Meeting Some Family

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Kyldar comes in, with a couple stains of dragon oil on her clothes, just as the lunch rush is staring to pick up, accompanied by her mate V'ine and her granddad T'burk. She makes a pass by the serving table, loading up a plate with fish, veggies, fruit, a couple pieces of bread, salad, and a little dollop of beans. Hungry, are we? To accompany this she grabs a big mug of juice. In addition to being hungry, she appears immensely happy, with a big smile playing on her face as she talks with her companions. "So," she says to T'burk. "You're going to be a /great/-granddaddy." Ah, so that's it. "What do you think of that?"

V'ine alsohas a broad smile on his face as he fills his plate full of sandwiches and gets a mug and swiftly fills it with redfruit juice. He finds a table with enough room for both his mate and his close friend. "I think he realises that already Kyldar. What we have to realise is we are going to be parents. That is a big change."

T'burk grins. "When I first came to this Weyr I never would have thought of it. But I think it's great! I'm so happy for you and V'ine. I can't think of a better couple." For his lunch he chooses some fish and steamed vegetables but nothing much more. Water to drink. He looks over at V'ine. Softly he says to him, "If you need any help…or just need to escape for a while, come over to my place."

Kiley is settled in the caverns and looks to have been for quite some time now, even with the fact that the lunch rush is just beginning to start. Her plate is already cleared while she sits speaking with someone and appears to be taking notes as they speak. Though this person is called away and the computer crafter gives a cheerful smile and a nod of farewell before they take off. It is this that brings her attention to the entering trio with a curious uplift of her brows, especially for the woman's words. It takes a moment for recognition to hit and the computer crafter is looking at Kyldar just a moment longer before flustering and quickly glancing back to her journal. The journal is shifted to some pages further in and she begins to scribble away at that, avoiding staring but unable to help peeking up now and then.

Kyldar settles herself into a seat and gestures for her companions to join her. "Yes," she says to V'ine, "I know. A big change, and a big responsibility. I think I'm ready for it, though. In fact, it's probably high time that I gave my parents some grandchildren." She promtly proceeds to stuff her face with fish and veggies, and chases with a swig of juice. "Thanks, Granddad," she says after swallowing. "You've always been so good to your family, and everyone else for that matter." A wave is given toward Kiley. "Hey there," she greets cheerily.

T'burk sits down with his plate across from Kyldar and V'ine so he can chat more easily as they lunch together. "So I take it you haven't had a chance to tell K'urk and Moyrel yet?"

V'ine shakes his head. "No. I just found out today that she actually is carrying our child. I was just wishing for the best before hand. Though I guess we do need to tell them." V'ine noticed Kyldar waving to someone. "Someone you know?"

Kiley smiles at Kyldar as she waves towards her, lifting a hand in greeting towards the woman. "Hey." It is extended to those she is with with another smile coming forth. She doesn't take liberties and move from her own seat to join the others an intrude, instead, remaining where she sits and occasionally scrawling a few notes in her journal.

Kyldar gives V'ine a smooch on the cheek. "Actually I just met her a couple days ago. She's a computercrafter from, erm, Xanadu was it?" To T'burk: "Well, I'm pretty sure Sinasapelth will have informed Daoth by now, and Daoth can certainly pass the message. I don't know if Ma knows yet." Finally to Kiley: "Hey, come on over and join us." She beckons for Kiley to come over. "Meet my fabulous mate V'ine," she adds, gesturing toward V'ine, "and my granddad T'burk, about whom you've probably heard much. V'ine, Granddad, this is Kiley. She's doing some research for an intriguing project, she tells me."

V'ine smiles at Kyldar before waving to the other woman. "Nice to meet you. My name is v'ine. I guess you've met my mate Kyldar. So computer craft. Sounds interesting, all the things you guys make and repair are all quite interesting to me."

T'burk stands and gives a bow to Kiley. "Well met, Kiley! Please tell us about your project. I'd like to hear about it."

Kiley nods to Kyldar, "yes. Xanadu." The woman smiles brightly and then shifts from her seat, gathering her journal as she does so for the invitation and settling down at the table with the three riders. "Well met, V'ine." Her head inclines to the man as well as towards T'burk, smiling brightly. "Hello, sir." Her attention is easily drawn towards V'ine and she nods. "They are interesting and complicated things, and I love the work I do with them." Her attention is drawn back to T'burk and the woman flusters a light shade of pink for the bow the man gives and she nods once. "It is a pleasure, sir. I am working on a computer that is voice activated and responds verbally. You just give all the commands by speaking and you won't have to touch it aside from turning it on.. At least, that is the goal of the project."

Kyldar munches down some fish and fruit and bread, and again gulps down a quick swig of juice. "It'll probably be a lot easier for a lot of people. I find computers to be generally frustrating, myself."

V'ine gives Kyldar a gentle pat. "That's what I'm for. I've never really had a issue with them though it being voice controled would be interesting." he took a bite out of his roasted herdbeast sandwich. "Want a bite Kyldar?" he takes another before taking a swing of juice.

T'burk says "Isn't that something that the AIVAS machine did?"

"That is what I'm hoping to do, make it easier for everyone to use, especially those who have a harder time remembering what they need to type. Then they'd just need to state what they want to happen. I'll have to work it all out, of course.. But that is the general goal." Kiley grins brightly and nods to V'ine. "There would still be the possibility of typing on it, still. That way those who don't feel comfortable talking can just type." There's a soft chuckle and she looks to T'burk, "AIVAS was an artificial intelligence in which it could respond on its own and make its own decisions. That's what the stories say, at least. And then it shut down a long time ago.. So, there's no proof of it other than stories. To be able to recreate that would be something entirely different. Maybe one day, that would be amazing." The woman sighs, partially lost in her own thoughts as a dreamy smile comes to her lips.

T'burk says "I have a question. What if you are in a room full of people who you do not want to know what you are doing on your computer? Do you still have the option of using the keyboard? Can you switch back and forth?"

Kyldar nods. "Like I was saying to Kiley the other day, we've salvaged most of the old AIVAS database back at the Crafthall, and I'm sure Computercraft has done similarly. There's an uplink but of course without AIVAS itself it's pretty useless." To V'ine, "Oh, okay, thanks," she says, and takes a bite out of the sandwich.

V'ine smiles at Kyldar before going back to eating his sandwich. Quite interested in hearing the talk about AIVAS. "So AIVAS ever mention the fact that dragon's can move things with there minds? I had Rauxith do it and since then I've only been able to teach a few others."

Kiley gives T'burk a curious look before nodding, "yes. Of course. I was stating that the idea was to allow people to chose which they would like and whatever they feel most comfortable with. This wouldn't be in an area that people frequent constantly, I imagine. Depending on where the Weyrs would like to place them, but.. That isn't entirely up to me." She smiles brightly before nodding along with what Kyldar says, agreeing to each word before looking to V'ine. "I'm not sure. AIVAS shut down and no one is allowed in the main room… That information would have to be looked up, I imagine.. But I never really dabbled in that with my research being on computers."

Kyldar listens to Kiley's pitch and nods. "I think speech recognition would be useful. Well, it would certainly be useful to me. As nimble as I am with with my fingers on a harp or a gitar or a piano, the same fingers are lost on a computer keyboard." She give T'burk a quick hug, and V'ine a hug and a smooch, and stands up. "Anyway, I think I'm going to go up and see if I can negotiate the terms for a few months of maternity leave, though I won't be needing it for a while yet. You all have a good day."

T'burk goes back to eating while the young folk chat.

V'ine gives Kyldar a kiss before nodding his head. "I should get some sleep. Been up all day and some of last night." he gives a wave to T'burk and a nod to Kiley. "good luck on that computer thing."

Kyldar has some leftovers packages up and then with that heads out. Exit stage rear.

Kiley grins to Kyldar and nods, "understandable. Take care, ma'am." There's a wave of farewell that is extended towards V'ine as well. "Sleep well, sir. Thank you." A bright smile accompanies that and then she watches him leave. There's silence as she considers T'burk, saying nothing and lingering in that silence.

T'burk eats quickly, apparently enjoying the meal. It is healthy, tasty, filling without being a great quantity. After he is down to the last two bites hepauses to get a drink of water. "What else do you like to do, Kiley?"

Kiley drops her attention to her journal, idly playing with the cover of it, fingernails gingerly scratching along the surface. "Huh? Oh." The woman chuckles softly, "not much else, really. Most of my time is consumed by computers or programs or.. Thinking about more computers or programs. And if it isn't that, there's other computer things that I think about. I really don't do too much else. Occasionally I stop thinking about computers, but I'm doing some other sort of work." Her smile grows wider, "sometimes it is about the Yokohama or AIVAS, which I would have loved to have met."

T'burk says "Have you ever been up to the yokohama?"

Kiley nods, "yeah. When I was a candidate at Xanadu they took us up for two days." The woman grins, "I would love to go again or to be posted there one day. But, my project here is far more important than the work up there. At least, for now. The Craft Master gave me the okay to work on this project and it is something that I really want to get done." She furrows her brows in consideration, "but, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love the opportunity at some point in time, maybe after I finish all my projects and goals down here on Pern."

T'burk says "Well, maybe I can take you up some time. Or maybe have my son K'urk take you up. He's with the StarCraft fo he can tell you even more about it. K'urk is Kyldar's father."

Kiley smiles brightly, "that'd be wonderful, but I really shouldn't distract myself. I'll get lost there for days." There's a blissful sigh, "it is like one giant computer, which is amazing.. But I really shouldn't get distracted." This last bit is more towards herself than the man. She smiles brightly, "you've certainly got a big family just from the sounds of it." Her tilts in slight consideration, looking to the man and smiling. "Thank you for the offer though, it really does mean a lot to me."

T'burk thinks about the question of a larage family. "Yes, and a very good one at that. Didn't start out that way…things were rough when I was a boy…but they eventually got better."

Kiley nods in understanding to the man's words. "They certainly sound like a good family." She agrees easily, grinning before she's pushing to her feet. "Well, I should get back to interviewing a few more people today. It was a pleasure to meet you, sir." Her head inclines just so in means of a farewell before she makes her way from the living caverns.

T'burk rises to give her a bow as she departs. "The pleasure was mine," he says with a charming smile.

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