Hotsprings and Greenriders

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs
// Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.//

It's the early evening, right around the time most people are finishing their duties for the day. For Nae, that means work with her craft all day. She enters the springs still wearing her Dolphincraft-issued wetsuit, hair tangled from seawater. She heads straight to the nearest bench to shed the garment, laying it out to dry before she gathers a basket of soapsand, looking for a pool to soak in.

Lisbei has been on top of things since transferring to the Weyr. So much excitement and everything has been a bit of a whirlwind. After many a hours in the gardens, followed by a few more with plans and discussions, Libs is pooped. She's not had so much as a moment for herself today, even if her duties are rather enjoyable in her opinion. She ventures out to the hotsprings, with a post work relaxation time vow. This area came as a suggestion from more than one person, given that the volcanic structure the Weyr is on provides for some awesome bathing caverns, she's not surprised. Stepping in to the black stone cavern eyes are wide with joyous glee. The azures and greens are somewhat reflected in her eyes, scanning the area and realizing she is quite overdressed. Her two-piece, green and white polka-dot suit definitely screams 'Hold-bred' and even though she's relatively well traveled, old habits die hard. Venturing further in she recognizes Nae who just grabbed some soapsand and calls out. "Hey! Mind if I join you for a soak?"

Nae turns immediately at the voice of the now-familiar Farmcrafter. She is definitely not holdbred, given her apparent comfort with standing around entirely naked. She gives the swimsuit-clad girl a wide grin. "Hey yourself! Lisbei, right?" She asks, taking a step closer. "Sure! Soaks are always more fun with company. Got a favorite pool?" She asks, gesturing to the empty ones available.

Lisbei isn't uncomfortable with Nae's appearance per se, but she definitely keeps her eyes on her blonde hair, blue irises and full lips. Lis can roll with things, even if not readily stripping down herself. The smile is returned, it is not a shy one but not nearly as beaming a wide grin as given by the greenrider. "Yep. You got it Nae…" She's pretty good with names, comes as part of her Trader training- can't sell anything if ya can't remember a name her mother used to tell her. The step closer almost provokes a hard swallow but instead a head wobble-no masks this urge. "It's my first time in here to be honest.. but you must?"

Nae can't help but notice the little quality of reservation in Lisbei's expression, her smile turning just the tiniest touch amused. "… Is this your first time in any weyr bath, Lisbei?" She asks, piecing together her admission with her general unease. It's not a teasing question, just a genuinely curious one. "Don't worry. Come along, one of them's a little less… out in the open." She offers her hand, then leads the way to a smaller pool off in one of the darker corners of the springs.

Lisbei turns a lovely shade of pink, that is thankfully hidden by the shadow glow lit darkness of the cavern. Head shakes- yes. "My mum and pops wouldn't let me in em when we traveled. I'm um…" she pauses and coughs it out "…kinda young." Her physique may not show it, but she's barely fifteen and a half turns, which in hold-raised terms is practically still a child mentality wise. Ok, so she lived a sheltered life and is out on her own for her first time- maybe she sneaks a peek at the rider's curvy yet toned body. There's a nod and expression of gratitude with a "Thanks." for her guidance, placing her own hand in hers and following her towards the darker corner of the springs. "Have you always lived in a Weyr?" Lis asks a bit shyly.

Nae raises an eyebrow, pausing and looking back over Lisbei and that rather impressive curvy form of hers. "Really? You don't look young." She remarks. Is that a flirtatious tone in her voice? Maybe. She smirks when she catches that peeking, bending to set down her basket before turning to face the girl, her hands clasped behind her back. "I was born here. Lived a couple turns away at the crafthall, but I'm a weyrgirl for life. It's a lovely way to live."

Lisbei shrugs at that brow-raised expression from Nae. "I guess maybe sheltered could be a better description. While my physical self is pretty grown, it's m'first time away from my parents." A little frown shows she kind of misses them despite being so head strong about getting out on her own. There's a grin shot back her direction, kind of picking up on that flirty tone and smile-blushing when she's caught peeking. Nae doesn't seem to mind, but that is a fleeting moment whereby she's grabbing her own bucket of sweet sand and nearing the pool's edge to dip a toe in. "That's lovely. I've heard many a stories about Weyr life. Do you think most of em are true?" Her experiences in Weyr's have been relatively G-rated, so seeing the rider and others comfortably walking around nude is a little surprising, even if she doesn't really show it. "What'dya do when you were at the crafthall? Probably boring in comparison I bet."

Nae grins even more at that smile-blushing. Oh, this is shaping up to be a rather fun little soak. She slowly steps into the bath, eyes still upon Lisbei as she does so. "Well, that depends on the stories you've heard." She answers. "If it's that it's a constant orgy, well… that's only during goldflights. Not that we don't know how to have fun…" She is certainly a bit of a stereotypical greenie. She sinks into the pool up to her waist, sighing at the heat. "Mmm. I'm a dolphincrafter. Spent most of my time in the water. It was lovely, really."

Lisbei doesn't crack under pressure, or at least not on the receiving end of the blonde's gaze. She too dips in to the pool, feet first as one would expect, and moving slowly as it is quite hot! There's a shrug and a giggle "Oh well, just about everyone being naked and drinking and umm… doing all sortsa crazy naughty things in public. Maybe some of it was embellished." A nod in reference to everyone in their birthday suits besides her "Though not too much so I'd imagine." What Nae says next has her sputter coughing. "'Scuse me? Really?" This seems a little shocking and her frosty jade eyes look wide with surprise. "Remind me to go back to the hold when that happens. I don't think… I mean. I just am not sure I'd be comfortable with all that." Not that others aren't but she's definitely a lady, maybe a slightly reserved lady at the moment, and this is probably precisely why her parents didn't want her moving to a Weyr. Finally fully submerged, she reaches for some sweetsand and starts with her arms. "A dolphincrafter? How wonderful. I love the water myself. Though I mostly snorkel and whatnot. Maybe we can go out some time?" She works a good lather over her whole body.

Nae keeps up her slightly naughty grin, eyes trailing over the girl again. "Well, I guess the naked and the drinking parts are true." A look around the room would certainly confirm that. "They're fun, though." She leans a little closer, flirtatiousness in her eye again. "Why not give it a try? Lose the suit, embrace the weyr life. It's so much comfier this way." She winks and briefly pushes her bare breasts together, as if to emphasize that remark. Then she giggles. "Sure, I'd be happy to take you out snorkeling. There's great stuff to see here. I can introduce you to the dolphins." She grabs her own soapsand to start scrubbing.

Lisbei giggles and brushes off the mounting tension in the air, even if it was one sided. "I dunno if I'd call that fun. I mean maybe for someone… a little more indulgent of things of that nature but," a pause and brow raises at her suggestion. "One step at time for me I think. Bathing in public with a bunch of," she whispers "naked people " as if Nae is not part of that party "is a good place to start for me. Plus, I like my suit. It's cute!" It really is, but she understands where the rider is coming from. The wink and boobie smooshing has Lis giggling, the wink making her head shake slightly in some sort of awe of her antics. It isn't long before she's fully scrubbed and rinsed, blonde locks and all, dipping beneath the water to get off all the suds. "You'd really do that? I'd love to swim with some dolphins! Especially with such an amazing dolphincrafting rider like you!" Is that flirting Nae senses? Probably not, Lis is just really nice.

The tension does seem to be fairly one sided. Nae seems totally relaxed despite behaving in a way that would scandalize any holder. She keeps right on grinning. "It is a cute suit. I just wanted to see you naked." She admits, smiling without any embarassment. She persists in her scrubbing, dunking down to get her hair wet. At the 'amazing dolphincrafter' line, she giggles a bit. "Well, aren't you sweet? Just tell me your next rest day, I'll take you out."

Lisbei's lips fall in to gape. Well now! Nae has no problem telling it like it is and the holder turned weyr newbie chuckles and blushes profusely, a red that can even be seen in the dimly lit corner of the hot springs. "Well umm, maybe some day when we're a little more acquainted and comfortable n'all. I mean no offense, but I don't usually let people I've only just met see me in such a state. Not that there's anything wrong with that… for you, or anyone else, I mean." Good thing Nae is so chill, because Lisbei is not doing so good with that whole words thing right now. "I should have a rest day the day after tomorrow. But I should probably get in for dinner and head to my hut to turn in early 'cuz I'm up at the crack of dawn for pest control in the gardens." It really wasn't anything Nae said and she hopes she conveys that by saying "You're really awesome Nae. I look forward to seeing you again." There's no promise of how much more Lisbei she'll be seeing, but it is at least something to run with she hopes.

Nae pouts briefly and playfully at the response, but she quickly snaps back into a little smile. "Ah. Another time, then. Don't worry about it." She winks and giggles a little, finsihing her rinsing and stepping out of the pool, water dripping from her body. "Mmm. You have plans tonight, then? I suppose I won't invite you home with me, then." Is she joking? So hard to tell. "Day after next it is."

Lisbei gets out of the pool, dripping wet but so fresh and so clean. She reaches for a drying cloth and runs it down and up her limbs before wrapping it around her two-piece suited body. "Definitely another time…" for what? That is debatable. "I just have a ridiculously early morning…" The second part provokes a giggle and more blushing. "Oh Nae, you sure are something else. Not sure I've ever met someone like you, which is a good thing. I'll be looking forward to it." Though she assumes the greenrider is not joking. A tip of an invisible hat and a wrist flicking wave and the girl is off towards the Weyr to grab a quick bite and turn in early. "You're welcome to join me for dinner if you'd like. I won't be very good company after that though." Sleepiness's yawn emphasizes this and she heads for door after the greenrider's response.

Nae has another little pout at that 'ridiculously early morning' bit. She grabs her own towel, and may be putting on a little bit of a needless show as she dries her bare body. "I'd love to have dinner with you." She says with a little grin. "Alas that after dinner activities will have to wait. Perhaps the day after tomorrow. We'll make a day of it." She says with a wink. "Go on ahead, I'll dress and catch up."

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