Family Visit - Part One

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Prison Cells
Just off the guard barracks is a door that's rather heavy in its design. Beyond, isn't the most comfortable of quarters. Carved into the stone sit two cells on either side of a short hall. Not made to be overly uncomfortable, there is a bed in each with a sheet and blanket available. Beyond that, however, there is little. Bars make up the accessway into the hallway, keeping those that occupy the area quite visible for the guards keeping an eye on things.

Nothing. Taeski has heard little since he was escorted into the small jail area that the Weyr keeps. Not that he's asked many questions. He went without complaint, and for the time being has draped himself into the bed that's available for him. There /might/ even be a pillow thrown over his head. The world outside can just…go away. He's made himself as comfortable as he can, however. His shoes are settled nearby the bed, not wanting to be /in/ the bed with them on. It's likely even that he's being fed properly and everything. But still, he doesn't seem concerned with anything going on that's not underneath his pillow, arms holding down the edges of it while he stays there. Burrowed in.

Somewhere beyond the heavy door to the prison, movement can be heard, soft and muffled. Perhaps guards changing shifts? Voices, muted and indistinct can be made out, then approaching footsteps and the sound of metal clanging and the only means of possible escape creaks open to allow the ambience from the other side within. "Why ya want to visit some renegade is beyond me kid, ya got balls I'll give ya that." A youthful cheery voice soon pipes up with a laugh, "I can be curious can't I?" A snort follows, "Just don't git too close, that one cut up a dragonrider." The younger voice oooh's in wonderment, "How scary!" A fourteen or fifteen turn old boy with dark blonde hair starts to step in, but pauses as a deep voice is cleared behind him. "Oh, yes." Turning, something is exchanged between the visitor and guard before finally he enters, "Just knock when yer done, I'll check on ya if I hear any screaming." The gaurd releases a throaty gafaw and promply slams the door, leaving Valerian chuckling and shaking his head.

It could be that Taeski is trying to smother himself under that pillow. But the subtle lift and fall of his shoulders and back are a clear indication that his breathing is not at all impaired. Maybe it's just a lot quieter and darker under that pillow. That's a very nice thing, after all. But with all the noise of voices and doors and such, the teenager very slowly pulls himself free, sitting up on his knees on the cot. Alas, he's made his hair a bit wild with the motion, but it's not like he minds /too/ much. Everything is /blurred/ though while he gets his bearings again, fingers rubbing deep into the sockets of tired eyes. He can at least catch /some/ of what that guard is saying, eyes giving a faint roll afterward. "Yes?" At least he's cordial enough, though he makes a slight face when his own voice comes out rough.

There are glows illuminating only integrital parts of the prison, that being each cell and right at the door, leaving a fair amount of the place awash in varying degree of shadow. Vale steps out of one such patch, hands folded behind his back, and a wide grin ever in place. Sitting on one shoulder of his tunic is a knot for Xanadu Weyr with indications towards a starcraft apprenticeship. He comes to a stop across the way from where Taeski perches, leaning back against the opposing cell, finally lifting his chin and fixing grey eyes on the disheveled renegade. The resemblance to a certain one-eyed bronzerider rivals that of Kielric, despite the oddity of hair that was obviously not black. "I'm sort of disappointed," he says, laughing softly as he gets a nice long look at the supposedly big and baddie, "You're not at all what I was expecting." Head tilted vaguely to one side, brows trend upwards. "You are Taeski right?"

There is another absent rub of an eye. But Taeski does, after a moment, get to his feet. He wanders then to the bars that provide access to his cell, leaning his shoulder a bit against them. It's brighter there, after all, and he takes in the other teen as much as he's able. He's certainly a bit exhausted, but rather subdued on the whole. About being a disappointment? Well, he doesn't much have a response to that. He's /well aware/ that he's all sorts of /that/ these days. "Yeah." Vale is given another look then, almost suspicious really of how…alike he looks to certain people. "You're from Xanadu, right? What're you doing here?"

"Oh, good. I don't know how many rider cutting renegades they have in Half Moon Bay," Valerian chuckles, remaining exactly where he is and making no attempt to approach those bars now that Taeski was leaning against them. He might be a bit of a daredevil but he wasn't going to be taking any unnecessary risks here today. "Sure is warm here, though. That the whole turn round?" Now that the small talk about the weather was over, the starcrafter still smiling broadly, "My name's Valerian, Risali is my half-sister on my father's side. Don't worry if you haven't heard about it, it's new for me too." He'll apparently let that sink in, because he pauses to take a breath, shoulders lifting and dropped in a shrug. "I was at the lake the other day, heard her calling someone Taeski, and she didn't look happy in the least. So, naturally, being all about my dear older sister and what brings her to make those adorably enraged faces, I got curious." There is a dramatical sigh, heaved from deep in his chest, yet somehow his amusement manages to saturate everything he says or does. "I asked around but no one wanted to talk about it." It doesn't last long, as he brightens considerably, practically bursting at the seams, "A bit later Risa got a letter from someone named Kiltara, and wouldn't you know it, I have an aunt!" Lips stretch and finally spread, revealing two rows of perfectly straight and white teeth, shoulders shaking in a silent expression of his enjoyment. "Luckiest of all breaks, a bronzerider she seemed to know really well showed up and she dropped that letter. Being the doting little brother, I helped her out and pick it back up, gave it a bit of a read to pass the time while she was all flustered and speechless."

There are so many /words/. Taeski just stares a little…and a little longer as Valerian goes on. Ila'den's kid? Well there's something that doesn't seem all that..surprising. Near-silver eyes just give a steady bit of blinking though, before a soft titter of a laugh manages to rise out of him. It's weak, but it's there. "Ila'den's." That must say it all. A small sniff is given, then, before he pulls his weight away from the bars and heads back to sit down on the cot. "It's too cold in Xanadu right now, I'd prefer this heat." Having to burrow into /layers/ is tedious! Not that it's terribly hot in the small cavern that makes up the cell area. There's an odd look given at Valerian though, before he plucks up his pillow, holding onto it. It's snuggly, and he doesn't have his cat to hold onto. "Well, now you've met your cousin, I suppose. I'm afraid we can't get a drink and 'catch up', as..I guess..people do?"

Valerian is very verbose, when he wants to be, but Taeski had asked why he was there, and that required the entire back story if any sense was to be made of it, without all of those pesky whys. Grey eyes watch the renegade closely, taking in everything, but commenting on none of it. Well, except maybe the way his biological father's name is spoken. "That's the one, only met him the once though, at the hatching feast. His weyrmate too…nice man. You know, aside from the way he was constantly looking at Ila'den's ass." A twitch for that, and then he's back to smiling as if he'd invented the thing. "Anyway, yeah. That happened." A laugh for that, "I'm sure my discomfort would have been complete had I been raised by them." He merely watches as Taeski wanders off to return to his cot, simply nodding in apparent complete understanding for the desire for the absence of winter's chill. "Hmm hmm, I hear you." Shifting his weight a bit, one foot to the other, the starcrafter forgoes further discussion of climate in favor of sating his own morbid curiosity. "That would be difficult, yes, seeing as you're behind bars and all. Though I don't really do a whole lot of drinking, I tend to wake up naked in strange places with equally naked people I don't know or really don't want to have known quite as well as all that."

"Nobody said anything about alcohol." People do so much more drinking of liquids other than that! Taeski looks a bit disinterested though, despite paying attention. The surroundings don't make for..perfect conversational atmosphere. But it's better than utter silence, and so the teen gives the flat pillow a bit of a squeeze. The idea of Ila'den and R'hyn and ass-staring? Well…he contemplates that for just a bit, then shrugs. "They love each other." Ass staring comes right along with that, it seems! After a beat, the former renegade gives a sigh, looking right at Valerian again. "Why exactly did you come here? It's not that I don't appreciate meeting family, but…" Considering that a number of his family would rather he didn't exist…

Brows lift, "Oh? Isn't that what people generally mean when they say get a drink?" Valerian asks, grin plastered and now steadily increasing in size till it practically spreads ear to ear, watching the interest he'd initially instilled fading rapidly from his jailhouse cousin. He might even draw the conclusion that a conversation with himself was probably better than nothing for Taeski, considering he's chuckling there for no apparent reason, but it could be he found a renegade hugging a pillow to himself like a child self-comfort with a well loved plushie, endearing. In response to the statement about love, a bright laugh erupts before Vale tuts, waggling a finger at the older boy in the space between them, "That was clearly lust, not love." As if Tae should have known better at his ripe old age of however much older he was than himself to know the difference. All that sighing over there at least does the job of bringing him back down to Pern instead of soaring in the clouds with how much fun he was having, more or less at Taeski's expense. "I was curious, I was raised as a single child and my adoptive parents didn't have extended family. It was just the three of us." Pushing himself off the bars, he stretches his arms up above his head in felinelike maneuver. "Buuuut…if you'd rather wallowing in here by yourself, I can go. Nice meeting you, Taeski. Good luck with the whole…" Looking around, he crinkles his nose and chuckles softly, "Imprisonment thing, I guess."

Taeski shakes his head ever so slightly at that. "Doesn't mean they don't, though." But what does he really know about Ila'den and R'hyn? Practically nothing. He jerks his head up slightly though when Valerian makes to leave. /That/ at least gets the teen's attention, and he's rather quick to protest. "No! You don't" Frustration? It's evident, and he lifts his hands up to rub at his face just a little. He's been rather emotionally…wobbly in recent days, after all. "It's too quiet in here…to be honest. And I'm not..wallowing." There is in fact a small glare for that, flicking it towards Vale with lips pressed together. "I don't exactly know what's going to happen to me." For all he knows, he'll be taken out and dropped between, after all! Ila'den has certainly threatened it before. Still, he abandons the pillow to get up again, approaching the bars carefully. "..What's your name?"

"I never said they didn't, merely pointed out leering at someone's backside doesn't mean love." The starcrafter quips, rocking back and forth on his heels, before he starts making for the door until his cousin's adbrupt outburst brings his feet to a halt. Unseen, as Valerian had already taken a few steps away and his back was to Taeski, his grin turns absolutely deviant to the point of predatory. However, by the time he's spun himself back around, it was merely pleasantly hung as pretty as any picture ever was. He watches the renegade unravel a little bit, managing to keep himself from laughing, even if his shoulders were shaking discreetly. "You're sulking a bit, cousin." he points out, bravely (or stupidly) now approaching the bars even with clear and present danger a whisper's length away, and leans again but this time within grabbing and choking distance. "I'm no harper, but you didn't kill whoever it was you hurt, right?" Turning his head, he peers over with eyes that so perfectly match the older boy's, "I mean, everyone out there was saying you'd get a slap on the wrist, exiled from the weyr at the most. No was talking killing you or anything." Then Vale's jaw drops, gasping exaggeratedly. "I already told you my name! Weren't you listening?" Feigning this to be the greatest of insults, he huffs and crosses his arms over his chest, thrusting his nose up into the air. "Not telling you again, so figure it out." Okay, now he was laughing.

Taeski might in fact be pouting. Slightly. Just a little bit. "You threw a lot at me." Well he /did/. It's not the renegade's fault that he wasn't..entirely paying attention until Valerian started talking about his family. Fingers rub at his face a little again, before scratching back through the shorter portion of his hair. The fact that the other teen has gotten close to the bars? It doesn't seem to matter. At least he looks like he's relaxing a bit more. Questions relating to what he /did/ though earn a bit of a wince, gaze sliding away. "I may as well have. What I did, I.. I guess it doesn't matter right now. It'd definitely be nice not to die, though." As if he didn't /quite/ believe that nobody at all was talking about it. Taeski tilts his head then, resting it against the bars while looking at Valerian. "So you came all the way to Half Moon for this."

"Still not telling you," Valerian tosses over his shoulder, not seeming of a mind to take any excuses not matter what they might be, so Taeski had better be paying close attention to everything from now on from the looks of things. He lets the renegade pull himself together over there, eventually turning around and leaning the whole front half of his body against the bars, swinging his arms through them as he hmm's a bit to himself to pass the time. Clearly, the starcraft was the better choice over the harpers, because he did not have his sister's singing ability. Not that he was trying all that hard. Grey eyes lift in time to see the wince his questions have raised, daring to actually poke his cousin in the side with the point of one finger. "Hey," he says smiling toothily, "You aren't going to die and if they kick you out you can always come with me back to Xanadu and help me annoy Risa. That's always fun." Brows are waggled, gripping the bars in each of his hands, and leaning all the way back, "Yep, pretty much. I get bored in Xanadu, everyone's so stiff and serious. I met a sixteen turn old bronzerider who was picking imaginary flowers he was so 'in love' with some woman he'd slept with." A shudder, "Bleh."

Taeski rather reflexively swats at the offending finger, quickly batting at it to get it away from his tender, delicate ribs. They /may/ be ticklish. There's a bewildered look given to Valerian though, almost wide-eyed for the /affront/ on his person. ..And then the teen simply loses it, fingers latching onto the bars to hold himself up while in his fit of laughter. Alright, the guy /might/ be slightly off-kilter, but it still is a relief..and likely the best he's felt in the past few days. He'll /take/ it, even if he might seem a little hysterical to some. Finally, after a moment to /breathe/, Taeski gives Vale another look, nodding. "So long as it's not Ista, I think I could manage the weather there in Xanadu." Ista would not be a healthy choice for him either! He makes a /face/ for the image of picking imaginary flowers though, leaning just a bit away. "..Well that's a bit..much."

Surprisingly enough, Valerian doesn't seem the least bit annoyed, but rather thrilled when after that swat and bewildered look Taeski finally joins him in a laugh, especially since it's put at least a temporary end to the all that sighing and 'woe is me' he's been getting since he showed up unannounced. "That's better, you're way too cute to be frowning and lamenting." A sage nod for that as if he knew every secret to being endlessly happy but was greedily keeping them all to himself, perhaps this was why that grin of his was forever undaunted. There's an almost puppy like cock to his head when the older teen refuses Ista, "I don't live in Ista though, I'm kinda stuck in Xanadu, but they have a huge telescope there." The flesh around those silver forged hues widens as if in emphasis, chuckling at his own ridiculousness, slowly swinging himself a little side to side. "I don't get the whole sex and love thing anyway, even if I see the difference. I mean, I love my parents, but…I can't honestly say I'd ever want to sleep with either of them. Not that sex is all that fantastic either, kinda don't see the point of it unless it's to have a baby.” There goes his nose, crinkling again. “Sweaty. Messy. All the work up for like seven seconds of feeling like your heart is going to explode.” A genuine shudder before he rolls his eyes towards the ceiling, chuckling to himself as if he’d just heard the lamest of all jokes. “The lamenting, the crying, the wondering what it all means.” One arm lets go and he hangs from a single bar like a monkey until the arch he swings is wide enough to return his back to them directly in front of Taeski, “We squiggled our body parts together until stuff came out of them! Emotion! Attachment!” Vale clutches at his heart, gasping, sliding down until his backside meets the ground, then makes gagging sounds as he repeatedly jabs at his open mouth with one finger. “Gross.”

It was something that Taeski needed. A brief reprieve from the oppressive guilt that has been suffocating him in the tiny cell. His forehead leans against the bars somewhat, taking in the cool comfort once his laughing fit is all over. Cute? Well that gets Valerian a bit of an amused look as well, shaking his head. And then there's a whole bit about the grossness of sex that has Taeski staring. "You're..strange." Though from the boy's tone that's not necessarily a bad thing. He takes a breath before turning his back to the bars as well, leaning there almost comfortably. "I like it. The sex part. The love part..well. That part's better." He shrugs then, glancing over his shoulder at the monkey-swinging starcrafter. "Thank you. For coming here."

The moment that he’s done pretending he’s throwing up, Valerian is back to chuckling, but soon that too quiets down and he just enjoys the other boy’s company in silence. “That! Is subjective!” he says, pumping his finger now up into the air as if in objection, reminding his cousin that everything just might be someone’s opinion. No offense taken of course, for he’s practically giggling as he prepares to push himself back up to his feet, doing so not too long afterwards. Brushing off his behind to remove the dust clinging there, “See, now you’re strange.” A long teasing grin is sent backwards until he’s settling back against the bars once more, only the metal of them a partition between them. It might be meant in comfort in its own right, having grown comfortable enough with Taeski that this small contact is offered. “I’ll have to take your word on that, cousin.” This gently said, once more falls into relative quiet, except for more of that soft tuneless humming. That is, until he’s thanked, to the other boy receives a low chuckle. “What’s family for, right?” Shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his trousers, the sole of his shoe scraping against the sandy prison floor repeatedly as he scuffs at it, probably wondering if they ever cleaned down here. “It’s Valerian, but you can call me Vale if you want.”

What /is/ family for? It is sometimes hard to tell with the family they both come from. But the comment brings a smile from Taeski regardless. There's comfort in that slight contact, and the teen is quite willing to soak it in for now. “Vale, then. Can call me Tae if you wanna.” Indeed, he is much more subdued than his rather… boisterous cousin, but at least he doesn't seem to mind that. He keeps his head slightly turned, peeking at the other boy. “Sticking around, or heading back to Xanadu?”

“Tae it is!” Valerian says happily enough, looking over his shoulder as he feels the older body moving slightly against his back. “Me? Oh stars no, I can’t stay too long. I might have snuck away while everyone was sleeping.” He sticks his tongue out at this with a ‘heh heh’ that shows just how much he cares about the consequences. “I can probably be back and in bed before anyone notices, and if not…” Taeski should be able to tell that the younger boy is shrugging, although his grin can he heard all too well. Vale might be boisterous, but now that the initial excitement of this whole adventure was beginning to fade, he seems to be calming himself down at least. How long exactly that is going to last, is anyone’s guess. “I don’t have a firelizard, but I can try to use someone else’s or something to write to you if I can’t manage to get away. It’s got to be sharding boring in here with no one to talk to.”

Valerian's adventure of sneaking out earns another chuckle out of Taeski. Really, the morale inside a jail cell is abysmal..and for good reason. Pepping spirits up should be a well-paid job in a prison! "You know, I've heard they send people around, checking beds in crafts. You're /probably/ sunk." Oh how totally /not/ worried he sounds. After all, Vale knew what he was doing when he did sneak out. Not that he really knows what the starcraft people are up to, after all. He gives a puff of air for the 'boredom' though. At least it isn't a sigh. "Terribly boring. If they'd give me something to draw with I could at least keep myself occupied."

If there was any question as to whether or not Vale would laugh when he’s told that they do bed checks and how much trouble he’ll be in upon his return, it’s quickly answered when he goes right ahead and does it quite openly, “If that’s the case I’ll thoroughly enjoy anything and everything they can throw at me in punishment,” he chortles in anticipation, “I get top scores, I do all my work and ask for more, and other than escaping off to have some fun now and then…no one has any reason to kick me out of the craft. They’ll get bored of the so called ‘discipline’ eventually and I’ll probably get shipped off somewhere else. It’s just a different piece of sky to me, but I’ll sure miss messing with my sister.” He wasn’t kidding when he said he loved making her angry, but he never did anything other than annoy her, there was never any intention to actually hurt her in any of the ways that people can get hurt. For boredom? “I can probably get you a sketchpad and some charcoal, pretty sure they’ll let you have that. No pencils though…for the stabby-stab.” Valerian does his best Psycho reenactment, stabbing at the air with his empty fist. No way he was going to be responsible for arming his renegade cousin, no matter how much he’d quickly come to like him. “What did you DO anyway?” Might as well ask, Taeski didn’t have to answer, but inquiring minds wanted to know. Desperately.

Being so nonchalant about being in trouble? Well, it doesn't seem terribly off for a person like Valerian. Taeski though, behind bars, could stand to see a little less in the way of being disciplined. There's a small smile for annoying Risali though, nodding. "I'm pretty sure I annoy her without trying to." He shrugs at that, then sighs. Yep, there it is. Sighing shall return! "What I did.." It's not a very pleasant topic, but the teen settles himself down, sliding to sit instead while leaning on the bars. "I cut my weyrmate. I've never been that angry, I didn't even realize what I was doing until I'd done it and then.." Too late, once things were done with. "It's not like I don't deserve to be in here."

Nonchalant was Valerian’s middle name, probably also his last name and he should consider changing his first to that as well. Nonchalant Nonchalant Nonchalant. It was catchy, no? Definitely, rolled off the tongue. The giddy giggling certainly did emphasize this point well enough, “All she has to do is look at me and her mood goes straight into the latrine, it’s hilarious! She tripped over me the first time we met, been downhill ever since, but MAN she is a full bag of sour pops.” Then he full out cackles, “Oh! Oh! Almost as bad as that bronzerider from here that was at the hatching feast at Xanadu. He had these freaky yellowish eyes, tattoos, and that same weird loopy thing in his face like you have. Glaring and growling at me for no reason at all, like he wanted to kill me, and all I did was sit down across from my sister.” It might come as a surprise when the starcraft apprentice sobers up with the topic shifting to that which was less favorable for Taeski, turning around and leaning against the bars as his cousin slides to the floor on the other side of them. Hands are placed with fingers loosely wrapping around around the cool metal, angling his head so that he can somewhat have a view of the older boy, “You cut your weyrmate…” he softly repeats, and for once not a stitch of humor can be found, “That’s the rider guy they were saying you hurt?” Brows begin a downward descent but after only one or two millimeters they’re popping back upward towards the line of his hair, “Tae, I have to ask,” he exhales, “Why?” Valerian wasn’t his father, so he wasn’t going to not ask questions and just sit there in nonjudgmental silence and leave it up to his cousin on whether or not he wanted to open up to him. He was a curious creature by nature, and so softer still he continues, “Was he, abusing you? Threaten to hurt the small child he was holding hostage? Murder a beloved pet in cold blood and leave it hanging from a tiny noose by the door?” Okay, it was starting to sound as if being serious for an extended period of time was too difficult for him, but he was trying. “Did he have a box of roasted peeled off faces he insisted were lovely alternatives to hats?” Now he wasn’t even trying. “Why did you even have a knife to begin with?” So many questions, but unlike those he had for Ila’den, he felt far more at ease asking these of Taeski.

There is a humorless bark of laughter at the description of the rider Valerian met. “That’d be him.” Taeski pulls his legs up though, curling his arms around his knees to hold them there as his cousin keeps talking. And talking. “No, but you're doing a bang up job of describing my father.” It's a quiet response, and the renegade..former renegade..just stares at the cot across the room. “I don't know where I got it exactly. I don't even remember picking it up. But it was there, and I…” He trails off slowly at that, taking a deep breath. “My brother. Grew up with him. Kept each other safe, everything. I loved him so much and he..he died. But he didn't. I thought he was dead and J’en knew. He knew and..and he didn't tell me. I trusted him and he was lying..every day not telling me. They both… Nothing's ever hurt that much, Vale. Nothing.”

“Him.” Valerian blinks a few times, “Who's him?” Momentarily confused, he shakes it off in favor of watching the seated boy, likely putting together a new barrage of inquiry in that pregnant pause of him not speaking. A barrage that is waylaid by being told he’s done a fair job of describing Taeski’s father. Mouth opens and then it closes. “Huh,” he replies lamely, and appears to be having a difficult time wrapping his head around this information, “That’s, uh…scary…I guess.” Moving along then at a rapid pace about as far away from all of that as he possibly can, Vale doesn’t have anything to add as to where the slicey knife may have mysteriously appeared from, going quiet as he listens about what had lead up to the reason they were both here to begin with. “Okay. Did you ask why he didn’t tell you? I mean, there has got to be a reason, right?” Now Vale slides down the bars into a crouch behind his cousin, “Is he the type of guy to keep secrets from you or something?”

“I didn't ask. I should have, but I couldn't think.” Taeski knows how to deal with physical pain. Emotional? That is a completely different story. He does finally look at Valerian again though, staring a bit at his cousin. “It's all backwards..heh. And it's too late now anyway. I didn't think he kept any secrets. Not really.” He turns back to looking across the cell again, before closing his eyes. “I know it doesn't make any sense. I’m not making excuses for what I did. If I belong in a cage, I am, I guess.”

Vale didn’t get an answer to who the him was that he’d asked about. Later, this would prove to be one of those conundrums that leaves him laying on his cot, staring at the ceiling, with about forty bags under his eyes wondering about HIM. This just would not do! “Tae, who’s him?” Sure he might not get the best or any response to that, but it eat at him if it just left it. The starcrafter tips his head to the side as his cousin turns to look at him, perhaps even more confused than he had been before when the question of HIM had come up. Then, suddenly and without warning, “OH! The freaky eyed tattooed guy is your…” he exclaims as the light has proverbially dawned upon his pretty little dark blonde head. Now he was looking at Taeski in a whole new light if the wideness of his grey eyes had anything to say about. “That guy? You cut THAT guy?” Valerian looks his cousin once over up and down as he’d gotten a good look at the bronzerider he’s thinking they were both meaning and that was no joke, “I’m seriously…” Impressed? Eh, maybe not the best choice of words. This welcomes back the amusement however, easing back into every part of him as his lips draw back and he grins toothily, “Your balls are huge.” A laugh soon follows, waving away the rest of it as if it really didn’t matter, but soon he spreads his hands out before himself helplessly, “I’d like to give you all of the reassurances in the world, but it kinda sounds to me like you messed up…maybe just a leeeeetle tiny bit.” Fingers are lifted bringing the pointer towards the thumb until they nearly touch, dropping his forearms to rest on his thighs, staring at the back of Taeski’s head once he’s turned away again. Vale huffs some, blowing a wavy curly bit of hair out of his face, and sticks those very same arms of his through the bars. Why? Clearly, the older boy needed a hug, and so they wrap around shoulders and they squeeze very awkwardly with all that metal in there too. But it was mostly awkward, suggesting that this wasn’t the sort of thing the starcrafter was at all comfortable or used to but he was doing it anyway. There’s even a very awkward pat or two in there somewhere. While he’s doing that, he looks around. “I guess prisons are like cages for people…” he mutters, mostly to himself before resting his forehead as best he can at the back of the renegade’s, “…but that doesn’t mean you belong here. You made a mistake, but…he’s okay, well… he didn’t die.” AWKWARD. “Did you at least apologize to him, and try to explain?” There’s a short laugh, “Otherwise that would have been one really long escort to the Infirmary.”

Taeski would have explained who he meant. He even starts to, before the other boy seems to catch on. “Yes. That's the one.” The fact that it seems ludicrous to attack /that/ guy of all people? Well Taeski can't help but smile just a little at that. “Ila’den’s far scarier than he is.” Broken laughter comes though, the teen a little on the edge of getting all emotional about things again. “Oh, messed up only a little? Hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure I buried myself to the neck in shit and paid someone to finish the job.” And the Taeski is being hugged? There's a small noise that comes out of him, and he lifts his hands to lightly grip the arms around him. He’s a rather touchy sort, himself, and the contact is rather obviously appreciated. Did he apologize? “I’m not sure..what I said exactly once I did it. I think I did, but I was so freaked out that I got out of there. It felt..I knew I’d fucked up, but I think I expected..people. Dragons? There to tear me up it just drop me between and I just..ran. I don't think he even knows I’m here. Or cares. I turned myself in pretty quick once I calmed down. So here I am.”

Not even remotely being the touchy sort, the starcrafter does his best regardless to be of some small degree of comfort to Taeski, offering one or two more awkward pats once his arms are lightly gripped. Softly he chuckles, “Feels the opposite, for me Tae. Ila’den is just…intimidating. It’s a weird feeling, like I want to be more connected to him even though I already have someone I call my father, but Ila’den is blood.” Impossible for the fourteen turn old to explain with the right combination of words that would best suit what he was trying to say, he gives up. “Your guy…very growly and I will kill you with my freaky eyes. I sensed lasers in there, I swear. I don’t know if they were down for maintenance or something that day, but he definitely seemed like he wanted to erase me from existence.” Alright, so Valerian’s laughing again, which makes perfect sense really when someone shares their near death experience. Arms are squeezed tighter and would have been a fairly decent impression of a hug, were it not for the prison bars. No further comment is made on the level of shit that his cousin had gotten himself into, mostly because he’d just be sounding like a broken record at this point. “I hear you,” he says softly as the humor more or less drained out of him again, “But you’re basically saying you attacked your weyrmate because you were mad at him for not telling you your brother was alive, never asked him why he didn’t tell you, cut him open, and then left him to bleed without even letting anyone know he was hurt…I’m assuming until you’d calmed down and turned yourself in.” Vale take a quiet breath in and then very slowly exhales, “Taeski, I want you to seriously think about this. Someone you presumably care about comes at you with a knife…after using that knife on you and without checking to see if you’re okay…disappears without a word.” He’ll let that sink in a moment, still unrelenting in the way he was holding the older boy, “Would you be angry? Confused? Hurt?”

“I wanted Ila’den to like me. Or at least not hate me. But oh, he does. He told me he’d kill me when I messed up. He knew I would. I’m.. honestly surprised he didn't.” Taeski doesn't let go of the grip he has on Vale’s arms. The pressure is something he can take comfort in, keeping him pressed into the bars at his back. “I thought I could be better. That if I tried really hard I wouldn't be..that anymore. But he was right. I’m barely more than an animal.” There's a shudder then, Taeski’s shoulders giving a jerk. Whoops, there are the tears, tumbling out again. “I know J’en hates me, okay? I know that, and I deserve that. I never said he should do anything else. Even if he doesn't forgive me or believe me, I want him to know that I didn't..that hurting him like that..I didn't want that.”

It seems that the younger boy was willing to remain exactly where he was doing what he was for as long as Taeski needed it, though he does shift a bit for comfort’s sake before he manages to hold him just fractionally firmer. Taking a breath, the amusement in his voice becomes more restrained, “I don’t think it's…entirely fair to put quite that much pressure on a kid, especially one…and I’m just taking a wild stab in the dark here…” There’s an uncomfortable sounding giggle and then a cough. “…pardon the pun…wasn’t raised traditionally?” He means of course that he’s guessing his cousin was raised by renegades, the sort of renegades that like to toast face skin and wear it like a hat apparently. “Then again, maybe jumping into bed with your bronzerider without transitioning yourself properly and getting the help you needed wasn’t that great of an idea.” A wince, “I can’t say what Ila’den or…J’en…might be thinking, because I haven’t spoken to either of them, but if you want I can try and pass your message along to inked and freaky if you want. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the response that you want or need right now, but at least he’ll know?” One of the pats becomes more of a disciplining taps, “Stop. You are not an animal.” This had managed to bring a frown to the starcrafter’s sunny disposition, and perhaps the tears were managing to pull at his heartstrings. “Taeski, turn around and look at me.”

It takes Taeski another moment to calm down again. Really, he's just not used to being so wildly fluctuating in emotion. There's a few breaths taken, letting everything even out before he finally loosens the hold he has on Valerian's arms. There's a faint noise that's not quite a laugh at the comment about his upbringing, but the teen is just not going there. Not yet. Not everybody really needs to know who his father was. "I didn't think I needed any. Don't do anything wrong..blend in.. It shouldn't have been hard. It wasn't perfect, but I thought..I thought things were okay." But then again, Taeski's not a mindhealer. The fact that something might've been wrong didn't occur to him. "Clearly not." Taps of discipline? Well no, no bad reaction to that. He scoots himself out of his cousin's grip though, turning to face the bars instead with a quick wipe of a hand across his face. "..Can you? There are things I should tell him myself..and I want to, but I'm not sure he'd even come down here. I don't imagine it will be. I'd be surprised if he even listened."

When Taeski’s hold on him lessens, so does Valerian’s. Not in a way that suggests that he was meaning to be any less supportive, but maybe anticipating the fact that he would soon be sitting back on his legs rather than kneeling up against the bars. He can only nod to his cousin’s omission, unable in his inexperience to find the words that might soothe whatever fears might be festering within the renegade’s cell walls. With Tae twisting out of his embrace, a smile of some sort is there for him when he does as he was asked and turns to face him, dropping his hands to his lap, “I can try? The guy didn’t seem all that happy to see me before we were even properly introduced…” It’s then that his grin widens and twists to wicked proportions, “Not that this has ever stopped me before.” A wink and a laugh for that, this new fire of fun and excitement burning down to a mere smolder as he lifts his shoulders upwards and lets them drop back down of their own accord, “I can’t force him to visit, but I can be obnoxious and persistent enough to make it impossible to be ignored,” Vale’s grin deepens to devious, “He’ll hear what you have to say even if I have to follow him around everywhere he goes.” Yes, because this will so well.

Taeski does at least look like he feels a little better at this point. His eyes are a bit red of course, but that fact is ignored by the teen. He makes a face however at Vale's talk of how persistent he'll be, shaking his head. "I don't think that's an..all around good idea. It's probably because you look like Ila'den though. He won't take being..hounded very well." Lips crack into a smile though, before his tongue briefly flashes over them. They're dry! "Just..thank you. For trying anyway."

“Can’t help looking like my birth father any more than the next guy, you know?” Vale says, shrugging it off, of no mind in the least to let anyone else’s negative impression of blood relations in anyway influence how he feels about anything. “No offense to your guy or anything, but it’s kinda dumb of him to push his prejudices of one person onto another just because of physical similarities. He doesn’t know me at all.” J’en’s loss as far as he was concerned, because the starcrafter though of himself as pretty darn spectacular. Smile unwavering, Valerian leans forward and touches his lips admittedly with all that awkwardness that comes with physical contact with another person to his cousin’s forehead briefly before he pulls away and climbs back up to his feet. “I should head back now, but if I can get away again, I’ll definitely stop by….and I’ll make sure to get you those art supplies as soon as possible.”

Taeski nods somewhat. "Believe me, I feel..very awkward when people tell me I look like my father. But I do agree with you." Everyone could stand to be a little less..prejudiced. There is a vast amount of bewildered blinking when his forehead receives lip contact, staring at Valerian for a moment or two. In fact, he doesn't even get up at first, craning his head back a little to look at him. WELL that was unexpected. But it does eventually bring a smile to the teen's lips, and he uses his hold on the bars to pull himself up. "I like you, so who knows? Maybe it won't be so bad. ..And thank you. Really." The starcrafter can't stay forever though, and he nods faintly. "I'll look forward to it."

Valerian laughs at that, “Of course you like me cousin, I’m fabulous.” All the seriousness bleeds out of him now, preparing to return to the world outside the tiny prison, brushing off the thanks as if it were something anyone would have done for anyone else regardless of the fact that Taeski was locked up in here for hurting a dragonrider. “Pfft, even if it is, I can handle bullies.” That’s what he saw J’en as after all, a big mean bully who jumps to conclusions. Twiddling his fingers in farewell, he marches himself off to the door and gets let out, soon disappearing from sight with the door closed again behind him.

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