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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

The infirmary is such a bright and cheerful place when it isn't full of groaning, half mangled people soaked in blood. These are the times V’nyk truly enjoys being on duty. No one to see him almost trip into something, or forget where something is. No, he can contently work on folding some linens that he knocked over earlier, and check jars of ingredients for what might need to be ordered again. For the moment though, the greenrider has managed to climb on a step stool to reach a higher shelf in the cabinets, looking over some fading labels with a look of intense concentration.

Enter someone lowly growling, perhaps sort of mangled, and yes, that there was definitely some blood. A very familiar bronzeriding someone who’d recently been made leader of V’nyk’s own wing. J’en wasn’t quite as much of a mess as he had been before and during candidacy after his little tiffs with bullies and sailors, but someone had clearly socked him a good one in his left eye as it was already puffy and swelling fairly close to closed. Discoloration, would of course, come later. Another sucker punch to his mouth and he’s earned himself a lovely split lip there, thankfully, to the right and away from his piercing. The most significant of his injuries was that knife wound on his upper arm, no more than six inches long but deep enough to require a fair amount of stitches. Protectively, Jae cradles the wound, leaning against the doorjamb just inside the Infirmary. “…'ey, Ryk!” he calls over, huffing a bit in his effort to even make it thus far, “Little 'elp?”

Thankfully V’nyk isn't startled enough by the sudden appearance to fall off of his step stool. He does, however, scramble down in a rush once he catches sight of the bronzerider rider lurking in the door. “Holy frozen dragon toes, did you pick a fight with a feline?” The greenrider moves quickly at least to grab a cloth, pushing it down over the wound on J’en’s arm. “Hold that there, sit down, sit down.” At least in all the flailing he does, the healer knows what he’s doing. “I thought you were kinda over with all the fighting and everything. I mean, they gave you a fancy knot and all that and now you look like you took a roll over sharp rocks and cacti and then fell into a door.” V’nyk moves all the while, hurrying to grab the things he needs before coming back around to the bed he had pointed J’en at.

Rolling his eyes the best he can for the rather overly descriptive expletive, given the situation and all, J’en waits for V’nyk to get down off his little step stool and do something about all that bleeding. He hisses and snarls at the initial pressure applied, clenching his teeth against the pain, but does as he is instructed and clamps a hand over it. Doing his best to walk and not pass out, the bronzerider manages to make it to the indicated bed and drops down heavily upon it. The greenrider was a chatterbox even before he had impressed and while Jae’s patience was quickly wearing thin, he allows it to continue to its natural end. When Ryk pauses to actually breathe, that’s when he chooses to interject, “No,” he growls softly, “This was Taeski.” The pair had been weyrmated for a turn or two, though to date this was the first incident.

The admission causes V’nyk to pause and just stare at J’en a moment. He can be shocked into silence, after all. Though he quickly enough gets back to work. “Well shit.” That is all that comes out as the greenrider moves to at least give his friend some relief by numbing the area of that cut, proceeding to deftly clean up the area as well as he can to prepare for the stitching it obviously needs. There are a few quick glances at Jae’s face, but for the most part he concentrates on what he's doing. “Not that I’m saying it's your fault or anything, but I thought the guy was utterly smitten with you. What the heck set him off this bad? I mean, he’s always had that kinda..creepy factor. No offense. I know…you know. Some at least of the whole.. before the Weyr business. But I didn't think he was like../dangerous./”

When indicated, J’en releases his hold on the cloth he’d been given to staunch the bleeding, letting V’nyk do his thing with the numbweed, he starts to purse his lips slightly but as a wince quickly follows and he seems to decide against it in the end. Teeth are ground instead against the discomfort until the salve can do it’s work. Brows lift and then drop for the greenrider’s initial exclamation, remaining stunningly silent. Relief comes slowly but surely, allowing some of the tension in Jae’s shoulders to relax at last. Being all scrunched up wasn’t very conducive to the healing process. The damage to his face was superficial at best and other than cleaning up his split lip, there wasn’t much else to be done about it. “Yeah, well,” The bronzerider snorts, “…’e thought ‘is brother was dead, turns out, ‘e ain’t. I kinda knew about…for awhile, but I was told not to tell ‘im, by proxy, by the brother ‘imself. Taeski found out on ‘is own somehow, came askin’ meh if I knew.” The unaffected shoulder is lifted and dropped in a shrug, “I wasn’t told to lie to ‘im and I wasn’t gunna even if I ‘ad.” Turning his head, he looks down at the knife slice being all fixed up there, “Started whalin’ on meh, but when I didn’t fight back, ‘e pulled a knife. Pissed ‘im off worse, I guess.” With that he seems to lose interest in watching his flesh get sewn back together, and he looks off across the infirmary instead, “Dun really know what ‘appened after that, but Leketh said ‘e left.” Voice drifting off, “What I get for weyrmatin’ a fuckin' renegade.”

"Oh." Such a short answer for a talkative greenrider. But V'nyk is busy with the whole stitching process, it seems. That takes precedence over being able to yammer constantly. Not that he isn't capable. But there /is/ a sharp object being poked through skin, and the healer's fingers are all bloody. "I mean, this is a bit crazy and all, don't get me wrong. I can see being like..super upset about that and all. But this? Yeesh. I'd offer to go beat him up for you but…no thanks. I'm going to stick to putting bandages on other people and not myself." It doesn't take him too long to finish up though, and the greenrider gets to cleaning up the blood from around the wound. "I'll take a look at your face in a minute. Doubt any of that is gonna make you less pretty in a few days or so." That last but though has him glancing up again before pulling out the gauze. "You really mean that, huh? Make it sound like you regret doing it in the first place. I've never seen you that taken with anyone, but if that's how you feel, it's how you feel I guess. Sure we shouldn't be..I dunno..nudging the guards in his direction?"

V’nyk can keep stitching, it wasn’t like J’en could go anywhere, and knowing him so well he can only imagine that he’d find words again at some point. Sure enough, it doesn’t take that long after all. “Dun’t know what to tell ya, Ryk, but I dun’t recommend ya go lookin’ for trouble from that one.” Certainly not of any further mind to watch the repair, something else nearby catches the attention of his one usable eye. Just some old uncle wheeling himself slowly before his field of vision. “No worries.” His face wasn’t going anywhere either, though Jae snorts at mention of his return to prettiness. “Ain’t worried ‘bout that neither.” It’s the healer’s gauze-paused commentary that returns his gaze to him, brow arching slightly over the eye that wasn’t now swollen closed. Recent! “I dun’t know how I feel other than pissed off. Someone who told meh he loved meh sliced meh open with a knife, and left meh to bleed. That makes ya question all sorts of thin’s.” Nevermind the quick swiping with heel of a palm along his good eye there a second, looking away, and quickly inhaling immediately after, “Nah, let ‘is uncle take care of it.” There’s a very short and humorless laugh to follow, “At least that one-eyed bastard can’t call meh family, no more.” J’en? Completely done with Taeski it seems.

V’nyk gives a small wince at that. “That guy has had a hard-on for putting a blade between the kid’s ribs since he got here though, right?” Attacking his friend sure doesn't sit right with the greenrider, but neither does Ila’den's gusto for making sure Taeski got what was coming to him. “Not exactly shocking that there's anger issues.” He shrugs though as he finishes up with J’en's arm, then moves to look at his face. Hands go to either side, peering at both the bronzerider’s eye and his lip, giving his head a gentle turn now and again. “Can give you a bit of numbweed, but not a lot else I can do with this.” Though he does pause, and V’nyk simply leans his forehead gently to Jae’s a moment. “Can come stay in my weyr a couple of days if you want, get outta that..you know…place that belongs to you both..kinda?”

Did the bronzerider have any idea what would happen to Taeski if his uncle ever got a hold of him after all this? Debatable. “Dun know, dun care.” J’en sounds as if he means it, but whether or not this was actually true remains to be seen. Perhaps, being knifed is where he drew the line. The arm finally sewn and wrapped up, a glance is spared it, but no more than that as V’nyk moves over and takes his head into his hands. He meets the younger teen’s gaze easily, but other than being hellava banged up, Jae would certainly live. Saying nothing of appraisal, he only allows the briefest duration of touch to his forehead before he's pulling away. “While I appreciate the gesture, I’ll pass.” Apparently on numbweed for his face as well, scooting and angling his body to that he can return to his feet slowly without knocking the healer off of his, “Gunna head back and clean out 'is shit. It was mah weyr before ‘e moved in, and it's still mine. Sure as fuck ain’t gunna let 'im chase meh out and 'e ain’t welcome back.” Straightening out his tank top, thankfully having not been wearing a flight jacket which was far more expensive to repair, “Thanks for patchin' meh up, Ryk. I owe ya.”

Maybe V’nyk had sought to avoid J’en going on a rampage in the weyr. He doesn't look terribly happy about the idea at the very least. “You think he's that dumb?” Did Taeski even own anything J’en hadn't given him? The guy was probably going to be rather short on clothes soon. He shakes his head a little though, shifting aside to give Jae room to move off the bed. “Just don't throw things across the bowl floor, huh? I mean, I get it and stuff but maybe leave him with just a little dignity left.” That and maybe the whole weyr didn't need to see them airing their relationship problems.

There wasn't going to be a rampage, least none that anyone else was going to have to worry about. There's but a shrug for the question the greenrider poses to him, "Still ain't carin'," It was true though that he had purchased practically everything that his former weyrmate owned, including his clothing. The renegade hadn't had anything more than that on his back when they'd met. "Ain't plannin' on it, V'nyk. Gunna package it up, real nice, and have someone who does care collect it." Oh, snarky. A pause is given here, peering down at the tiny healer inquisitively which includes a span of silence that is cut short by a slightly accusatory, "Whose side are ya on, anyway? I'm the one who got fuckin' knifed." He doesn't wait for the answer though, looking his friend up and down before turns, out the same way he came in, but considerably less bloody. That, was a man on a mission.

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