Western Weyr - West Tunnel

This tunnel leads to and from the storage caverns and the main tunnel leading into the Weyr from outside. The lighting is much the same as the main tunnel, but the tunnel is not near as wide.

Quiet. It could be the dead of night, for all the activity there is in this lonely tunnel, though out in the brightness of the day it's likely only mid-afternoon, and probably much brighter and warmer than here. Connecting the stores to the lower caverns, the passage curves off into sections of eerie darkness, with glowlight and electric here or there to guide the way. Cold stone walls are interrupted by the occasional spots of dampness, though those are few and far between. In a particular section, more shadowy and cobweb'd than the rest, a pad-padding of weyrbrat feet can be heard. Patori is small for his age, which might at first glance be placed around fifteen turns, though there's a sleekness to the angle of his jaw and the lines of his face which might suggest a somewhat older boy. His clothing is nothing special, a secondhand affair of drab and dingy colors, what might have been beige shirt and pants accompanied by a pair of shoes which are held together by sheer stubbornness, if nothing else. Tousled hair tops a slight frame, sleepy eyes peering at some crack or other in the wall, while something small and leggy.. scuttles.

Wandering , that is what brings Kiley into the tunnels. And she can rightly say that she has no idea how in the world she got into this tunnel, and from the look on her face? She's not panicked at all. Yet. Perhaps it is the sound of feet that causes the woman to tense, the sound of others wandering around making her look around before forcing herself to relax. A deep breath is drawn and there's a look around the tunnel, despite the fact that it is lit, her eyes narrow in an attempt to see better. "Hello?" It is a soft, helpless call. There's a soft squeak for a rustle of movement and she tense again. "Hello?" Another call, just as helpless and certainly containing more fright than the previous.

Crouching down in the shadowy section of tunnel, Patori scootscoots further along the wall, carefully following /something/ as it scurries withing long, narrow the crack, something dark and possibly fuzzy, with lots and lots of legs. One hand cups against the stone, in an attempt to send the thing scuttling the other way, so intent is the weyrbrat on this critter, that he totally misses someone approaching till she speaks. The boy starts, giving a tiny kind of squeak, which he quickly clamps his jaw on, green eyes wide for a second before straightening and taking a step back from the wall, towards the light. "I wasn't doing anything," is immediately stated once he spots the woman, but after a second there's a little, almost audiable 'whew' as he lets his breath out. Yup, just ignore those hands tucking behind his back, and the darting sideways glances at the crack in the wall. Nope, not doing anything at all, back here in the seldom-travelled tunnels. Eyebrows sneak together a moment later though, attention divided between keeping drack of the spinner or whatever creature it must be, and peeking at the Kiley, a slight bit of eyeing before he comments, oh so intelligently, "I'm not lost." Ookay.

Kiley blinks at the boy who appears before her, brows lifting at his statement. "Okay. That's.. Good?" She doesn't really say much beyond that, staring at him a bit longer and blinking her eyes once more. "Well, ah.." The woman tilts her head just so, considering Patori with an uplift of her brows. A shake of her head follows as she considers the tunnel and then the way she came with another frown coming forth. She sighs softly and then looks back towards him, "you may not be. But I am. Do you know the way back out? Or.. Somewhere?" A pleading, hopeful look is given. For any arriving, the two are settled in the less traveled tunnels of the Weyr that are lit up. They are a little farther a part than what one would consider a conversational distance.

Hands in pockets, laptop in case strapped over his chest, Nikolas appears on the scene from the direction of the lower caverns. He slows as he approaches Kiley and Patori, coming to a stop somewhere in between the distance separating them. He doesn't say anything right away, rather looking from one to the other. After a time, his brows lift and he clears his throat. "I'm afraid that social situations aren't exactly my forte, so I have to ask…is this…normal?" he asks, a show of puzzlement plain upon his face.

There's a second's confusion where Patori seems to think about what he just said, quick to add in a smaller voice, "Um.. I mean I am," a pause, gaze darting back toward the crack in the wall, "Uh." Darn, the scuttling, scurrying critter seems to have disappeared somewhere. It's probably lucky to escape whatever the weyrbrat had planned for it. Puffing out a breath, slim shoulders sink a bit, green eyes turning back to Kiley, a little sheepish for some reason. He just kind of hunches down a bit where he's standing, hands still tucked behind him, before reluctantly lifting one to indicate.. Nikolas, or rather, the direction the man is coming from, "Um, the lower caverns are that way," pausing to blink at the guy a moment. People! The tunnels must be busy today. There's a look up and down, and a glance at Kiley, before the boy mumbles, "Um, hi." Normal? He just looks confused again.

Kiley releases a very audible squeak as Nikolas arrives, cheeks flushing a dark shade almost instantly and she fidgets. "What? Normal?" She blinks and looks to the other computer crafter, "I don't believe so. I had gotten lost.." She explains softly, her attention shifting to Patori with another uplift of her brows. "Oh. That's not good." Both are lost, but it is when he points in the direction in which Nikolas came. She tenses suddenly, unable to move from where she stands. Her lips press into a thin line, looking between the boy and the man with a slight furrow of her brows and then murmuring a soft thanks even if she's not moving. Instead, attention shifts back towards Nikolas. "Ah.. How are you doing, Nik? Are you doing some more fixes?"

Nikolas blinks and stares a bit at Kiley as she makes strange sounds and changes color, as if she had just grown another head or some such. After a couple of very long seconds, the male computer crafter turns to regard Patori. "Hello." he says with a wide smile, hands extracted from his pockets to point at the two of them wrists crossed and then switching top to bottom. "If you two are talking why is there such a large gap between?" he asks, tilting his head ever so slightly off to one side. What? He's observant. At Kiley's question, Nikolas points down the hallway down back behind the woman and then slides his hands back into his pockets. "Records room, is right there. Working on converting some of the files there to digital. Just as a sample for a new program I'm working on."

Patori blinks as Kiley squeaks and changes color, his own brows sneaking up behind unruly bangs while green eyes dart from one computercrafter to the other. It's an uncertain, almost wary look he gives them, though in the end, he must have deemed the two harmless enough, as hunched shoulders are soon relaxing a little bit. "..Getting lost is pretty normal," he ventures quietly, hands tucked now into his pockets as he glances past them down the tunnels. He might shift a little awkwardly, shuffling juust a bit further back from the people, though Nikolas' question has him pausing and looking even more sheepish. "Um. I.. don't know?" a look over at Kiley, as if he hadn't really noticed, though the boy does peer past the guy, towards the records room, teeth catching his lower lip and nibbling at it idly, "What's a digital?"

Kiley is coloring more as Nikolas stares at her, fidgeting more frequently now as his gaze rests on her. This continues until he looks to Patori and she breathes a soft sigh of relief. Relief that is short lived as he questions the gap between them and she shifts her gaze to consider. "Well, I just came upon him not that long ago.. And, that is about it." The woman furrows her brows in consideration before her attention flickers to where he points behind her. There's a soft sound of surprise, "I didn't even realize that as I passed it." Lips press together into a line once more, the frown being set deeper into her brows before her attention flickers back towards Patori. "I'm still rather new here, I can imagine people get lost easily.." She breathes out a soft sigh, "Xanadu isn't like Western at all." Her arms fold across her chest as features begin to relax and she takes a deeper breath, though it is held as she considers the boy's final question. It never finishes the intake as it is prematurely released, but no answer comes except for a skeptical look sent in his direction.

Nikolas blinks once at Patori, "Really? I've never gotten lost down here, not even on my first day. I guess that makes me abnormal." he muses, with a bit of a chuckle. Yeah, he doesn't really care how weird that makes him apparently. The man watches as the boy goes awkward and moves further away, but other then a slight arch of a brow, there is no reaction to it. As Kiley is able to answer his question posed to them both better than Patori can, Nikolas nods to her, rewarding the response with a deep warm smile. "Oh? I suppose that makes sense, yes." A pause and he glances to Patori again, mostly at his remaining question. "Digital? It's information that can usually be found on a computer or electronically media. Also called a soft copy. While information on paper or hide is called a hard copy." This said, klah brown eyes fall upon Kiley once more, and again his brows lift upwards towards the line of his hair. "Of course it's different. Western isn't Xanadu. Are you sure you are all right, Kiley? You seem to be changing colors again."

Patori is not a people person, maybe less so than the geeks, given the way the lad is shifting back toward the wall, or maybe he's just idly looking for the critter he'd lost. Kiley's coloring does get a bit more of a look, one brow sneaking up a just little higher than the other. The name of a distant weyr peaks his interest though, an immediate, "Xanadu?" slipping out before he's glancing back and forth between the computercrafters, but if he's curious, he doesn't ask more than that. Nikolas, though, gets a bit of a stare. The weyrbrat makes no comment on whether or not the guy might be abnormal, slightly skeptical expression flickering briefly over an unguarded face. The answer about what digital is does have Pat tilting his head, and the boy 'ohs' softly before green eyes begin to glaze over slightly at the whole.. soft and hard copy thing. When Nikolas asks Kiley about her coloration, though, there miight be a very slight.. snicker. It's quickly covered by a hand coming up to cover his mouth and then- EEP. /There/ is the scurrying critter, tucked half-under his sleeve. Oops. Arm gets flung out before it manages to crawl up his nose, sending the poor thing flying off into the tunnel.

Kiley gives Nikolas a small look for his statement on not being lost, making no comment on that subject. Rather, she colors when he gives her that warm smile and she can't help but return it with a sheepish one of her own. "If we had started an actual conversation I believe it would be a different appearance for what it is now.." Is her soft reply, flustered visibly and unable to regain any sort of composure. When the other computer crafter goes on to explain about digital, she nods along cheerfully until the statement about the two Weyrs. Cheeks color a little darker, "of course it isn't. It is simply the fact that the Weyrs vary completely." His final askance has her fidgeting. "I am /fine/. I.. I am just.. Uhm." There's a wave of her hand as she lacks proper explanation for her current state of coloring. Though there's a loud squeal as there's something flung out of Patori's sleeve, instantly taking a step back and away from whatever it was.

Nikolas merely watches as Patori starts flinging insects around, brown eyes following the creature as it launches and then disappears somewhere into the darkness of the corridor. Then he looks back to the boy, a single blink and then goes back to talking to Kiley as if nothing at all out of the ordinary had just occurred. Perhaps that's how they greeted people here at Western. After all what's a house centipede or two between new found friends. "A conversation is two people speaking to one another in an exchange of thoughts or ideas. I could safely say that any exchange of information past a hello could constitute a conversation. Wouldn't you agree?" he asks, with another broad smile, that boarders on a grin. A grin that falters as the woman continues to darken with each passing second. "Ah! Perhaps you have some kind of circulation problem? Or high blood pressure perhaps. I did read something somewhere about an Earth affliction called Rosacea…"

Patori gives himself a sudden shake, though he does look really sheepish when Kiley squeals, eyes going a bit wide with a quick, "It doesn't bite-" of reassurance, and then just hunches his shoulders again. Riiight, he's so sure of the non-bitey that he just flung it off him in a panic. Yuup. That hand goes up to his hair, the boy rubbing the back of his head briefly will accompanying, mumbled, "..Sorry." Though his eyes track the path of the thing into the darkness, Nikolas' non-reaction at least having Patori relaxing again. He just stares at the computercrafters at their.. conversation about having a conversation, mouth opening, and then slowly closing. And he can't help the play of amusement across his face at poor Kiley's expense, when the guy keeps going on about her color, though admittedly, Nikolas does get a bit of an odd look to for that, as if the boy were trying to decide whether the man were doing it on purpose.

Another look is given towards Nikolas for the fact that he moves on when the bug if flung towards them as if it is no big deal. Kiley relents with a soft sigh, no longer giving him that look and shaking her head. "A conversation is something that requires more exchange than asking where they way out is." She insists firmly, "we hardly even moved past that and there were no hellos to speak of." The smile is met with the color quickly rushing from her cheeks down to her neck and her hands quickly lift to cover her face. "No. There's nothing wrong with my circulation or blood pressure or anything." A soft whimper is released as she woman attempts to vanish right then and there, or attempting to regain composure from the way she takes a few deep breaths. Her hands drop and her gaze flickers towards Patori. "It's okay.."

Zi'on is wandering down one of the corridors at Western. He's got a stack of papers under his arm and seems to be walking with some sort of purpose. It's not very often that the bronzer was down this deep in the caverns like this these days. Which means he's probably looking for someone. Or something. The bronzer is pretty sure he hears a squeal from further down the tunnels, which kick in his search and rescue reflexes. The bronzer heads into a full jog down the hallway, coming to a stop where the three are congregated. "Everything alright?" He looks around at the three, then hones in on Kiley. "Enka made a decision." He waves the papers at her. "I thought I'd wait for you before I went to tell the guy." He then looks between the other two. "Hey."

Nikolas opens his mouth to say something to Patori when the boy insists that the creature he'd just catapulted did not bite, but a single glance towards Kiley for some reason seals his lips back up and he clears his throat instead. Yes, now it was time for the awkward shifting of one foot to the other. Engage. Awkwardness stage one complete. The male computer crafter seems to fling himself at the first available subject after this, presumably to try and recover from stage one awkward before stumbling into stage two. Which was never good. "Ah, I wasn't aware. I'll have to edit my database to make that correction next time I'm able. I apologize." As if an answer from above, Zi'on arrives and Nikolas seems more than happy to half turn towards the man and give him a warm smile in greeting along with a nod of his head. "Good afternoon."

Patori looks from Nikolas to Kiley, smile tugging in amusement, though he tries not to, really. Especially when the woman starts whimpering. Oh dear. When Nikolas is the one that starts the awkward shifting, Pat just edges closer to the wall to lean up against. Nice, safe wall. Though not before giving it a bit of a look over, just in case the fuzzy and legged thing had some friends about. Apparently deciding it save, he rests a shoulder against the stone, hands once again tucked into pockets, watching the two computercrafters with some slight interest, eyebrows rising a little. Zi'on's arrival earns a bit of a head-bob, and some straightening, though the weyrbrat says nothing more, curiosly watching the adults - or, well, older people.

Kiley is saved! Somewhat. Zi'on appears and relief easily floods through her features and she smiles at the bronzerider. "She did? That's wonderful." She's not hesitating to move over to try and snag the waving papers so that she may look them over. "I got lost. Sorry if you were waiting for me." The computer crafter gives a sheepish little smile before looking back towards Nikolas. Any color that began to fade quickly reappears for when her gaze settles upon his. "Don't apologize, really. There's different definitions." Her hand waves in attempts to dismiss the apology he gives. And poor Patori is given the briefest of looks before she looks back to Zi'on. "This is Nikolas," a gesture towards her fellow computer crafter, "he's.. Ah. Computer crafter. I had mentioned him." And back to Patori, in which she stares at him. "Not too sure who this is. We, barely, just met."

Zi'on peers around at the three of them, specifically between Kiley and Nikolas. Then he extends a hand first to the computer crafter he doesn't know as Kiley introduces Nikolas. "I'm Zi'on, Suldith's rider. Uh, Western's duties I guess. You're from the hall, right?" There's a bit of a wave from the bronzer towards Patori. "What are you guys doing, hanging out in the hallway?" He nods to Kiley and grins. "She wants the laptop. Actually I was on my way down to tell you the news." He lets Kiley snag the papers from him, on the top are the specs for the laptop that one of the computer crafters had made out for a good laptop for the weyrwoman.

A rather perplexed look is given to Patori for the boy's obvious amusement at whatever what was tickling the boy so. Bemused expression aside, he loses himself in the observation of the interaction between the bronzerider and female computer crafter. Even as he extends a hand and shakes the one offered to himself. "Yes, indeed. Good to meet you." he says, a slightly lopsided grin in place, but steadily growing more assured. He releases his grasp, arm dropping back to his side. "I believe Kiley was asking for, directions back to the lower caverns. I'm not sure what the lad's name is but I'm of the impression he was hunting insects or perhaps experimenting on their aerial velocity capability. I'm unsure as to which and I apologize. As for myself, I was on my way to the record's room when I found these two here already."

Kiley shakes her head at Zi'on's question, coloring just a little bit more but easily distracted for the talk of computers. "Just the laptop, then?" The papers are looked over and she nods thoughtfully for the specs for the chosen one. "This should be good. We can go drop this off and wait for them to finish it before we pick it up again. Then I can get everything working smoothly for her once it is all ready. Then it would be moving on to getting the records in the computer, but.. I should be able to do that just to make things easier on her." Big project, but the woman doesn't even bat an eye at that. As Nikolas speaks, there's a soft sigh and she smiles to herself while she continues to skim over the specs. For the best, perhaps, for the mention of bugs. "When do we leave, Zi'on?"

Zi'on shakes Nikolas' hand. "Ah. Ya'll are heading in opposite directions then. You can get to the caverns further back." He thumbs the way he'd come. There's a grin to Patori. "Well, just as long as he ain't eating them I guess it's fine." There's a nod to Kiley then. "That's all she said. That's all I'm going to get for her. If she needs a second, we can always arrange it." He nods about the plans then. "Yeah… you sure you want to take all that on? It won't set you back on your own project?" The bronzer looks from the papers to Kiley then with a shrug. "Whenever you'd like." He looks to Nikolas. "If you need a ride back you can come along. Suldith is big enough."

Nikolas looks rather baffled by the time that Zi'on and Kiley have finished speaking about the business of computers and who needs them, but he busies himself with curiously craning his neck to try and sneak a peak at whatever might be written on those papers there. He startles however when Zi'on addresses him, and takes an unconscious step back from the bronzerider. "I'm sorry, what?" he asks in a distracted manner before warm brown eyes befall Kiley. "Didn't you say that you wanted my help on your projects? I did check with the appropriate people and was informed earlier this morning that I was to take my leave for however long is needed. So as it is, I am at your disposal and you may use me as you like." And this is wrapped up with a stretching of lips and a cheerful toothy smile.

Kiley blinks and looks up again as Zi'on mentions eating something, but refrains from asking as she casts a look towards Patori and then towards Nikolas, briefly. "Okay," this has her looking back towards Zi'on and nodding. "Just the laptop." She agrees, nodding along to both statements with a cheerful smile. "Well, it'd take even longer for her to do it herself. And it won't /really/ put me too behind, this project will likely take Turns and I do not mind having side projects to tend to. Actually, giving this project some pause is probably good for the moment, just to let my mind refresh and to get some new ideas later." There's a glances towards Nikolas and she smiles brightly, "and when we're ready to move to the next stages, I will get in contact with you." Brows lift, "when we spoke I had just began the research on the project but since you knew so much I asked to see if you would be interested in a later time. I thought we had talked about this?" Cheeks color darker for his words and the woman shuffles over towards Zi'on, "we.. We should.. Go."

Zi'on peers at Nikolas. He shakes his head, dismissing his previous statement. If Kiley wants to show him the papers she's more than welcome. There's nothing super secret on them. "Are you going to be talking to people, too?" He nods to Kiley and shrugs. "True enough. She might not let you leave after that, though. Heh… well, if you say so." Zi'on looks between the two computercrafters as they talk, then blinks to Kiley. "Uh, sure. Alright. See you later, guys." There's a wave and Zi'on heads back off the way he came.

"It's okay!" Or is it? Kiley seems to agree easily enough and is taking off after Zi'on without hesitation and no looking back.

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