Weyrlings and Oil

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.

Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

The hatching is as much a distant memory as it is most likely still a vivid one for those who Impressed. Such is the case for Rou'x, anyway, who can be found curled up beside Indianath, half-awake while her dragon sleeps on the smooth volcanic stone floor. There's activity around them since the brown dragonet's decided that the middle of the oiling area is the /perfect/ place for a nap - and Rou'x is tired enough to not want to pass up the opportunity for a bit of snoozing, considering how fluctuating her lifemate's sleep patterns have been.

S'ol is bubbling with joy and conversation as he leads a slightly worried Tarieth over to the oiling area for her daily oiling. "You're growing just fine dear heart, you're not too tiny at all, you're perfectly sized!" She is rather tiny compared to her hatchling brothers and she brims with pleasurable purring dragon sounds at the compliment from her own. "All right now, find a nice place and I'll get the oiling stuff," he tells her. So she chooses to settle down near Indianath with a delicate curling around motion, like a cat deciding which spot on the sofa she wishes to sit upon.

His little green sister is unable to wake the out-cold Indianath, but S'ol's approach does, at least, garner Rou'x's attention. She looks up sleepily, then yawns and stretches out once she's pushed herself up into a sitting position. "Hey, S'ol. Tarieth's looking really good… I'm already jealous that you've got less dragon to oil than me." Indy's growing ridiculously fast, and is already nearly double the size of his clutchsibling. There's a sleepy twitch of the brown dragonet's tail, and that's it. Dead as a doornail.

S'ol returns with the bucket of oil and a stiring paddle so he can easily ladle the stuff onto her body. "Oh hi there, Rou'x," he says, catching her comment as he arrives. "Yes, but she's not able to as much as the other hatchlings. She well," he blushes in embarassment and the green sort of lowers her head guiltily. "She bites her tongue when she eats," he admits, and then shows Tarieth he's not upset at her by lathering a great deal of the oil across her itchiest spot with his bare hands. "Its all right sweetness, you're still learning," he tells her, and she closes her eyes delightfully as he scratches at an itchy spot near her wingsail.

"Poor doll," Rou'x says sleepily in response to the tongue-biting comment. She pushes herself awkwardly up to her feet in the hopes that standing might wake her up a little more. "All Indy's sleeping is rubbing off on me. Half the time when he's asleep, I feel like I want to sleep, and then the other half when he's conked out I just wanna stay awake… but I can't. We're sleeping our /lives/ away." A shake of her head is given to the completely oblivious brown dragon as he lies there, flat-out. "He's only half-oiled, too. I only got to do one side before he flopped right on over onto the other and went to sleep!"

Tarieth is now a little bit annoyed with Indianath's sleeping, because he's not looking at her or paying attention to her. She nudges his flank with her nose pointedly. «Wake, your own wishes to oil you. And you'll be sorry if half of you is pretty and half of you is not.» S'ol meanwhile works his fingers deeply in the creases and folds of her wing muscles and she seems to shiver a bit all over. "Tari really likes being oiled," S'ol says. "But she can't sleep unless I'm already sleeping, and sometimes she won't eat unless I have, or let me oil her until after I've had a good bath," he moves downwards from her wings along her side with the oil and starts on her belly.

Indianath sleeps through the nudging, his mind, when Tarieth reaches to it, an adventure-filled dreamscape of sultry forests and hidden treasures. Rou'x rubs at her face, scrubbing particularly over her eyes. "Yeah, Indy likes it too. So much it lulled him to sleep… but then, /anything/ makes him sleep. Ila says he'll grow outta it, but I still wanna enjoy him now when he's this big, y'know? I don't wanna be the one to turn around and say I missed weyrlinghood 'cos my dragon slept through it.”

S'ol chuckles a bit. "I can understand that," he says. "Just have to find a way to motivate him, keeping him active," S'ol decides, and starts working on Tari's flank. She meanwhile, is a little upset with her brother now, because he is ignoring her! She out right headbutts him how; her head, and his butt. "Tari that's not nice!" S'ol says, putting his hands on his hips chidingly. «Well he is being rude! I enjoy oiling. So should he!» And she wants him to see her pretty oiled self. S'ol rolls his eyes. "If you don't stop moving about I can't finish anyways." That is enough to make her return with a lady like trot backwards to her previous position. Hmph!

Headbutting does the trick! Indianath opens one eye lazily, turning his head just enough to see Tarieth, before lying back down again. «/What/? I'm sleeping.» At a gentle mental nudging from Rou'x though, he rolls over onto his oiled side so that she's got access to the hide that still needs slathering. "Y'alright, Indy. You can go back to sleep, if you want." She strokes her hand along his smooth side, raising a brow over at Sol. "Maybe best to stop her from doing that - he's got one shelluva grump on him now."

Tarieth has a good way of doing just what Rou'x suggested. She turns herself bodily around so that her flank is pointed in his direction instead of her head. "Honestly, Tari, dear, its not polite to try and tell people to be polite all the time," says S'ol, and momentarily tries to process for himself the convoluted sentence he spoke. He resignedly starts oiling the side she's presented him with, shaking his head. "I'm sorry about that," he says to Rou'x, turning an embarassed shade of red. "She just wants attention right now."

"Yeah, she could be fighting a bit of a losing battle there with Indy if she's wanting him to always be 'polite'," Roux calls fingerquotes into action! "'Cos he's not really so bothered." And, in all honesty, neither's his rider half the time. Roux goes to drag a barrel of oil over for herself, and starts slathering it onto her lifemate's smooth brown hide, around the battered leather that covers his shoulders. "She wanting your attenting all the time, then? That'd drive me near mad, that would. Indy's at least got a bit of independence - he's not gonna freak if he wakes up and can't instantly see me."

S'ol nods. "Just a little bit. But I just know I'll be the same way. We rather kinda need each other," he admits, and presses his cheek to her glistening green shoulder. "I know she's there for me, and I want to be there for her too," he is rewarded by her giving him a wuffling nuzzle on his head.

Rou'x grins at the exchange. Oh yeah, she understand that sentiment alright. "'Course we /need/ each other, we just don't needta be in each other's line of sight all the time, y'know? He's tried wandering off to go explore outside a good few times so far, nearly scared the /crap/ outta me the other morning when I woke up and he wasn't on his couch. Of all the damn days…" Indianath snorts derisively - perhaps he's not as asleep as he's pretending to be? "Yeah, you. Of all the days, you pick the one where /I/ sleep in when you wake up early, yeah?"

Tarieth peeks her head around curiously when Indianath snorts. Her gaze is slow, and aloof though, like she doesn't want to be caught looking his way. "Yeah, I know what your goal is," S'ol says, not the least bit decieved. "You leave him be, no butting," he reminds her, and she snuffles his hair again before lifting herself up so he can get under her to oil her legs. « I want to go out, too, » she suddenly tells Indy, sending him back the image she had seen in his dream. « Other places. »

«You and me, doll, when we've got out wings.» Rou'x smirks, looking up at S'ol. "Oh yeah, he's dead keen on the exploring bit," she adds in, picking up on her lifemate's side of the conversation. "Keeps pulling images outta my head of Ista and stuff, saying he wants to go there. Adventuring, right, Indy-oh? Time'll fly by 'til we can between there, just you wait. And I'm sure we can invite Tarieth and S'ol along too - if you'd like, of course?" The question is, naturally, posed to the greenrider.

Tarieth just beams and turns back around again to face Indy, forgetting his previous grumpy mood in an instant. S'ol is force to duck pointedly to avoid a wing. "Hey be careful dear," he says, chuckling. "Oh yes, Tari and me are becoming rather impatient about travelling," he says to Rou'x. "I want to go sketch the other Weyrs, and see the world from way up high. And she's…anxious to show off." She snorts in very slight offense, and he appologizes by starting the oiling of her dainty nose. "You have nothing to worry about, you're so lovely even the people on the space station can see you," okay, its a far far reach, but the effect is obvious on the now crooning and preening green.

"Hah!" S'ol's compliments for his lifemate make Rou'x laugh, though it's not an unpleasant gesture. "Faranth, S'ol, if she'd bright enough to be seen now, what's she gonna be like when she's proddy, eh? Gonna block out Rukbat?" The weyrling girl grins, putting the final touches to Indianath's hide as she works her fingers around his fedora-brown headknobs. "Yeah, we've got plans. Indy wantsta see if we can't go dig up some stuff out at Landing. I've never been there, but I've told him there's things that might interest him."

"Oh! That sounds exciting!" S'ol says, and works his fingers down along the bottom of Tari's chin, causing her to lift her head and close her eyes in feline-like joy. "I'd love to see what you guys can find up there," he says. "I've no patience for digging, but it might be worth it if I could find some little treasures," he looks at the work he's doing with the oil and smiles widely. "Something decorative for our weyr when we have one, maybe," he decides. He's always thinking of art, of course. "Found objects can make good decorations," he steps back a bit. "Have I missed anywhere love?" he asks her. She flips her tail a little and he smacks his head. "Oh yeah, of course, its long enough, how can I miss such a pretty long tail?" he pulls the bucket over and she settles the front end of her down finally in a comfortable repose. Not going anywhere right now, anyway.

Indianath raises his head, looking critically over at Tarieth. «You could come, if you don't get in the way. I don't want you slowing me down, though.» He yawns then, stubble-dusted maw stretched wide, before he stands up and stretches, feline-like. Rou'x shifts the oil bucket out of the way, tucking it back where it belongs while Indianath waits for her. "Hey, S'ol, I want to get him our for a bit of exercise before he falls asleep again. Maybe see you outside in the fields, yeah? In a bit?" The teen is given a playful wink and a click of her tongue as she pats his head while passing. "Gotta get in some laps n' stuff, while he's awake. See ya, kid!" Roux gives the younger weyrling a parting wink, then nudges Indy along the barracks and out into the sunshine at the far end.

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