A Realistic Nightmare

Western Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

[OOC Note: The events upon which you are about to read took place in a nightmare brought on by a stressful meeting and added onto by lack of sleep and much heavy drinking.]

It's well on into the afternoon and the beach is fairly active with swimmers, bathers, suntanners and plenty of drinkers. The pavilion that Cat likes to occupy is pretty occupied as it is. Not that she's absent from the lagoon, but shes moved further on down, away from most everyone. Every now and then someone may jog on by in an effort to get back to the main section, but for the most part she has her little spot on the beach to herself. She's currently tucked up under a tree on a log and looks as if she hasn't really slept much and is drinking. She's got a bottle quite a bit bigger than her normal flask and it's already half gone.

Riohra steps in to the lagoon, and the bar tender flags him down. They have a moment of conversation and then points over to Catwin all by herself. He nods and slowly makes his way in the sand as he is wearing his heavy hunting leathers. He stops next to her and looks out at the water saying "Hey you"

Catwin looks up as Rio comes over and then she looks him over "But overly dressed for the heat, don't you think?" she asks as shakes her head "Gonna get salt stains in those leathers." Not like he probably hasn't had them before or already got them. "Waitin' fer Kass to get done studying?"

Riohra grins and shakes his head "Kass.. is visiting her folks. I came to see you" he moves over and sits with her on the log. He keeps looking out at the water saying in a soft voice "I heard you were not doing ok, I half expected you to be in the infirmary." And he probably checked there first knowing this brash hunter.

Catwin narrows her eyes. "Keeping tabs on me are you?" She asks as her voice a bit flat. She looks away and drink down some whiskey. "And why would I be in the infirmary? It's not like they can do anything anyways. No bones broke, no bruises, no nothing." she rolls her eyes a little "I'm doing perfectly fine."

Riohra just sits there like a rock, solid against the angry storm that is Catwin. "I told you before Catwin, your my friend. and I know you dont seem to know what to do with that but tuff wherry jerky." he looks over at her now saying "I told you I care about you and there is nothing I wouldnt do for those I deem family"

Catwin just rolls her eyes and takes a long drink from the bottle. She does at least offer it to him as well. "Well, what if I don't consider you family? Huh?" How you like them pickles? As if that's a really good argument. "What if I don't want you to care about me?" Oh wait, what was that about offering? Bottle is gesticulated with as she sweeps a panorama encompassing everyone on the beach "There's lots more that might appreciate it more, as opposed to some broken and drunken and vinter and whatever!"

Riohra takes the bottle, and sets it down on the other side of him. Playing with fire this one is, and just says calmly "Senior Journeyman, creator of spirits and liquors, and a genuinely decent person." he finishing her rant about what she is he just looks at her hoping to catch her eyes with his "and to answer your question, they might appreciate it, but none deserve it more than you."

"Hey!" Catwin exclaims as she starts to lean after it and then stops and sits back up again as it's set aside. Nope, she's not going to lean across. "I was drinking that, and I am not a decent person but I do deserve to have my bottle back. You have no right to take that from me. I bought and paid for that fair and square and it's mine." Oh yeah. Real intelligent argument there.

Riohra just smiles gently, as one does with an unruly child, or in this case someone who has reached her limit saying "and it is right there if you want to get it. But until then you will talk with me. And who said you were not a decent person? You give me names because I am sure I can find them false." he looks back out to the water, it is hot but he isn't sweating at all.

Catwin glares at Rio and then starts to get up to go walk over and fetch her bottle. Hers, damn it all." And then comes the questions and she noticeably pales and then turns away, actually she starts to walk away. Or maybe stagger a little as she's a little uneven on her feet over the sand.

Riohra sighs at his friend and his usual happy face is gone as he stands up and fallows Catwin. Moving quickly as it seems someone taught him how to run on sand in boots, He picks up the Vintner none to graciously and toss her over a shoulder. He knows she is going to resist but clenches his jaw and starts to head to the jungle path, he walks slow enough so as not to twist an ankle on the sand for the added weight.

Catwin goes stiff for the briefest of moments as she's suddenly grabbed. Sweat breaks out all over her as panic sweeps through. All of a sudden she's kicking and screaming and flailing and trying to push away. "No!! No!! No!!! No!!" she cries over and over again as tears break free. She's wriggling and squirming as she tries to get away.

Riohra is strong even as she wiggles, his face is set to the stone as he walks her away from this place. She will connect with his jacket the solid wooden plates absorbing most of the impact. But he will still get hit in softer areas, he will have bruises and probably a broken nose before the day is through.

"Please, please don't. Not again. No, please." she cries as she continues to try to break free. "Don't.. don't.. no.. no.. no… I can't.. I can't. Please.. don't hurt me.. don't hurt me!!" As her strugges fail to releash her, her breath quickens as she starts to hyperventilate.

[Scene shifts to a waterfall deep in the jungle]

Riohra is walking steadily now he is on smooth surfaces one Catwin is failing over his shoulder. He is talking soft and calmly saying "you know I am not going to hurt you, but you seem to need a bath my saturated Vintner" Once he reaches the edge of the pool he looks at the water, knowing it is well beyond his depth to handle, starts to carry her into the water clothes and all.

Catwin continues to panic, the soft and calm voice not reaching her at all. She continues to cry out to not hurt her, the panic only escalating the longer he carries her. As they head into the water her panic escalates to such a point that she is practically trying to crawl down his back into the water, head first.

Riohra is sweating now, his own panic rising as he is walking into that which he fears most. His gear and boots keep him solid on the pool floor, no floating for this man once he gets up to his chest he will take a deep breath and continue his slow march into the water letting it go well over his head. Once the water is his chin chin he will let her go, know full well she will run away.

Oh how little he really knows of her. No, once Catwin is released she lets the weight of her clothes pull her down under the water. She has now gone limp and just sinks, welcoming the depth of the water.

The depths of the pool are cold and clear, she can see Rio semi floating in the water, boots sinking into the soft muddy floor. Riohra reaches down and jerks something hard on to her hip, gives her a kind smile, like you give a friend who is going on a long trip. Then there is a strong tug at her waist as she is being quickly haul to the surface, faster than she could swim away.

Riohra pages: he rigged a large enough rock to and anchor and once released rock goes into water and person goes out.
As she fees herself being tugged again, Catwin panics again and struggles, gulping water as she tries to scream and trying to grab onto anything she can and then she's thrashing before going limp again.

Catwin dangles there in the air, still limp as the water just drains down off of her. No more fight, or fright. Just nothing.

Riohra stops about halfway back up the way and just goes limp, his eyes wide and then cloud over as he sinks into the silt of the pool. The area is now quiet as there are no sounds to be heard but the creak of the rope around Catwin as she dangles in the air.

[[Catwin awakes in a panic and finds herself in a little nook in the kitchens.]]

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