The Earth-Shattering Kaboom!

Blue Fire Hold - Harbor
Encircled within two sandy prominences, a deep harbor of clear aqua waters shimmers under a tropical sun. Sailing and fishing boats ply the waters, but the main shipping appears to be flat barges with pressurized metal cylinders from the gas fields bound for the Western Islands.
The waterfront consists primarily of large docks build to accommodate the barges exporting natural gas tanks but there is a marina off to one side that suffices for smaller private vessels. Quieter public beaches are located in smaller lagoons along the shores while this harbor remains busy with the industry of loading and unloading gas tanks and the fish needed to sustain the people of this hold.
A crushed shell road leaves the area, passing beyond thick green growth - palms, broad-leafed greenery and gorgeous flowering vines, heading north before it splits into a Y, the east branch leading to a bluff overlooking the harbor where the hold perches, the west branch moves deeper inland where the gas fields lie.

The billowing tower of flames, smoke, and ash climbs high in the sky, blocking out the morning light as it rolls over the ocean. The damaged hulls of the vessels are engulfed in flames with no signs of life on what little isn't devoured by the force of the explosion. One of the piers in the harbor is nothing more than a smouldering wreck of aged boards falling into sea. The ocean itself is cast in a burnt pallor, the low tide tinted with the haze from above. Dolphins are circling the area safely off the coast, some with their human counterparts in small boats or in the water, while riders on the wing circle in the air in the event someone needs to be pulled from the waves. On land, locals have started to crowd on the beaches, being forced back by ground crews to set up a staging area for the Healers should any injured be found.

Grim-faced and wearing her work tunic over what's clearly a nice pair of pajamas, Citayzleat descends on the fray. "Thanks, Fyffe!" The healer waves behind her as her friend heads off; then stalks off down the beach, taking in the glow of flames in the bones of the ships and the smoke with briefly wide eyes. "Shells." A soft curse, and she shakes it off, heaving her massive trauma bag 'round to her front and moving towards the being-formed staging area. "Healers?" The journeyman raises her voice above the din of flames and holdfolk, glancing around hopefully — for somebody who can tell her what to do, most likely. Whether or not she finds somebody, Cita does find a table, throwing a tarp down and starting to arrange the supplies on it.

Siobhan might not belong to Half Moon Bay, but decades of training weyrlings and providing first response means she's not one to sit idle by when there is something that can be done. Astride her starry blue, the rider bursts from between with the rest of the weyr's wings, taking in destruction with raised brows and a worried gaze. "C'mon, Jys, let's land," she encourages, hand raising in a gesture to alert non-rider passengers of the descent. Jysaiozetth lands, brisk, efficient, Siobhan immediately unclipping to zip to the ground and offer assists. "Looks like that way," the steel-haired, hard eyed woman suggests towards Citayzleat with a point towards staging and a tent being raised - failingly, as a sudden wind snags light fabric and tries to jerk it skywards. "Shells," Siobhan breathes, dashing forwards to grab an edge of the tent and haul it back to the ground. "Assistance!" Takers? Anybody?

A wave of water comes in land, fins and tails splash as they pushed two forms towards the shore, not able to come any closer. A Dolphineer comes in, half dragging a man barely on his feet with his face covered in a sheet of blood. "Healer! I got ye one!" Shion yells, bringing him all the way to the tables, ready to assist in lifting if need be. A high creel echos from over the water as the dolphins race back into the depths, continuing their search from below while one stands by. "Found him floating, disoriented! Speaking a load of jibberish but he's awake."

Shanatea is one of the Dolphineers assisting when things and people are brought to shore. He's running to and fro, his eyes scanning folks and helping to get people to the proper Healer's areas and the like. Not much else he can do at this time, being a wee apprentice. But triage, now he can do that much!

Having been vacationing in the nearby vacinity, K'nan and Phailinugoth respond to the emergency and though they may be getting on in Turns but their eyes still work and having been a Deluge rider, search and rescue are ingrained in the blood anymore. Suddenly the blue dives downwards, he's spotted a limp figure floating in the water. Straps are loosened and K'nan is diving in the water with a line attached. Body is grabbed and Phaii tows them inwards towards shore. Much easier than trying to climb aboard right away. Shanatea is spotted "You! Boy!" she calls out as she works at pulling the body ashore. Phaili lands nearby and gives little worrisome croons.

A bellow echoes overhead as a green folds her wings and begins to dive from the heights, she pulls up at the last minute, gliding across the surface while her rider signals the location of other people floating out into the tides. She turns in a wide arc, gaining elevation while the darkness obscures her form but eyes whirling red indicate she's not too far deep into the smoke before circling into the fresh again. The green hovers as her rider quickly lets loose a long sling with a seat attached to the bottom. It's lowered and one woman quickly climbs into it, then hoisted into the air for the shore!. There's more than one, more riders needed! A woman floating on a piece of debris is waving for aid!

"Thank you!" Cita calls after Siobhan — it takes her a minute to hear the call for assistance, as she's watching the dolphineer and its burden, but it gets through. "Got it." The healer calls, grabbing something stake-shaped and shoving it through the wayward corner. The call of the dolphineer gets her attention right off, though, and she has only enough time to flash the bluerider a tight smile before she's off towards the table. "Thanks," First-off. Politeness. Still in fashion. The jibberish-speaking man gets a once-over as soon as he's settled on the table, and Cita glances towards the remaining dolphineer, frowning. "Was he limp? Or struggling?" She asks, tugging clothing aside to listen at the victim's chest. The healer glances around, a little wide-eyed — "Healers!" She repeats, this time louder, until one responds. An apprentice from the Weyr. Definitely not here to give her orders, but at least able to help roll the man onto his side, and prop him up.

Shanatea is a step and fetch, Yes Siree! And a rider becons, and he heads over to assist in pulling said body to the shores. Good thing he's always ready for a dip. Poor boy is drenched, mud on his face, and yet he doesn't even seem to notice as he continually hops on up and down the beach to help. "Yes, ma‘am." he reports to K’nan with no flourish, only with intent to help.

The man with the healers wretches, coughing up sea water tinged read. He groans, not fighting as he's rolled onto his side. The pillar of smoke continues to grow with golden embers flickering in the breeze. Ground crews have gathered up stubborn residents and put them to work, walking hand to hand across the beaches to find anyone blown in land. Search and Rescue teams don't believe they would find anyone, but it'll keep the locals out from underfoot.

K'nan, with the help of Shanatea get the man to shore. She's no healer, but she knows a few things. "He's got a pulse, but just barely. He needs helps." And thus she lives the man with the dolphincrafter and is scrambling up onto Phailinugoth, rolling up the line as she does. "Come on Phaili, there's more out there that need us." And away they go again, beelining out to the water, heading for a definite live one this time.

Siobhan levels a grateful look Citayzleat's way for the quick staking of the tent corner, nodding and releasing the errant cloth as the Healer works. "Thank you," is returned in kind, but there's no lingering in order to express further gratitude - Jysaiozetth's head swings towards the water, quiet agitation visible in his form. "Let's go," the bluerider says the second she's seated, and the dark blue needs no further encouragement, swooping out across the water to fetch the second woman left floating by the green's first pass. Down goes Siobhan in a dive, stroking to assist the woman with donning a harness. "Easy, you're alright now, we'll get you to shore. Slide this around and under your armpits and we'll pull you to shore," she instructs, waiting for compliance before gesturing for Jysaiozetth to make progress back to shore.

More than one Healer responds towards Cita's call for assistance. A late-landing brownrider scrambles from his dragon, making swift tracks towards the woman before his progress is halted by K'nan's report. "Shells," he hisses, redirecting towards where the bluerider has left Shanatea with the man's still form. "Help me get him to the Healer area," the brownrider instructs, stooping to carefully take the half-drowned man's shoulders. "Can you get his feet?" And perhaps being presumptuous, he adds, "We'll lift on three, alright?"

Shion shakes his head and pushes his hair out of his face as he watches the Ierne bluerider prepare to bring another in. He wades out into the water, cupping his hands over his mouth as he bellows over the waves. "Tikki! Keep them coming in!" A dolphin raises himself out of the water, swimming backwards as he clicks to his human, turns and dives into the unseen, below. The man at the tables is being tended to, with more bodies available so he begins to wade over to the next Dolphineer in the water for a status report.

Shanatea nods and starts to drag the man towards the healer's area, luckily the brownrider stops to help him out and he nods. "Feet, check." he responds, just moving to the man's feet and grabbing them, lift and go!

Phailinugoth lands in the water and K'nan does a little wingwalking "Can you walk?" she asks as she holds out a hand to the woman who nods an affirmative. "Arms broke though." the woman says through a tightly clinched voice. It's all she can do to not scream. K'nan nods "Lets just take it real easy then." She helps the younger lady up the wing, steadying her against the uneven surface that waffles along the surface of the water. Phaili keeps as still as possible and then the woman is up in the ridges. Following silent orders Phaili swims back and then hunkers down as low as he can onto the shoreline. In the process of getting down, the woman's arm is jostled and she lets out a brief scream and then passes out. K'nan sighs a little "Well, that'll make her easier to deal with. At least the woman is lighter and K'nan manages to bring her to the healers herself.

Siobhan and her charge make it to shore, the rider quick to undo the harness holding the woman in to best settle her to the sand. "Are you okay?," Sio asks, lifting hands to indicate she's going to check the woman's pulse and person anyways. "Y-yeah, jus-st, just—" Brown eyes well with tears, darting back to the water, and Siobhan shushes her with a tight grip to one shoulder. "You just stay here and focus on your breathing. In through your nose, out through your mouth. If you feel tired, call a Healer over - don't just go to sleep, alright?" Do not go softly into that good concussion! With the barest of nods given, Siobhan is off again, racing up her dragon's side to swoop back into the blackened miasma.

The brownriding Healer is grateful for Shanatea's assistance, expresses so with a gruff, "You're the best. This way then," he says as he leads the way, jerking his head towards a particular table with a, "This one. Lift again on three. One, two, three!" Cue a groan as he tilts the passed-out man onto the table and lays him flat, nimble fingers feeling for his throat. "I'm C'vie. You are?" Because he might need his help again!

The red tint to the water gets Cita's attention, but she moves on with a tight frown. "Keep him here. Time his breaths." Cita instructs the apprentice, then turns to the tarped table — it takes only a moment to find her goal. An elastic strap, plastic mask, and a plastic bellows; after checking again with her stethoscope, the healer eases the mask over the poor guy's face. "Like this." The demonstration on keeping him breathing is quick, but the apprentice nods, a determined look on his face as he takes the bellows. "Come get me if he deteriorates." And she's off! Not far; just to harangue somebody for blankets, before she returns to cover the only mostly-drowned person carefully. She pauses before moving on, though, seeking out the man's neck to check his pulse, squinting down at her watch warily.

A pair of dragons descends from the skies, T'ana on her sapphire blue Korvath with Niki on her brown Guitaith. T'ana and Korvath manage to land on the road with a bit of skidding and a quick flap of wings. The human half is quick to unfasten herself and slide off, jogging toward the others. "Who's in charge and what's the status?" she calls out as she goes.

A pair of dolphins come streaking into shore, sliding into the shallows but not so far as to get stuck. "Man!" the smaller one says in it's raspy voice. "Stuck! Help!" Just as soon as the request for help is said, the dolphins wriggle themselves back into the the depths but linger close. At the base of the wreckage, a man is stuck to the debris by the collar of his shirt and he's struggling to get free, away from the heat. The smoke continues to roll, making it difficult to reach from overhead. "Give me two people that can swim!" Shion bellows to shore. "We gotta cut him free!"

From Guitaith's back Niki drops quickly to the ground and folows behind T'ana, letting her take the lead for now.

Shanatea nods, "Sure, I try." Yes, he must with the useless banter, even if its only muttered under his breath as he assists in carrying the poor man. AND LIFT. With the man settled on the table, Shana nods to the rider. "Shanatea. Just Tea." And with that, falls silent and stands there to see if his assistance is required. But with the dolphin's cry of help, he takes off again towards the sea and reports briefly to the man requesting swqimmers. "Me, I'll go." And a strong swimmer he is, as he shoots out towards the dolphins to assist them with freeing said man.

Shion torns and nods towards Shanatea and beacons him out. "I need one more!" he hollars as dragon shadows sweep over the growing hazy daylight. Dolphins come in to collect Tea and himself just as another stout woman joins them, and they're taken to the base of the wreckage. The man's nose is barely above the surface, his face red from struggling to break free. "Hold him! I'll cut him loose! You," he begins, motioning to Tea, "Keep his head above water! Soon as he's free, you wrap your arm around his chest face up and let the dolphins pull you in!" Just as the last word left the man's mouth, he begins to free his belt knife and roughly cut the man's shirt. The wreckage shifts, for a moment the man slips under the water unseen. Then, he's pulled to the surface by the dolphins and nudged Tea's way. "Alright, get him and ride! Go, Faro! Take 'em in! We'll go 'round to make sure there's no one else!"

Having left the woman with the broken arm in the hands of the healers it's back over to her blue and climbing up on board. K'nans not as young as she used to be and she rests there a few moments after having carried the poor woman. But so what if she's pushing 70. There's still life in her limbs and Phaili is forever young. Blue is already eagerly waiting to take off again. And no sooner as her signal is given, Phaili is off an over the water. There's a low creel as Phaili flies over a patch of debris. "Oh sharding fardles of dung." K'nan stares at the debris and then slips down into the water to clear the floating man who is burned pretty badly. Pulse is checked and there's a sigh "Come on, we need to take him in anyways. Someone's going to be wanting him." Phail carefully cradles the burned man in claws and they're back to shore, a grey tinge seeping through. "Where, where do you want the.. the.." K'nan takes a breath "Them's that are beyond all help?"

Shanatea treads water easily and uses the wreckage to help boost the man's head above the water. He's all set to turn the man as he's cut free, and then he briefly goes under and Tea turns, holding the man above water against his chest, his arm looped under the man's to keep him boosted up. Tea grabs the dolphin and lets Faro pull them towards the shore. Once there, he starts dragging the man onto the beach, calling for help to get him to another Healer.

Siobhan's return is fast and hard, Jysaiozetth moving like a beast possessed, usual calm broken by visible alarm in his form. The blue hits the sand with an indiscriminate spray, ducking low to allow his rider to unlink her arms from his straps. Sio visibly struggles with a tall teen who is not as fortunate as his half-drowned compatriots - he is limp, dragging, and visibly not breathing as the soaked bluerider barks out for a, "Healer, NOW."

C'vie nods towards Shanatea for the offering of a name, but is quick to gesture for him to go when swimmers are called upon. His attention shifts to T'ana and Niki instead, nodding before gesturing in several directions. "Shion's heading up the Dolphineers, Journeyman Telj's leading Healers, and the Wingsecond's leading riders. If your dragons are able, there are people stranded in the water and—" C'vie's eyes fasten on K'nan and her burnt charge, utterly distracted. "Shit. I- H-here I guess. We'll get him some fellis so he goes easy," he says, voice heavy as he gestures to the farthest end of the Healer site.

T'ana looks back to her dragon, and Korvath is off in an instant. A leap into the air and a glide to the water, he goes to dive in and see what can be done from beneath the waves. His human isn't exactly a strong swimmer, but she's going to make up for that. "On it," she says to C'vie. "I can get him to the healer." With that, she starts jogging toward the burnt man, to try picking him up as gingerly as she can and cradle him for the hurried walk.

Niki listents as C'vie speaks and nod her head, her eyes flicking this way and that, the young brown rider turns to job along with T'ana moving to help her with the burn victim. She doesn't speak, but moves with gentle motions..

Cita looks visibly relieved when she catches sight of another healer and helpers, then Telj — neurotic and absentminded he might be, he's still more in-charge, and capable of dispatching folks to do things. Apparently also satisfied with her current patient's stability (if you can say that of the slightly-drowned), the journeyman tucks the blanket up to his head — and pauses, glancing around for the source of the loudest shouting. There's plenty to go around, but the dark blue barreling in grabs Cita's attention and keeps it; or maybe it's the limp figure of the kid they have being brought in. "Shardit, sharding." A long string of invectives follows as she dashes over. She snatches the kid and settles him on his back in the sand, kneeling next to him and tipping his chin a little. "How long?" The healer asks, pausing long enough to ascertain that he's really not breathing before she bends over, lacing her hands over his chest and pushing down in quick beats.

As the underwater rescue resolves, there is a sudden shift in the skies, dragons and their charges seeking shores and this time remaining. From sand and cliffs disperse waiting riders, rotating the shift to prevent exhaustion and decrease dangers posed by the cloying smoke. One retreating green sends an image to Korvath: a young woman slipping from a barrel, clearly in need of saving! She's under orders to return to shore and doesn't dare disobey to go back out. Please assist!

K'nan carefully helps Phaili with lowering the poor man to the ground. She leaves him in the charge of the healers to see to his gentle easing. She stands there a moment and then there's a nudge from Phail and the blue croons. Smiling thankfully up at him, she climbs aboard again and there back to the water. And hey, if there's tears in her eyes, it could very well just be salt spray. Over and over the wreckage they go and once more there's a live one. So young, she's down and wincing at the site of a shaft of wood impaled through the leg. "Phaili, you're gonna have to carry again. Easy there now. We're going to get you to safety. dont fight it." she murmurs and once more they're bringing in the wounded.

"Dolphineers to shore! Get out of the water and get rest! Dolphins are swapping out, the fresh ones will get us if they find anything!" Shion calls to his crew as he's chest deep in the water. He wades in, pushing his hair out of his face and tying it off behind his head while puffing sea water off of his mouth. He watches the people pulled to shore and the one lost, shaking his head. "To think this is what those countless hours in the Halls are for. Grim times these be."

Shanatea looks briefly out over the water after he delivers the man to the healers. With a sigh, he's back into the waters, still helping to pull bodies, alive and gone, from the dark waves. Its all he can do to help right now, keep his body busy so his mind doesn't have as much time to think of the suffering he's basically diving headfirst into. Finally, he's too tired to swim having pulled several more from the caress of the sea, and can't even anymore and the lad falls into the sand on the beach on his knees and sits there helplessly for a few minutes. What a long night.

"Long enough," comes Siobhan's brisk reply, knees hitting the sand next to the drowned boy's head the second Citayzleat is there to help. "Nobody saw him go under, Jys saw a dolphin drag him up and we went in." She waits, steely gaze fixed on Cita's steady pumps, counting in her mind until she leans in, pinching the boy's nose shut and pressing his mouth open to expel air into watersoaked lungs. "No!" The singular word is whipped out before she applies mouth-to-mouth again, meant not for Cita but for the big blue about to head for the water again. "You wait. We're benched." Jysaiozetth is not happy, but settles to watch as Sio backs off to allow Cita to resume.

"Thank you," C'vie murmurs as T'ana and Niki assist K'nan with the burned man. There is sympathy K'nan as the bluerider's eyes well, and perhaps an arm-squeeze offered before she leaves them again. He focuses, then, on the administration of fellis, puffing out a breath as pained breaths ease. The brownrider pinches his brow, sighs deeply, and then lifts his eyes back to the women nearby. "We need help triaging those coming up the beach. The injured need to come here, the rest that are okay need to be warned of concussion and told to rest. Do you think you could help us with that?" If not I'm sure there's plenty others that could use your help." Alas, there's not much to be done for the burned man now except observe his slow passing.

Niki looks up to the other rider and mummers softly, "I don't know that I will be much help with anything else…." she looks down to the burned man, empathy radiationg from her demanor she says softly, "I will stay with him you should see if you can help anyone else..

For just a beat, a blank look crosses T'ana's face, as Korvath confers with her, and she asks him to hurry and save the woman. Blinking a bit, she looks to Niki, saying, "Good. Someone should be with him right now. There's more out there; Guitaith might be needed." Short and to the point, and it's said with a light squeeze of Niki's right shoulder. And without waiting for a response, she's on her feet again, hurrying toward the others. "On my way!" she calls out as she quickly heads to the nearest rescuee.

"Is somebody making sure dragons and riders are getting good air?" Cita shouts over her shoulder, glancing up briefly into the gloom of smoke and dragon wings. The air isn't great here, but…she turns back, waiting for Sio to do the breaths. "Not great." The journeyman murmurs, rubbing briskly down the boy's arms and legs, frisking him like a brand-new pup. Breaths administered, she sets back to work, once more lacing her fingers and pressing down hard in a steady rhythm. "He'll be fine." She reassures probably herself only, breathing out in time with the pumps. He doesn't look fine, but she's not giving up either, sparing only quick glances around the beach to check their situation. "Get caught by a falling mast and that'd be it for you without her, big guy." The healer adds, louder, for the dragon, a little breathless.

Niki nods her head as T'ana speaks to her but doesn't looking up from the burned dieing man she touches his hand lightly giving it a squeeze as if to reassue him that he is not alone. Her brown moves out into the water to see if he can assist diving under the water.

More people come running down the crushed shell road with gurneys and supplies, the injured already being ferried up to the hold proper for sheltered care. Dragons have begun to sweep over the water, all moving to the other side of the hold where an open area in land has been reserved for rest and inspection by ferried in Dragonhealers and their assistance. Thankfully a handful is better than none. Fresh water and food is provided for those off color. The dolphins continue their circuit with the whole local pod working together, some resting in the shallows while others dart across the surface, looking for those hidden by the reflection of light over the water. The Dolphineers on land are poised and ready, inspecting any Dolphins that were injured in their own pursuits with no losses among their kind. Only scrapes and scratches. The search will be on going for hours yet, but the help from all over surely made the difference.

"Wingsecond gave the order to rotate a minute ago. Not much good air to be had, but it's better than nothing," Siobhan says without the skywards glance - instead there's that dragonrider stillness, emphasized by a low rumble from Jysaiozetth. Whatever the blue says, it's a mystery as Sio leans in to fasten her mouth over the boy's again, exhaling hard — and being rewarded with a sudden jolt of the face under her hands. The bluerider springs backwards, spry for her age as the teenager gags and writhes under Cita's hands and then curls to one side to hurl up an alarming amount of sea water. Giving the Healer a nod of mixed congratulations and thanks, Siobhan backs away, turning to drop to a heavy sit near to Shanatea to rest in tired silence before eventually rotating back into the frey.

"Thank you again," C'vie says to Niki and T'ana both, looking grateful when Niki says he'll stay with the man. "That would be wonderful. If you need anything, I'll be over here," he adds before jogging to assist a fellow Healer with a new rescue, more than willing to let hours blur in the effort to save and assist as many as possible.

Shanatea finally moves from the sand, caked with sand, mud and possibly blood from the hapless vicims he's tried to assist. He wearily heads for the Healer's tents, trying to help with odds and ends, moving, shuffling around and getting the good work done. Anything he can do, he does. Except swimming, he'd probaly drown himself trying.

Cita nods grimly, fidgeting in a vaguely agitated fashion as she continues her task. Then it's Sio's turn, and the healer leans back on her knees, once more trying to rub life into arms and legs gone a little cold. This times does it, though; Cita flashes the bluerider a briefly megawatt grin, rushing in murmured thanks as she soothes the kid. "Hey, you're fine. There you go." She mutters, vaguely nonsensical until he's a little more stable and steady, finished ridding himself of most of the excess seawater. She'll get him to the tent, eventually — wrapped up in heavy blankets and ready for his transport back to the hold. Then it's back to work, on with the next, pausing occasionally to check those still under their care.

Shion moves over and takes a seat not too far from Shanatea, drinking from a small flask. "You did good out there, I'll be sure to tell your Journeyman. Now you can tell the others, this is what we mean when it's not all in fun games. We do drills and lessons and practice but no one truly appreciates what all that hard work is for til they be faced with it and it's an ugly face, isn't it?" The Dolphineer Journeyman nods towards the wreckage and exhales heavily, brushing off sand clinging to his shins. Let this be a lesson learned by everyone, how valuable their help no matter how small is.

Niki glacnes up to C'vie and nods slowly and says "i will be fine help who ever you can.."

Shanatea sighs heavily as someone comes to collect him to take him home. "Sure," he responds to Shion as he lifts his weary self. "Its hard to look death in the face, but worth it to help." he responds as he steps off towards a waiting dragon. And with that, he's sent home for the night, to rest, bathe, and eat.

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