Not Quite Rotten Eggs

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

One particular candidate (Theicher, for those playing at home) may find something new in his cot. An egg! A really, really ugly egg at that.

Demolished Jeep Egg
This egg just does not look like it's in good shape. Is it rotten? Did someone step on it? Maybe the 'lizard that laid it just isn't healthy. It's all shades of grey and brown with a few colored splotches on it. It looks rather misshapen and has pits and dents all over. Someone should replace it, perhaps.

Maybe it's a good thing that Theich has been avoiding his cot the past few days. Because when he returns 'home' to find this particular gem.. well, his nose wrinkles in distaste and he points at the offending oval object. "What.. is that." Pause, and then he inches closer to his cot to give the egg a poke. At least it isn’t squishy. “Really, couldn’t someone stick a rotten egg in my shoe or something instead of my /bed/.” Huff. The hunter reaches down to scoop the icky, gross egg up and find a trashcan to toss it into.

Demolished Jeep Egg refuses to be put in the trash! It's not rotten! There's no bad smell or the like. The egg even wiggles a bit once picked up. A crack or two appears in the mottled surface.

Keelyra is on her cot. Totally innocent. And she may in fact /be/ innocent. Likely the teen had no idea her green even laid a clutch. Greens are rather notorious for not tending to their eggs, afterall. She's working on her new robe, since her old one barely fit when she wore it a couple Turns ago. She does glance up when Theicher protests, raising an eyebrow.

Theicher nearly drops it when it gives a wiggle. How was he supposed to know the terribly colored thing wasn’t rotten? “Oh Faranth! It’s alive!” He bobbles it, nearly drops it before closing his massive hand around the egg. Probably safer for it there. Dark eyes flicker to Keelyra in all her innocence and he points to the offending object he’s clutching. “What /is/ this.” Pause. “There’s a crack.” And then it dawns on the boy that it isn’t just a hideous looking rock. “It’s a firelizard egg?” ‘cause obviously dragons can’t lay eggs this small. “Here, you take it.” He tries to foist the not-yet-hatched one on the girl.

"Eh?" Keelyra glances up at Theicher, then towards what he's pointing at. His attempts at foisting are met with a robe put up in defense. "NUH-UH. I have enough of the damn things already. For/get/ it." In fact, she has two clambering over her person at the moment. She ended up with some of the clingier ones. They're even humming at the little egg.

Demolished Jeep Egg wiggles some more! And more cracks appear. The rock… egg… whatever it is, it's falling apart.

Theicher’s eyes drop down to the object in his palm and he nearly groans as her firelizards start to hum. “I’ve survived nearly twenty-two turns without getting one of these little buggers. What’s one more when you already have several?” As the egg starts to crack more he reaches down to push against the crack, as if that is going to magically keep the egg together and its inhabitant inside. “Where did the sharding thing even come from?” And then the young man resigns himself and plops back down on his cot, glaring daggers at that wiggling egg.

"I dunno. Another candidate. A gold or a green who thought your /empty cot/," yes, Keelyra is bringing up the fact that the hunter-candidate hasn't been around. "would be a good place to put her egg?" The teen grunts a bit, as she stabs herself with a needle. Sucking on her finger, she shrugs, "they just end up around. And one more is a hassle I don't need. Mebbe you can, I dunno, train it to hunt for you or something."

Demolished Jeep Egg is not going to be held together with a finger! Tape or glue, maybe, but there's no time. Theicher's finger on that crack just causes more to spiderweb away…

Demolished Jeep Egg rattles. One can almost hear a groan and a strain. The cracks that formed along the surface finally give way, dumping a small blue 'lizard in the remains.

Reluctantly Brave Blue Hatchling
This compact blue firelizard is certainly a character. Wedge-shaped head with a heavy brow implies a stern demeanor. Its body is muscular and lithe; certainly lending more towards an appearance of working out than gluttony. There's still some rounding upon the belly, where his hide pales to a light blue with tan highlights. Perhaps home life is preferred for this little guy, versus adventure and excitement. His wings are broad and a deep blue, with brown-black along the bones and wingspars. Tail is a little chubby, but it helps him well enough with balance and leaping out of the way of runaway tunnelsnakes. A friendly one, he seems to often be the first of the group to — if reluctantly — volunteer to investigate.

Theicher glances at Keelyra as her jab about him not being around hits home. “Well, maybe if less people snored I’d be able to get a good night sleep and not have to resort to running off else-where.” As if that’s really the reason he’s been gone. And then the egg is splintering and Theicher looks about ready to chuck the thing away from him. Ohmygosh! Fleeee! But thankfully he just sits there and watches the little blue emerge. “I suppose it could be useful on the hunt.” He finally admits, wiggling a finger at the thing, only to have it cower and give a hungry cheep of some sort. A rather smashed meatroll is dug out of his dirty pocket and bits and pieces are offered to the little thing.

"Better get used to it," Keelyra says, peering up from her robe again. It's a mess. Maybe not as bad as Theicher's robe, but it's certainly not good. Let's hope the dragons aren't into fashion. "Iff'n you Impress, you won't be able to just leave at night."

Reluctantly Brave Blue Hatchling might nip at the fingers, but fortunately Theicher is soon offering meatroll. Smushed or not, it's good and the hatchling goes to town.

Hey, hey now, Theicher’s robe is fine! Blood splatters are all the rage now, dontchaknow. He drags his attention up from the little blue to peer at Keelyra, “You have a good point. But I suppose that’s more the reason for me to sleep where I want to sleep while I still have control over it. Right? And if I do impress..” The hunter shrugs, rolling his shoulders up and then down. “Guess I’ll have to go find something to shove in my ears, huh?” It’s not long before the role is gone and the firelizard is trying to find a comfortable spot on Theich’s hand to fall asleep, it isn’t very comfortable though and he makes a little intention in his sheets to let the ‘lizard curl up in.

"Well, now ya got some kinda practice or something. Very… tiny practice. I've got oil iff'n ya need it." With four 'lizards, she needs the oil. "Just, uh, don't let anyone catch you sneaking out so much. They might punish ya or somethin' and… Zi can be pretty creative." Keelyra looks at the robe again and sighs, "I'd almost rather go naked." Sewing. One of her least favorite things.

Theicher gives her a queer look, “Why would you care if I got into trouble?” Especially since he’s been kinda.. an ass to her lately. His temper has been horrid for a while now. “I mean, not saying you should try, ‘cause if you tell the Weyrleader about last night-“ And him nearly taking Rhabel’s head off as he slammed his fist into a wall, “-I’d surely be in quiet some trouble. Although, it would probably be well deserved, honestly.” He did conduct himself rather badly, but it appears as if he’s much more relaxed, perhaps his agitation only stems from Rhabel’s presence.

"'Cause /sometimes/, if there's enough trouble or it's big enough, they punish /everyone/. A solidarity thing or whatever. Practice for when you're a part of a wing." Growing up in a Weyr has taught Keelyra some of these things. When your parents are riders, you can see them in action. "And you've been… screwing up kinda bad. I'd rather warn ya than risk being punished just for being nearby."

Theicher snorts, “I hardly doubt they’d punish you for what I’ve been up to. It’d be one thing if more than one person is involved, yet the only person I want to throttle isn’t a candidate. So it’s all on me.” But Theicher can’t wrap his head around the thought of you know, being a rider and all. He didn’t have parents to raise him and teach him rider stuff, even though he knows quite a lot from just /living/ in the weyr. But it definitely isn’t quite the same. “Well, thanks for keeping your trap shut at any rate.”

Keelyra grunts a bit in assent. "For now, at least," she says, looking back down to the robe. "But I might not if you start threatening my friends, or some of the candidates… Iff'n ya really need someone to hurt, I can probably recommend some people." Not that they'd be anyone he'd want to hurt.

“It’s only /Rhabel/ that makes me wanna punch walls.” And maybe Keely sometimes too, but thankfully not at the moment. It’s mostly Rhab. “But I don’t think I’d seriously try to hurt the guy.” Oh, but Keely left before she got to see Rhab plant a kiss on Theicher’s lips before the bookworm scampered off. “Either way, don’t worry overly much for my skin. If I get caught or not, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Plus, there’s only maybe a sevenday or so left with how hard they’re saying the eggs are, right? I think I can survive ‘til then.”

"Mebbe you should avoid him. Y'know, leave the room instead of getting angry and all." Keelyra has experience in that. "Sevenday or more or less…" She shrugs and flops the robe around a bit in her frustration. "Y'never know. It could be in the middle of the night, in the morning… S'why it's really best to actually, y'know, get some sleep."

“If only it was that simple. Avoiding him and all.” But it feels as if sometimes Theicher is totally getting stalked by the teen! Although it appears he’s had enough of talking about Rhabel and doesn’t say anything more on the subject. “Well, we’ll see how tonight goes I guess.” And on that note he pulls his crumpled robe out of his bag and forces himself to work on it, and hopefully get it /done/. Apparently he’s done talking period as the only noises that can now be heard from him are grunts and hisses of pain.

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