Wing Party Goes Awry

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

Though still relatively early in the morning the Tiki Lounge is surprisingly busy. The summer sun glints off the lagoon, several pitchers containing alcohol rest on some of the tables on the patio, and Taira is sitting on the knee of one of her wing members and giggling from time to time. Instead of her usual clothes she's opted for a pair of beige shorts and a green short-sleeved shirt on which only three of the buttons are done up.

The time has come, and despite what were likely many many misgivings, D'ana finally agreed to go to the wing party. Comfortable in a loose button-up and shorts (At least his clothes are *on*), he's slowly meandering into the bar, pausing at the top of the stairs, glancing around at the people coming and going, the pitchers of alcohol, and then on the giggling Wingleader. With a shake of his head, and a soft sigh, he's meandering onto the Patio, nodding to his wingmates as he goes.

Taira laughs again, sliding slowly from the lap she'd been occupying and heading over to refill her drink. "D'ana!" Her direction changes, heading instead for the other bluerider to give him a hug, "I thought you were going to be boring and leave me to their mercy."

"Tai.." D'ana says with a grin, pulling the Wingleader into a hug, squeezing her even as he's looking over her shoulder to figure out who all is there. Stepping back he shakes his head with a bit of a blush, "I.. I thought it'd be good to come.. But.. If there're problems, I'll… probably hide." He says with a wink, even as he's turning to eye the other faces a little nervously.

While the beach is a place where Zorya might be found often enough, the lounge isn't particularly likely especially given the early hour of the day. Today however the young woman steps onto the paneled floor, her steps nearly silent though given other sound in the space its unlikely they'd be heard anyway. Blue eyes scan the room in search of something or someone it would seem as one hand lifts to allow slender fingers to tuck a strand of blonde hair behind an ear.

Taira runs a finger down D'ana's face, bouncing it off his lips, "You always hide. It's no fun." Reaching for one of his hands she makes to drag him over to one of the tables, to get herself a refill and to make him be sociable. Her gaze falls on Zorya for a moment, a brief look of confusion giving her an excuse to give the girl a quick inspection. "Hi." Poor D'ana, abandoned in favour of a young blonde. "You lost?"

Kh'zan looks just a little out of place as he steps into the Tiki Lounge. Parties aren't generally his style and he's the look of one heady to run at the slightest trouble. There's a rumble out side and a snort, causing the brownrider to purse his lips and just get it over with. He runs his hand through his hair and murmurs under his breath. "And just what am I supposed to do here."

"Better to hide than to run into an angry Weyrmate." D'ana comments, kissing Tai's finger, before he's dragged to a table and settled, sighing as the bluerider takes off in another direction. Eyeing the pitcher, its only a moment, and he's pouring himself a drink - for better or for worse - gaze flicking to the others who are trickling in.

Finally the doors open to admit Ly'am, still in his dress leathers and fresh from Xanadu. He does cut a fine image in those leathers, no doubt made special for him by his aunt. He even looks grown up, a shadow of his recently departed father. Even as he enters the lounge he is unbuttoning the leather jacket to ruin that proper image. His emerald eyes scan the room until they fall upon Taira and he smiles to her, "My eyes behold the beauty of Western Weyr…"

Zorya hmms, turning her gaze towards Taira as she gives her greeting. "Stil tryin' ta get the lay of things here," she replies, eyes quickly finding the knot on the other's shoulders and tacking on a "Ma'am," to the end of her remark even though she's likely no older than herself.

Taira grins at D'ana winking over her shoulder at him before reaching out a hand towards Zorya's shoulder, "Well you've defintiely come to the right palce to get the lay… of things." She grins, laughing gently, as she adds, "And you don't need to call me ma'am, you're not in trouble yet. Taira." The last presumeably her name. Kh'zan gets a nod of greeting, and a quiet instruction of "Drink." Before she spots Ly'am and waves, "Lyth. Come and meet… um…." Attention back to Zorya.

D'ana winks back at Taira, leaning back in his chair as Taira's attention turns to Zorya, and as Ly'am is appearing in the lounge, suddenly D'ana's drink is particularly interesting. And, at his proclaimation, D'ana's coloring, sinking a little bit lower in his chair, a long sip taken from the glass. Of course, all the while, despite his best attempts, his eyes keep darting to Taira, until Kh'zan seems to be a good distraction, lifting the pitcher to try and get his attention.

"Zorya", the blond supplies the name when Taira comes up short. "And.. thanks." she adds, turning a shy smile from the wingleader to the newly arrived Ly'am as her attention is directed to him. "Just transferred from Ista," she adds in explanation.

Drink? Hmmph Drink. Well sounds reasonable enough. Kh'zan looks around to find a drink and then there's pitcher being lifted up. He clears his throat a little "Sharin' that?" he asks simply as he looks around, his eyes alighting on Zorya briefly, before he turns back to that prospective drink.

Ly'am does not seem shy in his greeting of his weyrmate, leaning down to kiss her before sliding an arm around her as she starts to introduce the people and …fails. He extends a free hand to Zorya, "Welcome to Western Weyr, I am sure our bronzes are already trembling in anticipation of your first flight." Oh what a Harper.

"Ista?" For some reason that makes Taira grin, "I met one of your weyrlingmasters recently." Ly'am's kiss is returned happily, one finger running around the neckline of his shirt, "You have to forgive him, it's his dragon you know. Well, some of it. He's not quite as bad as some bronzeriders I've met."

"As much as I may need it by the end of this, I certainly shouldn't keep it to myself." D'ana offers ligtly to Kh'zan, though the bluerider does top off his own drink before offering the pitcher to the brownrider. Eyes shift back to Taira, lingering on her, blushing before he forces his gaze back to the table, fingers rapping loudly on the surface.

Kh'zan finds an empty glass and pours himself some and then turns his attention on the others as he sits down in a chair. Just drinking, this works well for him. Gives him a chance to look from rider to rider to rider. Which he does. Course, D'anas comment doesn't go unremarked upon. "Why's that?"

"Oh?" Zorya questions, "Which? It wasn't so long since I was a weyrling," she admits. Then again it would seem that Ly'am already knows as much given his comment which has the girl flushing just a touch. "Don't remind me." A hand reaches out to meet the bronzerider's, "But thank you." she smiles, eyes turning once again towards Taira, "Given some of the one's Ah know, Ah don't think he could be."

Now there's the million mark question, "Um… no idea. Bluerider. Met him in a bar." As if that was the sort of thing that happens a million times a day. Turning away to check on the others Taira grins in the direction of D'ana and Kh'zan, turning back and once more reaching a hand out with a mind to run a finger down Zorya's arm, "Someone'll tell you eventually it's the blueriders you really need to watch. They're probably right, D'ana's a terrible flirt." A quick pause and she asks, "Drink?"

"Ah yes, I am a scourge of the weyr, a randy bronzerider!" Ly'am says with a laugh at his weyrmate's explanation and the tone suggests that he is indeed more talk than action as far as typical bronzeriders go. "Welcome to Western all the same…" He nods to Zorya before turning his attention to his weyrmate again then to the other rider's here and grins to D'ana, "Hello rider. I think you owe me a drink, eh?"

"Women.." D'ana offers to Kh'zan, and blushing as that's the only bit of explanation he can manage, hurriedly looking away from Taira. However, her words carry, and his flush darkens, and he's hurriedly drinking more of his glass, nearly choking as Ly'am's attention turns to him. "I.. I owe you a drink?" D'ana stammers, looking rather nervous as he just pushes the pitcher across the table as if to say, 'this will suffice, no?'

Kh'zan ahhs a little and nods in understanding. He does arch a brow at D'ana and the blushing and then glances towards Taira. "Reasonable enough." he notes and shrugs a little "Don't get them myself." he adds after a moment's thought and takes a drink. He's mainly just enjoying the drink itself as opposed to enjoying the drinking.

Zorya laughs lightly, a slight nod following as she takes in the teasing between the two. Blue eyes swing towards D'ana as the bluerider is mentioned, a soft smile lifting the corners of her lips. "Water?" she half questions her own request at the question of a drink from the wingleader.

"I'm pretty sure there was water somewhere in the making of it?" Taira replies with a grin, "Come on." She reaches for Zorya's hand this time, moving over towards the table and the boys. "Scuse me boys." She reaches first for a glass, secondly for the pitcher, deliberately leaning against Ly'am but smiling at Kh'zan and D'ana. "Zorya, my boys. Boys, Zorya." Introductions of a sort.

"Oh I am just one of the boys now, am I?" Ly'am asks as he sits down and pulls Taira into his lap. Oh he is in a mood of dark humour it seems. He looks back to D'ana, "Yes I think anyone who likes to ride a bluerider should pay for the privalage. I should get something out of the deal." Well he did right the song.

"W-What?" D'ana stammers loudly, eyes widening, words lost as he's looking hurriedly to Kh'zan and Zorya, mouth opening and closing as he hopes that one of them will say something, anything, to change the course of the conversation. Bright red, D'ana's eyes flash to Taira only for a moment, before he's looking back at the table, still unable to talk, and unwilling to dare a glance at Ly'am.

Kh'zan chokes over his drink at Ly'ams words, nearly spraying it across the table. He's grasping for straws now and zero's in on the request Zorya had made. "Water?" he asks as he gets up and moves to get a pitcher of plain water. "Lovely weather." So inane.
Zorya blinks. Color her confused by current conversation. "Nice ta meet ya.." she returns, looking to the 'boys' as they're introduced. "Um.." Blink. "In making?" the question clearing towards Taira, "Just plain water is fine, thank you."

Taira is almost as stunned as everyone else at Ly'am's statement. From her place on his lap she leans in to give him a kiss, muttering something quietly, before standing up and turning her attention on Kh'zan, poor boy. "Just plain water for both of you?" She glances to Zorya and then to Kh'zan, "I'm almost disappointed."

Ly'am looks up to Taira at the whisper and gives a little laugh, "Yeah, I suppose not…" He replies as he looks over to D'ana then grabs up his own drink and tosses it back. "Lets go for round two." He declares and pulls some marks and sets them on the table, "I should pay some rememberence to the best healer in all of Pern, my Daddy." As the next rounds get served he grabs his up and downs it before looking up to Taira, then to Kh'zan and Zorya, "Drink up , drink up…"

D'ana continues to stammer, swallowing noisly, before he shakes his head, and is staring after Taira as she's darting off. But then, there's marks on the table, and a toast being made, and his glass is lifted to the bronzerider. Thankful for the distraction, and the change of topic, D'ana inclines his head. "To the Master Healer." He offers, voice shaky.

Kh'zan headshakes "No, Umm. Just for. Umm." a pauses "Zorya." he coughs a little at his stammering. Course he's a bit flustered. "Just umm gettin it." he swallows and brings the pitcher of water over in time to grab his half finished drink and raises it up for the toast and then drinks.

"Thanks," goes towards Kh'zan as he returns to the table with that pitcher of water. Zorya turns a glance around to the others, "Ah should be going though. Was just reminded Ah'm suppose ta meet my cousin soon." she notes, rising to her feet. "Was nice meetin' ya though."

Taira likes stammering, if anything it only makes her more interested in Kh'zan. One hand aims for his shoulder, but Zorya's sudden leaving stalls it before it makes any contact, "Leaving already?" A little pout, just for a moment, "I'm sure I'll see you again soon. Bring your cousin."

Kh'zan looks a little startled as that hand comes near and he swallows and looks a little relieved when it doesn't land "I uh, I forgot. I umm need to uhh wash Quamirth." and with that he seeks the safety of his brown and other places.

D'ana is saved the the hurried, stammered excuses of the others, though it also means that he's left sitting with none other than the Wingleader and her weyrmate, the bluerider sitting, rather flustered. The drink is finished, downed quickly, and he just stares at the bottom of it. "I.." Though one look at Taira leaves him loathed to make and excuse as the others did.

Ly'am is already looking quite bright eyed from the drink, anyone who didn't know what he just came from might be well shocked at his behavior tonight. He points to D'ana again, "You owe me another round bluerider." He declares to the man before looking back to Taira, "Twice wasn't it?" He calls out to her before turning his green eyed gaze back to the bluerider. Greeneyed in more than one way tonight.

Taira moves as the others escape, pausing only to run her hand across the chest of another wingmember as she heads back to rescue D'ana. "Twice?" She bends over, wrapping her arms around Ly'am from behind. "Twice a day for a turn, dear. But only if you're very good." Just out of sight behind Ly'am's head she mouths an apology at D'ana, then adds, "How about we get some practice in just now? You go home and I'll be right up."

D'ana stammers a bit more as Ly'am's talking again, and he hurriedly shakes his head. "Not… Not twice. Not.." And then Taira's there to rescue him, and D'ana's sinking back in his chair a little more, eyes resting on Taira only long enough to see her mouthed words, the slightest nod of acknowledgement as he ponders his escape.

At Taira's encouragement Ly'am looks up to him and rises from his chair, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Yeah…I will wait for you in our weyr…" His words are most definately slurred already. He leans down and kisses her and gives her a pat on the bum before he staggers out of the lounge. Apologies tomorrow no doubt, but he is in a dark mood tonight.

Taira can't quite resist calling after Ly'am, "Don't start without me." Once he's safely out of sight she heads over to D'ana, taking a moment to give him a hug that mostly ends with his head in her cleavage. "Take over for me. I'd better make sure he's okay." Quieter she adds, "I'll /come/ back later. Save me something warm and sticky." A pause, a deliberate one, then she adds, "And maybe something to eat and drink too."

D'ana watches Ly'am depart, staggering, the bluerider then comforted by his wingleader. Returning the hug, D'ana tugs her down for a lingering kiss only once he's sure Ly'am's gone, nodding. A quiet whisper in her ear, a promise for later, and he's left in charge of the party. Yes, the anti-social, awkward D'ana.

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