Family Visit - Part Three

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Prison Cells
Just off the guard barracks is a door that's rather heavy in its design. Beyond, isn't the most comfortable of quarters. Carved into the stone sit two cells on either side of a short hall. Not made to be overly uncomfortable, there is a bed in each with a sheet and blanket available. Beyond that, however, there is little. Bars make up the accessway into the hallway, keeping those that occupy the area quite visible for the guards keeping an eye on things.

OR DOES IT? JK. The scene doesn't end with DISTANT WHATEVERS, it starts - again - with brothers. Brothers who got the news somehow (probably from their mothers, or Raeral, or even V'ric) and came back to the weyr as fast as he could. He's being let in now, blonde hair mused and unwashed from his journey, quiet and seemingly unmoved as grey eyes lift to find Taeski in his cell and the scene arrests him. For a very long moment, he simply remains, watches, ignoring Pritkin at the door with a list of rules before he shuts the older renegade in with the younger and returns to whatever it is that guards do when they're watching over a reasonably empty area. "Taeski," comes that low, smooth voice, clipped of emotion, wavering only because his steps are jarring as he makes his way over to the bars and crouches low, sweeping attention over that which confines his brother as if intent on finding a weakness in the build. "Explain."

Wait, /what/? Taeski hardly even noticed that there was an /exchange/ of visitors rather than simply an exit. He's already turned back to move across the cell when /that/ voice comes. The teen's entire frame seizes up on that forward motion, back straight, before he whirls right around to face the bars again. There isn't a word. Not at first. Not before Taeski is down on the same level and /reaching/ for his brother.
There's little care on if Vauril meant to be that close or not. He's getting /yanked/ toward the limitation of space, a frantic pawing to /cling/ to the other teen. Yeah, sorry, that explanation is going to have to wait /just/ a minute. Thankfully though, he's had time to come to terms with the fact that Vauril isn't /dead/. There's no screaming or throwing of tantrums, just a desperate need for contact with /this person/. Only then, once he's gotten that, does Taeski let out a slow, calming breath. "Found out Jae was keeping /this/ from me." There's a faint gesture to Vauril, once he's able to make himself let go again. He glances at the other though, guiltily. "..Lost it." It's a simple explanation, but the truth.

Vauril's arms hold the insignificant weight of his younger brother through the bars, applying patience garnered from turns of simply waiting out people he had every intent to cause harm in a contradictive manner. He waits, he listens, and when Taeski speaks, the older renegade finally lets him go. He steps back, calloused hands catching his face to inspect the set of his eyes and the lines of his jaw. Vauril is as intense in this as he is in anything, a quiet storm, commanding submission without so much as a word spoken while he ensures that Taeski's physically unharmed. "I told you we do not belong here," he says, a soft admonishment, not unkind. And then Vauril's hands drop as eyes trail up, up, up, and settle grey back on grey. "R'hyn or Risali?" Meaning who told them both. Vauril had a limited pool of those who knew his secrets; somebody was going to find themselves on the receiving end of a threat.

There is /relief/ in that hold, familiar and /everything/ that had ever comforted Taeski for so many turns. Hurt? Oh, no, he definitely didn't get himself hurt. Not physically anyway. Those words bring his eyes closed though, and a vague nod that is both acknowledgement and agreement. Once let go though his eyes open again, meeting Vauril's quietly for a time before the /question/ is asked. One that earns just a tilt of his head, expression evening out to neutral. "It doesn't matter. You felt the need to hide. From /me/." Which hurt more? Jae not telling him, or his brother running away from him?

And oh, how Vauril waits in silence, grey eyes hyper-focused on every movement, every twitch of muscle, every tell that he's learned to mean hurt, or joy, or something in between when it comes to his brother and - "You did not need me. You had a weyrmate. You were acclimating; I was not." Why would he stay? But those grey eyes are searching, are seeking, are shifting as he moves himself down to sink lower and stills in another crouch, chin lifting to catch his brother's gaze again. He holds it in silence, for a length of time bordering on the edges of infinity, and finally he breathes, "Not R'hyn. Risali." What? HOW DID HE DEDUCE THIS? The smile on the older renegade's lips is slow, feral and manic in its intensity, speaking in a way that Vauril either cannot or will not with his own words as he reaches out to catch at the hem of his brother's tunic and pulls. "I have heard that she rides gold. I should congratulate her." This. This is why this man left, why he hid, why he gave up a relationship he'd known from birth to allow his brother a shot at normalcy and happiness. And then? The smile dims, more dangerous now, brilliant only in that it's so damn unsettling. "Did he make you cry?" Five words, spoken with deadly quiet and angry calm.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me rephrase that. You /hid/ from me like a fucking coward. Let me think you were dead. I cried for /you/, Vauril." Oh there it is. The anger. How else is he supposed to react to his own brother letting him think he was /dead/? Taeski growls a little bit at that, charcoal stained fingers grabbing at the bars futilely. He can't do much from there, after all. Vauril deciding on his own that Risali of all people deserves a visit though has his hand jerking downward, fingers latching and tightening on his brother's wrist. "Leave her alone. Leave them both alone. You don't get to blame them for what you started. I just found out you're still alive…so don't make me have to hate you."

And despite Taeski's heightening emotions, Vauril remains as he is: a dimly, dangerous smile like the glint of a wolf's teeth bared at night, quiet, patient, calm. Grey eyes track away from grey eyes to study the firmer grip on his wrist, and then slowly, slowly, Vauril extricates himself away from bars, and hands, and brothers to leave a good foot of distance between them. "You're right," comes tones menacingly soft, preceding the way his smile departs as that all that feral intensity returns. "It's not her fault, or his - it's yours." And Vauril takes a step forward again, fingers closing around the bars of a cell as he leans into the empty space and seems to saturate beyond even that with his mere presence. "I hope your weyrmate can give you the same comfort now as he did when our siblings were in need of you, little brother. When I was in need of you." And down Vauril sinks, until he's eye level again, wolfish smile consuming his features to lend a certain viciousness to his next words. "Because, much like you, I have… moved on. I have found something for myself, and it does not include you." One hand reaches through the bars, and there's a touch of one open hand to the top of Taeski's head, contradictive. "You and I are flesh and blood. I will always be here for you, even if it is only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me. That is what brothers are for, Taeski. So hate me, despise me. Cling to your pitiful, pathetic life and play by the rules your society sets. It is the only way you are ever going to fit into this place." Meaning? He's leaving, for good this time. "Someday, you will thank me."

"I know /that/." What, was Taeski supposed to deny it? He can't. He's already admitted such to others that he takes the full blame of what /he/ did. Though the teen's eyes are narrowed a bit, silver-grey a thin line as he /watches/ Vauril pull himself away. "But if I don't get to blame anyone else, neither do you. So just../leave/ them alone." He doesn't lean away from Vauril's return, either. He accepts the sheer gravity of his brother's presence as he always has, never uncomfortable with the danger he presents. His eyes though, when they close for that touch to his head, leak anyway, despite the firmly neutral look on his face. They open again watery, with both hands lifting up to hold onto the sides of his brother's jaw. Much the way the older teen had done for him. "Then I'm glad for that. For you. I just wanted you alive..not to go with you." He'd already decided to stay, after all, long before Vauril disappeared. He lets go then, hurriedly, and turns away from the bars.

There are no words, no reassurances. Taeski turns, and Vauril is gone. THE END.

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