Lunchtime Meetings

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The day is not long past as the time is around the hour of lunch and Kiley? She's settled at a table, currently alone with her journal, this one is new from the looks of it but the pages have already been filled as she is towards the middle of it and is still writing away. From the appearance of the table, there was once a few others with her and now she is alone with her meal that remains untouched as a few more notes are scrawled. Finally, the journal closes and a bright smile resides on her lips as she finally turns attention to her now cold meal, happily beginning to eat away without a care in the world from appearances alone. Even though cold, the woman lets out a happy sigh. "I missed food.." Comes a soft murmuring to herself before continuing her meal.

Zi'on finally wanders into the caverns. The bronzer is dressed, at least in some shorts and a t-shirt, but by the looks of things he's just rolled out of bed. There's a long stare at the food tables before he fixes himself a sandwich and some fruit salad and grabs a cup of klah. He peers out to see if anyone was still around that he recognized and spots Kiley. The bronzer heads over to sits next to her. He even sounds tired. "Hey." There's one bite taken out of his sandwich, then he goes straight for the klah.

Kiley lifts her gaze towards the bronzerider as he sits next to her, tilting her head just so and then looking him over. Brows lift in question, "hey. Did you just wake up?" Her nose wrinkles just a bit, concern growing into her expression as she watches him. "Did something happen?" Curious, she reaches for her juice and sips at it as she eyes him just a moment longer before attention drifts away to her journal. "I've managed to talk to a few people with minor ways of saying things differently, but there's so many different ways of people saying things."

Zi'on nods to her between sips. "Yeah." After a few more sips he blinks at her a bit. "Hm? Oh, no. I had sweeps last night, so my schedule is a little off today." He rubs his eyes a bit, then picks up his sandwich to eat a bit. "Yeah? I guess most of the time I don't notice too much. As long as I can understand what they're trying to say. Course I guess growing up around my dad there aren't too many accents I can't understand." He laughs. "Some people mumble though. And that kinda is annoying."

Kiley considers him with another curious look before letting out a soft 'ah'. "Why do you do sweeps, anyway? Just curious.. I don't think I learned about that over in Xanadu.. Well, I've never actually heard anyone talk about sweeps before, either." The curious look grows before she drops her gaze back to the food on her plate, "sometimes they're hard to notice, but I'm listening out for them so I can learn exactly what they're saying.." She peeks up at him again, "you'll have to introduce me to your dad." Laughter slips out and she shakes her head, "mumbling isn't an accent. It is not opening your mouth wide enough or not getting enough air before speaking."

"I'm in the Search and Rescue wing. It's sort of just… patrols. That way if something is going on, or someone needs help, they can basically look for a dragon any time day or night and we'll come down and help. Keeps renegades and pirates and other undesirables out of the weyr, too." Zi'on explains. He nods to her about the accents. "Do I got one?" He nods. "Well, I'll see what I can do about that. He's busy these days. Maybe I can just fake it for you and you can tell me what you think." He laughs. "I know it ain't. But it still makes it hard to understand someone."

"That's helpful and very logical in the long run. Having riders constantly out and helping is most certainly productive, especially with renegades and pirates. Perhaps that's why you wanted to know where the pirate's treasure was?" Her tone takes a teasing hint as she looks at him, "maybe so you could sleep a little longer?" Kiley chuckles softly and reaches for her juice to take another sip. "Kind've. Nothing terribly prominent, though. It is the way you're phrasing things, still understandable and the computer would literally copy what you have to say the exact way you say it." Or so she plans, at least. "If you could fake it, we save ourselves from hassling him." Her laughter comes to a halt as she lifts a hand, "right there. You said: ain't instead of isn't. That's sort've an accent, I'd have the computer type 'isn't' and understand that ain't means the same thing, essentially."

Enka isn't too overburdened as she makes her way into the living caverns — although this time, there's not a hint of paperwork around the goldrider, but instead, she's got a nearly three-turn toddler sitting on one hip. It's one of the twins, Liam to be exact, but where is Ken? A patter of little feet can be heard, the little boy shrieking rather too cheerfully as he dashes past his mother and heads right for the fire pit — only to be snatched back by the weyrwoman. "Shells," Enka mutters, "what did their foster ma feed this kid today?" She can't quite pick up the child with his brother in the way, but at least the woman can sort of crab-step and tug him over to a chair. Getting Liam settled, and then hefting Ken up onto the chair next to him, Enka waves over one of the caverns workers for assistance getting foodstuffs and turns to catch sight of Kiley and Zi'on. "Hey there," she calls out to the computer crafter. "Settlin' in all right? Everythin' to your satisfaction?" Zi'on gets a smile. "How's things goin' for you?"

Zi'on laughs. "No. I wanted to know so I could get some extra marks. It's hard getting gifts for the weyrwoman. She's got more marks than she can spend, so she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants. Heh, I can sleep long enough. You'll still need the dragons out there, even without the pirates." And so Zi'on feels the need to one-up even that. "Hm. I guess that's good? Maybe. As long as it knew what I was talking about." Zi'on spots Enka as she's settling the boys in. "Hey." He yawns a bit. "Thing're goin' good. You need some help with the twins?"

Kiley's attention is drawn by the shrieking child, her eyes widening and then blinking at the sight of the trio. The greeting is met with a smile and she nods, "hello, ma'am. Yes, I am. Thank you, everything has been wonderful and those I have spoken with so far have been wonderful." She smiles brightly towards the weyrwoman and then looks to the two children with a slight tilt of her head before looking back to Zi'on. "Ah. I see. And you're right, even without pirates there'd still be a need.." Lips press together briefly before she takes another sip from her juice, "you could try a craft where you could make things and sell them." Juice is abandoned for more food as she nods in response. "I want it to understand everything, that way people don't struggle with it."

"Good to hear," Enka comments, glancing away briefly towards the kitchens with a slightly concerned look before she nods at kiley's words. "Western's got good folks, and they're always great helpin' visitors feel comfortable." Ken's starting to bang his sppon on the table, and the weyrwoman reaches over to pluck it out of his grasp, swapping it for a stuffed wherry plushie who gets treated to the same indignity as the spoon had. Kids! "You gettin' enough sleep, Zi'on?" Enka queries then, catching that yawn from the young bronzer. "Your da 'aint makin' you do double shifts, is he?" At his offer, she shakes her head a little. "They'll be fine, just as soon as .." ah, and here comes that kitchen worker with a plate of toddler finger food for the two boys, "they eat," Enka finishes off. "That'll quiet Ken down anyway, Liam's always good." And it really does help, although both boys do make quite a bit of mess as they start eating.

Zi'on grins at Kiley. "Like making computers? Da's a woodcrafter. But I don't think he makes too much anymore. He used to make us little figurines and stuff when we were little. I still got a couple. Ma has more for the twins." He nods to her about the speech computer. "Yeah. That way people won't get frustrated. Thankfully computers don't get frustrated." He nods a bit to Enka. "I had to last night. Someone flaked. Flight or something." The bronzer nods about the boys. "Twins are a pain." He chuckles. "My younger siblings are twins." He explains, mostly to Kiley. Enka already knows most likely.

"It really does show, I am happy that I chose to come here as a first stop… And once we get a computer all picked out we can set that up before I head off to Ista to see what people there have to offer." Kiley smiles wider though it is brief as the spoon banging on the table draws a wince until the stuffed toy takes the place of it. Zi'on is given a curious look as Enka addresses him, curious once again. "You could do woodcrafting, especially if you could paint 'em.. They seem to sell well enough to those who like them. You could ask your father, even." Brows lift in question before she chuckles. "Computers don't feel anything, which is a welcome relief." The explanation about his siblings is met with another uplift of her brows before flickering attention briefly towards Enka's twins. "I can't imagine having two children at once. Mother never had any twins, thankfully."

With the twins now engrossed in their food, Enka sinks down onto the chair beside them with a quick sigh, stretching her legs out as she slumps down against the back of the chair, gaze shifting between Kiley and Zi'on. "It's always good to have a craft," she suggests, "although I suppose if you come into things after you impress, it's usually somethin' easy-like for trainin'. I went into the bakercraft myself, probably won't ever get past apparentice, but it helps to learn somethin' new, and make a little extra marks on the side too when someone just needs some cookies or pies to be made." the goldrider chuckles a little, a moue of sympathy for Zi'on given. "Least he'll give you a break though, right? Just so you can take a good nap?" She nods then. "I do know you have twin siblings. Seems like you actually got a lotta those." Kiley does get a nod. "And if I didn't have them fostered out, I don't know what I'd do." comes the dry comment. "Probably go crazy-like, especially now." She smiles thinly at that, and pushes herself out of the chair to go get a mug of klah and some lunch for herself.

Zi'on is immune to the spoon-banging. There was always a lot of noise in the crowded caverns. And generally there was always one brat or another wailing or banding or kicking and screaming. "I guess I could maybe. Heh, if Da feels like showing me stuff. I think he already gets sick of seein' me at work." he nods to Enka. "I ain't got any kind of baking skill though. I do know a little about electronics though." He grins and shrugs. "Yeah I guess. I ain't got more sweeps until tonight. Anyways I got a lotta siblings in general. But most I don't really know. The twins are my full blood ones. I guess twins run in my family or whatever."

Idris is a girl on the job, moving between the kitchen and living cavern regularly among those staff refreshing tables. She wears a friendly smile, nodding to eaters and pausing occasionally to answer questions about the menu. Balancing meatrolls, cheeses and little sandwiches, she manuevers through the lunch crowd to set down her trays. From behind the serving tables, she sorts the food and lays it out. With that food settled, she starts collecting empty trays and pitchers to take back to the kitchen and replenish.

Kiley beams a smile towards Enka as she encourages crafting, see? This is towards Zi'on, "it is never too late to learn something. Especially since you want the marks." Attention flickers back towards the weyrwoman and she nods, "I can't imagine what it would be like for you, not fostering.." And with all that paperwork the woman has? The computer crafter shakes her head. However, concern tugs her brows down into a frown for the question the other woman presents to the bronzerider and her attention flickers back to the man beside her. "Maybe he likes it? Some fathers like knowing where their children are." But, she doesn't know the man so she doesn't say much more than that before her attention is drawn to her plate, "you could always do some tech stuff? Take up with the tech craft." Her fork pokes at a few items before piercing something, "I'm glad he'll let you rest, at least, before sending you back out." The woman smiles with relief before the food is lifted towards her mouth, pausing so that she may answer. "You've got a big family, then?" Her fork resumes movement and into her mouth the food goes while her gaze is briefly drawn towards Idris as she moves about the caverns.

Enka's return is quick enough, the goldrider toting a plate with some salad greens and tuber fries along with a roast wherry sandwich. And in the place of a mug of klah, she's got some yellowfruit juice with mint and a bit of sweetener added. "If things had been different," the weyrwoman comments to Kiley as she retakes her seat, "perhaps I might not have needed to foster them as much as I have, but with all the paperwork I have to do, and tendin' to Mir when I need to, it was necessary." She nods briefly in response to further commentary, foregoing speech until the first few bites of sandiwch are taken, chewed and washed down with a gulp of juice. "Didn't say you had to learn bakin'." Enka points out to Zi'on, waving a tuber fry at him before she pops it into her mouth, "just said you'd probably do better to pick a craft that didn't require a lot of trainin'." Idris gets a look and a smile, Enka watching the other girl for a moment, before she glances back to the turn of the conversation. "Big family," there's a faint — and most unladylike — snort. "I'd say he does." But she'd really let the bronzer explain further if he so chose.

Zi'on is still looking a bit exhausted. Probably not that much sleep for the young rider. "Yeah, I guess so. Just gotta figure out something that I'd like to do." He peers at Kiley then. "My da has over fifty kids. There ain't no way he knows what all of them are up to at any given point. I bet he can't even remember all their names anymore." Zi'on laughs. Of course the bronzer has a bit of a special place with L'ton, being his eldest son and also a rider in his wing. Though even through all that, Zi'on was a mama's boy. He laughs at Enka. "Yeah. Not a lotta training. There are crafts like that?" The bronzer gets up then for more klah. He needs it by the looks of things. He picks up the pot actually, holding it up to Idris. "Mind if I just take this?" To his table, he means.

"Go right ahead," Idris grins at Zi'on, nodding as she takes the empty pot next to it. After delivering empty trays and pitchers to the kitchen, Idris comes back out with a tray of fresh redfruit bubblies. She meanders through the crowd, offering a bubbly to passers-by and, eventually, pausing at the table where Enka, Zi'on and Kiley sit. "Klah turning out right- need any more?" Idris smiles affably as she presents the tray of bubblies. "You'll want to take a bubbly for dessert- they are perfection today if I do say so myself, a prize-winning recipe for sure."

Kiley nods, "perhaps after we get all the paperwork sorted and such." The computer crafter offers with a thoughtful smile that lasts until she's placing more food in her mouth. There's a soft sound of agreement that comes forth for Enka's statements of the craft. The woman's reaction to her question causes the computer crafter to lift her brows for that snort. She flickers her attention back towards the bronzerider. Her jaw drops open at the statement of how many siblings he has and then closes again with the attempt to find words. It takes another long moment before she breathes out a response. "Shells.. How can anyone have that many kids?" The woman is clearly blown away. She lifts her juice again and takes a slow sip, brows furrowing with her thoughts. Idris is given a polite smile as she moves over towards the table, "no thank you. I'm staying away from sweets."

"Sure," Enka puts in, nibbling on a handful of tuber fries, although she thankfully doesn't talk with her mouth full. This weyrwoman has learned tact and manners, thankyouverramuch. "Plenty of crafts that really don't require a lot of trainin. Bakers for one, you can learn how to cook other than cookies and pastries. Or weavers. Can learn how to sew. There's lots of options out there for ya." She might have said more, but Kiley's surprise at the mention of Zi'on's siblings — or more specifically, the amount of siblings he has, gets a good laugh from the goldrider. "It's pretty simple really." Well, obviously … it's /L'ton/ they're speaking of after all. And then Enka just has to go and get distracted by those bubblies. She plucks one off the tray, and starts nibbling at it, even though the rest of her lunch isn't nearly finished. "Who made 'em?" she asks Idris. "Cause Setem and I have a little tiff goin' over the Weyr ovens." She drops the remaining half of the pie onto her plate long enough to dab at the food-smeared cheeks of Ken, the little boy offering everyone a messy smile. "It's good, so he can't possibly have made it."

Zi'on smiles to Idris. "Thanks. I'll bring it back once it's empty or I'm jittery." When she comes around with the bubblies though… his eyes light up. "Ooooh." Yep. He'll have at least one of those. Sandwich is forgotten. Fruit he'll probably pick at later. He just shakes his head about his father. "Shards if I know. Twenty odd turns of flights and at least four weyrmates? Insane gals who want his babies? I dunno. I really only know three of my siblings." Zi'on's worst fear about his father is that someday he'll -become- him. And that babies will start popping out of every woman he comes into contact with. "They're good. Come back if you got any left." Or just don't leave?

"I made this batch, actually, thank you. I've been doing a lot of the bubblies lately," Idris is none too humble about her baking. "Gonna win the next gather contest, I am. Runs in the family, you know." Yes, just a little proud and more than willing to ramble about it. "Haven't decided if I'm competing with them plain or frosted, and there are a few variations, but there's plenty of time til the next gather so I'm still experimenting," she pauses a beat, thinking. "Nothing bad finds its way out to these public tables, naturally."

Kiley's shock lingers a little longer and she looks to Enka for her statement. "Well, yes. The act is simple enough. But to actually have that many.." She shakes her head, taking another sip of her juice as she lingers in silence for a moment while attention focuses on Enka and drifts between her and Idris, curious. It only lasts until Zi'on speaks again and her attention settles easily upon him. "I see.. I just can't imagine it." Her head shakes and then she gives him a sympathetic smile, "I'm sorry. I suppose if you wanted to meet the rest, though.. You could try and meet them." An idle thought as she returns to her food while her gaze settles on Idris to listen to her speak. "Why not compete with both? Half plain and half frosted? Or are you only allowed to do one sort?"

Enka has a system here, a way of going about feeding herself, taking care of one or the other of the twins, and still contiburiting the the tide of the conversation. Of course, it doesn't all come automatically, she still has to make sure she isn't trying to feed roast wherry sandwich to Ken or Liam or wipe her tuber fries with a napkin, but at least the goldrider seems to have everything together. Her brows tilt upwards at Idris's admission. "Do I sense I oughta be tryin' to sweet talk you into givin' me the recipe and forget fuedin' with Setem over his control of the kitchen? Have you ever thought of join' the Bakercraft yourself?" the weyrwoman asks of the girl. She grins over at Kiley next. "He's a bronzerider — " as if that explains /everything/. "There's a couple of bronzers around who seem to have somethin' of a reputation for themselves, and it just happens. Flights are, well, really easy for that kinda thing. And even if his dragon didn't win, there's always others offerin' consolation." The look on Enka's face is rather neutral at the moment, a flicker of a glance at the twins, and then she's looking at Zi'on. "Not that every man who rides bronze out there is goin' to chase after girls the same way, of course. L'ton just seems to be extra lucky or somethin'."

Zi'on blinks, then grins at Idris. "Woo boy. Enka it sounds like maybe this one is tryin' to upstage you. You two should have a bake-off. I'll be the judge." And the bronzer will put on fifty pounds in the process. He shrugs about his siblings. "I'm one of the older ones. Most of them are kids, so…" So not too much interest there for a teenager really. Maybe later on when everyone was a little older. "He's got babies up with his current weyrmate and I don't know them too much either." Zi'on looks off to the side and eats his bubbly while Enka goes on about bronzers. If he didn't know better he would think she was warning him not to go and be like his father. Or else.

"Only one sort, actually, per contest, per entrant," Idris explains to Kiley. "So the different judges don't taste different things and all that." She laughs at Enka's comments. "Naturally I've considered the Craft, but things just kept me busy here, I never got around to going off for formal school," she grins saucily, "I won't be sharing the recipe with anyone though I'd be glad to bake it for you and you can attempt to figure out what I'm putting in- I promise that's not so easy to do, heheheh." Idris grins and winks at Zi'on, "It'd not be my intention to upstage our esteemed Weyrwoman but I do have a family recipe to keep, you know, I can't just give it out to anyone. Perhaps she should join the contest this autumn, hmm?"

Kiley considers the talk of recipes and contests with a thoughtful look before she abandons her food completely and snags her journal again. A few notes are added shortly, more so whenever anyone speaks. Her attention flickers up towards Enka for her answer, blinking. "People say that a lot." About bronzeriders. She nods in understanding before chuckling softly, "just sounds like they're all rather lucky rather than doing it on purpose.. or some could be doing it that way, too." There's a look of consideration given to Zi'on, assessing the young man next to her before another note is added. "Ahh. Well, I don't blame you." A smile is given easily, "babies and children are hard to deal with at time." Her attention returns to Idris as her question is answered and there's a nod of understanding. "That makes sense. Well, I'll wish you luck for the contest then. Maybe I'll have to visit when it happens."

"Poor Suldith'll have a shardin' time tryin' to get you back up to your weyr after the bake-off." Enka puts in good-naturedly to Zi'on, having finished off her sandwich at last and giving the remainder of the tuber fries to the two boys to mash up with their little fingers and eat. Now it's time to get back to work tasting that bubbly pie. "Well," she remarks to Idris, "if it's any bit of thought, I didn't join the craft until after I graduated from weyrlinghood. Before then, I was too interested in eatin' bubblies and cookies without learnin' how to make 'em. You've got plenty of time to decide what you'd want to do." Which is a different story these days. "I might just put my hand in," she says then, "at the contest. Especially if I get more free time to try out some recipies." The Weyr resident is given a measured look, but that's softened by a wry smile from the goldrider. "Well, in my experience, it can be sort of true," Enka says then to Kiley. About the bronzeriders that is. "But it don't make 'em any less good riders most of the time. It's probably true that they aree just lucky, but some of 'em have more luck than others. Might have somethin' to do with their dragons' personalities."

Zi'on chuckles. "Or we can bribe a weyrbrat to hide in the rafters and spy on you while you're baking. There ain't no secrets that get kept for long at a weyr." The bronzer continues to keep his mouth shut about bronzers. Let the girls decide what they want to about bronzers. The young bronzer rubs his unshaven scruffy chin. "Depends on the dragons and the people I guess. I haven't gone out lookin' to get gals pregnant or being a womanizer or nothin' like that." At least not yet. Having finished the bubbly, the bronzer works on the fruit he has in front of him.

"Thanks much, miss," Idris nods to Kiley and listens to Enka with a more sobered expression. "Yeah, I suppose I do have plenty of time. You should enter, definitely… it'd tickle everyone pink I'm sure, to compete with a Weyrwoman." She chuckles lightly and shrugs at Zi'on, "A weyrbrat isn't going to get my secrets any better than she could, I promise I'm too quick for ya'll to get good measurements." The chuckle turns into more of a laugh as she takes a step back with her tray, listening to their bronzer conversation with a half-smile and a shake of the head. "I'll be back to work, then- you want any more bubblies, send for Idris, I'll hook you right up." She nods to the three of them and leaves to mingle the bubblies with another table.

Kiley chuckles softly at Enka's first statement, giving the bronzerider a once over and smiling wider before attention drops down to her notes. More are added as talking continues, thoughtful. "Hopefully with the computer, we'll get you some more free time to do things you want rather than spending all your time in the office or doing sum." A grin spreads upon her lips and she looks up to the weyrwoman again. A nod follows for the talk about bronzeriders and their luck. "Well, they say a bronze hatching first is good luck, too." There's no more than that as attention drops back to her journal. "I think that is great, Zi'on, that you're not out chasing skirts and the like." She looks back up and nods to Idris, "not a problem. They seem to enjoy it and you enjoy what you do, so you'll do well." She watches the other woman leave with a thoughtful tilt of her head before more notes are added to the journal, her smiling growing wider as she writes.

Enka's look is positively mischevious now as she nods a bit at Zi'on's words. One can take a girl and stick a big fancy knot on her along with a big shiny dragon, but you can't take the 'brat out of the Weyr. Or something along those lines. "Or a firelizard. Sneaky sorts, you know. Some of the weyrbrats can be very tricky too." Is she teasing Idris, just a little? "In that case, I really ought to consider it then. Although I don't think I'd ever live it down if I lost," and here she does wink teasingly, "but I wouldn't expect any favors, mind." There's a pause, Enka leaning over a little towards Zi'on. "Well, give it a few more turns, right? Although I suppose it might depend on Suldith. Dhonzayth just might be really lucky at flights and all. And it's probably your da's personality too." she slides backward in her chair, nibbling at her lower lip. Does she really dare talk about it? "I thought for a while that things might have worked out for me, but I guess it just didn't…" Uh oh, the kids have been really messy at eating their tuber fries and have bits of it all over their clothes. Ken's even got some smeared in his hair. "Jays, I'd better get them cleaned up," their mom says, standing to scoop up both twins, one on each hip. "Thanks for the meal," and the talking. "I'll see you around." And off she goes.

Zi'on gives a wave to the departing Idris. "I sure will," he says about getting some bubblies later. Zi'on grins to Kiley then. "Pretty sure Suldith was last. Or next to last or something. It's hard to remember. But I remember thinkin' I was gonna be left standing again." He looks to Kiley and grins. "And why is that so great? You worried about your own skirt bein' chased?" He raises a brow at Enka. "Dhon ain't -that- lucky. Da made his own bed mosta those times. Suldith better not get me into a lot of trouble like that." There's a bit of a wave as Enka heads off with the twins, leaving just him and Kiley again. "That's what I mean about her break up." He finishes off his current mug of klah, and considers another. "So how's your room?"

Kiley peers between the two as they plot or tease Idris, opening her mouth briefly and then closing it again as she keeps her thoughts to herself for the moment, curious. But more notes snag her attention before glancing up towards Enka. "Things'll work out." Comes her soft insistence though she is quite ignorant of the subject. Silence lingers as the weyrwoman takes off, nodding a farewell and then her attention shifts to Zi'on. "What does it mean if they're last?" The grin slowly is returned, "I was left standing at Xanadu. There was so much going on and then the three people around me Impressed almost all at once…" She trails off, cheeks flushing a dark shade for his questions. "Because, you're more respectable that way. I'm not worried about you chasing mine. I don't wear skirts." The last, however, is a joke from the way her grin grows wider. It fades, however when he mentions the break up again. "Ah.. Was she with your father?" Brows lift curiously at this. "My room is wonderful, wonderful."

Zi'on considers Kiley's question about the dragon being last. "Uh… I dunno. Nothin' I guess. He wasn't the lucky bronze, though." He nods Kiley sympathetically. "I was left standing here once, and at Ista once. I was kinda young though, so I was too surprised. My da basically wanted me to stand, 'cause I told him Ma wanted me to be a harper." Clearly not what L'ton wanted for his eldest son. He laughs at her not wearing skirts. "Yeah yeah… Respectable gentleman or whatever." The bronzer blinks at Kiley then. "Ew, no! My da could be her father." He laughs. "No… different bronzer. He uh… he's off weyrmated to my sister now, actually." There's a nod about her room. "That's good."

"Hm. But, he found you, so that is still good. He doesn't need to be the first one." Kiley insists, then giving him a curious look as he admits to being left standing. "So you stood three times, hm? Third time is the charm as they say." The woman chuckles softly for the reasoning, "must be tough having your mother and father wanting you to do different things.. My parents did that. I did my own thing, instead." Her laughter joins his and she smiles, "nothing wrong with being a gentleman." She shifts and leans to rest her elbow on the table, propping her chin up with her hand. "Well, shells. That's.." Her nose wrinkles, "ew. Yes, ew. Oh.." She stares at him, "that must be rather awkward, then..?"

Zi'on nods. "Yep. So you stood then? Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, I guess. It did for me, yeah." He grins and shrugs a bit. "I guess it was tough, since I left Ma up in Telgar and came down to Western with Da when I was old enough to stand. Or to go to a hall. I guess I can't complain really, I did find Suldith. Maybe I'll still pick a craft. Ma is happy either way, Da is happy too. Some of my friends never see their parents at all, but I saw mine everyday. So I can't really complain too much about my family and all." There's a shrug from the bronzer about the love triangle-ish thing. "Meh. My sister and the bronzer live at Xanadu. We talked, but weren't really that close since we were so many years apart. And by the time I was old enough to really relate to her my parents weren't weyrmated and we were living in Telgar and they were living here. Might be awkward for Enka though, not sure really."

"Yeah. I did, mostly for the experience. But then I became more aware of what, exactly, it meant. Touching the eggs was something different and a brand new experience. I think I would stand again if asked.." Kiley smiles before nodding along to what he says, tilting her head curiously as she listens to his story. "Do you regret standing? Just do what makes you happy and do something that you enjoy, that's what I've found works best or what people have been suggesting." Fingers tap along her cheek, thoughtful. "I see.. That must be hard, having so many siblings and not knowing them all and with them all having so many different ages. You have an interesting family line, I have to say nonetheless." Lips press together and she shifts again, "I hope it isn't too awkward. She like you and you care about her."

Zi'on nods. "I've touched a lot of eggs. I guess even when you're around dragons though it's something new. I mean it wasn't like I grew up talking to the dragons around or anything like that." He shakes his head enthusiastically. "No no, I don't regret standing. Even if you don't impress you get to meet new people and all. I got to spend some time at Ista, even. But I know it can be hard for crafters and such, since it does kind of disrupt things for them." He smiles a bit and shrugs about his family. "I guess it's interesting. What about your family? You holdbred or weyrbred?" He looks down at his plate then. "Enka? I don't think it is, she's usually pretty open about stuff like that. I guess it's just hard figuring out what her feelings are about me. Like usual with girls. I just don't get them very well."

"The eggs in Xanadu were all pretty.. Harsh, except one of them.. That one had the gold in it, actually. It was a rather huge surprise." The woman chuckles softly, smiling in remembering the event. "None of the riders have ever said they have regretted it.. Except one of the ones that I stood with, he regrets it." Kiley frowns visibly, "I don't regret anything, I enjoyed my time in Xanadu. We went to the Yokohama." Her attention shifts away from him, "I still studied as a candidate, it didn't really interrupt me too badly. But I'm not an apprentice." Her journal is set on the table again, "my family? There's my mother, father, brother, two sisters, my other brother, me, then my two younger brothers. My second oldest sister is a greenrider and she doesn't really talk with us anymore. I'm holdbred." Fingers play with the pages of the journal as her gaze considers him again. "That's good. Are you attracted to Enka, then?"

Zi'on taps his chin. "I can't remember too much about any of the eggs in particular. Couldn't even tell you about Suldith's really. In the egg they're not really developed. Sometimes I think they're scared. I dunno." He peers. "One of the riders that impressed with you regrets standing?" Such things the bronzer can't even comprehend. He nods to her. "That's good, that you didn't have to give up your studies or anything." He blinks, then chuckles. "That's a pretty big family. Sorry to hear about your sister though. Where does she ride?" He looks pretty sheepish about the question about Enka. "Well… yeah. Uh… we kinda have a.. thing. But don't tell anyone. Enka doesn't want a lot of rumors spreading around."

Kiley hmms, "that was one of my projects, to code a program where people can input thoughts on the eggs they touched and then to later add what color it hatched for the riders to remember. But it has been put on hold since I'm working on the bigger one, first. I was told it was a sliver of their personality, just one small sliver.. But then they grow into something bigger. They're probably scared, or angry people are bugging them. I really wonder." A nod for the question, "I really wonder why. But.. I think he'll get over it. I can't imagine why he would say that, either." She shrugs and shifts, "nah. I normally was studying in my free time so I didn't forget anything." Laughter slips out, "not as big as yours. My mother and her mother want me to start having a big family, but.. I don't like kids and love is illogical. At least for me it is." A hand waves in dismissal for the talk of her sister, "it's okay. I think she's happier without us. She rides over in Eastern. I don't feel like chasing her down, either.." As he grows sheepish, the smile on her lips crows curious. "I see. Well, I wouldn't tell anyone. Rumors would make things harder for her, I imagine." She shifts again, considering her plate and her things. "I should probably get to talking with more people and you should rest before sweeps? Feel free to find me when Enka decides on the computer or computers she wants and we'll head back to the Crafthall?"

Zi'on nods. "That would be kinda cool I guess. As long as I didn't find out he was like all upset and scared because people where touching his shell. I think mostly they're probably just curious and not sure what to think or do. A lot of that they learn from clutchmomma in the egg. And then the really mature after they hatch." He blinks at her about the unwilling impressee. "Huh. That's… really strange." He chuckles a bit. "Love is logical sometimes, if you find a person that is a good match. And we need kids to survive. Though… no rush. There are plenty of kids around." He nods to Kiley, poking at his plate a bit. "Yeah. I should head back home to take a nap I guess. When she decides I'll come find you and we can head back, sure. I'm sure I'll see you later anyways. If you need anything, for your room or whatever… just flag down a rider. It's easy for them to call me." He smiles to her and gets up, grabbing his things to clear the table. "See you around, Kiley."

"I'm sure we won't know what they were thinking in the shell. But, it's still something interesting to think about." Kiley grins though it is fleeting at the brief mention of the weyrling. She doesn't touch on the subject again, smiling once more. "If you find a person that is a good match. Which I may never do. It really is all uncertain. And there are plenty of kids all over. I certainly don't need any of my own." The computer crafter chuckles again and nods when he agrees. "Wonderful. Rest up and I'll see you around. Thank you, if I do need anything.. I will let someone know." Her own things are grabbed as she pushes to her feet. "Later, Zi'on."

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