Tempers With a Side of Cookies?

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It’s late. Probably past when candidates should be lurking about in the living caverns, but honestly, Theicher has been having technical difficulties sleeping as of late. So it shouldn’t be overly surprising to any of the candidates, since Theich has been rather MIA in the barracks every night for the past several nights. Who’s to say where he’s been going or if he’s been sleeping at all, but if he is. It’s not with the other candidates. So! At the moment Theicher is currently sitting alone at a table, trying to get some work done on his robe. On the plus side, the robe actually is starting to come together and look like a robe, just don’t examine it too closely or one might see the horribly lopsided stitching and blood smears.

The kitchens are quieter in the evenings, after dinner. Y'know, this late time of day when most reasonable folks are abed. Or drunk in the tiki lounge. There are some noises from within the kitchens. Clatters, muttered cursing, and the usual puttering around one might expect… well, perhaps not so much. It sounds like a sole person is within, not the usual crowd of cooks and help it takes to keep a Weyr fed. The root cause of the problem is ultimately revealed when Keelyra ducks out of the kitchens with a tray in tow. It's not a large tray, but there are very clear round shapes upon it. Cookies, they are revealed to be, as she plops down at a table.

While Rousseaux hasn't been sneaking out every night, she has, of late, escaped the barracks alongside Ryeokie on more than one occasion - which Theicher may or may not have seen during his insomniac phase. Tonight though she's on her own, struggling with sleep and looking decidedly groggy for it as she potters out, rubbing at her eyes and yawning widely. She seems surprised to see both Keely and Thei out too, but doesn't question it; instead, she drops heavily down into a chair beside Keelyra and reaches for a cookie with little more than a grunt of greeting for all around.

Rhabel had reached that point in his book where he kept telling himself, 'one more page, just one more page,' in the hopes that he'd put it down to get something productive done. It never happened; in fact, Rhab was so caught up in his book that it was well past dinner time when the teenager had realized he'd missed out on a proper supper, and even later than that when he'd finally decided to do something about it. Rhabel is not usually prone to fits of clumsiness, but it seems to plague him as he makes his way into the living caverns, first in the way he stumbles into the opening blindly, and then in the way he nearly trips over a chair. You'd think after incident one and two, Rhab might've had enough common sense to put that book down, but the mantra of, 'one more line, just one more line' keeps him buried in it until-WHUMP! /Crash/. Theicher is on the receiving end of toppling body-weight while Keelyra and Roux are on the receiving end of a flying book. Here is to hoping that all edges and corners keep to themselves and make war with the cookies, instead of the poor candidates faces. Rhabel hisses out a curse, reaches out to correct himself, probably lands a couple of indecent touches, and recoils the moment he realizes just who he's stumbled into. "/You/," he says with a sneer, and then both of those green eyes are for the ladies as he jerks his tunic down (a manner that says he's mighty affronted), and then leans over the both of them to retrieve his book. "My apologies," he murmurs, "I wasn't paying attention."

Theicher stabs himself firmly on his first finger when all that clattering and noise bubbles up from the kitchen. His fuzzy brows slant down and he glares in that general direction, or he does until Keelyra emerges and then he lets out a low curse and his gaze instantly drops back to his robe. If he doesn’t look, he’s invisible, right? It’s Rousseaux’ arrival that he misses during this time as he sews furiously, with murmurs of pain at every stab. Yet when she grunts, his attention focuses upon her, realizing it wasn’t a Keely type of tone. And then if luck would have it, Rhabel has appeared and slammed into him, and he nearly loses his chair before he reaches out to catch the poor unfortunate soul. It’s only once Theich realizes it’s Rhab that the boy is promptly dropped. “Don’t /you/ me. You’re the one who can’t yank your sharding nose out of the book long enough not to try to kill innocent bystanders!” To say he’s relieved when Rhab moves off to the girls, would be an understatement, yet his features still seem pinched and the young man looks mighty uncomfortable.

Some sort of sound escapes Keelyra when Rou reaches for a cookie. Something between protest (her cookies!) and warning (they're hot!) escape the candidate's throat. Likely not in time to save the cookies or the other candidate's fingers. Fortunately, however, the fear of cookie-theft has her focused enough that when Rhabel's book goes flying through the air, she's able to catch it. Well, no, this girl is not that talented. She really just ineffectually bats it out of the way so it can clatter to the table, or the edge of the pan. DISASTER AVERTED. NICE. Have we mentioned her new haircut? It's kind of a really short bob, with longer bangs. Totally styling. It's Theicher's complaints that cause her attention to fall to him. HO HO HO, anger is a weakness. She squints at the robe and makes a mildly amused sound. Snerk might cover it. "Y'know the blood is only /after/ a dragonet attacks you, right?"

Rousseaux has fingers immune to heat! Well… almost. They're work-roughened and calloused, and that makes them slightly less prone to getting burnt. The cookie's still damn hot though, and after holding it a few seconds she drops it into her lap with a tiny little hiss of hurt as she shakes her hand to cool it off. "Shit. /Hot/." And it's just at that point that Rhabel's clumsy entrance is made, the book is averted by Keely, and Rousseaux reaches out to pluck it from the table where it landed. "Huh," she mumbles as she flips it front and back to have a good nose at it, before she holds it out towards what seems to be a less than amicable meeting between the two boys. "I think you dropped your book."

Keelyra is not the only one making noises of protest in her throat. Rhabel is making similar noises when his book is smacked, toppled, retrieved, and inspected. Rousseaux holding it out for retrieval earns the candidate a quick, appreciative smile, but it doesn't make the way that Rhab practically rips it out of her hands any more friendly. "Thank you," he murmurs, hugging the affronted item to his chest, before glaring /daggers/ right back at Theicher. It would seem he's only inclined to admit fault where the ladies are involved—or not. WHACK! Theich is very much on the receiving end of that binder book, and very sarcastic words of, "Oh, I'm sorry. I /tripped/." There is an awkward moment of silence, and then a hasty retreat as Rhabel shuffles quickly away from the group (and Theicher's wrath, if it's coming) to find some food for himself. Disappearing into the kitchens he goes! Hopefully, for the moment, out of sight and out of mind!

“Dragonets don’t attack you. They just are clumsy and not good with their feet yet.” Theicher snaps at Keely before he tugs his poor robe more into his lap and off the table so no one else can comment on the blood stains here and there. He grunts, and tries his hardest not to have to look up and see Rhabel. ‘cause really, who wants to see the person that’s been haunting them for several days now? Not Theich, most definitely not Theich. “I’m sure he flung it at your head on purpose.” Comes his reply to Roux’s comment and then as if to solidify Theicher’s claim, there’s a book swinging at him and beaming him in the side of his head. *thunk* This time the poor hunter does lose his balance and topples out of his chair. He bounces up growling, trying to snag Rhabel before he dances out of arm’s distance. “See!” The male candidate hisses, pointing an accusing finger before he quickly shuffles after the bookworm, grabs his arm, and pretty much slams him into the nearest wall. Someone’s on their period ladies. “Are you trying to get me to kill you? Because it’s working.”

Oh the poor cookie. Dropped into a lap. That's certainly not the destiny she imagined for them. Keelyra is about to spend a moment in mourning, but Rhabel is attacking Theicher, who attacks back. The teen's jaw drops for a moment, as she glances sidelong to Rou to see what the other candidate is doing. The cookies, however, pull her attention and her jaw works for a moment. More sadness? Is that a single tear? No, but it is with some hesitation that she calls to the two lads scrapping: "Why, ah, not eat some cookies instead? Just, not… all of them… I mean… I made them… for me." CAREFUL. You might make a girl cry.

The boys' interaction is watched through eyes narrowed partly from sleep, partly from curiosity; it's not hard to recognize some sort of tension there. Why would Roux comment on it though, when she's got a cookie in her lap waiting to be eaten? That's /far/ more important! She picked up the earlier-discarded treat and takes a large bite from it, munching silently as her gaze flickers back to Theicher for his comment - but she nearly chokes on her biscuity mouthful when Rhabel swings the book. It's a choke of surprise, that quickly turns to amusement. "Y'know, I'm pretty sure he /did/ do it on purpose, but you don't wanna go killing him now. At least wait until /after/ the hatching, right? Then you'll not risk losing your knot and having all the chores shit go to waste." See? She's the voice of reason. Keelyra's cookie speech gets her a funny little look, but Roux stuffs the rest of her stolen treat into her mouth, and reaches for another one, while attempting a crumb-launching, muffled, "they're good."

Well, Rhabel /thought/ he made a clean escape. Theicher just can't /let things go/, and it's for this reason that Rhab finds himself on the receiving end of a wall-slam. A very winding wall-slam. The bookworm wheezes, his book is clattering to the floor when his hand jumps to his chest, and once there's a gulp of air finally managing its way into his lungs, Theicher is on the receiving end of a glare that looks more a grimace. For a moment he merely pants, and then those lips curl up in a way so devilish, his very manner should be outlawed. There's something in that look, something mocking, and angry, and… more… before Rhab jerks his arm free (or as free as he's allowed). "There you go making scenes again. Going to go off on a tangent about this too?" If he is allowed freedom, he will collect himself by straightening his clothing and gathering his book. Either way, he's blinking after Keelyra and Rousseaux as they enjoy their cookies and spectate on the fight. "Well, at least /two/ people in this room have common sense." PUSH. /Get out of his personal space/. "Maybe you should go and enjoy a cookie with your… ladies." Yes, there's also something mocking in the way that Rhab says this, as if he's laughing at Theicher's expense, and then to the girls. "Save a cookie for me? I'm rather trapped at the moment." Captain Obvious.

Cookie? Theicher’s attention wavers, if not at least briefly to peer in Keelyra’s direction. The gears in his brain shift and he debates letting Rhabel go. But it’s only a passing thought for the moment. “I prefer bubblies.” It’s totally a lie, he absolutely loves food of any type, but apparently he’s going to be stubborn, on along with jutting stubborn lip being poked out. It’s only once Roux’s words sink into that thick skull of his, that he’s letting poor Rhabel go, “I suppose it wouldn’t look very good to get kicked out of candidacy when the eggs are nearly ready to pop, now would it?” His grip is nearly released before Rhabel has to go and open that pretty mouth of his that promptly has the candidate slamming his fist into the wall next to Rhab’s head. Grrr. Dark brown eyes are near slits as he storms away from the other man and goes to join his fellow candidates, slamming down rather hard into an empty chair before a cookie is grabbed and shoved into his mouth. At least that will keep him quiet for a little bit?

If her cookies must go to a greater cause, so be it. Keelyra will just have to bake later next time. She grabs one and nibbles at it, free hand reaching up to brush… well, nothing back. She's not used to the shorter hair yet. The girl flushes a bit and tries to adjust the movement into one of supposed rubbing of the neck. She watches, with widened pale eyes as Theicher not only punches the wall, but then lands in a chair across from her. She clears her throat a bit and quickly finishes the cookie she was nibbling. "So, uh, I'm trying to learn how to bake. How are they?" Fortunately, this is not the terrifying offer it usually is. She's a good cook and seems to be transitioning alright into baking.

Rousseaux looks quite disappointed when Theicher gives up the fight and sits down with her and Keely. "Blah," scoffs over at him, before turning to look with equal disappointment at Rhabel. "You boys've just robbed me of the opportunity to play referee, yeah? I've been spoiling for a bit of a rough'n'tumble deal since I got here - nothing beats a bit of," fingerquotes are go! " 'organised rough' now, does it?" Then she looks to Keely, not quite sure how her fellow female candidate fancies the thought of getting into a scrap. The learning how to bake comment makes Rousseaux believe that she's probably the only lady present who savours the prospect; but she'll play happy baking critic if needs be! And to do that, she needs another cookie. "They taste like good cookies. That's good, in my books."

What the? FISTS? Rhabel is either forcing calm, or slightly psychotic, but the teenager doesn't even flinch when Theicher takes a swing at the wall. As a matter of fact, as the candidate goes stalking off, Rhab mutters a taunting, "Run away, little girl. Run away." The hunter is fitting into his seat, Keelyra is asking about her cookies, and then Rousseaux is saying something about being a referee. Rhab takes his cue from this, and after arranging his clothes into a more acceptable manner of tidiness, the teenager moves to stand just behind Roux. He leans down close, the hand void of his book on her shoulder, and in a whisper just loud enough for all parties to hear, he's telling her, "Let me know when you want that rough'n'tumble. I promise to make it worth breaking all those rules." And without moving away he's reaching for a cookie himself, as if he's invading all of Rousseaux's personal space and brushing up against her on purpose. The /devil/.

The plus side of Rhabel being in the picture, Theich currently isn’t being all glaring at Keelyra. Because, rest assured, if Theicher’s attention wasn’t getting devoured by that person, it would most assuredly rest upon her. So when he’s asked about the cookies, he just grunts, not too terribly helpful like. On the plus side, he does grab another cookie and make short work of it, so it can’t be too terribly disgusting? As for Roux, well, his chocolate gaze lands on her and he offer her a shrug, “Well, you did have a point ya know. Not a good idea to get kicked out this close to the end. How about after the hatching? I’m sure he’ll do something to irritate me enough to cause blows.” Or, he can go ahead and do it now too. Because the way he’s hovering about Rousseaux has Theicher’s fists going white as they curl into tight fists. Well, maybe not so tight for the one that just was slammed into the wall, which isn’t bleeding but looks like it’s already gunna bruise not so prettily. Eventually his hands relax and he abruptly stands and heads over to his table with his abandoned robe and decidedly tries to ignore Rhabel and his attentions to Rousseaux.

As Rhabel nears Rousseaux, Keelyra inches her chair away. The wood scrapes on the floor conspicuously and the teen grits her teeth a bit at it. She still leans somewhat away from the bookworm and the current focus of his attention. Theicher's response, or lack thereof, and subsequent fleeing from the table earn a furrow of brow. "What'd I do?" she asks, posing the question to the room at large. She glances to the tray of cookies and picks up another, "Are they that bad?" Thei's so cruel.

Rhabel's closeness doesn't bother Rousseaux at all. In fact, she ups the ante a little as he leans over to grab a cookie by curling her fist in an iron-tight grip into his tunic, tugging him further down over her shoulder. "After the hatching," she replies to Theicher, peering around the Rhabel where he obscures her vision, "I'll /gladly/ step in to separate you." A sharp tug is given to Rhabel's clothing where she's got it in her grasp, though she doesn't yet give him an answer to his proposal. She's clocking Theicher's balled fists instead, looking from them to the lad's face, then to the inching-away Keely. "I don't think you did anything, Kee - and the cookies are good."

Oh, Theicher. Rhabel watches him go with a smile that screams 'victory', and he's just bitten into that cookie when Rousseaux is tugging on his tunic. He comes down further until it's necessary for him to cage her in to keep his balance. One hand comes down on the table while he leans bodily into her, chest pressed against her back. His attention is on Keelyra, though, a smile from around Roux's head as he swallows her baked goods. "These are fantastic," he compliments, and there seems to be nothing but sincerity in his attention. As a matter of fact, he ignores both Theicher and Roux temporarily in favor of finishing his cookie. Now he's forcing Roux towards the table as he leans for another, if the candidate insists on holding him captive. "May I have another?" he inquires, though those green eyes flicker towards Theich. The smile on his lips changes to something more cruel when he does, "I like spices, you know. Did you use some kind of spice in these? They taste delicious." His words are for Keelyra, though not necessarily aimed at her.

Theicher gives an exasperated sigh at Keelyra, latching onto that for a distraction, any distraction from the thoughts plaguing him at the moment. “Your sharding cookie was /fine/.” See, he isn’t really the big brute he looks like he is, or, acts like he is. Oh wait.. he is. And it’s a damn good thing that Theicher currently is attempting to sew his two pieces of robe together at the moment that he misses Rousseaux and her manhandling of Rhab. “At this rate I might go on an extended hunt just to get away from the weyr. I’d have done so already if not for the eggs.” Those eggs are just making a mess of his plans. He feels completely trapped and doesn’t look all that happy at the moment either. With each stab, which seems to be happening with each push of his needle since his temper is completely shot, he merely grunts, no longer even paying much attention to the pain. It’s only Rhabel’s words that float on by that suddenly has Theicher going ramrod straight. It’s not as if the hunter can comment on the words, but if looks could kill, Rhab would be a little pile of charred ash right now.

"Good," Keelyra says, though her voice wavers somewhat. Confusion, more than likely. She's not quite the hand with the lads as Roux is and she certainly doesn't understand what's going on between the two antagonistic boys. She fusses a bit with a cookie, breaking it in half before she eats it. There's a slight nod to Rhabel as he asks for another, "Uh, some spices, I guess, yeah." Unusual for the candidate, she's at a bit of a loss for words. Theicher's complaints, however, do bring a greater focus. She makes a sound, vaguely annoyed. "You could just quit. No one's /forcing/ you to be a candidate."

Rousseaux's too stubborn to let go immediately, but she does eventually give an extra tug to Rhabel's tunic before loosening her grip. She needs another cookie for herself and can't get it if she's holding a bookworm! "/After/ the hatching," she finally replies to him, giving his abdomen a pat before he can straighten back up. "If I won't do it for Ryeo, you've got /no/ chance of getting into my cot while I'm wearing a white knot." Theicher's snipping gets a raised brow from Roux, before she laughs. "Hell, I'd've leaped at this'un's offer if I weren't a candidate, and I wouldn't be waiting around for Ryeo, either… but y'know what? Having a shot at them eggs is worth keeping my legs crossed until they're hatched, yeah? And if we can all do /that/, then I'm sure you can hold your knot and stay here until you've got a lifemate or not."

Seryic makes his way slowly into the living cavern whistling softly to himself he glances about to those in the cavern giving them a pleasant nods, over hearing bits of the conversations, he doesn't join the conversation for now.

/If/ looks could kill, but they can't. All that looks do is make delicious cookies taste /that much more delicious/. "Not too much spice, either. Too much spice is unpleasant." ZING! If looks could kill indeed. Rousseaux releases Rhabel, and the candidate's comments have him giving her another smile, though no words follow. Instead he's straightening, finishing his cookie, and moving to stand behind Theicher. When he leans down to taunt /this/ candidate, he's very mindful not to touch. "Is 'hunt' some kind of code word for rough'n'tumble?" And what he says next is a mystery, though he's gliding across the tables to sit beside Keelyra this time. HELLO LITTLE SCOOTER. It's your personal space's turn! Seryic is noticed, though the stranger is a face he does not recognize, and therefore he gets a thorough once-over before Rhab's opening his book up. "Don't bother trying to reason with him. I don't even think /he/ understands what he's saying half of the time."

“For starters, I aint no quitter.” Theicher near growls before quickly adding, “And second of all, I kinda was forced, or, well threatened at least. And I’m not about to argue with the clutch dad and his decision. He doesn’t seem like an overly friendly dragon, truth be told.” Just no one repeat that to Teimyrth! “Not everyone’s banking on the dream of impressing a sharding dragon, Keelyra.” Theicher shifts in his chair, finally succeeding in getting the two pieces together before he realizes that they’ve been sewn on a bit, crooked, one side dropping down a good two inches below the other. “Oh for Faranth’s sake.” The robe is crumpled up and shoved into the bag that was sitting in the chair next to him. “I suppose it’s rather unfortunate that you can’t have at ‘im right here and now. I’m sure he’d be thrilled at a girl’s attention. They taste sweet apparently. Can’t say I ever thought the same but…” As to the rest of what Rousseaux says, well, he just kind of shrugs at her, “There will always be more eggs on the sand. Not like this is our only chance. If there’s a dragon out there for me, it’ll find me, white robe or not.” His gaze then flickers to the poor innocent bystander that is Seryic who’s managed to come upon the scene. Luckily no one is getting slammed into walls at the moment. But it is late at night and apparently Theicher’s temper is flaring. And then to have Rhabel slink on over after slamming his fist into the ‘do not press’ Theicher button over and over again. And whatever it is that’s whispered has Theicher taking a swing at the teen, but thankfully missing. Teeth are grit as he tries to stomp down his anger. Rhab seriously wants to get murdered tonight.

When Rhabel sinks in next to Keelyra, she's swiftly getting to her feet. Her chair nearly tips over, even. "Ila'den's, ah… he's really just a jerk. He doesn't give a damn whether you Impress or not. He'd probably find it hilarious if you didn't." she's saying to Theicher as she collects herself. More than likely, her growing up around the weyrbrat-turned-rider-turned-Weyrleader gives her a different insight. She's also watching the hunter awkwardly, after his attempted blow — once again — on the bookworm. She glances to the tray, as if contemplating grabbing it, but instead adjusts the chair at the table. "En… enjoy the cookies. I'll, ah, make more next time." And then she's making motions as if to flee the caverns. Perhaps it's finally time for bed?

"Fog and fire, Thei, can't you rein back for just a second?" Rousseaux might be chiding in her words, but she's laughing at the aggressive attentions the hunter-candidate's bestowing upon his nemesis. "C'mon now, he's one of them /book/ types - d'you really think he'd be worth it?" The cookies are attacked, and she picks out a handful to be able to toss two at her fellow candidate, and one at Rhabel. "Is it really such a shame we can't just drop our pants and have at it here? I would've thought that'd make quite a spectacle… but I'm game for a bit of exhibitionism if it'll please the would-be voyeur in our midst." With a raise of her brow over at Theicher, then a wink at Rhabel, she sinks back into her chair and crunches into a cookie.

Goodness gracious! Theicher is taking another swing at Rhabel? Lucky thing it misses indeed! Though Rhab is looking up from his book to lean in his seat. That head tilts backwards until the bookworm is looking at the hunter upside down, and the next words from his lips are said with utter mockery. "You missed me." It's a whisper, one meant provoke, and then suddenly Keelyra is making a mad dash for the exit. He looks rather confused at her parting words, and then asks to nobody in particular, "Ila'den? Isn't he the Weyrsecond?" It's not that it matters, but it's information that the teenager clearly wants to retain. Now he's left with Roux, Seryic, and Theicher, and leaning on the table towards Rousseaux. "That's cold. Us book types are well read, and well educated in the literate of… pleasure." The tossed cookie is ducked, and then given a sad look as if being mourned. It t'was a good cookie, may it rest in peace. "Though I don't know if Theicher knows the first thing about how to make love. He'd probably stick them with a knife, and think it was romantic." SO RUDE.

“Ila’den? Who said anything about him? I was talking about his dragon, not the rider.” Theicher grumbles as Keelyra slinks off. Who knows if she ended up hearing him or not. Oh well. Doesn’t really matter overly much for him as his attention instantly shifts once she’s gone. “Tell that to /him/.” The male candidate jerks his head in Rhabel’s direction. “And don’t let his innocent outer shell deceive you, he might be into books but he sure does fight dirty.” He snags the tossed cookie and crams it into his mouth, he doesn’t even bother swallowing before starting up again, mouth full. “I’d rather go drown in the lagoon than see Rhab’s naked ass.” And that’s a lie, but it might be hard to tell since Rousseaux doesn’t know him well. Either way, he’s got his brows furrowed at Rhab’s comment, and all the other gets is a snort for that, and a snort for the second, and it’s only that last comment that is talking about sticking people that he pipes up again. “I can assure you, I know my fair share about making love to a beautiful young woman.” Queue a wink in Roux’s direction, “Perhaps you should give me a try after this candidacy. I’m sure I’ll be more fun than him.”

"I meant d'you think it's worth beating you up, yeah? I'm pretty sure you'd be worth the pants-dropping hassle." Roux winks at Rhabel. "Though I don't care much for your cookie-catching skills. That were meant for eating, not to be ducked at. Poor Keely put good work into making them! /Theicher/ can catch. Nice one." The pigtailed brunette couples a nod of approval with the compliment that's made Theicher-wards. She doesn't get the lie, and simply shrugs her shoulders. "You wanna drown rather than admire pretty flesh, that's your decision, y'know? But I reckon you'd find it hard to try and out-sex him if you were waterlogged and deaded. I'm open to a lotta shit, but dead dudes don't do it for me."

Now Rhabel is eyeballing the cookie again. "Well, I could counter and say they were meant to be /eaten/, not tossed." But the poor cookie is left to its fate on the floor, abandoned, and Rhabel is watching Theicher's attempts at flirting with a smile more wicked than any other he'd given him to date. "I think either way, it'd probably be like he was waterlogged and dead. Doesn't look much like a /thinker/ to me." When Rhab says this, he leans forward and drops his voice, as if to confide a secret. Then the teenager is getting to his feet, stretching, and saying, "He can deny, deny, deny, but here's the proof that he means the opposite." And oh, Rhab moves to Theicher, dropping both hands on the table alongside him so that he can lean in much too close. If the hunter pulls away, then the bookworm will leave it to that and disappear with his own laughter. If not, well, Rhabel's taking a taste of those lips, and if he gets his kiss, there's a thoughtful look before he's murmuring, "No. Still too spicy." Either way, the end result as the dark haired youth dismissing himself without giving either party so much as a goodbye. In fact, he's right back into his book, buried in a page and bumping into everything on his way back out.

Theicher takes another bite of his expertly caught cookie. See, he’s awesome that way, he can catch cookies mid-air! “I’d be a poor hunter indeed if I couldn’t even catch a cookie.” He murmurs, after having swallowed at least this time. Although after another bite is taken, he nearly chokes on what Roux then has to say about sexing and drowning. “Oh Faranth, Rousseaux, that wasn’t something I wanted to think about.” And then a glare is tossed Rhabel’s way when he adds his two cents, “You two knew what I meant. Way to be asses about it.” It’s only when Rhabel starts making his way back over to Theicher that the candidate stops shoving that last cookie in his mouth and tracks the bookworm’s movements with wary eyes. No sneaking up on him! Although it doesn’t appear the teen needs to sneak as he plants a kiss on Theicher’s lips. Aw crap. The hunter turns a nice shade of red, if from embarrassment or anger, who’s to know, and abruptly shoots out of his chair after Rhab has taken a few steps away. There’s definitely a moment where Theich looks like he’s ready to explode and pummel the other into the ground, but it seems the steam sizzles out and Theicher just kind of gives up. “I’m going to bed.” He promptly announces, dipping his head to Roux before heading deeper into the weyr—in the opposite direction as Rhabel. And no, he won’t end up in the barracks, yet another night.

Rousseaux watches the kiss with mild amusement, eyebrow quirked up on her brow and a lopsided grin tweaking up one corner of her lips. "/Well/," she says after the boys've parted, shaking her head. "Looks like /I/ became the voyeur. /Heh/." She shakes her head, unashamedly watching Rhabel's behind as he stalks off. There's words forming on her lips as Theicher makes his announcement that he's going to bed; whatever they were, they're swallowed down as she watches the hunter make his hasty retreat to. "Bloody boys," the handygirl mutters, shaking her head as she picks up the bowl with the remaining cookies. She's clearly headed to the dorms with them, intent on a bed-bound snack; because shouldn't all good candidates be tucked up beneath their coverlets at this time of night? And so ends the evening's entertainment - that's all, folks!

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