A Not So Fortunate Fortian

Western Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Late afternoon has brought a new flock of people out to the beach and the Vintner run bar is doing steady business. Perhaps that's because Litral is on duty and he's happily flirting with any and everyone who comes by. Not to mention a new fresh batch of pickles has finished. Catwin has just finished directing a few young lads on where to set a few kegs up behind the bar and now steps on out to head over to a nearby pavilion. It's a frequent venue for her, and she settles down to watch the water and the people and the dolphins play while she takes a drink from her flask.

What a great day to have a rest day. Krenn's been out enjoying the sun and surf, his hair and shorts still wet from a recent excursion into the waters of the lagoon. No better way to finish the last hours of daylight on such a day than with a refreshing beverage, right? Krenn's on his way to get one when he spies a vaguely familiar face drinking from a flask at the pavilion. After a moment of squinting, he makes the connection. "Catwin, right?" He asks, uncertain, approaching with a somewhat sheepish smile.

Krenn in a young man, somewhere around twenty turns of age. He stands around six feet in height, with a lean, muscular frame suggesting regular exercise or a job that involves some sort of physical labor. His dark brown hair is kept cut short, a color which matches the dark brown of his eyes. His skin has a uniform tan complexion, either naturally or from time spent outdoors. His features are sharp and angular, with a pointed nose and pronounced chin.

Krenn tends to dress simply and functionally, generally wearing a tunic, trousers, and boots. He is nearly always seen with several leather pouches on his belt, carrying whatever he needs. He favors earth tones in the color of his clothes.

Catwin pauses mid-swallow as she looks up at the sound of her name. Gaze focuses in on the young man as she sets the flask down. A touch of recolonization flashes in her eyes and then a little bit of wariness. "I am." she says after a moment "I hear that Rio's been saying a few things and all about me." she notes quietly. "What can I do for you?"

Krenn's smile only grows more sheepish and nervous at the remark about Rio. "I wanted to apologize. I think that what we were talking about probably sounded much worse than it actually was, but… well, it was rude. I'm sorry. I said a few dumb things, and… well. I won't make excuses for myself, but honestly I don't think Rio meant anything bad." He glances at the flask, then back to Catwin's face. "Normally I'd offer to buy you a drink by way of apology, but it seems like you have that handled pretty well."

Catwin gives a little nod "Rio said he was just trying to make me smile." she shakes her head a little "Though, thank you for the offer, but I only ever get my own drinks. Safer that way." she notes.

Krenn looks a little relieved. "He was. I promise, nothing he said about you was unflattering." He smiles a little wryly, trying to diffuse the tension with a little bit of a joke. "I think he was probably trying to dissuade me from hitting on you, so I suppose he was doing you a favor, really." He chuckles, trying to make that sound appropriately self-deprecating. "Well, maybe I can get you something in lieu of a drink. Lunch?"

Catwin just eyes Krenn for a few moments. "Again, I appreciate the offer, but I can get my own lunch as well." she says finally. "Well, if he was trying to dissuade you, he's not wrong in that. I don't need that kind of complication." she remarks quietly. "So in a way, doing you a favor if that's what you had in mind. No sense in wasting time on something like that."

Krenn laughs a bit. "Ouch, but fair." He shakes his head. "I'm probably making this sound way worse than it was. I did not have some elaborate plan to hit on you or something. It was just, y'know, card table talk. He mentioned knowing a woman around my age who makes great drinks, so… shards, I'm probably just making this sound bad again, aren't I?"

Catwin frowns a little as she looks at Krenn a little closer "Near your age?" she murmurs "You look a little young to me, are you older than I was thinking?" she asks after a moment "And no, I really don't know about card table talk. I don't play, and I have never bothered much with what people do or say about them."

Krenn shrugs his shoulders. "I'm eighteen, and that's old enough to know better than to guess a lady's age. Rio thought it was close enough, anyways. I dunno. We're both journeymen, right? That probably puts us in the same general area, right?" The comments about cards earns an arched eyebrow. "Really? I thought all Vintners knew dragonpoker, at least. Don't cards and drinks always go together? Or does that just go one way?"

Catwin purses her lips a little "No. It does not always go together. I don't play. I don't care to play. And eighteen." she shakes her head "Way too young even if I was interested. And yes, I'm a senior journeyman, but that doesn't mean much. You could be a Master and it wouldn't change things." she notes.

Krenn begins to look a little nervous now. "I think you're getting the wrong idea completely. Honestly, it wasn't like that. It was half a joke, anyways. I'd just been complaining about my lack of luck with the ladies, and… well, look, it's not important. I just wanted to make sure you knew Rio wasn't gossiping about you behind your back or something. He seems like a good fellow."

Catwin continues to just eye Krenn "So, I came up in conversation because you aren't having any luck getting a woman? I think I can see why. Well, I've already had a talk with Rio. Though, maybe I need to have another one. I do not know what it is with you young ones." She sighs a little. "I'm not here, looking for love or a good time. I'm here to do my duty as the resident senior vintner and make sure the Weyr is provided with plenty of supplies as far as alcohol is concerned. I enjoy experiment ion with different variations of liqueur and when I have a little free time. I play around with making cocktails, but that's more a hobby than anything serious. I don't date, I don't bar-tend, I don't participate in random affairs. I do like to drink, I enjoy good company while drinking. So long as no one things it will be more than that." She offers out the flask "And I don't mind sharing some whiskey if you'd like some."

Krenn goes a little wide-eyed, panic starting to set in. "No, no, it was unrelated. I'd mentioned the issue earlier, then Rio and I got to talking about people we know in the area. Y'know, trying to find things we have in common. He mentioned knowing a journeyman Vintner who makes a fine drink, and I sort of jokingly asked if you were pretty, and… well, you get the rest, right? It really was just sort of a joking, offhand remark." He can't help but grin a bit. "He did say you were all business, which… I hope I won't offend if I say that seems like a fair assessment. Not that it's a bad thing, though." Whiskey! "Yes, that seems like exactly what I could use, thank you. Haven't had whiskey since my time at the crafthall."

Catwin gives a little nod "Welcome. This whiskey is from what my uncles craft. Good stuff, if you ask me. They also make some delicious shine which I've been playing around with." she adds as she shares the whiskey "But Rio is correct, I am all business. Nothing offensive about that at all. It's true. I have little wish for idle frivolities. "

Krenn takes the flask with a grateful smile, offering a little nod before he takes a swig from it. He looks impressed. "Mmm. Good stuff." He says, offering the flask back. "Well, good. I get it, though. I worked hard to make journeyman as young as I did. Most don't manage it for another turn or two. 'Course, part of why I worked so hard was so that I could get out from all those rules they put on apprentices, so I don't s'pose it's really the same."

Catwin hmms a little "Well, if it pushed you to work harder, I don't see that it was a bad reason behind your goal. Obviously you didn't skimp on your learning or else you wouldn't have walked." She takes the flask back and has a drink as well. "But rules are necessary. young people aren't always thinking correctly and all. Something about their mind is going through a change and they don't think as straight as they used to. Rules help keep them safe and others safe as well."

Krenn smiles and shrugs. "I suppose. I mean, I do take pride in being a productive member of the craft. But… I also just kind of wanted to be able to get back home and start living my life, you know? Let's just say I'm not in as much of a hurry to make Master as I was to make Journeyman." Another shrug follows. "But… sure, I get it. Obviously we have the rules for a reason. Doesn't mean I'm not glad to be rid of them."

It's well on into the late afternoon, people are out enjoying the water. Litral is doing brisk busness with drinks and pickles and Catwin and Krenn are talking in the pavillion that Cat likes to hang out in. Catwin hmms a little "There was one time I was pushing for Mastery, but now. It's not so important really. Typially means taking in more apprentices and all. I was able to take Litral there in under my wing. Mainly because he was really starting to have a hard time dealing with learning under his mother. Fair enough I suppose. Doesn't work for everyone."

Riohra walks up from the water, his shorts are still damp but his hair is dry. He gives a wave to afew people he knows as he heads to the bar. "Hey Litral, you got a restock of that Twin Oaks Whiskey yet?" He leans on the bar, grinning like a fool as usual.

Krenn glances over in Litral's direction. "Seems like he's got a knack for it. Well, for the customer service part of the craft, at least. That's an important part of it, isn't it?" As he's looking in that direction, he spies Riohra making his approach. A little amused grin appears on his face. "Well, there he is. I'd say it's a coincidence, but I suppose everyone with the option would want to visit the beach on a day as lovely as today."

Catwin hmms a little "I suppose it can be." she murmurs "I leave that aspect to him. He can have it." she notes as she watches as Litral gestures to the barrels that were recently brought in that day. She eyes Rio a moment and then shrugs "I dunno about coincidence, but he does have a habit of showing up and all." she notes.

Riohra grins saying to the barkeep and puts his marks on the bar saying "go ahead and just give me a double, then and a mug of that Tillek stout to go with it if ya got it" he smiles waiting for the drink to be filled, while he talks to a few people at the bar.

Krenn chuckles a little. "Not so much a fan of people then, eh?" He might be joking, he might not. "Perhaps it's destiny. Some people just keep running into each other, whether they intend to or not. Or, y'know, just one of those things. Should we call him over?"

Litral smiles most widely and gets the drinks and then he leans on the counter "Sure I couldn't interest you in one my my large pickles?" he asks with a grin. Catwin rolls her eyes, the lad is so hopeless. "Well, I suppose we can. Save him from any more of Litral's silliness. And I don't think it's destiny. He just has a thing about not leaving well enough alone." she snorts and rolls her eyes again. Such a silly goose.

Riohra laughs and shakes his head "None for me, but got any peaches I will take one of those" He grins and salutes with the double of whiskey then downs it in one shot, he gives a happy little sigh at the taste and then starts to sip on his ale. He laughs at a pair of younger men arm wrestling over the affections of a lady.

"… This probably isn't the appropriate time for this question, but… does he literally have large pickles? Those sound quite delicious." Krenn, stop making things worse. "Destiny, meddlesomeness, who can tell the difference? The point is, we should go over and say hi."

Catwin eyes Krenn "Well, he does have a large barrel of pickles. The seasonings and all are all his own. They are pretty delicious and nice and crisp. He's pretty meticulous about which cucumbers he uses. He also has peaches and pickled eggs.." There's a pause "And if you're curious in the non-literal sense. I can't help you on that one. You'll have to talk to him yourself, and calling Rio over is just fine, but I see no need to leave the comfort of the shade here, but feel free to go on over there. I don't mind. Boys should play together.

Riohra is standing at the bar, have a drink, and laughing at a couple of young men who are matching muscles trying to impress the ladies. He seems to just be relaxing, either waiting for someone or just having a good time.

"I assure you I only meant literal pickles." Krenn says to Catwin with a bit of a laugh. "I think I've really given you completely the wrong impression about me. Let's bring Rio over here. It can only help me out." He waves to Riohra, trying to get his attention. "Rio! Come join us. Bring some of those pickles."

Catwin does smile a little "Well, you're the one ll talking about not getting lucky with the ladies. Wouldn't be the first lad to give the other side a try in such circumstances. Won't be last either I'm sure." She takes a healthy swig of her whiskey and just watches.

Krenn chuckles a little more at Catwin's remark. "Touche. Today has not been a great day for my dignity, has it? Nevertheless, I don't think I'm quite there just yet."

Riohra glances around the area and sees N'talya walking along the lagoon's edge and quickly downs his drink. He leaves Litral a good tip and walks past Catwin and Krenn giving them a wave and pointing to the water. He takes off at a trot to catch up with N'tayla "hey there ya, are sorry to keep ya waiting."

N'talya looks up and smiles as she see Riohra approaching and says, "Its ok really gave me a chance to look around, I don't get over here very often." she look out to the water for a few moments before looking back to Riohra and smiles, "you ready for this?"

Catwin shrugs a little "Since I don't know how your average day goes, I really couldn't say." she notes to Krenn and then watches as Rio heads off with another woman. "Well, suppose there's no calling him or anything." she notes. At least he waved? Well she raises her flask up in greeting and just relaxes back against the seat.

Riohra grins at N'tayla saying "Not really, but it needs to be done." he is visibly nervous as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. "You sure your partner is out there? Cuz I would rather not become another landmark at the bottom of the sea" His tone is calm, as he states his worries.

Shanatea magically appears on the beach, meandering down its length with a cute girl on his arm, around his age. He lens over and kisses her cheek, and she gigles and strolls off and he continues until he finds Catwin's side, where he neatly plops down and grins. "Hallo." he offers, peering around and waving at folks he knows, including Rio and such.

N'talya smiles and says, "All you need to know is we will not let you drown." grinning a bit and says, "I am a professional oceanic search and rescue rider and dolphineer."

And if Rio does drown, a least decomposition will bring his body back up again and he won't stay a permanent landmark. Just a temporary exhibit. Eventually. Catwin is joined by Tea. What is it with these young fools anyways?" Her gaze follows the girl that left the boys side and then she's looking back again at Tea. "Hello. Looks like you've been enjoying yourself." she notes quietly.

Riohra grins and nods saying "well then lead on, oh queen of the water." yeah he is nervous and excited as he glances back up the beach and waves to Shanatea and Catwin giving them a thumbs-up.

Shanatea grins a little and shrugs, "A wee bit, she's a good friend. Thats all. On again off again with benefits sometimes." he offers as way of explanation. Hey, don't look now, Tea might just be a hit with the peoples. He watches while Rio gets lessons. Nawp, thos Dolphineer is staying put on dry land for now.

N'talya grins and says, "Well to start lets head out this way just a bit, just down the pier." watching him she smile a bit, "Oh and you might want to lose anything you don't want to get wet."

"I see." Catwin mumurs. "Well, you're young. Suppose it's to be expected. Is she a dolphineer as well?" She asks as a way to just try and be polite and socialize and all that stuff. She too is staying on dry land. Yup.

Krenn has been getting himself in enough trouble with his ramblings today. He seems to feel the safest course with Riohra and Catwin is to just shut up for a little while. But he really can't stay silent for all that long. Best to try his luck with the new arrivals. "Hello there!" He offers to Shanatea and N'talya. Then he blinks. "Wait. You two are with Dolphincraft? Either of you know a girl named Mira?"

Riohra grins and pats down his swim shorts saying "yep I am good" he follows her down the pier and looks over saying "so am I just going to dangle my feet off?"

N'talya looks over as she hears Krenn's question and nods, "I am a Dolphineer." before looking back to Riohra and smiling, "Just remember I will not let you drown.." before looking back to Krenn, "I don't think I have met Mira." as she speaks to Krenn she idly pushes Riohra off the end of the pier.

Shanatea grins and nods to Krenn, "I know Mira, met her a time or two." he comments and then almost falls off his chair laughing as N'talya sends Rio off into the water. "BwaHAHAHAHA! And he does fall off the chair, then stands again, wipng tears from his eyes. "CLASSIC." Snort. Ahem…. easily amused, anyone?

"Oh, no. What a terrible accident that just happened." Krenn says flatly, barely restraining his laughter at poor Riohra's predicament. Well, presumably N'talya knows what she's doing. She's a dolphineer, after all. So instead, he looks to Shanatea. "Really?" A somewhat mischievous sort of smile appears on his face. "I may need to ask you for a little bit of a favor, then. Nothing major."

Not talking is always a safe course. Better to drink than to talk, which is what Catwin certainly does. She raises a brow as N'talya just shoves Rio into the water. Well, she's seen that method work sometimes. And sometimes it fails. What kind of stuff is Rio actually composed of? guess we shall see. She then jumps as Shanatea just belts out his laugh and falls "Sweet Faranth mother of dragons!" Catwin exclaims as she's startled "Shells and shards, you'll scare a body to death." She grumps and she's brushing out her skirt with one hand and drinking deep with the other.

And the world tilts, why is everything upside down? Riohra starts tail over tassels falling into the water. And lands flat with a good smack, that could be heard all the way back him at Fort Weyr. He drops under the water for a long time, those that can see he is panicking and trying to swim to the surface at the same time.

Shanatea looks amuedly over at Catwin and Krenn, "Aye, what you got in mind, eh?" he asks, then pats Catwin's shoulder gently before withdrawing. "Awwww, sorry Cat. It was awfully amusing, thats all." He grins and perches back on his seat, this time taking an offered beer from a waitress who was shimmying by. Mmmmmm. Hopefully he'll get a decent view of Rio floundering. No peace for the wicked.

N'talya looks down into the water and sighs after a few moments and says, "Oh shards, come on kid." before she dives off and into the water after Riohra.

Kassala heads down to the lagoon, pointed that direction as being the best spot where people tend to get their drink on. The redhead doesn't seem to be too pleased for whatever reason, her gaze sliding over people and riders, looking for a certain hunter in particular. Muttering beneath her breath, she starts to head for the lounge till she spies the vintner, a hand raised, "Catwin?" The name is called out even as she heads towards the other woman, "Have you seen Riohra?"

Catwin purses her lips a little as Rio doesn't come right back up again and thus doesn't notice Tea's hand and jumps again as the briefly pats her shoulder and pulls away from him even has he withdraws said hand. She huffs a little and takes a long drink and then there's Kass. At the question she almost spits out her whiskey. But she's not one to abuse alcohol in that way and instead quickly swallows it and chokes and points to the water where a Rio has gone under. "Water" she gasps out and then coughs a little "Lessons."

Riohra finally breaks the surface with the help of N'talya, gasping for air as he frantically is attempting to remember how to tread water. He finally gets a good rhythm going and is coughing up water. Oh so manly, but he does choke out the words "Thanks…not…drowning…ME"

Krenn has been distracted by Riohra's amusing plight, momentarily forgetting whatever little scheme he had in mind. He can't help but laugh. "Well, that's certainly one method of instruction." He shakes his heads and grins over at Shanatea. "Nothing much. Just maybe you could take over one of her work shifts? Make an excuse for her? I'd owe you a favor, really." Then there's an unfamiliar arrival. Kassala gets a curious inspection from Krenn before he grins. "Ahhh. Are you Kassala, then? So she is real. Huh."

Kassala blinks a few times at Catwin, turning her head slowly towards the water. It's then that she might notice Riohra struggling there within, and she gasps, "What the FARANTH?!" There's a mixture of emotions that cross her face from surprise to fear to anger and everything in between, and she starts to hurry in that direction, not likely realizing someone's already helping him. Falling to her knees as Riohra surfaces with someone else helping, she calls to him, "Riohra!" A hand offered down to him if he can reach it to help him out of the water. She's almost frantic, but also angry.

N'talya grins as she says, "you are welcome, see you are treading water on your own now. And you can't even touch here. The fear of getting in the water is what was stopping you

"She is real." Catwin notes "I've met her before." That was likely obvious with Kassala hailing her, but hey. She watches as Kass hurries out towards Rio and then she's eyeing N'talya and she shakes her head again "Makes me glad I have no intention on taking swimming lessons anytime soon."

Riohra is starting to calm down now as N'talya is there swimming with him. Well that is till he looks up and sees Kassala, he gets a whole other panicked look on his face now and says meekly "Hey love, care for a swim?" He flashes a grin at her, but keeps trying to stay above water.

"What is Faranth are you doing? Drowning.. that's what you are doing.. if you're not getting drunk here and passing out, you're.. you.." Anger shows then - the girl is a true redhead, that's for sure! "You're supposed to be at Fort Weyr, not coming here all the freaking time!" She's truly upset. When he stays in the water instead of taking her hand, she snatches it back, ad pushes herself up to her feet, glancing around, and blushing at those who are watching.

Krenn looks a little bit guilty following Kassala's outburst. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to just be standing back laughing at the situation. Time to defuse things a bit. "Maybe that's enough for a first lesson?" He asks, shooting a hopeful glance at Catwin and N'talya. Maybe one of them will back him up.

Are you kidding? Catwin arches a brow at Krenn's look "I'm no dolphincrafter to be knowing when a lesson is done or not." she says after a moment. "Though I have wondered a few times about how often he is around here." she murmurs. "Not that I mind. He's been good business for the pocket." She hmms a little "Though here is one reason why relationships are more than I want. So much expected of you from the other person. Too much for me."

N'talya looks up to the angry looking woman and says, "He is paying for a crash course in swimming. Trying to get over some issues with it." she moves to try to help Riohra help himself back up onto the pier.

Riohra moves over to climb up the side of the pier, after a few tries he gets the hang of it and climbs up standing near the edge. He is breathing heavy but has a rather accomplished look on his face. He turns to grin at Kassala as if to say 'look not dead', but that quickly fades and anything he was going to say stops in his throat when he sees how mad she is at him. His eyes are wide, wherry in the dragons gaze look on his face now.

Sure, he might be proud of himself for managing to not drown, but all Kassala is seeing is his panicked looks and head under the water. Nothing else seems to matter, the others that are there, or the rider in the water giving the crash course swimming lessons that he paid for. Eyes fill with tears, and her arms move to wrap around herself as she just stares at Riohra, her earlier words fading off. It would seem she's had enough of such antics. She doesn't say or do anything else at that point, though one can tell she's half tempted to smack him over the head, but instead, turns and walks hurriedly away from the Lagoon area, leaving residents, riders, and Riohra, behind.

Krenn winces a little at Kassala's rapid departure, shaking his head and giving Riohra a sympathetic look. "Sorry. Tried to smooth that one over for you a bit, but…" Clearly didn't work. "I'd offer you advice, but I'm really the last person to be doing that." Who can help here? Catwin can help here. "Maybe now's a good time for drinks?"

Catwin once again is eyeing Krenn "I'm a waitress now?" she asks and looks quite affronted. "Sure, I like to hare my whiskey but this poor little flask isn't enough for everyone." She points towards Litral "Bar's right there, you're more than capable of serving up drinks. If it's marks yer needing, just tell Litral I sent ya." She harrumphs.

Krenn winces. Clearly, this is not his afternoon. He's put his foot in his mouth enough times that it feels like time to cut his losses and make a speedy escape. "Er… no. In fact, I think I might not be able to join all of you. Just remembered something… important. Very important. Cards later, maybe?" Away! It's his best chance of survival.

N'talya frowns as the girl storms off and says, "You should go after her, you where not doing anything stupid, the exact opposite in fact." she shakes her head.

Riohra sighs heavily and looks down at N'talya saying "Give me a moment to fix" Like he can fix this, he is sure as Catwin drinks whiskey going to try. The lad full on sprints after his fiery red headed lass, flying up the beach as fast as his long legs will go he catches up to her and just scoops her up. Yeah he isn't the brightest star in the sky this one, but he does like to live in the edge.

Kassala is heading out, back to the main bowl, and likely back to Ierne as soon as she can find a rider to take her back. She's so caught up in whatever thoughts that have her near tears, she doesn't hear Riohra run up behind her, but the moment he scoops her up in his arms and she realizes who it is? He might have a better chance holding on to some feral little kitten than the redhead. With a growling hiss of something half yelled at him, she starts to kick and hit at him to get him to let her go. He might end up more hurt from the dragonhealer than half drowning int he lagoon!

There's a frown that creases Cat' brows as she watches Rio grab Kass and Kass kicking and hitting him. And maybe a bit of paleness to her darker skin. Krenn's leaving doesn't hardly trigger after that point. And instead she stands up and almost staggers out of the pavilion and over to the bar. Litral, recognizing the look gets her her Shine flask and Catwin takes a long hard drink and just sinks down among the barrels and out of site.

Riohra is flailed and hit by the young woman as he says "Calm down, I wasn't doing anyth…." his words are cut off as she one of her punches connects squarely on his face. Her smaller hand the prefect size to get right in his eye socket, with a meaty thwack. "Shards, and shells" He almost drops her as he is surprised enough to drop to one knee letting her go so she doesn't hurt her self.

N'talya shakes her head and walks in the direction of what she now consider a crazy woman and says, "Calm it down lady. You man here didn't do anything wrong. He went to the dolphineers to learn to swim, what exactly in your mind is wrong with that." actually trying to divert the woman's anger towards her, "Would you prefer he end up in a river while hunting and actually drown or learn now, with a professional here to help?"

Arms and legs flail and kick, and once dropped to her feet, she turns and seems just about to kick him where it will matter most until N'talya walks up and speaks up, Panting, she glares at the rider, "You don't even know what's going on.. every freaking time he comes here, something happens! I know he doesn't know how to swim.. and having a group people sitting around laughing at him while he panics in the water.. is WRONG." To Riohra, she adds, "I'm done, Riohra.. Done hearing how you drunk yourself into passing out here, or coming in to /this/.. you spend more time here these days than at Fort where you are /stationed/ to be at! " At least it seems to her, since all she hers about is his antics at this place! "Maybe you should just move here or something.."

Riohra is holding his eye and crouched in a protective posture and says through gritted teeth "Perl Dolphin" Yeah he is in pain but he isnt raising his voice. it is in fact the exact opposite, he is quiet now as he hunches over. the running and the swimming, and well the getting popped in the face has him panting a bit.

N'talya says, "I can't say anything for the asses that where sitting around laughing at him, but coming here instead of my home weyr, which is alittle chilly for swimming lessons at this point was my idea." she shakes her head, "I don't know what he has done in the past. But this. This is not something for you to be mad about, hell he was trying to learn, I wanted to show him, he could do it, he could tread water on his own. And he did. Now. Maybe just maybe I can get him in the water normally and teach him to swim, and swim well. It could well keep him alive."

Still not quite over her anger, Kassala continues to stare between the two as they talk, not quite understanding what Riohra is referring to, "What?" She asks, then turns to N'talya, the riders words making sense, in a way. They at least gain some foot in the haze of hurt and anger that clouds her mind at the moment. Her arms cross her chest as she says quietly, "I've tried many times, and it never worked before." Might she be jealous or something? Maybe. Still, it seems she cares rather deeply for the hunter, and this all has hurt. "I would say it doesn't matter in the long run.. how can anyone trust someone when they're constantly getting into trouble? Especially when they come here? It's quite frustrating to constantly hear of the trouble, to get worked up, scared and upset.. " Okay, maybe she's a little stressed over some testing on top of it all?

Riohra still crouching takes his hand from his face, he checks to see if there is any blood. Nope, but his left eye has swollen shut, and his lip apparently is starting to swell as well. "This is the first time, I came back since promising you. I haven't done a fool thing in months, I have been working to get some extra marks together for the trip." He looks up at her still not getting up from his kneeling position, "I just wanted to show you I was taking what you said seriously, I am learning to swim so I stop drinking."

N'talya nods and says, "That is understandable, If I had know this knucklehead had a history here I would have dragged him to Ista, or Irene or somewhere else that is warm as well for the lesson instead." she shakes her head, 'I just know today he wasn't being stupid. I admit I pushed him in. He was asking fool questions like, if he could just dangle his feet in to start…

Anger is fading the more that Kassala listens to the pair explain various things, though first, she asks of Riohra, "Trip? What trip?" To hear him admit he's stopped drinking, and is learning to swim, she sighs softly, soon turning attention back to N'talya, "I see.. I think.." It's then she truly looks at Rio's face, and realizes his eye and lip is swelling, and she stares, "Did I do that??" Utoh, she never even felt the hits!

Riohra grins, well maybe it's a grin, it is a little lopsided with the swollen face, "well you been working hard at school, so I have been picking up extra work to book you a stay at the Pearl Dolphin resort" He nods sheepishly and motions at N'talya "And I should of been up front with that, with her and told her about the issues here. But it really worked, for the first time, I am not scared of the water" short red heads on the other hand are quickly ranking up the list.

N'talya shakes her head and says, "Sorry I should let the two of you talk this out, I just didn't want him getting in trouble for doing the right thing…" she looks to Riohra and says, "I will expect you next week over at Ista and we will continues the lessons.

Kassala ohs, then sighs softly as she takes in this new bit of information. Yep, that changes everything. Hanging her head, she sighs, "I'm sorry. I.. I'm sorry." Doesn't excuse her much, does it? To N'talya, she offers quietly, "Thank you for teaching him to swim. It means a lot to me, honestly." As the rider heads off, she turns back to Riohra, then reaches out to poke him in the chest, "It still doesn't help that here lately the only news I hear at times, is things not so great? " She does have a point, though as she thinks about it, she does realize that the last month /has/ been rather quiet. Reaching ou tto brush her fingers against his chest, she murmurs, "I am sorry. Let's see if they have some ice or something to put on this.." His eye, that is.

Riohra grins and nods to N'talya saying "Of course, I will be there. And thanks again, even if this isn't how I planned it." He stands up and tries to smile, "Hey don't be sorry I would of hit me too. you think I learn these things by now" he wraps his arm around her waist and turns her towards the bowl saying "I am sure the infirmary has something, or we could go to the hot…" what ever is said is trailed off as he walks with her out of the area.

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