Sneaky Swim

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Most weyrlings are asleep, though one girl in particular is having a little trouble keeping her head down on her pillow. It's not the surroundings - Rou'x's quite comfortable with sleeping outdoors - but something /else/ that's troubling her, and in the end she swings her legs off her cot, strokes a hand over Indianath as she passes his happily slumbering form, and pads past Keely on her way over to Kiena's cot. She sits on the edge by her fellow weyrling's waist, and gives her hip a gentle shake. "Kali— Kiena. Wake up."

Keely hasn't been able to sleep either. Geimhreath is sleeping just fine, it's the rider half of the duo who can't. The brown-haired, blue-eyed teen is lying on her back, staring up at the sky. She hasn't had too much issue with being outdoors either. Nor issue with keeping things in line, thanks to her lifemate's influence. She's tried getting some of the less-behaved weyrlings to work harder too, but it's just not her style. That is neither here nor there for as Rou'x passes, she turns her head a bit to peer towards Kiena's cot.

And Rou'x is not alone in her restlessness and although Kiena is curled up under the blankets and her eyes closed the weyrling is not really asleep. She was doing her best though and when the other sits on the edge of the cot, she grunts softly. "Already am awake." The words are mumbled as she stirs herself, propping her body up on her elbow as she uses her other hand to brush back her wild, messy hair, unbound from the tight braid she keeps it in for the night. "What's up? Something wrong?" Kiena asks, careful to keep her voice low. Ujinath is asleep for now, the blue coiled tightly in his wallow and as close to the cot as possible.

"Nothing." Without waiting for an invitation, Rou'x curls her feet up onto Kiena's cot, leaning against the cot-owner's legs. A glance over to Keely has her spotting that the bluerider weyrling is also awake, and she beckons her over. "I can't sleep. Can y'think of something for us to do? We're all awake, there's gotta be /something/, yeah? Whatcha got for ideas, Kee? And… hah, and /Ki/? Kee-Ki." She has to stifle a little snort of amusement over that.

Keely is rather tangled up in her blanket. Apparently she's been unable to sleep for a while. The teen disentangles herself and sits up, tugging her cot a bit closer. She won't crowd Kiena's more. One can't always trust the things. Instead she'll just make it easier to converse. "Dunno," she offers initially, glancing towards Geimhreath… who is sleeping quite comfortably in his own wallow. "Could straighten up the crap of everyone who is too lazy to do so… mebbe we could finally go back inside. This nice weather ain't gonna last forever." She doesn't seem really cotton to this idea, it's just clearly the first… and only thing she could come up with.

Kiena grunts again, but this time a little from surprise, but she doesn't protest too much. The teen simply shifts to be comfortable, turning her head a bit to peer over her shoulder when Keely approaches, likely grateful she doesn't also join in on her cot at least. Then she's glancing back to Rou'x, as the other bluerider weyrling gives her ideas. "Can't think of much either. Nothing that wouldn't get us all in trouble anyhow. And why should we clean up for the /others/. Means they won't learn nothing and we'll just be back out here when we can't rescue their lazy butts." The last is partially grumbled, the words muffled when she scrubs tiredly at her face. The name teasing earns a snort and Kiena grimaces, "I dun think that'd fly to well. 'Sides, if it ain't Kiena, then it's Kali." Well she's no fun.

Rou'x wrinkles her nose at Keely, expression twisted into a grimace of displeasure. "Serious? We've gotta a night to ourselves and you wanna /tidy up/?" The buxom brunette shakes her head, shifting her weight a little on Kiena's cot and making it creak. "I'm frickin' /shit/ at cleaning up, anyway. Indianath's gotta thing for collecting stuff. Just random /stuff/ that he likes, and it bloody well piles up." She frowns over at her lifemate, then bumps Kiena over gently so she can sprawl alongside her. "D'you guys fancy going swimming?"

"I just don't wanna wake up to being rained on," Keely grumbles, glancing warily at the sky. "Y'know it'll happen." She doesn't /like/ the prospect of cleaning up, but Geimhreath may have a point about getting it to happen. The suggestion of swimming does perk her up a bit. "That could be fun. Much better than cleaning."

"Oh, it'll likely happen," Kiena drawls towards Keely, turning her head a bit to glance at the other teen and then half stifling a yawn with the back of her hand. Rou'x shifting her weight has her glancing back to the buxom brunette with a bit of a puzzled frown and then bumps her back, but shuffles over awkwardly. These cots are not meant for two! She snorts again, "I ain't that good at cleaning neither and it seems /nothing/ we do will make R'lyeh happy. So why bother? We bust ourselves and still ain't good enough." As both girls agree on swimming, Kiena is left to blink and then frown. "It could be fun. But we're likely to get in trouble…" And of course, that means it's good by her books to judge from the sly grin she flashes to both. Count her in!

"The boys'll be alright here by themselves, yeah? They're all asleep, anyway. Indy's dead out." Rou'x looks back over to her lifemate, who's just flopped over onto his side and is snoring softly. She then looks encouragingly over at Keely, winking at the bluerider. "Kee, I promise if it rains I'll help t'make you a leaf canopy-thingy, yeah? To keep it all off you. I've done 'em before back in Ista, it's no big deal." Then she pushes up onto her feet, holding out a hand to both girls to help them to theirs. "Shit, Kali, it's a good thing Zi'on'll be asleep, right? Can you imagine his reaction if he catches the /three/ of us paddling about in the buff?"

"How much more trouble can we get in?" Keely seems serious with the question. She glares across the field towards a cot that certain person has just piled with junk. Some people never learn and all the asking and convincing on Pern won't help. She looks towards Geimhreath who is sprawled out in a decidedly un-proper pose… meaning he must be asleep. He'd never lay like that while awake. "We'd better go before someone gets hungry or one of the guys needs to pee." Because isn't that what boys spend most of their time doing at night? Peeing?

"Ujinath should be fine. Even if he does wake, so long as I answer him, he'll be quiet. Unless he has one of his fits of real or not real." Kiena mumbles, also turning to glance to the sleeping blue. He is out cold and likely not to rouse for some time yet. So long as the teen doesn't go and get into trouble to set him off… they're clear! "Leaf canopy?" Intrigued, she glances between Rou'x and Keely then, just as curious to the other teen's answer as she is in the offer (and one not even made to her!). Once her cot is clear, she rolls off and onto her feet and then smirks with a huff of laughter. "He'd probably watch, the pervert. 'Sides, I've already teased him enough I think being in a swimsuit. This would likely push him too far. All three of us." To Keely, she gives the girl a blank look at first and then shrugs, "Dunno, but R'lyeh is bound to be creative and find some way to torture us. There's a snort then for the warnings, "Lead the way then you two. I'll keep watch as I follow?"

"Indy'll be good. His tummy seems a bit better, anyway." Rou'x looks thankful for /that/, at least. "Yeah, we're gonna end up in trouble no matter what we do so we may as well have /fun/, right? C'mon, girlies." She holds her arm out to link with Keely's, if the weyrling will accept it. "Zi's pretty keen t'see you get smoochy with a girl, hey, Kali? Seems all he's gotta talk about summat kinky like that. What d'you think, Kee? D'you reckon he's a bit pushy on it?" The way is led by Rou'x, who starts them out towards the lagoon.

"Geimhreath will be furious," Keely admits, glancing to her pale-hued lifemate. Her brow furrows, before she gives a small shrug. "But he's gotta learn it can't be all about being in line and proper… and crap like that." She really fell into the improves-you-as-a-person dragon bucket. She loves her lifemate, yes, but the other weyrlings would know she gets frustrated often as well. She does allow her arm to be linked with and gives a brief grin, but it fades to confusion. "Uh… I dunno. Zi and I have never really talked about stuff like his relationships."

Kiena wrinkles her nose a bit but it's almost in sympathy towards Rou'x, "Did they ever find out what upset him so much? Ugh. I'm thankful Ujinath hasn't given me much grief." Save for the whole needing the truth. That had been tough. But that's not something the weyrling is about to say out loud. "Like your logic, Rou'x. So that'll be the excuse then when they catch us?" Cause really, the teen is not expecting to make it back. Shaking her head a bit when Keely and Rou'x link arms, Kiena follows close behind, blue eyes keeping a keen watch as they step past the fields. "Yeah, I ain't blind. Dunno what's got him so wanting it either. But then, he's got a perverted mine. I keep telling him he's a /typical/ bronzerider." She mutters from behind the two other weyrlings, smirking.

"Yeah, I found out. He pushed aside a barrel and found some meat there… Faranth knows how long it'd been sitting before he snarfed it, but he'd bloody well better've learnt his damned lesson from it. Dragon shit's bad enough to clean up when it's /not/ all — well, I'm sure you /saw/ it." Indianath was very /generous/ in sharing his upset stomach. Rou'x turns to chuckle quietly at Kiena, while continuing their sneaky-sneaky jaunt to the lagoon with the most silent of footsteps. They get there soon enough - and unseen, too! "Hey, Kali. D'you reckon we should tease him a bit, sometime? When we're graduated n' all? Y'know, we could get a little…" Her hands come up in front of her, and she mimes what looks to be boob-fondling.

"Ugh. Yes, I think we all saw enough of it." And probably more then that, but Kiena doesn't feel the need to rub it in to Rou'x. "Just keep remindin' him and he's likely not to do it again. Seems like how I keep Ujinath from trouble or for forgetting who's he's already seen so he doesn't get all defensive and wary." This is all said quietly, as the trio makes their way across the Weyr in their sneaky jaunt down to the lagoon. Kiena doesn't relax until it's clear they've made it unseen and uncaught (for now). Having glanced towards the waters, she looks back to Rou'x just in time to make the connection to what she's suggesting and the gesture. That earns a sharp laugh from the girl, figuring it all to be a joke or a hint at some prank to pull on the poor bronzerider. "Ha! That'll get him for sure. Though he might get too much into it…" And then she grimaces, pulling a bit of a face. Keely is suddenly departing as her blue wakes from sleep and Kiena grimaces slightly, hoping the other teen makes it back in time or all their covers are blown!

Rou'x seems to be thinking much along the same lines as Kiena when Keely has to depart, and she says as much (in a hoarse whisper) to the departing bluerider. Then it's just her and Kali on the beach, and the brunette seems quite comfortable with that as she starts stepping out of her clothing. "Indy's so easy-going. I reckon he's already learnt from his mistake, to be honest, since he's not gone rooting around for anything to eat since. Now, he'll only eat whatever I /give/ him, which is good." Good for everyone! Now free of her clothes, she stands with her arms half-covering herself, tilting her head towards the sea. "Shall we, then?"

Taking the cue from Rou'x, Kiena also begins to strip down and likely pools her clothing by the other weyrling's. No sense in scattering it about, especially if they have to make a mad dash to avoid being caught! "Good," she echoes with a teasing look of over exaggerated relief to the other. "Indianath does seem to have good sense about him. Ujinath… I wish he were more easy-going. Good heart to him and he means well, but…" And she shrugs a little here, too awkward in discussing lifemate traits to continue for now. Awkward for sharing /feelings/, but not being stark naked in front of another weyrling? Must be that "trust" thing. "Alright," Kiena agrees as she brings her long hair over her shoulders to use as partial cover, not that she has much to hide. Her grin turns a touch mischievous. "Race you?" But unlike a certain Weyrleader, she doesn't cheat.

"But racing /huuurts/," Rou'x complains, crossing her arms firmly over her ample chest. "You run on ahead though, yeah? I'll just keep the black eyes for another day and wander on down at m'own pace." A pace that she sets now, by trundling on down to the water. There's no toe-dipping to check the temperature - she just ploughs right on in, continuing until she's up to her chest. "You and him been together long, then? Betcha he was thinking you'd Impress a green, yeah? What's he think about Ujinath?"

Well, Kiena won't be racing now, not with Rou'x dropping some /interesting/ tidbits of news. "What'n Faranth's name got you hurt by racin'?" she drawls, words getting clipped from her hurried exclamation. Really, it seems as though there are times where to girl doesn't want to hide the fact she's from a backwater Emerald Isle cothold. "/Black eyes?/ Shards 'n shells. When this happen?" And suddenly she's peering at the other weyrling, though at her face as if to check for any signs of said injuries. So she'll tag along and follow the pace the other has set. There's a half hissed curse for the temperature of the water, but Kiena doesn't balk or freeze, stubbornly following Rou'x out deeper until the water's reach her shoulders and her hair floats out behind her, half soaked. "He used to joke I'd Impress gold. I laughed good 'n hard at that." She admits with a smirk. "I figured I'd be left standin'. Go figure, eh? And Ujinath? He likes him, from what I can tell. Hasn't said otherwise." She pauses for a moment and then adds. "Were you surprised by Indianath choosing you?"

"Serious? You never heard that expression before?" Rou'x laughs as she sets into the explanation… which becomes as physical as it is word. "These," she puts her hands under her bust, hoisting upwards a little, "might've given me a black eye. They… they /bounce/, Kali. Y'must've known /that/? They bounce and it sorta hurts, 'specially when they're not all bound up and shit." There's a whole lot of boob there to get walloped in the face if it were to happen. "I can't remember if I was surprised, y'know, cos Indy was just sorta /there/ one minute, and /here/," she points to her head, tapping her temple, "the next. And that was it, yeah? It was just like it'd always been that way. Can't remember what it might've been like without him, not now."

Apparently Geimhreath was either barely stirring, or Keely used some rider mojo to get him to consent to her night time wanderings. It's not like you can lie to your dragon. The teen is soon zipping back down to the shore, using a somewhat strange route. One well out of sight of prying eyes. When you grow up in the weyr, you learn the sekrit ways. She reappears near the clothing pile and discards her own, zipping swiftly towards the water. She almost, /almost/ hollers before diving in. Sure, they might be far enough out of hearing range, but no need to risk something that carries. Or echoes.

Kiena frowns, mouth drawing down to a thin line as she juts out her chin in a slightly defensive manner. "No, I ain't heard it before!" she interjects and then promptly quiets when Rou'x goes about explaining. Then it all clicks and the teen flushes a bit. "I uh… shards, you serious? That… that sucks. And no I /didn't/ know that. For obvious reasons." And she promptly uses both her hands to gesture towards her rather flat chest. Really, there is hardly anything to brag about at all. Cue another smirk and then her hands go back under the water to her sides. "Huh, so it just felt… /right/ then once it happened? Like you'd have it no other way? Cause that was how it was for me, in a nutshell. Almost hard to put it to words." Because Kiena has never been good with words to start and then they are three again. As Keely joins them, she turns her head to peer at her curiously. "How's Geimhreath? Sleepin' again?"

"D'you get him t'sleep?" Rou'x says this simultaneously with Kiena, and she grins over at the younger bluerider. "Must've done, right? Since we're all still here n' splashin' about, not being dragged back in by our ears." Then she backtracks a little, to include Keely's opinion in the Impression question. "What'd you feel like, Kee? When Geimhreath found you? It was just sorta like what Kiena said, for me anyway. Like it should've always been like that, like it was right or something. Like nothing would've ever been properly right before he came along."

Large boobs, small boobs, and… in-between. That's Keelyra there. She's tall and lithe, with decent curves. Nothing so ample as Rou'x though. She, like Rou'x, has no compunctions about removing her clothing. It's even a point of contention between herself and various other denizens of the weyr. "Yeah, he was just dreaming about something and wanted to inquire about it." ROLL EYES. The question, however, from the brownrider takes her off guard and her brow furrows. The teen prods at the water somewhat, leaning back into it a bit. Not quite floating, but close. "I… well, afterwards, yeah. But initially it's like he… pushed his way in." Her expression seems to close a bit as she continues to focus on the water rippling around them. "I couldn't see it any other way now, but… I guess I wasn't as easily available initially. He had to kinda force his way."

"Not yet," Kiena intones gravely, but in a mocking way to Rou'x and Keely, eyeing them both with a not-so serious glance each. "We're pushing our luck for sure, but damn if it doesn't feel good to be out here and not cleanin' or in lessons or… well you get it, right?" She's hinting at freedom it seems. Then teen perks up then, focusing on the other blueriding weyrling with interest. "So Geimhreath asks you about dreams too? What about anything he sees or memories? Ujinath seems to really focus on some stuff, pestering me to say if it's real or not real. But seems he's growin' out of it." And there's relief in her tone for that. Kiena is quiet when Keely shares her experience and then winces a bit, "It was rather chaotic on the sands…" she offers awkwardly. Does one say sorry at a time like this?

"Indy likes to pick out bits about Ista. Forests, mostly - anything that looks like he might be able to get in and explore, y'know? He's too darned curious for his own good, half the time." Hence the meat incident. Rou'x chuckles, splashing water up over her shoulders and rubbing at muscles she never even knew she had before they started all their mount up and down exercises. "They're kinda hard work, right? When he'd do nothing but /sleep/ all the bloody time, I reckoned I was missing out or summat, but really? Now, I wish he'd sleep a bit more. He'd get into less trouble, I reckon."

"Not… really," Keely frowns a little as she considers how to explain. Her lifemate is /weird/. For some he may make all the sense in the world, but for someone like Keely he's just a big ol' icy weirdo. "He… just wanted to know if everything was in order for tomorrow." SEE. Weird. Her dragon woke up with concern to how her clothing and his straps were laid out. "I'm glad when Geimhreath is sleeping. It's about the only time I get to do things how I want to without all his complaining." Yin and yang, she and Geim. The teen slides over in the water a bit towards Rou'x. "Lemme," she offers when the weyrling tries to reach those tricky spots on the shoulder. Reaching up, if the brownrider allows, to rub at the sore, likely knotted, spots.

"I'd take curious to explore over Ujinath's way of analyzing things, I think. Not that I'd want to experience what you got… sorry Rou'x." Kiena admits with a dry chuckle of her own. Really, the teen has got off lucky with her blue, not having too many difficulties in keeping him out of trouble. It's /her/ who seems to cause it. "Well they /are/ getting bigger. More to oil and scrub and they're not even near full grown yet." She points out before glancing back to Keely. Despite the seriousness of the reply, Kiena grins. "You have it /easy/ then. At least he don't freak out over whatever he saw or thought he saw being real." Then the girl nods in agreement as conversation turns back to talk of sleeping and while Keely moves to offer Rou'x a massage, Kiena ducks under the water to finish soaking her hair. When she surfaces, hands are parting the now flat mess of hair from her face, pushing it back and then setting to braiding it. "So when you think the Weyrlingmasters will have a change of heart? Or do you think they'll do something worse than before?"

"Aw, thanks, Kee." Rou'x's very accepting of the shoulder-rub, relaxing back against Keely's touch with a happy little moan… which turns into a 'oooof' sort of sound when Kiena brings up the consequences of Indianath's curiosity. "Yeah, I wouldn't wish that on /anyone/ and bloody shards, how big're they gonna /get/? It's already hard enough t'try and oil 'em up all proper when they're so big, I can't even /imagine/ what it'll be like trying to finish up Indy when he's fully grown!" She shakes her head and would shrug, but is very conscious of the bluerider's hands on her so she doesn't. "I reckon they're putting us through out paces. D'you think they'd get awful mad if we made some of them canopies I mentioned earlier? Mebbe we'll surprise them by giving everyone one of 'em overnight or summat."

"The barracks are cleaned, so they really can't keep punishing /all/ of us. If the pile of crap and everything else hasn't taught some people… Nothing will." Keely isn't /great/ at massaging shoulders, but she's decent and that's usually enough. It's hard to really massage your own. "And oiling 'em… I think once they stop growing, they don't need it so often. And I've seen riders get candidates or weyrbrats to help 'em out. The little ones, especially, enjoy it."

"Dunno. Depends on the dragon? Seems like they vary all in sizes and not just by color but within it. Like… I dunno, I hear my brother's bronze is puny for a bronze." And ugly to boot, but Kiena leaves that detail out. "Maybe Idianath will be smaller for a brown? Not a bad thing! But then you won't have so much to oil, yeah?" She still wrinkles her nose though, not quite keen on the thought of how big Ujinath may be once he's matured. Keely gets a nod of agreement, but it's slight only because the teen is still braiding her hair. Once she has the end done and tied off, she pushes it back over her shoulder. "You'd think it be so easy, eh Keely? But seems like they're set to get us /all/. If we ain't all on the same level… feh, I dunno. I just don't want my stuff soaked. Like you said, weather ain't going to hold forever." She can only shrug for Rou'x's question, an uncertain look setting on her features. "Dunno why'd they get mad. But I bet they would."

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