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Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Jungle Path

On the Windward side of the island, this path winds down the outer rim of the volcanic crater in a vague switch-back, roundabout pattern. It's not well-kept, more a game path than anything, with vibrant plants overtaking on all sides. Plants with leaves as big as a dragon's paw, grasses in shades of green almost too bright to look at! Flowering vines cross above and below, intent on snagging on clothing and limbs that cross their path. Hidden dangers are not uncommon along this winding path. Cliffs covered in vegetation, muddy slopes covered by debris, and giant tree roots rising randomly out of the ground, alongside the vines and branches. Animal hoots, screeches, and other calls are all common in the deeper reaches of the path — the only danger is when they *stop*.

J'en had to ask himself, why. Why was he crouching in the middle of the FUCKING woods instead of doing, just about anything else? He could feel the lids of his eyes growing heavy, lashes lowering in a characteristic gesture, and of course this was always followed by the uplifting of his chin. Yes, there it goes. "We've been 'ere for 'ours," he grumbles in a hushed but undeniably hissed tone, "Ain't nothin' out 'ere, Kielric." The bronzerider was tired, hungry, thirsty and hot. He could feel the heat prickling at his scalp and sure enough the odd droplet of sweat soon rolls down his face, neck, or just about fucking everywhere.

Amusement comes in the form of its own trickles, shiveringly pale in hues of blue and red pulsing through the black gelatinous mound of Leketh's mindvoice, if only to continue through trembling silver threads as fine as spinner silk that suspend it in the void of thought. « Y'know, you could just…oh I don't know…leave? If you're that frustrated, that is. »

Cursing softly at the sudden intrusion, J'en flattens his back against the tree behind him. Eyes roll close, I dun't need yer smug all up in mah 'ead. Ain't ya got anythin' better to do with yer time?

« Hmm, nope. » The mound jumps and then bounces up and down, likely close to as visceral organs do when one laughs, the red and blue pulses expanding in brightness and frequency, « This is much more fun. »

Glad yer enjoyin' yerself, J'en snorts, probably looking like a crazy person right now. Not that anyone would notice considering there was nothing but jungle around him just now, but it was the principle of the thing, Dumb, stupid lizard.

Silver threads quiver against the weight threatening to become too heavy for their support, the blackened center wriggling joyously, and so several more tendrils shoot outwards from the center and out into the darkness to keep it in place. « Oh. Oh! That hurts. Stop making me laugh. »

Foul mood rapidly becoming fouler as the bronzerider scowls, golden eyes remain somewhat unfocused as they look back out into the world, trying to shake Leketh's laughter. Movement amongst the trees draws his attention quickly enough, every muscle suddenly tense. It was there and then gone, lost to the underbrush, and yet hadn't made a single sound despite the amount of dry and fairly crunchy ground cover. It was most definitely Kielric. J'en had been out here with him several times before over the past two sevendays, well enough to know the young hunter was finding himself a better position. Maybe he was finally tracking something. If only that was true, he sighs, letting his come back to rest of the rough bark that made up the most securing wall of his hiding spot, Then, we could get the fuck outta here and eat somethin'.

« Why don't you just admit to yourself that you like him? » Leketh chimes back in, pulses of red turning a lighter shade towards pink.

I do like 'im, J'en admits, jamming his thoughts forcibly back at his lifemate, That's not in question 'ere. Why else would I be out in the middle of fuckin' nowhere in this 'eat? Something buzzing and annoying starts to repeatedly fly itself at the bronzerider's head, and so he swats into the air where he approximately believes it may strike again. One palm makes contact with something, it seems to solve the problem, but now he was rabidly searching for whatever it had been along the ground. With all the fuckin' bugs. Not that it took much prompting, but Jae's irritation was spiking.

The pulses slow, « My J'en…that's not what I meant. »

There was movement again which proves J'en right, as Kielric appears standing up against the tree immediately across from him, drawing the elder teenager's full attention. Completely against his will he lets his gaze wander over the fifteen-turn-old, soon drawing in a breath sharply through his nose, which to his credit was done entirely in silence. I'm aware of what ya meant. As what he was doing could count as staring, Jae extricates the gold of his eyes completely off of the younger boy and tosses them over the thick shrub to his left. Kiel had to be on the trail of one prey or another, as he was focused in that direction as well.

Hesitant, without light from the depths, almost reluctant. « He's not Xermiltoth's. »

Growling aloud, perhaps louder than was entirely necessary. I'm aware. Jae quickly flicks his gaze towards Kielric, who seemed to paying no mind to him at all regardless of how noisy he may have been, now crouching much in the same way he himself was. With this comes relief, focusing his ire internally instead, He's that fuckin' asshat's spawn, he barks, throwing out an image of Ila'den at Leketh. The one eyed man looked smug and haughty, amusement in every single pour. Which almost makes it worse. Just like that, he was looking at Kielric again, his jaw tightening. It wasn't fair, in his opinion at least, that the son of his nemesis could be that attractive and that kind. Somehow in the time they'd spent together, the urge for revenge was fading with each woodland adventure and was steadily being replaced with a genuine desire to…

«Mating with him won't change anything, my J'en. » Interrupts, cool blue overwriting any other color, before shifting almost inexplicably towards deeper tones of red, « Mating never solves anything, you know this. »

It's probably a good thin' 'e ain't interested, then. J'en straightens himself out a bit, shifting the weight distribution of his hips and booted feet. It was true, as far as he knew. Their excursions out into the woods were awkward and without much discussion in the beginning, because selfishly Jae had only wanted to throw the other teenager off the scent of his earliest intention. Sleeping with the son Ila'den, the closest revenge he could possibly obtain without actually physically attacking the much older bronzerider. Though Kielric had proven through endless patience much more difficult to hate than his father. He was thoughtful, often times sweet, gentle, and above all fun to be around. Jae felt himself drawn to him, which explained why he was here in the woods at least.

« I don't believe he's as disinterested as you seem to think. »

Huh? What makes ya say tha… But J'en was getting his answer to this newest question without needing the bronze's intervention, because Kielric was so abruptly right there directly before him, that the older of the pair nearly loses his balance. "Kiel…" Eyes widening, unable to escape, Jae's back now hard against the tree; the bark biting painfully at the skin beyond his tank-top. Staring with golden eyes wide at the shorter boy, he makes note that the hunter was looking at him as if he were the grandest of feasts laid out before a starving man who'd spent forty days wandering Igen's deserts. The bronzerider can only manage a single breath through his parted lips before the hunter's eager ones were being pressed hot and sticky against them, soon swept away by a passion that leaves his mind utterly blank. Well, fuck.

« Indeed. »

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