BURN EEEET (Jovianth Learns To Breathe Fire)

Autumn - Month 9 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's a beautiful day to DESTROY THINGS! At least, the appropriate things. The training field has been cleared of the usual items and, in their place, a row of targets have been assembled. The ground, already rather barren and more dirt than anything else, has been meticulously cleared of any and all tinder; anything that might conceivably catch fire has been /removed/. A chalk line has been drawn, presumably to keep weyrlings from accidentally flaming each other (one can hope!) and small sacks of firestone sit on one side of the line.

Toith lounges at an angle, eyeing the sack of 'stone with a particularly dangerous whirl to those eyes of hers. Excited! But R'sner is not far at all, standing with an especially stern expression as he glances from targets to sacks to weyrlings to sacks to targets to Toith. Wash-rinse-repeat.

Did someone say DESTROY THINGS? Cause Jovianth is tots into something like that. Granted most of his youthful destruction was accidental buuuuttt…one can't turn down destruction of things on PURPOSE! With FIRE! So Jovianth comes winging down from above the training grounds with Ashwi mounted up top. Sliding down to one side of the eager brown she snaps a quick salute once she scans the grounds and spies R'sner and Toith. « This will be good. I'll be the best one in the class. » echoey, cavernous words from Jovianth to Toith.

« Jus' don' burn down th' barracks an' y'll be good! » declares Toith, clearly excited but doing her best to keep a lid on it. Sort of. It's R'sner that looks less than thrilled, though he's walking toward the brown pair with confident strides. "Ashwi," he acknowledges with a slight dip of his head. "Suppose you'd like to try a bit of flaming?" though perhaps that question ought to be directed toward Jovianth, rather than the human-half. But does Res really need to /ask/ if Jovianth wants to destroy things? With FIRE?! A glance is spared the big brown and, with a deep breath, he motions toward one of the sacks. "Alright then. Come on."

Ashwi shoots a glance towards Jovianth with a quick mental remark before looking back to R'sner. Used to his 'less than thrilled' expression she keeps a lid on her own excitement. "R'sner." her tone is calm and collected. "Yes sir." her answer will surely cover both her and the brown. She really knows nothing on what to expect so she trails along behind Jovianth as they head to the sacks. LET'S DO THIS!

It's only because flaming things is /dangerous/ that R'sner looks especially stern today. Totally acceptable for Ashwi to be excited, though! Toith is excited, too. And she's not at all afraid to show it. Hauling herself to her feet, she awkward-shuffles over to assume a position near enough to be clearly visible but not at all dangerous for potential flameage. "Good. This," and he motions toward the sack at the ground, "Is firestone. You're welcome to pick it up and sift through the bag. Try to find something about… oh… this big or so," and he demonstrates with his hands what a "good" size might be. "Have Jovianth stand facing the targets before he starts chewing," just in case, "and when you're ready, you can feed him a piece. He'll want to chew it thoroughly — Toith will demonstrate — and think of his second stomach when he swallows. Toith?" and he turns, eyeing the green briefly before he's kneeling down to grab a stone and walk it over to her. « Don' bite y'r tongue! Hurts like hell, » is her advice for Jovi.

Ashwi listens intently and after a stern mental command for Jo, he totally stops dancing in place and settles down. Ashwi sifts through the bag slow to really study the bits of stone. "Face the target Jov." is instructed absently as she looks. Finally a piece is found that she seems to fit the size demonstrated. "Okay." bouncing up to her feet she approaches Jovianth then turns to watch Toith.

A swipe of her tongue, and Toith's got that stone in her mouth and sets about masticating that sucker. Chew-chew-chew! She's a pro, see? She can totally chew the HECK out of that rock! « Jus' chew carefully, » she instructs, making a point of chewing /slowly/ and /meticulously/. « An' when it's good an' mushy, swallow it! » Which, she will also demonstrate. Or, at least, she'll swallow that sludge down into her second stomach and project the sensation to Jovianth. « Like that. And then another, » which Res is happy to provide, pulling from the bag of 'stone at Toith's spot this time, handing a sizeable chunk to the green without a second thought. CHEW CHEW CHEW!

Ashwi can't help but wince at the first loud crunch. It /is/ stone after all. Blinking a few times she then follows suit and feeds that first stone to Jovi. There's crunching involved. CRUNCH CRUNCH! He's got this. Slowly and carefully he chews. Once the crunchiness seems all gone he swallows. « ANOTHER PEICE! » he'll accidentally project these smooth, jazzy music words to Ashwi and Toith.

Can't be worse than the crunch of bones when feeding, right? And at least this doesn't involve blood! Well. Hopefully. « S'good! » encourages Toith, taking a third piece before R'sner is crossing his arms and leaving the green to do her thing. « Yer doin' good! » Ain't bit his tongue yet, right? Chew-chew-chew. Crunch-crunch-crunch. Swallow. A long exhale from the dragon, and a skeptical glance from the weyrlingmaster before Res is turning his attention to Jovianth. "After a minute or so, he'll probably feel the urge to burp. That's fine; that's exactly how flame is produced. Just make sure he's pointing his head toward the proper end of the field," with the targets, "before he gives in to that urge." And now's about the time that Res is making sure he's out of the line of fire. Toith, for her part, is sitting still and waiting. Waiting. Waiting. « OK, watch me! » she decides. Muzzle pointed toward a target, there's a brief moment of readiness before she's belching out a nice, long tongue of flame into the air above the training field. « Woo! »

Slowly whirling eyes of blue-green shift to watch Toith as he crunches his third piece of stone. « I don't feel like burping yet…» he says thoughtfully. Chew. Crunch. Swallow. Then. « Oh! » on the heels of that exclamation he swivels his head quickly as burp and a shallow stream of flame escapes to burn a small streak on the ground in front of him. Ashwi dives, needlessly, to the side but she isn't in any danger of getting singed. "Guess it feels just like that, Jovi." she says in some amusement.

R'sner does not dive, but he does surreptitiously move a bit closer to Toith's side. For cover. The green's practiced at this, at least. "Good," comes his honest comment for the small flame. A long look at that burnt ground, and Res might just be patting himself on the back for the careful removal of grass blades. "Try to aim for the target?" he murmurs about the same time that Toith is issuing a similar, « Burn tha' thin' ov'r there! » and demonstrating with a pointed blech and the spewing of flame toward the target, hitting it squarely. While it does leave a char mark, whatever that thing /is/, it is at least flame retardant enough not to burst into flames on impact. And as much as Res might be worried for the lives of all involved (not really tho), even he can't help a bit of a pleased grin at watching Toith flame.

Ashwi stifles a bit of laughter at the suggestion to try for the target. "He says he was just surprised. He'll get the target now." assures Ashwi with another grin. Indeed Jovianth is ready for another go. Inching forward just a little bit he issues a long, rumbly, belch that sears the ground and then up to the target to run along the whole length bottom to top.

"Better," declares R'sner, watching that burst of flame with a critical eye from his spot. Toith is having a /great/ time, issuing flame at random intervals. She's bored of the target, however, and is simply belching flame into the air above it and cackling madly (mentally) at the sight of it. « S'fun, right? Can ya imagine flaming Thread? » It's a thought plucked from Res' head, rather than her own. « Flamin' in th' air! Flyin' an' flamin' at th' same time! » A final burst of flame that piddles out before she's huffing a low sound. « Runnin' out, » she admits.

« I'd flame all the thread falling. Wouldn't leave any for anyone else! » boasts Jovianth as another belch produces more flames. This time he's corrected his aim a bit more so that it smacks right into the center of the same target. BURN BABY BURN! He doesn't get bored of causing target to go up in flames as he shifts to the left to aim for another target. WHOOSH.

« All e'cept the stuff I burn! » Cause of course Toith would burn up half of it! But alas, she is out of flame and, while she might try and coax a bit from Res, the weyrlingmaster remains unmoved by her plight and is steadily moving towards Jovianth and Ashwi. "He's doing well," he offers, light but honest praise.

Ashwi stands off to the side, arms crossed over her chest as she watches from a safe distance. After a couple more licks of flames towards the same target that mostly hits the targets. A couple stray flames go too high above the target. Eventually though the flames trickle to a few sputtering flickers and then…. "Nothing left." murmurs Ashwi as Jovi announces the same thing to Toith. « I'm out. »

« Next time! » encourages Toith. "We do have some time before graduation," notes R'sner, looking a bit more relaxed now that death does not seem imminent. "He took to it pretty well… could probably try some moving targets, next time. If," he adds, casting a glance toward the pair, "you want a 'next' time." But who /wouldn't/? Toith plods her way a bit closer again, eyes whirling brilliantly still. "The next part," cautions the weyrlingmaster with a dry look, "Is expelling the… ash. Toith will… demonstrate," of course she will, twitch-twitch, "but at this point, it is more… instinct than skill." « Ya're gonna throw up the gunk, » describes Toith, not at all shy about it. "And then, you'll likely want to bathe him, so he does not smell of firestone all day."

Ashwi wrinkles her nose a bit as now that the flaming is done she notices the stench of firestone upon the dragons. "Yes, bath." she murmurs. "Next time?" a brow arches. "Of course he'll want a next time. As many 'next times' as he's allowed." is remarked dryly. She eyes Toith warily as if she's going to barf it up on their feet. Meanwhile Jovi is just fine with the explanation. « Puke it up. Got it. » a pause. « But I am hungry so I'll eat and then bathe. »

"They can throw up on the muck pile," explains R'sner, giving a pointed look to Toith who, with a huff, twists around to start heading that direction. "Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to clean up after him," he continues, addressing Ashwi now. "There will be a few more opportunities," he offers. "A bit of practice and, if he shows control enough, I would be willing to let him flame from the air." The very, very /high/ air. Way up. Where nothing burns. "It is a shame that we do not play the old Games anymore," he murmurs. « Food's a good idea! » agrees Toith, chiming in despite having taken herself from view. « Might grab a snack m'self! »

Ashwi is all smiles as she bobs her head a couple times. "More practice. He'll like that. Flaming up in the air." she moves to his side to offer scratches for his itchy spots. "C'mon Jov. To the muck pile." cause she surely doesn't want to clean it up! "Thank you for the lesson sir." she and Jovi start to head off. Jovi will puke and then go eat. And then bath! He'll probably meet up with Toith at the feeding pen but chances are slim that she'll go bathe just yet.

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