Sloppy Seconds

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Elenth's Weyr

Does anyone actually live here? Minimalist is definitely the word of the day when it comes to this weyr. Oh sure, there's a dragon wallow that's filled with fresh rushes and a few blankets, and there's an old beaten-up couch that looks like it's about to collapse at any minute, but other than that it's pretty much just stone walls and a few shelves that haven't been dusted for a long time. One corner of the weyr houses a small alcove that's clearly used for dressing and bathing, but there's absolutely no sign of a bed. Most peculiar.

A shivering blue pulse along silver strands of spinner silk, « My J'en comes for yours! » This is the only forewarning that Elenth gets before Leketh's crushing talons seize upon the lip of his clutchmate's rather bare ledge, having backwinged in from another higher up. Whether or not the newly knotted Archipelago Wingleader was aware that he and L'kan had been neighbors all this time is unknown, but J'en wastes no time climbing down his lifemate's side once he's settled and soon his boots strike stone with one quick dull thud followed by another. At least he'd had the decency to wait until after midday, having given the entire wing a pass on drills due to the heavy workload the explosions over at Blue Fire Hold had wrought. "L'kan!" he calls out, already growling, pulling off his goggles and helmet.

With explosions comes work, and with work comes tiredness, especially when one has a dragon that is not willing to stop without being ordered to. Even now Elenth is not the happiest dragon in the weyr, his response to the greeting a mere grouchy stab of acknowledgement tinged with just a hint of coffee - at least he moves slightly to allow his fellow bronze some room, there's definitely plenty of that in this weyr. "Jae?" Despite the turns, despite the difference in rank, some habits are hard to break - though the stab of displeasure that comes his way has L'kan rubbing the back of his head almost as if the wingslap had actually happened. "Come in, Sir." See, he can be polite sometimes, even from his place flopped on the couch.

Elenth's grumpy response pales in comparison to what Leketh has to deal with on a day to day bases with the boy he'd plucked from among the candidates. This was his life. These were his choices. No turning back, but rather full steam ahead. The larger and paler of the two bronzes makes himself comfortable on the unfamiliar ledge, yawning so wide, one could see clearly down his throat. J'en simply waits impatiently for the wall of dragon to move so that he can proceed further into the weyr itself, or rather, what was supposed to be a weyr. Pausing just past Elenth, golden eyes sweep over the very meager surroundings, brows lifting in unison briefly before finding his target where they drop into a furrow almost instantaneously, "Ya call this a weyr?" he asks, his gaze settling on the recently roused bronzerider. Jae was sporting himself a nice black eye and a split lip, both on the mend, but nonetheless there for everyone's viewing pleasure. However, at being called 'sir' the nineteen turn old twitches just a bit. "Not ya too. Bad enough I got R'hyn callin' meh that."

L'kan laughs, scrubbing a hand over his face to erase any signs of tiredness as he sits up again and tries to look like he knows what he's doing. "Oh it does its job." The weyr, presumably, "He doesn't like clutter and… it gives me an excuse to take a girl out rather than have her stay over. Win, win, am I right?" As for the greeting, "You' d better get used to it, that's what comes with those big fancy knots you get. Big fancy titles and big fancy problems. So what can I do for you?" There's a brief pause before Elenth remembers his manners, or rather is reminded of them, and rumbles, « Have a seat why don't you. »

J'en snorts, "Ain't no one allowed in mah weyr but meh and mine," he says, chin tipped upwards just a bit, "Do mah side fuckin' elsewhere." This being, of course, information that L'kan needed to know. Considering they'd gone through candidacy and weyrlinghood together, the teenager's foul mouth and oversharing should at least not come as too much of a surprise. Foregoing any impulses to explain the benefits of at least having a presentable living space for one's own health, Jae rummages in one of the pockets of his flight jacket, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever." he grumbles and pulls a knot out of the mysterious depths, a glance spared for Elenth. "Nah." Stalking forward, he tosses his helmet with goggle inside into the empty space beside the older bronzerider and with what can only be practiced ease he sinks to the one knee he places on the cushion between Lukayno's legs. A hand comes out and yanks the poor man into a kiss that pales in comparison to the one he'd sleepily gotten back in candidacy. There was no apology, nothing close to chaste about it. It was all or nothing, no holds bard, going for the gold…which just so happened to be poor Luk's tonsils. Distraction tactic deployed, that wingrider knot gets replaced very quickly by one meant for a Wingsecond. Everything after that? Gravy.

"You should try the 'I have nothing' look, gets you a lot of sympathy." L'kan grins, deliberately faking a higher pitched female voice as he adds, "Oh you poor thing, come back to my place, it's such a shame you have to live like this." Back to normal he adds, "Then clothes gone, have fun, come home again." Because detail can be shared sometimes, between friends. Friends. Scary friends. "You better not be about to propose, because I'm not looking for a weyrmate…." The word and remaining sentence are clipped off as the kiss happens. AGAIN! As distractions go it's very effective, he doesn't even notice the knot change at first, he's too busy making fish out of water motions as he tries to find his words again. The expression on his face though… a mix of horror and confusion, his voice when he finds it full of warning. "Jae…."

A brow is arched, more especially for the woman impersonation, and yet not a single smile to be seen. J'en had always been a tough shell to crack, but its entirely possible he just doesn't believe anything coming out of Luk's mouth. Instead, he gives the place another once over with maybe just a tiny bit of disappointment in his fellow bronzerider. Single guys needed to have fuck pads, not live in places that resemble more closely an old storage cavern everyone had forgotten. "If ya need to borrow some marks I got plenty," Jae offers and it just might be genuine, but with the stony-faced Wingleader it was often too difficult to tell. There's another snort for the joke L'kan attempts to make before their faces become one tangled mess of all the things, "I'm done with weyrmates." J'en might not remember their first kiss, but he sure as hell was going to remember this one alright. Undoubtedly he was playing on the fact his poor newly appointed Wingsecond wasn't going to sock him in the other eye just to get him off of him, pushing backwards off the same knee and returning to his full height. "Relax, ya ain't even half as attractive as ya need to be for that to have been serious." His chin is then jerked at the only slightly less fancy knot he'd snuck into place, but much more so than that of a simple wingrider. Leaning over the other man much further into his personal space than he needed to in order to retrieve his helmet and goggles. "See ya nice an' early for drills tomorrow, Wingsecond." With that, he turns on his heel and makes for Leketh again.

L'kan's head shakes quickly at the offer, "I'm good, Jae. Honestly. It's…." Roomy? Drafty? Ridiculous? All those things and more but yet there's no chance to find out what the end of that sentence might actually have been. Alas conversation during kisses, especially surprise ones, is a difficult thing. More fish mouth. Always with the fish mouth. But there's definitely no way that Luka's going to forget this kiss either - even if the previous one had been mostly blocked from his head… Until NOW! Eventually what was just said permeates into his brain, "Jae! You get back here! You don't get to…." Well that thought finishes unsaid, because kiss and run said too loudly could give people the wrong (right) impression. "Jae!" He makes a decision to not follow, to not chase down the explanation just yet (yes he's feeling a bit cowardly) but there will be words about this. Oh yes. Many words. The fact that Elenth chuckled about it… totally missed.

L'kan? Ignored. J'en was busy climbing back up to situate himself into the harness nestled between Leketh's neck ridges, strapping himself in even if its only in effort to make a quick jaunt off elsewhere in order to annoy some other poor unsuspecting soul. Goggles are reapplied, then helmet. Even if the older bronzerider were to track and chase, he'd have to do so in the air. Extending his wings, Jae's lifemate soon launches and then glides before a few wing beats later he's banking left and disappearing from view. Perhaps there would be words, but perhaps not. It would all depend on if L'kan was feeling less cowardly and if J'en was willing to listen.

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