Kitchen Raid

Western Weyr - Kitchen
Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

Afternoon at Western finds the kitchen in that curious lull between lunch and dinner, with just a couple workers ensuring that there is still a little bit of light fare available out in the caverns. The rest either cleaning up fromlunch or eating their own late lunches. Idris is, naturally, taking advantage of the lull to work on her bubbly recipe and has laid claim to a counter area and oven not far from the cold storage room and is mixing away awaiting the tell-tale beep from the oven that will mean her current batch is ready.

Iyomne emerges from the cold room with a tray of fingerroots, settling herself at a table near to both door and Idris. She doesn't immediately set to her peeling, but watches the other for a moment as one of the other kitchen workers brings over a composting bucket. After he's gone, sent on his way with a smile and nod, Io calls over, "Are you the reason it smelled so good in here earlier?"

"Please, I'm /always/ the reason," Idris scoffs, then offers Iyomne a grin. "Naturally, being, er, new, you wouldn't know." Brow quirked, she peers at the other girl. Hopefully she really /is/ new, Idris is rather awful at names. "Anyway I'm going to win contests with my bubblies soon eno- oh look, fresh!" A beeping timer interrupts Idris and she quickly wipes her hands on her apron, slips on mitts and removes a tray of bubbling bubblies from the oven. She holds it towards her face and inhales. "Mmmm, excellent. Frosting this batch, you think?"

Iyomne merely greets this boast with lifted eyebrows and another faint smile. "Good luck," she starts, before beeping leads to a flurry of bubbly-removing activity. While Idris is busy Io starts peeling the vegetables, most of the peels landing on her apron rather than flying into the bucket. "You frost your bubblies? I can't say I've ever done that. The most I've seen is a drizzle of icing. Is that what you mean?"

"Yes yes, of course. Too much frosting would drown out the fruit inside." Idris laughs a little, then snorts. "/Some/ bakers do think they'll win with tons of frosting or ice cream or whipped cream. I won't give way my secret for the contest, but it will win, I know it. I know who I'm up against." As she's said to everyone within hearing range for the past… well, forever. "At least, mostly. Got to say the weyrwoman entering this round might be a wild card, she does like to bake. But we'll see."

"The Weyrwoman?" Iyomne echoes, her hands stilling for a moment as she studies Idris, most likely trying to judge if the other woman is pulling her leg. Slowly she resumes peeling, face turned thoughtful. "I didn't know there was a contest. Is it open to anyone in the Weyr?"

Idris ehs as she sets the hot tray down. "Technically it's open. I mean, it's a gather, they're always open. There's always your amateurs entering any old contest. But there's always that core group of entrants any time you go. My grandma was one of'em. Passed it down the line, you know." She flits into the cold room for a moment and returns with a bowl of glaze which she begins to apply to the still-hot bubblies. "But yes, Weyrwoman Enka, she's said she's thinking of entering the next one here."

"But you're no Baker?" Iyomne asks, following that immediately with, "Knotted, I mean - in the craft. Not that you have to be, of course, but with your passion for it, I'm surprised they haven't snapped you up." She finishes her current fingerroot before adding, "I'm Iyomne, by the way. And you're right, I am new."

"I thought about it. But things happened, you know, life, and I just never went off to the Hall or got, er, snapped up, as you say." Idris smiles at Iyomne and shrugs, expression softened from the bluster. "I don't mind being here, really- it's a nice kitchen, I've pretty well grown up here, I'm used to it." And she shrugs again and continues applying a light glaze to the bubblies. "I'm Idris… welcome to Western. What brought you here?"

"Nice to meet you, Idris," the other woman claims, taking a moment to push peelings from her lap into the bucket before taking up her weapon of destruction again. "My health, mostly. I'm from Tillek peninsula originally, and the weather there isn't the best for healing." She turns all her concentration on her chores, then, though her voice remains light. "I have family here - do you know Zahira? She usually works in stores. She's been here for oh, six turns now? Seven? Something like that."

Idris peers at Iyomne curiously. "Healing? For what?" No, she doesn't have all that much tact. "I think I've seen her around, couldn't say I'd recognize her. I'm not as great at names as I am at bubblies not that I like to admit I'm not good at something of course."

Iyomne answers shortly, "I was ill. For some time." Only then does she look back up, meeting Idris' eyes with her own. "I'd rather not talk about it." Another drift of a smile softens her words. "I don't know if it was her idea I come or if she got talked into it, but I'm glad she's here. It's hard enough moving somewhere new. I can't imagine not having any family around."

"Well, guess this is good a place as any to heal then. Island sun and all." Idris shrugs, letting it go for now. "Great swimming, fantastic resort down the road. Place to make your dreams come true, whatever they are." She smiles, mostly a private smile. "Left all your other family back in Tillek then?" With a last flourish she's done with the glaze, popping back to the cold room quickly, and back out to remove the bubblies from the tray so she can fill it up anew. "Bubbly?"

Another short answer to the question of family: "Yes." Another pair of fingerroots are made skinless while Idris disappears and reappears, and Iyomne greets the last question with something close to an eager smile. "I'd love one, thanks. I thought I was going to have to fall off this stool or something to get you to offer one." She sets down her peeler instead and pushes the tray a few inches off.

Idris laughs, ego back, "Well naturally, I have to make my audience sweat." Grinning, she reaches for a nearby napkin and carefully removes a bubbly from the tray to offer. "This is the blueberry sort- redfruit's the next round, I know that's many folks' favorite." She holds the bubbly out, adding, "Do be careful, it'll be quite steaming inside still. Though I think that's the best moment, personally."

There's a soft laugh from Iyomne's stool. "They only want what they can't have? -Thank you." She's careful indeed, fingers holding the edges rather than the hotter center, the pielet set on a corner of the tray away from the veggies. "I always burn my tongue when I eat them too quickly. So when is this contest of yours?"

"Naturally!" Idris beams at Iyomne for understanding. "There's an art to getting people to love your food, you know." She pulls out and sits on her stool, which had been stuffed under the counter while she was standing and running about mixing. Taking a bubbly for herself, she starts nibbling at the corner and once she's gotten a bit of the innards, she pauses to relish. "Good stuff. The contest is in a couple more months. Plenty of time to decide which recipe would be the best competitor."

"And here I thought making it tasty was the most important part," Iyomne says with dry good humor. She and Idris are within easy distance of the cold room; Iyomne's got a tray of fingerroots to peel in addition to the bubbly she's just now picked up to nibble on. "So would you? Apprentice to the Bakers, if you were asked?"

Idris frowns a little, her hands and bubbly falling to her lap as she ponders. "Oh, I don't know. I feel I'm a little old to go off apprenticing. I should've done it at twelve or thirteen, or younger. Now… I feel like I can learn just as much staying in the kitchens somewhere. We do have great cooks here, even if they're not predisposed to teaching." She lifts the bubbly back to her face and takes another bite, then sets it on the counter and reaches across her workspace to grab a knife and slice into the little pie. She offers the knife to Iyomne, "Want to speed up the cooling?"

KITCHEN RAID! Or well, not really. Jeyinshi's entrance isn't half as gallant or threatening as that. In fact, it's downright quiet. The dolphineer slips into the kitchens, letting the door shut quietly behind her and stopping near the front table as she cranes her neck about. "Taki? Luna?" She calls out quietly in the kitchens and frowns when there isn't an immediate response. Ah! There was someone she knew. Jeyin walks towards Idris and Iyomne. "Hey Idris, you haven't seen either of my usual food-packers around today have you?"

"That didn't exactly answer the question," Iyomne points out, though she doesn't press the matter, instead taking the knife with a nod of thanks. She carefully wields the blade, pushing the fingerroots even further from the resulting goo, and looks up at Jeyinshi's words. "Afternoon."

Idris gives Iyomne another shrug, wry smile on her face. "The answer is I haven't been presented with the option so it's not on my radar. Oh hey! What, your lunch late today? I'm not sure. I think Luna's around, or maybe that was just breakfast," Idris furrows her brow, considering. "No, I'm sure Luna was just here for breakfast shift. I don't know about Taki." Though the likelihood she actually remembered their names connected to their faces is rather low. "Hungry? I just pulled a batch of bubblies from the oven."

"Hey there. I'm Jeyinshi, journeyman dolphineer, have we met?" If they have, she certainly doesn't remember, but she doesn't seem to embarassed about not knowing the other girl's name. Embarassment really isn't in the dolphineer's nature. "Mmm, yeah I saw Taki this morning. I ate lunch in the caverns today, but I'm thinking of spending the night on the beach, so I asked them to pack me dinner. Ah well, I'll find one of them later." The petite woman waves her hand dismissively before dragging over a chair and grinning, "I am hungry, and bubblies sound great. What flavor have you tried out this time?"

Iyomne says, "I… don't think so," with a nod for the crafter. "I'm Iyomne; good to meet you Jeyinshi." While the other two talk she finally starts on her own bubbly, blowing on the center before hastily licking filling from her fingers. Only once it's (more or less) under control does she start eating in earnest.

"Blueberries this round. Redfruit'll be next in the oven," Idris shows the innards of the bubbly she's been eating, then sets it down to get a napkin and bubbly for Jeyinshi. "Still a bit hot inside, don't eat too fast," she warns as she holds out the bubbly. "Spending the night on the beach, huh? I don't remember the last time I did that. I suppose you do it all the time, being a dolphineer and all." Once Jeyinshi has taken the offered bubbly, Idris picks her own back up to resume nibbles.

Jeyinshi smiles at Iyomne and nods, "It's a pleasure to meet you. What were you doing before I so rudely interrupted your conversation? Are those fingerroots?" The dolphineer peers over at the tray as she waits for Idris to return. The bubblie is taken carefully, albeit eagerly. "Shards Idris, you're lucky I had lunch today or I'd be eating /all/ of your bubblies." And that was no exaggeration. Saying Jeyinshi could eat a lot was a definite understatement. "Blueberries? And then redfruit? May I offer my services as a taste tester? You're baking for the competition right? Or are these batches just for fun?"

"I was complimenting Idris on her baking, and we were talking about crafters." Or so Iyomne claims, with a sidelong look at the bubbly-creator. "And they're fingerroots, yes. I'm peeling them for supper, but if you wanted to steal one or two I wouldn't cry foul."

"Well I'm working on the recipe, but these are for dinner, actually. Speaking of," Idris stuffs the rest of her pie into her mouth as she jumps back to her feet, shoves the stool back under the counter, and wipes her hands on her apron and resumes sliding the cooling bubblies onto the counter. "Got to keep the oven going," she says once she's finished chewing. "Anyway. Feel free to munch on, I'm not like some of the bakers who'll smack someone for trying to filch food." There's a little laugh as she finishes clearing the tray, washes her hands at a nearby sink, and dives back into the work of making balls out of the dough.

Jeyinshi chuckles softly, "Forget Taki and Luna. You guys are my new favorite kitchen helpers." And so saying, Jeyinshi sets the bubblie into her lap, letting Git cool for a few seconds before reaching out and nibbling on a fingerroot. "Guess I'm not going to become the almighty kitchen raider anymore." The dolphineer smirks at her words. Her humor always was rather strange. An eyebrow raises at Idris' sudden departure, "Ah, cooking is like that. Always have to watch and make sure it's not burning or anything right? I'm just lucky that I've got no such commitments with my craft."

"Thanks for the bubblies!" Iyomne calls after Idris, though she seems content to keep her own munching to just the one, at least for now. To Jeyinshi, "Taki and… Luna? They must work here?" She looks around, though no one leaps into view, sporting a nametag or not. "What is your craft? Let me guess - Weaver?"

"Yes, this was quite the poor raid, really. I was expecting you to appear, guns ablazing, sneaking up on the bubblies. I was expecting them to disappear right in front of me, you know!" Idris snickers good-humoredly at Jeyinshi. "Good to see you in here anyway, nice to chat sometimes. But work to do, work to do! Dinner's a'coming and people will want their bubblies as you well know." Smiling, Idris finishes balling up dough and gets to work setting the individual balls up to become pie shells.

Jeyinshi nods, "They work here, usually. But I haven't seen either since this afternoon. They usually pack a few meals for me." Weaver? Jeyinshi wrinkles her nose and raises an eyebrow at the other girl. "Nah, I'm dolphineer, said so a few minutes ago." There's no menace in Jeyin's voice as she corrects Iyomne, in fact, she might even be slightly amused by it. "Ah, expect it when you least expect it. Now that I've built up a good rapport, you should be on your toes from now on." Jeyinshi winks before nodding, "Nice to meet some familiarfaces in here, but off to work it is. We'll chat later then."

Iyomne's face is blank for a second or two before turning wryly resigned. "You did; I'm sorry." Shaking her head at herself, she picks up her work again, careful to keep vegetable away from purple bubbly insides. "You're the first dolphineer I've met, I think. Have you been at Western long?"

Jeyinshi grins, "Don't worry about it. I've met far more forgetful people. But I've only been around here a few months, coming up on half a turn pretty soon I think, though I'm not entirely sure." The dolphineer shrugs before picking up a few fingerroots and her not yet eaten bubblie. "Well, now you have met one. Now the next person you need to meet is a dolphin. I need get back to work now, but if you're ever down at the lagoon, just give me a shout, yeah?" Jey gives Iyomne a final smile before hopping off her chair and stepping owards the doors. "See ya!"

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