(Belated) Turnday Celebrations

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's early afternoon at Western, before it gets super hot. There are some puffy clouds overhead, but nothing signifying rain. Hotaru has decided today is a great day for playing hooky. And so she's got the whole beach set up going. Two beach chairs under an umbrella, blanket laid out in front of that. Towels, cooler, all the essentials. Including Hotaru herself decked out in just her red and white striped bikini and her rose tinted glasses. She's lounging in one of the beach chairs right now sipping at a bottle of what looks like just plain water.

As soon as Nae got word that Hotaru was out here on the beach, she found an excuse to follow along. Kaiath bounds out to splash in the surf, while nae wanders up to her weyrmate with a big grin on her face. She's in that ultra-skimpy blue bikini she hasn't had enough chances to wear since candidacy. "Hello there, lovely." She welcomes, eyelashes fluttering.

Rhysanna's fully dressed state suggests that she's not playing hooky, this afternoon, despite the weather - and her presence on the beach. She makes her way across from the docks, face shaded by her over-sized floppy hat, no doubt getting increasingly frustrated by the sand that must be getting in through the leather of her sandals. Not playing hooky doesn't mean she's not liable to pause, though: she hesitates not far from the water's edge, face turned out towards the water, one hand lifted to hold her hat in place. If she turns, she'll easily catch sight of Hotaru and Nae, but for now her attention is caught elsewhere.

Hotaru grins up at Nae as she approaches. She doesn't look surprised, since she's seen Kaiath already out in the surf playing. "Hello yourself, sexy. Playing hooky as well? Or just come to visit and help me oil up?" She asks, waving the bottle of tanning oil at Nae and then curling a finger to invite the skimpy-bikini-wearing Nae over. Hotaru peers at the lone figure walking along the beach in the floppy hat. "Hm… Is that Rhysa?" She ponders out loud.

Nae makes her way over close to Hotaru, her wicked and mischievious grin in full force. "I consider keeping you happy and oiled up to be an essential part of my duties." She answers, giggling. She takes the oil bottle, pausing only to glance in the direction Hotaru points out. "Huh. So it is!"

Hotaru gets up to lay down on the blanket so Nae can comfortably oil her. She lays down on her stomach, and props herself up by her elbows, looking back with a grin at the greenrider. "It looks like she's looking for something. Or someone. Maybe she lost her dragon?" Hotaru says with a chuckle.

Nae glances back at Rhysanna for a moment before squirting the oil onto Hotaru. "Maybe. But sometimes I think she sort of always looks like that." Is she teasing? Maybe.

Hotaru jumps and squeaks as Nae squirts the oil onto her skin. "Eek! It's cold!" She giggles, turning to look at the wandering Rhysa. "Well.. should we invite her over? Or help her find whatever it is she's looking for?" Hotaru turns a bit more to look at Nae.

Or maybe Rhysa is just procrastinating. She slides her hat back a little, turning her face up towards the sun - and then, finally, she begins to turn. Really, she ought to have noticed the two girls, now, given the direction she's facing, but her expression is distracted; she begins to walk again, pace deliberately slow.

"Of course it's cold. It's hot out here, anything else is gonna be cold." Nae logic! Nae continues rubbing the oil in, looking to Rhysa and smiling. "I suppose we should be polite and at least say hi…" She raises her voice. "Rhysa! Over here!"

Hotaru peers over at Rhysa. Was the goldrider okay? She looked… delirious or something. "Well you could have warned me a little!" Not that she shouldn't have been expecting it. "Hi Rhysa!" Hotaru call out, then lets her head rest on her arms as Nae rubs the oil into her skin. "Ah…"

Rhysanna blinks, peering out from beneath the brim of her hat as her name - not once, but twice - gets called. It still takes her a couple of moments to actually find the source of the calls, and by that point she looks just a little embarrassed, though not so much that she doesn't alter her path to head towards them. "I didn't see you there," she says, quickly. "Nice day for the beach."

Nae has a gift for embarassing Rhysanna. It probably helps that she's scantily clad and rubbing oil into her scantily clad weyrmate. "Lovely day for the beach." She agrees, grinning. "What're you up to today? Relaxing?"

Hotaru isn't far behind the greenrider when it comes to embarrassing Rhysa it would seem. At least they're wearing clothes? Sort of. "Yep! Come sit with us for a little. It looks like you could use some water. Or something stronger." Hotaru is putty under Nae's hands. "Ah… this makes me miss the spa…"

It's not as though Rhysanna is a difficult target, granted, when it comes to embarrassment. Her gaze rather quickly slides away from the pair of them, though she does drop to a crouching position beside them. "Procrastinating," she admits. "I'm sure there are plenty of things I ought to be doing, but… I needed to clear my head. You're both well, I hope."

Nae giggles and winks at Hotaru. "I miss the spa too. We really have to go back sometime. Maybe invite you know who for a day or two." She winks and resumes oiling as she looks back to Rhysanna. "Pffft. Your mental health is important. Sometimes you need to relax!"

Hotaru gives Rhysa a look when she… crouches next to them. "Why don't you sit in one of the beach chairs? Take your hat off. Relax and stay a while." She points to the beach chairs. "Nae can you help her out?" Yes, Hotaru is asking Nae to basically push Rhysa into a chair. Hotaru grins at Nae. "Sure. Rhysa too, maybe."

"'You know who,'" repeats Rhysanna, though she's not precisely asking a question. "I do relax, I promise. I'm really fine just—" Crouching? Apparently. She does, at least, pull the hat off, dropping it into the sand at her feet. "I heard about your spa adventure, though. It sounded like fun."

"Rhysa. Either get in a beach chair and start relaxing, or I'll have to make you relax. With my oily hands." Nae grins and wriggles her fingers menacingly. "Oh, yeah? What'd you hear about our spa adventure?" She asks, grinning. "It /was/ fun."

Looks at the stones on Nae! Hotaru grins. She likes take-charge Nae. "Make her, make her!" Hotaru goads the greenrider. She gets up at least to 'help' Rhysa into one of the chairs. By dragging her. No excuses. "She didn't hear -all- the details. And does she really need to be traumatized any more, Nae?" Hotaru shoves a water bottle into Rhysa's hand. "What's been going on with you?" She asks, putting her face directly in the goldrider's line of sight.

Rhysanna turns her head to actually look at the other two women, this time, though it's Nae for whom she has raised eyebrows. "You've been working with weyrlings for too long," she decides. "Ordering people around." On the other hand, it's Hotaru who gets the goldrider into one of the chairs, so… Her expression, by the time she's got that bottle of water in hand, is just a little bewildered, but amused, too. "No more trauma, please. I just heard that you enjoyed yourself. That's enough for me." Hotaru's question has her pause. "Oh, the usual. It was my turnday, last month?" That's news, right?

"Since when is a good time trauma?" Nae says with that wicked smile of hers. Then her eyes go a little wider. "Wait a second… Rhysa! It was your turnday? And we didn't celebrate?" She plants her hands on her hips. "You know what that means? We need to PARTY! Right, Hotaru?" Oh no.

Hotaru grins a bit to Rhysa. "A really good time." Hotaru gives Nae a 'no-more-details' look. She takes the bottle of oil up and starts oiling up her front, sitting on the blanket in front of the goldrider. "It was? Happy turnday! Is that what this is from?" Hotaru asks, pointing to the ring that hopefully Rhysa is wearing or a certain someone might have a meltdown. She laughs. "I guess? Can't we do whatever Rhysa wants to do for her turnday?"

Mention of the ring she's wearing (and yes, thankfully for the future of her relationship and Zi'on's ongoing peace of mind, she is wearing it) has the fingers of Rhysa's other hand adjusting the silver band just so; she looks both pleased and a little embarrassed. "I didn't want to make a big fuss out of it," she explains, quickly. "It's fine, Nae. No parties necessary. But - mm, yes. Zi'on gave me the ring. My mother gave me the baby lecture."

"Oh, Farnath. The baby lecture? That is not a turnday present." Nae says with a little sad pout on Rhysanna's behalf. "It's a nice ring, though. But enough about rings and babies! It's party time! Right, Rhysa?" She grins in that horribly frightening Nae way.

Zi'on someplace, is feeling thankful and secure. At least until he finds out that Rhysa's been walking around proddy and getting into shenanigans with Nae and Hotaru. "The ring is nice… Baby lecture? For your turnday? As in… to have some babies right away? I didn't think you were that old…" Hotaru blinks at Nae. She looks back to Rhysa then. "Maybe a drink will help?"

Rhysanna seems to remember, only belatedly, the bottle of water she's already been handed - and opens it, taking a drink. "Very much not a turnday present," she confirms, wrinkling her nose. "I'm only twenty. But she already had me at my age, and… I think she thinks I need to do more to, you know, 'secure my man.'" Which has the goldrider's cheeks turning faintly pink, all over again. "But… anyway. It doesn't matter. We all know my mother is strange. The rest of it was nice."

"I'm pretty sure the living with him and the sex and all that has him pretty well secured. Plus, y'know, love or whatever." Nae is such a romantic. She shoots Hotaru a little wink. "Drinks sound like a great idea! Drinks and dancing!" She smiles a little nervously. "… Pretty sure the Tiki Lounge has forgotten that they banned me from dancing."

Hotaru raises a brow at Rhysa. "Um… by getting knocked up? Did that help any of the other girls he was with?" Besides, what did Rhysa need Zi'on for anyway? She's a goldrider! Hotaru nods in affirmation to Nae. "Yeah. That. With the living with him and sex. That's how she secures me." Hotaru laughs a bit. Then she peers. "The Tiki Lounge banned you form dancing?"

All Rhysa can do is shrug: she doesn't understand her mother's logic any more than either of them, clearly. "Love and whatever. I'll have to keep that in mind." Much more interesting, clearly, is this news about the Tiki Lounge: the goldrider, too, peers at Nae. "What? I mean, I'm sure we can get you in there regardless, but… why?"

"… My dancing may have been slightly too enthusiastic." Nae explains vaguely, flipping her hand in a dismissive manner. "It was ages ago. The point is, we need to go have some drinking and dancing! For Rhysa's turnday!"

The two of them could say whatever they wanted to Rhysa or her mom. It probably wouldn't make any difference. Hotaru, too, is waiting for an answer from Nae. She blinks. "Recently? I mean, we were enthusiastic, but not -that- enthusiastic. Which begs the question who were you dancing with without me?" And what was too enthusiastic for the Tiki lounge? Considering they seemed to be okay with body shots and cleavage shots and FAranth knows what else. Hotaru offers a hand up to Rhysanna.

Rhysanna glances behind her, back up towards the bowl, as if she's remembered only belatedly that she was on her way back to… whatever. Oh well. It doesn't look like she's intending to back out because, after giving Nae another glance, she shrugs, accepting Hotaru's hand up. "I hate to think what counts as too enthusiastic," she decides, though at least she's laughing. "Just don't draw too much attention to yourself this time." If Nae can possibly manage that.

"This was before we were together, Hotaru." Nae assures. Then she blinks and looks to Rhysanna. "Actually… weren't you there, Rhysa?" She ponders, trying to remember. She shakes her head and grins. "Anyways, enough about all that. Dancing! Drinking! C'mon!" She starts towards the lounge, waving for the others to follow.

Hotaru pulls Rhysa to her feet. "Also I don't want to get too drunk. That's Rhysa's job." Hotaru peers at Nae. "Well, okay. We've been in there since though. So they must not remember." Hotaru pads after Nae, looping her arm around the greenrider's. "Dancing and Drinking! Here we come!"

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