A Pernese Dr. Doolittle

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

It is one of those rare moments that Sundari was feeling good enough to go and sit someplace with a bit of sun and shade, a place where it wasn't too hot like the beast, and what some shade. The bluerider is sitting down under a bit of shade and a yawn escapes her while she looks up towards the sky. A set of three firelizards are perched around her, a brown cuddling down upon her lap that is crooning out softly to the still sick rider, whom yes does look to be on the sick side. Sunny is a bit pale and is cuddles down a coat that looks a bit to big for her, someone's coat for certain.

Lisbei is in her element. Sure, she may look a little strange in the company of various trundlebugs, furbeasts, wild firelizards and a small domestic feline, but Lisbei is doing what Lisbei does best- tending to Half Moon Bay Weyr's rooftop garden. Her entourage are some of the best workers around! Trundlebugs are amazing pollinators, soil churners and parasite chompers, furbeasts help with the compost, wild firelizards provide a symphony and the feline is a good critter catcher and always fun for some cuddle breaks. The 'crew' has been beneath a recently transplanted bugle-nut tree on the far end of the garden, tending to a path of featherferns and tearing down some nearby creeper vines before they get out of control. Having cleared the area, it is time to move to the next portion of the gardens where redwort, saponin root and seabeachplums are growing. Tromping up with the whole gaggle of assistants (yes, even the trundlebugs who've agreed to no stinkies while at work in exchange for all the *noms* they can handle) a yawning bluerider is spotting yawning beneath a tree. "Hello there.." a wild green firelizard chitters in greeting to her and her group as well.

Sundari blinks at the voice and sends a curious look towards Lisbei and her group of… helpers. "Ah… Hi…" She offers while lifting a hand to rub at her eyes a moment pondering if she is perhaps seeing things. She lifts her head to look them over once more. Well so far so good she supposes, maybe they are all real. "You… Have a lot of friends there yeah?" Her firelizards perk up, well at least the bronze does at the green, a soft crooon escaping him.

Lisbei is like a Pernese Cinderella, or Dr. Doolittle, or something like that, and is used to the blinking expressions of confusion when crossing paths with others while 'working'. It's really just fun in the sun in Lis' eyes, the icy jade pools in her irises looking intense against a backdrop of foliage and sky. Her attire today is that of a jungle green dress, white flower crown and white sandals- with a heavy-duty pair of gardening gloves, of course! Ok, so maybe it is strange she's gardening in a dress, with a group like this, but it's just another normal day for the Holder girl turned Weyrcrafter. "Get to work lil guys.." she says to the lineup of trundlebugs who quickly march past Sundari towards the nearest garden bed for soil churning. The feline rubs against Lisbei's stems then saunters over towards the rider with flicking tail to rally for more lovings. The girl chuckles and scratches her head with a shrug "From the creature kindgom, I suppose." Considering she hasn't had the opportunity to make many friends around the Weyr yet. "Could do better with the whole human friends thing…" a hand is extended for a shake, accompanied by a bow of her head. "I'm Lisbei, recently transplanted Farmcrafter and Trader at your service." The wild green flutters her wings in a brilliant show of emerald sails hophops towards the bronze and warbles back.

Nae has a day off. Normally, that means it's time for her to go lounge on the beach or make trouble at the Tiki Lounge. Perhaps she's been given another temporary ban from the Lounge? It's a good guess. In any case, for whatever reason, she's up in the gardens today instead. She has a smile on her face and what looks like a wineskin in her hands. As she wanders the garden she spots a familiar face. "Sundari! Hey!" She grins and waves as she wanders closer. "How's it going? And who's your friend?" She asks, looking to Lisbei.

Sundari is curious to peer at Lisbei, wondering about the animals with her it seems. "Are… They your friends, your pets.. or?" WEll now she is curious! The blueirder sniffles a bit and uses a tissue to blow her nose before tucking iut out of site once more. Perhaps she should have stay at S'rorn's at this rate. The bronze firelizard trills out softly and flutters up and then over to where the green in, rather liking what he sees it seems! At another voice Sunny looks over and offers a smile to Nae. "Hey Nae.." Pause and she is looking over to Lisbei. "Ah.. Well I don't know. I'm Sundari, rider to blue Irkevalath."

Lisbei looks down to where her little workers are having their way with the soil. She reaches in to a small sidepouch and sprinkles some fertilizer in to the bed of rosemary, lovage, borage and thyme. The trundlebugs love it and quickly envelop the nutrients in to the deeper layers of the soil. A satisfied look is held on the crafter's face, thoroughly enjoying every moment spent with these plants and creatures, and ultimately any people who happen to be around. Another shrug and head wobble- she'd never really thought to create a title and with a pensive moment concludes. "More my friends than pets I'd say… we work cohesively together to tend to crops and things. Keep each other company and look out for each other too I guess. We just /are/." The wild green squawks in agreement while extending a dainty snout to the bronze. Lis isn't really sure how it ended up this way- she's just always had a special connection to the plant and animal life of Pern. "Are you sick?" Is asked of Sundari "…and well met Sundari rider of blue Irkevalath!" She adds before tuning on heel to greet the approaching woman with a warm and welcoming smile. "M'names Lisbei, or Lis, or Libs.. y'know, whatever." Hand is extended her direction. "New to the Weyr, just tending to the gardens." With an entourage of random creatures-no big deal. The feline purrs and heads towards Nae, rubbing against her legs.

"Hey yourself, Sunny." Nae says with a chipper little grin. "Whatcha up to today? You on rest, too?" She asks, tilting her head to one side. She looks back to Lisbel, grinning that same grin at her. "Nice to meet you, Lis or Libs. I'm Nae, rider of Green Kaiath. Welcome to Half Moon. You'll love it here, I'm sure. Everyone does." She grins down at the feline, crouching to give it an affectionate little rub atop its head. "Awww."

Sundari smiles a bit to Lisbei and nods. "Yeah… So it seems. Had this for a few days now actually." She sniffles and then glances over to Nae. "Until I'm better pretty much. The healers don't want me getting caught up in any storms or the like and getting worse." The bronze firelizard croons and chitters out at the green while leaning out to nose at the wild green getting ever so friendly it seems.

Lisbei queries with raised brow towards the sniffling Sundari. "Have you tried a broth of whitebulb, whiteroots, purplegrass and spearkeek? My mum used to boil some up for me any time I got sick. She'd have me hold my head over the steam and drink the simmered broth, followed by eating the contents. Always fixed me right up! How bout this? When we're done here I'll gather the ingredients head to the kitchens and have a vat delivered to your door. Should be better by morning if y'let the vapor wash over your face for a quarter candlmark and drink it all." The little tabby feline purr-ows and does that nuzzling thing where it seems front paws can't remain on the ground and tail curls in to S-shapes. "Well met Nae, greenrider of Kaiath. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll definitely agree s'amazing so far." That green firelizard has no problem cozying up when the bronze extends his snout. She'll chitter and bobble his direction, sidling up next to him with neck ready to wrap 'round.

Nae looks at Sundari with renewed concern. "Still not a hundred percent, huh? Well, I suppose that makes sense. I'll be hoping for a speedy recovery for you. If you need anything, you know who to ask." She offers a little smile before resuming petting the little feline at her legs. "Glad you're settling in nicely, Lis. Has someone showed you around yet? Have you seen the beach? There's a lot to see here."

Sundari ahs softly and is quiet as she ponders such an offer from the girl she's just met. "Well.. Ah.." She smiles after a moment. "Maybe? I've tried plenty of things just seems to be linger at the moment though." Just like a nasty cold not wanting to leave honestly. She nods to Nae. "Thanks Nae. I'm in pretty good hands but I'll make sure to remember that." The voice of another makes her glance over to Wakua and she waves to her. As for her bronze firelizard it croons out and is all happy to get right snuggly with the green lizard.

Lisbei blushes softly like watered down redfruit flushing to the apples of her cheeks. Head shakes a no regarding the whole being shown around thing. "Ah, not really. I mean, I found the beach by chance, but have spent most of m'time in the gardens and making critter friends to assist." She won't speak of the rude tweens who snubbed her at the tiki-lounge and the distraction of a marching line of trundlebugs ready for their next orders definitely helps her to distant herself from that feeling. "Over to that one guys." They surprisingly follow orders and head that direction to do very much the same thing to the next bed. A tip of the head in greeting for Wakua "Hello there fellow Trader Wakua. M'names Lisbei, dual duties as Farmcrafter and Trader." The mild apprehension from the bluerider is silently noted and in an attempt to lighten the offer she notes "It's healer approved! You won't be sorry. It can really knock out those lingering nasties." Which seems to imply maybe means yes in Lis' mind. The little feline soaks up all that Nae will give her, kneading the ground with bum high in the sky for her pettings. The green on the other hand is quick to find a comfy spot, weaseling her way below bronzen wing as she nuzzles against him with her head.

Nae shoots a quick smile and a wave to Wakua. "Hey, Wakua! Long time no see! What brings you to Half Moon?" She asks before she resumes her petting of the little feline. "Well, if you want me to bring you some soup or something, you only have to ask, Sunny." Her smile then turns to Lisbei. "Well then, I'll have to be a proper hostess and give you the grand tour! We'll take you to the Tiki Lounge. Go dancing." She looks a little shifty-eyed for a moment. Surely they've forgotten about her being banned from dancing there, right? Right.

Wakua smiles, "Yes it has been a long time. Same thing that always does trading of course. Looking to buy low and sell at a good profit." She smiles at the others, "Yes so if you three need anything just let me know and I'll be happy to get it for you."

Sundari would love to know who snubbed Lisbei, she would have a few things to say about it. She shifts slightly pulling her knees close to her as she smiles to Lisbei. "Well sure, my mother use to give us all sorts of stuff when we was out at sea and happened to get sick." She was a seacrafter it seems, spent to much time out there on the waters. A glance is sent towards her firelizard and the green which makes her smirk slightly before shaking her head. Well isn't he just a charmer! The bronze croons and even goes to far to preen the wild green, giving her all sorts of attention! Sunny smiles to Nae. "Thanks, I'll remember that. How you been Nae?" As for Wakua is crious and listens not really knowing that one.

In an instance the compost chomping furbeasts scatter, the trundlebugs burrow deeply and stop working, the feline nuzzles once more and scampers away and the wild green reluctantly disappears *between* with one last coo for the bronze. This can only mean one thing- a gloomy brown firelizard takes their place, suddenly appearing with a what seems like a raincloud hanging over him and he drops a scroll in to Lisbei's hands. The smile is returned towards Nae, happy to take her up on the offer "That'd be amazing Nae, and much appreciated too!" It sounds like fun and she knows nothing of the greenrider's banned dancing antics. She unrolls the scroll and nods with ahmm. "Just as I thought." head shakes and it is tucked away. Looking towards Wakua there's a brief response. "I'd love to talk with you more about imports and exports to the area. When we both have a free moment that is." In truth, it was just some high-on-their-runners Weyrbrats and it really didn't bother the gal much, but it happened and has been moved on from, especially since friend making is coming along much easier now. It seems to be that Lis thinks this mean Sundari will try it and comments "Perfect then I'll bring some by later. Maybe you can tell me about your sea traveling adventures?" Jade shaded pools of ice for irises flicker. "I've just received word I am to meet with Master Elyrius to speak about transplantation plans. It was wonderful meeting all of you. If you'd please excuse me, I do hope we run in to each other again soon." With a wave and head bob the young Farmcrafter removes her gloves and bounces away.

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