Computers Versus People

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

Zi'on doesn't much feel like doing dinner in the caverns today. It was nice out! Plus he was already at the beach. His schedule is a little off, since he's been picking up extra sweeps lately for extra marks. The bronzer is at his own table on the Tiki Lounge patio. He's got a nice cool fruity looking drink, and a Tiki Torpedo burger. That's herdbeast with hotsauce and fruit on it. A sweet and spicy combo. He's also got some tuber straws to round it all out. Off a bit in the distance Suldith is fishing in the water; his head and neck darting below the surface, then popping up again.

From the looks of it, Kiley may be taking a day off despite the journal in her hands as she makes her way from the inside of the lounge. A drink is in her opposite hand, something fruity and cold to battle the heat though she appears not to mind the heat at all. She wears something a little different from her normal attire, a dress that matches what can be considered a fashion trend for the area and more suited for the heat than her normal pants and loose fitting shirt. And, it actually contains more colors than grey! The woman spots Zi'on and she makes her way over, settling down beside him and placing her things on the table. A bright smile is given and she inclines her head. "How are you, Zi'on?"

Zi'on is wearing blue swim shorts and a white wifebeater to show off all his 'muscles'. He looks up when Kiley addresses him, and a blob of fruit falls out of his burger and onto his plate. "Whoops. Hey there, Kiley. New dress?" He takes a bite, then washes it down with some of his drink. "I'm pretty good. How about you? Research going okay?" He wipes his face with a napkin. "You want something to eat? You can have some tuber straws, though I really recommend the burgers. They got a whole bunch of different ones."

Kiley chuckles softly, "yeah. It was getting pretty hot in my other clothes.. And the dress was kind've pretty." She takes a sip from her drink, giving the bronzerider a curious look. "That's good. I'm doing well. Research is going good, I have a whole new bunch of people to talk with as I was reminded about speech impediments. But, for now I'm enjoying the day and simply meeting people. And if they happen to have anything I can use.. Then I am in luck." The woman chuckles softly and then peeks over at his burger, "I asked for some fruit, but I may go and ask for a burger in a bit." Pause, "there's fruit in yours. That's one of the burgers they normally offer?"

Zi'on nods. "Yeah. I wear shorts most of the time unless I'm riding. Then I need leathers. Especially if I'm gonna between." The bronzer sips at his own drink a bit. "Ah, yeah. Speech impediments. You meet a lot of people with those?" He nods about his burger, sliding his plate over to her. "It's the Tiki Torpedo. It's spicy and sweet. Want a bite? They got a barbecue with fruit I think, too. Not as spicy, but still pretty good. Kinda messy though, heh."

"I can imagine. The weather here is so nice, I'm really enjoying it.. Dreading the thought of leaving, actually. But, Ista won't be too bad in comparison. Then Fort.. Then probably to Xanadu for a bit, then back to Landing. But still, I'll miss it." The computer crafter sighs softly before sipping at her drink again, slightly shaking her head in response. "Not yet. But, it is something to consider. I want everyone to be included especially since the goal is to make it so no one is frustrated with the computer." Her gaze drops as he slides his plate over, curious as she looks over it. "Different." She grabs the burger gently, making sure not to spill anything before taking a bite. It is a smaller bite so not to send the contents all over the plate and there's a soft mm as she resettles it back down, her hand lifting to cover her mouth for a moment as she chews. "s'good. I think I'm going to become addicted to these burgers if they've got a bunch of different ones.."

Zi'on nods. "Ista is pretty nice, too. Black sand though. Which is cool, but sometimes you think you got crawlies when it's in your stuff. Anyways, you can always come back once you're all done, right?" He nods to her about the computer. "Hm, true. There's a weyrbrat down in the caverns with a lisp. Uh… Jemeriah or something is his name. He talkes like dis." He grins and nods. "This one is my favorite. I like it hot." The bronzer winks to her. "Though sometimes it's painful coming out the other end."

"I've heard that.. And I don't mind crawlers. I have one back in Xanadu, he's being watched by a friend of mine." Kiley chuckles softly but then gives him a curious look. "I suppose I could always visit when I'm done, yeah. There's that." The name causes her to quickly flip open the journal and to add the name down before allowing it to close again. "I'll have to talk with him, then." There's another consideration of the burger before she slides the plate back over, "mhm. The hot is good." she agrees though cheeks flush a light shade at his final statement and her nose wrinkles. "Shells. I didn't need to know that.. Isn't that what happens if you were to eat more than one?"

Zi'on peers at Kiley. "You have a crawler as a pet? Why?" His nose wrinkles. Crawlers were for stomping on. He nods about the boy with the lisp. "We used to pick on him a lot. I guess he's a little older now. Maybe like twelve or thirteen." Though probably still with the lisp. There's a nod about the hot burger, then he laughs. "Well once I asked them to make it extra hot. I dunno why. It hurt the next day. I guess you might get the same reaction if you ate more than one. At least there would be more hot to expel." He laughs.

Kiley laughs at his reaction, "because I saved him from being smooshed by a frying pan. And he's rather cute, anyway." There's a frown that settles easily into her features at the mention of teasing the boy, attention dropping away from him and to her glass. She sips at the straw for a bit, lingering in silence before speaking again once the subject drops. "That would do it, then. Having the heat from multiple burgers in one. I can't say that I've ever done that.. And I'm no healer, but I don't think that's good for you." Her head shakes at his laughter and she sighs. "Just don't make yourself sick, I suppose."

Zi'on stares at Kiley. "You -saved- him? What do you do, like… keep him in a box or something?" He squints. Cute? Does not compute. There's not too much Zi'on has to say about picking on the kid with the lisp. Everyone got picked on for something or other, that just happened to be that kid's shortcoming. He laughs about the hot sauce. "Probably not. But I only did it once. You get used to it, anyways. Now these don't hurt me at all." He pulls his plate back over to resume eating. "So what have you been up to beside the research?"

Kiley gives him a look for that stare, laughing softly. "No, he's staying in my room in the Weyr. But, he never really seems inclined to leave. If he had wanted to, he could've." Not to mention that it is winter in Xanadu so there's nowhere for him to run and bugs that happen to creep into the woman's room are easy pickings. "That's good, I'd be worried if you did it more than once, honestly." But, boys will be boys. "At least there was one positive thing from your painful experience." A soft chuckle slips forth before the woman brightens considerably. "I met this man, Zi'on. He's /perfect/. I only met him once.. But other than that, it is mostly research or relaxing on the beach."

Zi'on blinks. "I see. Uh. Strange, but okay." Kiley attracted bugs? Zi'on clearly wasn't as fond of crawlies. He shrugs a bit. "Heh. I'm not a glutton for punishment. At least not most of the time." He blinks at her then. "Oh yeah? You gonna ask him out or something?" He grins. "So what's wrong with me, then? I thought I was pretty perfect."

"I suppose he is. But, I hate bugs. And he eats bugs. So," Kiley shrugs and leaves it at that with a teasing smile settling upon her lips. She takes a sip from her drink, lifting her brows slightly. "That's a good thing, I don't think subjecting yourself to a large amount of punishment is healthy." Cheeks flush a dark shade of red and she shakes her head, "I couldn't.. I wouldn't know how. And, shells.." She trails off and considers him, chuckling softly. "You're perfect in your own way.. But him? He's like.. Like a living computer."

Zi'on blinks. "But he basically is a bug. Just a cannibalistic bug." He laughs. The bronzer shrugs a bit. "I guess not. It's a good way to pass the hours. Or to get invited to the infirmary." He chuckles. Then he blinks at her. "You couldn't ask him out? Why not? He weyrmated or something?" He rubs his chin a bit and gnaws on a tuber straw. "A living computer? So.. he's a cold calculating machine without emotions? That sounds pretty boring, honestly. Well, great for a computer, not great for a person, though."

Kiley blinks once, "but.. He doesn't /look/ like a bug.." Is her soft protest, though she considers this as her brows are drawn down in consideration. "He still eats the gross ones." She shrugs after a moment before laughter slips out. "If getting invited to the infirmary is your idea of fun, I really must worry about you." She insists before cheeks flush another shade as she drops her gaze away from the man once more. "No.. He doesn't seem as if he has anyone. Other than computers." There's a soft laugh, "no. He's got emotions. But he understands. We were talking about some programming and.. He's.. Really.. Handsome. But he understands.." Her brows draw into a frown of consideration. "Perhaps you are right, though."

Zi'on shrugs to her. "Well, I mean if you like him and he isn't biting you. I guess that's fine." He laughs then. "Well, sometimes the healer girls are nice. Then other times they just roll their eyes at you, give you some fellis, and then tell you to sleep it off." He nods a bit. "Well, that sounds like he's a good buy for you. Computers. Emotions. Understanding. So why can't you ask him out, again?"

Kiley chuckles and nods as they reach an agreement. Though brows lift higher for his statement of the healer girls and she gives him a rather scandalized look before it fades and simply settles on embarrassment, adding more color to her cheeks. "I see." Not really. She uses her straw to play with the ice in the glass, idly twirling it around as it melts. "Maybe.. But, he seems like he cares about computers far more than he'd care about a person.. And, I know how that is, wanting nothing to do with people. I could ask, but would probably be rejected for reasons I understand. So it is more logical just to let it be the way it is now instead of being rejected again." She smiles and gives a slight shrug. "It was nice, though. How is Enka? Did she decide yet?"

It's not like Zi'on was planning on sneaking to Xanadu and crushing her crawlie, anyways. That would just be horrible. He does laugh a little at her reaction to his comments on the healers. He raises a brow at her about the guy, then. "Really? That's kind of… sad. Anyways, you don't know unless you ask right? Maybe I could talk to him. Sort of feel him out a little and see if he'd be interested. You should bring him around. Rejected again?" He shrugs. "Haven't really talked to her. She's been busy."

Kiley gives him a look at his laughter before a soft laugh of her own joins and she lifts her drink to bring it to her lips. "Sad? No, quite logical, really.. If you think about it for the long run, there's the potential of avoiding any sort of emotional pain that comes from asking. But, I guess it is truly uncertain until I do ask.." She sighs and takes a small sip. "I suppose you could speak with him. He said he was here for some minor repairs. He may be back at the Crafthall already." Her gaze drops and she sips at her drink. "Mhm. There was someone I was interested in back in Xanadu. He rejected me in the end." She leaves it at that as her drink is settled down. "Ah, well.. Whenever you do speak with her about it, let me know."

Zi'on peers at her. "But I would think that the possibility of him wanting to date would outweigh being embarrassed a little by him rejecting you. I mean, you did say he was -perfect- and all." He's teasing her a little now, at least by mimicing her. He nods a bit. "We could go to the crafthall? But if you don't want to I'm not going to like… force you or anything. So who was the jerk- I mean guy, in Xanadu?" The bronzer finishes up his burger and sips at his drink. "I will. Though with her current schedule it's hard to even guess when that's gonna be." He sighs a bit.

"Would it really?" She gives him another look, flustered and now fidgeting. "He /is/ perfect.. But. I don't know, I've never really done anything like that before. Asking anyone or taking initiative." Kiley shakes her head, attempting to hide her face behind her drink. This doesn't work out too well for her. "We could, I suppose." Fingers twitch along the glass and she considers him again. "He was.. The weyrling I told you about. It wasn't anything really, I guess. Maybe it was just because we were out in the wilderness.." Lips press together into a think line as she takes a deep breath through her nose. "That's okay.. I'll be here awhile yet. And, you can come get me from Ista if I end up going there before decision a is made."

Zi'on shrugs. "I dunno. I can't tell you how you feel about him. It's something you have to decide for yourself. Sometimes things work themselves out, but if you're both kind shy, someone had to take the initiative. It's not like you have to walk up to him and ask him to be your boyfriend either. Asking to like… hang out or something, first. It can be with other friends, too. Then if things go well you can ask him on a date date." He raises a brow to her. "So what happened with him?" He nods to her. "Yeah. It would be nice to have a decision before that, though."

Kiley hms softly, sighing. "I guess that someone would have to, yes." A curious glance is given towards the bronzerider, lips pressing together again while a corner of her bottom lip is drawn into her mouth and chewed on a bit. "I don't really have many other friends," Zi'on is given a questioning look, "unless you're offering to be there." Her gaze lingers on him while fingers tap along the glass of her drink. "Then I guess I could try that.." The question of the weyrling is met with a shrug, "we were kissing during the survival camp. But after he sort've just.. Left me alone until the Hatching came and we stood together. So I'm not entirely sure what it was or what it would've been or could've been." She shrugs before smiling, "it would, but if it doesn't happen before then.. It isn't a huge issue for me, as long as you don't mind picking me up and such."

Zi'on nods to her, then shrugs. "Sure. I'll be there. We should all go down to the rec room in the caverns or something." The tuber straws are cold now, but the bronzer is still nibbling on them between bits of conversation. He peers at her and raises a brow. "Hm. Well, I mean if you were both candidates it's not like you can do more than that. Though it sounds kinda… weird. Like maybe he started something with someone else. Anyways this new guy sounds better." He leans back in his chair a little. "Nah, I don't mind coming to pick you up or anything."

"The rec room?" Kiley considers and then nods, "I was there briefly before, it would be a good place." She peeks over and carefully snags one of the tuber straws and nibbles on it a bit. "Well, yes. I wasn't expecting more than that, of course. But the fact that after we returned.. You're right. Maybe he did. Either way, I am not really going to think about it much. I've other things to worry about." She bites into the straw and nods her agreement. "Perhaps he is." His agreement brings a bright smile, "that's great. Thank you. I really do appreciate everything you've done, Zi'on. And I'm really happy to be helping Enka get a computer so that she'll have some free time."

Zi'on nods. "Plenty of stuff to do. We'll all have fun at least." He nods to her and frowns a bit. "Well, he doesn't seem much like a decent guy if he just was kissing you one day and then not even talking about it to you the next. But.. I dunno." He shrugs a bit. It didn't seem right to Zi'on, but who could tell? He smiles to her. "Sure thing. Thanks for helping me out. I hope the computer gives her some free time, but I don't know if it will really. Trying not to get my hopes up too much."

"We will." Kiley grins, "I must admit I never used any of the stuff in that room, yet. But, I'll make a note to do so." Amusement plays on her lips in the form of a smile and she tilts her head just so. "Perhaps not. I'm not horridly upset by it, at least. I've got my craft to worry about more than whatever happened in the past." Her smile grows wider and she nods. "You're welcome. If anything, it'll give her a little more free time away from the paperwork. Maybe an assistant who knows how to use a computer would help as well. Even a senior weyrwoman should have /some/ free time, in my opinion. She seems like she may want to spend more time with her children."

Zi'on laughs. "Well, don't get nervous and go down there to make a job out of playing the games or something. When we go down we'll play. I used to clean up in there as my chores as a brat. Because they'd let me work real early in the morning and then go back to sleep." He nods to her, then grins. "Maybe you were just a bad kisser." He chuckles, clearly teasing. There's a nod about Enka. "Yeah… I think you're probably right." About her spending more time with her kids. The bronzer frowns though. The weyrwoman didn't seem to have much time for him these days really.

Kiley flusters at that, "I was just wanting to learn." Which could prove that the statement he made was right. "I'll wait until we go, then. It sounds like you had it really easy as a kid." The woman chuckles softly before cheeks grow darker at his kissing assessment. "Probably.. it was my.. Third kiss, but first when I hadn't been drinking." The rest of her drink is gulped down and she sighs softly. "And if she has a full time assistant, maybe you can bribe someone into watching her kids and then steal her off for a.. Date or something."

Zi'on laughs. "Well, you can go down there. Just don't stress out about it. It's for fun." He grins. "Well, I was a master at getting out of chores. Though I got into trouble a lot, too. So when I did do them I usually had extra." He blinks at her, then laughs. "I was kidding. I'm sure it was fine." He nods to her and shrugs. "Maybe. I used to be her assistant. Can't really do that now. We were hoping into roping someone else into helping her. Yeah… maybe. I dunno. Part of me thinks I ought to look for a new girl."

Kiley wrinkles her nose, though humor is still in her expression. "Alright, I'll have fun when learning." She laughs at that, "you sound like you were a rebel child, always getting into trouble but the fact that you did them when you had extra seems like you loved the work." Her smile grows wider before fading just a fraction. "Thanks. I doubt it, but.. Thanks." She considers and then nods, "mhm. You're in your wing so you can't really abandon your duties to help out. Why don't you just ask around and see if anyone would be interested in a new job or something like that?" A frown tugs on her brows and she murmurs, "but you like her.. Why would you want to find someone else?"

Zi'on laughs. "I dunno. I was a typical weyrbrat, I guess." Maybe sightly worse? "I did my chores when I got caught and was forced. Otherwise I skipped out or suckered someone else into doing them for me." The bronzer grins to her. "Psh. You'll have to prove it if you want me to believe it." He nods about being in a wing and all. "Eh… Enka wants someone in particular. A weyrbrat, but they gotta be responsible. That way she don't have to pay them, but doesn't end up with a flake." He shrugs. "I dunno. I'm lonely, I guess."

Kiley laughs, "weyr life as a child seems very interesting. I can't imagine it, but the stories that some tell are amusing." She tilts her head in his direction, "sounds like you enjoyed your younger years." A rather distant look crosses her features for a moment before cheeks flush and she gives him a look. "How does one prove that without kissing?" Lips purse briefly and she stares at him for a moment before her gaze flickers away. "It sounds like she'd have a hard time finding a responsible weyrbrat. Why is she not wanting to pay them? I think if they do good work and show consistently then they probably deserve to be paid. Maybe this is why she has issues in finding someone to do it? She could hire someone older…" Her shoulders give a weak little shrug and her gaze focuses on him again, staring for his final statement. She says nothing, simply watching with her brows furrowing in concern.

Zi'on laughs. "I guess. I don't know too much about hold life, so. I ain't that old, sheesh. My 'younger years'." He laughs then. "You can't prove it without kissing." He shrugs. "I dunno. She might pay them. But I dunno if she wants to really hire someone. Plus it's easier to get a weyrbrat to run errands for you. Someone older might not want to do that kind of thing. I dunno. I could talk to her about it. Though last time we talked about it she got kinda snippy, so I've been sort of reluctant to bring it up again."

"It varies by Hold and rank." Kiley notes before more laughter slips out, "well, you're not exactly a child anymore. And you're doing duties like a proper adult, that is why I said younger years." Her smile grows more teasing even as the color in her cheeks darken. "I'm not kissing you. That wouldn't be fair to Enka." Simple as that. She considers and shrugs, "someone is bound to want to do it. It is easy work, running errands.. I can't imagine why she's reluctant about it, though. She must have her own reasons." There's a soft sigh, "it is inefficient and she's spending more time working." A soft hmm slips out and she considers him a moment longer. "Why don't you let her know you're feeling lonely?"

Zi'on nods and laughs. "I guess I am an 'adult'. Bleh. That makes me feel old." He grins to her. "No? Enka doesn't have to know. And it's not like it'll be a real kiss or anything. Sort of." He peers at her. "You want the job? Anyways, you'd be surprised. I don't think a lot of the drudges around here could be trusted with official weyr business." The bronzer shrugs a bit. "I don't want her feeling worse about it. Or getting mad that I'm putting more pressure on her when she has more important things to do than hang around with me all the time."

Kiley nods firmly, "you are an adult. You shouldn't feel old, though. You're still /young/ you're just not a child anymore." His grin is met with another scandalized look before she's eying him. "So. You just go around kissing women to determine if they're a good kisser? But, how is it not a real kiss? You can fake kisses?" Confusion is heavy in her tone, utterly lost now. Brows lift at the question, "I would certainly be capable, but I still have my project to complete. And who knows how many Turns that will take. And not that it has to be a drudge, but someone may want an easier job or something?" She shrugs and gives him a very sympathetic look. "That is true.. I am really sorry that you're having a hard time, Zi'on.. I hope something will work out."

Zi'on shrugs. "If you say so. Heh. I guess I can't really get out of a job. Especially if I want to get paid." He peers, then laughs. "No. Just you. It's not a real kiss because it's not like we're gonna be sucking face for half an hour." He shrugs to her. "Well, that doesn't help. Unless you think you can do both." He laughs. "Easier? I dunno about that. Enka wants them to handle finances and such. More than what I was doing." He sighs and shrugs a bit. "Ah… It'll be fine I'm sure."

"Part of being an adult, wanting to get paid. Though I guess children want to get paid, sometimes, too." Kiley chuckles softly before giving him another look. "Just me? Why me? Wait.. You can kiss for that long?" Blinkblink. The woman stares at him as if she does not believe this information. "That's true, it doesn't help at all. I could probably do both, that would eat up all my free time.. But, again, my free time has been working on this project most of the time. I suppose if I was allowed to still go to Ista and Fort for my studies.. It would take a lot longer than originally planned, however." There's a soft musing of thought before shrugging. "Financing is not that hard, calculations and sums.." A blissful sigh slips out and she smiles to herself. Then she sobers quickly to give him another smile. "But, you still look hurt."

Zi'on laughs. "Yeah. Sure. You could kiss all day if you wanted to. Your face might hurt after more than a couple of hours though. I dunno. Obviously it wouldn't be a good idea for just -one- kiss to go on that long. You should probably take a few breaths in there." He shrugs to her. "I don't want all your free time to be taken up, either. Then I'll -really- be lonely. I'll have to like… move or something." He laughs a bit, then shrugs. "Well, yeah. I'm still hurt. I can't just… shut off how I feel about it."

"Really? I've never heard that before. Shells.. I can't imagine that. I don't think I'd want one kiss to last all day." Kiley wrinkles her nose, "and how can you kiss so long without breathing?" Skepticism sets in again as she considers him. "I.." Pause, brows lift. "Why would you be lonely without me? You can't move, Zi'on." Lips press together into a thin line and she shifts her chair to scoot closer towards him. A gentle touch is placed on his arm, briefly. "I'm sorry you're feeling hurt."

Zi'on laughs. "Me either. I would turn blue after a couple of minutes and pass out. You can't. I mean, there's gotta be little breaks for breathing. But if you're not doing anything but that it's all one… uh. Session." He blinks at her then. "I dunno. We been hanging out a lot lately? We're friends. I'd miss you." He pats her hand. "Eh… I'm fine, really. It's my own fault for getting so attached I think. Kinda had a crush on Enka since I was younger, so."

Kiley laughs louder at that, "I can't imagine that." The woman shakes her head with amusement before she nods in slight understanding to the rest. "I see." Putting the subject behind them, she gives him a curious look. "We have been." She smiles wider and nods, "I'd miss you as well. You're a fun friend to have and I do enjoy spending time with you." She gives his arm a gentle squeeze for the pat before allowing her hand to drop back and settle upon the table. "I see.. Well, emotions happen." There's a soft sigh, "this is why computers are better."

Zi'on grins to the computer crafter. "See? You'd miss me to. You've gone and got emotionally attached to me! Stop the presses! You might get hurt if you have to go to Ista and we can't see each other every day!" He laughs. "Nah I'm just kidding. But I guess you have to take the bad along with the good for stuff like that. Same thing with girlfriends or boyfreinds, unfortunately." He laughs. "Yeah, I bet they are."

"Oh. I did." Kiley laughs along and smiles brightly. "Well, you could write and then that would be something." The woman's laughter continues and she perches her head up with her palm once more, elbow being the support on the table. "And you can visit when you're not busy, too." Her head tilts and she considers his words, brows furrowing in her thoughts. "Taking the good with the bad, hmm." She sighs, "they are easier to understand than people, but they don't always give the same feelings."

Zi'on laughs. "Nah. I can just come and visit. That's easier. And better. Right? I guess I can write, as well. I write my mom a lot, so I'm not so bad at it." He grins. "I wouldn't want to cuddle up with a computer at night either. And forget about sex. That would be dangerous. And painful." He laughs. "Anyways. Maybe I'll be super lucky and Suldith will catch Mir next flight. Then I'll be weyrleader and all my problems will be over." And replaced with a myriad of new ones!

"Right. Just come visit, that would be better." Kiley grins, "not that I doubt you can write, but we have better conversations in person." The woman sputters at his next statement about computers, cheeks turning a dark shade of red. "H-H-How..? What? W-Why are you even thinking that?" A hand lifts to briefly cover her face and she mumbles to herself, taking a minute to regain composure. "But.. Being Weyrleader will give you more duties to tend to, wouldn't it? You'd be even /more/ busy."

"Well, I can do both. Since it might be harder for us to hang out there than here. Oh man… I really need to go home and see my ma. I'm way overdue. She's gonna kill me." Zi'on laughs at her sputtering. "Thinking what? You're the one who says computers are better." He blinks at her then. "But I'm not hardly busy at all now. I got my duties… and that's about it. Heh. If I'm weyrleader Enka and I will see each other during work." Though… that probably won't be in the sort of context the bronzer is looking for.

"Both is a wonderful compromise, that way you can still have free time where you don't sneak off to Ista so that I may bore you with my talk of accents and people I've met." A soft chuckle and she smiles, "then you should visit your mother your next free day so she doesn't kill you." Kiley tilts a serious look towards him. "They /are/. I understand them easier than I understand people, and for /that/ they are better.. Not for.. /That/." A wave of her hand fills in the word before she hums. "Well, there is that. You'd definitely see her more and be able to talk with her more. That is a good thing.. I'll wish you luck."

Zi'on laughs. "It's not boring. But you're going to have to learn how to fake the accents, you know. For testing when you get the computer built." He nods about seeing his mother. "Man, the twins are old enough to stand now. That's crazy." He grins at Kiley then. "I'm sure they're easier to understand and all. But you can't cuddle with a computer, even." He nods. "I doubt Suldith has a chance… but there's always hope!"

Kiley grins, "that is true. I'll start practicing once I get them all and you can be the one who listens, at least until the computer is built." Kiley chuckles softly and then tilts her head, "must be a surprise, hm? Seeing your siblings all grown up.." Lips press briefly together before she chuckles, "who says I need to cuddle? But, there is a point there." She shrugs, however, to the mention of his dragon. "He's young, right? He might surprise you and the competition. They say younger ones are normally stronger, right?"

Zi'on laughs. "Or I could do the accents. And you could listen." He shrugs a bit. "Eh it ain't that much of a surprise. They're only a few turns younger than I am. It's just scary they could have dragons soon. How old are your siblings? Some of them could impress now I would figure. How old are you, anyways?" He laughs. "Everyone needs to cuddle. Even men." He shrugs and nods. "So they say. Suldith is kind of small for a bronze though."

More laughter follows and the woman nods, "you do some and I'll mimic. That'll work." The woman smiles a little wider, "I always find it a surprise to see my siblings when they're getting older because I remember them as being little. But, I only have two younger than me." Kiley considers for a long moment, "they're, ahh.. Hold on." There's a pause as her gaze rolls upwards to consider. "One is twelve and the other is thirteen. I am twenty-three myself." Her gaze drops to consider him again, "I guess I haven't cuddled much since I was a kid.." There's a thoughtful frown of consideration. "But isn't smaller faster? Or.. Is it more of an endurance test?"

Zi'on laughs. "Alright. Why are you mimicing?" He laughs and shrugs. "I guess. I haven't been home too much since I impressed. Which is kind of strange, since now I can go whenever I want. I always feel bad, because ma wants me to stay a lot longer than I usually can." The bronzer blinks at her. "Twenty-three. Wow. You're older than I thought." He looks at her. "That's too bad." Then ne nods. "It is. But gold flights are endurance tests. Green flights are the speed tests."

Kiley laughs, "so I can get it down right and you can tell me if I'm sounding wrong when I say it." There's a soft hum of consideration for his words, "maybe if you visited more she'll stop asking you to stay longer? But, then again.. My mother did the same thing. I haven't visited since." She chuckles softly and gives him a look of confusion. "How old did you think I was? I suppose that would be a compliment to some." There's another bit of laughter at that but quieting as she considers the flights. "I see. Well, I suppose he could do what everyone does when preparing for tests?"

Zi'on laughs. "But how am I gonna know?" He nods. "Maybe she would. I might have to visit her a -lot- though for that to happen. To the point where she's sick of me bein' around all the time buggin' her and the twins." He shrugs at her. "Er, I dunno. Maybe nineteen or twenty. I think Enka is twenty-three, too." He tilts his head at Kiley. "What do you meant? Do what? Like… practice for flights or something?"

"Oh, good point. Well.. Hm. You can talk then and I would just listen." Kiley tilts her head in consideration before laughing at the statement about visiting his mother. "It could work, then she may be happy with just letters." A curious lift of her brows follows the thoughts of her age, "I see. I suppose I don't really act my age a lot of the time. She is, really?" Cheeks color and she mumbles, "thought she was older.. But I guess that is the general assumption with senior weyrwomen.." Her hand drops from her chin and fingers trace at the table. "Maybe? Is there such a thing? I mean, we can build our endurance. We can practice for these things."

Zi'on laughs. "I guess that would work." Then he shrugs about visiting his mother. "I don't think I have enough time to do that, though. I should probably try to visit her once a sevenday, though." It's probably painfully clear that Zi'on misses his mommy a little. "You don't act your age? What age do you act?" He grins and nods. "She is." He coughs. "Still quite a few turns older than me, but uh… yeah." He rubs his chin. "I mean, I guess we can try. See if it'll help any."

"Thanks." Kiley grins once more before she nods her agreement. "Then visit her once every sevenday, I'm sure she'd appreciate it." Really, she's happy to agree with whatever he decides from the looks of it. "And maybe you'll have fun." A laugh slips from the woman's lips before they press together and she considers. "I don't know? I don't know how a twenty-three Turn old should act. And.. Hm. I don't know what age I do act." She shakes her head, "don't think age really matters.. And you're not.. Twelve or anything." Her drink, now watery is finished off. "Never know, it may be worth it." Her journal is slid from the table and onto her lap. "Suppose I should get back to it before the day is done."

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