A Quiet Night Gone Wrong

Western Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Its late at night at Half Moon, a vast portion of the Weyr is asleep. But, as is the way of things, not everyone is asleep. There's the watchriders, insomniacs and an assortment of people. One of those people is Catwin who is sitting underneath the pavilion enjoying the moonlight on the water and sound of the surf. She's tucked away by herself and her darker clothes make it a little harder to see her, but every now and then the moon glints off of her flask in a little sparkle of light.

Riohra steps in from the tide pools carrying a small hand full of shells he adds to a bag, he is humming softly to himself as he looks out at the ocean. "sure would be nice to learn to swim out there" he shrugs and makes his way towards the bar, he catches the glint of light and nods to the figure there "Evening sorry if I disturbed ya, just heading in for a drink"

There's some light laughter "You're not disturbing me, and I always have drink to share, Rio." Catwin murmurs and then there's a pause "Unless you don't want to share with me anymore, which I can understand if you don't." she adds quietly.

Riohra there is a bit of sadness that touches the youngman's eyes, he walks over to sit near his friend. Giving her room, something he has come to understand she needs "Why would I not want to? Your my friend" He looks up at the night sky and says softly "I am sorry if I hurt you"

Catwin offers out the flask of whiskey "Well, I probably hurt you too. I dunno, this sort of thing really isn't my forte. If I did, I am sorry as well." she murmurs. "So, what brings you out this way?" she asks curiosly.

Riohra tilts his head and takes the flask saying "You didn't hurt me, I just figured you wouldn't want to talk with me much anymore." he takes a drink and passes it back saying "collecting shells for memories." he shows her the small bag filled with all kinds of different shells.

Catwin shakes her head a little as she takes back the flask "never said I didnt want to talk, just not comfortable with the expensive gifts." she murmurs.

Riohra nods and shrugs "I didn't see the harm in it, I knew you liked it and well it is just marks." He looks at her now saying "Kass told me you thought I was leading you on. Which I didn't mean to if that is how it came a crossed, I just.." he seems to be at a lost for words to explain himself. he puts his chin in his hand thinking of best to describe it.
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Catwin gives a nod. "In my experience, when someone starts giving you expensive things like that. They expect something more. It really leaves me with a terrible feeling. I didn't want to think that of you since it didn't seem that way, but I couldn't help it."

Riohra nods and gives her a soft smile "So I was informed" he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly saying "The only thing I want from you is friendship. As you can, I am kind of oblivious to social settings like this. I speak my mind and do things I think will make people smile." he grins at her saying "I mean you did like the gifts right?"

Catwin nods quietly "I do like the gifts, and that's what made me all the more uncomfortable about them." She looks out towards the water again and takes another long drink of whiskey before offering it back. "I know you hve someone, and she's very sweet. But I also know plenty they have more than one. I mean it really isn't that unusual. I just didn't want you thinking there could be anything more."

Riohra blushes, and takes a drink from the whiskey. He shakes his head as he hands it back to her "I am a one woman man, Kassala has my heart till she gives it back or breaks it." he smiles at Catwin saying "not that you aren't an amazing catch, I am just not fishing for romance."

Catwin shakes her head a little "Not so great a catch, but that is besides the point. I'm glad we got this cleared up though. You are a good friend, a tad young, but time will cure that."

Riohra rolls his eyes saying "listen to you talking like your some out to pasture Master. I bet you I can find at least three fella's who would want to be with you" he leans over and gives her a shoulder bump know she doesnt do hugs well. "I am glad we got this sorted too, You are one of my favorite people."

Catwin just looks at Rio and then shakes her head "You have it all wrong. I'm not so great a catch because I don't want to be caught. There is a big difference." she notes quietly "I'm sure there is several who would. And not all for good reasons either."

Riohra raises an eyebrow "Well, time marches on, and you may not want to get caught but someone just might come along and do the catching anyway" he grins now and hands her a flask from his own hip saying "It isnt as strong as that clear stuff, but it is pretty close. got it from a fellow who came by and traded me some bad rope. Booze were good, rope not so much"

Catwin narrows her eyes as she regards Rio. "No. There is going to be no catching." she says her voice having dropped a few degrees. She stares at his flask a moment or two and then she decides to take a drink of it. And quite the drink she does too. "It certainly has potential." She murmurs

Riohra smiles at the protest, but lets it go….for now. He nods and grins at the flask saying "I know right, I mean it doesn't got that kick but they are getting there." he grins and hands it back to her after he takes another drink while he adds "You know if you can make it up to Fort I like to run a poker game, nothing crazy just people sitting around drinking and playing cards."

Catwin gives Rio one last look and then goes back to looking at the water, glistening in the late moonlight. "Well, if they put the time and effort into it, I'm sure they'll come up with something really good." she notes quietly as she takes another little drink and hands it back and chases it with her whiskey. There's silence for a few moments and then she sighs a little "It's kind of you to ask, but that really isn't something I would like to do."

Riohra nods and watches the water too saying "I figured, but I also wanted you to know that my door is always open or if you have need I am here" he leans back on is elbows now to better look up at the stars and asks "what is your goal?"

Catwin gives a little bit of a nod "Understood, but I am good." she notes and then hmms a little "My goal? Well it had been to create a set of unique drinks that people enjoy." She gives a bright grin "I think my Shimmer has done just that. It's been real popular. What about you?"

Riohra grins "To drink all of your drinks" he is half teasing, but only half. He chuckles and says "to be happy, or at least as close as I can get to it ya know. right now it is hunting at the Weyr, being with Kass. And having you as a friend, so I think I am really close to my goal."

Catwin rolls her eyes, not that it's easy to see that in the dark, but the light snort and laugh can be. "You're silly, did you know that?" she says with a smile in her voice. "Always good to be close to your goal. Mine has certainly made me happy."

Riohra grins at her "Nope, people usually tell me I am crazy. or Wherry-brained so I will take silly anyday" he looks back up at the sky "so what is this I hear you have a new drink in the works?" it could be just a rumor but Rio goes to the source.

Catwin laughs, leave it to the residents of the Weyr to spread idle gossip far and wide "Indeed, and who did you hear it from?" she asks curiously, a thoughful look on her face. Always good to know who to use when you want to seed rumours. Right?"

Riohra grins happily and says "a few bar flies were asking about it. But I am sure you could find a few people to spread rumors if you need them."

Catwin snorts a little "Fine, don't give me names, I won't give you any details." She grins "Not that I've given anyone any details. Been playing around with amounts and all, and no one will get to know about it until I get it down just right." She tilts her head a little "Have you heard the name as well?"

Riohra shakes his head "nope, no one has said anything. Which is why I was hoping I could ask you? i dont like rumors." he grins at her "well your prefections seem to keep us in our seats so take your time"

Catwin gets a sneaky little grin on her face. "Well, it is a secret. But I will tell you this, it came to me while watching people on the beach." she notes with a little shrug. "Anymore than that would be letting the feline outta the bag and we can't have that."

Riohra nods "I would say not, though I could always catch it and put it back in the bag if you wanted me to" he grins at her and bats eyelashes.

Catwin just shakes her head "Nope, nada. You're not getting the name, not that many haven't tried, but I can't let someone get the jump on me now. Can I?"

Riohra grins and says "I wouldn't dream of wrecking your flow, but I call dibs on taste testing" He looks out at the water and asks "when was the last time you went swimming?"

Catwin laughs and shrugs a little "Well, if you're there when I first announce, then by all means you can get in some taste testing." she replies and then looks oddly at Rio "Talk about random." She shakes her head a moment as if to clear it and then she just shakes a negative. "I don't swim."

Riohra grins "oh I will be there, even if my lady wants to kill me for it" he jokes or maybe not. He looks out at the water and says "I havent been since I was very very little. It scares me all that open water."

Catwin glances out over the water "Did you almost drown?" she asks after a moment. "If all that open water scares you, how do you handle being out here on an island in the middle of it's great open expanse?"

Riohra nods "long time ago I did drowned, they brought me back wasnt gone to long." he holds up a flask and says "we all have our ways of coping with things right?"

Catwin gives a little nod "I can see why you wouldn't want to go out in the water then." She then gives a little grin "At least that means you won't be bugging me to go out and swim."

Riohra chuckles "no dear, I would bug you to go out and drink." he grins at her and says "I know you aren't comfortable with stuff like that. I just want ya to enjoy hanging out"

Catwin hold up her flask "Of course I enjoy hanging out as you young ones put it." she says with a twinkle in her eye. "I don't get the fascination with swimming. Getting wet and having clothes cling to you, not to mention the sand and what not getting everywhere. And when you think about all the fish and dolphins peeing and pooping in the water, not to mention the number of people that must be doing it as well. And people want to swim in that?" she shudders a little.

Riohra nods and takes a swig of his flask "Or worse, they want to do it on the beach or in the water. I mean do people understand what happens when you get sand down there and add friction?" he shudders now and takes a good pull from his flask.

Catwin just shakes her head "Leave it to you to take it towards sex. Can't you young men think of anything else but that?" she teases lightly.

Riohra thinks a moment and says "malted barley and is a powerful yet refined style that gets its smooth, velvety texture and sweet caramel" then grins at her.

Catwin snorts a little "Fair enough. Sex and booze." she shakes her head a little and then takes a drink of whiskey and then frowns at the flask and sighs a little "Somedays it just seems to go faster than others."
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Riohra nods and hands her his flask that still has at least half saying "and sometimes you just need a little help" he looks out over the water as the stars shine and reflect.

Catwin takes the offered flask with a nod and takes a drink "I suppose so, though I tend to use the finishing of the flask as the time I should likely go to bed." She looks up toward the sky beyond the pavilion. "And it has gotten quite late."

Riohra nods and says "that it is, would you like me to walk you to your room? or are you able to get there yourself?"

Catwin eyes Rio a moment and then she shakes her head. "No, I am quite capable of walking myself to my room." she says shortly. She then shakes her head a little "Sorry about that, but no. I don't need help. I've only had one flask today, takes a bit more than that to do me in."

Riohra smiles as she changes her tone saying "I know you can, I guess part of me just wants to make sure you are ok." shrugs he was born that way.

Catwin gives a little nod "Just remember, not everyone needs you saving them." she murmurs quietly as she gets up from her seat. "It's sweet, but you should save it for your girl.'

Riohra chuckles and nods "I would be she is the one saving me, you should of seen how mad she was when I busted up my ribs" he stands and brushes the sand off of him.

Catwin smiles softly "Well, seems she cares about you. It is really sweet. So why are you here with me and not with your girl anyway?"

Riohra grins at Catwin saying "Because she is studying, and I wanted to set things right with you silly. You act like your a no body or something, geez" he rolls his eyes at her in mock irritation.

Catwin ohs a little and nods 'That's right, the dragonhealing stuff. I think that's pretty cool, not something I could do." she shudders a little "Just a little too much for me, really. I'll stick with my booze. It I can handle." She's silent over his last little tidbit and then she just shrugs a little. Neither confirming nor actually denying it. She just lets it stand.

S'ndri makes his way down toward where the booze is served for a records second night in a row! He's already had at least a couple but could probably handle a few more. As he approaches he'll make note of Catwin, who was briefly there the previous evening, and Riohra, who seems to be back at it despite his hard drinking last night, "Evenin you two." he'll call.

But Riohra won't let it stand saying "well you are a somebody, I mean come on look at your following. People at that gather knew you because of your craft that makes you a somebody." He grins at her and points at the bar who still has people in it "And they know who you are, see a somebody." He turns and greets S'ndri and says "Hey S'ndri, how has your hunt been?"

Catwin glances at the bar and then she looks at Rio oddly. "No, those people come to drink, or flirt with the bartender. That's why they are over there. I only faciliate the drinking and making sure the Weyr as drink to supply. Most of the stuff served there comes from elsewhere. A lot of the cocktails are recipes done by someone else. Sure, I've a few good liqueurs in there, but again most are based upon the work of other people. To use that argument you'll have to give credit to all those others as well. I wouldn't be where I am without them. I'm a vintner, a senior journeyman one at that. I know that's nothing to sneeze at, but it's nothing world shattering either." She tips a nod to S'ndri as she makes note of him and vaguely remembers the face from the other night.

"Slowly. Riohra. Slowly." S'ndri says with a quick shrug, "Spent a good chunk of the day with a certain lady though. I think it's going well." He is really only half listening to Catwin as she talks about something or other. He isn't really listening after all! Though he does perk up at 'flirt with the bartender'. That he can do. He'll turn toward Catwin and smile, "I for one think your gorgeous." He'll glance at Riohra. Certainly that was what he was trying to say right?

Riohra grins and nods at S'ndri "well the best hunts start out that way." When he complements Catwin he smiles and just waits to see what is happening. he knows better but well young men got to know where their limits lay.

Catwin stares at S'ndri for a long moment or ten, her eyes narrows. "Bartender is that way." she says after a moment as she points to the bar. "And perhaps you should save your little lines for your certain lady. I for one have better things to do with my time." Like drink. Yes, drinking is a good use of free time. She takes another swig of her flask before remembering that there is nothing left in it. She mutters under her breath and then heads over to the bar. No Litral working tonight, but that's okay. Poor boy earns his nights off. She gets her flask refilled with some rum and she stares back at her pavillion. Well, technically not hers, but she had been spending a nice quiet night there and now look what happens. Hurrumph.

As if S'ndri is so easily deterred! No this is a /challenge/ and therefore worth it! He'll look sidelong at Riohra before he straightens up and plasters his face with a goofy grin, "I madam am hurt. These are not little lines. I hold the rank of Master from the Hall of Flirtation." Oh yeah. He's going to try hard now. Honor is on the line, "Besides how do you actually know that you have better things to do with your time when you haven't given me any? You'd have to give me at least an hour for the sake of comparison."

Riohra just watches this shipwreck in full formation, he looks at the bar but then looks at the time and sighs giving the pair a wave saying "I will catch you both another time" He gives S'ndri a clap on the shoulder saying "best go easy on this one, I would hate to see you not make it back to your weyr" he gives Catwin a wink and heads off to catch his ride home.

Brown eyes go quite cold at the look of the goofy grin and the cheesy lines he picked up from whatever was last dragged ashore. She takes several steps towards him, glaring at him all the while, which is quite the feet for someone more than a foot shorter. "How do I know? Because I've seen your type before. All flowery flirtations just to get a girl into your bed. Well I am not going to be one of your certain ladies to do with as you please. I am not ome trifling thing to play with. I am not your toy. I am not interested and I completely resent the fact that you assume I do not know my own mind and what I would prefer to be doing. And if you think I'm just going to stand here and patter to your ego because you think you're better than anybody or anything else around here, then you got a thing or two coming to you." She snaps.

Will these words finally wake him up to seet the error of his ways? Has he hurt this poor woman with his callous indifference? Will these words sink deeply into his soul and make him change his whole way of life? Will he feel their power? Apparently not because he just smiles and says, "I like your dress." And he isn't even really drunk. So he has nothing to blame it on.

Silence. Nothing but pure and unadulterated silence. Glare is still there. At least for a moment, and then Catwin turns away from him and heads for a stump seat around a bonfire ring. Flask is upended in her mouth and she takes a few swollows before she sets it down. Her back is straight and her shoulders are stiff, and one can almost see the trembling throughout her whole body. Could it be pure unadulterated rage? Hmm…

It isn't rage that she trembles with. Oh no! It is simply unrealized passion for S'ndri that has been sublimated into rage. A whole subconcious thing really. S'ndri remains completely oblvious. "I know that it is so hard to imagine the luck that you are experiencing right now with me paying attention to you. It's hard to take in. You don't have to speak. I completely understand."

Rage? Passion? What is it that makes her tremble so? As S'ndri keeps talking, however, her whole from starts to pull in on itself. Her shoulders start to hunch a little and her head dips down. There's a tremble in her voice perhaps. "Leave me alone! You don't understand anything! How could you! You come out here, swaggering like some rooster set loose in a battery of hens and you expect me to just roll over and spread them for you?" She stands up and she whirls around. There's no anger there, not really. There's pain and even fear but all in all an awful lot of tears. "You don't even know me! Just, just leave me alone or by the First shell of Faranth I will scream so loud the guards will come running."

S'ndri is pretty oblivious, but does try not to be cruel. It seems Catwin is genuinely upset and not merely playing hard to get or something along those lines, "Hey I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I didn't mean anything by it. I'll go." It isn't the threat of the guards, it's just because she asked. He'll turn and start heading up the beach away from her.

"Didn't mean to? DIDN'T MEAN TOO?!!" Catwin almost screams at him "I told you I wasn't interested. I told you to leave me alone! You wouldn't listen until I threatened you! So don't give me that crap!" She whirls around drops to the sand and pulls her legs up to her chest and starts drinking down the flask as she stares out at the water.

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