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Western Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
This appears to be one of the spare private rooms, hastily reworked into an office space. Instead of the usual bed, clothespress, table and chairs, there's a filing cabinet, a floor lamp, and…a table and chairs. The table holds a smaller desk lamp, a personal computer with connection cables spilling down the back, a dispatch radio, plus a scattering of files, papers, and writing materials. Beside the workspace is a smaller endtable, seated upon which is a klah percolator and half a dozen mugs. None of the three chairs match each other, or the tables, but they seem to be solidly made and in good repair.
Piled up against one wall are half a dozen cartons, apparently also filled with files of some sort. The room is rather sparsely decorated, with only a scrap of faded carpet beneath the table and an embroidered wall hanging hung on the wall opposite the door, in bold copper and russet threads.

Where it's late in Western, it's likely later in Fort and a time that finally allows for the Weyrleader to make an escape to visit, despite the hour. It's a visit that's likely part duty, part leisure as Velokraeth wings down to land, the pale bronze lingers just long enough for Th'ero to dismount before he's aloft again, likely to go cozy up to some greens or find either Suldith or Varmiroth (or both) for company. Some time passes though before the Fortian Weyrleader will come knocking to Zi'on's office door. He stops along the way first to meet up with Kimmila and once the pair is ready they make their way across the bowl and up the stairs.

Kimmila trails along after Th'ero, rubbing her eyes and pushing loose strands of hair away from her face. "How do you think he'll react?" she asks, stepping past the Fortian Weyrleader to rap her knuckles lightly on Zi'on's office door.

There's an audible groan from the Western weyrleader at the knock on his door. Visitors? This late? "It's open." He says. Not knowing, or caring too much about who is on the other side of the door. "Enka's office is next door if you have something for her. I stopped being her errand boy when I was thirteen." The bronzer doesn't get up. He's busy disassembling things on his desk. Visitors this late generally never brought good news anyways.

"Hard to say," Th'ero murmurs lowly to Kimmila from where he stands close to her side. Zi'on calls them in then and while the Fortian Weyrleader gives an amused snort, he also frowns slightly in the same instant. Leaning forwards, he grasps the handle and pushes the door open, gesturing for Kimmila to step on ahead of him, "Somehow I don't believe you," Th'ero drawls loud enough to be overheard and if Zi'on doesn't recognize him by his voice alone, well… it hasn't been that long. As he steps through the door, likely after the bluerider, he'll allow it to slowly swing shut behind him. The bronzerider looks no different really, same wavy mess of curls, neatly groomed beard and the same half-smile, half-smirk he greets with. Only slight difference may be how tired his eyes look but that's to be expected. "Not too late to visit, I hope?" Th'ero asks, eyes drifting to glance at the disassembled technology on Zi'on's desk with mild interest.

Kimmila snorts as she steps in ahead of Th'ero, pushing hair behind her ear once more. "Did you now?" she asks with a wry grin, walking forward and sprawling into a chair, a leg thrown up over an arm rest in a picture of ultimate relaxation. Glancing back at Th'ero, her eyes are then taken by the computer. Curious for a brief moment, her nose then wrinkles and she laces her fingers together, resting them on her stomach.

Zi'on looks up when the door opens, in anticipation of having to quickly shoo out whoever has come to call. He looks relieved when he spots Th'ero's curls and smirk. "What? You think I'm still Enka's errand boy? I wish. Now I'm her slave." He laughs a bit. He does look a bit more surprised when Kimmila steps into his office as well. Zi'on of course looks much like he always does. Though he's no longer sporting his beard, now just has a mess of scruff on his face as five o'clock shadow. The younger bronzer picks up the computer chassis and sets it aside on the floor. He looks at his desk, flipping open the pastry box to pull out a glazed pastry with fruit filling, then offers the box. "Pastry?" After a bite he looks between the two of them. "So what's brought you two here? Brought a laundry list of ways Kiena should be forced to improve her character? If so you'll have to talk to the weyrlingmasters now. It's outside my control."

Th'ero gives Kimmila a long look when the bluerider chooses to go for the picture of ultimate relaxation and just sprawl over a chair. He doesn't question her though, simply shaking his head a bit as he takes a slower (and a little more hesitant) approach towards the desk and likely another free chair. "There's a difference between the two?" he drawls in an almost mocking tone to Zi'on, smirk now turning more to a crooked smile and his posture relaxes a bit. The Fort Weyrleader has learned that he's likely to always find the Western Weyrleader in some different state, so there's no surprise for the lack of beard or the 5 o'clock shadow that's grown in it's place. So long as the other bronzerider looks healthy and whole, there's no concern given. "No thanks," he waves off the offer of the pastry, before taking a seat in the chair next to Kimmila's. There's a side-glance given to the bluerider and then Th'ero is turning back to face Zi'on, his smile faded a little. "Kiena?" Ah, so he didn't know how his sister's name had elided or he's surprised he asked. "No, I'm not here to interfere with that. Here just to simply visit and catch up, considering it's been some time…" Cue the awkward pause. "…and there is some news."

Kimmila snorts at Zi'on (again), and smirks. "You really think that's why we're here? You think so little of us?" Reaching for a pastry, the motion is aborted and she sighs. "Be right back," she mutters, pushing to her feet and heading for the door, "Varmiroth's gone and gotten himself into an artistic conundrum that-" and the rest is cut off as the door swings shut behind her.

Zi'on laughs, then nods. "Errand boys can go home at the end of the day. Slaves are slaves. Day and night." Zi'on was like the wind when it comes to his own hair. Whatever suits his fancy at the time, really. Kiena didn't seem to care much either way, so he does what he likes. Zi'on licks a bit of filling off the corner of his mouth. "Yah. Your sister's new name. Taking a bit to get used to it. Don't call her 'Ki'. She's already decided she doesn't like that." The younger bronzer nods. "Oh right, about Kali. Impressed to blue. Though I imagined you might have been up in the galleries? Maybe not. Or were you talking about Rea? She's due to pop any second now. Just to give you a warning if I suddenly have to run off." Yes, Zi'on has misinterpreted Th'ero's bit about news. He shrugs to Kimmila. "I dunno." He raises a brow a bit then shrugs to Th'ero as Kimmila heads out.

And she leaves with a bit of a cliff hanger! Th'ero's head turns to follow Kimmila's abrupt departure too, a frown settling on his brow but silent even though it's clear he wants to question (or delay) her leaving. But then she's already gone and the door is closed. There's a slight exhale, close to apologetic as he turns to face Zi'on again and calmly goes about their conversation as though nothing is amiss. "Suppose you have the right of there," he muses on the topic of errand boys versus slaves. His mood and tone sobers quick enough though when the topic shifts back to that of Kiena. "Interesting… it will take time to remember it." Th'ero pauses to give Zi'on a bit of a look as his mouth pulls into a faint grimace. "I'll side with her on that. Ki is… no. I'm surprised the choice wasn't Kali." Cause that's what he's forever going to call her, it seems. "I was up in the galleries, along with Dtirae. We witnessed it all. A good clutch, good number of blues and browns and two bronzes, though not so many greens." News over Rea is, well, new news to judge by Th'ero's surprised but puzzled frown as he fails to put two and two together. "Why'd you have to run? The child yours?" Should he be congratulating the other Weyrleader? He holds off on saying anything of the sorts, at least, until Zi'on elaborates.

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "Mm. For next time you happen to bump into her. You'll know who to say was screaming at you." He laughs a bit. "Me too, though everything about her impression seemed to be just to spite me. But then again dragons know best. I'm pretty sure everyone thought I'd end up as Z'ton." Which was just way too close to his father's name for comfort. Zi'on will likely also call her Kali. That'll be her pet name, and he can stop calling her hammer-holder. "A lot of blues. A lot of eggs, too, really. Would have preferred more greens and bronzes, but what can you do? Maybe I can trade some blues for greens or something." He laughs a bit, then nods about Rea. "Yeah, it's mine. Flight baby. I guess such things are bound to happen, and Rea doesn't between much. At least it's something to occupy me while Kiena is off being a weyrling." Zi'on looks to the weyrleader then. "So what's been going on in your neck of the woods?"

"I plan to stay well clear of where she could accidentally see me. I don't wish to be screamed at, nor do I wish to have the Weyrlingmasters hounding me for upsetting their weyrlings." Th'ero intones seriously, but in the end he gives an amused snort. No, the Weyrleader is going to steer clear of any family "reunions" for some time yet. "Spite you? How? Were you expecting her on green?" he asks, one brow quirked up to show that he's genuinely curious even if his smirk as returned. Seems that Th'ero is relieved his sister is on blue. It means he won't have to bar Velokraeth or worry over when to visit Western. "If I had greens to spare, I would take your offer seriously. As it is… I'm in sore need of all the riders I have." And there's a helpless shrug of his shoulders then, hands spreading out before lowering to his lap, while his elbows rest against the armrests of his chair. "Ahh. Does Kiena know it's yours? I suppose there are some very belated congratulations then. And I suppose that would provide… distraction." Th'ero agrees, though he levels Zi'on with a long, lingering look. When the tables turn, the Fortian Weyrleader frowns, gaze dropping as he considers. "A lot, bad and good. Zuvaleyuth's and Velokraeth's clutch hatched. Good spread and another gold… speaking of dragons knowing best. Young pair. Very young." And Th'ero does not approve.

Kimmila breezes back into the weyr, wiping what looks like red paint off her palms. Or maybe it's blood being smeared onto that rag. Hard to tell as she walks forward to sit once more in the chair she abandoned, and finally grab that pastry. "Very young," she agrees with a little frown, taking a bite of her pastry as if nothing happened and she wasn't missing for some part of the conversation.

"Probably a smart move. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to play this, though. If I don't see her at all she might get upset that I'm ignoring her. But if I see her too much it might cause issues with her dragon. What do you think? What's too much?" Zi'on asks, rubbing his chin a bit. "Yeah. Well, I'd hoped she'd end up on green. Or gold. That would have worked out nicely. Instead we're a younger replica of you and Kimmila." He chuckles, then nods to Th'ero. "Well, you're welcome to borrow some of mine. With all these clutches recently I've had to rethink the whole budget. If we'd had another gold I might have to start asking for more tribute. I suppose every weyr has its ups and downs though." Zi'on finishes up his pastry, licking his fingers. He gives Th'ero a droll look. "Of course she does. Not that that was a pleasant conversation to have. 'Oh I know you're a candidate and we can't sleep together, but I got this OTHER girl pregnant. Sorry!' Yeah." Zi'on nods a bit about the gold pairing at Fort. "Eh. Dei will have a chance to groom her though. She's young herself, ain't she?" There's a blink when Kimmila comes back. "You murderin' someone? Or some thing?"

Th'ero glances away again but only because he's thinking over what Zi'on has asked. The Weyrleader has never had to face such an issue and eventually he can only shake his head. "It's hard to say. I know little of Kali, so I can't vouch for what'd be right or wrong. You could always send her messages. Leave it to her to decide." He suggests and then snorts. "Worked out nicely? With the temper I hear she has?" There's a strange look given to the Western Weyrleader then and his tone seems a fraction lower. "You make that seem as it's a bad thing. It has its perks, you know. At least you have no stress over Suldith flying her dragon every single time." No, instead Zi'on has to deal with Kiena being competition. Th'ero leans back into his chair and weaves his hands together in his lap, head tilting a bit to the side as he considers the offer. "I could bring it up to Dtirae and the rest of my staff if you're being serious over shedding a few wingriders. And yes, every Weyr does have its ups and downs." And with Fort, it's more down then up lately, but he seems to be keeping the news in the "brighter" spectrum. Save the bad for the meetings. Given the droll look, Th'ero simply smirks and perhaps looks a touch sympathetic for his friend. "So she took it bad, didn't she?" Duh. "At least you told her, rather then hide it." Th'ero-talk for: thanks for being honest and not deceive my sister … "Dtirae? Not /that/ young. This new goldrider barely passes the minimal age limit. She's a /child/." And acts like one too. Kimmila is coming back then and Th'ero, distracted, turns to give her a curious but welcoming look. He likely has the same questions in mind as Zi'on's when his eyes catch all that red.

Kimmila shrugs, "Just have to play it by ear I guess, Zi'on. Though I wouldn't see her in private for a while. Group settings, maybe visit a few lessons?" Not that Zi'on was asking for her opinion. Then she nearly chokes on her pastry. "/Gold/? No. And green? You really want her sleeping with half the dragonriders on Pern?" Blunt and to the point. "I'm glad she got blue. And what's wrong with being a younger version of us?" she asks, grin crooked and wry. Who wouldn't want to be like her and Th'ero? Lots of people, probably. Then she flinches a bit, "That conversation must have sucked," she murmurs, glancing sidelong at Th'ero and grimacing just imagining him coming to tell /her/ that sort of thing. Murder, indeed. Popping the rest of the pastry into her mouth, she shakes her head and wipes her hands again on the red stained rag. "No. Varmiroth just decided he wanted red on the mosaic, but then he spilled the pail of paint, so now it /does/ look like someone was murdered on my ledge."

Zi'on nods. "Unfortunately the messages I'd like to send her she won't like. Maybe I'll just send her little notes. And some snacks. I don't know if she's eating enough, she's already pretty thin." Though Zi'on's one to talk. Zi'on gives Th'ero a strange look right back then. "How's Suldith chasing her green every time a problem? Or did you mean worrying about Suldith not actually catching? That I suppose would be a problem sort of. But all dragons fly sometimes. I guess I worry about Suldith and her dragon getting along, too." The bronzer shurgs a bit. "I can't give away my riders. And I'll need to clear it with Mistress Enka." Zi'on seems at least sympathetic to Forts plights. Sending off some riders looking for a change might not be a bad thing for Western, either. "I dunno. It was awkward for me. I expected her to fly into a rage like she normally does. Instead she just seemed to get really upset about it. I didn't know what to do. I just kept apologizing. I guess she's over it now, at least somewhat. Things might change once she sees me with the new baby." No telling then how Kiena might react. Best to spare her those scenes until much later. "You can have our latest goldrider instead. She's as dull as spoon." There's a nod to Kimmila about when to see Kali. "Yeah. Suldith has been prowling the weyrlings anyways, checking mostly on his own brood. Miraneith's suggestion, no doubt." He just wrinkles his nose at Kimmila being glad Kiena ended up on blue. "Oh trust me, it did suck." the bronzer nods to her then. "I see…" Peer.

"Why wouldn't she like them?" Th'ero IS surprised by that bit, figuring it was only he who was plagued with Kiena rejecting his messages. Then there's /that/ frown, the concerned brotherly one. Way to go Zi'on. "Has she not been eating enough for some time now?" he asks, sounding a little suspicious that details like that were omitted or he's simply jumping at shadows. With no food or drink, he has nothing to choke on, but that doesn't stop him from grunting at bit at Kimmila's bluntness and the look he shoots the bluerider is narrowed and slightly edged. Really? "Just because one rides green does not make them promiscuous." Big words he's drawling sarcastically there at her. Usually means his temper is threatening to be riled and he's bristled at something. Or he's just reacting poorly to thinking of his little sister… no, not going there. "Yes, I meant more of Suldith not actually catching." Th'ero mumbles the amending comment to his previous one, echoing Zi'on's strange look again. "Why wouldn't Suldith and… Ujinath," Saved by Velokraeth on that one, it seems. "Get along?" At the mention of awkward, the Fortian Weyrleader /can/ sympathize at least and does so with an equally awkward and somewhat uneasy smile. No, thankfully he's not had to deal with that with Kimmila. Then there may be murder indeed. "She'll come around, if she hasn't already." He offers as reassurance, trying so hard not to fidget in his chair. There's a grimace when the bluerider mentions the paint, "So that was the emergency then?" he asks her, before his attention darts back to Zi'on. A gold trade? That earns a heavy frown. "No, I'm not about to foist her on anyone. No Weyr deserves that. Though I'd welcome one as… lacking in intelligence as you claim over this one. Don't tempt me."

Kimmila frowns a little bit, leaning back in her chair and being careful to keep anything red off the upholstry. "What sorts of notes would you like to send her?" she queries, brows furrowed. Then she shrugs. "It's different if you're probably going to lose each time though. Golds and greens /always/ win. The odds are never in their favor." Then she snorts. "Of course she got really upset. The man she loves having a baby with another woman? That's got to sting, especially for a Holderbred girl. It'd piss me /right/ the fuck off, and I'm weyrbred." Pissed off = emotionally devastated, in Kimm-speak. Glancing at Th'ero, she shakes her head. "I didn't mean that riding green would make her a slut. But she'd sleep with someone during /every/ flight. Not just when she won. That's what I meant. Not that it'd be her choice to." She shudders. "I thank Faranth every day I didn't impress green. I'd hate it." And likely not handle it well at all.

Zi'on chuckles. "She'll think they're too mushy, more than likely. I guess I can just try to be pleasant and leave the mushy tidbits out. I like to send love note though." He blinks then. "Eh? No. She eats more than I do most of the time. She's just thin. And I think she's been too distracted with her dragon lately. She doesn't eat any sweets, either. So I'll have to pack her jerky or something." Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Who she sleeps with during flights doesn't matter much to me anyways. Well, as long as she doesn't end up pregnant or beat up or something." Zi'on shrugs then about the dragons getting along. "I dunno. It could happen." There's a sigh then for Kimmila. "Well, it's not like I did it on purpose. It isn't like it affected my feelings for her, either." He chuckles a bit to Th'ero. "Heh. It takes them a while to come into their own I guess. When they impress young and all. Can you imagine me as weyrleader five turns ago?"

"Then don't write mushy letters," Th'ero echoes, likely interrupting Zi'on before the poor man can finish. With a slightly sheepish look, he leaves the Weyrleader alone to finish before adding, "Be subtle then and maybe she won't tear them to shreds." Like she does his letters, though his are hardly mushy. Maybe that's his problem? Too cold and logical. Kimmila's comments earn her a questioning, sidelong glance that lingers as if the Fortian Weyrleader was not expecting her to be saying such things. "Sometimes rider preference can sway…" he says, though doesn't sound overly confident at that. Another grimace, likely for the rest of what the bluerider shares and probably giving him all sorts of images and scenarios he'd rather /not/ be thinking on. "And I thank my luck that I Impressed bronze." He admits with a slight and dry chuckle. Turning his attention back to Zi'on, Th'ero relaxes a little when the Weyrleader assures him his sister isn't under eating. "What's wrong with not wanting sweets? You make it seem like it's an illness or something." Really, what did he expect? Neither Irondell seem fond of sugar. Family thing? Then the topic is back on flights and suddenly Th'ero tenses a little, his features falling into a straight and unreadable mask. "Hopefully not," he drawls in a low tone and now things get real awkward. "You'll warn her, won't you? About things like that… not the pregnancy issues. Stuff the Weyrlingmaster's may not elaborate on." Cryptic, but hopefully someone can make sense of it. There's a snort then, "Can't say I could. But then I didn't know you when you were younger. I'd have likely made no better a Weyrleader then you would have."

Kimmila's nose wrinkles at the thought of mushy letters. "Nothing wrong with not eating sweets," she says as she grabs for another pastry. "I know it didn't, but still," she says to Zi'on, about the pregnancy. Glancing at Th'ero when he tenses, she reaches out to rest a hand lightly on his arm. "She's a tough girl, I doubt she'd let anyone get away with anything during Flights - or after them," she murmurs, trying to catch his eyes.

Zi'on smiles and shrugs. He looks down at his desk them a little sheepishly. "I don't care if she tears them up. As long as she reads them. I like to put down what I feel when I send notes like that. If I have to hide everything, what's the point? Well, I guess just the act shows her I'm thinking about her." The younger bronzer reaches in for another pastry. "I dunno if that's true or not for greens. What, were you worried you'd end up on a green?" Zi'on laughs at that. "It is an illness," he says about not wanting sweets. "You Irondells are all the same. Too much time at sea or something. You're all soured and grumpy." Zi'on nods a bit. "She's seen me after a flight. She knows what to expect. I can't imagine her letting things get out of hand, but I'll warn her, sure. I haven't met a lot of aggressive greenriders though. It's usually the male riders that get aggressive, or the goldriders." In otherwords, it's the greenrider who will have to worry about Kiena being too rough. "I bet Kimmila is rougher than any greenrider you've beded, no?" He laughs a bit then. "So still no kids for you two, hm? At least the tea works for someone."

Th'ero gives Kimmila an almost thankful look for her agreement concerning sweets, but to Zi'on he only nods his head. "Can't hurt to try." And who knows, maybe the Western Weyrleader will have better luck reaching her through his messages then the Fortian Weyrleader ever did. Brother against lover is it now? Poor Kiena. Without hesitating, his hand does reach over to gently rest over the bluerider's on his arm. It's a subtle thing, but the meaning is enough on it's own. "Of course I was worried! I had no idea what would come Hatching day or if I would Impress at all. So I was relieved when it was Velokraeth who came to me." There's a laugh for Zi'on's comment on the aversion towards sweet foods, gruff and brief but genuine. "That pretty much sums up my bloodline," he drawls with a crooked smile. Then all the good humor so preciously built is gone in a flash and returned with /awkward/. Awkward and tension so thick you could stab it with a knife and likely bend it. Seems after all these Turns, Th'ero has /not/ learned to relax and is still easily ruffled. "There are some," he mutters and then the way his skin flushes tells /all/. Not just from his comment but Zi'on's concerning Kimmila as well. Cough and no comment, what else is to be expected? Taking a slow breath, Th'ero recovers enough to flatly comment, "I did tell you there are perks to having a bluerider as a lover, didn't I, Zi'on?" he drawls and after a bit of a pause, there's a slow, ghost of a grin. That'd be a yes. So he /can/ play along! Cryptic as always, but he's at least not storming off or something. The comment on children though is left unanswered and there's a pointed glance given to Kimmila then.

Kimmila shrugs with a frown. "I've met a few, too," she says with a faint dark edge to her tone. "Particularly the ones who do not /want/ to be greenriders." Then she laughs and her hand moves to lightly rake her nails up Th'ero's arm. Rawr. Giving him a wicked smile, she then turns to look at Zi'on, and her expression falters somewhat. "No…well. Not born, anyway. We lost one not too long ago." She's trying to sound dismissive, but there's a flicker of awkward hurt in her eyes. Then she turns to look at Th'ero. "You told him yet?"
[Western Weyr] S'rorn: Gas chamber. You go in with the mask, they make you take it off and you're in there without it for a minute or two. When you leave, every sinus and mucus cavity is draining from your face. XD

Zi'on shrugs a bit to Th'ero. "I guess maybe I'll give it a whirl. I miss her, so it'll maybe make me feel a little better, too." In addition to letting Kiena know he was still thinking about her. Zi'on laughs at Th'ero's reaction. "What, you were worried you'd turn out to like men better or something? You sound like my father. You holders are all alike. That's why I'm not a harper, you know. My da though maybe I'd come out gay." And that was unacceptable for L'ton's eldest son. He raises a brow at Th'ero then. "Who's rougher than Kimmila?" He askes, laughing. "Did it hurt?" Followed by more laughing. "Ohh…" He wipes a tear brought on by laugher from his eye. Of course it doesn't take long before he's frowning again. "Oh… sorry. So you two are trying, then?" He blinks between the two of them then. "Tell me what?"

"I'm sure she's feeling similar. Does she have any friends among the weyrlings?" Th'ero asks, curious enough considering he knows so little on his sister. So it's expected that he's going to press Zi'on for all the information he has. "And I don't think she's just going to forget…" Blinking, the Fortian Weyrleader can only stare dumbfounded for a moment at the other Weyrleader and then his features fall into a scowl. A masculine version of the one Zi'on is likely used to. "No. That I am not concerned about and yes, we Holders have our issues, but I'm not the worst of the lot by far." He points out in a gruff tone, only to ease his features into something that looks both understanding and sympathetic to a degree. "Your father had a strange outlook on Harpers…" Kimmila's darker edged tone has Th'ero's attention then, but it's distracted by the laughter coming both from her and Zi'on both. He bats at her hand, mocking in his annoyance and his faint grin returning to echo her wicked one. To the other bronzerider, he simply goes blank faced again. "Funny." And leave it to the conversation to take a nose dive back to awkward then and Th'ero shifts a bit in his seat, clearly uncomfortable when moments before he was actually relaxing enough to joke around (and about sex, no less!). "In a sense, I suppose we are." He murmurs, before darting a quick look at Kimmila and that brief glance is all that's need to say that he hasn't in fact, told Zi'on anything. Some friend he is! "We've decided to become weyrmates. I had meant to tell you sooner but…" Hatchings. They have bad timing.

Kimmila snorts, and gives Zi'on a toothy grin. "Anyone rougher than me wouldn't be considered pleasurable," she says in a low, almost growling voice. When Th'ero bats at her hand she chuckles and draws it back, lacing her fingers over her stomach once again. "Huh?" she says then, blinking in surprise at Th'ero. "We are not trying to get pregnant." Is there a note of…fear? Panic? Nervousness? in her voice? Then she looks back at Zi'on and lifts a hand in a mock toast. "Congratulations, you're the first person we've told. Out of…" pause, "six people, that's quite an honor." Leave it to her to mark something as potentially loving and romantic as a Weyrmate announcement with her characteristic dry sarcasm.

Zi'on shrugs a bit and nods. "She's got some, yeah. Though I don't know how close they are. It's hard for her to make friends I think. Because of the trust issues. She'll be stuck with the weyrlings a while though. Hopefully she'll open up to a couple of them at least." Zi'on grins evilly at Th'ero, then. "Haven't you slept with a man yet? You're awful lucky if you haven't. But it'll happen, eventually." The younger bronzer shrugs a bit. "My father is just strange in general." He chuckles a bit about Kimmila's roughness, before things turn to more awkward subjects. There's a blink as Th'ero says they're trying to get pregnant, then Kimmila says they're not. "Uh…" He'll let them hash that one out on their own. "Ooh, really? Congrats, then! That's great. I'll start drawing up the paperwork then." The bronzer gets up to open up a locked cabinet, pulling out a bottle of Saucy Wench. "Let's have a drink to celebrate?"

"She'll have to, or her training will be rough. But if she's as untrusting as you say… she may want you to visit. Some sense of familiarity then, right?" Th'ero points out dryly and likely only bringing it up to offer Zi'on some reassurances. And if the Fortian Weyrleader could recoil, he would have but instead he only leans back heavily into his chair, grunting. "Shards, no. Velokraeth has spared me that and seems to be only chasing the greens with /female/ riders." At the warning, he scowls all the more and then peers at the other bronzerider. "Uh huh. So I'm going to guess you've been on the unlucky side then?" Not that he really wants to hear it, but he makes the jab anyways. Glancing over to Kimmila sharply, Th'ero blinks and then almost groans out loud when he realizes how bad he just slipped up. Lifting a hand up to pinch at the bridge of his nose, he uses the other hand to make a small dismissive gesture. "That's not what I meant," he mutters. "I meant it's not for /lack/ of trying, though we're really not in the end." Get it? Or is he just digging a deeper hole? Most of what he says seems directed to the bluerider, but Zi'on does get a quick glance too once Th'ero has lowered his hand again. At the mention of paperwork, the Fortian Weyrleader frowns. "Paperwork for what? She isn't transferring." Another quick glance to Kimmila, as if to confirm it. The offer of possible drinks, Th'ero looks almost relieved. "Just one quick one. The hour is getting late…"

Kimmila shrugs, "She'll probably bond a bit with her Weyrling class. I did." And that means…what, exactly? At the mention of paperwork Kimmila blinks in confusion, glancing at Th'ero and about to say something before he speaks up. "No, I'm not transferring," she confirms with a shake of her head. "OH." Got it. "We're having /tons/ of sex, but just for…entertainment. Not trying to get pregnant." Nod. Then she shrugs, "I'm glad Varmiroth doesn't chase very often - and catches even less often. Though I'm not dreading the first time I end up with a woman." Leaning back in her chair, she gives Th'ero a little smile. "Sure, a drink would be good."

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "I will visit her. Don't worry. If I couldn't even talk to her I might go mad. I'm sure she'll adjust fine, though." Zi'on laughs to Th'ero then. "It'll happen eventually. You'll get stuck with a male rider. May as well mentally prepare for it. Generally they're at least submissive though. And I have been on the unlucky side, since you ask. When you pop your second cherry let me know. And I'll bring you all the beer you want for a week." He laughs a bit. Then he grins to Kimmila. "When you pop -your- second cherry let me know, too. So I can watch." Zi'on laughs then. Surely one of them will call him a pervert. "Ooh, right. Well… I've more or less been celibate." He grunts a bit. "Not a whole lot else I can do other than hope Suldith catches." He grabs some glasses from a shelf and begins pouring each of them a small drink. He stops then to blink. "Eh? I thought you were gonna be weyrmates? Generally that means sharing a weyr. Like roommates. Only with a weyr." He picks up pouring then, handing each of them a glass before settling down.

Th'ero gives a nod to both Kimmila and Zi'on concerning Weyrlinghood adjustments and what obstacles Kiena may face. He likely agrees with what had been said, as there is no comment from him on the matter. Fixing the Weyrleader with such a incredulous and shocked (maybe even appalled - he is holderbred, after all!) before he can bury it all under a mask, he smirks and gives a disgruntled snort. "I'll doubt I'll be sharing the results /that/ experience with you. If it /ever/ happens." Denial, thy name is Th'ero. Another scowl and the Fortian Weyrleader is slipping an arm around Kimmila's shoulders, protective but in a playful manner to judge from the tone of voice he fires back with. "You /wish/ you could watch. Not happening." Pervert. It's unsaid, but it's there. Like sister, like brother. If his hands were free, Th'ero might have brought one to his face then for Kimmila's … enthusiastic? … elaboration. "Don't mean to rub it in, Zi'on." He mutters, shooting the bluerider next to him another look. Then he's leaning forwards to grab his glass, waiting on sipping at it. "We /are/ weyrmates. Doesn't matter if we're not in the same Weyr day in and day out. We share a weyr when we're visiting. Still applies." According to his logic. Then he's raising his glass in a toast; eyes still fixed on Zi'on though once he's taken a good, generous pull of his drink, his attention drifts back to Kimmila. "So there will be no transfer. But we figured we'd share the news." Th'ero explains, taking another sip that practically drains the rest of the glass. "We won't keep you though. It's late and I'm sure you've work to be done still."

Kimmila snorts, shaking her head and /eyeing/ Zi'on. "What, I don't get beer?" she says dryly. "Besides, you're a few turns too late. It's not that bad, if the guy is small enough." She turns to look at Th'ero. "With you, it'd hurt." Sorry, you're just too big? It's a compliment, isn't it? Then she laughs as she reaches forward to accept her drink, "When is submissive a good thing?" Leaning back against Th'ero's arm, she grins. "And oh yeah, you wouldn't be invited. Pervert." There. "I'm totally rubbing it in." And if she had a hand free, she just might reach for Th'ero's crotch. RUB. But alas, her hands are full with drink and pastry, so he's spared. She gulps down her drink and the pastry, and then stands. "Weyrmates," she says firmly. They're stubborn enough to make it work, after all.

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