A Very Lively Breakfast

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's very early at Western. So very, very early that only the kitchen staff really is bustling about the caverns as they set up for the morning breakfast. Why the weyrleader is here is anyone's guess. Maybe he had a meeting at a hold or weyr on a different time schedule that Western's or something. He's fully dressed, but somehow still looks like he just woke up. His hair is cow-licked in a strange way, and he's got five o-clock shadow that looks more like I-forgot-to-shave shadow. He's clutching a mug of klah and waves over a weyrbrat bringing out other pitchers so he can take a full one for himself. Then he tells the drudge that all the pastries trays are to come past him first this morning. For inspection.

Rousseaux is one of those people who enjoy being up before everyone else. She's already been up long enough to have bathed by the time she walks into the living caverns; her braided hair is still wet, and there's a soapsandy sort of scent about her. Comany is, naturally, preferred over sitting alone and so she goes to join the Weyrleader where he's sat, slipping onto a seat opposite him and nodding her head in greeting. "Morning, sir. Anything good being served up yet?"

Zi'on looks up at Rou as she sits down. Oddly enough, even with his massive scruff and such, being so tired makes the weyrleader look a little boyish. Mostly because his trap is shut. He grabs a mug from a nearby place setting and fills it with klah, then slide it over to Rou. "I dunno yet. Pastry maybe." That's all he eats anyways. He yawns and stretches a bit then, and takes a sip of klah. "Mornin. You already washed up? You must be one of those people who hate to bath with other people around." One of the drudges comes out then with glazed turnovers stuffed with fruit. Zi'on eyes them, then picks one up to eat. Rou is also offered one from the try, clearly assumed to be an accomplice of the weyrleader.

The mug is accepted gratefully, and Rousseaux takes a considerable sip of it before sighing contentedly and leaning forward with an elbow propped on the table. "I suppose I am, sorta, sir. I'm still Holdbred, for all I've lived in Ista Weyr a good few turns… but that's not why I wake up early. I've always been an early riser; where I'm from, we all get up at the crack of dawn to start work. I guess old habits die hard, y'know?" And from the way she's so chipper, she's clearly one of those morning people. The pastries are pondered over for a moment, before Roux unashamedly picks the one that looks both largest /and/ most stuffed with filling. "Thanks," she says to the tray-bearer, before her attention's back on Zi'on. "And you, sir? Does your job require you to be up so early this morning?"
Draval plods over to the living caverns, from the lower caverns.
Draval has arrived.

Zi'on nods to Rou, pouting a bit. "That's a shame really. All you holder girls are so cute, you'd figure you'd want some of the other people in the springs to get a look." He chuckles. "What did you do before that got you up so early, then?: Zi'on doesn't look very chipper. He's not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. He looks at Rou's pastry, then his own with a sort of disappointed scowl. Why didn't he pick that one? It wasn't any matter though, and he bites into warm flaky pastry with gusto, fruit filling oozing out the side of it. After licking off anything in danger of dripping he looks back to Rou. "Me? Sometimes, I guess. Not today though. I just haven't gone to bed yet."

Rousseaux laughs. "Hey, who says I'm /not/ giving a few people a peek, now and again? There's a few who've had a look… and a few who I've left with their imaginations filling in the gaps." She winks across at the bronzerider, taking a less than ladylike bite from her turnover. Filling comes dribbling out, right down her chin, requiring a whole load of hand-mopping - and then finger-licking to clean up the mess. "We'd have to go out, tend the hutches, clean them, lay new straw, feed the rabbits, check the kits, start combing them out, check the other animals, then after all that'd be done it'd be either spinning or carding or weaving or some shit like that. Oh - bollo— I mean. Sorry. 'scuse my Nabolian." That's an apology for the swearing, of course. Roux doesn't seem surprised that Zi'on's not been to sleep. "Busy night, then? Ryeokie took me out stargazing the other night, and I swear it must've been… oh, heck, it was /late/, whatever time it was. I'm a morning person, not so much a night one."

Zi'on chuckles. "Well -I've- never had a look. Why are you holding out on me? My imagination isn't very good. I always just end up sticking your head on someone else's body. It's just not the same." Zi'on concentrates on his klah for a bit. Sweet, sweet klah! It's the only think keeping him awake right now really. Once he gets his fill of pastry he'll probably go back to sleep most of the day away. "Oh right, with the rabbits or whatever. The ones with the fur and all." He chuckles a bit at her explanation. "You don't have to apologize to me. Have you ever heard Kaliena when she's mad?" He shrugs a bit. "Busy I guess, sure. But it wasn't anything fun. No stargazing, just catching up on some work I needed to get done. I work better at night, myself."

"No, I very much doubt it would be the same. Who around here's got hips like /these/?" Roux's are rather on the voluminous side, with her amply-padded rear and thighs to match. She's pear-shaped defined! "Perhaps we'll bump into each other bathing one day. I'm hoping - with your permission, of course - to stick around after the Hatching, maybe make a go of it here? If you need another pair of handyman hands, of course… I'm pretty easy. I can do most things you put me too, though I prefer working with my hands." She shrugs, propping her chin up in her hand. "Could never get into that whole night-time working dealio myself. I like my bed a few hours after sunset, thankyouverymuch."

Zi'on laughs at Rou. "Not too many girls. Well, at least none of the ones who weren't pregnant before. A lot of the ladies around here are on the skinny side. Sort of like me." Rou -is- on the voluminous side. Not that Zi'on is complaining really. Zi'on is mid-sip when she goes on about sticking around at Western, he spits a bit back into his mug when she claims that she's 'easy'. "What? Oh, sorry. Anyways, sure. You should stick around at Western. We can always use another pair of hands around. Who's to say you won't end up with a dragon, anyways? In which case you'll be stuck around here, at least for a while." He chuckles a bit. "I've got my own private bath, so I don't much go to the caverns anymore. Only when I want a big pool to stretch out in. But I'm sure we'll bump into each other eventually." He finishes up his pastry when he spots the next tray coming out. These are the cream filled puffy pastries, and he takes one of those, too. "But some of the most fun activities take place at night!"

"I hope to make myself useful, sir, whether I wind up with a lifemate or not. I wasn't so lucky the first time so I'm not letting my hopes get too high now; it's all been an experience, and whatever happens happens." Roux nods her head with a definite air of finality. That's that, apparently. "Y'know, sir, if you're only out in the public baths when you fancy stretching out, I'd reckon we're not likely to bump into one another at all, 'specially considering how I like to bathe early, and how you're only up at this time because you've not slept yet." She too takes a cream puff when it's offered to her, being a bit more careful this time so as not to have an explosion of cream on her face.

Zi'on smiles to Rou. "Relax. I'm sure you'll make yourself useful. If not I'll send the headwoman after you with the broom. It took me three times standing before I found Suldith. So don't rule yourself out yet." He reaches over to poke Rou in the ribs. "Eh. Sometimes I'll go there after being up all night, to help me relax before I got to bed. And I'm sure there are times when you're grimy and want a bath other than first thing in the morning." He blinks then, and laughs. "You sound disappointed I might not get to see you naked, though. You're welcome to show up at my weyr any time without your clothes on." Once Zi'on bites into his pastry, he proceeds to lick out most of the cream.

"I'm not sure whether to take you seriously or not, sir. Would you really like me to plod across the bowl in all my naked glory? I'm quite sure I might melt some eyes and burst some brains - I couldn't be held accountable for that, now, could I?" Roux grins, polishing off her cream puff in a few big bites. She's not the most delicate of eaters, and while she does have /some/ manners - well, they're not all being put to good use right now as she licks at her fingers to clean them of the deliciousness that's oozed out onto them. "Three times, huh? They say third time's the charm! Though shards, I don't know if I'll be so disappointed if I walk off without a dragon. I reckon I might have my pick of three lads' arms to fall /straight/ into, because fog and /fire/ I am desperate to get laid."

It's pretty early at Western, the sun is barely up and breakfast is just getting started. Only a few people are in the caverns yet, Rou and the weyrleader being two of them. They're both sampling pastry and drinking klah. Rou is all squeaky clean and ready to start the day, and Zi'on looks like he's been up all night (because he has). The bronzer peers at Rou. "Is that a serious question? Of course I'd like to see you running across the bowl in naught but your turnday suit! It wouldn't exactly be appropriate though for some people. They might take offense." He nods to her then. "Three times, yep. Though I was pretty young even when I finally impressed. The no sex thing wasn't much an issue when you're barely a teenager." He laughs then. "You and me both, love. My girl's a candidate, and Suldith was on the sands up until recently. So it's been a bit of a dry spell for me, too."

"There's more to life than sex," drawls a voice as a woman steps into the caverns. Fresh from a morning clearly spent doing physical activity, her tunic is dampened with sweat and the hair that's come loose from her braid is plastered to the sides of her face. On her shoulder rests a sword, its edges blunted for training but the metal still gleaming. Kimmila gives Rousseaux a wink as she passes by, going to get a mug of water to gulp down and then refill. "Isn't there, Zi'on?" she calls to the Weyrleader, grin crooked. "What /have/ you been doing to keep busy?"

Areia wanders in behind Kimmila, eyeing the sword on her shoulder warily. She's got a backpack thrown over her shoulders, practically bursting at the seams, and looks a little travel-worn, but in good spirits. She pauses inside the doorway, eyes widening somewhat at the choice of conversation, and stays silent - probably a good thing.

Rousseaux's brows lift when Kimmila comes in with her comment, and then the candidate laughs. "Well yeah, sure there is - but isn't life much easier if you're getting a bit now and then? I'm kinda sweet on one of the candidates," she admits in a slightly lower tone, more to Zi'on than anyone else, "And it'd be nice to be able to… y'know. See how things are. We mightn't ever get the chance to, y'know? I reckon you could dose us all up with 'stuff and gives us all a night of freedom, then an extra bout of between for us girls to be sure there's nothing comes of it - save a whole lotta satisfied white knots. Yeah? Whaddya think to that, sir?"

Zi'on peers over at Kimmila. "Easy for you to say when you're getting laid regularly. It's hard to go from that to quitting cold wherry." He eyes the sword. "Quitting your rider job to join the guards, then?" The bronzer shrugs a bit. "I guess there is. I've been catching up on my work. Also working on my unofficial craft." Zi'on raises a brow at Rou. "One of the candidates, hm? Which one would that be? Anyways, you can't get laid right now either way. After the hatching do whatever you want. Unless one or both of you impresses. Then you'll have to wait even longer." He blinks at her suggestion, then laughs. "Sorry, but no. I couldn't get laid during my candidacies. That means you can't either. The eggs should be hatching soon anyways. So you'll just have to take care of yourself until then. Use your imagination." He teases.

Kimmila nods at Rousseaux, her grin taking on a bit more wicked edge. "Well sure, but it doesn't mean life can't be good when you're on your own, either. And pfft," she snorts, "some of the best parts of a relationship come before there's sex. Enjoy it." Getting another glass of water she shifts the sword against her shoulder and walks over to join the others, sliding into a chair. She shrugs at Zi'on. "I went cold turkey with sex once. Didn't have any for turns, and I was just fine."

Rousseaux laughs, leaning back and winking as she clicks her tongue. "Aaaah well, it was worth a try, right? You can't get something if you don't ask for it, after all." A passing klah-bearer is flagged down for a top up, and she blows over the top of her steaming beverage before taking a sip. "One of the candidates, yes. Though another one's offered to try and out-perform some bookish guy he was tussling with the other evening, so they'd be my three options - assuming, of course, neither of the candidates Impress. And if they both do… well, we'll see if book-boy'll make good on his offer." She looks up at Kimmila with a crooked grin. "Honestly? This before stuff's been pretty damned good. It's all romanticky, and stuff. Not like what I've been through before."

"Well of course it can be good on your own. It's just that I prefer my life with someone else, I guess." Zi'on laughs a bit at Kimmila then. "I wouldn't know anything about the time before, really. Most girls I date want to jump in the sack right off." It sounds like bragging, but it's true! "You're a woman, anyways. It's not the same." Or so Zi'on would care to believe. "Trust me, no one wants to bend the rules more than I do. But with my luck someone would get pregnant anyways. Just can't afford the risk." Zi'on fills up his own mug of klah and finishes up the puff pastry he's been working on for a while. He wipes his face then and scratches at his stubbly chin.

Kimmila's nose wrinkles immediately at Rousseaux's use of the word 'romanticky'. "Ugh," she mutters, moving the sword to rest across her lap and trying to steal something from Zi'on's plate. "Well, if you like the…romance…" gag, "then good for you. What…sorts of romantic things has he done?" She smirks at Zi'on. "Is that bragging? Straight to bed? You're missing out on a lot, then." Then she laughs. "Not the same for a woman? We get just as horny as guys do, trust me," she purrs, leaning forward and giving him a smirk.

"I've never had the whole… flirting and just, y'know, /kissing/ and stuff bit before. It's always been like Weyrleader Zi'on said - sorta straight to bed, no getting to know one another first typa-deal." Rousseaux shrugs. "We've just… hung out. Gone stargazing, since he's a starcrafter when he's not a Candidate. I dunno. We've just sorta enjoyed one another's company - nothing /too/ romantic. That'd not really be my style." And oh, how she concurs with Kimmila's final statement! "Oh shell yes, trust us, we do."

Early mornings do not seem to suit Kaliena very well and as the candidate shuffles into the living caverns, it looks as though the girl quite literally just rolled out of her cot. Her clothes are clean but a bit rumpled and her hair is just a wild mess thrown into a wilder loose bun of sorts, likely just hurriedly smoothed with fingers rather then brushed. As she passes through the entranceways, her steps lack much in the way of grace or even coordination really and she may accidentally bump a few folk along the way. Apologies will be muttered or growled and it's in that groggy half-asleep state that she'll raid the serving tables, mostly just for klah though she'll grab some bread and fruit while she's at it. Then it's off to the tables and even sleep deprived she can recognize faces and voices, so she shuffles her way over. "Mind if I sit?" she drawls to all and no one and seemingly unaware of what she's just about to join into.

"We do." Agrees an unfamiliar voice from the doorway. Areia blushes scarlett and holds her hands up. "I'm so sorry, it just slipped out, I don't mean to interrupt your conversation." Then she's bumped in to, making her stumble forward and just barely save herself from splaying on the ground. It's not Kaliena's fault - Areia's clumsy to begin with. But, properly embarrassed, she stands, sighs, and goes "Can I have some klah?" in a pitiful voice.

Zi'on peers at Kimmila. At some point someone's dropped another couple of pastries off on the Weyrleader's plate. One of which apparently is nabbed by the bluerider. "It's not bragging, it's true. And I doubt I'm missing out on much of anything. We can still have fun afterwards. And it's not like I didn't know the girls beforehand. We just weren't dating, that's all." He means once they slept together they started dating afterwards, really. "I didn't just pick them up out of a crowd or something. I'm not my father." There's a nod to Rou, and the weyrleader wrinkles his nose. Even though he's done far more 'romanticky' things than just stargazing. "So that Ryeokie fellow is the one you're getting to know, then?" Zi'on spots Kaliena making her way over and pulls out the seat next to himself, coaxing her into it. "Morning, metal-molder." He peers around at all the ladies then for a bit. "I don't believe any of you know what blue-balls are. So ya'll can say what you want, but I don't have to believe you." Zi'on holds up the pitcher of klah at his table to Areia. "Grab a mug."

Kimmila nods at Rousseaux. "Sounds lovely," she says with a small smile. "Stargazing is great. My…" Her what? "My guy," ugh, even calling him that sucks, "we like to go hiking and hunting." Pause. "And have lots of sex." TMI? Awkward? She probably did it on purpose. Green eyes lift as Kaliena approaches and sits, and the bluerider's eyes narrow ever so slightly. "Kaliena," she says. She's still in the middle of her punishment, after all, stuck in Western. Looking over to Areia, the bluerider's brows furrow briefly, but Zi'on steps up with the invite. Then Kimmila laughs. "Blue-balls are just as easily fixed with your hand, Zi'on. That's got nothing to do with your level of passion."

The bustling entry of Kaliena is greeted with a toothy grin, and Areia's comparatively meek one is met with a raise of Roux's eyebrows. "You'll have to talk up if you're gonna get yourself some," she advises with a wave for the woman to come over and join them. They've got a pitcher of klah between them, somewhere! "Ryeokie's the one, yup. It's kinda weird how we've both come all this way and finally noticed each other, when we've probably been bumping elbows in Ista for Faranth knows how many turns. He's alright, though. We'll mebbe see if anything comes of it after all's said and done, and we know where we're going with shit." Rousseaux tops up her own mug, then offers to pour for Areia. "Blue balls are nothing. You guys can jack off and get a guaranteed happy ending every time. It's /different/ for us."

Kaliena doesn't need much coaxing. The moment Zi'on pulls out the chair, the girl is flopping into it with a lack of grace or really any manners. It's too early for all that nonsense! She's just put her plate down and has her mug part way to her lips before she's shooting the Weyrleader with a narrowed side-glance. "Use my real name," she grumbles. "Metal-molder is awful." Someone's got up on the wrong side of the cot this morning. That done she can focus in on the discussion and immediately her expression switches to an outright blank stare. What in Faranth's name…? Grimacing, her blue eyes wander now and noticing Rousseaux, the candidate gives a friendly enough lopsided and vague grin. "What's this about Ryeokie?" And from her tone, it's obvious the girl is trying to put a face to a name but failing. The bluerider is given a cold look. "Kimmila," she says right back, unaware of whatever punishment she now serves. Her mug is raised then and her first sip is barely swallowed before that comment is made and then followed up by Rousseaux. Cue the choking cough as Kaliena tries to fight off the surprised laugh that should have been. Way too early for this!

Areia has a look of relief cross her features before she does what she's told and grabs an empty mug laying somewhere. She rubs it out (hah!) with her shirt, getting any big chunks of grime, at least, and then takes a seat close to by not directly next to the group. She leans over and grabs the pitcher, fills her mug, then sets it back. She inhales with an appreciative sound. "Is this normal early morning conversation?" She can't help but ask, lips quirking. "I mean, I'm new here, I think I may want to turn around…"

Zi'on peers at Kimmila. Then he starts laughing. "Go go Th'ero." It's hard to be mad when your best buddy is getting laid. Ila must have really laid the punishment on thick if Kimmila is still grounded. "So is any other kind of horniness. Anyways, it ain't the same as the real thing. Surely I don't need to tell you ladies -that-." He nods to Rou then. "Ah right. You're both from Ista, right? Just like me." Then he peers at her, as well. "You can use your fingers. What's the difference there? If you need some pointers I'm sure Kaliena can show you." He thumbs to the candidate next to him, then lays his arm on the back of her chair. "Couldn't you, -Kali-?" He emphasizes her real name, so that she knows he's being good. Then he squeezes Kaliena's shoulders affectionately. Hopefully Areia can find a mug that doesn't have any grime she needs to rub out! Otherwise someone ought to complain to the headwoman. Zi'on grunts. "Not generally. Usually I have peace and quiet in the morning."

Kimmila eyes Kaliena for a long moment, then just shrugs. Resting one hand on the sword across her lap, she sips her water with the other one and grins a bit at Areia. "You never know what you're going to wake up to," she says with a nonchalant little shrug. Leaning back in her chair, she seems content to let the conversation go on by without a contribution from her, for the moment.

"Maaaaybe it's a wee bit early, but c'mon. This stuff's /important/. It's good for your health, right?" Rousseaux doesn't seem at all shy to be discussing the rather colourful topic before a full breakfasts's even been served. And hey, if the Weyrleader's in on it, it's got to be ok, right? That's the reasoning she's sticking by. She winks to Kaliena across the table. "Ryeokie and I've been hitting it off pretty well. I was just saying how we might be seeing where things go, once the Hatching's over. And we've both come here from Ista, yep." The latter is, of course, in response to Zi's question. "I wasn't aware that you were from the island too, sir?" His second question, to her fellow candidate, has her smirking. "If Kali'd like to give me lessons, she's welcome to… though I reckon we /may/ have to charge you to come on in and watch that, sir. Coupla marks should do it, right? Kali? Whaddya think to that? Coupla marks worth it to come watch our little lesson?"

"You think this is bad?" Areia is given a curious and brief look over, once the newcomer has approached closed enough to register on Kaliena's still groggy attention span. Zi'on's pointing at her then and the candidate freezes mid sip of her klah. Ugh, can't a girl even have her morning drink in peace? She snorts, "You'd /like/ that, wouldn't you, you pervert?" she drawls brazingly, sarcasm lacing her tone quite heavily as she shoots the Weyrleader a mock glare. Or is it a mock one? Hard to ever tell with Kaliena. Either way, she seems to get away quite often with name-calling in regards to him. Rolling her eyes, she gives Rousseaux a blank look at first, as is disbelieving what just popped out of her fellow candidates mouth as a suggestion. Blinking, she then laughs gruffly and lifts her mug in a joking toast. "Just a couple? Need to be a fortune, I'd think. He can certainly afford more then just a couple," Kaliena remarks, deciding to play along with the joke rather then bristle at it for once. That doesn't keep her from blushing a bit! Can't take the holder out, no matter how long one has been in a Weyr. At Kimmila's long stare, the girl only stares right back and one brow quirks up. What? She's not going to taunt the bluerider now though - not yet anyways.

Areia is laughing, earilier blunder forgotten. "It's an unique conversation." She admits. She wraps her hands around her mug and sits back, sipping at the steamy liquid. She's content to stay out of it - for the most part - and just listen.

"I know right? I've woken up next to -men-." Zi'on wrinkles his nose at the thought. "Uh, good for your health. Yes, sure." Zi'on is constantly doing things he really shouldn't be. So that wasn't technically a good excuse. "I was born at Ista. I lived there until I was about eight or so. Then my parents split up and I moved to Telgar to live with ma and the twins. Then when ma got tired of me she sent me here to live with Da. But I stayed mostly in the caverns with the other weyrbrats." Kali is given a smile from the bronzer. "Of course I would. Any chance to see you naked. Even better if it's the two of you practicing. I'd pay a fortune for that, sure." Not much of a joke if Zi'on also is playing along, is it? Maybe it is. "Anyways, it'll be good to have the eggs off the sands soon, at least. Regardless of who gets laid or not afterwards." Zi'on looks to Areia then. "So what brings you 'round to Western?"

With a great yawn, Theicher steps out from the depths of the weyr. It doesn't appear as if the young man got all that much sleep considering he's wearing the same clothes as yesterday and his hear, if even possible, is in more disarray than usual. He heads straight to the klah, making sure to fill a piping hot cup of the stuff before swinging in to join the crowd. Another yawn is stifled before his gaze falls upon Roux and that's when there's a bit of color that plays upon his cheeks, not really enough to be considered a full on blush. "Rousseaux." His head dips in greeting before he eases careful into a chair and gulps at his drink, regardless of its temperature. As to the topic of the conversation that he's catching glimpses of, a solitary brow quirks up, but he refuses to actually comment upon it, or well, that is until Zi'on's words slap him like a wet fish. He blanches, looking at the Weyrleader in horror before snapping his mouth back shut and going back to his klah.

Kimmila blinks in surprise at Rousseaux's suggestion, mouth opening and then snapping closed. /She/ is going to bristle at that one. "I hardly think that's appropriate," she says sharply, looking at Rousseaux in disbelief. Then she looks at Zi'on in disbelief. And then Kaliena. STARE.

Rousseaux raises her klah mug to her lips, knocking back its contents as she listens to the reactions to her… proposal. Of sorts. "Not entirely appropriate in practice or theory, perhaps," she says to Kimmila as she sets her now empty mug down on the table, "but it's not being carried out as yet, nor will it be done in public if such a thing /were/ to happen, so we'll not be offending anyone. Promise." There's a wink for the bluerider then as Roux stands up and ruffles Theicher's hair where he's sat beside her. "Morning, sunshine. Doing alright today, then? You keep clear of them bookish ones, yeah?" It's affectionate if somewhat rough the way she toys with his hair. "You've missed on heckuva conversation. You might've come up in it, once 'r twice." And that's all she's saying on that. "Well, I've got chores to get to - /someone/ got lucky and pulled the early shift. Seeya, sir… bluerider, candidates… new person I've never seen before." Rousseaux has a jaunty salute for all (though she's facing Zi'on as she gives it), and then she turns to sway those wideload hips of hers as she toddles off to the lower caverns.

Cue another half choked cough as Zi'on's blunt remark catches Kaliena off guard. Maybe it's not so great a joke with the Weyrleader /agreeing/ so easily with it. Where's the fun in that? "Ugh. Well, that kills that I suppose." She grumbles, reaching up with a hand to fuss with an escaped strand of her wild, unbrushed hair. Theicher isn't the only one who looked like he just rolled out of bed. The girl is still groggy looking herself, though there's a flush now to her skin thanks to the conversation and her mouth seems permanently stuck between a smirk and a grimace. He's given a brief and curious look over before Kaliena simply snorts at his reaction. Welcome to the breakfast discussion? Flee while you can! "And it's not like we /agreed/ on it. A joke is a joke." She chimes in after Rousseaux, giving the other candidate a vague grin. Was it? When Kimmila bristles, Kaliena's attention focuses on her and her laughter is almost mocking and she STARES right back. "What? Can't handle a bit of joking? Didn't think /you'd/ be the type to get flustered over it." She drawls in an almost taunting tone. Really, she shouldn't be baiting the bluerider. Not after what happened. That jaunty salute Rousseaux gives is answered by Kaliena lifting her mug up again in mock salute and then the girl turns her attention back to the group still gathered around the table.

Areia keeps her expression carefully neutral throughout the, ah, lovely banter, until suddenly she is focused on. She blinks and stutters a few 'uh, uh's before finding her voice. "Looking for work, actually." She replies. "Oh! I'm Areia. Arei, Reia, whatever. Just got here this morning a few minutes before I, uh, well, got here. In this room." Babble. She covers it up with a sip of klah, managing not to choke, thankfully.

Zi'on peers at Kimmila. "What? I'll wait until they're allowed and all. Sheesh." There's a nod to Theicher as he sits down. Zi'on looks glad for another man at the table. "Tell these women that blue-balls is worse than normal horniness, candidate." Someone to back up his claim! Though it seems more like Zi'on is commanding him to agree with his opinion. There's a nod and a wave given to the departing Rou. Zi'on also looks like he's been up all night. Because he has. He's looking scruffier than usual. He tried to help Kaliena with that wild stand of hair, eventually giving up and letting her handle it. Instead he leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek. "You'll give me my own show for free, right?" Zi'on gives Kaliena a look as she tries to bait the bluerider. All while he tries to bait her. There's a blink given to Areia. "Well, Ariea. What sort of work are you looking for? You have a craft or anything, or just general sort of work? Inside? Outside?"

Kimmila's eyes narrow in on Kaliena and she pushes to her feet, shouldering her sword. "Well pardon me for trying to keep your reputation from becoming that of a whore. Guess it's a lost cause," she snaps, before she's turning and storming off. Killjoy.

Solarus comes trotting into the living caverns all of smiles on his face, in his favorite runner shirt and with his art satchel over his shoulder. He skips over to the tables with the food and helps himself to a snack of some sweet glazed pastry before skip skip skipping over to where everyone else he knows here seems to be. "Hello!" he says in greeting. It should be noted his glasses are no longer cracked, and one of the glasses arms has been properly replaced, albeit with a less colorful brown one that doesn't quite match the rest of his purple glasses. Oh well, it happens.

For being touched in such a familiar type of way, Theicher sure doesn't react much to Roux, he just tilts his head back so he can get a better view of her while she passes and makes a grunt at her question about bookish ones. Yup, he totally didn't stalk the boy down. Not him. Nope. As for the comment about being mentioned, he just smirks and waves her off as she escapes to go do those things he never does: chores. It's only once Kaliena is explaining that the convo was a joke that Theicher shakes his head slowly, "I rather doubt some things with that one, are really of the joking nature. I bet she'd take you up on it, if you gave her the chance." Chocolate brown orbs nearly twinkle with mirth before he hides his face behind the mug of klah. As for the poor newcomer, Theicher manages to pull his head out of his mug long enough to toss her a welcoming smile, "Welcome to the Weyr. I'm sure there are lots of jobs if you're interested in staying here." Oh, but then Zi has to go and open his big fat mouth and if nothing else manages to make Theich red, oh, this one indeed does. The large candidate instantly takes on the hue nearing redfruit as he chokes on his most recent gulp of klah, "Oh shards, sir. Blueballs is the worst thing imaginable! Being a candidate is terrible 'cause of that, no ifs, ands, or buts about it." And then Kimmila is moving off, and Theich is watching her go, not really saying anything on the matter before Solarus' arrival gets a wave. "Welcome to the fun, Solarus." Uh huh. Fun.

Areia stares at Kimmila as she storms off, then lets out a low whistle. Then she seems to remember she's a stranger so she shuts her mouth, blushing, until she has to answer the man. "Well, my parents are beastcrafters and taught me everything about runners and bovines, but I'm not actually… in the craft." She winces. "That seems to be the deal breaker there for most potential employers. You wouldn't happen to need any help, would you? I don't mind anything as long as it's outdoors. Gardening or landscaping the, er, rock…" She trails off.

Kaliena doesn't exactly pull away from Zi'on when he fusses over her and then even leans in to kiss her but while the discussion doesn't seem to faze her, his attentions do and the candidate looks a touch uncomfortable, peering at him. To take the edge off, she gives him a playful nudge. "Perhaps," she drawls with the tiniest of smiles. Awkward? Just a bit. She takes a hasty sip of her klah and then sets it down in favor of attacking the plate of fruit she has up until now ignored. She hardly seems to bat an eye over the Weyrleader's remark to Theicher, likely relieved the attention is turned to another for now. But at the other candidate's remark, she looks up and focuses on him sharply. His warning - for that's how she takes it - is met with a slightly suspicious smirk. "'Suppose I'll have to be careful then," she remarks dryly, picking at the piece of fruit in her hand before popping it into her mouth. There's a wrinkled nose to Theicher's comments backing up Zi'on's earlier claims, but Kaliena isn't about to jump into /that/ discussion. Instead, Kimmila distracts her when the bluerider rises to her bait. At her words, the girl's temper flares and her skin flushes hotly. One hand grips her mug so tightly, it's a wonder it's not hurled after the bluerider when she storms off. "I ain't no whore! It was just some fun!" she yells at the rider's back, glaring daggers before slumping back into her chair with quite the sullen look. "Shards. What the heck crawled up her backside?" The girl mutters darkly and proceeds to vent by shredding her bread apart. Then Solarus is there and Kaliena has the decency to /look/ sheepish at least for her little outburst as she waves. Cough.

Zi'on blinks at Kimmila storms out. "Eh? She does realize you and I are dating, right? I still have the naked rights to you! Even if you're a candidate and I can't make use of them." There's a nod given to Solarus as he heads over. "Hey there, Sol. Got your specs fixed I see. Good man." Zi'on nods to Theicher's assessment of Rou. "I think you might be right. She's already gaggin' for a shag. Askin' me if I can suspend the rules for candidates for a night and then have a big betweening-fest afterwards." He peers around at the candidates at the table. "Before you all go getting ideas, the answer was NO." At least Theicher is agreeing with him, though. "See? I told you girls." Zi'on nods a bit to Areia then. "I'm sure we can find you something. I'm Zi'on, by the way. Suldith's rider. You can head down to the stables later if you'd like. But you ought to get yourself settled down in the dorms, first. Just tell the beastcrafters down there I sent you. They can always use an extra pair of hands." Zi'on has at least given up fussing over Kaliena, content to just let his arm rest over the back of her chair. Zi'on looks down at Kaliena. "I had Ila'den dole out punishment. She's stuck at Western because of you. So I wouldn't provoke her, love." He says in a serious tone, frowning a bit at her.

Solarus is so happy that he waves back to everyone who is waving to him! "Yes sir," he says to Zi'on. "Mom finally relented to help me get the lenses replaced, but only if I compromised and used her old frames. But in the end only one lense needed replacing so I used one of the arms from mom's glasses to replace the missing one. I'll have to paint it whenever I get a chance," he starts pulling his artists stuff out of his satchel, his sketchbook, a little tray of what looks like watercolors, and then goes to fetch a glass of water, returning with it and sitting down to start sketching on the paper with his pencils. Oooh, angry people! Good subject matter!

"It's not as if you need to have an official craft, the hunters could always use more good people." Theicher offers to Areia, before he gives her a once over. "Although most girls aren't too terribly interested in that." Is admitted with a bit of a shrug. Might as well tell it how it is. It's then Kaliena that his attention falls upon again and he nods, "Just figured I'd warn ya. She didn't appear to be joking last night with Rhab." There's something off in the way the candidate says that, as if he wasn't entirely thrilled at the attention Roux was perhaps giving the other boy. But who can say. "I'd just try and ignore 'er, Kali, she's just being a stick in the mud. I thought riders were supposed to be more open. Apparently not in her case." The young man chuckles softly at that, shaking his head at the bluerider. "Well, all the candidates should know that not allowing us to do the naughty isn't entirely about preventing pregnancies, since ya know, there are things to take for that sort of thing. It's more about preparing for Weyrlinghood, if it should happen, so you aren't tempted to go off and play then, when a baby dragon won't know what to do with those type of strong emotions. Right? So obviously the answer had to be no." His tongue flicks across his lips before he adds, as an afterthought, "Although, that sure could have been fun." And to say Theich hasn't been experiencing that dreaded blueballness during whiteknottage, would totally be a lie. Let's just say there's a reason he hasn't been sleeping in the barracks the past several days. "Glad to see you got something worked out, Solarus. Was worried you'd be stumbling around blind come hatching time and I'd have to yank you out of harm's way." And who's angry? Not him, he's just enjoying a mug of klah!

"She knows," Kaliena growls at Zi'on, fingers flicking slightly to rid them of the crumbs after she thoroughly shreds the bread to pieces. Then she's darting a quick side-glance to the Weyrleader, dumbfounded by what he tells Theicher. "You're….not serious, are you?" she asks, sounding shocked but amused all in one. "She actually had the backbone to ask that? All nonchalant?" Surely the girl isn't in awe over Rousseaux's request? There's a huff and a dismissive wave of her one hand when Zi'on peers at them. "Yeah, I figured. Sheesh. Take us for fools, do you?" At the bronzerider's serious tone, Kaliena shoulders slump a little and she looks like she's taken /some/ of the reprimand to heart. Some, but not enough to keep her tongue in check. "So? She deserves it. Not my fault she reacted so poorly." Solarus' sketching isn't noted quite yet, not with her attention focused elsewhere. If he's looking for practice with 'angry' though, she's definitely the right model for it. Usually twenty four seven. To Theicher, she gives the other candidate a long look. "I'd hunt, if someone would /teach/ me." Kaliena states bluntly, chin lifting a bit as if to prove she's serious on her claim. There's a grunt and shrug given to the rest, the girl simply dismissing it now, not to be rude but because she has no more to add. He's right and his warnings are noted.

Zi'on nods to Solarus. "I'm sure you'll get them fixed up right proper." Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Kimmila? She's generally open. But since she's dating Kaliena's brother things are a little complicated." Mostly because Kaliena hates her brother and taunts the bluerider for fun. "Well, if you're looking for an explanation better than 'because I said so' then there you go." He says about Theicher's explanation of no sex. "Generally in weyrlinghood you don't have the time for such things anyways. And your mind is occupied with other things." Zi'on is experiencing blueballness, too. And he's not even a candidate! The bronzer nods to Kaliena. "I am serious. And so was she! She did, apparently. Maybe I ought to start being more strict with you candidates. You guys thinks I'm your friend. Well, I'm not! Get back to chores!" Though he doesn't sound very serious about it, with all the snickering he's doing afterwards. He peers at Kaliena when she asks him if he takes them for fools. "Some of you I do, yes." In other words, don't test the theory! "Stick to your craft, Kali. It's more lucrative anyways."

Solarus is no longer paying attention to conversation, as lost as he is in mixing his paints and coloring his pictures. But he peeks out from behind his canvas time to time in curiousity to eavesdrop, and take nibbles of his pastry. "I'm done my chores for the day," Solarus comments to Zi'on, with a grin. "But I'm thinking of not sticking to my craft. Art is much more my style than thread and needle," he strokes the canvas with his brush again.

"I'll teach you. If it's something you're seriously interested in." Theich offers with a broad smile, "But I won't take the time if it's just some passing fancy of yours. I don't like wasting my time." The hunter turned candidate is anything if not blunt most of the time. As for Zi, well, he gets another quirked brow, "I wasn't looking for a better reason. I thought it made perfect sense the way it stood. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it. Grown men need some sort of release. Our own hand is only so much comfort late at night, right, Weyrleader?" Ewww, what is Theicher doing at night! As for the orders of getting back to work, needless to say Theich doesn't budge an inch. "Not sure I'd say I think you're my friend, I just think you're more fun than half the riders here. You get us." Was that a compliment? Perhaps. Chocolate hued gaze settles upon Solarus then and he nods, thinking that art perhaps suits the boy. "Weaving or art, they're both one in the same aren't they? Weaving is a form of art, but I'm sure you can be artistic in every craft if you put your mind to it."

"A /little/ complicated? That's an understatement." Kaliena points out bluntly and with a smirk to follow, as always. She shoots Zi'on another look, likely not enjoying the fact that her personal life is being aired out by the Weyrleader. The girl hasn't quite learned her lesson yet in guarding her tongue or accepting the consequences. Giving him an incredulous look before taking a few small bites of her food, when he claims to still be serious, the candidate huffs and the plate is pushed aside. "Uh huh," is her only remark and then she blinks at his comment on her craft. "What'd you mean by that?" she asks, frowning. Theicher's blunt offer earns him another long look and then Kaliena's smirk turns into a bit of a lopsided smile. "I am serious. Kimmila was supposed to but that isn't gonna work now. It ain't no passing fancy. It'd be something to do when I want time away from smithing. So if you're serious on the offer, then I may accept. Time willing." Given how bad things are between the bluerider and herself, the candidate may regret offering to teach her. Kaliena can be pretty blunt herself and with her easily triggered temper… well, they all saw the results with Kimm. Kaliena does budge though, pushing out her chair and getting to her feet. She wrinkles her nose a bit at where the discussion goes concerning nighttime activities. "Ugh. I'll leave you boys to your chatter. I'm off to /chores/…" Cue a pointed glare at Zi'on and then she snorts. He suggested it! "See you lot around, I suppose." Pausing then only to drain the rest of her klah, Kaliena then hastily makes her retreat.

Zi'on peers at Solarus. "Already? What do all you candidates get up before dawn to do your chores or something?" NERDS. That's really what Zi'on is thinking. "You should do whatever you're good at that you like." There's a look between Kali and Theicher as the latter offers her hunting lessons. "Once candidacy is over, of course. Anyways there's a reason why they don't let men stand after twenty-two. As for me, I impressed at fourteen. So… I wasn't missing out on anything yet. Not to say I didn't have some taking care of to do even at that age. If you know what I mean." He nudges Kali, mostly because she's closest to him and most likely to get mad about it. Zi'on laughs then. "Uh, thanks. I guess. Well, I'm a weyrbrat I guess. Also I think you and I are the same age." Zi'on doesn't elaborate on the situation between himself, Kaliena, Th'ero and Kimmila. "What do you mean what do I mean? Smithcrafting makes more marks, if you get good enough." The bronzer waves to Kaliena as she moves off. "Bye love-bug." He looks across the table, now left with just the men. "She's mad at me." He says with a sip of his klah.

Solarus scratches his nose and pauses in his painting to turn his paper around to show Zi'on. Its Zi'on and the other people at the table in a slightly impressionistic group. "Just getting used to using colors," he admits, embarassed by the blobs of washes he's tried to decorate the sketch with. "Um, I'm on a rest day today," he admits, embarassed for having said he'd done chores when he hadn't had chores to do at all. "But I did all my chores yesterday that I had to do." Yes. Nod nod.

Theicher will catch up with Kali in regards to hunting at another date as she bustles off and makes herself scarce. Oh well. He's got a smile on his face regardless, perhaps at just the thought of having a female companion to hunt with. Most girls are far too squeamish he's found. "Is that the reason why? I never really questioned the age restriction. I thought it was always 'cause men tend to live less than women. Perhaps 'cause we're more prone to enjoying life?" Am I right? He gives a brow waggle at Zi'on, chuckling heartily at his little joke. "I remember you a bit as a brat, but I was kinda in my own little world 'til I became a hunter." Although he did have his own little horde of 'groupies' for the stories he used to tell as a lad. Who knows if Zi would have enjoyed those as a kid or was in his own gaggle of weyrbrats. Theicher pushes forward to peek at Solarus' work in progress and simply smiles politely, as the boy has taken to not reply to what he said, he doesn't really see a point in trying to continue a one-sided conversation.

Zi'on nods to the picture Solarus shows him. "I don't really know much about art. Looks good to me." The bronzer nods about the candidate having a rest day. Zi'on laughs a bit. "I'm not keeping tabs on you. If you're skipping out on your chores just don't get caught. Otherwise I'm not responsible for what the headwoman or the weyrlingmasters do to you." Kaliena isn't very squeamish, but Theicher might find her attitude something a little difficult to deal with. "Not sure really. Might be a mental thing. Generally older gals only impress to gold, but that's not a strict rule either." Zi'on laughs a bit. "Me? Here at Western? I wasn't a weyrbrat too long here, really. Only a couple of turns before I impressed." Zi'on probably had known Theicher in passing back when he was twelve or thirteen. But he had his own group of weyrbrats that would make trouble. Also he was a spoiled brat who probably hung around the other spoiled brats. "I didn't have time for any of that. When I was thinking of joining a craft ma said to try the harpers. Da said go stand. So that was the end of that."

Solarus blushes a bit and starts pencilling another sketch. "My relatives are all betting on whether I'll Impress or not," he says, face a little red. "My Mom is betting I will, but my Dad and brothers aren't," he looks a little upset by this, considering that one of his brothers is a rider. "My Dad says I'm too immature. And all my Aunts Uncles and cousins are teasing me about whether I will or not," its hard to be Standing with so many relatives living in the weyr.

Too bad Zi wasn't around last night when Theich slammed his fist into the wall next to someone's head. A particular someone's attitude is much more difficult to deal with than miss Kali's, at least from Theicher's point of view. "Long enough." To leave an impression of sorts, "And then you went and snagged yourself a bronze. And now look at you, Weyrleader of the whole sharding weyr." Oh, he's smiling in that 'I'm impressed' type of ways, "If all weyrbrats aspired to be like you, I shudder to think what would become of the weyr." Theich falls quiet again as he listens to Solarus' words but doesn't really have anything to add, so he instead just finishes off his cup of klah and looks slightly more refreshed for it.

Zi'on blinks a bit at Solarus. "That seems a bit cruel. I guess it's fairly typical though. My da teased me pretty bad after I didn't impress twice, too. So what do you think? You think you'll impress?" He looks to Theicher then. "How about you?" Zi'on is rather glad he wasn't around for that. Such things generally involved him having to dish out punishments. Zi'on laughs. "Well, I think that has more to do with my dragon than anything else. I just keep things moving and do the paperwork. If all weyrbrats aspired to be like me… that would be frightening. Though it would be a lie if I said I didn't want to be like my father when I was young. In some respects." Minus the children all over Pern, of course.

A bit of punishment would probably be a good thing for Theicher to endure to be honest. But it's a good thing Zi wasn't around. A grunt slips away from Theicher at that question, and all the candidate can really do is roll his shoulder into a shrug. "If there's a dragon out there for me. I'm sure it'll have no trouble finding me. But honestly, I kinda doubt it. Seeing how long it took for the dragons to come sniffing my way. It'd be silly for me to truly think that there is." But who's to say, obviously if he thought there was zero chance he might have declined to stand, and yet here he is, white knot and all. "Perhaps that's true. Dragons do seem to play a pretty big part in all of it. And it's good to have role models I suppose. There used to be this old crotchety bluerider that I was rather fond of, kinda like a great uncle or something. He used to tell the most amazing stories. I'd listen to him until he'd shoo us down for bed."

Zi'on isn't very good at doling out punishments. He always feels he's too strict or too lenient. Though extra chores were always a good one. "Eh, it happens differently for everyone, really. I guess you're on the old side, but it could still happen." Zi'on pulls a piece off the pastry that's been sitting on his plate for a while and pops it into his mouth. "In our case it wasn't even Suldith, if you want my opinion. It was Miraneith. They've been close since we were weyrlings. She was waiting for him to mature I think, then made the switch. The golds are crafty." He taps the side of his nose. "And they run the weyr. Trust me." Zi'on nods about the bluerider Theicher is fond of. "You didn't know your parents then? Or just didn't like them?"

Solarus just shrugged a bit, listening to Theicher for awhile. "I don't know if I'll Impress or not. I mean, that dragon would have to be happy with a not so extraordinary person," he shrugs a bit and flips a page, then winces when he realizes he'd been painting on it and it isn't dry. "Never gonna get used to using color. Maybe pastels instead?" Wince.

Good luck getting this particular candidate to do extra chores when he already shirks on doing the ones he's supposed to. But Theich didn't break no rules.. or did he? He totally didn't as far as Zi's concerned and as long as Keelyra or Roux doesn't rat him out. See that innocent look on his face, how could he possibly be doing anything bad? He then shrugs as his mind wanders back to the conversation, "I aint holding my breath at any rate." For one who loves stories, he sure is being practical in regards to his own future. "Crafty, huh? I'll keep that in mind if I ever impress. Don't want one of them suddenly getting some strange ideas in mind. You're more than welcome to Weyrleader, leading aint my cup of klah at any rate." As for the comment about his parents, it's then that Theicher's lazy, more comfortable mien changes and he suddenly pushes up from his chair. "Didn't know 'em. Some rider types I'm sure. No one rightly knows. But I best getting back to my robe, it isn't gunna sew itself and I had no luck last night." He dips his head to the Weyrleader and then glances at Solarus, taking a closer look at this 'not so extraordinary' boy. "One never knows what makes a dragon choose." He admits, shrugs again, and then moves off towards the barracks.

Zi'on blinks at Solarus, and can't help but to chuckle a bit. "Maybe it'd be better to get some plain paper for color, at the least." Zi'on didn't know of any reason to punish the older candidate. So it would appear he's safe for now. There's a nod as he gets up to leave, then Zi'on stands up as well, stretching out a bit. "Well. I think I'm gonna go hit the hay. I'm already starting to crash. Enjoy your day off, Solarus. Don't get into too much trouble." Zi'on nods to the candidate, then heads out.

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