Could Lead to Awkward Suburn

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's early at Western, but not so early that it's too cool to inhabit the beach. Maybe a bit too cool to be in the water though. At least for humans. Suldith however finds it to his liking, and the bronze is out on the horizon swimming about, chasing the dolphins or the like. Zi'on is relaxing on the beach, laying on a blanket and reading something. It looks to be some sort of history book. He's in his swim trunks and a wifebeater type of shirt, no shoes. After a bit it looks like Suldith is starting to paddle back in, the bronze has a wriggling fish caught between his jaws.

Rou'x is dressed in a very similar manner to Zi'on, only her shorts and vest combination looks considerably different on her vastly more curvy form. Her flip-flops slap against the bottom of her feet as she walks towards the water, following Indianath - who bounds eagerly ahead, sticking his nose into /everything/ he can. Having seen Zi'on, the weyrling woman makes her way across to him, calling her lifemate to her side as she goes; Indy listens, though he's clearly reluctant as he watches eagerly after Suldith. "Morning, sir. Alright there?"

Zi'on would be scared if Rou suddenly looked him him and was wearing his clothes. As it is, he likes looking at her form more than his own. Indianath won't have to be too curious. Suldith is moving towards his rider as well, though he stops for a bit to sniff at the little brown and peer at him. Still with that fish flopping around a bit in his jaws. Zi'on raises a brow at Rou'x. "Eh? Morning. Alright where? Oh right, that's your way of asking me how I am or something, isn't it? I'm fine, how are you?" Once the fish seems to have given up, Suldith bites it in half over his rider, swallowing one half and letting the other fall onto Zi'on's stomach. "Ugh! Suldith! I thought we were done with this! I don't eat raw fish!" He peels it off himself with two fingers and holds it out away from himself.

Indianath's tongue flickers out at the fish in Suldith's jaws, looking both intrigued and a little wary of it with a yellow-flecked blue whirl in his eyes. "That's my way of asking how you are sir, yup." Rou'x grins, giving the bronzerider a wink. "We're good, thanks! Indy's /awake/ for once. Faranth, I've been having troubles getting him off his lazy behind more'n half the time - he sleeps more than /any/ of the others. Maybe more than all of them put together!" When the fish half is held out by Zi'on at a much more reachable level, Indianath goes over to sniff at it more closely, curiosity making him bump his muzzle off it and flick his green tongue over its scales. "He's never seen a fish before, sir!"

Zi'on chuckles a bit to Rou'x. "I have something of a memory, see?" Though it's nothing for him to brag about. "Oh? Maybe he's just tuckered out from all the excitement when he's awake. There's a lot going on in that little head of his and all. He needs time to process it all." Zi'on blinks a bit at the brown. "He looks fine to me. I guess if he keeps it up we can tell the draognhealers, but I think he's probably just tired." Zi'on keeps his nose wrinkled at the fish, while Suldith warbles at everyone. Someone eat it! Well, Zi'on clearly isn't going to. He tosses the half a fish at Rou. "Well, he's welcome to it. Make sure he chews it up real good."

Suldith's warble is responded to with one of Indianath's own, and the brown dragon is clearly excited to receive the fish when Rou'x gives it to him - more excited than she was to catch it, anyway. "Y'heard what the Weyrleader said, Indy. Chew. Proper. There's /bones/ in there." She watches him with a stern gaze as he crunches his way through the itty bitty fish bones, making sure he's chewed it to an absolute mush before allowing him to swallow. "I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't make me feel tired all the time when he's sleeping, sir. Or if he wouldn't just drop down in bloody random places - like in the middle of the oiling section, in the barracks. With only /one/ side of him oiled, and him lying on t'other so I can't get to it. That's kinda frustrating, y'know?"

Suldith hunkers down a bit to watch the little brown chew up the other half of the fish. The bronze gives a few warbles of encouragement, looking pleased with himself. "They're only little bones. Even a young dragon's jaws can crunch them up easily." Zi'on sets his book aside and sits up. "Heh, true enough. There's no such thing as a narcoleptic dragon to my knowledge. I'm sure he'll outgrown it in a month or so. Until then just be thankful you're getting a lot more sleep than the rest of the candidates and all." He chuckles. Suldith plods along a bit, then wiggles his tail at Indy, trying to bait him into a game of chase.

While Indianath is all too eager to pounce after the bigger bronze's tail, chasing him where he'll go, Rou'x pads over to Zi'on's side and stifles a yawn. "I've never been one for much sleeping, y'know? All of this is knocking me all skew." Then she shrugs, slipping her hands into her pockets as she tilts her head towards the water. "D'you fancy a dip, sir? This could be your only opportunity to get a glimpse of nekkidness, like y'said you wanted. Indy'll not mind if I'm in the water without him… I learnt he's a whole lot more independant than Tarieth is. Dunno if I could stand a lifemate who's so clingy and attention-seeking as that one."

Suldith seems to enjoy this game, letting the brown just about catch up to his tail before bounding away from him. Plus it's good exercise for little dragony legs! Eventually Indy will tire though, and they can spend some time napping in the sun. Zi'on laughs. "You're going naked? Sure, I guess. The water is a little cold though, as fair warning." He stands up and peels out of his shirt, tossing it aside. "Tarieth… Is that Solarus' green? Or S'ol now, I guess he's called." Zi'on laughs. "Suldith can be that way about certain things. He likes to eat with me. Not while I'm eating, mind you. He likes me to sit there with him while I eat." Zi'on grins to Rou then. "Last one to the water is a stinky wherry!" Though he's already taken off running before he's finished his challenge. Cheater.

"S'ol, sir, and yeah, she's his." Rou'x strips off her vest and kicks off her shorts and flip-flops, then scowls at the way in which Zi sets the competition then runs off. "Hey! 's'not fair at all!" She's got more layers to shed than him, after all! Her breastband comes off as she glowers after the Weyrleader, following by her undies - then she saunters to the surf, wincing only a little at the cold as she wades deeper. "Y'cheater," she grumbles at the bronzerider, unashamedly splashing water at him once she gets close. "Stuff being a stinky wherry for a laugh." When she's thigh-deep, the brownrider stops and props one hand on her cocked hip, clicking her fingers to draw attention before she sweeps a hand from shoulder to waist. "There. Me. Naked. Just so y'know now, yeah?" Zi'on's only given a few seconds to look though, before Roux sinks into the water so it's up to her chin.

Zi'on nods to Rou about S'ol's dragon. Then he's off! Rou will learn quick that whenever Zi'on makes a competition, he always makes it in his own favor. By the time Rou'x is at the water, Zi'on is wading out and turned around to watch for her. "Yep," he admits, about being a cheater. "I am." He chuckles and shields himself from the water with his hands. "Stuff it where?" When she stops to show off to Zi'on, the bronzer grins and unashamedly looks her over. "Looks good to me. I'd take off my clothes, but it's not really appropriate in front of a weyrling. You'll have to wait to see me totally naked. You can settle with the chest for now." Zi'on's lovely hairy chest. Woo. He looks disappointed that he only gets a few seconds to look, then he sinks all the way under the water to swim around sneakily.

"Stuff it wherever your imagination reckons it can be stuffed - pref'rably where the sun don't shine," Rou'x replies, splashing about a little in the water. Her movements suggest she's not that confident a swimmer, and she doesn't go any deeper than where she can comfortably touch the bottom "Y'alright right, sir, I'm in no desperate rush to see you naked or nothing. I just can't abide swimming in my undies; swimsuits yeah, no problem, but knickers and breastband? Fu— stuff that." She shakes her head, then scrunches her eyes shut tight and ducks beneath the water for a few seconds. When she comes up, she scrubs the water away from her face before shaking herself off. "'sides, I wouldn't've come on in if you weren't here. Wasn't planning on it."

Zi'on laughs. "Stuff it up my arm pit? Under my hair? Where?" He's just being silly now. Rou is free to ignore him. Zi'on grew up at island weyrs, so he seems pretty comfortable in the water. Not quite a fish, but doesn't seem to mind going out deep. Though he sticks near to Rou. He chuckles. "I see. Nothing like have your self esteem knocked down by a weyrling. I don't abide swimming in my undies neither, which is why I wear a swimsuit if I'm coming out here. I inevitably end up wet, even if I just come to lay out." Zi'on ducks under and swims about. When he pops up again he's behind Rou. "I wasn't going to swim either. But I can't pass up the chance to see a cute girl naked. So how's weyrlinghood treating you other than a sleepy dragon?"

Rou'x spins around when Zi'on comes up behind her, crossing an arm over her chest and using her hand to protect whatever modesty she's got left. There's not a lot of it, considering she flashed what she's got not ten minutes earlier. "Indianath's everything and more that I never knew I wanted - that makes weyrlinghood pretty damn good, y'know, sir?" She smirks lopsidedly, dropping her hand from her boobs to splash water at him - then quickly covering up again as she moves a few waded steps away. "Though I've got my fingers crossed that Indy'll start staying awake a bit more, yeah? I don't wanna have to say ten turns from now that I /slept/ through weyrlinghood."

Zi'on peers at her. "They're old news now, Rou. Or you afraid you might get sunburnt or something?" The weyrleader laughs a bit. Zi'on leans back in the water, letting the waves push him out a bit before paddling back. "I suppose I know, sure. I was more asking about lessons and the like." He stands back up then when she splashes at him, spitting and laughing before he splashes her back. "Yeah. I can imagine that's a little on the tough side. I bet all your boyfriends were sad to see you impress though." He chuckles. "Not that I'm one to talk, really." Since part of him was sad to see Kiena impress. Oh the waiting!

"Pah. My breasts are /never/ old news." But Roux does get the point he's trying to make, and doesn't bother to cover them again after she raises her arm to block the splash. "And my boyfriends? Wouldn't've said I had any, sir. One I had a crush on who's gone back to Ista, one who's a weyrling, and one I've not seen - boys I might've gotta bit of something something with, maybe, if things'd been different, but not boyfriends, by no means." She shakes her head, running damp fingers over the top of her braided hair. "You gonna be stocking up on the old handcream, sir?"

Zi'on laughs. "Neither is junior Zi. But you don't seem very interested in him," He says, pointing downwards between his legs. "Yeah, all those boys you were going to do the horizontal tango with. Ooh, right, that star-gazer guy. That's a shame. Though when your brown is big enough you'll be able to go visit him as you like." He nods at the explanation of the other two. "No boyfriends, hm? Actually it's probably a lot easier that way, to be honest." The weyrleader blinks, then laughs. "Unless we can get some greens in the air soon, yeah. Though I've been stocking up for a while. Kiena was off limits as a candidate, too."

Zi'on laughs. "Neither is junior Zi. But you don't seem very interested in him," He says, pointing downwards between his legs. "Yeah, all those boys you were going to do the horizontal tango with. Ooh, right, that star-gazer guy. That's a shame. Though when your brown is big enough you'll be able to go visit him as you like." He nods at the explanation of the other two. "No boyfriends, hm? Actually it's probably a lot easier that way, to be honest." The weyrleader blinks, then laughs. "Unless we can get some greens in the air soon, yeah. Though I've been stocking up for a while. Kiena was off limits as a candidate, too."

"So she was," Roux agrees, nodding her head. "We'll be up and wing-sorted soon enough though, I bet. Turns go by faster of late, I've noticed, so I reckon it'll feel like the blink of an eye before we're fully-fledged and you're able to get cosy with your girl again." She looks down to where Zi'on's gesturing with his hand, and raises her brow. "See, sir, you're wearing /shorts/. I've never seen 'junior Zi', so I wouldn't know if I'm interested in him or not, yeah? But with you having a thing with Kiena an' all, I reckon it wouldn't be prudent to /want/ to be interested in him… y'know? Unless you've got that sorta relationship…"

Zi'on nods to Rou. "Part of me hopes it goes by that quick. Though the other part of me wants you guys to have plenty of time to watch your lifemate grow. They're only little once. Even if they sleep a lot and your hands hurt from chopping meat." He grins to her. "You need to see it to know if you're interested? Most people are attracted to other people just looking at them with their clothes -on- Rou. You can be interested, we just can't do anything. Though you're a weyrling, so we couldn't do anything anyways, even if I wasn't with Kiena. And no, if she even finds out about this she'll be livid." So if Rou'x was looking to blackmail the bronzer, this would be a good thing to tell Kiena. Of course it'd be her word against his.

Rou'x's brow raises as she grins. "'Course you can be attracted to folks with their clothes on, sir - I never saw more of Ryeokie than his bare chest, and I gotta heckuva crush on him. The imagination fills in the rest, what the eye can't see." This time she winks and clicks her tongue, leaning over to chuck her elbow gently against the Weyrleader. "I reckon you can be interested in a person, or you can be interested in their bits. Like, for say, someone who keeps staring at /these/," she indicates her chest, "they're just interested in what I'm packing, yeah? They're not so bothered that I've got a head fulla shit they'd not want to hear if I started speaking it."

Zi'on laughs and nods. "It sure does. Though seeing them at the baths can help, too. Was he as hairy as I am?" Again with the chest hair. For some reason since Zi'on let it grow back in he's been talking it up. He grins to her. "Well, true. Sometimes it's one or the other, but it can also be both. That's what love is. Right?" He laughs again, teasing. "Anyways, you have nice bits up top. Also you have nice bits in your brain. I guess. Keina doesn't have much above sea level, if you catch my drift. In her brain, sure. But she's not packing air bags like you. Not that I mind really, she's still cute. I'm more of a behind man anyways I think." He turns around then and bends over to pull down his shorts, giving Rou a full moon. "What do you think?"

Rou'x darts in to give the bared bottom a cheeky pinch, then laughs and scoots off through the water. "Very arse-like," she giggles, shaking her head. "Y'could do with a tan on it, though." Not that /she's/ got any colour on her wide milksop behind to speak of. "I gotta say, I kinda like coming with built-in buffers. Doubt I'd drown with 'em, anyway… they're like my own little floats, or summat." Her honey-coloured gaze is turned down to her chest, which she's weighing up (literally). "At least I've got some sorta balance though, yeah? With the my own big arse and all - good for kids, ma says. Good for bumping off'ov things, I say."

Zi'on squeals as she pinches his cheek. "Hey!" He laughs then. "Sorry, I don't generally tan naked. Some people find it rude to see nude butt on the beach. I guess I could get a thong or something. Wouldn't that be sexy?" The bronzer grins to her. "Yeah, it'd be strange if you were top-heavy. I've heard that big hips were good for child bearing. Though a lot of girls seem to get the hips -after- the kids." The bronzer looks down at his fingers then. "Alright, I should start heading back anyways. I wasn't planning on taking the whole day off today. And I'm sure Indy and you came out for a reason other than for you to swim while he naps." The bronzer starts heading back for shore then. She can come in behind him, that way he's not staring at her the whole way.

"Heh, yeah, well, imagine what /mine're/ gonna be like should I ever be unfortunate enough to go through with that whole mess," Rou'x snorts, shaking her head as she follows Zi'on in towards the beach. Indianath is there, curled up into a napping ball with his chin resting on his tail. "You serious, Indy? Sleeping /again/?" The weyrling shakes her head, padding alongside Zi'on until she gets to where their clothes are. Her long white vest is slipped on first, since it's long enough to cover near enough everything she's got to show. "Sir," she says as she fastens up her shorts, looking down at the buttons as they're closed, "please don't get a thong." Indy lifts his head, yawns and then gets to his feet, swaying a little with sleep grogginess. "I gotta get him back to the barracks, sir. He's gonna go to sleep again soon, but I gotta sort out an itch he's got coming on."

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