To the victor... go the spoils

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

There is a man seated over to the side of the Tiki Lounge, his feet on one of the other chairs as he lounges with a drink in his left hand. He seems to be simply relaxing, his long tall frame sprawled out in a relaxed, wolfish way. The pair of mismatched eyes scan the room boredly.

Kasira's entrance is not one that might always draw attention — the little bluerider elbowing her way through the crowd of taller patrons with a slightly harried look before she gets to the bar, fingers dipping into her beltpouch to flick a little sixtheenth mark onto the table. "'Ey," she hollers over to the bartender, "gimme one of them drinks there," she nods over at the selection at hand. "Need a real stiff 'un. Had a day, I have." Money is exchanged for booze, Kasi hefting the little glass in one hand and turning to drape an arm over the bar as she scans the crowd.

The feet are slid out of the chair and one foot shoves the chair over towards the smallish bluerider. "A day, eh?" C'yr asks of the lady, still lounging backwards there as he watches her, grinning a bit as he tips his own glass towards her. "Come and sit down and let your load off then. I've a sympathetic ear."

Kasira tilts her head, the words spoken having caught her attention, and the abrupt movement of the chair even more so. There's a slight chuckle from the woman, she returning the salute of a sort with one of her own, glass glinting in the light from above. "Ye be a mighty fine man t'be offering," she replies, moving over to the chair, and plopping herself down onto the seat before a good quarter of the glass is tossed back in a grateful gulp. "Ye sure ye won't be sorry if'n I tell ye 'bout today?" a brief pause. "Name's Kasira. Seamount wingrider, though I daresay there might be somemat better'n the offing." A second pause, during which another quarter of the glass goes down the hatch. "Brionnith's m'blue. Prolly nosing hisself 'round a green right now."

"Vesukith's my bronze. He's off eating something. Like always." C'yr chuckles at her before he shakes his head. The scar and the oddly colored eyes are slightly disconcerting for some. "M'name is C'yr. From Western. Sorta retired." He shrugs at that, grinning. "And of course not. You seem like you need an ear to chew on, you know?" He tells her.

"Faranth," Kasi lets out a huffy sort of breath, "I wish food would interest Bri, for all the good it does me. Oh, he hunts when he's hungry, loves the thrill of the chase and capture of prey, but he's not much of an eater. Thinks more of greens than than anything else." she sniffs briefly, mock-offended for a moment. "Nice ta meet ya, C'yr." His comment makes her grin wryly. "Well in that case," she pauses, offering a slight chuckle again before continuing on. "Had a deliver t'make today." comes the explanation. "Some little cothold near Tillek. Only someone switched the invoices around by accident. Ended up delivering a pair of dresses to a couple of men who were expecting a brace of ducks." She sips at her drink again, draining it off before setting the glass down on the arm of the chair. "Didn't have to yell at me though!" she protests, "and it weren't me fault that their stupid herdbeast got loose and nearly died from fright at the sight of Brionnith 'fore it took off and trampled through their garden."

"I'm sure secretly they liked the dresses, and were upset they just were not in their sizes." C'yr tells her, drinking the rest of his own drink, chuckling softly. "Never let anyone yell at you, they're not worth it." He motions to a Waitress, finger circling both drinks on the table. "My treat." He tells the woman in front of him. "Herdbeasts tend to do that when they think they're food." He chuckles. "And as I'm sure you are aware.. as do many greenriders.." He snickers, winking.

Kasira chortles at the very thought. "Oh, ye think so. One of 'em was thinner than a tunnelsnake on a diet while the other was big enough to give a herdbeast a run fer her marks." that's a rather apt description if Kasi might say so herself. "Weren't no way either of 'em coulda fit those dresses, but ye probably are right that they wished them dresses would." a grateful look is shot to C'yr. "Thanks," comes the bluerider's remark before she bobs her head. "They yelled pretty loud, 'course once Bri started eyeing 'em, they yelled even louder fer other reasons. Bri don't take kindly to anyone making noises at me." And right he should, that blue looks out for his rider. "Ha!" is the reaction to his wink and his greenrider comment. "Ye can say that again."

"They seem to never run quite fast enough, though. I've never had my troubles catching them" The Waitress returns, putting the drinks down on the table. She's a pretty young thing, and she sashays away. "Nor waitress' either." He looks down the way, grinning before turning his attention back towards Kasira. "Yes, I'm sure that they were rather put out about that." A laugh as he tips back a bit of the new drink. "Mmm."

"Seems to me," Kasi puts in, giving the bronzerider a rather wicked little grin, "that greenriders don't run as fast as a herdbeast about to be 'et up. Herdbeast's the smarter one of the lot, dead's dead and in your belly. No coming back after that. Greenriders though," she giggles, reaching for her drink and taking a good long sip, rolling the liquid about over her tongue before swallowing with a pleased expression. "Now, they only pretend t'be feared for their lives." she taps at the side of her nose all secret-like before tilting her head to watch the departing waitress. "Not to my tastes," she puts in, "but waiters now." She'll oggle those, for sure.

"To each their own prey." C'yr offers in turn, grinning at that as he raises his glass up towards Kasi again, chuckling as he takes another drink. "Ah, they are all fun to chase, no matter if you are like me, or like you." He says in turn. "They do love it, don't they? I've always enjoyed pursuing, personally. Guess that's why we ride Bronze and Blue, eh?" He winks.

Kasira toasts her glass in return, which could likely end up to be a repetitive pattern for the night if she continues to mirror the bronzerider's gestures. "Different hunters stalk different kinds of game," she gives him a cheery grin, leaning back in her chair, and settling into a relaxful pose. "Mmm, they love it to the living end. Love the attention, love the game. It's all about them, which suits 'em fine." she chuckles lightly. "I was not always one to chase and follow, that's more Bri's style, but I enjoy the spoils of the hunt." For to the victor, go the spoils.

A laugh comes to his throat at that. "Has yours ever let you be the hunted? Or are you always the waiting game master?" C'yr asks of the younger woman across from him, drinking some more of his drink.. It nearly gone now. "And that is very true."

Kasira has been steadily downing her drink in quick little sips, savoring each for a moment in between. "Alas," she purses her lips in a moue of mock mournfulness. "'Tis a lonely life I lead, watching and waiting for Brionnith to flaunt his conquests and woo his lights-o-love, never to be caught meself, but always seeking to catch." She's a bit poetic with that. "That's not to say I only wait till Bri's managed to ensnare a green, but I've never been the one to be the prey."

"That surprises me" C'yr finishes up his own drink for the time being and slides the glass off to the side before he turns his attention to Kasi. "You are obviously a smart, funny woman." He begins, and holds up his hand, chuckling. "And I'm sure the men are just scared to say that they really wanted you."

"Perhaps I've never given them the chance," Kasi offers C'yr a wicked little grin, full of cheeky mischief before she drains off the remains of her drink and sets the glass down beside the first, tracing a finger lightly over the smooth translucent surface. "Perhaps I run 'em down, and drag them off before they could turn the tables on /me/ and chase me instead." She glances upwards at him, eyes bright — although a couple glasses of a good drink would be enough to put anyone in good spirits.

"Oh, indeed?" C'yr chuckles at that before he motions towards the waitress and she returns with two more glasses. "And who do you see here that you are going to run down, and turn the tables on?" He asks, looking up and down the bar slowly, his own grin broad and mischief filled.

What, more drinks? They're going to end up sloshing out of there, and Kasi takes hers with a slight smirk, although she doesn't down it all at once. "Mmm, yes indeed." comes the tart reply, interspaced with the occasional taste of whatever's in the glass in her hand. Her gaze flickers towards the bar, scanning it for a moment, and then racking back towards C'yr. "It depends," she replies drolly. "If I am on the hunt tonight or not."

"Well indeed." The pair of drinks that C'yr's ordered this time are rather tame in comparison. Fluffy, light beach style drinks. "It looks to me that you may not be. Of course, I rarely do get to see a huntress on the prowl." C'yr admits. "But what prey do you have your eyes set on?" His own eyes scan the bar, before he flicks them back to her, watching

"Welllll," Kasi drawls that word out, moving a hand to tap thoughtfully at her chin for a moment, "I have some ideas in mind," a glance towards the bar again, "take that fellow there." Yeah, that brownrider leaning against the bar, "he's looking might lonely. Could maybe use some company for—" anything else the bluerider might have said however is unspoken as she looks up. "Oh Faranth," comes her muttered voice, "they'd choose /now/ to need someone to run a package to Telgar. Why me." She stands, tilting the glass up and quaffing down the rest of the fruity beach style drink with a couple of swallows. "Was nice meeting you, C'yr. Gotta go." Remember kids, don't drink and fly. She might be a bit buzzed, but at least she isn't drunk.

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