Two Girls and a Red-Smeared Boy

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

The cool breeze blowing through the bowl brings with it all sorts of scents - well, if you've got a nose as sensitive as Indianath's, anyway. The brown dragonet is leading his rider along in his still-clumsy gait, pausing every few steps to raise his muzzle up into the air to sniff, before turning back to look at Rou'x. She just laughs and shakes her head at whatever internal conversation they're having, using the pause to catch up to him and stroke her hand over his khaki rump.

Areia is sitting on one side of the bowl with a bowl of meat in one hand and a brown firelizard in the other. For once, she's NOT covered in straw. She's feeding the flit tiny scraps of meat from the bowl. The young, 2-day old firelizard perks up at enterance of a dragon and hops onto Areia's boot, chortling out a greeting to his large brown… cousin.

"Shards Ory, I told you there was nothing interesting in the vat, now I gotta get this stuff out of my hair." An annoyed voice can be heard as a rather tattered looking man comes walking into the area. Both he and a rather stumpy dragon are covered in a sticky red substance. "I know you were curious, but next time try to be more careful…" the conversation trails off when Ze'an notices there are others. "Heya!”

Indianath can smell the meat Areia has, and is halfway towards her before Rou'x has to shout for him to stop. "Indy! No! That's not yours - you've /just/ eaten!" She catches up with him and stands with one hand on his shoulder, looking apologetically at Areia. "Sorry. He's not even hungry, he's just been a greedy guts." The pear-shaped weyrling shakes her head at her new lifemate, stroking her hand over one of his battered leather-coloured neckridges. Rou'x looks over to Ze'an giving him a slow head-to-toe stare, while Indianath does much the same to Orykoth. "What the shards d'you fall in?"

Areia hides her smile behind one hand as she sees Ze'an, but she doesn't know the man so she can't outright laugh at him… yet. The oncoming dragon is given a blink and a stare. She DOES stand up, however. "I think Shore is done… he can have a bite if he wants." She offers after glancing down into the bowl, which is almost empty by now. "I know younglings eat a lot." She offers a tentative smile. "I saw you at the hatching, that was amazing!"

Ze'an says "You don't want to know, trust me." Ze'an sighs as he runs a hand through his hair with a frustrated look. "It's not gonna be easy to clean the weyr, good thing we live alone." His eyes flicker between the two people. "No, it's not food."

"Nah, he'll go without, but thanks all the same. He might /burst/ if he has another bite!" Rou'x's exaggerating, of course, though there is a definite curve to Indianath's belly to suggest he's certainly well-fed. "The hatching was amazing, wasn't it? And /he/ was the best bit… the rest is kind of a blur." Her hand continues to affectionately stroke her bond's neck and 'ridges, while he looks over to Orykoth with his head tilted to one side. "You look like you've just crawled outta a herdbeast's belly, or something," Rou'x says curiously to Ze'an. "C'mon - you've gotta share what it is, y'can't just show up and not spill the beans now, can you? I think we might just die of curiosity, y'know?"

Areia tilts her head at Ze'an, then his dragon. "Maybe it should be 'curiousity messed up the rider' instead of killed the cat." She suggests with a smothered giggle. "You guys are a mess!" Captain obvious, here. She turns to Indianath, grinning at his full belly. "He was the best." She agrees. She bends down to set the bowl down on the ground and immediately the firelizard attacks it. "Guess he wasn't done." She mutters.

"That's Orykoth in a nutshell, a thousand questions and forever into stuff he shouldn't be in," Ze'an murmurs as he pats the red smeared hide. "It's a sort of adhesive I use for fixing my pottery, it's sticky at first and hardens on pots, but Orykoty forgot, and next thing you know, it's all over us. It'll be a pain once it hardens." Ze'an frowns as he hubs his fingers together.

"Fog and fire, you're not gonna harden up here in front of us, are you?" Rou'x wrinkles her nose at Ze'an in concern. "Just in case y'do… I'm Rou'x, weyrling to Indianath here - and I'm afraid I don't know your name, though I've picked up on Orykoth's." Indianath is very curious about the blue dragon and his coating, and stalks closer to have a better look. "What d'you think, Areia? Reckon we can get him outta here if he goes hard on us?"

Areia hmms and strokes her chin thoughtfully - very exaggerated, of course. "I don't know, he's awful big." She says, grinning. "I could go get a runner and we could hitch him up to it! But Orykoth… hmm." Meanwhile, Shore finishes his dunner and sneaks up to the dragons, nose in the air and sniffing.

Ze'an says "Nah, it takes a couple of hours, and is a pain, but doable. Last time it was so bad, I ended up having to cut my hair." A hand goes tentatively to his hair, "Hopefully it comes out this time." He blinks and looks between the two females. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Ze'an. I'm not used to introducing myself, usually everyone knows me, considering my reputation for destruction."

"I'm still kinda new here, but I might've heard your name, come to think of it…" Rou'x squints thoughtfully, then shrugs. "Well met, anyway. I'd offer t'shake, but… y'know. You've got gunk all over you." Which Indianath is thoroughly enjoying sniffing at, as he gets closer to Orykoth's leg. He turns eyes whirling with curiosity up to the blue, giving him an approximation of a lopsided smile. "There you go, Arie - no need for us to drag him off. That might've been awkward, yeah?"

Areia wiggles her fingers in a wave. "I'm Areia. New here. The Weyrleader just hired me a few weeks ago." She glances at Rou'x, grinning. "Awkward is one word for it." She agrees. "Painful, for him at least, would be another." She watches the dragons with obvious interest, chuckling at the young dragon's antics. "He's a goof."

The smeared dragon leans his own head to investigate the youngster. "I'm sure she doesn't want you rubbing yourself off on him. You can wait till I clean you off at the lake." Ze'an rolls his eyes and shoots an apologetic look at Rou'x. "It's fine, don't want to ruin your clothes or anything, I'm used to it. This usually happens to us once a month."

Rou'x frowns at Areia. "He's not a goof." Her response is snippy. "He's a /baby/. Babies are curious. Indianath is /especially/ curious. Weren't you all boggle-eyed at the site of these two, when they came in?" The brown dragonet raises his muzzle to Orykoth, nostrils flared for a moment. Then he puffs out a soft breath, and opens his maw in a huge yawn. "Nonono, Indy, not here, y'can't go to sleep here…" The big-bottomed weyrling girl dashes forward to nudge at him as Indianath attempts to lie down. "Bloody /shells/, he just won't stay /awake/," she grumbles, prodding the brown's khaki backside. "S'alright, Ze'an, we don't mind getting mucky, wouldn't've been no skin of my nose to have figured out a way to hoist you home, yeah?" A honey-coloured eye is winked at him, though her general expression is one of mild frustration with the sleepy dragonet who's intent on curling up at her feet.

Areia blinks, taken aback by Rou'x's reaction. "I meant it in a cute way." She retorts, frowning as well. She clicks her tongue at the little brown firelizard, who retreats, making his way back to his owner. She scoops him up and cradles him while watching the two riders and their conversation.

Ze'an chuckles in amusement as he watches the brown dragon in mild amusement. Orykoth offers a curious warble as he investigates the brown, "No touching, you still have that stuff on you." Ze'an reminds his red-smeared blue. He glances at Areia curiously, "So you just moved here? What do you plan on doing? If it's something that can be broken, don't let me near it"

Indianath looks sleepily up at Rou'x, his eyes whirling as a silent conversation goes on between the two. It's Rou'x who apparently wins though, as he gets grudgingly to his feet. "You'll have to excuse me, please - but I need to get Indy to his couch so we can /both/ sleep… cos I sure as shards ain't curling upon my arse here in the middle of the bowl." She shakes her head, giving her brown a loving nudge towards the barracks. "Pleasure meeting you, Ze'an. I hope you get that stuff off you soon enough! And Areia. Nice to see you again." The woman gets a curt head-bob, Ze'an a salute, before Rou'x turns to follow her lifemate to the barracks and bed.

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