Dart Champions!....or not

Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern
A large cavern with gaming tables, dart boards and other sorts of things to keep people amused. There is a bar on one side of the room that will provide liquid amusment as well.

The hustle and bustle of the Weyr has begun to ebb as late evening settles in and most of the habitants go about finding a meal or to simply relax and unwind after another long day of work. Currently, few occupy the recreation cavern, a smallish group in one corner plays a relatively quiet game of cards and another pair is in another corner conversing over drinks. Overall the atmosphere is quite laid back, and one lone individual seems to be making the most of it. Kelthero has discovered the dartboard and the guard has already finished one round, approaching the board and pulling the darts off one by one. He then turns back to his table, glancing down as he sorts them out in his hands, looking lost in his own personal thoughts.

It's a rare day when one sees Jeyinshi relaxing, but it seems like today is one of those days. Rather than camping out on the beach, the dolphineer has made the effort to eat /at/ the weyr and even have a couple of drinks. Heels clicking, the girl walks into the recreation cavern and heads straight for the bar. A few moments late, the dolphineer turns to survey the room, glass in hand. She watches as the darts are removed and waits until the guard is sorting them out on the table until walking over. "That look says you're thinking about more than just darts….or maybe you really are that serious about the game."

Kelthero starts a little when Jeyinshi approaches, snapped out of whatever thoughts he had. For a moment he simply stares at the dolphineer before one corner of his mouth quirks up in a half smile. "Hardly. I'm actually trying to relax, believe it or not…" He spots the drink in her hand and gives an amused snort. "Looks like you are too? Never thought I'd see you this far from the shoreline." He teases lightly, turning so that he can lean back against the table edge. The guard then reaches for his own drink, probably forgotten until now and gestures with a quick tilt of his head towards the board. "Want to try a game?"

Jeyinshi leans on the table, the corners of her mouth turning up into a small smirk as she winks. "Never thought I'd see you relaxing either. Seems the world's gone topsy turvy today. But even dolphineers have to drink something besides water." So saying, the girl hops up onto the table while taking a sip from her glass, and /not/ spilling any of her drink in the process. Jey dangles her legs from the sides as she looks over at the darts. "I can't say that I'm a very good aim, but I can try….just stay behind me when I'm throwing, okay?"

Kelthero returns the smirk with one of his own, as well as a slight shrug. "Topsy turvy or not, I'm not complaining over some free time." He then chuckles. "Here's to 'something besides water' then." The guard then tips his drink up in a mock toast just as Jeyinshi hops up onto the table. Kelthero then laughs, picking up a single dart and handing it to the dolphineer - pointy end turned away of course. "I'm not that great either." He admits, grinning. "So I guess we're equal?"

Jeyinshi grins and raises her own glass, playing along with the mock toast before tilting her head back and taking a long drink. She brings her legs up onto the table as well, folding them under herself and sitting up on her knees as she carefully takes the dart from Kelther's hand. "Equals then!" The dolphineer shifts the dart from hand to hand before finally lookin up at the dartboard and closing her left eye while aiming with her right hand. There's a quick movement backward before Jey looses the dart. It flies through the air and lands….in the wall, right /below/ the dartboard. "I meant for that to happen."

Kelthero takes another sip of his own drink, glancing sideways as Jeyinshi literally sits entirely on the table. A brow quirks up at this, but he perhaps wisely keeps his comments to himself. Instead, he's suddenly finding himself leaning much farther back against the table as the dolphineer takes her shot with a much-surprised look on his face. "Woah! You're supposed to stand before throwing!" he says, before rolling his eyes. "Oh sure you did. Next time, we'll do this standing, yes?" Kelthero then begins to laugh as he selects his dart. "Maybe I'll take your advice and stand behind you…" he teases, setting his drink down as he pushes back from the table. Turning to face the board, he takes aim and tosses the dart and fairs only a little better - it strikes just the very edge of the board.

"Does standing really make that much of a difference?" The dolphineer scowls a bit before sighing and hopping off the table. "Just when I'd gotten comfortable." Jeyinshi comes up behind the guard, standing a bit away as she watches over his shoulder. When the dart hits the board, she chuckles softly. "I'm sure you meant to do that as well. But really, a guard and a dolphineer. We give off an image of being rather good at this….I guess reality doesn't always live up to expectations." Jey takes another sip from her glass, taking an ice cube and chewing on it as she picks up another dart.

"It does make a difference, unless you really /are/ aiming for me." Kelthero replies back, smirking. "Guess I should have mentioned it's played standing." The guard pauses a moment. "I think." He adds in a slightly lower tone, almost muttering it. Stepping back to reach for his drink, he motions with his free hand for Jeyinshi to go ahead for her turn, a grinning crookedly. "Well, at least I /hit/ the board, right?" he teases. "And what's wrong with a guard or a dolphineer playing darts? Not like we're trying to do something too crazy." He laughs then, raising his glass up to finish the last bit of his drink.

Jeyinshi grins, perhaps a bit evilly, "Maybe I am." She steps around the guard and takes aim at the board again. The dolphineer breaks out into another smile as the dart manages to hit the plastic rim of the dartboard. "Guess you're right, standing does improve the aim. And I hit the board too this time." But obviously not by much. "There's nothing wrong with us playing darts. I just feel like we're suppsoed to be good at it." Jeyin chuckles softly before draining her own glass, "Crazy things? Now why would you think of such a thing? Done such stuff before?"

Kelthero gives a mock hurt look. "And what did I ever do to you to become a target?" he asks, before grinning broadly himself. As Jeyinshi takes her next shot, he snorts in amusement as she strikes the edge of the board now as well. "Well, it looks like we're not cut out to be champions at darts, despite your hopes. Not tonight, anyways." The guard then reaches for the final two darts, passing one to the dolphineer as he moves into position. A quick aim and toss and the dart lands just on the inner edge of the last band. At least it's not the edge again. Kelthero then feigns an innocent look. "Oh, nothing crazy at all." He says while failing to be the least bit convincing. "Just an idle comment." Sure, sure it was.

Jeyinshi smiles sweetly at the look, "I'll let that little mystery eat away at you for a while." She takes the offered dart, watching as his flies through the air. When it manages to hit somewhere /inside/ the board, the dolphineer claps lightly, though the smirk really never leaves her face. "Maybe it can be a goal for the future. Perhaps we were meant for the greatness only reserved for dart champions." The dolphineer snickers at her own comments before throwing her last shot…and hitting just past the rim, a bit above her last dart. "I don't believe that for a second. I'll drag the stories out of you one day, for now though, I need to head out. The drinks are gone, game's over, and so is my relaxation time." Jeyinshi sighs before waving at Kelthero, "See you later Kelth." After a final smile, the dolphineer makes her way out of the caverns. Perhaps she would sleep in the dorms today instead of in a tent on the beach.

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