Advice for a New Rider

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Ze'an looks up at the voice and offers a small smile as he sweeps a hand through his hair, "Oh, um, no. Trust me, you couldn't do any worse than I do." There's a hearty chuckle as his eyes flicker outside, "No, I didn't put food in it, you know that…" Another frustrated sigh, "I don't need twenty questions, Ory." There's a small sympathetic look to the gathered company. As the weyrling gets his attention, a brow slowly dissapears into his brow. "The pot? Well, I'm dropping it off into the kitchens for their use. It's the first in a week I've managed not to break before it got to the cavern." He snickers quietly, "You'd think by now I'd learn not to trip over my own feet. And really, call me Ze'an, I'm no sir."

Seryic smiles and nods ze'an as he respond to the other yong man and says softly, "Well if you change your mind, dont hesistate to ask." leaning further back into this chair, and glancing at his untouched meal.

"Ze'an." Kiena mutters softly under her breath, committing the name to memory and then eyeing the pot with a look that is both curious and suspicious. "So you make 'em or you just transporting 'em to the kitchens?" she asks, gaze darting back to the bluerider with what could be an unsettling keen interest. Poor Ze'an. Questions from two sources now! The girl shifts a little from where she stands, still looking a little rough for wear but at least she's a touch more alert and focused now. Really, she should know better then to linger when as a weyrling she should be raiding the food tables as fast as possible.

"Will do, but it's probably if I end up breaking them, don't want you getting in trouble. The kitchenstaff are used to me by now, as sad as it is." Ze'an chuckles nervously as he rubs at the back of his head, "I'm just surprised they still let me near breakable stuff." His eyes flicker back to the weyrling with a arched brow, "You guys just impressed right, the other day? How'd that go? I wasn't able to watch, was stuck up somewhere else for the day." He nudges the pot with his boot, but all that does is cause the pot to totter precariously in its position. Ze'an quickly reaches out to grab it and steady, "No, no…not today." The pot is given a glare for a good measure, "I make 'em, usually if they get broken I have to remake them, which is frustrating in itself. Between Orykoth and I…well, we've broken most of the breakable stuff, so I try to replace them…"

Zi'on is looking frazzled a bit. Like he's just woken up. Or maybe he's had a string of bad meetings. Or maybe he's stressed out because Rea is due to pop at any second. Or maybe the lots of other things that can go back for twenty-one turn old weyrleader. Not having had breakfast this morning, the bronzer has been running on empty without his usually injection of sweets and klah. So as he shuffles in, the first thing he does is make a B-line for the food tables to fill a plate and get some klah. There's a sandwich mixed in there. Maybe some fruit. But it's mostly pastries on his plate. Then he moves towards a familiar face, Kiena's of course. There's a nod to those around as he takes across from the recently impressed bluerider. No hello is given though, his mug of klah seems attached to his lips for the time being.
he takes a seat*

"Yeah, that'd be us or rather I am one of 'em. Kiena, blue Ujinath's," Realizing she hadn't given her name before, the young teen remembers now, at least and all while still giving Ze'an a look that still edges on wary and suspicious despite her curious tone of voice. "And how'd it go?" That'll earn the bluerider a narrowed, puzzled look. "How else? It was chaos." It was madness! In this weyrling's mind anyhow. "Eggs rockin', hatchlings everywhere and then some fools started shrieking over something…" Kiena drawls, smirking as she lifts a hand up to absentmindedly smooth back a strand of hair behind her ear. "The usual, I suppose." Shrieking is the usual? As the pot begins to tilt, she tenses and braces for the fall that never comes. Exhaling in obvious relief, she snorts. "Then don't break 'em if it's so frustrating?" she states matter-of-factly, as if it would be so simple to just change. As Zi'on moves on past with a nod to take a seat nearby, Kiena's gaze moves to fix on the Weyrleader and… is she glaring? Or is it a scowl? "No hello then?" That'll be drawled too, sarcastic as she leans just enough, if she's successful, to raid the bronzerider's plate of food. Just a few pieces of fruit can't hurt!

Ze'an coughs quietly as he moves to steady the pot on the ground, glaring at it. "It's kinda inevitable with me, I have all kinds of bad luck. It doesn't help I'm a bit of a klutz…" The pot gets eyed a bit longer, as if trying to decide if it'll simply decide to fall over on its own. "If it's not me, it's Orykoth wanting to see whats inside. He constantly forgets there's nothing interesting inside…so he has to see, and they break." Ze'an sighs in frustration, "So it was a normal hatching then. It's always like that, I remember when I was out on the sands, I somehow managed not to get killed. That was a feat of its own, though it wasn't the end to my problems." He offers out a hand in greeting, "Nice to meet you though, Kiena. As I said, I'm Ze'an, blue Orykoth's." The weyrleader gets a curious look, "Hello, sir."

Zi'on is just in time to overhear Kiena announce her and her lifemate's name. And the bronzer goes about committing that to memory. Though he'll probably still call her Kali for a good long while. The talk of the hatching doesn't seem to even garner any sort of response from the bronzer, even though he was on the sands as well. Supervising. Or whatever it is he's supposed to do down there. Maybe next hatching he'll announce things like a runner racer announcer. There's a brow raised to Ze'an and the pot, then he looks back to Kiena. "Hey. Congrats." He watches her take food from his plate, but since she's not stealing pastry he doesn't seem to mind. "Ze'an." Zi'on responds to the other bluerider's greeting. Then he peers at him suspiciously. "You're not a Shipton, are you?" Not one of Zi'on's brothers for certain, but he could be a cousin. "What's the pot for? You making a stew?" Was that question answered earlier? Too bad! Zi'on is asking again. "I should get some tubers." He looks down at his plate.

"I don't get it," Kiena states openly, not bothering to hide the fact that Ze'an's remarks are just popping more questions into her ever curious and easily intrigued mind. "What's bad luck got to do with being a klutz? Figured it's either one or the other. Not both." There's a grimace then, when the bluerider mentions how his lifemate tends to break things. "Now /that/ is frustrating…" she mutters, popping some of the fruit she's managed to snare from Zi'on's plate into her mouth. Her other hand (free of food or any unpleasantness) is offered to Ze'an and her grip is sure and firm despite the cautious and guarded way she continues to observe the other bluerider. "Seems as though the mauling ain't the worst that could happen, hmm?" It's a cryptic remark and one met with an amused, but forced smile. "Well met then, Ze'an." Leaning back against the table's edge, the weyrling is able to keep her attention focused now on both riders, though it's the Weyrleader who earns another lingering look. "Thanks." Kiena almost grunts it and then polishes off the rest of the stolen food. Hardly sated, since her first raid went without protest, the girl does it again. "So what's got you so down?" she asks.

"Shipton? That your family? If so, nope." Ze'an shrugs the question off easily and leans slightly against the pot in question. "I…er…was replacing it. See…I kinda tripped and broke the other one, so I'm replacing it with this one." A hand is waved to the pot, "I think the kitchenstaff knows me by name now." He sighs quietly, letting his shoulders slump as he eyes the floor. "Well, it's a combination of both. Stuff just happens around me. I've such bad luck and it doesn't really help that I'm not…the most graceful of people." His eyes flicker between the weyrleader and the weyrling. "Perhaps I should get this into the kitchen before I break it."

"It's double bad luck if you're a klutz and got bad luck. If you break a mirror you may as well call it quits at the racetrack." Zi'on says with a chuckle. It was supposed to be a joke. Really it was. What other unpleasantness might be on Kiena's hand? Zi'on peers at her. "I dunno. A mauling is probably on my list of top ten things that are pretty bad." Zi'on raises a brow at Kiena then. "Eh? You're welcome. Also I'm not down. I'm just… tired. Need klah and sweetener. What's the matter with you? Shouldn't you be with your lifemate?" Zi'on nods to Ze'an then, giving him a look like he might be from outer space. "Yeah… what, you haven't heard of the Shiptons before? L'ton. Pi. P'nce… uh, Zip. Zorya. Lots of… others." Zi'on rubs his chin a bit. "I see. I thought maybe we were due for more spiderclaw bisque."

"That sounds….unpleasant, to have so much bad luck tag around." It's not entirely sympathetic, but at least Kiena's trying to be friendly and /nice/. Rather then all prickly and gruff. "Why not get someone else to deliver it? You got it this far. Maybe then it won't break." She offers as a suggestion, though doesn't seem to step up herself to do it. Instead she just leans back even more against the table's edge, peering at Ze'an while she nibbles on her pilfered meal. Catching Zi'on looking at her, the weyrling shoots him a quick glance and another smirk, "Never said a mauling was good. And what, long night?" There's a frown then, when he brings up Ujinath and Kiena's eyes dart between Ze'an and Zi'on both. "He's sleeping. Just fed and oiled. It's the only chance I have…" To escape. She doesn't quite say it, but it's implied. As the Weyrleader begins to list off names, her brows lift up and her head tilts just a bit to the side. None are familiar, but she watches to see if the bluerider reacts to any. At the mention of spiderclaw bisque and the moment of interest is ruined by Kiena pulling a face and making a disgusted sound.

Ze'an rubs at the back of his head, "There was a mauling, huh? I wasn't around, hadn't heard yet. I've been up in my weyr since I came back. Don't get out nearly as much as I used to since…" He trails off, his eyes drifting towards the ground. "Well, I'm not getting into that." He rolls his shoulders as he leans forward to gather the pot in his arms, "I'm used to it, my whole life's been one big unlucky streak. If it can happen it happens to me." Ze'an frowns as the names are listed off, "Might have heard one or two of those names, didn't know they were famous or anything." Ze'an shifts the pot in his arms a bit uneasily. "If I asked someone else to do it, then that'd be irresponcible of me, woudln't it? I broke it, it's my responcibility to replace it." Ze'an glances at the weyrleader briefly, "I've broken numerous mirrors in my time, got a couple nasty cuts from 'em too."

Kiena, friendly and nice? That's hard to believe! At least for Zi'on. He has to butter her up before he gets that sort of treatment. "Yeah, get someone else to do it. Want me to order Kiena to do it? I can do that." Expecting a scowl aimed at him, Zi'on goes about eating pastry. Delicious pastry. Zi'on shrugs a bit at Kiena's question. "I guess. Been having lots of them lately. Can't sleep very well." He gives Kiena a look that says 'you ought to know why'. "Ah. Blue, hm? Should be.. interesting. It'll get easier, though. It's like caring for any newborn, they can't do much for themselves yet." Zi'on shakes his head at Ze'an then. "No, no mauling. At least none that I noticed." Then he raises a brow at the bluerider. "How long have you been a rider here? My father was wingleader of Search and Rescue for… a while. Turns." Zi'on wiggles his finger at the pot. "But if you drop it, what's the point?"

Kiena is /trying/ to be friendly and nice, doesn't mean she's in fact truthfully being so. She's going to have to learn to start trusting folk though, no real choice in the matter now. Ze'an is given a long, lingering look, especially after the bluerider trails off. "You didn't miss much. Just chaos, as I hear makes a normal hatching." She assures him, uncertain of what else to say and not cruel enough to pry what was left unsaid from him. Shoulders rise and fall in a shrug when the suggestion is questioned and the weyrling gives a ghost of a grin. "Just sayin'. If it's getting to be so frustrating, you could always have someone else carry it and maybe follow. I dunno." Zi'on does get a scowl and a pretty heated one at that. If she wasn't so hungry, she might've flicked some of the fruit she has at him but it's devoured instead. "And what if Ujinath calls for me? I can't be carrying no pot." So there. And she does suspect what the Weyrleader is hinting at, though the frown she gives him looks confused. "That's what everyone is saying. It'll get easier. Won't it get tougher?" Bigger dragon means a lot more work, right? Kiena logic, hard at work!

Ze'an frowns as he starts ticking off on his fingers then he consults the ceiling. "Um…" He trails off in thought, "I've been here around 10 years now?" He offers up uncertainly, glancing at the weyrleader. "I lost track after a while." Ze'an shrugs as his eyes flicker towards the kitchen, "The point is, I broke it, I'm replacing it. If I break it again, I'll just put it back together. It's not that hard for me, I've gotten rather good at it." There's a small smile pulling at Ze'an's lips as the talk trails off to hatchlings. "I remember when Orykoth was small…he always got his head stuck in the oil vats and he'd get oil all over the place. And then /I'd/ slip and break something. Those were the good old days." He shakes his head as he eyes the pot, "I'm used to breaking stuff, don't want anyone to inherit my bad luck." He looks between the two. "Really, you don't have to carry it, I can do it, just gotta watch where I'm going."

She could still technically be initially untrusting of most people. It's just now her circle was going to expand quite a bit. First the weyrlings and the weyrlingmasters, then to her wing once she graduates. And hopefully eventually to other riders and the weyr at large, more or less. "Other than an inordinately large number of blues, the hatching was pretty standard." Zi'on grins at Kiena gives him a scowl. "It's not like he's taking the pot to the moon. You could carry it and then run back to Ujinath. At any rate you better not take that sort of tone with the weyrlingmasters. Or you'll be doing triple exercises until you're too tired to talk back." Zi'on shakes his head. "Not really. Maybe a little, since you have to cut more meat. But soon enough they'll hunt on their own. And they won't be growing so their hide won't need as much oil. Then eventually they'll between to take care of business. And then you can ride them around and they'll look after you." Zi'on just eyes Ze'an for a bit. "Well, okay then." Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Suldith's never been klutzy, thankfully. But he's got all sorts of other weird habits that he's had since he was little. Ujinath will have some, too, I bet." Though maybe his won't be as outwardly visible?

Kiena only shakes her head when Ze'an insists that he doesn't need help with the pot, holding up her hands in a defeated gesture. "Your choice. Just figured I'd try and help," she drawls with a lopsided and faint smile. At the mention of a young Orykoth's (mis)adventures, the weyrling chuckles gruffly. "I ain't had too much trouble with Ujinath yet…" Which of course is a lie. There's just othing she seems ready to publicly share anyhow. The girl is still awkward about the whole life change and all. A brow quirks upwards as Zi'on comments on the oddity of so many blues, but she says nothing on the issue. Then she scoffs, "I ain't a fool. I'll behave." Yeah right. The weyrling is already pushing it just with Ze'an and Zi'on both and she's not even a full sevenday into Weyrlinghood. It's going to be a long, long Turn. "You make it seem so easy, I almost want to call you a liar, Zi'on…" Kiena mutters, eyeing that plate of food that may still be set in front of him. She doesn't go for a third raiding though, choosing to cross her arms loosely over her chest and simply observe both riders with equal interest. "I suppose he will. He's young yet…" she adds to the Weyrleader's comment.

"And thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. " Ze'an flashes a grin as he shifts in his position, "Well, with Orykoth and I combined…we were always in trouble. I still don't like flying. I'm always afraid I'm going to mess up with the straps…or they'll break while we're flying…or I'll fall off." Ze'an shudders at the thought. "It'd just be my luck." There's a soft sigh from the bluerider as he looks over his shoulders. "Orykoth isn't clutzy, he's just into everything. I'm the clutzy one. He gets into stuff, and I just end up making it worse trying to get him out of it. That's just how it goes with the two of us." Ze'an looks over towards Kiena, "It's hard at first taking care of baby dragons, but it does get easier once you get used to each other and start to learn about each other."

Zi'on peers at Kali. "Try and help? You refused to help, seemed to me." Zi'on nods to Kiena. "Mm. Well there's always a few hurdles to overcome, and some growing pains and all. It's normal. We all go through them. Even Suldith had trouble flying at first." As in, don't be afraid to talk about them. Not that Kiena is like to take it that way. She's more apt to think Zi'on is suggesting Ujinath might have trouble flying. He smiles to Kiena as she states she's not a fool, then that she'll behave. It's a fond smile though, if he doesn't quite believe here entirely. "I never said it'd be easy. I just said it gets easier. Eventually they become your other half, but you gotta help get them there." Zi'on's only eaten pastry and drank klah really. The sandwich has about two bites taken out of it, and he may have had a section of fruit, but that's it. What's left he doesn't seem to be touching. He slides the plate her way when he eyes her looking at it. "If you're hungry you should eat, Ki. It may be a while before you can again. And take a snack or two back with you." He suggests, this time in a softer tone. This one with a bit of concern behind it. And maybe some other four letter word Zi'on dare not utter now. The bronzer blinks at Ze'an. "Don't like flying? Shards and shells, man. You dragon can generally keep you on his back I'd think by now. Even if the straps gave way."

"You're a rider… but afraid of flying?" Kiena stares openly at Ze'an, not bothering to tone back or mask her incredulousness to his claim. Tact? She has none. Again when she's peered at by Zi'on, she simply returns the look and with a heavier frown. "I was offerin' suggestions. That's how I was helpin'." She points out and true to the Weyrleader's suspicions, she does take something he said the wrong way, but it only has her backing off a bit and looking a touch awkward. Maybe it was that bit about /talking/? Cause she's sure gone silent fast. "So it's like teamwork in a sense…" The weyrling seems to mull that over, adding to it Ze'an's tale of how he and Orykoth seem to balance each other out. With the Weyrleader's plate of food still containing untouched food and shoved her way, Kiena snares a few more choice morsels and may even take part of the sandwich that hasn't already been nibbled on. Waste not, want not? "Kali," she corrects between bites and while she looks first to Zi'on, her eyes move to include Ze'an in that as well. "You can still call me Kali. Kiena… is going to take some time." And apparently she doesn't like 'Ki' as a nickname. Fickle one, she is. "And I know. I was comin' to get food but got distracted. My head is all fuzzy still. I swear, if I wasn't focusing on where…" Awkwardly she drifts off, head canting a bit to the side and from the way her posture suddenly tenses, it could mean only one thing. "Shells. He's awake now." Cramming the rest of the food down, she's shooting both riders apologetic looks while she swallows and pushes herself away from the table's edge. "Good luck with the pot, Ze'an. And thanks for the food, Zi'on. And the advice… uh, both of you." It's a hurried and rather broken farewell but at least Kiena manages it. The Weyrleader might get a longer look too and something might be attempted to be passed silently then, but it's hard to tell just what as she's swiftly gone. She knows better then to linger and push her luck.

Ze'an's eyes flickers between the two, frowning softly, "I think I'm rather interrupting something." He rubs at the back of his head, "I like flying, it just makes me nervous. It's good, actually, that I'm nervous. I always double-check the straps, and I know Orykoth wouldn't let me fall. I trust him as much trouble as we get into." He frowns, "I'm not scared of flying, just don't like the idea of falling. It makes me nervous, with my luck and all." He rubs at the back of his head absently. "I should get this into the kitchen anyway, and get back to work."

Zi'on chuckles at Kiena. "Well, if you say so." He says about her suggestions. The bronzer didn't actually say anything about talking. Just insinuated that she ought to, mostly because the two Z's were discussing it. "Like teamwork, sure. It'll make more sense later." Zi'on watches Kali pick at his food. Waste not, sure. But you'd think by now she wouldn't be afraid of his cooties. "Kali, then." She never called him 'Zi' so it was only fair, he supposes. Zi'on chuckles a bit as Kiena gets that distant look in her eyes. "You better go, then. I'll probably bring Suldith by later to inspect the troops. He's been keeping tabs on his own brood anyways." Zi'on tilts his head at that look, then gets up himself. "Well, careful with that pot, Ze'an. I wouldn't want the headwoman coming after you with the broom." The weyleader gives the bluerider a nod before making his way out.

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