Runner on the Beach

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's getting towards the end of the day at Western, and Zi'on is getting some sun in while the getting is still good. He's already taken a quick dip by the looks of things, his swim shorts are still wet. Now he's laying out in the sun on his back, shades on and arms behind his head. It's hard to tell if he's asleep or awake. Suldith is out enjoying the water right now, splashing away and catching fish and generally making a ruckus.

Miraneith has abandoned the comfortable hiding spot of her weyr for the rather more open stretch of the lagoon shoreline, the gold feline-napping gently in the warmth of the setting sun, lifting her head every now and then to peer about her with lazy-lidded eyes and that perpetual little smile plastered across her face. Motion down at the farther end of the lagoon gives away her reasons for being there — the happy laughter of a young child heard over the soft patter-patter of runner hooves on sand as Bubblies actually manages to haul his tubby self into a wavering trot, Enka and Emalia perched on his back as the runner pony tharumps slowly along the waterline. There's a snort from the queen dragon as she cranes her short neck out towards the young bronze. « Are the fish good? »

Zi'on lifts his head up to look around. Who was making the noise? It was hard to distinguish things over the sound of the wind and the water, but Zi'on thinks he can make out who is on the back of the pony. Also it was easy to tell Miraneith apart from Bennueth, and as far as he knew those were th only two golds at the weyr. He gives a wave pony-wards. Suldith emerges from the water and trots over to Miraneith. He's got a fish hanging from his mouth, it's still alive and flopping all over the place. He offers it to the older gold. « Here, you can try. »

Enka's guiding Bubblies down along the water's edge, the pony's hooves splashing through the shallows as Ema bounces up and down, squealing happily, her little hands set in front of her mother's on the reins, and the trio is getting closer to the bronzer. It's definitely easy to tell Miraneith apart from the junior gold, not only is she bigger, she's got a short neck and a plump stubby tail. And as they are definitely the only two golds at the weyr, then it's definitely the senior queen on the beach today. There's a sudden darting angle of Miraneith's head, the gold's attention snapping towards the movement of the fish being offered to her by Suldith and she wiggles the very tippy-tip of her tail back and forth before … /snap/, she darts forwards and slurps it up with a quick bite. « It is good. » the queen declares as her rider, the pony and her rider's daughter arrive. « Thank you. »

Zi'on flips around and sits up. He stretches a bit and brushes some sand off himself. Suldith meanwhile is trying to hold the fish still, which is hard without just outright killing it. But most dragons liked their food fresh, which meant doing the killing themselves for the most part. Once she snaps he lets go, allowing her to slurp it up. Suldith responds to Mir's thanks with a bit of a neck rub. It's short, then he retreats back to the water. Queens were different than other dragons, and it was hard to tell how she might react. Zi'on grins as the trio arrive. "Hey."

In Miraneith's mind, anything small enough to eat (and appropriately edible, that is) that's moving and twitching or flopping around is going to elicit that particular reaction for her. It's why she basically prefers wherries over anything else, but fish is good enough for her too. She's rarely the kind to consume herdbeasts after all. The queen rumbles softly at the bronze, accepting his neck rub with a blithe little flick-flick of her tail before she settles herself down again, curled in upon herself, and recumbent on the sun-warmed afternoon sands. Enka spares a quick glance for the dragon, before she grins wryly at Zi'on. "Hey yourself." Slipping off the pony is easy, Bubblies isn't that big of a runner anyway, although Emalia is left atop his back. "Enjoyin' the afternoon, huh?" the goldrider asks.

Suldith's eating habits were mostly that of a normal dragon. Even if he was small for a bronze, he was still big enough that herdbeast was his only option if he didn't want to have to eat all the time. One can't imagine how many wherries Miraneith consumes over the course of a sevenday, let alone a whole turn. The bronze takes a second to look over at the pony, before his rider mentally urges him back into the water, so he doesn't scare Bubblies. Zi'on nods to Enka. "Yep.. looks like I'm not the only one." He gets to his feet. "This your daughter?"

Miraneith is the reason why there's always a definite lack of wherries on the feeding grounds. She eats a /lot/ of them. And it helps that her rider takes her out to hunt wild ones too, so as not to deplete the Weyr's stock too much. At least wherries are fairly easy to replenish, rather than say — a herdbeast — in terms of growth from youngster to adult. Avians grow fast. The gold does give Suldith a warning look, just in case that glance from the bronze indicated he was thinking along the lines of runner ala' roasted or something like that. Enka's leaning on the pony's shoulder, her arm draped over his neck, and Bubblies is … well, very stoic in the presence of dragons. He's not exactly a very intelligent critter after all. "Mmmhmm," she grins, "was such a nice afternoon, we thought we'd go ridin' for a while." She glances over at Emalia who's still bouncing up and down, the reins clenched in her little hands. "This is Ema. Ema, meet Zi'on." "Hi," comes the chirp of greeting from the little girl. "Can I ride Bubblies more, Mama, can I?"

Suldith really just wants to investigate. But Zi'on figures a big dragon's face sniffing around Bubblies might spook the runner a bit. Most runners weren't too calm around the dragons, and Zi'on doesn't know Bubblies' demeanor. Zi'on smiles a bit to Ema. "Hi, Ema. Seems like it's a nice day for riding." Bubblies is a little small for the bronzer to get on though. "Don't let me keep you guys. I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow."

Well… a big dragon face /right/ in the pony's line of sight might set him off. After all, dragons have teeth, lots of teeth, and Bubblies wouldn't know if he was going to that big corral in the sky or not. Better safe than sorry at any rate. "I love riding Bubblies," Ema declares. "He can go fast." If one's definition of fast is a steady crawl, then yes, that is fast. "He's almost as good as flying on a dragon." Enka chuckles, and pats the pony's neck. Yes, he's too small for Zi'on to ride. "Oh dear, rain," the goldrider wrinkles her nose. "Well, Ema, you can go riding over there where I can see you." she points to a place just a little ways off. With a happy squeal, Ema thumps the pony with her heels and he takes off … at a plodding walk. "So, what's new with you, Zi'on?" the goldrider asks.

Best not to scare the poor runner. Lest he have a heart attack or something and keel over. Zi'on grins and nods to Ema. "I bet he can." Zi'on hasn't ever ridden a runner. At least not that he can remember. "Have fun, Ema." The bronzer calls after her as she trots away. Then he turns his attention to Enka instead, giving her a shrug. "Same old, I guess. Out for a swim while the weather is still nice, before I have sweeps later." He motions to Ema. "She's cute."

Enka smiles wryly, flopping down comfortably on to the ground, cross-legged, as she trails her fingers through the sand in front of her. There's a moment of silence, the goldrider watching her daughter who's balanced a little precariously, but clutching on to the pony's mane and the reins, before she chuckles, sparing Zi'on a warm glance. "Glad to hear you were enjoyin' yourself. Nothin' like a bit of free time on a good afternoon, after all." There's a rather proud little smile on the goldrider's face now. "Oh, Ema's a darlin'. She's growin' up so fast, it seems, but she's definitely cute."

Zi'on takes a seat next to Enka, watching her fingers trail in the sand, before glancing up at Ema. The bronzer for a second looks like he might sprint over to her, but then she's rebalanced and he relaxes, smiling to Enka. "Mm. You weren't in your office, so I thought I'd come out here for some sunshine." He nods a bit about Ema. "Yeah… How old is she now? She looks like she's still got quite a while before she'll be standin' or anything."

"Wouldn't worry too much about her," Enka comments, her gaze drifting back towards the little girl and the runner pony. "She's been ridin' on her own for a few turns now, and Bubblies is steady. He might not be much in the brains department, but he's got a knack for the little ones. Practically shifts his whole body under her to keep her on." Enka takes up a handful of sand, letting it dribble out between her fingers. "Mmm, yeah, thought I'd run away from those finances again, and just enjoy the day out." she winks teasingly at him before grinning. "Ema's just about five. Shells, seems like yesterday she was born, but I don't think she'll be standin' for a good nine or ten turns yet. Got faith in her though." That's definitely the proud mama look again.

Zi'on nods. "Ah… if you say so." He squints out at the pony and tiny rider, then looks to Enka. "Never been on a runner. Not much need I guess with the dragons around everyplace." He chuckles at her work woes. "Shells, Enka. Get someone to help you out already. Hold try outs or something between the 'brats. You'll be workin' yourself crazy soon enough." The bronzer starts to bury his own feet in the sand. "Yeah, she's still pretty little. She's fostered, right?"

Enka's lips quirk into a wry smirk. "It's good for her, learnin' like that. Wouldn't dream of lettin' her ride any other runner but Bubblies, so I know she's safe. And she does like goin' for flights and such with me and Mir. Ridin' dragons is all good and well, especially since we're surrounded by 'em, but I grew up with runners too. It's all a balance." That, and Enka didn't much get the opportunity to go dragonriding with her father much, lest her mother complain. Ducking her head, the goldrider chuckles ruefully. "I'd be worried about leavin' the Weyr's finances in the hands of 'brats. Faranth knows if they've the head for sums, or aren't goin' to try and assign our marks to somethin' like gettin' cookies and pies instead of fruit. I'm really hopin' I can find an adult who can do this sort of thing. Think a Harper might?" There's a pause, Enka glancing up. "Mmmhmm. Both her and the twins. I can visit 'em, and even have 'em stay overnight, but with my job, fosterin' is the only way."

Zi'on nods to Enka. "You looking for her to be a beastcrafter or something?" Zi'on has trouble understanding the need for runner. There are dragons! Runners are food. "I just had dragons." He chuckles. "I dunno. Runners are alright I guess." Zi'on had plenty of trips on dragons since he was just a tiny one. Having two dragonriding parents helped. He laughs. "That's why you do try outs. And then you scare the one you hire into doing what they're supposed to. I thought you liked cookies and pies, anyways?" He laughs and shrugs. "I dunno. Probably one of the ones that teaches that sort of thing can, yeah." He nods. "Mm. Thought maybe their dad coulda taken them or somethin'. I dunno too much about fosterin'."

"If that's what she wants to be," Enka states, "but maybe it's a girl thing. Girls love runners." There's always a need for runners, especially of the pony kind. It's all that long soft hair to brush and fuss over. "Besides, she doesn't always have dragons, and if havin' a runner helps give her somethin' to focus on, I'm not goin' to fuss over it." The goldrider laughs. "I should hold try-outs." she agrees. "You willin' to help me round up the 'brats?" She pauses, and looks amused. "I /do/ like cookies and pies, but spending the entire budget on sweets when not everyone can eat 'em?" There's an arch of a brow, the weyrwoman regarding Zi'on closely. "Remind me to visit the Harper Hall sometime, maybe they've got someone there who knows sums." At the topic of fostering, Enka shrugs a bit. "Well, Ema's dad is the Weyrleader of Ista, last I heard. I'd think he's a bit busy. And as for Ken and Liam …" she trails off, shrugging again. "Doesn't mean they couldn't go visit, but …" well, she's at a loss for words.

Zi'on shrugs. "Maybe. I guess it's kinda like a big pet that you can ride. Mir doesn't care that you ride him?" Suldith might not be so understanding. "True I guess, since she's fostered. She can have a pony at everytime, but someone needs to be around to give her a ride." He peers at her. "What, like a baby-sitter or something? I guess if you need me to." Zi'on had mostly skipped out of nanny-duty since he'd impressed so young. Most of the real nannies didn't much trust a 13 turn-old brat with the rest of the younger brats. He'd probably have let them into the dessert stores or something to eat until they got sick. "Ah. I didn't know Ema had a different dad. Er… your twins are still pretty small to be going on visiting trips, I thought?"

Enka nods. "Exactly, it's just a big pet that's big enough to ride." the goldrider agrees quite readily. "Mir doesn't really mind. Seein' as she's asleep most of the day anyway. She knows he aint nearly the same as her, and that I love her." After all, the pony doesn't share a mental connection. There's a chuckle, Enka giving the bronzer a look. "Oh, I didn't mean that you'd have to baby-sit 'em," she remarks, "but I figure you're crafty enough to talk 'em in to coming along for the tryouts. And then they can't back out before it's too late." What is the weyrwoman plotting anyway? "She does. And the twins could maybe visit their dad when they're a little older."

Zi'on nods. "I heard they eat and poop a lot though." He peers at Bubblies. Zi'on has had to do his fair share of mucking, though. Probably more than his fair share, since he was always getting into trouble. Also because he wasn't responsible enough to do other things. "Mm." He says about Mir and Bubblies. Then he raises a brow to the goldrider. "You mean trick them into trying out? Yeah, I'm sure I could do that. I know most of the brats here anyways. It'll save some of them from other crapwork, at the least." Though he still looks a little skeptical. "Mm. Their fathers don't come to visit? Though I guess my da didn't come to visit us too much neither."

"Oh Faranth, do they ever!" Enka rolls her eyes with amusement. "Worse than babies sometimes, I think. Seems like no sooner has some fodder gone down their throats, it's comin' out the other end. Really regular-like." There's a conspiratorial wink from the goldrider. "But it's not me that has to muck 'em out, so I thank Mir for that. No time to do my own stable work." It's not that the goldrider is lazy and would refuse to do such a menial task, but she has got a lot of other work to do. "Maybe," is she being deliberately sneaky about the weyrbrats and the tryouts? "Maybe not. But if they knew it was somethin' for me, they might not be so eager to volunteer." She pauses for a moment and then shrugs again. "I really don't know. They might come and visit when the kids are with their foster moms, but I don't know. I've been meanin' to take Ema to Ista though. See her dad."

Zi'on blinks at Enka, then laughs. "Wow, that's terrible. At least dragons between it all. Can you imagine trying to muck Mir's doody?" The massive mound of it would be enough to clear out the weyr, probably. Not to mention she was a meat-eater, which likely meant it stuck something horrible. He peers at her then. "Oh. So you want me to tell them it's my idea and that I'm hiring them? Heh, what makes you think they'd be more likely to do somethin' for me than for you?" He nods then. "I've been thinkin' about moving back to Ista. Get out form under my dad's nose, I guess. And something new. I don't think any of his old crew is around there anymore, so I could make my own way."

Enka snickers. "Time was I was always bein' asked if Mir had a case of fat tail," there's a glance over at the gold who's snoozing a bit in the warmth. "On account of her tail bein' the way it is. And it's a definite relief to have 'em go between. Unless of course they couldn't." Which is an awful thought to think about. "Mmm, no," Enka shakes her head. "Don't make 'em think you're hirin' them or anythin', just round 'em up, and herd 'em over. Maybe they'd get cookies or somethin'." Ah, ha, bribery. That might work long enough to keep someone in a seat to test them. "You have?" Enka does sound a bit surprised. "Sometimes I miss the place myself," she regards Zi'on for a moment. "I see though, gotta get out from your da's shadow and all."

Zi'on blinks. "Fat tail? Really? She looks fine to me. If she can't I hope she does her business out in the ocean or something… Or in a big hole where it could be buried." The bronze finally makes his way out of the water. He settles down in the sand next to the queen, his wings a little spread out for maximum warmth-absorption. Zi'on meanwhile raises a brow at Enka. "Trick them into trying out? Heh… I guess I could." He shrugs then. "I thought about it, yeah. Not like I got a bag packed at home or nothin'. I don't really want to leave with you here anyways, and I know you can't leave. Maybe I ought to just switch wings."

"It was mainly when we were weyrlings," the goldrider explains. "and Mir couldn't go between yet. Shells, that was a lot of muckin'. But at least she could go in that big hole in the ground." Miraneith angles her head upwards at Suldith, and whuffles softly in greeting. "If anyone can do it," Enka grins at Zi'on, "you can. It's weyrbrat know-how. It's just who we are." she glances over at Emalia who's got Bubblies stopped, the pony stretching his neck up to sniff at the little girl who pats his nose, giggling. "Seein' you not run off and leave me here would be a great relief," Enka remarks. "If you want to switch wings, you could, you know."

Zi'on laughs. "I bet it was. Gross." Suldith rumbles a bit to the queen, his tail wagging in the sand a bit. "What? Weren't you a weyrbrat, too? Anyways, I can round them up if you want, sure. It's not too hard. Weyrbrats aren't exactly known to be cautious about things like that. They'll risk a lot for a tray of cookies or pies." He would know. The bronzer looks out towards Ema and then back to her mother. He smiles a bit. "Heh… I dunno. Da might be upset. Plus I don't know too much about the other wings really. I'll have to think about it some more."

Enka laughs, toes wiggling into the sand as she squirms around to find a more comfortable position to sit. "It was /awful/." Enka declares. "Not somethin' I fancy ever doin' again." Good thing Mir's so big now that she can go between. Reliving weyrlinghood is not an exciting prospect for the weyrwoman. "Course I was." Enka grins cheekily. "I was a shardin' good 'brat too at gettin' into trouble. But I can't convince 'em myself. They'd immediately know somethin' was up." Cookies or pies now, that probably is a good kind of bribery. Enka nods then. "Well, it's not like you live with him anymore, right? And if he's half the man I've heard he's rumored to be, he'd let you spread your wings. Think on it. And if he gives you trouble, send him to me."

Zi'on motions to Ema. "Should we go let her down?" He grins. "Well, it's not like mucking for Suldith was a picnic. The one time he ate some bad meat or something and had a tummy ache. Ugh, it was bad. We had to get out the hoses." Zi'on too is glad to not be a weyrling anymore. He laughs. "Well, you gotta bake the bribe, I'll offer it to them and get them into your office or whatever. Then make them work for their prizes." He nods a bit. "No. I don't live with him anymore. That would just be… weird." Three dragons in a weyr? Two bronzes, to boot? "Heh… well, alright."

Enka waves over to Emalia, and the pony, clicking her tongue a bit. "C'mon over," the goldrider encourages, and stands just as the pony comes to a halt by her. "Looks like he wants to roll," she comments, lifting Ema off and letting Bubblies wander off a bit before the black and white runner flings himself down onto the sand and flails around with squirming glee. Plopping back down to the sand, with Ema in her lap, Enka nods. "I had heard somethin' about a mess in the barracks once," she grins teasingly. "Fair's fair. You round 'em up, I'll do the bakin'." There's a silent pause for a moment, and Enka laughs. "It would be awful weird to share a place with your dad. So he really ought to let you be."

Zi'on blinks as the runner rolls around in the sand. He chuckles a bit. There's a smile given to Ema, but the young bronzer looks a little awkward. He wasn't used to dealing with kids that young anymore. "So… did you have fun riding?" That's about all he can think of to ask. "Bah. It wasn't that bad. At least not in the barracks. Most of it was outside." He nods a bit. "I don't think him or Lissi would want me cramping their style. And I don't want to be stuck baby-sitting for them, either. Anyways I can deal. He's not as bad as he was when I first joined the wing anyways."

Bubblies seems to be having a grand old time rolling around on the sand. See there he goes, all four legs in the air and then back down on the other side, moving his head to rub his neck on the sand as well. "The best time!" Emalia declares, clapping her hands with glee. "Fun!" Enka grins at her daughter and then nods. "I think it would be awkward, livin' in the same room as your dad, or sharin' with your little siblings or somethin'. And baby-sittin' can get awkward too." she pauses, and chuckles. "Well, he probably had to get used to you bein' in the wing, that's all. And now he might not what to do about it."

Zi'on grins at Bubbles. He's like a big dog! Hopefully the sand just washes right off him. There's a smile for Ema. "That's good! You don't want to roll around in the sand, too?" He grins a bit. Enka might say a big no to that. "Yeah. It definitely would. He's got another family up in there. So it would be strange. And I got other things to do than baby-sit for him and what's her name." The bronzer shrugs a bit. "I guess. Just want to be ignored like everyone else in the wing, heh. So why'd you end up transferring from Ista, anyways?"

Yeah, just think of a pony as a big dog with a long tail and hair on his neck. Because after a good roll, Bubblies pops up so that he's lying on his side with his legs tucked under him, sort of dozing. Which might be a miracle that he's so calm around dragons, but they're a bit of a way down the beach from him, so maybe he feels all right. "No, silly." Ema waves her hands around. "I'd make a mess." She might be a 'brat, but apparently, Ema's not quite that kind of 'brat. Time enough to tell if she was a mischief maker. Enka chuckles ruefully. "Mmmhmm. I think I know what you mean. It's not the same as havin' your family the way it was. So you got your own place and that's good." she pauses, looking at him. "You mean, you didn't ever hear how I got here? How it was my big mouth that got me into trouble?"

Suldith probably hasn't ever seen a runner this close up before. But he doesn't seem to be very interested right now anyways, more interested in laying in the sand and sunning himself than anything else really. Zi'on chuckles at Ema. "No? Can I roll around, or will that make a mess, too?" The bronzer shakes his head to Enka. "Besides… I'm too old to be living at home like that anyways. I got a big dragon now who needs space and not to be sharing it with another bronze." He peers at her then, raising an eyebrow. "Uh… no? I think I got here after you did. Guess it wasn't big talk at the time or somethin'."

"You'll get sand in your hair!" Ema shrieks gleefully, scooping up a handful and tossing it up — though thankfully not on the bronzer or her mother. "Faranth," Enka chuckles. "He is goin' to be a chore to clean," she's looking at the pony now. "Right," Enka glances back at Zi'on, nodding. "Suldith needs his space. can't be sharin' with another bronze, especially with a green in the middle too." The goldrider peers back at him. "Well, Rea was visitin' Ista and we got to talkin'. Guess what I said must have hit a nerve or somethin' because next thing I know, she's shovin' her knot into my hands and draggin' me here. And I've been here ever since. Nearly four turns now."

Zi'on laughs. "Well, true. But I don't have much hair, unlike you or your mom. I guess I won't go rolling. Heh, be careful with the sand. It'll blow back into your eyes if you're not careful." The bronzer grins a bit. "Ah it's hot out. Just grab a hose or some buckets and he'll be fine." He nods then. "Yeah, I don't see Dhon sharing his space with another dragon, either." Zi'on leans back on his hands and looks at Enka while she tells him the story. "Well then. Guess you got what was coming to ya, or something. Four turns though, that's a while. Guess you're stuck here now."

Ema's chin bobs, the little girl taking in what the bronzer said. "Won't throw sand," she says then, leaning forward to scrabble her little fingers into the sand instead. "Why do you not have as much hair?" it's a question, of course. Enka chuckles, pats Ema's shoulder and then nods. "I suppose that'll do it," she agrees. "And then we'll have to tie him up so he doesn't roll again. Runners seem to enjoy it a lot." she can't help but grin. "Guess I did," the goldrider agrees. "Got what was comin' to me good, and she isn't takin' the knot back, so I'm stuck with it. Not that I /really/ mind."

Zi'on nods. "It hurts, trust me. I know." He leans his head down to show Ema his hair. Just a little fuzz on top of his head really. "I dunno. Always had it cut short when I was little, since I was a boy and I didn't know how to take care of it. Kept it that way ever since. Plus it's soft this way. Feel." He'll wait for Ema to feel before moving his head. "I can grow a beard though, to make up for it." He chuckles about Bubblies, then shrugs. "I think you make a good weyrwoman anyways. Not crazy or anything, and the weyr ain't fallin' down."

Little sandy fingers reach up towards Zi'on's head, but Ema doesn't quite touch his hair, only giggles. "I can't have hair that short." Her mother reaches over to brush sand off the girl's fingers before Ema is able to feel the bronzer's hair like he suggested. "It is soft." "You could have hair that short," Enka says teasingly, "but you'd look a little silly." The goldrider nods. "Why thank you, Zi'on. I'm glad you approve of me as a weyrwoman." she smiles wryly. "I do my best to keep it from fallin' down."

Zi'on chuckles. "No, probably not. You'd look like a little boy. But it's good for little boys. We like to play in the dirt and the mud and it's easy to clean when it's this short." No shampoo really necessary. He chuckles to Enka. "You're welcome, Enka. I think Western is a pretty good weyr. A nice laid back place." He looks at Ema then. "Can I get a hug?"

"And I don't think Ema wants to look like a little boy," Enka puts in. "Not that there's anythin' wrong with little boys," after all, Enka has two little boys herself, but Ema might not like it. "I think so too," the goldrider agrees, nodding. "It's grown on me, it has. Feels like home." "Ok!" comes the chirrup from the little girl as she wiggles off her mother's lap and all but flings herself at Zi'on with that exuberant sort of clingy hug that children like to give.

Zi'on chuckles. "Nah, I don't think so either. She looks too cute as a little girl." It was hard to imagine Ema with short hair or anything. "I like Western. The weather is nice and all… Not like Telgar. Plus this is where I impressed and all." There's an 'oof' from the bronzer as Ema flings herself at him. He chuckles a bit and gives her a hug. "Heh, thanks Ema."

Enka laughs. "Well, you're right, very right." Naturally Enka would say this, Ema looks mainly like her after all, so that means that Enka was likely cute too as a weyrbrat. "As another 'brat who grew up at Telgar," Enka remarks, "I agree with you. It's cold up there." She gives a little shiver. "I'd rather stay at a nice island Weyr and Western's the best there is." a pause, "Ista's nice too though. I just feel more at home here." Leaning back, Enka braces herself with her arms, watching Ema cheerfully. "Welcome," says the little girl.

Zi'on thought Enka was still cute even as an adult. A different kind of cute though for the most part. He laughs. "You grew up at Telgar? I'm sorry. I was there a while I guess, but probably not when you were. It's a lot nicer here." One can tell what Zi'on thinks of the island weyr just by looking at him. His olive skin was darker than ever since he came to Western. "I haven't lived at Ista since I was little, so it would be strange for me at first, I think." He looks at Ema then. "So, you going to be a dragonrider when you grow up, too?"

Enka is definitely cute as an adult. Just wait till Zi'on could see how cute the goldrider could be. "It's been …" Enka trails off for a moment looking thoughtful, "almost ten turns now since we had to leave." she explains. "So I don't know how recently you were there, and we might have missed each other entirely. But here," she waves a hand expansively, it's sure a nice place to be." Hey, even the weyrwoman has a good tan, which proves that she doesn't spend her entire day mewed up in the office or records room. "Oh I will, I will." Ema says, bouncing up and down with eagerness. "I'm going to get a dragon thiiiiiiiis big," and she unwinds her arms from around the bronzer's neck and stretches them out as far as she can. "I'm going to be a wee-weewoman like Mommy."

Zi'on would be scared to hear something like that from Enka. Just how cute -could- she be? "Hm… We probably overlapped for the first couple turns I was there. Course I was just a little kid then, so even if you saw me you wouldn't have paid me any attention I'm sure." He laughs at Ema. "That small, hm? I don't know if they make them that small. We might just have to find you a big firelizard." He teases, then laughs. "A weyrwoman?" Or some other unknown type of rider? "Heh, yep, just like mom."

Enka can be scary too. Rawr. Cute and scary. How's that for a package? "Probably," Enka nods. "Course, we might have been kept apart anyway, so we never got to meet each other." the goldrider tilts her shoulders in a shrug. "It can get awful amazin' about how many people you run into that maybe you've run into before without knowin' it." she chuckles at the bronzer's teasing of Ema, but it seems Ema's taking it in stride. "I can't ride a firelizard, silly," the girl states. "My dragon will be really big." She starts to pout a little, but nods. "A wee-weewoman. I'm gonna do lots of work and work really hard." "Harder than me, I hope," Enka quips cheekily, grinning at her daughter. "Might have to raise my own junior up, you know."

That just makes her extra scary. Zi'on is already scared of her a lot of the time. He nods a bit. "I wasn't fostered or anything. So I was at home a lot of the time, or with the nannies." The bronzer laughs a bit. "You can't!? Ah well then, I guess you'll have to impress a proper dragon then. A big gold, bigger than Mir?" He smiles and nods a bit. "Yeah? I bet you will." Then he grins to Enka. "There you go. Too bad she's not a few turns older, hm? That would be even better."

"That's probably it," Enka nods. "I was fostered, so obviously we didn't hang around the same places." Not to mention Enka had her own crowd to run with at the time, dying ovines and doing pranks and stuff. "Nobody can ride a firelizard," Ema giggles. "They'd go squish" and she throws her hands up at this, looking silly. There's a little nod from the girl. "Biiiiig dragon. Bigger than Mir." "It could happen,"Enka puts in. "Nzik…shells, Mir's daughter over at Ista, is huge." the goldrider pauses and laughs. "I still think seven would be too young to ride a dragon, and if she was a few turns older, she probably wouldn't be my girl." She scrambles to her feet, and moves over to nudge the dozing Bubblies up. "We'd better get him cleaned off, and then it's back to work."

Zi'on nods. "Like we would remember each other anyways. Brats are brats. I was too little to hang around you." Zi'on didn't get into the real trouble until later on, of course. He chuckles at Ema. "Yep, probably more squish if I was on one than if you was on one, though. Wow that'll be a big dragon." He grins. "At least she's got high aspirations. Course she'll have to wait for a while, but that's alright." He gets Ema to her feet, then stands up himself. "I've got to get going anyways. Need to take a quick bath before sweeps I think. See ya later Ema." Then to Enka. "Maybe I'll stop by later?"

Enka chuckles. "Mmhmm," the goldrider has Bubblies on his feet now, and she bends over to pick up Ema and set her on the pony's back before she scrambles up herself. "Very big dragon," Enka agrees, grinning slantwise at her daughter as she picks up the reins, and starts to guide the pony back towards the weyr proper. "Bye!" Ema waves with both hands. "I'll see you around," Enka calls out. "Be in my office." Probably.

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