Moving Party

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.

Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

Nice, quiet and peaceful as it should be just before sunrise. All the weyrlings tucked neatly into their cots with their lifemates slumbering away in the way that they do. The Assistant Weyrlingmaster slowly wanders in, hands in pockets as he takes on casual step after another in the dim light. The greenrider pauses, scratching stubble upon his chin before glancing back over his shoulder. A low rumble echos from outside, followed by talons on stone as the green circles and settles herself down upon the field, impatiently. She's been warned, the babies have been stirred, now it's time for… "Alright, Weyrlings! Time to get up! Out of those cots and get yer boots on, ye be needing them this morning!"

Snnrk. Keely is draped across her cot at odd angles, half-clothed from the day prior still. Geimhreath, however, is up as soon as the call goes out. The blue stretches and shakes himself somewhat before nudging at Keely with his snout. All she does is roll over and pull her blanket over herself. The response? Said boots dropped on her head. "OW."

One body is stirring at least, but stubbornly trying to burrow further under the covers and trying to ignore the summons from the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Kiena can't ignore the one in her head though and with a frustrated grumble, the girl tosses back the sheets and swings her legs over the edge of her cot. Rubbing the heels of her hands into her eyes, she doesn't bother stifling the yawn. "Alright, alright. I'm up. Shards." she mutters, while Ujinath just watches on "innocently" from where he's curled up at the foot of the cot. Boots are found, as is a change of clothes though really she only changes out her shirt. Fingers run through her mess of hair, hurriedly working it back into a tight braid unbrushed. By then she's woken up a little more and Ujinath has stretched and joined her at her side. "So what're we facing this morning?" Kiena asks, only to grimace when she catches herself. "Sir." she tacks on and rather lamely at that.

Slowly, R'lyeh turns to the girls after careful eyes make an inspection of the barracks, a scowl well in place. "Well, fer starters, ye see how this room is laid out? The exact location of every cot, who be to yer left and to yer right? Every foot locker? Every boot and clothing? Oh no-" he stops a weyrling trying to pick up. "Leave it. Because yer gonna want to know where it needs to go after ever single one of ye is done moving yer cots and foot lockers outside." The greenrider shoves his hands into his pockets, walking down the center of the barracks for a moment. "Before breakfast, I want everything in this room, outside in the training field. Everything. Ye want to live like a bunch of wherries that raided a traders camp? So be it."

Shirt? Keely hasn't even managed a proper one yet. She's got an undershirt on, but that's it. Pants are tugged on and she's trying to pull on her boots at R'lyeh speaks up. She looks around, perhaps expecting something in- nope, her area is pretty clean. That's all Geimhreath though. The blue is insistant upon it, even if Keely would rather just throw things to the wayside. It might be part of why she passes out so swiftly at night. The teen groans and falls back on her cot. "Mebbe then we can sleep," she mumbles.

Kiena is probably one of the guilty ones for not keeping her part of the barracks as neat and orderly as some, though she's by far not the worst of the bunch. The girl blinks for a moment, as R'lyeh's words sink in. Blue eyes dart to the foot lockers, the cots, everything she can glimpse in her range and then promptly fixes the assistant weyrlingmaster with a disbelieving stare. "You're… serious, aren't you?" she says, wanting nothing more to laugh or say something abrasive but wisely holding back her tongue. Ujinath only nudges his weyrling gently, making a low sound that sound strangely encouraging. It has the girl sighing, shaking her head and her hand comes up to rub at the back of her neck. "Ain't /that/ easy," she mutters out loud before darting a quick and puzzled glance to Keely. "But we'll be outside…" Kiena gripes, turning back to R'lyeh . "So we roughin' it now or something?"

R'lyeh paces back over to Kiena's cot and glances around as he removes his hands from his pockets and places them upon his hips. "Aye, outside for all to see. Don't worry, the dragons will have plenty of room to stretch out while they sleep. They'll be comfortable." Right, the babies will be, they'll get to be with their paired. The weyrlingmaster slowly strolls away and peers right at the doors, running a finger down the wall before examining his findings between index and thumb. He shakes his head, clicking his tongue for a moment while the thunderous rumble echos in reply just outside. "So I suggest if ye want to have any resemblance of breakfast before training, ye best get moving. I'm not taking time out of the little one's breakfast, the dragons will be fed!"

Keely makes a frustrated sound as she flops around. "Sleeping outside as punishment for not being clean enough," she says to Kiena. The teen is finally awake enough to get to her feet. She finishes lacing her boots and effects something of a shrug. "Guess it'll be easy enough for me. C'mon, Geimhreath." Locker and cot, that's about it. She starts with the locker, grabbing an end and starting to drag it towards the door. "Guess you'll be expectin' thanks for making me stay so clean," she grouches to her lifemate. "Maybe later. Right now I'm just shardin' tired."

Kiena doesn't shy away when R'lyeh approaches, only tilting her head up to meet the weyrlingmaster's eyes with a stubborn and still disbelieving look. "Then what about us?" she drawls, but by then he's moved on and she can only huff slightly. "A bit harsh of a punishment for just a bit of clutter and dust." she grumbles towards Keely, trying to keep her voice down but not really making much of an effort. The girl turns to stare at her cot then, with Ujinath waiting patiently and expectantly by her side. When she doesn't move, he nudges her again and rumbles. Just do it! "Fine, fine! This is madness though." She'll start with the lighter of her belongings, tossing anything that's loose onto the cot and then proceeding to drag it out towards the doors.

"Don't worry, weyrlings. At the end of the day, if I decide, it'll be alot easier to bring it all back in… Because ye'll be bringing it all in one item at a time. One cot, one foot locker, one boot, then the other at a time. One Weyrling at a time, at that. So hope yer fellow trainees are just as enthusiastic about getting their work done in a timely manner." Shoggoth doesn't bother rising from where she lay sprawled out on the fields. The elder green rumbles with eyes whirling red to the first of the weyrlings as they set foot outside. Discipline would've prevented this from happening, then she wouldn't be wasting her time placing guard instead of soaking in some sea weed as she should! Hrmph! "If not," he begins with a low growl, pale green eyes staring right at Kiena. "If not, ye better help them find it. Otherwise it's going to be a long night."

Keely doesn't fully trust leaving her footlocker behind where others might fuss with it. Especially since Geimhreath made her repack it so many times. Optimal spacing or whatever. The blue does try to nudge from behind… though whether to help or speed his lifemate up is uncertain. The teen stumbles a bit, still sleepy enough to not have a firm footing. She yawns and glances towards Shoggoth, before slogging off to a side where the dirt doesn't seem too muddy and there's not too much grass to lure even more bugs.

By the time Kiena has her cot out the door, not only is the girl struggling a bit, but she's having to hold on to her temper along with it. Her control nearly slips when another weyrling ahead of her blocks the way to some optimal spots with their belongings. Normally she'd just make some snarky remark and breeze by, but after giving R'lyeh another narrowed glare (hopefully to his back), she figures the assistant weyrlingmaster means business. "Grip it this way," Kiena mutters, demonstrating for the weyrling before leaving them to it. With the way now clear, the girl drags her cot the rest of the way and then pauses to wipe at her brow with the back of her arm. "This is going to be impossible to do," she sighs, certainly not the one to inspire enthusiasm. Ujinath sticks close to her side, though the blue is now eyeing Shoggoth warily, untrusting of the green.

Oh, crankly old Shoggoth is nothing to worry about. When she's out of the water, she's just like one of them sea lions that's all bark and too lazy to get up to bite. Her rider, on the other hand, still has quite a bit of spunk to him yet. R'lyeh stands against the door as it's propped open for the grumbling horde, his fingernails being picked clean by a small pocket knife. "As soon as every little bit o'yer things is out here in proper order. We're going to scrub every last inch of these barracks until there's no sign of life in 'em. So ye all best be hoping I don't find any spiderclaws. They like the underside of me boots."

"Ugh," Keely utters once she hears what the plans are. "I think," she mutters to Kiena as she walks by, returning for her cot, "they forgot to fully clean the barracks 'fore the hatching and they're finding a way to make /us/ do it." Because those cobwebs were totally already there. Any spiderclaws, too.

Ujinath doesn't know that a cranky Shoggoth is nothing to worry about and with Kiena focused on the task thrown at them so early in the day, the blue is left to simply watch the green, suspicious and cautious but never approaching her. Kiena turns her head to follow Keely as she walks by, grimacing at the other weyrling's words. "Probably," the girl snorts, following along save for the brief moment where she pauses to see what has caught her blue's attention. "She ain't a threat, Ujinath. Common," No, the threat is R'lyeh there by the doors. Who earns another sidelong glare from the weyrling as she passes by and back into the barracks. "Don't see why we got to do it. It just gonna get mucked up again in time." She adds to Keely, once she figures she's out of earshot of the weyrlingmasters. Grabbing her locker next, the girl is longer at dragging it out, though Ujinath sticks by to offer his strength by encouraging her on, pushing her mentally rather then physically.

"As soon as these barracks are cleaned to standard, ye can go to breakfast. After that? We'll be doing lessons outside to keep the barracks clean. At the end of the day, ye all can move it back in if I see fit. If not, then be prepared to sleep outside like the animals ye want to live like." R'lyeh flips the knifeblade back into it's handle and reattaches it to his belt as he walks over to his lifemate. The rider sits upon her curled arms, leaning back against Shoggoth's shoulders before affectionately patting her neck. "Every day, when you get up, ye will clean yer cots and belongings to standard. They will remain to standard at all times. How and where you keep your belongings will be very specific so ye will do yer best to make sure everyone around you is in order. If one gets in trouble, ye /all/ will suffer the consequences." Shoggoth turns her head to the little blue encouraging his lifemate and she croons softly. Good! Keep them in order and things will be better.

"'Cause it's like a special treat for 'em to torture us?" Keely glances around for Ir'e and angles in towards Kiena. "Watch out for Ir'e… I warned him things like this could happen. Y'know, erryone getting in trouble even if one person is in the wrong. I dun think he believes me." And the last thing she wants is to continue to suffer for someone else's selfishness. Or maybe she just doesn't want Geimhreath to 'win' and get her to start affecting others. With a cot piled with bedclothes, Keely follows the other blue weyrling out into the field once more.

"They've all lost their minds, is what I think," Kiena mutters to Keely, though she seems to agree to the other weyrling's comment on torture. There's a snort when she brings up Ir'e and when she pauses from dragging her foot locker across the barracks, she drawls, "Well he better believe you now or we'll be facing this sort of thing every day till we're freed." And that does /not/ factor in to this weyrling's plans. As she passes R'lyeh again, Kiena only grimaces to the rules he sets and the warnings among them. It does little to improve her mood, but she complies (for now) and slowly but surely drags the locker out and aligns it proper with the cot. "Don't know /what/ the point of this is…" she gripes out loud again.

"The point of this, weyrling, is to give ye a taste of what will happen in the future if the barracks are every in disarray again. They will be kept clean, everything will, at all times until graduation. So ye all better get on one another to keep it that way, otherwise ye will be moving back out here again and if the weather isn't kind, I've no sympathies." Shoggoth lowers her head, eyes fixed on the baby dragons as they supervise. That's right, supervise. They're not the ones being punished since they can't properly wield a push broom, mops, scrub buckets and brushes as well as cloths to do the walls. Well, perhaps the cloths, but this is more for their human counterparts. "There's one thing ye all will learn during your time here, and that's discipline. Ye will wake up, get dressed, clean your areas and will be not be late to any assigned place of duty. Ye will not mutter under yer breath during lessons and when being given directions. The only thing that should come out is 'yes sir, no sir. Yes ma'am, no ma'am,' and ye will comply without hesitation with what's asked of you. If there's ever a time ye feel that someone is being taken advantage of or abused, ye can bring it to our attention. If it's legitimate, we'll do something about it. If not, and yer just crying about yer responsibilities and consequences, then I'll make sure to do something about it."

Keely snorts somewhat herself as R'lyeh goes through the rant. To her, that's what it is. A rant. The teen gets her cot out and plops down on it, watching others drag out their things. She glances over to Kiena and shrugs slightly, "Dunno how they expect us to keep up with so much. We barely get time to eat or sleep as it is… do they want half-asleep, starving weyrlings or somethin'?"

"Maybe we're supposed to divvy up the work. Some sort've hidden lesson in it all," Kiena mutters back to Keely, smirking a little and offering a shrug for the weyrling's suggestion. Could be? Seems like she's agreeing enough, but after R'lyeh's very specific warning now, she's doing her best to hold her tongue. "Yes, sir." She drawls towards him with just a little hint of sarcasm. Which is probably enough. Ujinath doesn't need much in the way of supervision, though the blue is peering about at all the cots and lockers outside curiously enough, but seems happy enough to stick close to his rider's side, as if watching her back.

As the last of the foot lockers are dragged outside, the weyrlingmaster pushes himself to his feet and casually walks within the empty barracks. He glances across the floor with pale eyes, watching the dust fuzzies flutter by with the incoming breeze. The weyrlings /almost/ took everything out, but they will in short order. He begins to walk between the sleeping areas of the dragons, one by one. Checking for clean stone and bedding for each. The greenrider sniffs the air, shaking his head. Surely, it does smell as though a dragon has been defecating within it's couch, or someone trailed it inside. That'll not do at all. R'lyeh turns back around, setting foot outside as the last items finally found their place where they should be. He glances up at the sky. Still not a speck of Rukbat but the sky is beginning to lighten and the stars begin to fade. "Before light spills over the horizon, I suggest ye get to cleaning the barracks. When I say clean, I mean wipe down all the walls, sweep and scrub the floors, change glows if they need it, clean the couches if they need it and be sure there isn't a speck of dust on any shelf, alcove or niche in the room. When I walk in, all I want to smell is the scent of dragon oil and /fresh/ meat in the bins for yer lifemates. If it's good enough, then I may dismiss ye for breakfast."

Keely was almost passed out again. Sure, her cot is out in the training yard. It's a cot, at least, and not just a hammock or beach like that one candidate trip… The teen yawns when Geimhreath gives her a mental nudge and she glances towards R'lyeh. There's a long sigh as she looks towards her lifemate and the other candidates. Bootlaces are checked before she's on her feet and shuffling towards the cleaning supplies undoubtedly kept nearby.

"Yes sir," Kiena replies, likely echoing a few others. So maybe her less then enthusiastic tone will be drowned out by the rest and while she pretends to busy herself with putting away a few lose items into locker, she's likely casting some rather narrow glares at R'lyeh when she figures the assistant weyrlingmaster isn't looking. Sighing, she grimaces a bit towards Keely, giving a shrug of her shoulders as she shuffles after the rest of the weyrlings. Ujinath follows, as always and something the blue says has her smiling crookedly. It doesn't last long though, once she's back in the barracks and seeing just how /much/ of it there is to clean she looses heart fast. "Shard it all," she mutters, grabbing a nearby cloth and stomping over to tackle some of the cleanup.

"The rest of ye, get in here and off of those cots! Now that they're outside, yer not allowed to sit or sleep on them until ye been given leave to do so! It's morning, yer up, and ye'll be carrying on this day. For now, clean these barracks until there's no sign of life in 'em." R'lyeh bellows for a moment but then quiets a bit when the weyrlings are within range. He isn't of the mood to start shouting just yet. It's early, after all, and there's going to be plenty of time for that. "Sho, ye think there's hope for this lot here?" From the fields, a warble followed by a rough snort is given in reply. Maybe for one or two, but the rest need to be cast back. Too small and unworthy at this time.

What's that hole in the wall doing there? Before it was hidden by someone's trunk, but now that everything's been shifted around it's opened up to the outside air. And something's moving in there! Suddenly there's a clack-clack and a skitter-skitter and a spiderclaw goes racing across the barracks, and then bumps right into R'lyeh's boot.

Keely was quick to move, but not out of a desire to follow orders. Or see things cleaned. It was to grab a broom. In her mind, at least, that'll be the easiest of jobs for now. Geimhreath finds a spot to stretch out and let his wings catch the morning sun as it rises. He warbles in his lifemate's direction and she rolls her eyes… likely giving some response by the way she pauses and her eyes screw up a little. Then it's into the barracks proper to start pushing floor rushes, miscellaneous crud, and maybe some spiderclaw or two out of the doors to be taken care of.

Kiena grimaces all the more when R'lyeh begins bellowing and when she figures no one can see, she likely silently mimics his words in an mocking fashion as she crouches down to wet her cloth in a nearby bucket and then sets to scrubbing. She stops abruptly though when Ujinath is suddenly warbling and calling her. "What?Oh for Faranth's sake," Not spiderclaws! The girl figured she'd left those behind as some unpleasant nightmare of candidacy. The blue, spurred by her disgust at the skittering creature, give chase but misses his target, coming to a fumbling halt by the doors, snorting.

R'lyeh peers at the little pest with a scowl well placed on the elder's features. When it runs in another direction, he lowers his boot back to the ground. Tis a shame, he would've ground his heel into it, too. Once a pest, always a pest and where there's one, there's sure to be more. "Seems like ye all have yer morning cut out for ye." The greenrider moves back to the door way and settles upon his lifemates crossed arms once more, reaching into a leather bag to pull out a small canteen. The lid is removed and he pours himself a small mug of klah before tucking the canteen away. He takes a sip, leaning back as he props a foot upon his knee. "Ye know, Sho. One of two things is going to happen. They're going to get the barracks in order and keep it that way. Or… They may never see the inside of that building again. At the least, they wouldn't have to go far to clean up after their dragons when it comes time to do their business. Gonna be a shame should the wind change directions, though. Tis a shame, indeed."

Oh yes, there is more. Another one pops out, this one starts skittering towards the exit, dodging around whatever happens to be left on the floor. It gets close to Ujinath then jumps and skitters away. Clack-clack! You can't catch me!

Keely will sweep out any spiderclaws she spots! Maybe. If they don't scutter away first. It'd give the young dragons something to do. Geimhreath seems content to lie in the sun for the moment. That will likely change once his stomach starts rumbling. The brunette continues to sweep, actually putting focus into it. The last thing she wants is to miss breakfast. A couple of fellow weyrlings who are gabbing away and not working are glared at before she tries to chase down a spiderclaw to get him out of the barracks.

Kiena mutters a few more choice curses and likely shoots a glare too for any weyrlings slacking or gabbing away. At least she talks and works at the same time. Cloth goes back to the wall and she scrubs and scrubs, scowling all the while as if that'll make it go any faster. Ujinath has left his rider to deal with her task alone for now, focused instead on chasing out the pests that upset her so. The one spiderclaw that skitters so close almost meets its fate by dragon's teeth as the blue snaps at it but that one too evades him. Not detereed, the young dragon goes on the prowl next, moving just far enough from the exit to lie in wait for another target to come scuttling by, on their own or chased by Keely's broom.

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