Gold Shadhavarth and Bronze Teimyrth's Hatching


Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

The candidates have all been assigned the unpleasant task of shoveling the droppings of Western's latest weyrlings in order to give their riders a bit of a break. Also to teach them what the coming weeks may be like should they impress now that the eggs are hardening. This of course leaves the entire class stinky, and so they've been ordered all to engage in the bathing activity. And this inconvenient time is when the humming begins. And a frazzled assistant weyrlingmaster with shaggy brown hair named T'per scrambles into the baths. "Everyone back to the barracks right quick! Hurry up! If you're late to the hatching the clutchparents will be mad. And if the clutchparents are mad, you're gonna have a bad time! Don't bother dressing, just grab a towel! Don't bother with a towel, even, just GO!"

Don't bother dressing? Does Keelyra usually? Not really. It's too much extra effort to go get clean clothes, THEN go to the baths. The teen, fortunately, is able to snag a towel on her way out and rush barefoot to the candidate dorms. Where she pretty much outright collides with her own cot in her rush. Fallen to the floor, she starts digging through her things to find her robe. It's tugged on and then the frenzy to find the belt is on! One of her 'lizards, drawn by the commotion, squawks in annoyance when a dirty sock ends up draped over its neck.

Zahleizjah clamors about, grumbling and sighing, crinkled nose, abhorring the aroma. "Ok ok… hurry up.. don't wanna be late.." she huffs and starts to peel away layers while heading for the baths "Yuck.. don't wanna be stinky either…" She grabs a towel with a bit of hurrumph at the idea of no clothes and no coverings. Minding her modesty, she turns away from the bunch, removes the remaining muck filled linens and wanders towards the baths to scrub as quickly as possible.

For once Theicher's dragging of feet comes in handy, or not so handy depending on the view or smell you take. So while the other candidates might have had time to at least get a bit of the stink off, he sadly hadn't even gotten a foot in the water before they're getting ushered back to the barracks. For all that the weyrlingmaster is in a tizzy, Theicher is rather calm through all of it, quickening his pace, sure, but not being frantic like the others perhaps. He runs his fingers through his oily hair, trying to get the bits of dragon poo out of his hair before he's slipping off his clothes and tugging on his robe and boots. Pity whoever's got to stand next to him out on the sands 'cause that smell has got to only smell worse with a bit of heat and body odor added.

Qiana has loosened up a little bit about the whole 'mass public bathing' thing, but streaking across the weyr nude? Shells no. She at least managed to grab one of the larger towels to hold about her torso as she runs - dripping all the while - to the dorms. She manages not to slip in a puddle of her own making… or maybe it was someone else's, but she doesn't slip as she shucks the towel, quickly throwing on her robes before people can get more than a glimpse of her. "Uhm. Anyone have a spare hair tie? Before my hair makes this thing inappropriate?" That towel that was about her torso? Is now being wrapped around her dripping hair.

Kaliena was already in a mood from having to follow the rest along with the unpleasant task of shovelling droppings most of the day and it's likely she's grumbled and muttered her way through the entire chore. When the time comes that they are freed, the girl gives a sigh of relief and shuffles off to the bathing caverns. She's only just begun to scrub herself when the humming starts and then they're being commanded to GO and GO NOW from the frazzled assistant weyrlingmaster. "Alright! Jays, I'm going!" Kaliena mutters gruffly, reaching for a towel as she rushes back with the rest to the barracks. Grabbing her robe the moment she's back, she hastily pulls it on and then proceeds to tie back her hair all while her blue eyes dart to the others. Nervous, her? Naw. "Here, I've some." Turning, she snares a few extra ties, handing them to Qiana after overhearing the other candidate. Seems the girl will have her pick!

Xander blinks. "Is that.. what I think it is?" the former-guard asks, sea-green eyes scanning the barracks for perhaps another incoming invasion of crawlers or the like. "Yeah.." is the low hiss which is issued next, watching the other candidates scramble for their robes and sandals. This young man is slow in goings, taking his time to fold all of his clothing even as he dons his somewhat shabby robe. As the candidates move to head towards the sands, he dons an almost steely expression, taking a deep breath before this whole thing begins.

Zahleizjah doesn't take her sweet time, but ends up at the tail end of happenings, as usual. "Hurry hurry.." she mumbles and fumbles, working to pull her robe on without over-exposing her Hold-raised self. Weyrlife takes its toll, and some getting used to, so the otherwise worn Candidate shimmies in to white robe and plops on to her cot to slip on sandals. "Here I've.." she's going through belongings to spare a hair tie, cutting her offer short when she notices it is already taken care of. Shoulders shrug, wet locks wrung out and twisted up in to a high bun, that resonating humm rumbling her soul and rattling her nerves. "I think it is so.." she answers to Xander's question "Best o'luck to all of ya.." Faranth knows they'll need it.. "And don't forget your shoes!"

Thank Faranth for new haircuts! Keelyra has no need for hair ties this time. She finally finds the belt for her robe and cinches it on. Theicher might notice it is totally not the robe she was working on. Maybe she bribed someone or stole it. Or found one that's too large for her in storage — if it weren't for the belt, she'd almost be drowning in the white fabric. Flopping on her not-quite-properly-closed trunk, the pale-eyed teen (no, wait, young lady now: she's 18!) starts to pull on some boots. Nice solid things. Perhaps past times in flimsy sandals have learned her.

Qiana thanks Kaliena as soon as the ties are passed over, snagging one and securing it between her lips while passing on the pile to the next frazzled person who wants one. Qi is way too used to shoveling runner manure to care much about what size the pile takes. Needless to say, the shoveling didn't phase her an iota, but her stomach is still fluttering nervously. She's trying to get as much water out of her hair as possible before being shuffled out the door and forced to abandon the absorbant towel. Her shoes are almost forgotten until Zahl mentions them, and she's quickly rustling through her trunk to get them strapped onto her own feet. "Good luck to you too." She mumbles around the hair tie, dragging the belt out of the trunk next to get that tied.

Solarus gets into his robes quickly, having bathed and refreshed himself rather promptly, and now is running fingers through his hair. "Shards, of all the times," he says, fumbling for some sandals under his bed. "At least I got cleaned," he decides, and slips his glasses on. "Ah ha!" he finds the sandals and pulls them on. "Oh shells, did I remember to…oh shells I'll have to do it later," he reaches onto his bedside table. "Is somebody asking for a hair tie? I have one!" His hair is getting a little long, just long enough for a tiny chipmunk tail in the back. Tee hee.

T'per is quite frazzled, yes. He's helping one of the younger candidates get his robe on the right way and another to get her sandals bucked up correctly. "Put your sandals on, or your feet will get burnt. And if they get burnt you're gonna have a bad time!" A real bad time. "Hair tie? Someone get her a hair tie! I've got a piece of rope right here!" He pulls the remnants of a knot out of his picket and waves it around.

There's a brisk nod to Qiana for the thanks and Kaliena then slips on her sandals. "Best of luck to you too," she drawls back to Zahleizjah as she manages a lopsided, but small smile. Despite trying to hide it, it's obvious the girl is nervous and uncertain. Plucking at her robe, the focuses on that for now and also in watching her fellow candidates as they all mill about in various different states of emotional response. When a strand of her hair escapes, she mutters some half curse and unties the unruly mess to try again, managing to make a neater pass the second time round. Then her hands, which are shaking slightly, are being tucked up under her arms as Kaliena peers about. Now what? Subtly, the girl begins to shuffle closer to a few candidates, likely trying to blend in among the mass.

"Okay okay, hup hup! Everyone line up! Let's go! Get in line stop crying you!" T'per gathers everyone up then leads them back down into the bowl and off towards the hatching sands. "Remember to bow to the parents! Don't be rude! Put your robe down, no one wants to see that! A dragon might bite off your thing!"


Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It is just like Shadhavarth to not tell Iris until the Very Last Moment before the rest of the world knows. Even then, the junior weyrwoman is rushing to get down to the sands to join her lifemate in watching the clutch hatch. Risali is safely stowed with the nannies for the duration of the hatching, far too young to be in attendance. Iris settles in to watch, standing at her lifemate's side ready to welcome candidates when they arrive. "They could've chosen a better time, love. I did /not/ need to see all that skin in the bowl. Your kiddoes better be happy with the rush they've created choosing now of all times." Shadhavarth is remorseless, cooing and warbling happily at the eggs as they shake, eyes whirling with barely contained excitement. It's time, it's time, and this time these are /her/ eggs hatching!

Ancient Homeland Egg wibbles and wobbles and all but falls down, rocking wildly for several moments before it just has to take a break.

Ila'den is joining Teimyrth, Shadhavarth, and Iris, the bronze dragon looking rather proud of himself, but less than friendly at all of the candidates as they trickle in. The Weyrsecond is leaning forward to smile at his weyrmate, reaching out to touch the top of her head affectionately. "Ready for this?" He's certainly not.

Qiana walks onto the sands, doing a slightly awkward combination of trying to finish tying back damp and still dripping hair, and holding her robes away from also damp skin. The woman is licking her lips nervously, migrating towards both Kaliena and Zahleizjah. She dips into a curtsey when appropriate for the parent-dragons, giving Iris a nervous little finger-wiggle when she's spotted. And then she's taking her place on the warm sands, hoping the heat will finish drying her off so she can stop holding the white robe in such a weird fashion.

Enka's stance at the edge of the Hatching Sands is one of quiet contemplation, Miraneith on the ledges above humming loudly to welcome the arrival of her grandchildren into the world, while the Weyrwoman herself remains close by, but not intruding upon the moment of limelight for her junior. "Good luck," Enka hollers out over the sands, flashing a thumbs up sign at Iris and Ila'den both before she leans back, tucked just off the sands where the warmth can't quite do her in.

Go For Broke Egg vibrates in the sands, quick like the warning rattle of mild irritation before it fades quietly and begins to be still once more.

As the candidates file onto the sands, it begins to hit home for Keelyra. Perhaps not quite with the shock that it does for others, but it's still quite a Thing for her. She draws in a slow breath and looks towards the Galleries, pale gaze seeking out certain folks of Import. Whether found or not, she soon finds herself jostled forward into bowing for the parental dragons before falling into the arrangement of white before the rocking eggs.

Kaliena shuffles out among the group of candidates, caught somewhere in the middle of the pack as they're ushered out. The moment she's out on the sands, the girl is staring wide eyed at the now rocking eggs and then to her fellow candidates by her sides. For a moment, she's all nerves and hesitant movements and then with a slight shake, she steels herself. Jutting out her chin, head up she steps forwards with the rest and joining up with Qiana and Zahleizjah as the curtsey is given to Shadhavarth and Teimyrth both. The moment that's done, Kaliena moves off and her features are set in an uncertain frown. Stay calm, stay calm.

Ancient Homeland Egg tries again, shimmying around in its hole as cracks scatter across the shell.

T'per, assistant weyrlingmaster of note, is shooing the last of the candidates onto the sands. "Go go go! Bow to the clutchparents! Get out there and face the eggs. Hurry! Or you're gonna have a bad time!" Then he moves off to join the rest of the weyrlingmaster staff to help with escorting the dragons and new riders, once they start to appear.

Zahleizjah smooths out robe to 'cover her bits so they don't get bitten off by dragons' as T'per put it. Doesn't sound very nice at all. The muttering Candidate falls in to a likely spot at the back of the line, the incessant heat from the sands stinging her lungs at an unreasonable distance away. This, in turn, creates shallow breaths attempting to hide grimace as thick-soled sandals step on to the sands. Her approach is punctuated by a deep bow, head hung in grave respect. Eyes wander across familiar, and less familiar faces, a nervous smile to Iris and Ila'den, finding solace in the silent bond of the small Qi-Kali huddle, even as the first egg wiggles.

Theicher stumbles out onto the sands, blinking back at the contrast of light from outside to being in the hatching caverns. Or maybe it's just the heat of the sand that has his eyes fluttering and squinting closed as he shuffles along. After the touchings he decided that boots were definitely the way to go, and he definitely isn't regretting that. Once he's closer to the eggs and their parents, he bows, not one of those over-the-top ones, but still one that doesn't lack any respect either. He manages to drag Rousseaux along with him, her hand firmly trapped within his own intertwined fingers. "I hope you're ready for this." He murmurs and then the wobbling eggs claim all his attention.

Dream Within a Dream Egg shifts almost imperceptibly, taking on a slight tilt as the sand around it is forced to the side.

Solarus slips onto the sands clutching his arms tight and dancing a bit as he tries to follow the train of candidates moving out onto the sands. He bows to the clutch parents and their riders respectfully and then quickly blends himself in with the rest of those that have already done their bowing. He does not want to be alone, even if it means he'll be in surrounded by other potential lifemates when a dragon comes this way.

Iris gives Ila'den an unsettled shrug, but leans into him, arm draping around his waist in a hug. "I think so. I'm ready for what comes next, love. Twelve more kiddoes we can call ours, in a way." While she offers a nod of greeting to most candidates, Qiana gets an especially warm smile. That is, after all, her half sister. Enka's greeting is met with a shout back, "Thanks love!" and a returned thumbs up sign. Shadhavarth, meanwhile, peers contemplatively at the candidates coming in. The large pretty egg shaking the most, however, steals her attention, and as it and others begin to clamor for attention, the mother to be has plenty of work to do keeping an eye on them all.

Ancient Homeland Egg finally figures it out! A couple more twitches lead into a great big *crack* as the egg breaks open, releasing the very gooey I'm a Soldier Bronze Hatchling from its clutches.

I'm A Soldier Now Bronze Hatchling
Brilliant copper and rich bronze, polished to a vibrant, almost golden hue, drape over the gracefully compact form of this dragonet. Very much taking after his dam on her own hatching, this bronze shares the dainty muzzle, delicately dished head, wide-set eyes and arched neck, though he is far more masculine in the fine points of his features. Again he shows his lineage where dark-amber dapples his shining hide, but while this highlights his dam's elegant form, on him it appears as shadowy smudges: sepia and russet markings that spread across his neck, wings and limbs to emphasize his muscular build. Short as he might be, he is proud, and his muscles take tone from every exercise his young body gets, reinforcing his rugged masculinity.

Rousseaux straightens from her own bow, having held the back end of her robe down the whole time. It's an old one, borrowed from V'ine for good luck, and it's just a tad too snug around her plump bottom half for her to be entirely comfortable. She finds her spot in amongst her fellows, rubbing her sweaty palms shamelessly on the front of her robe before Theicher claims her hand for some finger-linkage.

Enka grins wryly, her expression brightening as the first of the eggs breaks shell, and up on the ledges, Miraneith's hum reaches a crescendo. "Oh, they say bronze is good luck," she flashes a double thumbs up sign in Iris's direction. "Shadhavarth's produced a fine looking lad." The goldrider crosses arms akimbo, eyes centered on the clutch before her, gaze flickering over each of the candidates in turn.

Go For Broke Egg shifts to one side, before slamming into the shells of the eggs beside it with brute force. A dark fissure emerges across it's own surface, violent crackles that slowly cease after engulfing half of this prison egg. Then again, silence.

Xander moves slightly to the side, initially, staying on the fringes of the group even as they arrive en masse on the sands. Once that awkward bow is performed, the young former-guard raises a hand in a traditional salute before continuing his shuffle. The young man picks out a spot by himself, sea green eyes flickering from other candidates, to the stands, and then to the first hatched dragon before going wide. REALLY wide. "Well I'll be a wherry's uncle.." he murmurs to himself, glancing around as if to make sure others are in fact /seeing/ this as well. But for now, he remains in place, nary a muscle moving as he remains on point, on guard for whatever is about to happen.

Dream Within a Dream Egg wobbles further to the side and begins to crack, white lines spreading across the dark shell.

Keelyra inches her way towards Theicher, despite the smell that likely eminates from the hunter-candidate. Maybe having someone to harass will help keep her level. Giving him a difficult time will help her not Totally Freak Out. "They shoulda hosed you down before coming in," she offers with a lopsided smirk.

Shadhavarth bugles a welcome to her firstborn son. And /what/ a hunk of handsome!

Ila'den leans into Iris with one arm coming around her shoulder, returning Enka's thumbs up even as candidate after candidate steals his attention. Teimyrth is lowering his head to a few of them for a better look, as if once more gauging their worthiness before there's a little bronze stealing the show. Daddy dragon croons softly to his firstborn, while Ila gives Iris a squeeze. "Look at that."

Qiana nearly jumps out of pure nerves when the first shell cracks, and she forgets about holding her robe at that point in time. The beastcrafter-candidate is not hiding her nerves so well as she sways from foot to foot, fidgeting. "Bronze first is a good sign." It's a half-heard mutter to both her her sand companions.

One Spectacular Spectacular Egg lurches forward from its position in the sand, ending up in what appears to be a face plant. The white spot on the egg now pointing upwards instead of on the side of the egg.

Zahleizjah gasps as brilliant bronze is the first arrival, "Would ya look atthat? What lovely colors a good sign indeed!" Hand that covers mouth lends to a waving over of the dancing solo Solarus, even the loneliest of loners doesn't want to be alone right now. The dark haired, amber-eyed Candidate cannot help but giggles at the idea of wherry-uncle Xander

Kaliena finds her attention pulled so many ways at once so soon and catches the last of the bronze emerging from it's shell. There's a shaky exhale from the girl and her hands curl up into small fists at her side as she tenses. "Supposed to be good luck, ain't it?" she mumbles, likely unheard in the din of the humming on the sands. She watches the first hatchling warily, not so much worried but likely just keeping tabs of where it may go so she can dodge if need be. Then her statement is echoed by Qiana and the girl chuckles, though it's a little forced. "Lots of eggs rocking now…"

Theicher's eyes narrow on Keelyra's face as she makes her way over to him. "Eh, hold your breath if it bothers you that much. We'll see how long you can survive before you start turning blue." The hunter's smirking at her then, "Maybe you'll turn so blue you'll be mistaken for a dragonet." Theich is such a nice lad. But then an egg is spilling a bronze from its shell and chocolate eyes focus upon it and any movements it might make.

I'm a Soldier Now Bronze Hatchling takes a long moment to orient after hatching. He stands, muscles glistening under their coat of egg goo, and simply looks around for several moments. Then he shakes vigorously, sending egg goo in all directions and toppling over in the process. Whoops! Getting his legs under him once more, finally he starts forward, clearing the clutch's boundaries and joining the wider world for the first time. Legs stretch carefully as he discovers their strength for the first time. The bronze gives a delighted trumpet at his dam and sire, bounding forward before falling in a heap. Oh dear! he picks himself back up and stares comically at the candidates. They're not /laughing/, are they? Better investigate! It doesn't take more than a few brief snuffles at the waiting candidates before he stops, perfectly still, in front of one of the more energetic boys, a well-tanned Beastcrafter known for his affinity with runnerbeasts. Ohitikia grins broadly as he reaches for the bronze and leads him towards the waiting food. "I will lead your way true, Cimarroth. You can count on me." The grin on O'hit's face is unmistakeably happy. "I think you will find there is far more to this world than just food, though." And off they go, to seek adventure… and perhaps food.
With a triumphant cry the I'm A Soldier Now Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Zi'on finally makes his way down onto the sands. He looks a little frazzled, though no worse for the wear. "Woo, what have I missed?" Bowing to the clutchparents respectfully, he waves to Iris and Ila'den. Then he heads over to join Enka, giving the weyrwoman a kiss on the cheek. "Oop, first impression. A bronze!"

Go For Broke Egg erupts, sending shards flying across the sands. The egg-wet dragonet bellows, flaring it's wings wide open as it hisses and puffs towards the blurry white things and clutchmates without discrimination. Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling rumbles quietly, observing the things around him.

Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling
Darkness. Pure midnight born from the shell in draconic form manifests in this young hatchling, leaving not a speck of day light claiming any hold on his hide from his blunt-squared maw down to his long whip-like tail. Neck ridges share not even a speck of the stars, pure ebony blending in with the shadows of the night where they trickle over and fade across this one's broad body supported by powerful muscles bringing brute strength to this dragonet. His shoulders are wide; wielding large wings with spars extending a little further than the sails themselves; a creature inspired by nightmares. The head knobs upon his large head are almost too small in proportion to this beast's massive frame, stunted and malformed to be recognizable. Round eye sockets are covered in steel; the threatening metallic visage in the darkness over thick ridges and extending down the length of his body, only to fade into faint mottling as they reach out. Out towards muscular hind legs that are canted outward, awkwardly like one of the lowly crawling lizards of the ground. The digits on his powerful paws are long, almost curling upward at the tips were it not for ebony talons extending from their sheaths to claim the ground below, giving the final touch to this shadow of a dragonet.

Solarus squeaks delightedly. "Oh congratulations!" he says of the Bronze and his lifemate. Then another egg is hatching and he's turning in that direction. A blue this time, and Solarus is dancing. Maybe because the sand is hot. And he's excited. Or the other candis he's surrounded by are stomping on his feet. "Careful," he hisses to the ones near him. Yeah, being in a group may not have been the best idea.

Xander blinks, shaking his head as he runs fingers through his somewhat unruly hair. "That was.. fast," he mutters to the closest candidate, allowing his lips to curl into a little amused smirk. "Must be good when they really know what they want, eh?" Eyebrows raise, before he catches sight of the next dragonet to hatch and nods. "Nice." A man of little words.

Dream Within a Dream Egg wiggles, shimmies, and dances, working free of its wallow to roll onto its side. Once prone it crumbles, laying the It's Scrumdidilyumptious Green Hatchling on her side in a truly abrupt fashion.

It's Scrumdidilyumptious Green Hatchling
Sugar and spice and everything nice could be used to describe this petite looking little green but it's hardly the case. There's such thing as too much sweet and this hatchling quite willingly fits the bill. Turquoise completely coats her hide like a candy coating, glistening with little specks of cornflower blues across her rump and thighs. Even the sides of her head contain the little frosted touch; rosy cheeks of her own, only made of the same blue sugar that adorns the rest of her. Even those big bright eyes glisten like little gumdrops daintily placed beneath sweet little eye ridges and head knobs. Little feet and tail tip are coated in a pale pistachio, as though the dragonet frolicked through a light and whipped pudding before breaking shell for all to see. Her form is all soft edges and fluff, pudgy and round like a gummy treat only you wouldn't eat this sweet, adorable dragonet, would you?

Enka's flashes a grin at Zi'on. "A very fine fine lookin' bronze," the goldrider teases cheerfully. "'Nother competitor for the girls 'round here at Western. Not that Suldith hasn't been winnin' 'em all over like nobody's business." She'll lean into that kiss, just a bit, and then reaches out towards the Weyrleader's hand to give it a reassuring squeeze. "It's a fine lad who's got a fine young bronze."

Keelyra sticks her tongue out at Theicher, falling into step beside him. She peers at the bronze Impression, but her gaze is soon drawn by a blue hatching. "He's kinda overwhelming," she murmurs, caught up now in the hatching a bit too much to continue harassing her fellow candidate. Then a green! The teen squirms a bit in place. "I forgot how quick this can seem," she admits.

Iris spares a glance for Ila'den despite the melee on the sands asking for her attention. "A bronze firstborn… that's a sign of good luck for us, you know. He looks so much like Shadhavarth did when she hatched…" There's a wistful sigh as she hugs Ila'den tighter, and a happy smile when he impresses the Beastcrafter. And then two more hatch in quick succession, and the junior weyrwoman is laughing. "What a contrast! Doesn't she look adorable?"

Qiana is left to more shifting and swaying on the sands, looking at the multipe eggs rocking, and the new dragon - a blue - spilling out onto the sands. And then another is hatching as well, this time to a green. "Shards, they're coming out fast." There's a brief pause as she turns to her two companions. "What're you hoping for?" Wait. Isn't that a little wrong? "Which egg did you like?" Right in front of them, really?

One of the more girlie candidates starts to shriek "Spiderclaw! Spiderclaw!" in a thick holder accent all the sudden. Several of them huddle into a large group and continue to shriek with her, even though no one has actually seen a spiderclaw on the sands. It's only when a dragon gets close to them that they actually stop their cries of terror.

The faintest shiver eases along the shell of Secrets from the Past Egg, disturbing the sand around it for a moment.

Kaliena blinks as the first Impression is made and then two more eggs crack and two more hatchlings are released on the sands. The girl tries to watch them both, mouth drawing into a thin and tense line. "This is crazy. How do we keep track of who is where and what is what?" she grumbles, before peering sideways quickly to Qiana. Really, now she asks? "I liked a few, but I can't point it out now… Shells, now what?" Now someone is shrieking and Kaliena is stepping around her fellow candidate to crane her head slightly. "What're they shrieking about /now/? Ugh, of all the stupid…" Mutter, mutter mutter. She can't focus long on that though, as more eggs rock and her attention shifts back.

Zahleizjah ooo's and ahh's as blue and then green erupt from within their egg-shell coatings, many congratulations and smiles overriding the withdrawn nervousness that swells inside. She follows the shifting and swaying of Qi, leaning in closely as if clinging for support, feet lifting with each rock to alleviate the already smoldering burn traveling quickly through sandals. "I umm.. I umm.. oh geeze they're all so amazing.. You?" she responds vaguely, eyes peripherally locked on one in particular.

Zi gets the lazy version of a salute from Ila'den in greeting before giving Iris his attention again, with a smile. "They all look amazing." And they're coming so quick! Ila hardly has time to comment on one before there's another. "I wonder who's the lucky one for her."

Theicher glances at the newly hatched blue's way, "Overwhelming? How is a hatchling overwhelming?" He inquires, peering at him even more. "He's got some nice colors to him though." Theich has to at least give the dragonet that before his attention moves on to the green, "She's cute, or pretty, or she looks kind of like a doll." He admits and then looks rather sheepish.

Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling takes one step forward, huffing and puffing as he stalks across the sands. He throws his head back and lets out a bellow to the candidates with tail lashing from side to side. Not much to look at. The hatchling then sits his rump down on the sands, flicking his wings in agitation before looking back at the clutch dam. Are you serious? These things?

Secrets from the Past Egg quivers, rocking forward to lean at and angle against the sand piled around it.

Xander stiffens and looks around himself all wary-like. "Did someone just say /spiderclaw/?" he asks, a hand quick to defend his somewhat defenseless nether-regions. Consider it a kind of really lame post traumatic stress reaction. Perhaps he feels that there is strength in numbers, or he's just lonely, but he moves in the direction of the Kaliena and Qiana clump and plants himself firmly behind them. "Hey," is his attempt at casual greeting. "This is.. busy."

Shadhavarth coos placatingly at the blue hatchling. Yes, she is serious. /Those/ things. Better pick one, or BE ALONE FOREVER.

Solarus smiles brightly at the hatching green, then gives a little shriek of his own as the girls near him start going on about a spiderclaw. "Oooooh keep it away from me!" he whines. "Away away!" Though he sees none, he nearly climbs into the arms of the burly male candidate next to him. Eeee!

Enka nods fervently. "Oh shells, they are just popping out of those eggs." LIKE DAISIES! "So fast. It seems a lot faster now that I'm not out there on the sands. "Good lookin' bunch out there though, can't wait to see what else is inside those eggs."

Vasty Black Voyage Egg shivers with the force of the humming in the cavern, dancing and trembling in place as it vibrates.

A white claws suddenly emerges from the white spot in the One Spectacular Spectacular Egg. Then another. Then another. Soon the hole in the egg is big enough, and the dragonet hidden inside tumbles to freedom!

Fly Fly Away Blue Hatchling
This small blue dragon is lithe and limber. Thin of frame, there is no extra girth added to him, his limbs are fit with adequate musculature without being overdone. A long whip-like tail protrudes from strong hips and moves with ease to adjust his weight as needed. Broad wings fold neatly at his back. Cerulean blue washes over the hide of this dragon. Flecks of white give his flesh some texture, but are so small that they are indistinguishable even from a few paces. The ridges on his back fade into a deeper blue that runs down his spine and over the edges of his wings, creating an outline of his skeletal structure when viewed from above. A slender head ends abruptly in a squarish and angular snout. Deep set eyes whirl behind large ridges, making them look larger than they are and somewhat cat-like. Splayed paws have toes arranged in a V-shape, with feet a bit larger than the average dragon in terms of his size. Razor sharp claws of boney white sit on his feet, a dangerous foam sitting at the edge of the sea of blue. Curved and white, they look like polished marble in the sun.

Qiana just grimaces. "I know. Bad timing." She pauses a moment, listening to the little blue roar, and her swaying stops for just a moment. "There were a few that I liked too, but I couldn't point them out either." And then Xander is coming up behind her and Kali and Zah. What? "Another one of those things? Really?" And Qiana is trying to keep an eye both on her feet and on the dragons. Wouldn't do to get a toe clamped on. But at least she's not taking cover behind someone!

Inayleeyra is one of those candidates choking down shrieks over the rumored spiderclaws. She squeezes away from the original shriekers, though, and finds a hiding spot behind Xander. Safe behind the big guys?

Keelyra waves hands in front of her a bit helplessly. Flop, flop. She's trying to think of a way to explain, "He's just… for a blue… I guess large? Maybe awkward. I dunno. I just think whoever he chooses will have their hands full." She wiggles her toes in her boots, the tips of them burying a bit in the sand. Gaze drifts to the next egg to hatch and she draws in a breath, "He's a pretty one."

Kaliena almost jumps straight out of her skin when Xander is suddenly /there/ behind her. Turning to shoot him a bit of a narrowed look over her shoulder, the girl grunts softly. "Chaos, more like it." she drawls, then turns back just in time for yet more eggs to hatch and to watch that blue on the move. She shifts on her feet then, maybe by the heat of the sands or in preparation to book it if she has to. To Qiana, the girl only snorts. "They're all hatching now anyhow. Too hard to tell what is what. I'm just more worried in /avoiding/ any chargin' hatchling."

Theicher's eyebrow ticks, twitches really, as that blue's bellow ripples across the sand. "He seems like he lacks in manners." As if Theich even really has room to talk. And then it's back to Keelyra and he nods his head stiffly, "I suppose he is kinda imposing, and he's got quite the set of lungs on him." And then his face is pinching, "What do you mean awkward? They're sharding hatchlings, they're /all/ awkward." Oh, and there's another blue out and about, "That one looks more 'proper blue' I suppose."

Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling rumbles, slowly pushing himself up onto his feet and he begins to stalk through the crowds once more. These things? Well, it's better than nothing. The hatchling pauses in front of one female candidate with the wavy hands, slowly sniffing… sniffing… sniffing before shaking his head vigorously and bugling his disapproval.

The It's Scrumdidilyumptious Green Hatchling bounces upright from the remains of her egg, shaking off bits of shell as she bounds toward the gathered candidates. The sugar-coated green sniffles, snuffles, and whuffles her way through the assemblage, poking her nose into a chest here, a face there, and every now and then giving a worried-looking candidate a cheerful nudge of encouragement. Two full circuits through the crowd and finally she comes to a stop, peering into the face of an equally sweet girl. "Oh, yes, we'll get you something quite tasty, Ariadneth! Don't you worry about a thing!" Judienne says, throwing her arms around the frosted head for a welcoming hug. Sugar, spice, and everything nice - that's what these gals are made of!
With a triumphant cry the It's Scrumdidilyumptious Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Intrepid Explorer Egg jerks and twitches, stirred into motion by scrabbling from within, beneath the shell an explorer lies trapped and needs to free itself. There's a shudder, the egg quivering for a moment longer before it goes still, the dragon within pausing for breath.

Xander offers an apologetic grin to Kaliena in exchange for that narrowed look, shrugging his shoulders. "You're telling me," he mutters before blinking as yet another hatchling makes its debut on the sands. "This is nuts." Snort. And then there's another girl behind him. "Wait, are /you/ the one shrieking about spiderclaws?" he asks pointedly, turning to face the much smaller girl. "Did you see one.. or?" The guard in him comes out as he has to reel himself in from interogating the girl. "Heh.. sorry. There's just.. enough to worry about out here without.. you know.. /those/." The girl is given a reassuring arm pat before he turns back to the others. "What did I miss?"

Keelyra grunts a little, brow furrowing. Maybe she made the wrong choice in Sands-partner. Or the right one, since she's not /freaking out now/. "Not proper, just… Oh, I dunno. He's built awkwardly. I bet he'll be really strong, tho." She jumps aside a little when the green finally makes her choice. Perhaps having only JUST NOW realized the dragonet was circling. "That's a good choice," she offers. She does spare a glance towards the clutchparents. More specifically, their riders. Brow furrows a moment before she looks back to the eggs. Need to pay attention or else you might get run over.

Zi'on looks around at the latest hatchlings. "Lots of blues, it seems. I wonder what that means." Probably nothing, as change may have it. "Seems to be a good clutch so far. There better not be any spiderclaws lurking about though. That's the last thing we need right now…" Zi'on peers around, looking for any spiderclaw hidey-holes.

Fly Fly Away Blue Hatchling is free! Free at last! Once he's up on his feet he pads around a bit, then digs at the sand under his paws. What's this? A crawlie? The lithe blue treats it to a threatening roar, which comes out more like a bleat from an ovine. There's a bit of a huff as the crawlie seems unaffected by said roar. So instead, he turns his attention towards the larger task at hand. Look at that row of candidates! He lowers his head a bit and carefully creeps towards the gaggle of candidates.

Rousseaux doesn't quite know where to look. There are dragonets on the Sands and she's trying to hide her nerves as best she can, wringing her hands in the fabric of her robe. Hey, look. Is that egg over there wobbling some more? Whether it is or isn't, her attention's quickly drawn back to the newly-hatched dragons.

Solarus is calmer now, as there are now hatchlings all around and they are so, "Cuuuuute!" he says, and he gushes a bit, and the burly male he had been clutching to rolls his eyes as Solarus clutches his hands together, joining the formerly shrieking girls in their drippy happiness over the babies. The impressing green and girl gets a happy clap from Solarus. "Congrats!" he calls to them.

Qiana nods. "Avoiding hatchlings or avoiding spiderclaws." Though avoiding a dragon would definitely trump the spiderclaw. "Doesn't that blue seem kind of cranky to you?" She asks of the little group around her. The pairing of the green is met with a little bit of hand wringing. "A good match, that pair." A lot of thoughts seem to be echoed from person to person. Her fidgeting seems to be growing, and it seems like she's trying NOT to pace.

Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling has had it's fill of these… things. There's gotta be something useful out here, something not a burden. Something that's not going to cramp his style. The hatching pauses, sniffing through the crowds until he comes to a stop before his chosen. This one seems promising and better not be dead weight!
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Enka's chin dips into a brisk nod. "Quite a lot of blues actually." she agrees. "Maybe it means we were missin' out on them, and Shadhavarth decided to … fill in the ranks." she gives a wry grin, and narrows her eyes, glancing briefly at the ground and stomping her feet a bit. If there /were/ any spiderclaws under there, they'd be squished now.

Inayleeyra snorts delicately. "I saw nothing with my /own/ eyes. But /somebody/ saw something!" And was that something spiderclaws? Maybe so. Either way, it is safer, strategically, to hide right where she is now.

Kaliena blinks and then tears her focus away long enough to peer at Xander and Qiana both. "There aren't spiderclaws on the sands." she drawls, though her tone doesn't sound so certain. There's a slight wince for some of the more vocal hatchlings and the girl grimaces. "Avoiding both then. And which one? /That/ one?" There's no pointing, since there's really no time as the blue has gone on to Impression. "Well, seems like he made his match." she mumbles, shifting a little again on spot.

With a resounding 'crack' Secrets from the Past Egg fails and is breeched, the fierce blows from within forcing the shell outward and letting loose the Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Hatchling upon the world.

Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Hatchling
Even newly hatched this dragon is athletic in form, his muscles trim and limbs steady. A little on the larger size, this brown dragon has an innate predatory air, a sense of constant hunger and interest in the hunt. Khaki and beige form the base of his coloring, splotched unevenly all across his body, while loam brown streaks from his nose to this tail-tip in a solid along his spine and neck ridges that drips outward from there in a mottled assault against the paler base. Where most dragons are awkward at walking, this one has a natural grace that causes even those stuttered motions to seem purposeful.

Zahleizjah is unaffected by the skittering spiderclaw and squealing going on, in fact, with all those nasty nightmares and endless nights waking with crawlies in her hair, on her face, clasped in hands etc, it hardly phases her. The madness of shell shards, egg goo and hatchlings however does make her clam up a bit. "Good luck with that Qi.. 'claws and dragonets seem to disregard all boundaries.." The green and blue impressions have her cheering Impressee's on as well. "They all seem a lil uneasy.. then again I prolly would be too.."

Vasty Black Voyage Egg is getting into the swing of this shindig, or at least swinging, as it tilts rapidly to and fro.

Fly Fly Away Blue Hatchling approaches the gaggle of girls who were screaming just a few moments previous about the spiderclaws. He lifts his head to get a look at all of them, then turns and moves off. No one there is for him. Moving along for inspections in no particular order, he spots an older candidate with long dark hair and a goatee. There's some intense peering for a while before the blue moves off. Not quite right either. Too big. Then another candidate with long brown hair and blue eyes. Hm. Closer, but still no.

Intrepid Explorer Egg rolls sideways, tipping off it's axis as once more the hatchling within begins to wiggle and squirm, trying to free itself. There's a loud sharp crack, no so much a splintering one, but the kind that accompanies the snap of a whip and a jagged streak of blackness intersects along the long side of the shell.

Theicher is always the wrong choice for any sort of partner. Keely should know this by now. "Built awkwardly, okay, I guess I can get that." Maybe if he squints and tilts his head to the side, maybe it has to do with Keelyra's height and she sees something different than he does. But Theich is no dead weight! He's quiet useful unless it comes to you know, chores or something like that. But give him a bow and some arrows and then everyone will know just how useful this candidate can be! But still Theicher is now silent as the blue comes before him. "Dear friend?" His face contorts before he's reaching down to give the blue a gentle pat on his head, "Not sure I'd go that far yet, Yiskatiresiath. We only just met afterall. And this way… I think."

Valonder isn't at all impressed by the shenanigans on the sands, nope. Instead, he's merely going to stand there and continue to… pick his nose. Quite vigorously at that. The young boy removes his finger, eyeing his treasure for a moment before deciding it wasn't suffient enough for him. Instead, he wipes it upon her robe. She's too distracted to mind, he doesn't want to get his robe dirty!

Xander seems have his fears, at least of potential pain, squelched by the hold girl's response to his questioning. "Oh. Well, good." Maybe his eye twitches a little bit as she continues to hide behind him. "Don't worry.. you'll be safe," he assures her awkwardly, again giving her another awkward pat before managing to see more hatchlings emerging from their shells. "How many.. oh hey, did that one just pick Theicher?" His congratulations is likely lost within the chatter on the sands, but he calls it out anyway.

Keelyra blinks as the blue nears. She's able to realize rather quickly — and Theicher's words only cement her realization — that the hunter is the dragonets goal. She skitters off to the side a bit, sand spraying from where her boots had ended up a little buried. "Er, ah… Congratulations!" She's maybe not sure how the lad feels about it, with how much he talked about wanting to get back to hunting. "Get, uh… used to snoring, I guess." Yup, that's her advice.

Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Hatchling prowls forth from the remains of his egg, stalking across the sands with eerie grace. Purposefully he scouts out the candidates, working down their line from end to end in a methodical fashion. One after another the candidates receive disdainful snorts of dismissal until suddenly he stops, staring at a tall, dark-skinned young man. Hesitantly the youth reaches out to touch the slender neck, then he bursts into laughter. "T'riq, is it? No, you're right, we would make easy prey standing around like this. It's a good thing we have lots of meat ready for you, Velocirath," the boy once known as Tanneriq says before they are led off to that meal.
With a triumphant cry the Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Vasty Black Voyage Egg brings the dance to a halt as a sharp claw cleaves it open, cracking the egg into many large pieces. While the lower part of the shell is being crushed beneath eager paws, the I Aim to Misbehave Brown Hatchling finishes freeing himself of those larger bits which have clung to his gooey hide - except for the topmost curve of the shell, which rests, bonnet-like, atop his head.

I Aim to Misbehave Brown Hatchling
Beneath the egg-shell bonnet that covers this robust dragon's head, bistre and chocolate reign supreme. The darker shade takes prominence across his head and neck, sweeping from blunted nose to broad forehead with only brief touches of sepia accenting the depth of his jowls and outlining his large eyes. Once his chest is reached, however, the rich chocolate shade rolls to the fore, expanding out from minor embellishments on his ridges to cover almost every scrap of his wings, shoulders, and torso, slipping over his hide like a well-worn coat. Sepia accents resurface in the lining of his matte black claws and mimic signs of wear at his joints, creating an aged and distressed appearance around his knees and shoulders and emphasizing the natural creases in his wings.

Qiana is paying less attention to her feet now, after rolling her eyes when Inayleeyra speaks. There's one less thing to worry about. The cranky blue made his choice indeed, and Qi nods a little bit, offering a shout out before moving on. "I'd actually go for avoiding that brown, now. He seems kind of… intent. Or is it intense?" There's a little shiver from the young lady then before the brown is moving along the line and passing her by. Thank Faranth.

Kaliena gives a relieved look as most of the newly hatched dragons seem to be pairing off well enough and she doesn't have as much to pull her mind into so many directions at once. "Theicher?" the girl echoes and then smirks slightly. "Seems so. And there go the other two." Then another is hatching and she blinks again, fidgeting as she shifts from foot to foot. "Could be both." she muses nervously to Qiana.

Solarus dances a little delight as Theicher Impresses. "Oh congrats congrats!" he calls again! He's been saying that alot! Seeing the dragons moving past is a little bit exciting and frightening all at once. "Oh hello, and hello," he says as they pass. Oh dear, the girls are now all squeaky with amusement over the new brown. "Oh look at him!" Delight and barely contained excitement seems to be all he can express for the moment.

Fly Fly Away Blue Hatchling looks to be getting a bit nervous now. He can't find his lifemate! The blue moves from candidate to candidate, inspecting and reinspecting candidates he's just inspected. Finally he spots a candidate he's missed before. How did he miss her? Did he miss her? Yes, he must have. Those blue eyes. That scowl. That one is his!
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fly Fly Away Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Keelyra isn't sure where to go now. Standing alone, with Ir'e led away by a Weyrlingmaster with his lifemate, she's kind of a sitting duck. Target. Something. The teen chews at her lower lip, worrying at it a bit. She soon edges her way towards Qiana and a better cluster of candidates. Never mind that if she's standing alone, she totally has no one to make comments to!

Zahleizjah gulps, as if it wasn't already difficult enough to breathe, and now Candidates are being swooped away left and right. Her attention is drawn so many directions, nods of agreement shared with Qiana here and there "Intent and intense indeed!" She is pretending to be nonchalant about the whole thing. Nope! Not a big deal at all, intrigue subdued, especially towards /that one/ that hasn't even wriggled at bit, or maybe this disconnect is a genuine exemplification of true self. A warm grin is sent Theicher's way, sharing a "Congrats friend!" before he is ushered away, a whirlwind of happenings making her head spin.

Intrepid Explorer Egg tumbles forwards, the momentum of the egg's movement carrying it forwards like a too-large boulder bearing down towards the candidates. There's another loud crack, the shell splitting neatly and out tumbles a brown dragonet, the remains of his eggshell still propelled forwards, leaving him no choice but to lunge out of the way as he emerges into the world.

Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Hatchling
No mere monochromatic hue is this fellow, to say that he is just merely brown would give truth to a lie. From the tip of a tanned-brown muzzle, dappled speckles of umber brown scatter across the rugged planes of his cheekbones, an illusion of a five-o-clock shadow that curves upwards towards his headknobs. Encircled by a band of coffee-brown, his prominent sable-hued headknobs arch upwards slightly, dimpled a little in the middle with rounded sable shadows arching slightly over the curve of his brow and neck like a jaunty hat set at a rakish angle. Down the length of his somewhat short neck, the tanned brown that first appeared on his muzzle can be seen, but it's soon overtaken by leather-brown tones, the color flowing down over muscular shoulders and a broad chest before yielding at last to a paler khaki tone, faint darker splotches seen here and there as if rips and tears could be seen in his very hide along haunch and leg. At last, the color deepens again, along the very long and very lean length of his bull whip tail, the curious interplay of russet and earthen hues along the stout base where his tail and body meet before it ends in a long lash of saddlebrown.

Kiena should really learn to pay attention and now the girl's fidgeting stops, replaced instead by utter stillness as she freezes in place and stiffens. Her eyes and that scowl, which promptly falls to a stunned and disbelieving look, are suddenly locked on the blue hatchling in front of her. "Kiena? But I'm—-" Oh wait. Oh! She makes a sound half way between a snort and a laugh, but either way she's reaching to touch the blue and move in to lead them both to the side and away. "You didn't lose me. Come on, Ujinath. We'll get you some food."

T'per returns from an escort just in time to witness a blue bonding to his rider. "Ooh, over here! Let's get you two some food. If you don't feed your dragon you're gonna have a bad time. And if you overfeed your dragon you're also gonna have a bad time. Come on, Kiena!"

I Aim to Misbehave Brown Hatchling is off and way quickly, no eggshell bonnet can impair his adventures! He makes a swift go around the candidates, his strides quick and sure for one so small… about as sure as an oaf, that is! His dance is more of a drunken stumble, but he gives a fair shot to all the possible dance partners on the sands. But wait! Maybe he only caught a whiff, a glance at her the first time around. After all, that particularly pretty raven-haired, dark-skinned Smithcrafter daughter was hiding behind Xander! Never fear spiderclaws when this guy is near! He bounds goofily back, all set to push between Xander and the burly candidate to make his way to Inayleeyra. But she makes it easy, hearing his call in her head as he comes along. He's certain now, trumpeting with excitement. That's my girl, and isn't she just the /shiniest/ of all?! But as happy as she might be, she still is a properly raised young lady, and there is a gasp of surprise and a beetred blush at something he says. She gives a hearty smack to the eggshell bonnet, causing it to finally break and fall off. "That is /entirely/ inappropriate, Shanweith!" She scoffs delicately. "If you want food, you can just walk on your own four feet to it!" Inara heads across the sands to where the assistant weyrlingmasters have tasty morsels waiting, not even waiting to see if the courageous and perhaps foolish brown is following. Of course, he always will be.
With a triumphant cry the I Aim to Misbehave Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Enka ohs loudly at the Impression of the two blues, and the brown. "Quite a lot of lovely hatchlings, but the choice of the blues were a bit … surprisin'." the Weyrwoman muses this over thoughtfully. "Although I don't think I would have pegged Kaliena for a blue, but y'know, the dragon chooses."

Blue Paint and Plaid Egg pulses in time to a private song, throbbing repeatedly before falling still once more.

Piezetta, one of the gaggle of girls who was shrieking earlier, finally notices that SOMEONE has been wiping boogies on the back of her robe! She turns around and gives another shriek. "Oh Faranth! GROSS! Go away you little brat!" She goes to slap Valonder but misses entirely, and nearly falls over, if not for the other girls around her.

Qiana should be paying more attention, herself! The only way the woman avoids getting trampled is the same way she avoids getting trambled by runners: quick foot work. First the blue is coming for Kiena, and then a brown is aiming for the girl who called spiderclaw. "Congradulations!" She passes onto the two freshly impressed girls, trying to find a clear spot with Xander, Keel and Zah that doesn't have impending trampling hatchlings.

Solarus has had enough of this big group he's in and moves a little closer to where Keelyra is all alone. "Hi," he says, and then shifts from foot to foot. Nobody now to latch onto, he tries to move closer to her without steping on anyone or stumbling.

Rousseaux waves Theicher - Ir'e now! - off with congratulations as he disappears off with his new lifemate, and then does very much the same for Kiena. "Congraulations!" Keeping her eyes on the dragonets, she edges towards Keelyra to slip her warm hand through the girl's, shoulder-bumping her with a wink. "Got my eye on there brown, Kee - whatcha liking?"

Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Hatchling heaves a sigh of relief at such a narrow escape — so near to becoming squished by shattered eggshell. It wouldn't flatten him though, right? Shaking himself all over, a quick assessment to verify that he's indeed intact and unharmed, the young brown swaggers forwards, striding towards the candidates with a purposeful march.

While Ultimate Weapon Egg is not shy about its intent to hatch, shaking and rattling energetically, the movements of the egg are hard to discern from that of the sand about it as the twitching dislodges the mounded grains.

Xander moves with an attempt at deftness as suddenly both Kaliena and the girl behind him are impressed to incoming dragonets. "Eh.. see..? There you go?" He tells the one girl rather uncertainly, before glancing over at Qiana and smirking. More congraduatlory remarks are called out, albeit with a touch of trepidation.

What is all this commotion?! Teimyrth turns his attention onto the boogie-wiper and his victim with a low rumble. A warning perhaps? Keep your eyes on his children! … They're adorable, aren't they?

Blue Paint and Plaid Egg takes on a faster beat as its occupant strikes the shell in rapid succession.

Keelyra is part of the crowd! Or something. That expected banding together as people are slowly dragged from the sands by weyrlingmasters, caught up in their new lifemates. She looks to Solarus as he inches up and is about to reply with a greeting when Roux links arms with her. She manages a weak grin and gives a little shrug, looking a bit relieved for all the support. "I… I don't know. There's been a lot of blues, haven't there? I'd've expected more greens…"

Journey through Fantasy Egg shivers and quivers with a gentle rocking motion on the sands, faint eddies of pale sand beneath it stirred into ripples as the egg shows evident signs of life. And then it stills, a momentary pause as silence seems to fall about it, and the world seems to hold its breath.

The Game Is Afoot Egg bides its time, waiting for just the right moment to make its move.
Blue Paint and Plaid Egg continues to pulse, thrumming now, and finally breaks open. The shell splits neatly along the vertical axis, each side falling cleanly away to expose the glistening form of The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling.

The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling
Winter has touched the hide of this mid-sized dragon, leaving its mark in frigid shades of blue across his flesh. Every inch of this dragon is so chill of aspect that he seems about to transition from living being to frozen statue, made more poignant when he stands still. It starts with his angular head, the narrow, sharp muzzle so pale as to be almost white with only the faintest tinge of blue discernable. Sweeping back across the wider planes of his cranium and down the graceful arch of his sinuous neck his hide gradually darkens, hints of a chill and empty sky at mid-day emerging from beneath the frost. Down into his shoulders spreads this eye-smarting brightness, where again it transitions to a richer hue, descending from midday toward dusk. As the advancing twilight shades fall across his torso, coating his wings, chest and back, the winter sky meets a winter sea. Rising up from his strong limbs and coating his belly, crashing against the coming night, is a swirling mix of watery blues that froth against the sky tones, dark and forbidding.

Drimeri peers at the booger-wiper and the booger-wipee. Then he sliiides over away from… both of them. No boogers for him, thanks. Where are the dragons? Oh, there's one! He runs his fingers through his curly dark hair. Whew. It's warm down here on the sands. That blue looks nice though. Nice and cool. Like a big ice cube or something.

Zahleizjah, never much one for crowds, pushes back a bit as the group dwindles with Impressions and the remaining Candidates begin to clump together. As she inches towards the outskirts, yes breath is held, maybe because it's hot, or maybe because there is a gentle rocking of the egg she can't seem to look away from.

Another blue! /ANOTHER/. Enka stares open-jawed for a moment before she snaps her trap shut. "Faranth, half the clutch seems to be blue. Odd it aint more green, but Mir's never had an awful lot of blues in her bunches. Maybe Shadhavarth's different." Or else there just are more blues in general. Her gaze flicks towards the remaining eggs. "I wonder, eh."

Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Hatchling studies all the options before him, a certain methodical approach to surveying the candidates with thoughtful interest. He's careful, it seems, calculating and evaluating the choices in their entirety before he moves again, He's not going to rush things.

Qiana can't help but hear remarks, even over the humming of the dragons, and the choas that comes with the event. "There have been a lot of blues." She manages to say, just as the newest one is breaking it's shell. "Anyone been counting at all?"

The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling calmly steps out of the remains of his egg. Without a glance at the candidates he begins flicking his wings, shaking off every bit of egg goop that he can while keeping them well elevated, perhaps to avoid picking up sand. As soon as his wings are dry he surveys himself critically, twisting his head from side to side and craning around to inspect his back. Only once he is satisfied that he is as clean as he is getting does the blue step off toward the array of candidates with a militarily precise gait.

Rousseaux winks at Keely. "Maybe they're saving the best 'til last, huh? Gotta let the boys clear the way so the girls can come out t'play, or summat." She gives her fellow candidate a friendly little squeeze, then ooohs at the newly hatched blue. "See now? Blues're good, anyway! And that brown… he's coming this way, yeah? Maybe there'll be a green hatches next." Her honey-hued eyes flicker between blue and brown, more towards the latter for his… methodical approach to choosing a lifemate. "Least he's not being one of them trampler-types."

And then like a sigh, Journey through Fantasy Egg begins its measured gyrations again, a steady rhythmic pitch of back and forth and side to side. There's nothing violent about its movements, at least not the frantic rapid jerking about like its clutchsibs. And when the egg cracks, there's no loud echoing through the caverns, just a gentle click, and striations appear across the shell, just like that!

Zi'on blinks and shrugs a bit to Enka. "Dunno, maybe she's making up for the lack of blues around or something? Too many greens, not enough blues?" Zi'on chuckles. "Though I don't think that's the case really. Plenty of chasers out there, it seems." Spoken like a true bronzer. Less competition!

Solarus is in agreement. "Lots of blues. And browns," he says, and scratches. "There was a bronze first, so maybe its mostly boy dragons in this clutch," he decides. "I wish I had a sketchbook right now, I want to draw all this." So many adorable dragon babies!

Keelyra dips her head in a nod, squeaking slightly as the brown approaches to survey the candidates. Maybe the mention of tramplers has her concerned now. "Oh… I… Yeah, trampling is bad. They've, uh, all been pretty good." She shifts her feet a bit, shifting awkwardly. Likely sweaty feet are making the insides of the boots slippery. Better than sand all over her feet, maybe? She peers around to Solarus and almost hisses: "Drawing, at a time like this?"

Ultimate Weapon Egg continues to wriggle about in its not-so-stealthy fashion while the sounds of tapping from within it carry clearly across the sands.

Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Hatchling has made his choice. HER! She's the one, that buxom brunette. He's drawn to her, moving now with intent and purpose, a saunter that speaks of charm and charisma and a certain cocky attitude that only a brown could have. He sets himself down, paws parked right at her feet, and looks up at her. HIS!
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The Infinite Void Egg jitters on the sand a little bit. Then a bit more. And then a bit more. Now it looks like there's a tiny earthquake happening right underneath the egg as it seems to vibrate in place.

The Game Is Afoot Egg trembles thoughtfully then stills again - the time is not quite right for it to act. A careful eye, however, will notice a tiny round fracture, much like a keyhole, slowly getting larger with infinite stealth. Is that a claw, carving an opening?

Zahleizjah is nothing less than completely silent, the commotion about whizzing right past her tunnel vision. She'd maybe mumble something about colors and fates, but no words come to form. So much amazingness happening all around, yet everything seems to be at a standstill.

Xander just stands stock still, eyes darting from one hatchling to the other. "There can't be THAT many more left, right? I mean.. " and here the younger former-guard attempts to peer over the sands to see which eggs are left. "I guess I didn't notice there were /this/ many. And so many blues.." Color this former hold-boy impressed.

The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling starts his inspection with a knot of boys clustered along the far right end of the line. With his head held high and wings tight against his body he deftly sorts them into an orderly line, each one just so far apart from the next, before he actually looks them over. None meet his exacting standards, however, and so the blue proceeds down the line, making a point of chasing any that are out of place back into the ragged arc as he inspects the troops - ah, candidates.

Rousseaux peers around Keely at Solarus, one eyebrow raised. "You wanna get your head in a sketchbook, rather'n watch the hatchlings?" Something in her tone suggests that might just be madness. "Hey Kee… Kee, he's coming this way, see? He's…" She blinks down at the brown in front of her, looking utterly surprised. "He's /Indianath/. Ho, shi—/ards/ no, there's no tunnelsnakes here." Unable to contain her excitement any more, she looks up to the galleries to announce his name proudly. "He's Indianath!"

Qiana shifts a bit more. This time it's not so much nerves - which are still gnawing at her - but the heat of the sands that make her move to give her feet just a second break from the heat. "I'm sure you'll have a chance to draw other hatchings, y'know?" She offers up to Solarus before grinning at Roux, backing away from the newly impressed girl. Space is a good thing with hatchlings.

Journey through Fantasy Egg surrenders to the inevitable, the eggshell beginning to crumble inwards as the tip of a green nose pokes through the part of the shell where flame and fire hues seem to jolt upwards like a raging volcano. Another shove, and the egg splits neatly in half, falling like leaves around a slender form.

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Hatchling
Soft meadow hues lend gentleness and grace to a slim and youthful form - the color of spring time a burst of radiant purity that sweeps dramatically across her delicate, dainty features. Her muzzle, tiny and well-formed, is where the soft springtime tones begin, meadow-green the color of fresh grass that sweeps up along the arching curves of her cheekbones, a scattering of mint and emerald freckles like flower blossoms that crown her headknobs and spill down along the arch of her slender neck. Slim shoulders accentuate the equally lean curve of her underbelly — where glistening skeins of ripe apple-green shadows flow along her underside towards her haunches. Curling from her slender flanks, her tail, short and slim is dappled with verdant streaks, like the pattern of freshly mown hay. Her wings, slender and small are pale green, the near-transparency of her sails stretched across the delicate wingbones like the veins of a just budded leaf, fragile and new - yet stronger than they look.

Solarus chuckles. "Its inspiring and beautiful, all these pairs coming together," he then watches with delight as Rousseaux impresses the brown. "Oh congratulations!" he says, and claps enthusiastically.

Enka tilts her shoulders into an equal shrug in Zi'on's direction. "Mmm, yeah, could be that she's just makin' up for the need for 'em." Her gaze is caught by the hatching green. "Lots of chasers and not many chasees. But there's one right now. Third green in the batch. Makes it just about even with the blues. One for each." she grins with amusement. "Well, a fine clutch nonetheless."

Keelyra flails a little as the brown nears. This is good, because it frees up Roux's arms. Then the name is announced and she squeaks, falling back a few steps. Maybe even to collide with Solarus. "Oh! Uh… congratulations!" She hiccups a bit. Perhaps having begun to overexcite herself. Another hiccup and she glances at Solarus as she rights herself, mumbling some kind of apology for her stumble. "Well, uh, maybe next time you can draw them. Instead of melting."

The Game Is Afoot Egg quivers; a keen and watchful eye will notice that the keyhole fracture has stopped growing. But no need to worry, for quite suddenly, the shell breaks neatly in half from that fracture as if a door had been opened. Blue and brown shards fall to the ground around the crouching, watchful form of All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling.

All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling
There is a subtle beauty in this gaunt beast's umber frame, from the long lean limbs which offer a seemingly meager strength to a dismal and frail form, to the sinewy mass of muscle that conceals what would otherwise be an emaciated grace. The talons this dragonet bares are long and slender, sharpened from within the shell and pallid in the light. Oxidized copper sweep over the malevolent downward curvature of eye ridges, sharply pointed nose and across a slender lower jaw, complimenting an ominous gaze of large eyes set deep in shadowed sockets of rusty hue. These metallic markings trickle down the creature's slender neck, settling upon high ridges in small flecks that seem to fade into fallow hued flesh the as they reach across his bony shoulders to the beginning of the only resemblance of power: his wings. When at ease and folded they appear to be nothing more than ornate remnants of something old and weathered with the decay of time. Unfurled, they are a force to be reckoned with beyond the realm of fantasy as the sails seem to devour any light that dares to touch upon them. These wings bear thick, strong spars that extend like the segmented legs of spider claws emerging from the deep, reaching out towards the sky in search of the weak and helpless. Each tipped with red ochre as though they've stolen the very hues from any life they touch. Those same rich hues mottle this dragonets bony rump, concealing more and more truthful fallow until the length of his long whip tail is engulfed by the darkness.

Zahleizjah finds herself quite surprised by that which rages from shimmery egg, a smattering of minty emerald freckles, what a lady! This is when that overwhelming heat drives it way in to side-tracked consciousness. Suddenly complexion is beet red, runners of sweat beading on forehead and making a break for it. "Congratulations loves!" Is finally mustered towards the recent Impression, one drill sergeant blue pushing her back in to the line-up, closer to the other Candidates.

The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling continues down the line, briefly regarding and then dismissing candidates one after another. He snuffles at Qiana for a moment, gives a pair of boys a shove to sort them out, and Xander gets a long and critical look, but none of them seem to be what he is looking for. Finally, though, he finds someone who interests him, giving the blue-eyed brunette a serious inspection before meeting her gaze with his own whirling red-orange eyes.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Essence of Cold Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Qiana's shifting puts her closer to Xander now, and the green and a new brown have her attention. "Now that little green is just adorable." Well. She's not said that yet. Even as she's caught off guard from the blue snuffling at her. Freeze. Oh. Not her? Okay. There seems to be a slightly quizzical look on her face for a moment before she shakes her head, going back to watching the other hatchlings.

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Hatchling plants her paws upon the sands with quiet grace, her haunches curled lightly beneath her, tail swishing slowly from side to side. Voices, she hears voices! With a gentle heave, she gains her feet. Easily, she moves, slinking softly towards the sounds.

Ultimate Weapon Egg gives a final twitch before it explodes outward, shards of the shell flying across the sands to become immediately lost, owing to their pale color. From amidst the destruction comes There is no Try Green Hatchling, her mossy hide much more visible than the now forgotten bits of egg.

There is no Try Green Hatchling
Aged, short and squat is what best describes this young dragonet with her broad chest, hunched shoulders and hips giving her much girth. Even her tail is rather short and stubby for her form, the image compact and stunted. Slender and dainty forearms are spaced a little further apart upon her frame, with one pair of talons on each foot tightly paired together, the appearance of three rather than five milky digits prominently displayed. Hind limbs are slender with knobby joints, some strength to support the awkward build they join. Rich olive hues engulf this hatchling from the edge of her jawline down to tail tip, only to be humbled by soft hues of a drab mossy green over her puggish face, broad feet and dainty forepaws. This only thing that brings youth to this new hatched elder is her wings; large and powerful sails with dense muscles attached, frosted in the same mossy green that adorns her.

Keelyra is turning. No, she's not. The teen's eyes close for a moment, then open again. It's not a dream. She's staring at a blue. Right there. In front of her. "I…" Her voice trails off into a squeak, punctuated by a hiccup. "Geimhreath?" Her voice is barely above a whisper, but soon she finds her grounding a bit more solid. "Yes. Eat. Of course." A hand, shaking slightly, reaches out to touch the muzzle of the dragon. Perhaps somewhat disbelieving. She does allow herself to be lead and in turn lead her new lifemate, though it's in a daze.

The Infinite Void Egg ceases it's jittering, remaining still for a while. Then a spot of spidery fractures appears on one side of the egg, the black offset by white cracks, looking like a pane of glass hit by a rock. Then another spot of circular and winding cracks appear. Soon most of the egg is covered in tiny fractures.

All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling is slow to begin moving. His crouching form is still for a very long moment. Finally, finally, he lifts his head, eyes whirling slowly as he peers over all of the candidates from a distance. Iiiiinteresting. Neck cranes to view his dam and sire, and a soft warble of greeting escapes his maw. There is another glance, a once-over of his green siblings. Unworthy of his time. Then, almost too fast, he is jumping away from the remains of his shell and stalking towards those remaining candidates.

Zahleizjah is feeling woozy, saliva pooling, head pounding, doing everything she can to keep it together in this moment. Greens are popping out everywhere and a grounded moment sends an "Oh Keelyra! Congratulations!!" before the spinning commences, blurry gaze settling on multi-fractured Infinite Void.

"Oh here's some greens," Solarus says, as two more greens join the fray. Then he ooohs as Keelyra impresses and claps for her. "Oh wow! Grats Keelyra!" he squeals in delight and does a tiny dance!

Xander's eyes go wide as he turns to watch some of the last eggs hatch. "Another brown?" he asks of the next closest candidate, before /really/ getting a good look at the beast. "…" There's a long moment of awkward silence, before he raises a finger. "Does.. does he remind you of something?"

Qiana actually sighs after a few moments, before sucking in a deep breath and resuming her fidgeting. The numbers are dwindling, and yet, here she still stands. Keel gets a wave which is more likely than not, not noticed.
Although her attention has been mostly consumed with watching the new hatchlings find their lifemates, a glance across the sands has Iris honing in on Zahleizjah. She peers with some concern, nudging Ila'den. "Does she look okay to you?" is murmured.

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Hatchling isn't an evesdropper, really. She's not dropping no eaves here. Especially since the sands don't /have/ eaves, so therefore, how could she be doing anything so rude? She sidles along over the sands, pausing to inspect a candidate or two along the way. Valonder — NO, just /NO/. She moves on, bypassing him easily enough.

There is no Try Green Hatchling slowly waddles across the sands, pausing to sniff and peer at the air and space where no candidate stands. For a moment, the green doesn't seem interested in the batch, until she makes her way down the line and directly to the smallest of the white robed things. The dragonet leans forward, nudging the boy with her puggish snout and beginning to examine his hands. "V'der?" The boy, formerly Valonder, replies with a little giggle. "The food is this way! No, I know it's this way! I'm sure! I'm… not going to eat that, you are. Yes, you can eat first. Let's go." The Assistant Weyrlingmasters guide the boy and his newfound lifemate off to feed.
With a triumphant cry the There is no Try Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

As the latest brown starts to move the shrieking begins anew. "Oh Faranth! It's got a shell! It looks like one of them! One of THEM!" Someone actually says 'keep it away from me' though no one is sure who it was. And there are several angry looks from a lot of the riders down on the sands. "Quiet, you lot! You're scaring the dragons!"

Ila'den's attention snaps to Zahl when Iris makes mention of her well-being, brows furrowed in sudden worry. "No," he says softly, suddenly, "she doesn't look very well to me at all." He's certainly not crossing hot sands and braving clumsy baby dragons to double-check, though. Poor thing will have to wait.

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Hatchling finds her partner, the quiet good-natured pretty boy with the messy shock of black hair. It's he who caught her eye, he to whom she'll pledge her friendship and faithful loyalty. She moves towards him, gentle and patient, extending her muzzle out in his direction.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling continues to slink along, keeping his distance from the greens seeking their own lifemates. Where are they going? Must be somewhere horrible, it's not whre /he's/ going. No, he's going to find someone very important to him. Someone so important, so very important. He stops movement, staring silently at those on the sands, tail whipping gently side to side behind him. Whereever you are, I WILL FIND YOU. And then he is up and moving again, now bold. And distracted by shrieking. At him? Is it /really/ directed at /him/?!

Qiana also gives the shrieking lot an unhappy look. A dragon is a far thing from a spiderclaw, size being one of the few things. Qi shive her feet again, silently keeping her eyes on the hatchlings, though at a glance around she does notice Zahl being all woozy and glassy-gazed. "Hey, you feeling okay?" The heat hasn't started eating at Qi's stomach quite yet, along with her nerves. "Is the heat getting to you?"

Structural integrity is failing on The Infinite Void Egg. Bits of outer egg are starting to flake away and what were once minor fractures in the surface are quickly becoming fissures. Finally the surface completely falls away as legs and tail and wings stretch out from beneath it.

Full of Stars Bronze Hatchling
Long of bone and piled with sinewy musculature, this bronze dragon is all sharp angles instead of rounded curves. Mahogany bands litter the spine of this massive beast, and drip down into bright golden bronze like rust on new iron. The reddish bands fold into his nooks and crannies, joints and folds and add to his angular overly defined appearance. The red-bronze face of this dragon could hardly be called beautiful. Overly symmetrical with wide jaws that never seem to close correctly, leaving teeth to hang out in an awkward display. High pointed eye ridges with light colored shadows give this dragon the appearance that he's looking at you even when he isn't. Broad, heavy wings and a thick tail adorn this dragon's back and shoulders respectively, both made mostly of the rich red bronze with tips of the yellowed bronze. The well muscled frame is held up by strong legs with exaggerated angles at the joints. At the tip of each toe is a sickle-shaped black claw, long and sharp.

Zahleizjah's woozy turns to wobbly, knees feeling weak as she reminds herself not to lock up otherwise she's bound to pass out and cause quite a raucous, though remaining relatively silent herself, especially so with the WLM's take heed warning. She's about to double over, using right arm to prop herself upright on respective knee. Only now, when absolutely necessary does the Candidate take a few much needed deep breaths. Yep, lack of oxygen will do that to the brain. Red flush remains, sweating continues, but she is at least maintaining, another gulp looking towards Qi and nodding "Ayyup.. m'gonna make it I think.."

Solarus now notices that Zahl isn't looking so good. "Are you all right?" he says to her, but just as he's about to offer her his shoulder to lean on somebody else is talking to him. "All right, we can go get some food, in a minute, but she doesn't look so…did you just talk to me?" he looks at the green hatchling in front of him and then ohs! "O-okay Tarieth, lets go, lets go!" he starts to cry happily.

Qiana's distraction with Zahl almost has her missing Solarus' impression to that green she found so adorable. Almost. The congradualations she passes onto him is a little on the forced side, before she's offering Zahl a hand. For comfort or for help. "Did you… forget to breathe?" She's a little shocked, but hey. It could happen.

Xander's face still hasn't returned to normal. "Do you not see that? That dragon LOOKS like a spiderclaw." He's not even sure who he's talking to anymore. "I mean.. tell me you see that."

Zahleizjah was breathing, kind of, and is now reaching for Qi's hand and putting quite the lean on. Just a few hatchling's left, instinct prevails and the nervousness lifts "I umm.. the air is so hot in here.." A nod is sent towards Xander "Aye.. but much bigger eh?"

All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling decides those shrieking girls aren't worth his time. He seeks somebody so much more than they. Bold movements take him in striking distance of a sturdy young man. Is there a comment on his appearance you need to share? The hatchling stares contemplatively at the brown-haired boy, suddenly reaching forward with a forearm and wings. MINE.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

It's nearly over. With the dwindling of hatchlings upon the sands, Enka drops her arms, away from her sides, breath escaping in a whoosh at the brown Impresses. She waits, glancing in the direction of the bronze to see if he's done so much as move a talon yet. "Well," she declares, "I think the browns just about took over this clutch."

Full of Stars Bronze Hatchling flares his wings a few times now that he's on his feet. He seems to be initiating a quick check to make sure everything is functional and all systems are go. Once he seems satisfied, the bronze makes his way towards the candidates, starting at one side and systematically moving through all of them. Each candidate is scanned and assessed. Too tall. Too small. Too female. Much too female. Too scrawny. Too angry. Too hairy. Oh, but what's this? He's found a lad on the shorter side. Older. Curly dark hair. Yes. This one will do! Drimeri is chatting with another one of the older candidates about how he shouldn't have been walking around yesterday without any shoes on when the bronze lifts his head to block Drimeri's view of anything else. "Wh-what? You're Atrupennath? I'm D're… I'm D're! Yes! Yes! Let's get some food straight away! It's this way, I think." The pair start wandering off the sands, and are quickly joined by one of the weyrlingmasters.
With a triumphant cry the Full of Stars Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Qiana says "With wings." Is Qiana's remark, before she's stepping out of dragon range again, to let the brown by. The beastcrafter-candidate is taking a peek around the sands then, trying to see if there are hatchlings left, or if they've all made their choices. The bronze is noted going to that older boy. "Start with a bronze and end with a bronze?""

Shadhavarth croons encouragements to her final hatchling. Bronze to begin, bronze to end. A handsome clutch filled with handsome boys and a few lovely daughters. Perfection. But the gold is getting impatient, already ready to get /out of these sands/ and spend some time on the beach, in the water, in the sunlight. When Atrupennath finds his lifemate, Iris rises, placing a hand on Shadhavarth's neck. "Patience, love. Just a short while longer." To those remaining on the sands, she smiles warmly, consolingly, with a particularly long glance on her half-sister. "I want to thank you all for Standing with us this cycle. Please know, if you are not already a resident, you are welcome to stay on at Western- we will find a place for you to be. Even if you did not find your lifemate this cycle, the dragons who searched you saw something special… so please take heart; your lifemate may find you yet. And please, join us for the feast this evening!" Her last words are hurried as Shadhavarth nudges her impatiently. "Whiiiich may just be held out on the beach!"

Zi'on sighs a bit. "Well, Kaliena impressed. Guess I'm gonna go take a cold shower. A really really long cold shower." Zi'on files in after the remaining candidates. Maybe he'll get a drink first?

Zahleizjah sighs, it is indeed nearly over and lo and behold the young Starcrafter is not the least bit surprised to remain unbonded. Feet burning, heck everything burning, this lil' lady is almost looking forward to return to night gazing reclusiveness. Then again, she's come a long way on this journey thus far and resolves with newfound intention to get to the bottom of the night terrors that resounded through the barracks at night. There's that dizziness again, a squeeze and further lean towards Qi "Thank you Iris, Shadhavarth, Ila'den.." is said with cordial tone "Does this mean we can go?"

X'ar just blinks. This seems to be a theme of the night. "You're right.. I don't know you.." he murmurs, staring with a kind of abject fear into the eyes of the large brown hatchling. "X'ar.. who.. what?" Sea green eyes cloud over, before he starts moving towards the edge of the sands, Cvilidreth following behind. "C'mon.. Cvilidreth."

Ila'den's attention pulls to Zahl from his weyrmate (whom was getting shamelessly ogled) with a smile. "Aye, Freckles, you're free to go." And then, after a pause and a broad sweep of all those remaining. "You're all free to go. Now get off my damn sands."

Enka laughs. "Poor Zi'on," Is the Weyrwoman really that sympathetic to him? Oh sure, no doubt she is. "Well, if you'd prefer /not/ to have to take a cold shower, I'm more than happy to be of assistance. You know where to find me." A few drinks might help at that. The goldrider throws up a congratulatory fist towards her junior and the weyrsecond and their dragons. "Felicitations, Shadhavarth, Teimyrth on a lovely clutch." And yes! she's got one more junior back in the office.

Qiana just nods, giving Zahl's hand a squeeze. She isn't meeting her sister's gaze, which isn't hard to do considering Shadhavarth's impatience. "Yeah, I think this means we can go." And still with Zahl's hand clutched in hers, she starts walking. Wait, is she supposed to let go first?

Zahleizjah does manage a humble bow "Thank you Sir.. m'lady.. all of you.." before shuffling outwards and onwards, not letting go of Qi-grasp either, something comforting in their shared departure.

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