenly grins. Vague, but it's there. "Want me to kick him for you too?" Seeing as she's already elbowed him (or tried) and it's hard to tell whether or not she's joking. "Payback for the stretching, anyhow." She amends with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

Zi'on grins as Keely pulls the top off him. "Maybe. Or maybe your boobs will get bigger over the next few days. Then it might fit again." More evil eye! Zi'on is sure getting a lot of it tonight. He grins down to Kaliena. "What? We can just kiss you know. It's not sex, but it'll just be good to be close for a little while. It might even help you relax a little." Probably would make it worse for the both of them, but he's still going to keep pitching it. "I dunno about dresses. Do I at least still get to wear proper undershorts? I don't think I'll fit into any of yours. They'd be like t-shirts on me and my junk would hang out. Oof." He last bit is for the elbow. He peers at Kaliena. "I don't have to accept a kick. You only get one freebie. For each prank."

The talk of sex and kissing gains a gag-face from Keelyra. "Y'all are being gross. I'mma go clean up and find something that fits." Then she'll flee, flee from the gross couple!

Yes, he is getting a lot of evil eye and more of it is coming from Kaliena for his comment towards Keelyra. "Pervert." She growls at him and shakes her head. "Huh! Yeah, relax. Hardly. Knowing you it won't be." She fires back, glaring up at him with a mocking smile as his pitch gets refused again. At the other candidates gag-face, the girl sighs again. "He can be worse then this you know?" The girl tosses out before the other flees with a smirk. He, not we… purposely done by her too and when Zi'on goes rather descriptive next, it's Kaliena's turn to almost gag, her features twisting into quite the look of disgust. But really, she's joking around just as much as the bronzerider. She just chooses to be gruff and rough about it. "Ugh. That's a terrifying image. I take it back." And she holds up her hands in a warding gesture, taking a few steps back away from the water. "One freebie for each prank? That'll be a lot of kicks." Kaliena taunts, still taking another little backwards step.

Zi'on chuckles at Kaliena and her name calling. "Sorry. Can I at least get a hug then? Since I'm too horrible to kiss. You're killing me, here. Maybe I'm killing myself. I dunno." He laughs a bit about Kaliena's response to his suggestion about wearing dresses. "What, that wouldn't be sexy? Anyways, how many pranks have I had that you haven't punched me or kicked me or slapped me for? I doubt that many." Zi'on heads over to sit back down against Suldith now that Keely is gone. He looks a little distracted though. Maybe he's imagining the fled candidate naked or something? Or maybe he's imagining Kaliena naked. Or maybe he's talking to Suldith.

"You're not horrible. I'm just trying to see how long you last." Cruel, Kaliena. Cruel. She smiles wryly. "One hug then. And maybe one kiss. Deal?" The girl laughs a little too, though gruffly as always when Zi'on brings up the dress again. By then she's turned to walk back along the shore, but she moves slowly enough that he's liable to hear her well enough. "I was joking about the cross dressin' bit. Though I'll keep it in mind for our next bet. And do I beat you up that much? Huh." Kaliena frowns and maybe she's never really thought about how rough she is with the bronzerider. Won't mean she stops though - not unless he tells her. When he sits, the candidate follows though she's a little hesitant to sit so close to Suldith. She'll be close enough to Zi'on though and she leans forwards to begin trailing her finger through the sands into idle designs. "Half-mark for your thoughts?" Kaliena muses, picking up on his slightly distracted state.

Zi'on frowns at Kali. "Meh. I don't feel like it anymore. Maybe I ought to get used to not being able to hug you, either. It might be easier that way." He watches her walk. "Heh. Well, I suppose that might be good. You're always elbowing me recently." He shrugs. Clearly not that big of a deal to him. At least he doesn't seem to care too much one way or the other. He looks over at her as she sits down and draws in the sand. Since when is she scared of Suldith? Either way, the bronze is basically asleep-ish. "Eh? Just talking to Suldith a little." Right. "So what'd you think of Keely's… swimsuit?" The bronzer laughs a bit.

Kaliena looks up from her idle drawings in the sands and fixes Zi'on with a disbelieving look. "Not interested? Since when?" she asks, frowning. Oh so /now/ she wants to. When it's denied her. Silly girl. "If it bugs you, you can tell me to stop you know," she grumbles at him. And it's not so much that she's scared of Suldith. Maybe she figures the bronze doesn't want her cuddling up against him and his rider? "Ahh. Right." Somehow she doesn't quite believe him, but the candidate lets it slide. Kaliena snorts, "Keely? So that's her name?" she smirks. "And what part of her swimsuit? It or the lack there of?" And then there's a grin.

"Since now." He blinks at her. Was he being serious? Or just playing hard to get so that she has to chase him? She seems to like being made to chase. "It doesn't bug me that much. Most of the time it's not very painful. More… playful." At least that's what he hopes. Suldith doesn't seem to care really. He can see through his rider's eyes, though maybe Kaliena doesn't know that. She might feel weird about it, too. Not that Suldith watches while they're doing… that. "Keelyra, yeah. Oh, sorry. I didn't know you didn't know that. Or I would have introduced you to one another. I just assumed with you both being candidates. Heh, the lack there of. I saw you looking."

Kaliena does like the chase, sometimes and one of those times is now. Her eyes narrow, disbelief clear as day on her expression and she abandons her sand drawing to shuffle over the sand and closer to Zi'on's side. If he hasn't pulled away and doesn't put an arm or hand up to stop her, she'll grab at his tunic and then use it to either pull him down to her or her up to him. A kiss is attempted, possibly awkward because it's a rare day that she ever initiates things like this. It's brief and then she's settling back on her heels, almost in a crouch as she peers at the bronzerider. Well? "And now?" Kaliena drawls, looking smug with herself. She has no idea Suldith can see through Zi'on's eyes and it's probably best she not know. "Ahh, no. I have heard her name before. Just never really got a chance to actually… well, talk much." There's a bit of a flush then and the girl bristles. "So? Kind of hard /not/ too. She had no top on."

Zi'on isn't wearing a tunic! His shoulders or arms will work though, Hopefully she's not mistaking his chest hair for a tunic. Because she won't get much of a response from the bronzer other than an 'ow!'. But otherwise, he'll kiss her back. It might start awkward, but it goes back to normal quick enough. He chuckles a bit. "Now what?" She'll find out if she impresses. Hopefully she'll be too distracted to be embarrassed about what Zi'on's dragon might have seen. "Ah. I see." He grins then. He can tell when Kaliena is embarrassed and blushing. "I suppose that's true. You didn't answer my question though." About what she thought of them, basically. Though it's possible he's just trying to get her to blush again. Or imagine them.

Kaliena isn't aiming to hurt the bronzerider, simply make a point but also prove to Zi'on that she isn't trying to push him away. She frowns though when the bronzerider only chuckles and the awkwardness returns, as she looks down and plucks idly at some imaginary spot on her rolled up pants. "I… dunno?" Did she do it wrong? And she may never put the two and two together. So Zi'on may be safe! "I don't get the question." Kaliena mutters, eyes looking up as she scowls a little at the bronzerider. "What's there to comment on?" Denial, thy name is Kali. Maybe she really doesn't understand. But he won't be getting a straight answer from her quite yet. He does get the blush though. She grumbles, "I don't know about you, but I want some food. You coming?" Kaliena is already rising to her feet then, brushing her clothes free of as much sand as she can. Fetching her sandals, she peers at Zi'on curiously, head tilting to the side just a bit. Hopeful, maybe?

No, she didn't do it wrong. Zi'on is sort of egging her on to do something else, but she's not taking the bait. He grins a bit about her awkward fumbling with the question though. She may really not understand, or may have an inkling. Or maybe she does understand but doesn't really see how it applies to her? "Alright." The bronzer gets up then, as does the bronze. Zi'on picks up all his beach items and shakes them out. Then he stuff them into a pack. "Hey Kali…" The bronzer moves in then to give Kaliena a hug, and another kiss if she doesn't mind. He cups her face in his hands for a moment afterwards, laying his forehead against hers. He doesn't say anything else, but she can probably tell he's thinking those three words he can never get her to say.

It could be a lot of things and Zi'on should know that Kaliena is a master of hiding the truth. As she slips on her sandals and begins to move up the path, she pauses when the bronzerider calls her name. She hugs him back then and the second kiss is welcomed too. It's when he cups her face and rests his forehead against hers that she becomes a little uncertain, confused as to what he wants until his continued silence clues her in. With a wry smirk, she sighs softly. "Nothing has changed," she mutters to him. "I still feel the same way. Just… trying not to break rules. Or get other folk jealous. Alright?" Just like that, her gruffness is back and at least when she pulls away she snares Zi'on's hand in a "playful" way and begins tugging at him as if impatient to be off. "Common. I'm hungry and if we don't get there first, it'll just be spiderclaw dishes left." And hopefully she'll be able to entice him on, leading him towards the living caverns for what may be their first dinner together in long while.

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