Plans to Move

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

Zi'on is out on the beach today. It's a little overcast, but the bronzer is still out getting a little sun and reading in his spare hours. He didn't get much of a chance to talk to Kiley about the other night. At the hall they'd been all business, and the bronzer didn't have much time between that and his next set of sweeps for a chat. But is Kiley is looking to talk.. here he was! And hopefully the computer was on its way to being built. The bronzer is just in his swim trunks, on his stomach and turning the pages of a book.

The beach and the sun certainly do call a person out, especially when it is winter elsewhere. Even with it being overcast, it certainly doesn't damper the fact that it is warmer here, and Kiley is heading out towards the beach. Her state of wear is something lighter once again while hair is pulled back and completely out of her face for once. Her journal is resting in one arm as she walks, her attention drifting between watching her path and looking out towards the water. And as she walks and looks as she does, her attention is drawn over towards Zi'on there on the beach. There's a curious tilt of her head and curiosity is what drives her forward and over towards the bronzerider without a hint of hesitation. "Zi'on. Hi." Cheeks are again a normal color and the woman is generally peaceful looking compared to yesterday and the state that she was in when they met in the hall. "How are you doing?"

Zi'on looks up when someone calls him. "Hm? Oh, hey Kiley." His bookmark is moved to mark his page, and then he sits up on his towel. He pats the spot next to him. "It's dry. I haven't been in the water yet." He stretches a bit and then reaches around to scratch at his back. "I'm alright, I guess. How about you?" He grins to her then and chuckles. "So did you ask that Nikolas guy out?"

Kiley peeks curiously at him as he offers a spot beside him, moving to sit down after a moment then folding her legs neatly beside herself. "Thanks." She smiles brightly and then opens her journal to note a few things. "That's good. I am good, myself as well." Her attention remains upon the journal but then when his question shifts to Nikolas there's a visible tensing as the pen quickly darts off the page and ruins the beginning of these notes. "Huh? What? No. No. I didn't. He's not interested. I could tell. He is rather oblivious about it and.. Feelings." Cheeks color a bit and she avoids looking at the bronzerider. "Not that there's anything wrong with that, really. I can just admire him for who he is."

Zi'on chuckles a bit at her response. "He uh… seemed like he's kind of a weird guy. No offense. I dunno. Maybe it was just me, and not being used to holder types or something. You sure you wanna give up that easily?" The bronzer looks to her and grins. "Enka and I kind of broke up. I guess. Not that we were officially anything… but we're just going to stay friends."

"He's smart, and logical and really is much like a living computer." Cue dreamy sigh from Kiley before she colors just a bit more and peeks over at him. "With someone like that.. I'd have to be a computer or bug him constantly until he says yes. Something like that, I imagine.. I don't think I could really pursue anyone like that, or anyone at all. So it is okay, I'll just like him." Smiles fade for his last bit of news and her brows draw into a frown of concern, "that's horrible, Zi'on.. I'm sorry. Are you okay? How did this all.. Come about?" Lips press together into a thin line, her eyes focusing on the man beside her entirely.

Zi'on peers at Kiley. "Well, if that floats your boat." He laughs. "Maybe you could warm him up to the idea? He's got to get lonely -sometimes-. You could like… be all there for him and then maybe he'll see the benefit of human companionship or something. Maybe not though." He shakes his head at her. "It was a mutual thing. We weren't really officially dating or nothin'. I told her we probably ought to cool off a little bit. It's not like I'm lookin' for a weyrmate or a family right now, and I think she is. So we're better off just bein' friends I think. That way if either of us find someone who is a better match we don't feel like there's gonna be a big production."

Kiley laughs softly and shakes her head, "he has computers. You can't really get lonely with those. Not with all the coding you can do on them, then there's their hardware.. So much easier to understand, you can take them apart, open them up and understand them completely with that alone." Another dreamy sigh, but this directed more towards the computers than the man and completely off topic. His explanation further into the story draws her from her dreamy little place and sobers her instantly, her face returning to one of concern. "I see. Well, I really do hope she finds someone that she's looking for. And I'm sure you'll find someone, too." The computer crafter smiles and then shifts her gaze towards the water. "At least it didn't end badly? You've still got a friend."

Zi'on laughs. "Suure. That's what you say. You might change your mind if you have a boyfriend that notices you instead of the computer though. But… suit yourself. I know I'll always pick the girl over the machine." At least that's what he'll claim. He nods to her. "Yeah. It ended pretty okay. It's always a little painful, but Enka and I've been friends for a while, so it'll work itself out." He leans back onto his hands. "I guess now I'm free to look for a new girl. You know any cute computer crafters?" He laughs.

Kiley gives him a curious look, "I've never had anyone, so I can't really say that I understand. My craft comes before anything, really.. Computers have always came first, and when I was interested we were candidates. So, I can understand about picking a computer over people or someone." She shrugs and offers a smile. "But, your girl will be lucky to have you, I imagine." Fingers play with the papers of the journal, before her gaze flickers over towards him to consider. "I imagine and I really hope for the best between you two." His final question earns a flush of color to her cheeks, a soft bit of laughter. "I know a very few people in my craft.. Why do you want to date a computer crafter?"

Zi'on grins and nods to her. "Well, you are pretty devoted and all. I guess that's a good way to be. You don't even miss your family, though? I know I'd miss my ma if all I ever did was hang about with computers." He grins to her. "I guess. That's what everyone always says. I dunno why." He looks down at her journal, then back at her. Then he laughs. "I know you know one cute girl though, shards! I don't necessarily want to date a computer crafter specifically. I'd just like to meet some different girls than the ones here at the weyr."

"It is good because I enjoy what I do. I don't miss my mother because she tries to make me get married and have five children or something like that." Kiley wrinkles her nose, "I still write but.." Her head shakes slowly. "That your girl would be lucky? Because you said you wouldn't put work before her, or something like that." Cheeks flush as fingers continue to play along the pages of the journal, folding the corner of the page back and forth. "I.. Don't believe I am a good judge of cute or not. Jeyinshi is cute.. I think. She's here in the Weyr though." A curious look is given and brows lift, "why don't you just travel outside of the Weyr when you get the chance if you want a girl that isn't at Western?"

Zi'on blinks, then laughs. "I see. My mother is already starting on that, too. When you getting weyrmated? When you having some weyrbabies? It's insanity." He grins. "Of course I don't have to get married or nothin'. My ma actually ain't that bad really." He shrugs then. "Well, generally not. I mean, it all depends I guess. I'm not gonna leave someone drownin' just because my girl doesn't feel like me going to work or anything." He blinks, then laughs and shakes his head. "She already said she don't like me. Eh… I tried that.. girl at a different weyr. Guess I'm just stuck bein' lonely for now."

Kiley blinks at him, giving him a skeptical little look before she laughs softly. "I'm sorry. I guess all mothers kind've start that sort of thing, one way or another. Weyrmating doesn't seem as permanent as marriage unless you want it to be." Her head tilts slightly and takes a deep breath and then giving him a teasing little smile. "She should know better than to put herself before someone who needs rescuing at least, if she doesn't.. Then, well.." She trails off, shaking her head firmly. Cheeks color again as he speaks of Jeyinshi, her attention shifting back to the water. "I see. Well.. That is too bad. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. You'll find someone."

Zi'on grins and shrugs. "Parents are always wantin' you to do one thing or another. If you had five kids they'd be wantin' six, ya know? And it ain't. My parents were weyrmated, but they split up when I was little. My da's had like three weyrmates or something since. Not ma though, she was busy with us, I guess." The bronzer stretches his legs out a bit. "Heh. Well you tell that to some of the ladies I've met." He laughs a bit then. "Ah, I'm just kidding. I ain't really lonely. Besides, I got you to keep me company most of the time."

"That is true. Mother wanted me to follow her craft, father wanted me to follow his." Kiley murmurs, listening to the talk of weyrmating and wrinkling her nose just so. "I see.. That is kind've sad." Her bottom lip is taken into her mouth and chewed on a little bit, "I think if I were to get into any sort of relationship that I would want to be in something more committed. If I were ever to, but." Her free hand waves at the end of the thought, perhaps filling in the rest of her thoughts. "They shouldn't be so selfish.." Is murmured before she tilts him a curious look, brows lifting again before she smiles. "I'm glad I can keep you company, Zi'on. But, there'll be a point where you'll be lonely again."

Zi'on nods. "What were your parents' crafts?" Clearly nothing as fun as computer crafting. Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Eh. I guess in a way it woulda been nice if my parents had stayed together. Easier that way, no need to switch weyrs to see them." But such was life. Like L'ton was going to stick around with a girl longer than was necessary. Zi'on looks back at her and pouts. "Probably. When you leave me to go to some other weyr or something."

"Mother is a harper and father is a baker." Kiley peeks over at him, "I didn't want to follow after them and I've always loved electronics." Cheeks color and she smiles idly in thought before being drawn back towards him. "Yeah. That is why. If I ever had kids or a serious relationship. Not likely, but.." The woman laughs softly at that and she shifts position to draw her knee to her chest. "Mhm. But even then, I may not always be who you want filling your loneliness." Her gaze focuses firmly on him, cheeks coloring a little darker and she gives a sheepish smile. "Not really the sort for anything more than what we are now. So." She shrugs and glances away. "It'll be sad to leave."

Zi'on nods. "What kinda harper is your ma? She sing? My ma wanted me to be a harper, too. Singin' harper. Da said no. He said 'Ya'll go an' git searched an' ride a dragin.'" The bronzer laughs a bit. "And thus I was searched. At least the first time." He smiles to her. "Shards, awfully sentimental for not carin' about having a guy or not." The bronzer blinks to Kiley, then shrugs. "We're friends. I'll always want you filling at least some of my time. Anyways, that ain't true. You could be the sort for more, why couldn't you? Anwyays… you don't have to move, ya know. I can drop you off there in the morning, pick you back up at night, or somethin'."

"She sings, yeah. I'm not good at all, but she was just nagging for all of us to get in the craft, even though my first brother did." Kiley wrinkles her nose a little bit more. "We all just had to make up our own mind. Guess your father saved you from a life of singing?" There's a soft laugh before cheeks color another shade. "I'm conflicted. I didn't really care at the Crafthall, didn't spend much time with people or men.. And the more I do, the more conflicted I feel." The woman heaves a soft sigh before she pulls her knees in closer, giving him a thankful look. "I am glad we're friends. I'm not really the sort cause.. I don't understand much about feelings or anything and would prefer to be around computers at most times.." There's a blink at his final statement, brows lifting. "I.. Suppose I could ask for a transfer here. I do like it here."

"Ah, yeah. My ma's father or something was a harper. She says I got a good voice, but you know how mothers are. I probably sound horrible. Best to make up your own mind I guess. I wouldn't have minded being a harper. Though a lot of the men tend to be a little… well, you know. Male greenrider-ish." Zi'on peers at her. "I think you understand more than you let on. Ain't like you've ever been mean to me or anything like that. Or treated me bad." He shrugs to her, then gives her a sad puppy-dog look. "Well,… you should make your own decision. Like you said."

"Mhm.. I know I sound awful. I agree that you should do what you want, better to enjoy what you do rather than force it and be unhappy. There was a candidate who was doing her craft just because, not because she enjoyed it." Kiley considers him, brows lifting. "What is male greenrider-ish?" The term still goes over her head. The peering is met with a sheepish little smile. "I can understand pain and being hurt.." Lips purse before she chuckles softly. "I want to stay. I could stay.. I guess it wouldn't hurt to write a letter to the Crafthall and request."

Zi'on blinks a bit at Kiley. She didn't know what male greenriders were like? He laughs then. "As in, a lot of them like men better than women. Not all, but a lot of them do. That's why my da didn't want me becoming a harper." Instead he became a bronzer. Basically the exact opposite. He smiles to her. "Well, that's actually a lot of it. I mean. It's all fun while things are going good, but when things start going bad that's when you really need a friend." He continues making puppy dog eyes at her. Then he grins. "I don't want to set you back. But if you stay I'll make sure you get to where you need to be for your project."

"Oh. Oh. Right.. Right.." Cheeks flush a darker shade of red, fidgeting a bit and laughing softly. "I don't know if that would make you like that just for singing." The woman laughs a moment longer, smiling wider at the bronzerider. "I guess that I understood more than I thought I did about people and emotions.." This is met with surprise in her tone and a look of confusion crossing her face. The puppy dog eyes are met with little resistance and she chuckles softly, "fine. I'll send a letter as long as you make sure I get where I need to be." Her gaze finally leaves again and there's more laughter. "Thanks, Zi'on."

Zi'on laughs. "I dunno. I guess Da thought they might rub off on me or somethin'. It's silly, I know. But my da is old school holder, you know." He chuckles. "I know you did. You can't hide behind your computers forever, you know!" The bronzer reaches over to tug Kiley into a bear hug when she relents. "Whoo hoo! Now you're stuck with me!" He laughs. "But I'll make sure you get where you need to be, don't worry."

Kiley laughs and nods in understanding. "My mother's parents are like that as well. It is rather silly." Her nose wrinkles a little, "I can too hide behind them forever, they're still easier to understand." She insists. A loud squeal is released as he draws her into a bear hug, there's a bit of a squirm to readjust herself and then to return the hug. "I suppose I am, but there are worse fates that I could be stuck with." She pulls back and gives him a bright smile, "thank you." Pause, "didn't imagine I'd get my own personal rider as well with this research." She gives him a teasing smile that grows into a wide grin.

Zi'on cackles a bit. "You can't. Not anymore. Now I can come find you." Zi'on squeezes her a bit before letting her go. He laughs. "Well. It'll be fun to see the different weyrs for me. I don't get out enough maybe. I had a girlfriend at Ista, but we didn't last long. So it was mostly just same old same old. Anyways, I'm sure if you ask Enka she'll let me write up your transfer papers and then she'll sign them." He laughs. "I gotta get back though. I'm due for sweeps in a while and I need something to eat."

Kiley makes a face at him, but relents with a heavy sigh. "I suppose you would" She agrees with a bit of laughter. "We'll have fun, visiting the other Weyrs and you an maybe find a girlfriend." More teasing for this before she slowly stretches out. "I'll stop by and ask her, then I'll send word to let you know to write it. It'll be up to you to get her to sign it." She smiles and nods once, "have a good meal and good sweeps. Be safe." And she is content to simply sit there and look out to the water.

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