Another day done

Western Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.

It's late afternoon, turning onwards towards evening and the setting sun is finally peeking through the clouds that had brought on a burst of rain. Kh'zan wanders out to where Quamirth had enjoyed the nice cold shower and is still glistening wet. "Couldn't you have covered up with something?" Kh'zan asks with a quirk on his face. He leans against the brown and takes in a breath. "Another day done. Just delivered the package and now me times our own."

Whistling, smelling faintly of runner, and looking pleased nearly to burst, Enka's marching out of the stables with the walk of a well-satisfied woman. She's dressed for riding — of the runner variety apparently to judge from the fact that she's got her riding boots and pants on, but no flying jacket. Besides which, it'd be nothing short of impossible to fit something the size of a dragon into the stables — the sheer fact of a predator of that size spooking the runners nonewithstanding — and since there's no equine-like cries of mortal terror from that direction, then … well, clearly, the Weyrwoman was in the stables fussing over a runner of some kind. A rope halter swings off her shoulder as she strides along. Catching sight of the brown dragon, and hearing his rider, she lifts a hand, waving. "Hullo there."

Rather than heading back towards the Weyr like most this evening, Jeyinshi is heading out. She walks into the bowl, a stopwatch swinging around her neck. Under her arm are a few towels, a folded up wetsuit, and several stacks of paper. The dolphineer wears a short dress that zips from bottom to top in the front and is made of towel-like material. With all that, it really isn't hard to tell that Jey is heading towards the lagoon. Though the brownrider is unfamiliar, Jeyin /does/ recognize Enka and strides over to join the pair. "Evening folks."

Idris is meandering across the bowl, far too early to check in for the dinner shift in the living caverns. Her apron is hanging scrunched from her left hand, swinging as she walks. The sound of whistling catches her ear— music always does— and when recognition dawns her stroll turns to the crowd and she smiles, lifting her apron-holding hand in greeting. "Hullo Weyrwoman. And hey there… Jeyinshi! I remembered your name, swimmer girl! You still got mine?"

Glyith stirs, yawning mightly as he warbles with curiosity. People! You weren't here when I went to sleep. Sneaky.

Kelthero wanders up from the general direction of the docks, his mood looking just about as dreary as the color of his uniform. It would appear the guard was on duty during that oh-so lovely burst of rain, judging by his soaked clothing. Luck, if it could be called that, has it that he has just finished his shift too as the setting sun returns. "…unpredictable weather … swear it has fits…" he mutters, mostly to himself, as he weaves around a few passing weyrfolk, his scowling gaze fixed on the ground in front of him as he slowly picks his way across. A whistling tune also seems to snap him out of his broodiness long enough for him to glance over. It's the familiar face of Jeyinshi that has the guard pause for a moment, his gaze then taking note of the Weyrwoman and the brownrider nearby as well, and yet another unfamiliar face in Idris. For a moment, he hesitates, seeming uncertain in approaching.

Kh'zan nods to Enka "Good day, Ma'am." he says with a tip of his head and then looks at odds with what to say next. Umm.. umm. "Pleasant ride?" he finally asks after a moment and then he's nodding to others who are gathering and looks just a little out of place with the gathering people. At the guard he nods "I'll say it has fits, I left this morning and it was a nice sunny day and now?" He hehs a bit "Wait five and it'll change again I'm sure."

At this time, Kiley is returning from a day of research, journal tucked under one arm and completely dry. Her path brings her back to the Weyr and occasionally stepping in a puddle or two on her way back. A happy smile is settled upon the woman who radiates cheer and walks with a bounce in her step. Most of her attention lingers on the path in which she walks, but the sound of talking draws the woman's attention up and she blinks at the gathering of people. Surprise crosses her features and she blinks, slowly changing her path to head over, offering a polite smile and a nod of greeting towards Kh'zan, a brighter smile is given towards Enka and Jeyinshi. "Ma'am," to Enka, "hi Jeyinshi." Another smile for the dolphineer. "I've been playing with a few ideas, I'll have to write back to the Crafthall and see if they can put me together with someone to make something." Then there is Idris and she smiles brightly at the other woman. "Did you figure out what you'd do for that contest?" So many people! As Kelethro has not joined the group, she is delayed in a greeting over in his direction.

"Jeyinshi," Enka's nod is rather curt, but the warm smile spreading across her face softens any semblance that she's anything close to a strict martinet. "Headin' down to the beach? How's Sungie doin'?" She asks after the little dolphin, after all, it's the right thing to do. Hooking an arm through the rope halter, she dusts off her hands, grinning wryly at Kh'zan. "Sure did, the stablemaster got in a new runner and let me give her a try. She's a nice little mare, smooth gaits, with good manners too. I liked her a lot." she surveys the brownrider a moment. "Had a pleasant day doin' delivery runs? How's …" there's a pause, a faint inward frown, and then, just as smoothly once Miraneith has supplied the name, she continues on, "Quamirth?" Idris's wave is returned, the goldrider wiggling her fingers — of the shoulder not currently playing host to a rope halter — at the resident. "Been thinkin' up new recepies for bubblies?" she asks, quirking a brow at the younger girl. "Been thinkin' I might try my hand at the contest if I've got time to bake." There's a glance in Kelthero's direction, but if the guard isn't really putting himself forward at the moment, then she'll leave him be, focusing her attention instead on Kiley. "Did Zi'on tell you which computer I picked?" she asks the computer crafter. "Been thinkin' I might also want a desktop too, maybe that one with the printer.""

Jeyinshi chuckles as she turns to greet the apron carrying girl. "Mmm, course I do Idris. I remembered your name too, didn't I bubblie girl? Keep your guard up though, I'm planning my latest kitchen raid." The dolphineer winks before her ear catches some soft mumbling and she turns to see the soaked guard. A worried expression crosses her face and she hastily pulls out one of the towels from under her arm and waving him over with it. "Shards Kelth. Good thing I brought extras with me. Come over and get dry? The soaked look isn't a good one for us future dart champions!" She stands, waiting to see if the guard will take the towel, but her head turns toward the brownrider and smiles, "But some of us got to work no matter the weather right?" Ah look, more people! The dolphineer smiles back at the cheerful computercrafter. "Heya Kiley! Really? Great! I really can't wait to see what comes of this project. I've got stuff for you too." Jey jerks her head in the direction of her stacks of paper and smiles, "I talked to some of the other crafters and they've given me the paper records for their dolphins' training as well. I'm just about done sorting it out and then they'll be all yours." The dolphineer then turns her attention to the goldrider and returns the greeting with a warm smile of her own. "Enka…Weyrwoman Enka." She grins at the mention of Sungie and nods. "That's exactly where I'm heading! I was hoping to ask if he knew about anymore freak storms that might be coming in from the sea. Sungie's as playful as ever though. Still hasn't calmed down, the silly thing."

"Right then, you'd better watch your raiding plans- I'm /onto/ you I am!" Idris can't help but laugh at Jeyinshi, the laugh simmering down so she can respond to Enka's comment. "Of course you should enter! It's coming up here in just a month or so." Good humor shines in her expression and Idris steps back just a bit so she can see all the faces in the group. She fiddles with the apron in her hands, listening to the banter. There's a somewhat vacant but pleasant smile for those whose names she doesn't know, and a wink for Kiley. "As if I'd give away my secrets out in public just like that, course I won't say a word about what /I'm/ entering in the contest." Naturally. A good baker who wants to be famous and win contests would never!

It would seem the decision is made for Kelthero as his earlier mutterings over the weather go overheard by Kh'zan. Soaked clothing or no, the guard wanders closer as the others go about their greetings. He gives a polite enough nod of his head to the brownrider, smirking faintly. "Ah, well. Hopefully I'm indoors then the next time it decides to have a change of heart. Hardly likely though." He replies, before his gaze shifts to the rest of the assembled group. Suddenly, he has a towel offered to him and blinking in surprise, he holds up a hand to wave off the offer, "Damage has been done, really. But thanks, Jeyinshi." The guard then chuckles. "It's not like I chose this look willingly!" Then Enka, Kiley and Idris are all given the same polite nod that the brownrider received. "Evening to you all." He murmurs, trying not to look as awkward as he suddenly feels among such a large group of people.

A'ven slips in, nearly unnoticed with all the conversation going on around him. But alas, it doesn't last, because Glyith's greeting is unmistakable. "Shells.", he says as he sees everybody standing around. He drops his head a little bit self-conscious. "I thought I picked the perfect time to be the only one out here." He grins, "But that's all right… that's all right. I just had to wait until it got dark. You people won't mind if I just…." He realizes he doesn't need to be so cautious. Without further ado, and with a nod to everyone to carry on, he begins walking with exaggerated slowness. It doesn't take long to discover why. He's carrying a farviewer, very very carefully.

Nodding, almost more as a habit than anything Kh'zan listens "She sounds like a good mare. It was a good day. No terribly odd requests outside the delivery of a bottle of something that sounded a bit viscous. But they didn't say what it was and I didn't ask. Just delivered it on ice to the Beastcraft." he remarks. "Quamirth is quite well. Though he did manage somehow to dismantle the fan I just finished building." He sighs alittle and then he blinks as he catches fragments of conversations. "Huh? Raiding Contest?" he shakes his head little. He certainly missed something and looks just a little bemused and backs up a bit againts Quamirth.

Kiley smiles brightly at Enka, "yes. The laptop. We dropped it off at the Crafthall already." And if she can get any brighter, the woman certainly does. "Really? That'd be a wonderful addition along with the laptop. And that'll allow others to work on records as well and anything else." Pause, "oh. And if it would be alright with you, would you allow Zi'on to draw up some transfer papers? Unless you're free to do so yourself, then that would be wonderful." There's an uplift of her brows, cheerful still and she looks to Jeyinshi. "Wonderful! Just find me when it is all sorted out and I'll get it all sorted into a program so it may be entered more easily." She looks to Idris and tilts her head slightly, "but you did pick something at least, so that is good. I'll look forward to seeing what you make." There's a look towards A'ven when his dragon greets him, and she offers a cheerful wave and a smile. However, attention is drawn back towards Kh'zan for his confusion and she chuckles. "I'm Kiley. Journeyman computer crafter."

Enka's hand wafts around expansively, after she'd waved, it appears the weyrwoman's just going to flap her wrist around in airy circles for no particular reason whatsoever. "Glad to hear Sungie's doin' well, you'll let me know if he knows of any freak storms, right? And also," she remarks to Jeyinshi, "just Enka." Oh, so there was a reason she was waving, dismissively, it seems. "I aint really one to stand on ceremony, and it aint like I'm really old or anythin' of that sort to insist on titles. Maybe when I'm really old, like Thagonia," she names the retired Weyrwoman of Telgar with a faintly pinched look. "I remember her growin' up in Telgar. Really moody, bet she wouldn't have liked it if she wasn't called Weyrwoman. Me now, it's ok. Seems like you've known me long enough that we can go on a first name basis, right?" there's a bit of a look around the crowd. "Same goes for the rest of you." Idris does get a chuckle and a grin then, the goldrider's head bobbing into a nod. "Well, if Mir's gettin' ready to do what I think she's doin', I'll have plenty of time from now till then to come up with a recipe for the contest." To Kh'zan, she's pursing her lips and nodding. "A really nice mare. I'm thinkin' of maybe gettin' her myself. Seein' as I've got the marks and all." His comment about the delivery to the Beastcraft has her chortling. "Can bet I know what it is." but she doesn't seem inclined to elaborate. "At least Western makes good deliveries." The best around! "Good," she addresses Kiley. "I'm thinkin' havin' a desktop could really come in handy. Get rid of that old one in my office, and it'll be good to go." At her request regarding transfer papers, the woman frowns a bit. "He'd have to come talk to me about it, stuff's in my desk, and aint nobody messin' around in there but me." Touch the desk, and nasty things will happen. Weyrwoman's honor. Kelthero's greeting comment is returned, a brief "Evenin'." given in return before the weyrwoman looks over at Glyith's greeting to his rider. "A'ven," Enka's hand is bobbing around in the air again. "What're you carryin'?"

Jeyinshi throws her head back, laughing lightly at Idris' words. "Guess we've got a rivalry going on here. Let's see who wins, shall we?" The dolphineer shrugs lightly and slings the towel over her shoulder. She may be able to balance a great number of plates, but holding stuff and folding at the same time didn't work well. "No problem. I'm just saying we have to watch our images. Lovers of the darts game will be looking up to us for the rest of our lives." Jey's lips turn up in a small smirk and she winks at the guard. But the girl's attention is soon drawn away by the approaching Weyrleader and she tilts her head, looking at the farviewer. "I usually use those to look out across the waters, keeping track of the dolphins and such. I'm guessing you've probably got some other use for it?" Ah the project! In the whirwind of people and conversation she'd almost forgotten. Jey nods at Kiley and looks down at the pile of papers, "It might take a bit…this is hardly any of it. I told the crafters, but Sungie told the dolphins. The way those chatterboxes are, word got all the way back to the main hall." The dolphineer groans a bit at the thought of inputing so much information into a computer before Kiley's introduction makes her realize she hasn't done one of her own. "Ah, and I'm Jeyinshi, journeyman dolphincrafter." It's brief and to the point, but that's how Jeyinshi is about such things. Enka's dismissal is met with a grin. "I'll let you know. Hopefully we won't be having any nastiness heading out this way. And didn't think you would care so much, don't even know what possessed me to use the title." She chuckles softly before listening to the story of Telgar's retired weyrwoman and making a face, "I had a master like that back at the hall. Forget the word Master when you addressed him and you'd be getting an earful for days." The dolphineer shudders a bit at the recollection. "Oh, so does it seem like Mir's going to go up soon then?"

Idris, still full of mirth, grins at Kh'zan's confusion. "Raiding kitchens, bubbly baking contest." Still swinging her apron— from hand to hand now— she nods to those gathered, adding her own name, "Idris, baker and serving table queen. Future famed bubbly maker." Always with the bubblies, always. She peers rather wistfully at A'ven's farviewer, the look of which reminds her, "Oh! Does anyone happen to have the time? Left the watch at home…"

Kh'zan tips his head a bit at Kiley and tugs at a lock of hair. "Pleased ta meet ya ma'am." he says after a moment and coughs a bit. A glance at Enka "I'm sure she'll be a good'un fer ya." Umm yeah, that sounds good and then the raiding is clarified. "Oh, well. That works." He hrms "Umm time? About that time. Yeah" he looks back and forth at people and then he's slowly working his way around Quamirth and making a break for it."

Kyldar comes in from across the bowl and pauses for a moment on noticing the rather large crowd gathered here, and then steps aside as Kh'zen bolts abruptly. She then approaches the crowd and gives a wave to those whom she knows. "Hello and greetings and all that, everyone," she greets. "Why the party?"

Kelthero glances from riders, to journeymen to resident as the conversation just seems to flow back and forth between all and for a brief moment the poor guard simply looks confused. It would seem not only Kh'zan is hearing bits and pieces that don't quite mesh. He shakes his head a bit, only to then give Jeyinshi a slightly bewildered look. "You're still going on about the whole dart thing?" he asks, both amused and slightly surprised. "I mean we played one game of darts!" Kelthero can't help but laugh a little, eventually lapsing back into silence as his focus shifts to the sudden appearance and hasty (if slow) exit of the Weyrleader. This only seems to baffle the guard further as he tries to follow the rapidly shifting conversations over titles, computers, projects and competitions. Somewhere in the mix, he realizes a few names have been offered and hastily throws in his own shortly after Idris, regardless if it fits or not. "Kelthero, guard." He then shakes his head, glancing over to the baker and giving her a faint smile. "Your guess is as good as mine as to the time."

V'ine come wandering into the bowl. He looks around at the people gathered with slight interest and moved to let Kh'zan go by. He spotted Kyldar and quickly walked over to her side. He nods his head to the people gathered. "Hello everybody."

A'ven explains, "It's just a farviewer. I've seen them used before and one of the Masters was kind enough to show me this afternoon… gave us this one on loan for a while. I thought I might try Belior, that's a pretty big target… and good for a first try." His smile becomes softly radiant. "I didn't expect to see all of you here but the more the better I say…" He seems a little taken aback, hearling his title. "I'm just A'ven…", he says. "Except if we're entertaining Lords and Ladies. Anyone that wears our knot is family far as I'm concerned. I don't need a title with my family. My knot will do the talking such as it is, and for me, it talks loudly enough." "It's nice to meet you." A look toward Jeyinshi, "Some of you I've met before." "I'm almost sorry that the SandHold had to wash away, that sure was a good time." "Did someone say bubbly contest? I haven't entered one of those in ages…"

Kiley nods, "it would be. Wonderful. We'll trade them off for a new one. I'll let him know to come talk to you about it, then." A soft chuckle slips out and the woman considers the growing crowd with a brief look before she looks to Jey again. "That is fine, I don't mind entering paperwork or anything like that. It's fun." Paperwork? Fun? She must be crazy. Or bored most of the time. Kh'zan's greeting is met with a bright smile, "it is a pleasure, sir." A curious glance between brownrider and weyrwoman, but then she silences to greet A'ven with a smile. "A'ven. It is a pleasure. I'm here for a research project.." The introduction is brief as she casts a smile to V'ine and Kyldar in recognition. The unknown Kelthero receives a cheerful grin for his introduction and she nods, "well met."

Kyldar moves toward V'ine as she sees him approaching and gives him a quick but sincere hug. "Hey," she greets and gives him a quick smooch. She then turns again toward the crowd and gives a nod toward A'ven. "Greetings, Weyrleader," she greets. "And hello, Kiley. Hows the project coming along?"

Enka makes a sound — not a /rude/ one, mind — just a sort of shallow breathy one, a puff of air expelled in a rush. "I'd really hope we don't have any nastiness. Anything is better than that awful summer we had when there were all them storms that flooded the island and made life really miserable, but shells and shards, I'd rather not have any bad weather at all." she remarks dryly to Jeyinshi, chuckling and trading a conspiratorial glance with the dolphineer. "Exactly. Some people seem awful hung up on titles sometimes, although I'd bet when I'm old and gray and wrinkly, I'd start shakin' my fist at anyone who didn't address me as Weyrwoman." But that's far far far in a future, and in such company as this — of folks near enough her own age, the goldrider just doesn't mean to stand out. Kh'zan's disappearance gets a blink from the woman, she tosses off a futile sort of wave, if he even catches it as he dashes off, and in doing so, catches Idris's query about the time. "Late, I'd say." the weyrwoman squints briefly in the direction of the sun. "Sorry, I aint able to just look at it and tell you what time it is." Clearly, she's got her flaws, no? "Just stop by," she puts in to Kiley. "I'm usually there." If not, she's easy enough to find. "You might get a midnight visitor if you're out lookin' at the sky tonight, A'ven," the goldrider teases. "Mir's been wanderin' as usual." There's a wave of greeting given to both the arriving V'ine and Kyldar before the goldrider turns slightly to address Jeyinshi. "Yes. It's lookin' like she is." Not just yet, but soon.

Jeyinshi watches the quickly departing Kh'zan with a bit of amusement before turning back to the guard. "It's my new life goal. Being dart champions is destiny." The sentence is said in a complete deadpan, not even a smile on her face. But the expression is quickly broken with a wink before the dolphineer turns to the incoming and waves. "Kyldar, V'ine. Evening." Starviewing, that's what he was doing then! That was much more pleasant than dolphin tracking. "Nice to see you again A'ven." The dolphineer looks almost horrified at the prospect of Kiley entering the data by herself, "Shards, there's no way you're working on this data entry thing alone. I might be slow, but I'll help out too. Besides, I'm going to have to know how to do it on my own to teach the rest of the crafters eventually." She smiles warmly at the computercrafter, the horrified and guilty look now gone once she declared her help in the project. "Shaking fists? I always thought you were the broom wielding type, Enka." The dolphineer winks at the gold rider before shifting so that the towels and such are being hugged to her chest. It's less tiring that way. "I agree with you on the weather. It's downright miserable having to work in the waters when it's storming up like that. Not to mention the oh so wonderful prospect of lightening hitting and carrying through the ocean right towards you." The distasteful expression on Jeyin's face says she's certainly had to face that situation.

V'ine looks at Enka. "What is looking like she is? Your dragon proddy or something?" Yes a tactical genius when it comes to stuff like that. "Hey there A'ven. How are you doing?" He clearly doesn't use titles. He gives Kyldar a hug. "Hows the project going Kiley?"

"Good luck with being a champion, eh," Idris catches a bit of Jeyinshi's conversation and adds her own comment, "You'll be famous one way or another, hm?" She glances at the darkened sky, purses her lips before the smile returns again. "Anyway, I suppose it is that time indeed," she says a mite wryly. "You'll all be coming for your suppers soon, I'm sure, so I'm off to make sure the serving table is full and there are fresh bubblies by the second wave. Nice to, er, meet you all." Waving her apron-holding hand, Idris nods at those gathered and flits off towards the living caverns, her step much more purposeful than its earlier stroll.

Kelthero gives a slightly amused snort when he overhears Kyldar's remark of the large gathering as a party. "One way of putting it, I guess." He muses, giving the greenrider a polite nod and one to V'ine as well once the guard notices his presence too. Kh'zan's exit goes unnoticed as Kelthero instead focuses back on Jeyinshi, giving her a long, searching look. "…are you being serious?" he asks, not sure if he should be laughing now or taking that on as a truth. To Idris, he almost groans. "Oh shells, don't encourage it!" How was he to know an innocent game of darts was to become… this? He offers a quick farewell wave as the baker heads off before shifting uncomfortably on his feet again, idly plucking at his still damp clothes.

A'ven acknowledges Kyldar and V'ine's greeting with a bit of a smile. He hopes that by them asking after Kiley's project he might learn about it as well. He takes a moment to second Enka's thought. "Mir's restless? Hmm.. wasn't she like that just before…" he shrugs off the obvious thought. "No, that was a long time ago." "Even dragons change… a little." "It's good to see you too, Jeyinshi, have you given any more thought to the idea of a temporary hut or something down by the lagoon? I think it would come in handy.." Kethero's discomfort is noticed, "Would you like something dry to wear? We're not short on clothes you know…" He remarks. "I'm sure you could find something to put on." He continues work on setitng up the farviewer. It would seem that the complicated bit comes AFTER putting it on its mount, because there's some confusion as to just how exactly he's supposed to align the thing. "This is frustrating. I can see sharding Belior with my eye of course, and I'm pointed right at it, why can't I… ah.. maybe… no… not that."

"I aint!" Enka's statement is one of mock outrage, "I thought it was you and Zi'on who said I was too nice to being a broom wielder, so I'd just have to resort to shakin' my fists. Besides, when I'm /that/ old and gray, I don't think I could lift a broom." Too creaky and old or something of that sort. "So what's the point?" She'd be better off shaking her fists in the end anyway. "Jays," her voice drops an octave into a near-whispered hush. "I'm shardin' glad I don't have to work on the ocean, especially in storms. Must be a shardin' adventure I'd just as soon do without." Quirking a brow, Enka tilts her head towards V'ine, watching the brownrider for a moment. "She's not proddy." she informs him, "but given that she's startin' to spend more time out durin' the day, and even told me this mornin' that Jasparroth was lookin' like he needed someone to chase him around the bowl… well, all the signs point to yes." a slight shrug then. "Eventually." She does glance over at Kelthero, but since A'ven had already made the offer of a change of clothing, she merely nods in affirmation of that. "Don't look at me, A'ven," the goldrider puts in, watching the weyrleader closely out of the corner of her eye. "I aint ever used one of those before. Maybe a starcrafter could help you."

Kyldar watches Idris depart, and then returns her attention to the conversation. "Miraneith, proddy?" she says, slightly surprised. "It's been a while, hasn't it?" A pause. "So, it's a sort of spontaneous impromptu party then?" she says to Kelthero. "That's the best kind, y'know." Then, to Enka in particular: "Wroking in a storm is the best kind of challenge." Then: "Okay, she's not proddy. She didn't seem it. Anyway, you can worry about the broom-wielding later. Like, decades later when we're all old and grey and decrepit."

Jeyinshi laughs at the baker before shaking her head and waving goodbye. And then the dolphineer turns, making another serious expression. "She had it a bit wrong though. It's not one way or another I'll get famous. It is through darts which I will become great, and it is you who has created this monstrous goal. So you should give me your full support." The amusement behind Jey's eyes at this point is hard to miss, but she does manage to keep a straight face for a few more moments before finally breaking into a smile and soft laughter. The dolphineer's humor always had been slightly hard to understand. This case was no exception. Still chuckling softly, Jey turns to A'ven and nods.

"I've actually got a tent down there." Tent meaning two poles with one of her old bedsheets draped over it. "But I'm hoping to get something a bit more stable. A hut sounds perfect…though I've really no idea how to make one." Jey watches the setup of the instrument, but doesn't comment. /Her/ farviewer didn't have the fancy knobs or stand so she was pretty hopeless in this area. The dolphineer lets out another chuckle at the goldrider's reaction. "I did say that didn't I? As long as your personality doesn't undergo a drastic change, I guess we really won't get to see you wielding brooms. Pity really. It might've been interesting." Jey grins almost cheekily before nodding, her expression turning a bit more sober. "It's…yes, it definitely is an adventure. But it's not always bad, in fact, most of the time it's great, but sometimes…" Jeyinshi trails off, shaking her head.

V'ine quietly listens to the conversation. His interest was just listening and waiting for something good to happen. He gives kyldar a light kiss on the cheek before waving to the group. "well I have work to do and I guess I should get it done as soon as I can so have a good time everyone." He gives a slight salute to enka before walking off towards the other end of the bowl.

Kelthero gives the Weyrleader a rather startled glance, a slow reddish tinge creeping across his cheeks as the guard tries, but fails, to hide his embarrassment. "Ahh, thank you for the offer…" there's a pause as he struggles for names, "…A'ven. I was actually heading back to the dorms. Have some dry clothes there." He clears his throat then, one hand coming up to rub at the back of his neck. "Just kind of got sidetracked." Yeah. Right. That's his excuse. "I don't think this is an impromptu party. Mind you, I've never been to one, so… who knows?" He replies to Kyldar, chuckling. Kelthero then glances back to Jeyinshi and finally catches on. With a roll of his eyes, throwing his hands up in mock defeat and gives the dolphineer an amused grin before he simply gives in. "Fine. Fine! You have my support then for this dart champion goal." That said, the guard glances towards the inner caverns, then down at his damp clothing. "But for now, I'm off to change, relax and perhaps find some dinner. Lingered long enough." He gives one final glance to those still gathered all around, lifting a hand up to give a farewell wave before making his own exit.

Enka's expression is a pouty little moue, the goldrider fixing Kyldar with a look. "It's not that she's proddy," comes her statement, "it's that she will be, whenever she's ready to be ready, which considerin' it's been three whole turns since she even so much as started glowin', it's about time." she tilts her chin downwards in a quick nod. "I'll just take your word for it though, about storms. All I remember was that awful rescue at Riverside Cothold with the floodin' or that time the hillside collapsed and buried that fishin' village. I remember it bein' cold and wet and it sure as shadin' didn't feel like a challenge to me. So I'll let you keep it, and take on sums that I can't figure out. There's my challenge." There's a brief pause, the weyrwoman rocking back on her heels a bit, and shifting her shoulder, yanking the rope halter up so that it doesn't slide down over her arm. "No broom for me," she tsks, clicking her tongue at both the greenrider and dolphineer. "Even if I was old and gray." Where's the fun in that, anyway? Another lengthy pause comes, gray eyes trailing off towards the central portion of the bowl, only to track back to Kelthero. "Sounds like you've got somethin' good in mind, dinner." she remarks to the guard. "Ought to head that way myself. Eventually. Maybe I oughta get cleaned up first." After all, she only smells /faintly/ of runner.

"Thank you, ma'am. That would be most appreciated." A bright cheerful smile is given to Enka before looking to V'ine, "the project is going well. Thank you for asking. I still have quite a bit to do and more people to speak with, but that will come in time." There's a wave of farewell to Idris as she takes off and the woman considers the others as they talk, tilting her head just so and considering the words. A look is given towards Jeyinshi in confusion for food raidings, but saying nothing as she continues to listen to the conversations, seemingly lost between all of them and previous conversations she doesn't understand.

Jeyinshi waves after the departing men before stretching a bit, "Maybe I should be the one wielding the brooms. Sungie sure would be surprised by that form of discipline." The dolphineer chuckles to herself for a few moments, thinking of her hyperactive partner's reaction. Haesungie would probably think it was some kind of new game. Maybe she could make it some kind of training exercise. Really though, raiding for food, becoming a dart champion, and now thinking of waving brooms about? Jeyinshi certainly was eccentric in certain areas. "Mmm, I should probably be heading off soon myself. I really do need to check on their weather reports. It'll put everyone's mind at ease."

Enka chortles with some amusement then, her shoulders bouncing with laughter. "It'd be awful hard to wield brooms in the water," she puts in, "but it might make Sungie slow down for half the time it takes to go /between/ —" so in other words, hardly slowing down at all, right? — "before he started jumpin' over them or somethin'. Reminds me of a lot of weyrbrats sometimes. They seem to turn just about anything into a game." And it would take one to know one, with all the tricks and pranks that Enka got up to when she was younger. "I've seen some pretty crazy things in my day." She quirks a bit of a smile at Kiley. "And you're settlin' in all right any everythin', yes? Got everythin' you need?" Departures of various riders and residents are taken in stride, Enka nodding farewell to some, and waving to others. It's just all part of a day's work — although there's not much more daylight left at that.
Kyldar grunts. "I don't intend to be old and gray anyway. I'm going to die young as late as possible." To Kiley: "So, when will I be able to use one of these talking computers instead of having to fumble with the keyboard or such? 'Cos, y'know, I'm just not good at that sort of thing."

Jeyinshi giggles. Which in itself is pretty amazing. She doesn't do it often, but it seems Western has had that type of effect on her. "You're too right Enka. That kid's probably smart enough not only to turn it into a game, but end up being the one wielding the sharding broom at /me/." And Sungie so would once he figured out that he should hold the broom in his mouth and swing it around instead of trying to hold it in his fins or something. "Anyhow, I'll see you all later. I've a handsome lad waiting for me, hate to keep him waiting." And with that, the dolphineer waves a farewell to the crowd before heading off to meet her handsome lad…Sungie!

Kiley blinks at Enka, "why would to wield a broom in water?" The concept is lost on the computer crafter. Cheeks flush a little at the question and smiles shyly, "yes. I'm settling in wonderfully, thank you. Everything has been perfect and everyone has been helpful." A curious look is given to Kyldar and she shrugs, "it would be a few more Turns at the very least. I'm not sure if I can work on it any faster, especially with no plans for the actual computer part. I'm not too sure what goes into it, yet." There's a wave of farewell to the departing Jeyinshi. "I'll see you when you have the papers ready."

"Likin' the way you think, Kyldar," Enka replies, lips twisting into a droll little grin. "I like it a lot. Stay as young as I can for as long as I can, and then call it quits before I get creaky and gray. I wonder…." she trails off, scrubbing thoughtfully at her chin with her fingers — errant muse, deep in thought for a moment or two before the weyrwoman snaps her fingers. "Time enough to worry about that eventually." Jeyinshi gets a look. "Ha, I bet he would. Never ever try and tell a kid otherwise, cause they can be devious and tricky in return." Like those drunken wherries … oh, wait, that got Weyrwoman approval, scratch that. "/I/ wouldn't be the one wieldin' no broom in the water," she remarks to Kiley. "You'd have to ask Jeyinshi, bein' as she's the dolphineer in the water most of the time." And Enka might actually ask that question herself, except there goes the girl in question. "Shells," Enka mock-sniffs. "She's got a handsome lad waitin' for her. Wish /I/ had a handsome lad too." Of the not-delphin kind however. Grinning slightly, the goldrider nods at Kiley. "Good to hear. Western's good for makin' a sort feel at home. I got a pretty good welcome myself back when."

Kyldar says, "Water broom-wielding? Well, as long as it's not in the lagoon, at least while Sinasapelth is anywhere near the beach. She likes to make big splashy jumps into the water and make it rain across half the island." There's a snort from somewhere across the bowl. "Well, you do," the rider says. "You're guilty as sin." Then: "Anyway, yeah, stay young. You're only as old as you feel and all that." To Kiley in particular: "You'll get it figured out sooner or later. There are only so many sounds in the language for the computer to put together. It's just the matter of putting them together, right?"

Kiley chuckles softly and nods, "I see. I guess she want to use it against Sungie." There's a soft chuckle and her brows lift, "who has a lad" There's a curious tilt of her head, perhaps slightly lost on part of this conversation. "Everyone has been wonderful in making me feel welcome here, I really don't want to leave and Zi'on convinced me to stay." Thus the transfer papers. She looks to Kyldar and nods, "that is true. But then there's the insides of the computers. General computers now can't take in sound so I have to find a way to get it to record and yet understand what it is hearing and be able to reflect this on the screen. And along with that, being able to repeat what was typed later as well should someone not want to really read what they are typing." Just in case!

Enka quirks a brow in Kyldar's direction again, the greenrider getting a studied look from the goldrider before she nods briefly in understanding. "Uh … huh." The sound is something of a non-committal one. "Bad enough we might get regular rain, don't think we need dragons tryin' to make it rain." Her grin does soften this remark however, before Kiley gets an equally scrutinized regard. "Jeyinshi, she /just/ said it." comes her dry comment. "Although I imagine she was talkin' about Sungie, whereas I…" the weyrwoman puts on a facade then, one hand poised dramatic atop her collarbone — which is just as well that it's not both, since she still has the rope halter looped over the opposite shoulder — "was speakin' of wantin' a handsome lad for different reasons. Got used to it, you know." There's a wicked little grin before she shrugs, the halter rope slithering to the ground to land with a soft dusty puff. "Glad to hear of it, that Weyrstern's folks are welcomin'. It's what makes us who we are." Well, that and the incredible distance from the mainland. Kinda rough and independent, y'know.

Kyldar grins a little at Enka. "It's all in good fun—and it's still hard to wield a broom in water when all the water has been splashed away." She gives a nod of parting to both. "Anyway, I should get back inside, but it was good running into everyone here."

"Oh! I didn't.. Consider the dolphin…" Kiley wrinkles her nose just so and gives Enka a rather apologetic look. Mouth opens then shuts quickly for that subject, instead moving on and offering a brighter smile. "They're very welcoming and it is utterly amazing." Kyldar is given a nod of farewell before she fully considers the weyrwoman again. "You wouldn't mind terribly if I transferred to Western? I told Zi'on I'd be happy to put all the previous paperwork in your laptop and now desktop. It'll be easier to do the second one compared to the first one, but I wanted to free up some time for you."

"Errr, right. The dolphin. Definitely the dolphin." Enka's lips twitch into a smirk of amusement, the goldrider, now having freed herself from toting around the rope halter and lead rope, now stands arms a-kimbo across her chest. She's quick to note that goldfish-moment from the computer crafter and she chuckles a bit. "It aint so bad, I've lived thus far, won't give up and feel sorry for myself now." Although, there's a definite look in her eyes as she glances away to scan about the bowl for a bit — someone else's feelings might be starting to rub off on her too. "Then again, could be that I'm Weyrbred, take it easier that sort of thing." She doesn't seem to be particularly inclined to move on about it, but as the tide of the conversation turns, the goldrider's just going to go with the flow. "Mind? You transferrin? Shells no, I definitely don't mind in the least. You'd probably be more use to the Weyr than I was before I was searched and Impressed at Ista. You're welcome to stay, if that's what you want." On the topic of the computers, she nods. "I'll likely have some free time in the comin' sevendays. Won't be able to leave the Weyr for anythin' so I'll be easier to find."

Kiley is certainly a goldfish with so many conversations going on, simply smiling when the weyrwoman agrees with her. Perhaps a bit dazed, even with all the people suddenly showing. "You're doing well. I don't really think.. Relationships are all that important." Another smile, "just doing what you enjoy doing helps, I find. And computers are wonderful." She just tacks that on in there and grins widely at Enka. "That's wonderful. I'll try and be a big help if I can. I would really love to stay, Western is so different from Xanadu.. And the people are great." The mention of not leaving the Weyr is met with a firm nod, "that's great. If you'd like I can come help sort paperwork for what you would like in the computer?"

Enka chuckles again, lips still twisted into that smile of wry amusement. "Well," she remarks, "I'd be inclined to disagree there, relationships matter a lot in a Weyr. I'm not talkin' about romantic ones although you find a lot of that goin' on. Bein' able to trust your wingmates, or bein' friends with someone, now that matters a lot. And you'll find here, it means a lot to people — to their families and friends. Sometimes y'move on, and fall away from relationships. It's just part of life. And you learn somethin' every time. Workin' with people aint like computers." she offers the crafter a nod. "I know you'll do a good job." Bending to retrieve the rope halter, the goldrider swings it back into place over her shoulder. "I'd better get goin'. Got a very important relationship I'd like to renew — that of my stomach gettin' somethin' to eat." she winks, reaches out to offer a hand in Kiley's direction. "I'd like whatever assistance you could give me. You'd have my thanks."

Kiley's cheeks color a dark shade again and she nods, "mainly meant.. With men." Lips press together briefly before nodding in understanding to the woman's words. "Computers are easier to understand than people are, they really, truly are. But I'm learning how to work with people and.. More every day." Especially with her speaking with them all the time. More coloring to her cheeks and she grins widely, "thank you. I won't let you down." For her reasons for taking off, the computer crafter chuckles and nods. "Your stomach is an important relationship you'll want to keep." Her hand is taken and given a gentle shake. "I'll do my best, ma'am. You're welcome and I'll help any way I can."

Oh, lookit her blush. There's a cheeky grin from the goldrider as she observes this. "Well, there aint nothin' /wrong/ with relationships with men." she puts in with a droll little laugh. "I've certainly enjoyed it. But again, I'm Weyrbred, not sure about you. It's just part of me, I guess, part of what I grew up with. And now I suppose that I'm single again, I can make the best of it." And the even best part is about to come, honest! "I'm not really a computer person the way you are. I mostly just use 'em to type stuff on. And people are definitely not the same as computers, can't push their buttons in quite the same way," the goldrider points out, "but if there's anythin' I've learned, people are like cookies. No two come out exactly the same. You'll learn." Of course, there's some wordly wisdom being dispensed, nevermind that the giver is only /just/ older than the one the advice is given to. With another nod and a smile, Enka's heading off. Food awaits!

If she could color more, she certainly would. "I'm holdbred." Kiley admits. Perhaps that explains everything. She considers the other woman and then chuckles softly. "I've never had a relationship with a man, really. But.." She leaves it at that, shrugging along with it. "I'll help you figure out everything you need to know." The comparison about people is met with a soft chuckle and a nod of agreement. "They certainly are a lot like cookies. I really hope to learn more." Kiley is quite ignorant when it comes to people for her age, mostly because of computers. There's a wave of farewell for Enka before she's making her way back into the inner parts of the Weyr, herself.

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