Watching Over A Hyperactive Child

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Darkness has covered Western, and most of the warmth from the day's sun has left. While most people have opted to head back to the Weyr, a certain dolphineer has not. Jeyinshi sits close to the water's edge with a glow-basket nearby. She has on her regular black wetsuit, though it is unzipped and folded down to her waist to reveal the bathing suit underneath. She idly fiddles with a stopwatch hung around her neck while gazing towards the horizon. Her eyes track a small figure jumping in and out of the water, a quick white flash that seems almost like a trick of the eyes.

With the setting of the sun, one might imagine that visitors to the lagoon aren't likely. However, when the entrance to the Tiki Lounge is but a stone's throw from the water's edge, there's definitely a draw for the night crowd. With a whoosh of leathery 'sails, a cobalt blue dragon settles to the sands, talons scraping furrows in the ground as he crouches low, tail flicking back and forth to allow his rider to slide free. "Appreciate tha ride, Bri." the stout little bluerider says, thumping her 'mate on the shoulder for a moment before she catches sight of the figure near the water's edge, spotting the glow-basket first. "Hey," Kasi calls out. "Whatcha ye doing down thar?"

Jeyinshi turns at the sound of a voice directed at /her/ and grins a bit, though the glow might just make the gesture look rather eerie. "Watching over a hyperactive child." She drops the stopwatch, raising a hand and pointing out across to the water at the white figure doing the disappearing act. "How about you? Heading over for a drink?" Because that's the only other explanation that Jeyin can come up with since the rider doesn't exactly seemed dressed for swimming.

Kasira's own return grin might not be as easily seen in the darkness — at least, she's not close enough to the electric lights of the lounge to be seen — and with the dark blue form of Brionnith looming behind her, himself cast into a darker shadow by the tint of his hide, she's a bit harder to spot. Still, that rather eerie grin of the dolphineer is enough to make her pause. There's a child in there?" Her eyes narrow, the little bluerider peering down towards the water. "Oh!" she gets it, she really does. Not a human child anyway. "Mmm, yep. Getting a drink."

Jeyinshi squints a bit, attempting to further make out the forms in the darkness, but it doesn't seem to be getting her very far. She's not afraid of the looming figures, but there's a hint of curiosity in her voice as she opens her mouth, "Shards, wish I had time to go for a drink. But I'm stuck out here….I don't think we've met, but I'm Jeyinshi by the way. And the child out there, is Haesungie, my partner." The woman turns as she speaks, gaze heading back to the water.

Jeyinshi puts two fingers to her lips and lets out a shrill whistle. Suddenly a white head pops out of the water, large eyes staring around as Haesungie clicks and squeaks in greeting.
"Back up a bit thar, Bri," Kasi makes a shooing motion at the blue, the dragon rumbling softly as he shuffles back a tad, and drops down to the sand, a snort given and then a grumbled hiss at the coolness left there with the sun's departure. "You too busy then?" the bluerider asks, "gel like you, needs a chance t'take a break sometime." she chuckles softly. "Pleased t'meetcha. I'm Kasira. That's my partner," a thumb is jerked backwards, "Brionnith. Most folks call us Kasi and Bri though." The dragon rumbles something in the direction of the dolphin.

"At this exact moment? No. Sungie and I are taking a short break. But I'll likely be out here all night, not something unusual for me—" The dolphineer is quite rudely interrupted by a spray of water from the little white dolphin and she rolls her eyes as he begins chattering away. "Sungie! Sungie! I'm Sungie. HI KASI, HI BRI!" Jeyinshi's features soften and she smiles fondly at Haesungie before turning back to the rider, "Nice to meet you too. I'm a dolphineer…if you haven't figured that out already. Journeyman. Some peopel call me Jeyinshi, some Jeyin, other Jey. It's whatever they feel like really."

Brionnith's forearm makes a very nice bench to sit on, although it leaves the blue still belly deep in sand, which doesn't seem to make him particularly happy. "Oh stop fussing," Kasi tsks softly at him, and then nods. "Why would you be out all night? Is that when you work?" Maybe the bluerider's a little curious, that's all. When Sungie begins to speak, she can only shake her head in wonderment. "I never knew they could talk. Grew up in the back of beyond in Telgar, Impressed at Igen, never got close to the sea until I transferred here."

Jeyinshi chuckles softly at the blue's grumbling before leaning back and propping herself up on her arms. "I'm training him for search and rescue. He needs to be able to work in the dark so I usually spend a lot of nights camping out here. I should probably just set up a permanent shelter or something." The dolphineer looks over and Haesungie and kicks a bit of sand in his direction. "No sand Jey! No sand, pleasu! Pleasu!" It's a rare sight, but Jeyinshi actually lets out a bit of a giggle before turning her head back to the rider and her lifemate. "Not many people know. And dolphins aren't that common either so it's really no biggie. But he definitely /can/ talk…which is rather unfortunate at times."

"Hush hush," Kasi clicks her tongue against her teeth, peering sideways at Brionnith before she turns her attention to the water, the dolphineer and her dolphin. "No reason why you couldn't at least have something to set up, like a tent," she suggests. "Weather might be fine now, but if you get into the later part of summer, there might be some strong summer storms. "Or a hut, build it out of poles with fronds for a roof." Too idyllic, perhaps? "I suppose his tendency to talk can be a little … inconvenient then? Least Bri doesn't go babbling things he shouldn't." There's a disdainful snort from the blue. The nerve!

Jeyinshi nods, "That sounds nice, but I'm hopeless at building stuff. And even a tent wouldn't be so bad. A'ven's asked me to design a kind of mini dolphineer's hall, but I don't know if they really have the time or resources to get that built any time soon. In the future though…." She trails off a bit and smiles over at Sungie, "He hasn't gotten me into too much trouble with his speech…yet. But he's not exactly quiet. They can't speak our language very well, but that doesn't stop Sungie from communicating. He'll click and squeak all the time. And since I can understand that too, it's just a never ending stream of chatter."

Kasira leans back against the dragon's chest, nodding slightly. "Sounds like me," she remarks, "couldn't hammer in a nail t'save me life, I reckon you'd have to get someone else to build it, and that usually costs something." There's a trace of sympathy in her tone, in fact, the bluerider might even /look/ sympathetic, although it's hard to tell in the dark. "Ye can find tents cheap though. Just get some cloth and a stick." And look, pup tent. She pauses, nibbling her lower lip. "Well, I can't speak for the leadership, who's to say they can or can't build a mini dolphin hall, but being all the way out here, it could be useful. If it ever happens." There's a dry chuckle. "Make your life interesting though, right?"

"Mmm. I probably have some old sheets that I could use for that. Might be a bit of an eyesore out here though. Have to find a discreet location to put it in." She folds her legs and looks out towards the water again, staring at the waves as they crash against her lightly. "It'd definitely be useful. Especially us being so close to the water. Dolphins come in handy when there's weather issues, or shipwrecks and such." Interesting? Jey chuckles and nods, "Oh yes. He makes it all quite fun. Blabs about stuff he shouldn't. Has less of an appreciation for manners than I'd like, and a penchant to play more than work. I'm just lucky he's got at least some will to learn, otherwise he'd hit me with a flipper and run off. He could leave forever if he wanted."

Kasira chuckles, waving a hand about expansively. "Thar ye go," she states. "Couple of old sheets, and a pole, and there's a fine tent. Might not be worth living in forever, but it'll keep you dry at least." There's a moment of silence, Kasi listening to the explaination before she laughs. "Well, I'm in Seamount wing, so I don't know much about search and rescue, but I'll take your word for it. " There's a definite sound of laughter now, the bluerider leaning back with some amusement. "He sounds like a handful. I wouldn't doubt he could abandon you forever, it's a big ocean, I've heard. Good that he sticks around though. Bri here," she thumps the blue's shoulder fondly, "has gotten me into a few scrapes, but he always manages to get out by the skin of his teeth." Oh, and the green dragons, let us /not/ mention the green dragons.

Jeyinshi smiles, "Exaclty. Guess I'll have to make an effort to find all the things and set aside some time to set it up. Maybe when the two of us are taking another break." The dolphineer buries her feet in the wet sand and looks up at the sky, looking around at the stars for a bit before chuckling. "He really is a handful. But he's a good boy. And well, dolphin's aren't like dragons. They can come and go anytime they want. So if he decides to take off in the ocean….well, that'd suck for me." Jey looks over at the blue and smiles, "Has he? It sounds fun though, like you wouldn't really ever get bored."

"Well, you can't work all the time," Kasi puts in. "Do dolphins sleep?" Well, it's an honest question, isn't it? The bluerider is about as knowledgeable about dolphins as well … a wherry is about runnerbeasts." She's quiet a moment, her gaze tracking towards the stars themselves. "He's young, perhaps," she offers, guessing that size probably indicates age. "Maybe he'll become more seasoned with time. Baby dragons don't know things that well when they first hatch, they've got to learn. Same thing applies, perhaps?" She laughs, nodding, a shadowy movement in the dark. "Well, I do have to admit, I never have been bored with Bri beside me." And isn't that the truth.

"They do. But this one doesn't sleep as nearly as much as I'd like him too." The dolphineer makes a face at Haesungie, "You're right though. He's a young one, just a bit over a turn or so old. He'll grow calmer…perhaps. Even if he doesn't, I'd still love him." Jey's gaze falls back down and she unfolds her legs before standing and zipping her suit back up. "Unfortunately, tonight I'll have to work instead of sleep. I gotta make Mr. All Fun No Work over there start up on his training again. It was nice meeting you though. I'll see you around." Jeyinshi smiles over at the rider before waving and then heading out into the water with the dolphin.

Jeyinshi claps her hands and lets out a low whistle. Suddenly Haesungie slaps the surface of the water, sending up a spray before diving under and quickly disappearing.

There's some louder grumbling from the blue, and with a heave of sand that seems to fly everywhere, he lurches upright, spilling Kasira off his forearm with a squawk of surprise. "Bri!" she scolds, thumping his shoulder, "ye warn a body next time ye do that, hear." She brushes at her clothing, thankfully not too sandy, and sets herself to rights with a slight nod at Jeyinshi. "And I need my drink. Especially now." There's a glare sent at the blue, who doesn't look chagrined at all. What? Wiggling her fingers in farewell, she starts towards the Tiki Longue.

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