The Birth of the Pickle

Blue Fire Hold - Central Hold
The crushed shell road from the harbor wends its way through palms and lush vegetation before splitting in a Y, one branch heading further inland to the gas field, the other to the hold proper.
Constructed of pale-colored shell and limestone coquina blocks, this thick-walled hold remains cool even during the summer months, partially due to the wide porch that wraps around the entire building. A small working hold, Blue Fire is utilitarian in organization: a large rectangular room with simple wooden tables and benches serves for dining, socialization, and meetings. The floors, made of the same coquina stone as the cream-colored walls, are polished to a shine and kept scrupulously clean.

Day of the gather has arrived and Catwin was there making sure the vintner booth as set up properly and well stocked. She stood off to one side of a wagon loaded with supplies with a clipboard in hand as she inventories everything coming off.

Stocking the shelves after they've been checked in, Litral makes sure everything is just exactly in the right place. Especially his coveted barrel of pickles. He has high hopes for them.

"All right, that's the last of it." Catwin notes as she wagon that had carried the supplies down from the Weyr heads off. "Come on Litral, get the things moved in and then you can play around with arrangements."

Giving the vintner journeyman a brillant smile, Litral tugs a forelock and grins "As the sweet and lovely lady wishes." Cheeky fella that he is. Still, he goes about his duties and gets things moved in before he starts rearranging things again.

Catwin purses her lips a little as she looks about the place and lets out a sigh. She is really not looking forward to later, but she really can't jut leave her apprentice to fend for himself. A glance is cast at the young man. Not that he can't handle himself. After this he'll be well onto finishing his requirements to becoming a journeyman.

There's a thud as pickle barrel is settled upright and by the counter within easy reach. Litral stares at it a moment and he gets a mischievous look in his eyes and opens the barrel. Looking in it a moment he selects a pickle and then grins as he leans across the bar. "Would you like to have a nibble of my pickle?" Comes the suggestive response.

Silence. More silence and then Catwin is turning to stare at the young man. "I don't think asking your customers to nibble on your pickle is going to fly over well." And as far as she is concerned, that is that. She tucks a few things into the back of the bar for herself if the need should arise later.

"Duly noted, I'll stick to asking them to buy a pickle." He grins as he pulls out a rag to polish the bar a bit. Yeah, maybe that might be for the best.

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