Tell A Tale of Tales

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge

The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

So it seems the rolling stone has come to rest once more at Western as Ly'am makes one of his appearances in the weyr. The harper and Bronze rider seen on occasion at the weyr, mostly in the weyr of his weyrmate Taira before flitting off again to parts unknown. The young man is sitting on the stage with a couple other harpers, catching up on his latest adventures in the Southern lands as they tune their various instruments. The bronzerider's hair about shoulderlength and pulled back into a runner tail, his clothing casual. A open shirt over knee length shorts, showing a tanned phsyique. "Yes yes, and then there was this feline…I swear it was going to eat us all! Then Odryth gave an almight roar and the thing just dropped its skin right there and then and ran off nakid to the muscle and bones. I swear its true!" He says with amusement to his voice.

There is a buzz of excitement about, or, only about the computer crafter at least as she enters the lounge with a sense of purpose. The woman is dressed in Western wear, the latest fashion among the women currently with her hair pulled back. Brown hair actually swings as she walks to the bar, ordering a drink and the woman grins brightly. Her knot she wears notes that she is a resident of the Weyr, and from the looks of it: this knot is quite new. Kiley's attention is drawn away from the tender and to the harpers as they speak, especially the one who speaks the loudest. Attention and curiosity is piqued but she says nothing, simply watching while she waits and even going so far as to sit in the seat at the bar. Legs cross neatly and she tilts her head, perhaps attempting to understand exactly all that is said. Brows lift for the story once the words are understood and a brows lift. "That isn't possible at all. There's no logic behind it." Comes out before the woman has a chance to stop herself, cheeks flushing and attention quickly flittering away.

The other harpers laugh at the tail, one leaning over to clasp Ly'am's shoulder, "I would have surely have liked to see such a sight!" One says, another laugh, "I am sure Ly'am would do!" Which leads to more laughter and Ly'am sitting back in his seat with a hand upon his chest with a look of mock hurt. "Do you say my eyes decieved me?!" He asks before canting his head back to the woman who questions his story, glancing at her knot briefly before looking back to the face. "Yessiree, ran so fast his skin couldn't keep up. Even right now…there is probably some feline wondering around on the southern continent looking for his hide. Of course we took it up and turned into a saddle cover for my dragon." He declares as he continues to spin his tail. One that might at least 'seem' confirmed by the feline hide saddle cover of his lifemate.

Kiley gives Ly'am a curious look for his words, cheeks still colored a light shade of pink as she looks just a little longer. Brows are drawn into a slight frown, perhaps considering the story and his words. "But.." There's a soft protest, even as her drink is delivered. She picks it up gingerly and turns to face Ly'am once more, her eyes focusing on him as she lifts the drink to her mouth to take a soft sip. "It would be impossible for anyone, including felines, to lose their hide and still live after.. Much less be frightened to the point where they would lose it." She points out, despite the fact that her knot lay in the more technological of things. Another sip of her drink is made before she adds, "defeating a feline is a tale in itself, which could be admired as they are not entirely fair opponents and they are hard to take down alone."

As the young woman battles his story with Logic, the smile on Ly'am lips seem to grow. There is a guffaw from one of the harpers in the circle, "Oh I think she has got you there Ly.." Ly'am tilts his head head back with a laugh, "I think she does, I think she does." He says back at the group as he rises from the seat setting his guitar onto his seat, "It is indeed a fair tale Miss…" leaving the sentence hanging as if requesting her name. As he leans against the bar next to her he extends his hand to her, and leans in for a conspiratorial whisper which is well meant to be overheard, "If I told them what truely happen, they are less likely to believe it!" He says with a wink to the woman, "How about I buy you a drink and I will start the tale anew?" He asks in a friendly manner.

Kiley smiles widely like a feline that just ate the cream as they relent, she inclines her head just so. Another sip of her drink is taken as she looks entirely too pleased. "Kiley, sir. I was recently posted here." One hand is freed to gingerly shake his in greeting before falling back and gripping onto her glass. A soft laugh comes from the whisper, "but I believe the true tale is one to be heard. I enjoy stories, especially truthful ones. I'm curious." Cheeks fluster for the wink and she nods, "you can certainly buy me a drink if that's what you want. I would love to hear the tale, however." Hazel eyes settle upon the rider expectantly, like a child does when they are eager to hear a story that their parent has to offer. She waits, not even taking a drink until the man starts.

"Sir? Please save me from such titles, Ly'am of Bronze Odryth…Harper extroidinaire, teller of tales, player of a fine guitar…at your service." Ly'am says with a courtly bow, which does look a bit funny in his summer wear and sandles. As he rises her takes a closer look at the badge, "One of those computer people.. Ah." he says before offering a wink and settles back into the seat. "A true tale? Goodness, I might get disowned from the Harper craft for that, but I will see what I can do." He teases and waves the barman to buy a couple drinks. "Well down on the southern Continent, Me and Odryth with a couple of Harper Apprentices. Mostly historian and map maker types. We just landed at this little highcliffed inlet for them to explore. I dropped them down on the beach and Odryth and I went up to the cliff to Sun ourselves."

"I'm sorry. It's a bit of a habit. Ly'am, well met." Kiley laughs softly for the bow and smiles a little more shyly for it as well, fidgeting just a bit. "You've quite the list of things you can do.. I've always wanted to learn to play some sort of instrument." Her attention shifts to her badge briefly before nodding. "Yes. They're not too terrible." The computers. Another bit of laughter follows and she smiles, "I won't tell anyone." Is the promise she makes before he sets into his tale. This draws silence from the woman and complete concentration upon his words, becoming lost in the tale. "Was the feline right there when you arrived on the cliff?" Enraptured already, she can't help but ask.

He does seem to have a harper's talent in telling the tell, and well his buddy harpers are 'playing' their part in the tale by adding some 'thematic music'. Ly'am notices and rolls his eyes at them before heading on into the tale. "No, not at first. We had fallen asleep a little bit aways from the ledge. Letting the sun soak our bones. It is a bit colder down there and we were glad for what warmth we could get." A drowsy little tune is played by the gang at the stage. "Then Odryth woke up with a start, taking with it my pillow…his tail. So my head hit the ground, he roared in the shared pain! What woke him up was a passing feline…" The music starts to grow in suspense, "When Odryth Roared…the feline bolted…over the cliff and broke its neck." He smirks, "Those apprentices near crapped themselves to have a feline landing at their feet!" Gerald laughs, "Those book types are easy to frighten for sure…" one of the harper adds. Ly'am grins and looks back to Kiley, "And so ends my tail of the Feline saddle. We skinned it on the beach and Odryth had quite a nice meal of it."

Kiley nods along to the story, leaning in just so as she idly sips at the drink, carefully watching him as he tells the tale. The music certainly does add to the atmosphere of the story, even if she does not directly notice it right away. There's a soft gasp at the mention of his lifemate waking with a start, and even a wince of sympathy comes for the man hitting his head on the ground. Her nose wrinkles just a bit at the mention of the feline, tensing for what is to come. And then, the end of the feline has her chuckling softly. It grows louder for the final part of the story, "the poor apprentices. That is an interesting story! See? It is far better than the other one. Apprentices were frightened and no one was harmed /and/ you got a pelt from it." The woman smiles with childish delight before taking another drink from her glass. "I liked that."

"Indeed, I suppose they will have grand tales to pass on as well, of felines falling from the sky and landing dead at their feet. Fortunate I think, if only they were the type to spin a yarn so well as I." He says with a dramatic sigh and a hand coming to his chest once more. "Well what I didn't use up for the saddle, passed around to the other apprentices as momentos of the trip." He rises from his seat, gives another bow and heads back to his seat. He lifts his guitar before settling down and strumming the strings. "Being a computery type, perhaps a keyboard would work for ya? Or a Psaltery." He tightens a few of strings before strumming again and nods with satisfaction, "Shall we entertain the lass with an oldie?" Gerald shakes his head, "I am staying away from your Blue song Ly'am, I like my balls right where they are. Taira damned near threatened to remove em last time we played that song." Ly'am laughs and shakes his head, "Ok, not the bluerider song…" He strums another note, "Come roll me, Come roll me, come roll me away…" He starts in a pleasent Baritone and the other harpers laugh knowing the tune and start to play to the bawdy song that Ly'am starts to sing.

Kiley laughs, "well, I'd certainly like to hear their side of the story for what happened. It isn't every day that a feline comes falling to its death at your feet." The computer crafter muses and finishes off her drink, settling the glass onto the bar and nodding. "A good memento, I think.. Feline parts normally sell for quite a bit, if I am not mistaken. But then there's the fact that it does hold more memories than average." Her gaze follows him to his seat, blinking. "Ah.. Perhaps? I can't say I know what a psaltery is." The woman blinks, wide eyed before they begin discussing songs. Curiosity is piqued but she says nothing, lost on the history between the two but still curious. Curiosity continues to grow as the rider begins to sing and she's content to lean back into the the bar and listen with a slight tilt of her head. It is likely any sort of innuendos that may be in the song go completely over her head, the more blunt things draw the faint blush to come out more vividly.

"A toss in the furs or a romp in the hay. I'll roll any lass at least three times a day. So dear lassies come roll me away." Ly'am says giving a brow twiggle at that point in the song. A merry young man and despite his choice of song, seeming more out to get his audience rowdy then to flirt. "At the inn was a bard tuning up on her harp. I reached for her pick and helped tune it up sharp. I taught her new chords as we rolled on the boards. She sang praises to me as I rolled her away." He continues before setting on to continue the song, strumming along as he does so. The group of harpers obviously enjoying adding their own little merriments to it as well. When finally done, no doubt there is some applause from the few patrons of this hour and the gruop give a little bow. "Ah its like a lyre…a plucked soundboard." He finally answers to her earlier question.

Kiley is soon coloring for the words of the song, her cheeks redder than red at this point and the poor computer crafter looks quite scandalized. And as the song goes on the coloring grows worse until she's picking herself off her seat carefully, and waiting until the song ends at least before she looks ready to flee. "Ah.. I see. I'll.. Do some research. Thank you, Ly'am. It was nice to meet you." And with that, the woman is quickly hurrying from the lounge without a single look back to the dragonrider harper and his crew.

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