Why Must I be a Weyrling in Love?

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's rather early this morning. Or well, it's way earlier than Ir'e would have preferred to wake up, but life as a weyrling has made it so that sleeping in is a faint glimmer of a dream far off in the distance. So Ir'e is up, but not really fully awake as he trudges out of the barracks, his little dragon already several lengths ahead of him as he slinks along to go take care of his business. It's unfortunate for Ir'e that his dragon is rather private and insists on going to the bathroom while hiding somewhere. It makes picking up the crap all that much more irritating. Of course he couldn't just take care of it closer to the barracks, closer to where the shovels and wheelbarrows are. Nope, not his Yiska. But Ir'e hangs back as his blue runs off, making sure not to follow less he be stuck out here much longer than he wants. "It's not as if anyone /watches/ you, Yiskatiresiath." The young man hollers with an exasperated sigh. « One can never be too careful when lowering one's guard.» Is his simple, matter of fact reply.

Suldith has taken interest in so many small dragons that roam the weyr, even if the ones from his and Bennueth's clutch are growing quickly now. It's not uncommon to see the bronze patrolling the training field to keep an eye on the little ones. And also likely sizing them up for their future wing placements as well. Miraneith was too much a night owl to get much direct observation. Though most of the dragons reported up to her anyways, more than like. This morning though the bronze is on the prowl quite early. Zi'on is nearby, dressed in half his flight leathers, his jacket hung over a piece of fencing. He seems oddly awake this morning, but it's not been any secret that the weyrleader has been keeping his own strange hours lately. Unfortunately for Yisk, the bronze IS watching him. At least he spots his arrival, giving the blue a warble as he paces the field and his rider yawns a bit.

Yiskatiresiath freezes right as he was getting into position and lifting his tail up and at least out of the way. He /feels/ that gaze on him, and his tail instantly slumps back down to the ground, snapping about him like a wild snake before he makes a draconic grunt and starts waddling to a new position, a new place with less eyes around. No warble is returned. So rude! Ir'e on the other hand is rather happy at the sight of the Weyrleader, or at least the smile upon his face seems to indicate as much. "Morning, Weyrleader!" He greets as he makes his way over, closer so perhaps he doesn't have to shout. "What brings you out this morning? Hoping to catch a glimpse of Kiena in her natural environment? See if she's abusing anyone today?" Because that girl definitely has a mouth on her, not to say that Ir'e himself doesn't as well. Although the bluerider does make a conscious effort to keep his right hand out of line of sight, less the dark red bruises can be made out. Oh look, a pocket to hide it in.

Suldith follows Yiskatiresiath for a spell, before his rider informs him that he's about to make poopies. So the bronze instead heads over to peer at the blue's rider, eying him suspiciously and sniffing at him. He doesn't seem too put off by the lack of return of greeting. "Morning. Just ignore him." He says with a wave of his hand about Suldith. This is apparently normal behavior for the bronze. "Eh, my sleep schedule is messed up." He laughs. "Well, it's good to hear I'm not the only one she abuses. But no, Suldith wanted to come down to see if any weyrlings were awake. And then probably wake some up if they weren't." Kiena's been warned several times about her mouth. Zi'on can't protect her in weyrlinghood. She'd have to learn to control her tongue. Zi'on notices Ir'e doing strange things with his hand, but doesn't seem to think anything of it. At least not for now.

Ir'e chuckles at the bronze and his curious way of greeting. He reaches out, with his left and unhurt hand to perhaps give Suldith a rub on his nose. "It's hard to ignore him." Ir'e admits but doesn't seem to mind the normal behavior for the strange bronze. "Messed up? Can't be any worse than mine. I look forward to the day when I'm not passing out every time Yiska decides it's nap time." «A body needs rest to stay strong.» The little blue intones as he wanders back into the area, apparently done with his more private business. "I'd sleep better if you didn't snore so loud." He tosses at his lifemate before offering a good-natured grin at Zi'on. "Well, she doesn't really abuse me specifically. I just watch the way she treats others. I don't think I've given her a reason to turn her sights on me yet." Pause. "Well, Yiska wakes up several times during the night and then makes sure to be awake at the crack of dawn so we can start our training." It's as if Ir'e impressed a little mini-weyrlingmaster who's whipping him into shape and he's not at all thrilled at the morning exercises his dragon insists he perform before anything else can be done. It isn't as if Ir is out of shape or anything, but morning is sooo not his time of day. Without thinking the weyrling reaches up with his right hand to run his fingers through his hair, knuckle bruises are in plain view. "We have to cut our hair? I think I remember hearing something about that. Or am I free to grow it long if I keep it back in a runner's tail?"

Suldith continues to peer at Ir'e as he gets patted on the nose. Then the bronze wiggles his head a bit, warbling at the bluerider and giving him a friendly nose-nudge to the ribs. "Yeah. He does that." Zi'on shrugs. "Eh, you're a weyrling though. It's expected. Suldith sleeps more normal hours than I do. I think my body is subconsciously going to into baby-caring mode already. And Rea's not even had the baby yet." The bronzer laughs about Kiena. "It's a defensive mechanism for her. Maybe her dragon will change it, but I wouldn't count on it. Give her some good reason to keep quiet generally and she will. Or scare her. Tell her her dragon repeats all the horrible things she says to everyone. And that a lot of the older riders are going to hate her before she graduates or something. I dunno." As Ir'e runs his fingers through his hair, Zi'on suddenly gets a devious look on his face. "Yep, gotta be cut. The weyrlingmasters won't let it last much longer. I'd stay away from Kiena when that happens. She likes her rat's nest. Honestly, so do I, but it'll be back by the time I can get close to it." He peers then. "Did you hurt your hand at the hatching?"

"Oh, right, I heard about that, about Rea and you having a baby on the way. Is this your first one? Can't say I've ever had one so I'm not sure what it's like." Or at least not one that Ir'e was made aware of. "I'll just see how it goes, I don't really want to scare her." With Kiena, "She doesn't seem that hard to get along with unless you're challenging her in some way. She's got a strong will, which isn't a bad thing, but I suppose it's gotta be frustrating if you're one of rank to have her be all snippy like she can be." Luckily for Ir'e, he has no rank, so she's yet to get under his skin at least. His face falls at the confirmation that he's got to cut his oh so lovely locks. He was hoping to grow it out, so much for that plan. "I'm rather fond of mine as well. But it'll grow back. Do we have to keep it short the entire weyrlinghood?" He's already making plans as to when he can grow the mess back out. And then there's the attention to his hand and he flips it over to peer at the dark red bruises. Blink. There's a few moments where he's trying to figure out where precisely he got the thing, and then it clicks and he coughs, "Uh, no, not the hatching. Was after. Um.. it was a wall that got me." Or he got it since walls can't really walk into fists.

Zi'on nods to Ir'e. "Yep. This will be my second, actually. Enka and I have a son, Ezio. It's… similar to caring for a baby dragon, sort of. Except they keep relying on you for ages and ages." He laughs. "Well, Ezio is fostered now, of course. So he relies on someone else for his day-to-day. Enka and I are too busy these days to provide him something stable, so he's better off with his foster family. His twin half brother are there, too. You're from the weyr, right? Were you fostered?" Zi'on nods. "Kiena can be fun. She's easy to get going, too. If you know how to push her buttons you can get her into agree to just about anything. Eh. I've been a bit bad I think about giving her boundaries. Trying to fix some of that now that she'll be a rider." Zi'on rubs his chin. "Not sure. My hair's always been short. It gets curly when it's longer." Zi'on peers at Ir'e and his explanation of his bruised hand. "What, was the wall mad at your hand or something?"

Ir'e should have known that Enka and Zi had a kid as well, but he couldn't really be bothered to pay attention to who knocks up who up. "Oh, right. And yeah, I'm from the weyr, lived 'ere my whole life." As to the fostered comment, he quickly shakes his head, "No, I was just watched after by the nannies." Perhaps no one wanted the wild child that he was. Who can say? And then they're back to Kiena and he nods his head, filing this information away for later use. "The way you talk about her sometimes, makes me think you're talking of your child rather than your girlfriend. I mean, it's good to have boundaries in a relationship, but I'm not sure it's your duty, even as Weyrleader, to get her to calm down. She is who she is, right? Just let her dig her own grave so to speak and eventually she'll learn to stop pushing other people's buttons, right? Maybe her blue will simmer her down or add another point of view so she doesn't get so riled up so fast." But again, who can say how a dragon will affect their lifemate. Ir'e isn't sure what the dark creature of the night will do for him. «Make you stronger.» Yiskatiresiath comments offhandedly as he flares out his wings and gives an experimental flap. "Well, I was mad, and it seemed better for the wall to meet my anger, than the other person's face?" He offers, giving a sheepish grin to the bronzerider. "Yiska got angry too. I'm.. not used to having someone else in my head." And then he's flustered and quickly adds, "I stopped Yiska before he could hurt him. But I guess I learned a lesson about letting myself get too riled up."

Zi'on can't generally keep track either. But he can keep track of his own brood. "Me too. Well, not this weyr. I was born at Ista, and I got fostered there for a while. Then when my parents split I moved to Telgar with my ma, but I wasn't fostered again. Just stayed with her or with the nannies. Then when I come here it was just with the nannies. Da had another weyrmate and babies in his weyr by then." Zi'on rubs his head about Kiena. "Er. Heh. I dunno. I started out as sort of a big brother type to her. Since her brother is my best friend. Kind of… progressed. Still, I want to see her do well. And some of it is my fault, for being too soft on her. She's on her own now, though. I can't really be stepping in. So she will be digging her own grave." The bronzer shrugs a bit. He wasn't too concerned about Kiena really. She could take care of herself. "Ooh. Did you have a healer look at that? Does it hurt? You'll make it worse if you let it heal all wrong."

"I'm not sure who my parents are. I was just dumped down with the nannies before I was old enough to speak, and that's kinda how that went." Ir'e pauses but his mouth stays half-open, as if he's going to say something more. But eventually he closes it and continues to listen to what Zi has without asking whatever he perhaps wanted to ask. "Well I wouldn't worry overly much about her. If I'm this exhausted day in and day out, I can only imagine how she's getting on. At least my fingers are nice and smooth from the oil." There's a grin sliding across his face before he gives a bit of a stretch, pushing his arms up above his head before the flop back down to his sides. "No healers. Healers are for sissies." He turns his hand over from side to side and gives his fingers a wiggle. "Nothing hurts overly much. I'm sure it's well enough." But then the blue weyrling is eyeing Zi and he gives a bit of a sigh, "Is it hard, with Kiena impressing? You know, with, being a man and having.. needs?" He clears his throat, looking a bit embarrassed, "I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I'm not sure what Yiska can handle, but how do you stop yourself, from you know, your body making a fool out of you?"

"Ah." Zi'on says in response to Ir'e's story about his upbringing. Or lack thereof. Suddenly being one in sixty-some kids didn't seem so bad! "You weren't ever curious about your parents?" There's a nod about Kiena. "Ain't really too worried about her. It's probably harder on me in some respects." He laughs then. "From the oil, hm? That… that will work." The bronzer rubs his chin, grinning. Then he peers at Ir'e. "If I go over there and squeeze your hand I bet you might think differently of the healers. Get it looked at, or I'll tell the weyrlingmasters. Besides, it might save you having to chop meat or something." Zi'on sighs a bit and laces his fingers behind his head. "Yeah. It's pretty hard. I mean, you sort of get used to that part. But I was also used to having her around." He laughs then. "Your dragon sleeps, don't he? If you need to that bad, go to the loo for a few minutes. Things'll be easier when he gets older and has a better schedule. I impressed when I was like thirteen. So I had those problems no matter what I did."

Ir'e rolls his shoulders into a shrug, "I could lie to you, and tell you I'm not. But I think everyone is at least a little curious to know where they came from, or why they were left. But I kinda came to terms with it I guess. I mean, there isn't anything I can do about it, no use dwelling, right?" And then he's holding his wounded hand out to Zi, with a challenging look in his eye, "Do it. It's fine. Really." Okay, well maybe it's sore, but at least nothing is broken. Probably doesn't help this is the second time he's released anger this way. Perhaps he's not punching the wall hard enough? "Don't make me go to the healers for something like this. I've been hurt a lot worse before and I'm not any worse for the wear." Why yes, Ir'e is a bit of a stubborn pain in the ass. "Oh, I didn't think. I mean, I was worried to do anything at all 'cause I worried how it would affect him." He admits, a blush creeping onto his cheeks, it's just a little blush though. "Being tired all the time helps though, makes it harder to think of anything but taking care of him. Makes it hard for your mind to wander to things it shouldn't. I suppose you got it worse. Being it's your 'mate that's a weyrling and not you. But you are getting 'punished' all the same."

"Hm. Well, we might could go through the records. Narrow it down maybe. If you want. Once you're graduated, of course. Won't have time right now." Zi'on shrugs. "Guess the weyr raised you anyways." He eyes Ir'e and looks at that hand. Temptation! "Heh. I would, but that'd look bad. You can't afford to be hurt longer than you ought to, now especially. If you won't go for your sake, go for your dragon's sake. Don't make me pull rank on you, rider." Zi'on peers at Ir'e and tries to look threatening. Then he laughs a bit. "If he's asleep and it's right quick it shouldn't be a problem. Ain't really emotional or anything. You'll be just as like to go accidentally in -your- sleep if you don't. I wouldn't make it a habit though if you can avoid it. Being tired does help. For me I gotta sit in meetings all day with holders arguing over bushels of fruit. So my mind wanders." He laughs then. "Kali ain't my 'mate. Though I'll be if you call her that her reaction will be priceless. I think that's partially while Suldith is out here, to meet Kiena's dragon." He tilts his head at Ir'e then. "You got someone you're pining after then?"

Ir'e nods, slow and calculated like, "I suppose we can try. Although I dunno how far I wanna dig, if they haven't come forward in twenty plus turns, don't see why stalking them down would help. But maybe, just to know who they are." Maybe. He still look pretty indecisive about that decision. And come on! It'd be fun to cause the cocky little bluerider some pain! But he pulls his hand away, shrugging, "I suppose, for Yiska's sake. But they're not going to do anything about it and it's just gunna waste time." And then his eyes nearly light up at the thought. "Right, I think it's getting worse. I should totally go." And then it's back to that awkward topic and Ir'e is trying hard not to squirm. It's not as if he really /wanted/ to talk to the Weyrleader about this, but it isn't as if the young man has any other male rider friends around to inquire about this subject. "I'll keep that in mind." He winces, shaking his head slowly from side to side, "Meetings gotta be rough. Guess I should be glad I impressed a blue and not a bronze so I won't ever get stuck in your position, eh?" And perhaps he will, mention the 'mate thing to Kali, if only to see if her reaction is as priceless as Zi thinks it might be. He reaches up to tug at his facial hair, pondering, or plotting maybe. "Ah.. um, yeah. Kinda. Although half the time I think I wanna strangle him more than do anything else." 'cause Rhab is a pain in his ass that way.

Zi'on shrugs. "If you want, we can. The records are all there." Zi'on doesn't have to worry about such things. Even if he doesn't look anything like his father, except for maybe the nose. "Fine. Let them waste the time then. You can blame me and hold it over my head next time you want something." Zi'on can be just as stubborn, at least about some things. The riders he's supposed to be looking after was one of them. Being a weyrbrat, Zi'on doesn't seem that awkward about the talk Ir'e and himself are having. He laughs. "I guess you should be glad? There are other equally dull jobs to get stuck doing. They're hidden in the fine print for every wing." It'll at least make her flustered, if not just irate for a few seconds. "Oh? Another weyrling? Is he the cause of your hand?"

"Seems a silly thing to hold over your head. But I'll probably at least tell you that I told you so." Ir'e smirks, letting the topic about parents die away, not really wanting to think on it further. And it's a good thing that Zi'on isn't uncomfortable about the topic, perhaps that's why he chose him, 'cause after that conversation about blueballs he figured the Weyrleader would have some good suggestions for his issues. "I'll keep that in mind and hope I don't get stuck in one of those jobs." And as long as it doesn't get Ir'e killed, teasing Kiena could be fun, right? Maybe. And now he's really blushing, shifting around and looking generally uncomfortable, "Not a weyrling but yes, the cause of my hand. Once you meet 'im. You'll understand why."
[WesternSearch] S'rorn was but if he sits or stands for too long, his legs give out on him. That, and the baby hasn't been moving too much so I have to lay down more often to properly count her movements. If she doesn't do 10 movements within 2 hrs during her peak active hours, I have to go to the hospital. >.>;

Zi'on laughs a bit. "Probably. I guess that's fine, but at least I'll sleep a little better at night." Zi'on is also fine letting the topic of parents fall away. The weyrleader has boatloads to say about his parents, all of which would be awkward now since Ir'e didn't know his. Zi'on grins. "There's always going to be boring parts of any job. If you pick something you like though it's more tolerable. It's not all bad being weyrleader, but it's certainly not for everyone, I guess." Kiena isn't likely to hurt Ir'e, and it might be amusing to watch her get steamed and curse about things. The weyrleader peers at Ir'e then. "Maybe I don't want to meet him. I'm already under a lot of stress. I might accidentally murder him. You don't like girls, then?"

"There isn't some sort of like, hunting wing is there? Where me and Yisk can just go off for a while? That'd be the best job ever. I mean, I guess search and rescue could work too I suppose. But that type of hunting isn't quite the same thing." Ir'e's musings fall into silence and he gives his hand another flex. It just feels bruised, he couldn't have broken anything. He's pretty sure of it. But there's always the possibility, so eventually he just gives up fighting about it. And then Zi's gotta just jump right and outright ask him and Ir'e lets out a great sigh as his shoulders slump forward. "I only liked girls. At least, I mean, I thought I only liked girls. Only been with girls and stuff before. But then he.. I dunno, I feel like I'm not in control of myself. He makes me happy and angry and frustrated all at once. So, I guess I like boys.. well no, I only like one boy. But I still like girls." Just not as much as Rhab apparently. "But, he doesn't want anything, no strings, he says. I mean, not like it matters now, with weyrlinghood. But it still makes me unhappy thinking about it. And you might wanna murder him if you're around him too long. Yiska kinda wants to murder him. Or so he says. I'm not so sure he'd actually hurt him though." One would hope the little dragon doesn't decide to do anything reckless at least.

"There's no hunting wing, no. But there are hunters in the Search and Rescue wing. If you prove yourself useful as a hunter we generally let you skip some sweep riding to do that instead. You still have to do drills though and be on call and all of that." Zi'on hopes Ir'e's hand isn't broken. But he doesn't want to take the chance with him being a weyrling. Zi'on blinks at the explanation of Ir'e's orientation issues. "That all sounds confusing." Zi'on was certain he only likes girls, which apparently made things easier. Though it was harder waking up next to a man, also. "Well, he at least is attracted to you then, right? Sometimes you go in thinking it'll just be casual, then you wake up a turn later and you're still screwing around with the same goldrider. Er. Person. At any rate there's no sense in worrying too much about that sort of thing right now. Maybe if you just hang out as friends he'll change his mind a little. It's harder to have something purely casual with someone you care about. For me, anyways. I dunno. I'm just blowing smoke here really."

Ir'e offers a wide grin at Zi'on when he mentions skipping some sweep riding to hunt. "Sounds like my kind of wing. Maybe there's hope of me being a rider after all." As if Ir'e totally has a choice in being a rider or not now. "Oh, and it /is/ confusing. It's horridly confusing." And at least Zi didn't have a choice waking up next to a man, it's a little more jarring when you think you're straight and then all the sudden your body is telling you something a little bit different with the way it's acting suddenly. "I think so. I mean, he kissed me first, so I mean, I'd hope that means he's attracted to me." But with Rhabel, one can never tell. "I don't really want it to be casual, but he keeps saying that everyone cheats and no one can ever be faithful, so why even bother. I think something's broken with him. Like, what type of teenager says that? I mean, it's not as if he has a bunch of experience. But he's very.." The bluerider falls silent a moment as he thinks, "He's very honest about that. Someone must have hurt him, somehow. But it sucks for me." And then he's nodding his head numbly, "Friends. Yeah. I'll try, but it's hard being friends with him. He's got a way of finding your button and slamming down on it til you crack. But I'll try."

Zi'on grins to Ir'e. "You gotta bring back more than tunnelsnakes though." The bronzer just blinks a bit as he goes on about having feelings for another man. "Maybe it's just because you haven't gotten laid in a while." He teases with a chuckle. "Sorry, I guess I can't really say much on all of that. I've slept with a man before, though. If this guy kisses me though I'll at least do you a favor and clock him good. But it sounds like he likes you at the very least." Zi'on blinks then, and laughs. "It sounds like he's speaking out of hurt. People who have just had someone cheat on them say things like that. People -can- be faithful, some just choose not to be." The bronzer rubs his chin in thought, then. "Maybe his parents split up. I know I was mad at my da for a long time after they did. You get over it though as you move on. Time heals all wounds like they say. When you can take on that sort of thing maybe he'll feel differently enough to at least give it a go." He peers at Ir'e then. "What do you mean by that? He's annoying?"

Ir'e nose wrinkles at Zi, as if hunting tunnelsnakes was real hunter's work. "I catch and release the tunnelsnakes anyway, or more, just relocate them. I've taken on jungle cats in my time as a hunter, make no mistakes, I know what I'm doing." And he's got the scars to prove it! But he's back to shrugging, "Not expecting you to help me out of this predicament honestly. Just find it jarring is all. And I hope he doesn't kiss you or I might have to clock him one too." 'cause it was hard enough seeing him flirting with Rou'x in front of him, he'd probably not be able to control whapping the teen if he decided to /kiss/ someone else if Ir'e's around. "And yeah, it does, but like I said, it doesn't really seem as if he has a bunch of experience himself, so maybe it does have to do with his family and all. I dunno, you know I don't really have parents so it's hard for me to understand how it'd affect a child. I just hope I figure it out soon. Don't like being treated like I can't be faithful if I sharding well wanted to be faithful. It's insulting." Because really, even if Ir'e's never really been in a committed relationship, it doesn't mean he can be! There's a sly smirk the slides over his lips then before he reaches down to give his blue a pat on the head. This gains him an irritated hiss of sorts as Yiskatiresiath doesn't seem fond of getting touched. "You'll have to find out yourself I think. 'cause I can't put what he is, in words." And then the weyrling is starting to shuffle back to the barracks, "Yiska's getting mad at me. I'm going to go get him oiled and then go to the healers to get my hand checked out." He looks away from Zi'on, clearing his throat, "Thanks, for talking to me about all of this. I, ya know, appreciate it." And with that the young man and his young blue are through the weyrling barracks doors.

Zi'on grins. "Well, you better. Especially if you're gonna take Kiena out. Because if she comes back with a scratch on her… I'll send her brother to take care of you." Zi'on just doesn't like to kiss anyone with whiskers. "Sorry. I wouldn't take it personal, since it doesn't sound like it is, at the very least. Sometimes once you get people to admit why they feel a certain way it's easier for them to trust that you won't do the same thing to them." In fact most things were about trust. And to be fair, it was hard -not- to flirt with Rou'x. Suldith pads over from wherever he's been to inspect the little blue and try a warble again. "Well, alright then. Heh. See you later, Ir'e now, right? And Yiska." The bronzer nods. "I'll be around if you need to talk more. Try not to punch any more walls, please." Zi'on gives him a wave and then follows Suldith as he toddles off to inspect another weyrling.

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