Family Visit - Part Two

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Prison Cells
Just off the guard barracks is a door that's rather heavy in its design. Beyond, isn't the most comfortable of quarters. Carved into the stone sit two cells on either side of a short hall. Not made to be overly uncomfortable, there is a bed in each with a sheet and blanket available. Beyond that, however, there is little. Bars make up the accessway into the hallway, keeping those that occupy the area quite visible for the guards keeping an eye on things.

Silence and solitude. These two things go hand in hand when you're the only one locked up in a very small prison generally meant to be used as a drunk tank or to detain pickpockets. Days and night blend together, meals lose their already minimal flavor, and even the guards eventually become bored of poking at a creature that ignores their poking and prodding. It might come a surprise when keys can be heard sliding into the lock of the main door and it opens, allowing for an almost chidlike looking blonde woman to enter holding the hand of a kid who couldn't be more than eleven or twelve. This child had huge jade colored eyes, dusky colored skin, and hair so brown it was nearly black which fell in soft ringlets to narrow shoulders. While the woman was dressed appropriately for her gender in a pretty white sundress with large pale pink flowers on it, the child favored a perfect blend of female and male attire. The big man who'd let them in, snorts, and closes the door behind them.

Really, it /is/ a wonder whether or not Taeski has been forgotten in here. But at least he's managed to get ahold of a sketchpad. His fingers are blackened from using charcoal, but it's better than nothing. Settled on the floor beside his cot, it's almost childlike the way he sprawls out, working on a piece of paper. The sound of the door at least has his attention though, and the teen eventually gets up to make his way to the bars. Indeed, there's a bit of peeking, as much as he can at the angle toward the door. He /has/ at least gotten some visitors, after all. Mostly family. "..Hello?"

The child ducks behind the pretty skirt as Taeski approaches the bars, soothed by the woman who shows no fear whatsoever as she steps forth into the light. She too had those same jade colored eyes, and without malice offering a smile as she looks the imprisoned renegade up and down, simply marveling. "You look so much like him," she says in a sweet voice that was nothng but warm and perhaps even already fond. Peaking out from behind the woman, the kid clutches to the material loosely hanging from the woman's hips. "Deldrin, stop hiding. You're a big boy now, come meet your uncle." It might be debatable that the young person in question was a boy at all, leaning far too precariously toward femininity already, especially with the way that he was dressed. Though, wide eyes flicker only once to Taeski, before he shakes his head in a very firm no and returns to hiding. A soft laugh emerges, before the woman gives her attention back to the renegade. "Though, I suppose you're my uncle as well." Flushing, she seems to realize she's skipped a step in all of this. "I'm sorry, my name is Ladella, I'm a senior journeyman healer at Monaco Bay and the daughter of your half-brother D'len. Veski was my grandfather."

There are /people/ here. People here that Taeski hasn't met. And of all things..a lady and a child. So he stands there, charcoal-blackened fingers gently gripping the bars. He'd managed to get a sketchpad, after all. So much drawing to pass the time. Still though, brows shoot upward at him /looking/ like anyone. Under the circumstances not..exactly the best compliment he could have. His mouth works a little at the introduction though. So appearing out of the woodwork lately. It's almost..comforting really. "Oh..I never met D'len." That part is at least true. He hadn't even known about the man until he'd come to live at a Weyr after all. But he slowly moves himself down a bit, settling on his knees in front of the bars. Not that he's terribly large or scary, but being small was probably a little easier for shy children. "..I'm Taeski. I'm not going to bite or anything.."

Ladella nods her head, perhaps even a little sadly. "He was a lovely man. I don't think there was a single person who's life he touched that didn't come away richer for it." Deldrin eventually peeks out again, warily, but remains behind his mother even with Taeski kneeling down now and trying to lure him out. He too had a healer's knot from Monaco Bay, that of an apprentice, turning those humongous eyes of his upwards towards his mother. While she seemed quite amused by something the jailbird had said enough to giggle softly, her son's refusal to emerge from his zone of safety reduces it to a sigh, offering her uncle an apologetic smile before she turns away and crouches before her son, smoothing the dark hair out of his face with her small hands. "Remember what I said about family sweetling?" she asks, which earns her a unsure nod. "Family is the most important." he says, his youth likely attributing to how he didn't even sound male in the least, but perhaps puberty would take care of that in time. "That's right, so just say hello and introduce yourself." Jade eyes dart back to Taeski, then drop as the boy shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "Hi Uncle Taeski, I'm Deldrin." Sure there wasn't a whole lot of enthusiasm behind it and the second he's done he's wrapping his arms around the safety blanket that is his mother, but it was a start. Seeing that this was the most that she was probably going to get, Ladella kisses the top of Del's head and uses her legs to return to standing. More apologies are etches into her doll-like features that time had yet to crack, "I'm sorry. He's not usually so shy with strangers, but…" She indicates the location with a general sweep of a finger around the place, "This isn't exactly the most traditional situation."

Taeski watches the two, head canting ever so slightly to the side as he observes the interaction. Mother and child. Family. The words get his attention, something rather ingrained into his own upbringing, after all. It brings about a slow inhale of breath, holding it in for a time before letting go. Then Deldrin does finally address him, he's given a soft smile from the teen, still speaking rather gently. "It's nice to meet you." But with the boy backing off again, he hoists himself up onto his feet, calmly leaning against the bars. "..No, I don't suppose it is. I'm sorry about that." Alas, there's not much that he can do to make a jail cell more..inviting. "News travels all the way to Monaco?"

The woman can only very lightly shrug, knowing all too well that it couldn't be helped. "Funny thing about dragons, they tend to bespeak one another and without thread gossip occupies some of that downtime," Ladella muses, "Word got to Xanadu and eventually to Ecoatleth…that's your half-brother Y'ki's lifemate. Uncle Y'ki is getting up there in turns, but he was kind enough to mention your name so I came to see for myself." Her smile remains a constant, but it warms even further now. "I remember Veski very well and just one look is all I needed to see you are definitely his son, which makes you family." Deldrin, still refusing to come out, peeks out from behind the other side of his mother, looking at not only the man he's been told is his uncle but all around the place now as he slowly begins to acclimate to new surroundings. "I'm not going to ask why you're here, Taeski." She probably already knew anyway and was keeping her son from becoming too frightened of someone she seemed to want him to know. "I just hope it all works out in such a way as you get a chance to get back out into the world…maybe find some time to visit us in Monaco. You'll be welcome there."

"..Please stop saying that." Thankfully it's not an angry tone that the teen has. "I'd rather that I didn't..look like him." Taeski is already far too much like his father than he'd like. He frowns ever so slightly though, almost apologetic in the way he looks the woman over. The teen shakes his head just a little bit though, shoulders lifting in a small shrug. He wasn't about to go into the detail of why he was locked up either. Bringing it up again and again was just…painful. "..If I can manage to get out to Monaco sometime..yes. I'll visit."

Ladella was her father's daughter, having followed in his footsteps as a mindhealer, and was raising her eldest son to be the same. With the reaction she gets in comparing Taeski's looks to that of her grandfather, her smile never wavers, but it takes on a much more gentle inflection. "We'll have to sit down and have a long discussion about the difference between nature and nurture I see," she says, soft and with a rapidly growing fondness. "He wasn't all bad." Mostly bad, but while she got to hear about those things, she'd only personally experienced the kinder side of her grandfather that was joyful upon his very sporadic visits while she was growing up. "I should take Deldrin home now, but I hope to see you again." Reaching out, she lightly pats the fingers of one hand the teenager had wrapped around the bars of his prison cell, giving them a squeeze and then begins to herd her offspring towards the door. Deldrin only looks back at the strange man, but doesn't offer a farewell. It's none too long after this that she raps her knuckles on the exit door and it's opened for her, "Goodbye Taeski, I wish you luck." With that, she and the child are gone, and the door closes behind them to leave the renegade to his solitary confinement.

Would Taeski benefit with a good long talk with a mindhealer? Yes, he probably would. Or multiple sessions, really. He blinks a little at the mention of a talk, but the teen's expression tightens a little. There was a time when he adored his father. Now though? Not so much. "I'll take your word on that.." He gives a nod when she makes to leave though, pausing when his hand is given a squeeze. It softens his expression to be given the contact, and he offers a small smile. "..Thank you, for visiting." He's gotten a few more visits really than he ever thought he would.

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