Bath Time

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

The day is early, but not ridiculously so; there are already a good few folk milling around on their daily business - including bathing in the hot springs. Just outside of the cavern lies a young brown dragon, fast asleep in a pool of early morning light, while his rider enjoys some quiet time in one of the pools. Rou'x has her long, wet hair piled up atop her head to keep it from getting in the way as she lies back, eyes half-closed, simply relaxing.

Whatever luck Ze'an had been having the last few days has simply abandoned him. Yet again the rider is covered in oil, probably a result of Orykoth getting into the oil again. The rider looks slightly frustrated as he pulls off his shirt. "One of these days, I'm going to secure the oil better…"

The voice makes Rou'x open an eye, and when she sees Ze'an she can't help but laugh. "Dear Faranth," she snorts in amusement, sitting up and shaking her head at Ze'an. "Will we ever meet when you're /not/ covered in something?" Still with a big, friendly grin, she pats the water beside her. "Y'coming in to scrub up, Ze'an?"

"Probably not," Ze'an admits with a grumble, "If I'm not covered up in clay or glue, it's usually oil. Why can't it be something like feathers, or soap? Soap is clean!" There's a frustrated sigh as he slips into the water. "Yeah, gonna take forever to wash my clothes.

"And that's why there's women who'll wash them for you," Rou'x grins, flicking a little splash of water over at the bluerider. "How come you end up so mucky, anyway? I've never known it of /anyone/ to end up so covered in so much crap so much of the time." She scoops up a double handful of soapsand and holds it out for him. "D'you want me to get your back or anything? 'salways hard scrubbing there, 'specially if you're all oily."

"True, but I wouldn't wish my misfortunes on anyone else. If I went to have someone wash my clothes for me everytime this happened, they'd be rich." Ze'an grabs some soapsand and starts working at his hair. "Well, easiest way to explain it is that Orykoth is always into everything. And when I try to help him out, I usually make it worse because I'm clumsy and have rotten luck. If it can happen, it happens to me."

Rou'x takes some of the soapsand for herself, and starts scrubbing at her upper arms. "Indy's kinda into everything, but he's not gone so far as to cause any trouble yet - nothing's been spilt, anyway, and I'm still not covered in oil nor nothing." Her scrubbing transfers to the other arm, then she cocks her head at Ze'an. "What d'you do, to be around all that sorta stuff so often?"

Ze'an rubs at his face for a moment before he replies. "Orykoth and I leave destruction in our wake. If I'm not breaking things, he's getting into stuff he shouldn't" Ze'an chuckles quietly, "I wouldn't have it any other way, it'd be boring." Ze'an shrugs his shoulders. "I work with pottery, I'm also a glassblower. You'd think with how clumsy I am it'd be impossible, but when I'm working…I'm so much better, I've yet to break something when I'm working."

"A glassblower? That's pretty awesome." Rou'x continues scrubbing at herself, though she's paying a lot more attention to Ze'an than to what she's doing with her soapsand. "I couldn't do something like that, I reckon I'd be too heavy-handed. I'm good with my hands mind, don't get me wrong, but all that delicate stuff? Pah. I'd break it soon's I look at it, y'know?" She shakes her head, then offers the bluerider more soapsand. "I was a handygirl-type thing before I came over. Did just about anything asked of me, really."

Ze'an grins happily and nods in agreement, "Yeah! I make tinted vases and the like. I make plates and stuff like that, I really enjoy it. If I can manage to show you some of it before I break it, you're welcome to loom." Ze'an frowns thoughtfully, "I've always done this, I was a mess at the hall, they booted me out as soon as they could, and I came here." He pauses to rinse himself off, "What sort of handygirl? Fixing stuff?"

"Yeah, I'd like to see some of your stuff, for sure. Indy'll prob'ly like to look, too; I reckon he's sorta keen on things like that. He keeps showing me things like, from my childhood or something - y'know, like a mug I used to have when I was really small?" Rou'x expression suggests she doesn't quite get it, but she's not questioning it. "But sure, I'd like t'see." She sinks down until just her chin's above the water, looking out of the corner of her eye at Ze'an. "I usedta fix stuff, yup. I've got a good eye for how things sorta work, y'know? For how they might just fix back together, or whatever. Or I helped hang shelves, cart stuff about, whatever was needed. Going after the tunnelsna—" There's a draconic rumble of concern from outside, and Rou'x sits up, looking towards the entrance that's suddenly blocked by a worried brown bulk. "Faranth, Indianath, y'can't just freak out when I mention them! It's alright, there's none here… calm down!"

The bluerider is thoughtful for a moment, "If he likes that sorta stuff, I could make something for him and you." Ze'an shrugs at the thought. "Orykoth is just curious about everything, he always has a thousand questions, and most of the time he's only satisfied if he finds out for himself." Ze'an's eyes flicker to the brown at the disturbance. "He doesn't like tunnelsnakes?"

Rou'x's finally got her lifemate to lie back down, so he's no longer blocking the entrance. "Nu-uh, he doesn't like them one /bit/. We saw one one day, and he flipped out just like he did then, y'know? She turns to look at the entrance, where the tip of his tan muzzle can be seen. "Reckons they're too slithery and slimy, even though they're not. Don't matter he's a billion times bigger'n they are." The weyrling rolls her eyes, then settles her attention firmly back on Ze'an. "D'you really think you could make us something? I've got nothing to give you in return, though! I'm running outta marks and I've not a trained anything - unless I can come help you out, somehow? Lend you my hands for a day, or summat?"

Ze'an eyes the dragon with a hint of amusement, "They all have their odd quirks, but that is what makes them endearing." Ze'an rubs the oil off of his arms with a grin. "That'd be helpful, I'm sure you wouldn't break them nearly as much as I do when I attempt to make deliveries."

"We gotta deal then, yeah? Though maybe we'll hafta wait a while before I can help with deliveries, but I'm sure I could help you pack and stuff, so's nothing'll break." Rou'x grins, then makes a little spinny motion with her finger at Ze'an. "D'you wanna turn around so's I get the oil on your back for you? And then that'll be our first little barter, yeah? I've never had something what's not clothes made just for me before - what d'you think you'll make?"

"Good enough for me, it'd be very helpful. Maybe I'll actually be able to go a day without something breaking, that'd be great." The bluerider is certainly excited about the prospect. But as she makes a twirl with her finger there's a hint of uncertainty. "I…guess, sure, thanks." He purses his lips thoughtfully, "Stained glass vase, I'm thinking. So that when the light hits it, it sheds colored light on the walls.

"Oh wow, that'd be well pretty." Rou'x seems genuinely excited as she starts rubbing two palmfuls of soapsand over Ze'an's back. She's not exactly soft as she goes about it, but she is thorough - even if she sticks only to those bits that are 'decent' to touch. There's no wandering hands! "How d'you make glass stuff, anyways? I've never seen anyone making it before… it just sorta, y'know, /is/. I can't even begin to figure out how you'd get it to be like that."

"Believe it or not, but you use sand for glass, heat it up and blow into it. And then you add dyes as you do it so that it comes out colored. Blowing the glass is the hard part. If you don't do it right, it comes out all misshapen." Ze'an is rather still as she washes his back. "It's not too hard."

Rou'x frowns - though of course, it's behind Ze'an's back so he's not likely to see it. He'll probably hear the way it affects her tone though, colouring it with confusion and disbelief. "You make glass from /sand/? What, like, a handful off of the beach, or summat? Don't seem possible to me, I dunno how you'd do that." Now her nose is wrinkled, and she gives the bluerider a pat on his shoulder to signal that she's done before sliding along the side of the pool a little. "It's really not too hard to do?"

"Well, it's special sand, the stuff on the beach is poor quality. You use that stuff and the glass will be brittle and unusable. It needs to be really fine with no big pieces." Ze'an explains with a wave of his hand. He attempts to look at his back when it's finished but just frowns at the effort. "Well, it's dangerous work, you have to make sure you don't burn yourself."

"D'you think I could come watch you, sometime? When Indy's a bit bigger, of course. I reckon he might get a bit worried if he thinks I might be doing something dangerous, 'specially if he can't see me when I'm doing it." Rou'x holds her hands up, frowning at her wrinkled fingers. "Hey, you getting out any time soon? I'm starting to prune up here, and I've still gotta go watch Indianath was down on the beach. D'you wanna come with?"

"Sure, you can come watch sometime when you're not a weyrling. I wouldn't trust myself at the moment." Ze'an gives himself a quick look over and nods. "Sure, now that I'm not covered in oil. I'll come with you. Maybe this time I'll stay clean for a while."

Rou'x hauls herself out of the water, quickly picking up the nearest handy towel to wrap it around her bare figure. "Hey, we'll be next to the water, yeah? If you get dirty, you can just jump right on in and fix y'self up again, real quick. Though I gotta say, seawater's pretty shitty for bathing in, right? You get all /salty/ and stuff. Bleurgh." After a quick pat down, she steps into her shorts, then fiddles with the rest of her clothing until she's dressed appropriately for the beach. "Didja say Orykoth's real dirty, too? Can he scrub himself off?"

Ze'an pulls himself out of the water and grabs at a towel to dry himself off. "True, and we are walking…worst that could happen is I'll trip and fall into some mud…" There's a soft sigh as he grabs at a change of clothes. "Ory escaped the worst of it this time, we just oiled him with the excess."

Rou'x grins at Ze'an, "C'mon, now, you don't /have/ to fall over. I betcha if you think you're not gonna fall, you won't - it's when you start getting certain that you will that your mind /makes/ you fall, yeah?" She slips her feet into a pair of sandals, then waits for the bluerider to finish dressing before leading the way out into the light. "I'm just gonna let Indy bathe on his own." Her hand reaches out to stroke the dragon's muzzle as she passes him by, and the brown falls into step alongside her. "I can't believe how damned big he is already, y'know? It's like he's a mushroom, or something. Just sorta blooming up, real fast like."

Ze'an doesn't take long to dress, and soon he's falling into step with the weyrling. "I tried that, doesn't work. I've tried everything I can think of." The bluerider seems to be watching the ground more than watching where he's going. "Dragons grow quickly at first, but he'll slow pretty soon. It's just when they are young that they grow so fast."

"There's already so much of him, I wish I could just dunk a vat of oil over his head or something. It'd be a whole lot quicker, yeah?" Indianath rumbles in approval of this, lumbering along beside them on the way to the beach. Rou’x looks up at him proudly. "He's bigger'n his brown clutchmates, that's for sure, and he's nearly as big as Cimarroth, too. D'you reckon that means he's gonna keep staying this sorta size, up until he's full-grown? 'cos that's gonna be a whooole lotta dragon to care for…"

"Probably means he's gonna be a big boy someday. Orykoth's small for a blue, that's fine with me." Ze'an glances at the brown cutiously. "I don't think he's full grown yet, he just hatched. Give him a couple more months and he'll probably stop.

"Oh, yeah, I meant d'you think he'll keep on staying the same sorta size in comparison to his clutchmates - like in line with Cvilidreth and Shanweith and that." Rou'x blushes a little for the confusion, then turns her honey-coloured gaze onto Ze'an. "I wouldn't mind if he was a smaller brown. I don't mind that he's so big now, either - I couldn't care. I love him no matter what he is, even if he freaks out over slithery things." There's a rippling twitch along Indy's flank as they share a thought that he doesn't like. Roux reaches out to stroke his hide, holding her hand to it as they walk to feel the muscle move beneath. "It's pretty awesome, isn't it? I still can't get over how… how /complete/ it makes me feel, having him with me."

Ze'an's eyes go distant over the unfamiliar names, trying to place them with dragons. "I…guess?" Ze'an offers with a shrug of his shoulders. "There's so many people here I don't know now, all the dragons are unfamiliar. So much has changed since I left…" He frowns thoughtfully at his feet, "Of course you love him. He's your other half, it'd be impossible not to love him. No matter what trouble Ory gets into, I can't stay mad at him, I love him too much."

"I'll bet it's hard to even /try/ and remember everyone, 'specially with all us new 'uns to figure into it all. Where'd you go to, anyway? If you don't mind me asking, o'course. You don't have to answer if it's something private, or whatever." Rou'x treads carefully down the path, purposely watching the way in front of them for obstacles that could trip up her unlucky companion. "Watch out for that'un there, Ze!" There's a bit of a bump, caused by a root or something similar below the ground, no doubt, and she purposely slows down in the hopes it'll help him to not trip up.

"It is almost impossible to try and remember everyone. But I'm sure you kinda understand, most of my friends aren't even around anymore. It's kinda sad, really." He shrugs his shoulders absently. "Just…well, it's not important. I was kinda in my weyr, but not really." A hand rubs absently at the back of his head. He pauses as the roots are pointed out. "Oh, thanks. I can be absent-minded. You don't need to watch out for me, y'know? I'm used to tripping over myself." But he'll step carefully over the root. "It's not that it's private just…you might not think kindly of me if I got into it."

"Y'make it sound kinda ominous, Ze, which makes me wanna know all the more, but if you don't wanna say that's ok, yeah?" Rou'x reaches over to pat his forearm reassuringly. "An' don't worry about me looking out for you nor nothing - I'd just rather you keep y'feet, so's we don't maybe fall down together, y'know? That happened to me before, once, a friend o'mine decided she was gonna trip up over something, she grabbed my arm and BOOMF. We'd both fallen. Only I gotta sprained wrist outta it and she was ok."

"I adopted a kid a couple turns ago, he died. It was my fault, my bad luck killed him." Ze'an shrugs his shoulders indifferently, "Figured Tora and I could raise him, but…well, we haven't been together in a while. I haven't even seen her in forever. Not sure what we are anymore." His eyes flicker towards Rou'x curiously, "I'm pretty good at not dragging people down with me when I trip over something."

Rou'x offers a sympathethic pout to Ze'an, her brows dipped low over her honey-hued eyes. "Aw, shards, that's pretty awful. I'm so sorry. And Tora was your weyrmate, at the time?" The buxom brunette frowns thoughtfully, her fingers curling just slightly where they're pressed against Indianath's hide. He's got just a low rumble in response to his rider's feelings, turning his head towards her with brightly whirling eyes. "Nearly at the lagoon, Indy, y'can swim soon enough." She cocks her head at Ze'an, hoping for a subject change: "Can you swim, Ze? I'm not so great at it."

Ze'an shrugs, "It was a stupid idea, me having a kid. But at the time it seemed like a good idea. He didn't have any parents, and I thought it'd help me not be so clumsy. I got over it, there's really nothing I could have done to stop it from happening." Ze'an says as he rubs at the back of his head, "Yeah, Tora and I were weyrmates, she and I were really close friends. I kinda miss her but, I'm not going to stand around waiting and wallowing in the past. It's time to move on, that's what I decided." He turns to look up and glance towards the lagoon, "That we are, I can swim alright, I'm not the strongest swimmer but I'm not gonna drown or anything so long as we don't get in too deep."

Giving Ze'an a playful nudge with her elbow, Rou'x clicks her tongue in her cheek and grins at him. "That'sa spirit! You just gotta push the past behind you, and get on with what's coming to you in the future - cos y'never know what that's gonna be, right? If y'don't move on, you end up standing still, and then you're no better'n a rock or something." Indianath breaks into an awkward trot when they hit the beach, bounding down into the waves and paddling out a little way. "I do a bit of paddling about alright, but proper swimming's not my thing. I only go s'far as I can touch the bottom, really… but I dunno how much I fancy swimming now. I'm still pruned up!"

Ze'an chuckles quietly and offers a playful shove back to Rou'x, "Well, it's not like I'm trying to be a downer. You asked, I'm telling you what happened. It's not like it's a secret, everyone who was around back then knows about it. I just don't like talking about it, is all." Ze'an glances up to the sky, "Don't think I'll be having any other kids though. That's just trouble waiting to happen." He watches the brown charge for the waves and can't help but grin in amusement. "We could just sit on the shoreline, at least then it wouldn't be so much effort and we'd still be in the water."

"That sounds pretty perfect to me, Ze." Rou'x plods through the sand after her lifemate, then waits for her blueriding companion to pick a spot for them to sit in. "You're in Seamount, right? What's it that you do? I'm still too sorta new to the whole Weyr deal to know /exactly/ what wings do, other than knowing they do /something/."

"I figured it was a good idea, that way there's not much swimming, we don't turn into prunes, and we're still in the water." Ze'an flashes a warm smile as he follows the brownrider to the water and he lowers himself carefully to the ground. "Yup, seamount, we do a little bit of everything. We rotate our duties, so it's different every day. Patrol, search and rescue, that sorta thing." He shrugs his shoulders as he prods at his legs. "Really only the gold wing and the weyrling have specific duties."

"I reckon Indy and I might be good at helping with mapping, or something, exploring the bits no-one knows yet, stuff like that. He's desperate to get to Landing, t'see if we can't dig up some of them artee-fack things I got told about once. I reckon that could be fun, though, digging about like that, but I dunno where that'd make us fit in around here." Rou'x shrugs her shoulders apathetically. "But s'alright, y'know? We'll find our place. We've got plenty of time, anyway, so I dunno why I'm even thinkin' about it now!"

"Trust me, Rou'x, if I fit here, you'll fit here. Probably better than I do. I'm awkward and clumsy. I'm more likely to break stuff than contribute to something." Ze'an chuckles as he leans backwards and props himself up on his hands. "I've been to landing a couple of times it's…amazing. I dunno if you'll find anything there that someone hasn't found before, but it's definitely worth going to see." His eyes flicker to the brown, "Everyone has their place. I'm still trying to find mine, but I'm sure I'll find it sooner or later."

Splashing her toes in the water, Rou'x's thoughtfully quiet for a few moments while she watches Indianath duck and dive in the water. "Yeah, everyone's gotta place somewhere." She leans foward, resting her elbows on her knees and dropping her chin down into one of her hands. "I knew I wanted to stay here at Western, even if I didn't Impress. With Indy I don't have a choice for a long while anyway, but I don't know if I'd ever want to even look for a place somewhere else. Western already feels like home - more home than Ista Weyr was, or even than my /real/ home is. Did you feel like that, when you Impressed?"

"I never really thought I fit in anywhere, honestly. No one wanted me around, and it was hard to find a place that would deal with me." Ze'an frowns at his legs, "But when I moved here, it kinda felt like home for the first time since I was back home. I don't really miss my family, as much as I loved my younger siblings." He smiles fondly at some memory or another. "But yeah, I felt like that. I feel like I can always return here, no matter how bad things get, that there's a place for me."

Rou'x leans across to bump her shoulder against the bluerider's. "Hey, I don't think you're so bad. Y'seem pretty alright, from what we've seen of each other, y'know? I reckon we'd get along swimmingly, given the chance to. And think about it - you've not tripped nor done nothing clumsy-like while I've been around now, have you? Mebbe could be that I'm a lucky charm for you, or something like that. What d'you think to that?"

"I'm better with Orykoth watching after me, usually he's there to make sure I don't fall or trip over something." Ze'an laughs quietly and shrugs, "Stick with me long enough, and it's a matter of time before I'm falling over myself. But I think so too, our dragons seem rather similar and I know Orykoth's just burning to ask Indianath a million questions. The only reason he hasn't, because I've been telling him not to bother any of the weyrlings." He grins at the thought.

Rou'x laughs, looking out at Indy. "I don't know if he's much the type to be patient enough to answer a /million/ questions, but Orykoth's free to ask him any time, s'long's we're not concentrating on lessons and stuff. Times like now though're really good! It might keep him awake - he's been awful at falling asleep lately. Like, falling asleep /everywhere/, /all/ the time… not so much awful in that he /won't/ sleep." Settling her hands onto the sand, Rou'x find a shell, holding it up to look at its smooth side under the light. "D'you think if dragons're alike, their riders'll be alike, too?"

"Well, if he gets impatient, just let me know, and I can get Orykoth to leave him alone. But I'll make sure he's not being overly personal. He doesn't exactly have any idea of personal space or personal belongings…" Ze'an shakes his head, "I have to constantly remind him that he can't just put his nose into people's stuff." He looks over towards the weyrling, "I dunno, it depends on the person and the dragon. Some dragons are like their riders, and some are completely different. Orykoth and I are rather similar, but not exactly similar."

"Yeah, Indianath and I aren't completely the same, but we've got a lotta things in common that I never even knew until I met him." Rou'x discards the shell, leaning back on her hands, too. Indianath then comes up out of the water, tiny droplets sparkling as they fall from him and catch the sun on their way grounds-ward. "Y'done, Indy?" The brown dragon shakes himself off as his response, sending a shower of water in all directions - which has Rou'x chiding him. "Aaaw, c'mon, now! We've just got dry!" An apologetic look is turned to Ze'an. "He didn't get you too much, did he?"

"In one way or another, a dragon completes his rider. I don't really think I can imagine life without him. It'd be too boring, he makes my life exciting. Every day there's something new to look forward to, even if it is a bit frustrating sometimes." Ze'an grins widely. He's about to continue when the dragon gets out of the water and shakes himself off. Of course, Ze'an's lucky enough to get rather drenched. "Aw man…so much for dry clothes." He sighs quietly, "No, it's okay, should've known it wouldn't last too long."

Indianath lowers his head to wuffle warm breath over Ze'an in apology, while Rou'x leans gently against the rider's side. "I'm sorry. He shouldn't've done that. Though I guess it's warm enough out that we'll dry off soon enough, right?" She bumps against him playfully before sitting back up straight and looking at her lifemate with an expression that suggests there's some internal communication happening. "He says he's sorry, Ze, and he'll try not to do it again."

Ze'an looks over towards the brown and offers a smile, "Aw, it's okay, really, it's just water. It'll dry, no worries!" He shakes his head quickly, "Really, it's fine, it's not like it's cold or sticky, or gooey, or hard to get off. It's just water." He sticks out his tongue at the both of them playfully. "It's really okay, it doesn't bother me. It's probably the better of stuff that could've happened to me."

Laughing, Rou'x bumps right back against Ze'an, only a little rougher this time. She accompanies the action with a wink, and a cheery click of her tongue. Indianath wuffles a bit more, then spreads out his wings to let them dry. That casts a shadow over the two humans beside him. "You're so cute, with all your 'it's okay'ing! Indy, a little sun for Ze'an, please? He's gotta dry off after you soaked him, yeah?" The brown obliges, and Rou'x squints once more when they're exposed to the sunlight. "It's warm enough that we'll all get dry quick, which is kinda good. We've gotta lesson not too long from now, wouldn't do to turn up with Indianath all wet!"

Ze'an rubs at the back of his head uncomfortably, "I'm a lot older than you as well, you're what, at least a good ten turns younger than me?" Ze'an points out with a wiggle of his fingers. "I feel so sharding old." There's a loud sigh and he flicks his hand in the air, "It's fine. I'm probably gonna go to work after you guys go to the barracks, I'll dry soon enough with the heat of the weyr." He purses his lips thoughtfully, "What lesson are you guys doing now anyway? I lose track."

"I dunno, Ze, how old're you? I turned 22 just before Indianath Hatched, and y'can't be /that/ old. You don't look it so much, anyway." Rou'x shrugs her shoulders, one eye squinted almost shut as she looks over to him. "I reckon no-one's got the right to feel 'so shardin' old' unless they've at least got at /least/ 50 turns under their belt. And you've not got that, I'll wager… but if you /do/," and now she leans towards him, looking earnest as she drops her voice conspiratorially low, "then I wanna share your secret, yeah?" Grinning and winking once more, she then laughs. "We're doing straps. More straps! Always straps."

"You're 22? Oh, then I don't feel that old, I'm only six turns older, give or take. But I'm still quite a bit older than you." Ze'an flicks some hair out of his eyes in frustration. "My secret? What secret is this that we're talking about now?" He arches a brow as she leans forward. "I don't really have any secrets? Oh, straps, I hated straps. They were so sharding confounding. It took me /forever/ to get the hang of doing the sharding things. I hated them, so much."

Rou'x groans in agreement. "Straps're really hard, yeah. Though I've gotta admit I love the smell of the leather and that; it kinda reminds me of Indy, a bit. He's got that sorta leathery smell to him, like well-worn straps or a jacket that you've had /forever/, y'know? All worn-in and weathered and comfy-smelling." And speaking of, she gazes up at her lifemate with that far-away look in her eyes. "Bugger. They're calling for us, apparently we're a bit late. Dunno how, though… but we're gonna have to run, Ze." She stands up, dusting sand off her voluminous butt and thighs. Then she offers a hand down to the bluerider, to help him to his feet if he wants it.

"Orykoth's mind reminds me of a hot fire in a kiln, yellows and reds. It always warms me up when I'm feeling down, it's like being near the hearth on a rainy day and having the warmth just seep deep into your bones." Ze'an closes his eyes at the thought, "I can't help but feel wonderful when he's speaking to me. He doesn't really have a smell, not really." He rubs at the back of his head, "Oh, alright, no problem. Thanks for keeping me company, Rou'x I really appreciated it. It's nice to be back and out again and making friends." He grabs the hand and helps himself to his feet, "I'll see you around?"

"'Course you'll see me around! You're kinda cool to hang out with. Real easy-going like, y'know? We should do it again, sometime." Rou'x grins, reaching over to stroke her hand across Indianath's hide. "His mind doesn't smell like that, by the way. It's his /hide/. His head's all, like, exotic-y. Flowers, and stuff, like wet jungle maybe, but also kinda like dry dusty hides and stuff. I like it… it sorta reminds me of Ista's forests. And it reminds me we'll go explore 'em, when he's big enough to." Now her grin is turned to Ze'an, and it grows a little, flashing some of her teeth. "Alrighty then, Ze. Catch ya later! Take care!" With Indy leading the way, the weyrling pair set off at a trot to the lesson they're already running late for.

Ze'an attempts to dust the sand that apparently decided to cling to his clothes since they were drenched by the silly brown. "Alright, cool, that'd be great. It'd give me a chance to get out and get social again. Faranth knows I need to get out of my sharding weyr." He rubs at the back of his head, "Oh, his hide? I thought you were saying that his mind smelled like leather, I know some dragons kind have a smell to their mind, it's kinda wierd, really." He laughs loudly, "Alrighty, you two have fun, I'm gonna head home and try and get some work done."

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