Runners and Beautiful Women

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease

It is a misty day at Half Moon Bay and not in a particularly unpleasant way. Soft puffy cloud float through the sky, bringing light showers across the region and dampening the ground only but slightly. The air is warm and a little muggy aromatics of cinnamon fritters swirl with the loamy scents of the corrals. Near one end of the wooden dancing Lisbei is perched on the first wrung, leaning over with an extended handful of grass. She wears a mocha brown dress and a halo of orange flowers on her head. A group of herdbeast and wherry gather near her offerings, grunts and clucks from the crowd she is holding out snacks towards.

Gerazal comes to the corral to return a runner beast that he had to borrow. He gives it back to the handler and explains where he got it from. He spots the girl around the herdbeast and wherry, "Hello there."

Lisbei notices the approaching gent on runner beast, passing off the handful of grass to a few nibbling lips and smacking her hands together to brush off any slobbery grass pieces. She steps off of her wooden fence perch and smiles his direction. "Why hello. That was a fine runner you were on. He's one of my favorites."

Gerazal smiles, "Yes he was a great. I had no trouble with him. I'm Gerazal apprentice weaver from Monaco Bay Weyr. I'm here to attend a couple of classes from a master here."

Lisbei bats those long dark lashes over ice frosted jade irises. Head bobs with an extended hand for his greeting. "Well met Gerazal of Monaco Bay Weyr. M'names Lisbei, or Libs if you wish. Journeyman Farmcrafter with recent posting to Half Moon Bay Weyr." Him noting that he's there for a few classes makes her smile. "Taking up riding it seems? Nothing like galloping across freshly dampened soil."

Gerazal smiles, "You can call me Gera if you like. It's nice to meet you." He shakes his head, "Oh no, the rider I got a ride from was only going to a hold outside of here, and then the beastcrafter at the hold had this runnerbeast to take back so I said I'd do it for him."

Lisbei nods "Gera it is.. maybe even Ger?" There's a shrug. What's in a name anyway? She ah's, head canting slightly. "Ohhh… gotcha. So weaver classes then?" Her question comes with a soft tone as dress is smoothed and particles from wooden fence are brushed off. "I absolutely love runner riding. The animals are so majestic.. well all the animals really. Sometimes I wonder if I shoulda become a Beastcrafter."

Gerazal smiles, "Ger is fine too. Yep it's a weaver class on dying fabric. I loved runner riding too. It was great riding him and I can't wait for the trip back."

Lisbei quirks a smile in return. "Ok Ger. So how long y'here for? Maybe I can accompany you on the ride back? Any excuse to get away, then I can even guide the runner back to the stables here when we're done." There's a lull in the conversation, a few herdbeasts moo and croon, a few wherries clucking and warbling the girl's direction. "So.. besides weaving and runner riding what other stuff do you like to do around Pern?"

Gerazal smiles, "Well the class starts tomorrow and it's a three day, then I'll have a day after that before I have to get back. Well I love to swim and read and hangout with beautiful women." He winks, "What do you like to do for fun?"

Lisbei takes note about the timeline and comments. "Well if I'm around I'll take you up on the adventure portion of things if you'd like." What he says next does not elicit a blush and somewhat dryly she says "I thoroughly enjoy swimming and reading as well.. but… you're one of those kind of guys eh?" She chuckles and teases about his comment regarding hanging out with beautiful women. Can't charm a charmer- at least not this one it seems. "I'm a big fan of snorkeling, gardening, traveling and all things Farmcraft or Trading." A firelizard pops in from *between* with a scroll, dropped in to Lisbei's hand. She unrolls it and reads. "Speaking of, my Master beckons. I should go. Nice to meet you Ger." A flick of the wrist, she waves and heads for the Weyr.

Gerazal smiles, "Sure I'd like that, I'm sure you know plenty of interesting places around here. I'm always one to explore." He blushes a bit himself as he's called out, "Just a bit, nothing wrong with that especially if you like that." He nods, "Just my luck. It was nice to meet you too Libs."

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