Long Time No See

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

The afternoon is in full bloom, with Rukbat overhead and casting a golden warmth over the Weyr below. A slight breeze cools the air and takes the edge off the heat, and Rou'x enjoys even more shade as she stands under the outstretched wing of her lifemate, leaning against his battered-leather coloured side. He's huge already, in comparison to her, easily near the size of a small green or blue. His weyrling leans casually, silently, simply waiting.

Ryeokie hasn't been to western for months. In fact, he simply disappeared a day or two after the hatching. That sort of stunt was turning out to be a habit for him. First from Xanadu and then from Western. But today it seems he's back and on business. Part of his hair is tied up in a half pony-tail while the rest falls at the nape of his neck. Wire-framed glasses hang from shirt that remains half-buttoned and crumpled. His accesories for today? A tube held under one arm, which presumably holds a chart. As he makes his way across the bowl, the starcrafter pauses, eyes falling on a familiar figure. "Hey there Rou'x." A grin shot towards the girl.

How could Rou'x not get excited by the sound of that voice? "/Ryeo/. Ryeo!" Darting out from beneath Indianath's wing, she closes the distance between the two of them, throwing her arms around his neck and squeezing tight. A shadow is cast over them as Indy lumbers after her, lowering his head curiously down to wuffle at Ryeokie's hair, then he turns his head sideways to look properly at the starcrafter. Rou'x doesn't seem like she's letting go any time soon, and in fact she squeezes a little harder as she presses her cheek to his.

"Whoa there!" Ryeokie stumbles backwards a bit as arms around slipped around him, but a smiles does come to his face. "Sounds as if you missed me or something." The weyrling gets a quick wink before dark eyes are glancing up towards the brown. "And hey to you too big man. Looking good." One arm slips around her to return the hug, though the other remains clutching his chart tube. "How've you been lately? Weyrlinghood treating you alright?"

Rou'x leans back enough to be able to at least look at Ryeokie, a smile on her lips and her nose wrinkled happily as she meets his dark gaze. "'Course I missed you. Who else'm I gonna get a /proper/ hug from, if not from my Starboy?" She laughs, loosening one arm from its loosened hold to bop one finger off the tip of his nose, before she looks over her shoulder at Indianath. "He's amazing. He's /so/ amazing. I never even knew I needed him until I found him - Ryeo, I can't even /explain/ it, it's just so…" Silence overcomes her as she thinks. "You know how it feels, /right/ after sex? That sorta blissful, I've just come and I'm so happy and satisfied feeling? It's like /that/, only so, /so/ much better."

Ryeokie raises an eyebrow as he listens to her, chuckling. "Well….I mean, yeah I know how it feels." There's a small cough though as he looks up towards the brown and then back at Rou'x. "But, well, I think that's a rather odd way to put it…." Chart is shift slightly under his arm before he's smiling down at her again. "But I'm glad he found you and you found him. Can't say the big guy would look better with anyone else. And the same goes for you." A pause. "And since I didn't get to say it in person before I left…..Congrats! I'm proud of you, Rou'x."

"Thank you! It was all such a whirl afterward, I didn't know what to do or say or anything, and then I got your note, and I didn't… well, I just didn't know what to say, Ryeo." Rou'x's hold loosens a little more, and behind her Indianath settles down on the ground, yawning and stretching until he's comfortable. "How's everything going with you? Tell me all about Ista, and everything you'd been doing! Even tell me about the boys you've been shagging… because you have been, haven't you?" She winks playfully at him, curling her finger idly into the ponytail-free hair.

Ryeokie grins, "I think in that situation, you wouldn't need to say anything, no?" There's a playful tug to her ear as eye's form into half-moons with his smile. "So many question. Everything? Nothing much. Hang out at the beach. Sleep during the day like I'm /supposed/ to. Watch stars at night. And as for the boys….Well…." There's a small waggle of his eyebrows, "Wouldn't you like to know, Hungergirl?" There's a chuckle though as he shakes his head, "You're not getting anything out of me on that topic. But how about you? Should tell me stuff too. How's weyrlinghood and all?"

Rou'x snorts softly at being denied what's she's sure are the juciest details. "Weyrlinghood is fantastic, but it's a lot of work, too. Indianath managed to eat some bad meat recently and he's had the /worst/ upset stomach - of course /we've/ gotta clean up all that shit before they can go between. Eurgh." She shakes her head, looking displeased. "Straps classes are the /worst/. I can't figure the damned things out, but we're actually starting to /ride/ now… I've been up on his back a few times."

Ryeokie makes a bit of a face, nose wrinkling. "No offense to him….but that's kinda gross. Someone should've fed the meat before they gave it to you guys." There's a small shake of his head as the starcrafter glances over towards the brown. "I remember cleaning up after the animals when I was back home helping the family. Seriously unpleasant." But unpleasant discussion is pushed aside. "Oh yeah? Bet you look great up there. And I'm sure that you'll get all those straps sorted out in no time. After all, you'll have to remake them as he gets bigger. Practice makes perfect and all that nonsense they say."

"He rooted it up from under the oil barrels, Starboy. I didn't feed it to him." Rou'x's happy enough to skip on with the conversation, though. "Yeah, we're doing and redoing straps /all/ the time. It's incredible how quickly he's growing… and he's the biggest brown in the clutch, too." That seems to please her, as a proud smile curves up her rosy lips. "We'll take you for a ride, once he's big enough. And when we can, I'm gonna come to Ista and steal you away for a night of star-watching somewhere /really/ remote and random. Star-watching and… something boozy."

"Yeah? Bet he'll grow up to be a beast one day. The ladies won't stand a chance." Grin is followed by yet another smile before Ryeokie shifts the chart tube under his arm once more, this time letting it slide down words so it is held upright between the top of a foot and one of his palms. "Gonna steal me away, huh?" Goofy smile and wink is directed towards the weyrling, "Send me a note before hand so I can get all my work finished the night before then, yeah?"

"It'll kinda ruin the whole surprise kidnap bit I had planned, but I guess that'd be most practical, yeah." Rou'x chuckles, curling her fingers into Ryeo's hair and running her fingertip softly along his bottom lip. "All those urges I had before the hatching've been gone since Indy found me, but I tell you what, Ryeo…" She pauses, flickering her gaze upwards from his lips to his eyes. "You kinda make them come rushing back. D'you still wanna see where things might go, maybe? Later on, when we can?"

"Well, just gotta make sure none of the Masters are going to come check in on me and stuff that night." Ryeokie gives a small smile at the touch of her fingers, head tilting slightly at the words. But expression soon fades into something more serious as he glances first at the brown and then his lifemate. "You can't afford to have anything come rushing back right now. Not with him still this young." A small tip the starcrafter's head towards the dragon. "And like I said before, I'm not someone that sticks around, so I can't promise anything." Ryeo pauses slightly, brushing a strand of hair away from the girl's face. "But later, when he's older and things are sorted out, we can see how things go. We can see where things take us and whether things work out, yeah?"

"It's all about the seeing and the trying, Ryeo, no promises of anything. I'm in no position to make them, anyway." Rou'x looks back at Indianath, who's resting easy. "No promises, just fun. I reckon we'll at least getta bitta that before we're sick of each other and at one another's throats, yeah?" Looking back at the starcrafter, she winks. "Don't worry about him. He's alright - I've got it all under control between us." Us being between herself and her lifemate. Rou'x curls her fingers lightly around Ryeo's shoulder, squeezing. "I don't want any promises, Ryeo."

Ryeokie grins a bit, "See? Yes. Try? Yes. Just fun? Not so sure about that." There's a small shake of his head, replying to the wink with a quick one of his own. "I'll have you know that despite my flirtatious ways, I'm a gentleman." There's a pause as he feels the squeeze and he grins a bit. "But like you said. No promises. We'll just see how things flow and stuff, yeah? But it's good that you and him are cool. Not all of them are that understanding."

"Just fun while we figure it out, Rye." Rou'x's back to curling her finger round and round in his dark hair. "There's no point in us getting all het up and shit over something that's just meant to be a test of the waters, so t'speak." She grins, then gets that faraway look of communication with her lifemate. "Oh - Indy says Sarhlianth — er, my brother, that is, is on his way. Will you be around long, Starboy? Or is this just a quickie teaser?"

Ryeokie sighs a bit and shakes his head. "That's what I'm saying…I don't do fun with people. I'm fine with seeing where things go and such. But….I can't /just/ fool around. I won't." The words come off rather serious as the starcrafter looks into her eyes, and half-refutes everything he's said about Istan-boy exploits earlier. There's a brief glance towards the brown when she speaks however and grin curls at his lips once more. "Sorry dear, need to deliver some charts and then it's back to the black beaches for me." There's a small head jerk downwards towards the tube that he know brings up and slings across his shoulders. "Guess that means I'll see you around later then, huh?"

"You betcha you will. You should come up here one rest day, we'll go chill out on the beach or something." Rou'x goes up on her toes to press a little kiss to his jawline, then she kisses her fingertips to transfer one to his lips with a cheeky wink. "What I meant, Starboy, was that there's no point in us trying to force it while we figure things out. We'll just let it be what it is and enjoy what we have until we know, either way. That's the having fun with it bit… not just fooling around for the sake of shits n' giggles." A blue dragon alights across the bowl, and Indianath gets to his feet. "That's Seaux," Rou'x explains, looking over to the man dismounting. "Come back soon, Ryeo?" She adds a blown kiss to her farewell, before turning to walk alongside Indianath's shoulder towards her approaching brother.

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