Gossip at the Bonfire

Shanatea - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shanatea departs for somewhere else.

Monaco Bay Weyr - Cove Beach
Sparkling black sands are gently washed over with crystal blue waters, creating a playful blend of colors that twist and meld under the alternating rays of sun and moon. The cove stretches out from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that teems with life.

The coast curves eastward, the waters growing more quiet along the broad expanse of beach before finally meeting a large cove. Here there are few waves, the ocean's movement reduced to little more than slight swells. What might have been an idyllic and peaceful area however, is interrupted by a brilliantly gleaming structure that stands on the edge of the sands.

Large steel poles soar upwards, supporting a staircase that leads to a pair of water slides. The height of the structure is remarkable, standing at a height comparable to that of a small gold dragon. Pipes pump water upward, creating small pools at the entrance of both plastic blue slides. The rush of water moves with the slides, following their twisting course downwards while easing their passenger's journey. Parts of the slides are open and others covered, creating a thrill for each voyager before unceremoniously dumping them into the still waters below. For the safety of all patrons, a large net has been drawn across the mouth of the cove to prevent any accidental drifting away.

Not far from the slides is a small stand that also seems to have been built just recently. A menu is posted on its side and displays a variety of drinks and snacks for beach goers.
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Dragons: Garouth Korvath Haeyaneth
Firelizards: Blossomforth
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The weather couldn't be more prefect for a bonfire party on the beach. The azure sky is cloudless, the sea a beautiful turqouise and just the lightest of winds blowing in from the ocean. Dominating the landscape is a huge bonfire pile just waiting to be lit. Chopped trees, branches, and old furniture can all be found within. This baby is going to burn for quite some time. Tents have been set up with tables and seating underneath, as well as some buffet style food. Smaller campfires have laid out across the beach with logs for seating. And just watch out for some of the divits where a few dragons have laid claim to their own spot to relax. A net has been set up for a little beach ball came, and there are also a couple of posts in the ground and some used runner shoes nearby. Bright colored balls can be seen here and there, some of which have already made it out into the water to the delight of some dolphins.

Krysa has claimed one little campfire and Haeyaneth is nearby, watching Ravysa who is happily playing in her own little 'sandbox' created by the greens long tail that she as curled around. Also great for keeping errant child from easily wondering off. The quite pregnant greenrider has made herself comfortable in a chair that was brought out for her so she didn't have to try and make herself comfortable on a log. She calls out to a nice piece of herder eye candy "Heyyu! Just lay the blanket out over there, no not there. Yes, there. Thank you." Oh yeah. Looking good. Mrrow.

Taeski might have arrived, but it seems to be in the company of a rather reluctant rider. Indeed the rider himself seems to be lecturing the teen on the walk down to the beach. Tae, for his part, looks thoroughly bored of it all despite the fact that he does nod along with what's being said. He /is/ at least listening. Eventually it seems that he's given leave to go, and the teenager makes a hurried trek /away/ from said rider and down to the more..party-like area. A smile touches at his lips even as he ducks into one of the tent areas to poke around and look at what's available. The fire pit with it's furniture fuel? Well, he's stay away from that for the time being. It's going to get /rather/ hot over there once things get lit. Eventually though, he comes to a stop, lurking just under the eve of one of the tents where he can observe things. For the moment.

Having taken something of a scenic route, Korvath glides down toward the beach, landing lightly-ish near the edge with a quick flapping. T'ana slips down from him, looking around for a beat before turning her attention to her dragon. She hums to herself as she unfastens the riding tack, going to stow the gear in some relatively safe yet out-of-the-way spot on hte periphery. Korvath emits a soft lowing sound, then turns and quickly heads for the water. His human shakes her head in amusement then turns to head toward the small stand.

Well look at what the cat, err Marzoth dragged in. Krysa puts her hands on her belly. "I feel like it too. Not much longer according to the healers. I'm ready any time now." There's a pause "Well, after this though. I'd hate to miss out on this party I worked so hard to put together." Well, dictating people to do things /is/ hard work. Right? "E'vyl will be glad you returned. I think." She can't help but giggle "Oh look, you're not the only one who's returned." She waves to D'lei "Welcome back. Has Garouth graduated again then?" she asks. Haeyaneth for her part looks up from where she's watching Ravy and eyes the returning bronze. « Oh goody. You're back. »

Heading down the beach is Litral carrying one last keg to the booth. He looks around at all the people showing up and smiles. Oh, thing will be hopping today to be sure. Setting the keg down inside the booth he yells out "Bars open! I've plenty of peaches and pickles along with the booze!"

Shanatea was fortunately or …maybe unfortunately tapped to assist Litral briefly as he sets up. The Dolphineer swings to a stop in front of the booth and unloads another big jar of peaches. Yes, he refused to carry any pickles. That how much he likes them….. So far, he spots nobody he knows, but thats sure to change. "Bye Litral, I'll come back to help take things back in a bit. For now, I'm off the hook." And he disappears with a peach in hand before the Vintner can say 'tasty pickles'.

"I'm not quite back yet, but I anticipate being back soon…" Syd says to Krysa who remains seated upon her throne, "I bet you'll be so glad to have him or her out. Can't imagine that would be very much fun." Though when Krysa speaks up to D'lei who has also arrived he turns around to spot him. Syd hasn't seen D'lei since the flight and can't imagine he is very happy. "Hi" he offers to D'lei with a half wave, "How are you?" he asks with a bit more force behind it. The others aren't noticed just yet, but will be greeted properly when they are.

A few of the more pyro inclined riders pread out around the bonfire and light the great pile before stepping back. It takes a few moments, but soon wisps of smoke can be seen and then gradually the fire roars to life.

People-watching is definitely..work. Taeski keeps at it for a bit, though his eyes begin to wander elsewhere. The sand..the tent.. The..peaches? Hearing the word perks him up just a bit, and the teenager swings around. Brows lift, taking a look amongst all the /bustle/. It's a little hard to identify the exact spot where it came from, which is why he zeroes in on Shanatea. There is a /peach/ there. And so he makes his way over to intercept, bringing an arm out to wave just slightly in front of the dolphineer. Then, a finger points rather accusingly at the fruit he holds. "Hey, where are those?" A fine greeting if there ever was one.

Executive authority! It's why they pay those Weyrleaders so many marks in salary, right? D'lei gives S'dny a nod, with a slight twitch of his mouth but an otherwise affable enough expression. "Hey," he says to that Weyrleader, and… "Well enough," he answers with that same slightly excessive emphasis, and a smile that's followed by a shrug before he looks back to Krysa and… laughs. "Not yet, but weyrlingmaster said we could have a day off for good behavior." He grins, with a glance back to Garouth and then to Krysa again. "Then again, it might just be a test to see if he can actually behave himself." Emphasis intended for a certain bronze, who is - for the moment - the picture of politeness and comfort, paws tucked under him as he rests in the sand. « I am. » he answers Haeyaneth with a ripple of his shadows into dappled concepts. « Is your child well? » He means Ravysa, though the mental image also has a flicker of Krysa's current swollen belly… and then the bonfire lights, and Garouth turns his head to stare at it. Loooook, fiiiiire.

There's a rather excited bugle as Zeleth comes bounding into the beach, leaping and skipping and half-flying. She is certainly energetic, glancing over her shoulder to watch the two humans that follow in her wake. "Yes, Zel, we are coming." He turns towards Lyzaen whom walks by his side. "I told you that she gets excited. Now just imagine her running off somewhere when you're not looking and getting lost and fogetting how she got there. I often think I need to get a search and rescue to follow her around just in case I lose track of her." K'lar laughs, shaking his head. "That, or get a firelizard and train it to follow her and come and get me."

Kalen comes walking up from the docks, he seems to have wrangle and shooed a few of the younger kids away from the unsupervised area. He is grinning happily as he watches people gather, he waves to a few people he knows. As he starts to look around and finds a tent, that is occupied and he sits down at a table and starts watching the people gather.

Heading to the snack shack, T'ana takes a peach and stands there for a moment, watching the bonfire as it's lit. She rests her weight on her right leg, loosely folding her left arm across her torso. PEople-watching is always interesting at these things, really.

The wood within the bonfire shifts and sends out a wave of heat and sparks that swirl up into the sky.

Lyzaen watches as Zeleth bounds down the beach,laughing softly at the green's antics. Dressed tonight in a nice sundres, her feet in sandals that will likely get left somewhere's, she grins at the rider at her side, "I can understand, though thankfully, Dori is far better than that. When she was younger, however, she kept testing herself and scaring her podmates to death with her own play." As for the last, she points to K'lar, "That might actually be a good idea. If I spy any firelizard eggs, I'll let you know!" The dolphineer doesn't have the first fire lizard herself.

What? Stand up? Of course she's going to stay seated. You try carrying a ton of extra-weight all the time. "Oh sure, I'll be happy to have the little one out. At least I can lay them down when they get too heavy." Krysa says with a bright grin "So only for a visit huh? Man, people are going to really start thinking that E'vyl is the Weyrleader. Course, I don't blame you for wanting to stick around on that island paradise. We've heard something of your exploits all the way here. People are taking bets on how many of the dozen of women you've hooked up with will start showing." She grins mischieviously and then she nods to D'lei "Well, I'm glad to hear you are behaving yourself. I'd hate for you to give Monaco Bay the reputation that we have extremely disruptive dragons." Oh wait, maybe they already do. There's a glance towards Haeyaneth who's gently pulling Ravy down of her tail by the girls shirt. « She is well, as is the unborn one. Soon will be here. »

Shanatea grins at the fruit in his hand, giving the other teen a onceover with his warm brown eyes before answering. "Vintner tent. I'm sure Litral can tell you a hundred things to do with one. Peach pie, boiled peaches, peaches in syrup, peach bread, etcetera." he comments, then waves it. "However, its quite nice to meet you also." he winks, sassily at the other lad.

A large splash is heard off in the water and soon a dragon is flying back out of water and over the bonfire causing it to pop and hiss as dripping water hits it.

Litral the bartender calls out "Drinks! Cocktails! Snacks! Come and get them!

Zeleth's antics don't stop when she gets towards the people, as if expecting them to want to play with her. "Zeleth, I think I saw something in the shallows earlier you might want to see if you can go find it." And, thanks to her rider's distraction, no people are bowled over in her pure exitedness to play. K'lar shakes his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "We were rather last in our weyrling class, Zel kept forgetting everything and I had to reteach her constantly. Still do, actually." K'lar's eyes flicker across the beach, pursing his lips thoughtfully. "Big crowd, seems word of our party got out."

Taeski stands there for just a moment. There's a quiet moment where he simply /considers/ Shanatea, then simply folds his arms around himself a little. Awkward? Awkward. "Right…right." There are certain /civilities/ that go with being in public, after all. "It's Taeski. ..Me, I mean. And thank you." There's a quick look then toward the Vinter tent..at least once he manages to locate it. Once located, he darts his gaze back to the dolphineer. "Look, just..I dunno. Stay there? I'll be back in a second. I don't /know/ anyone here." And that is apparently enough to get him to try and attach himself to someone else. But he doesn't bother waiting for an answer. He simply turns and marches off into the tent for delicious peaches.

When you are the Weyrleader a little gossip surrounding you is natural and in some cases beneficial. Though almost always highly inaccurate like the little bit of gossip Krysa is throwing out, "I think that whoever is spreading that one around might be overstating the case. Alot of people will be losing a great deal of money if they take that bet." Syd looks back to D'lei with a little shrug. Awkward is the order of the day it seems, "Good. I'm glad. We do want you home as soon as possible." Emphasis added on the WE.

Laughter bubbles up from a pack of weyrbrats as they run along the beach kicking a ball.

"Doing my best not to," D'lei agrees with a a laugh to Krysa, though there is another glance to Garouth, just to make double sure. Because, yes, on the one hand this is Monaco and not out in the rest of Pern, but on the other there are visitors who could Spread Rumors. But no, the bronze is quite calm seeming, watching the fire as it roars and hisses and… D'lei squints at him, then shakes his head. Back to conversation. He nods to S'dny, with a crooked smile. "I'll… be glad to get back, yeah. Been missing things." Like? "Bet you have, too," he says to Krysa as he turns his head to her. "Any Deluge adventures we've been left out of?" From his seat further along the beach, Garouth also continues his conversation as well as watching the fire. « Good. » he says to Haeyaneth. « And you are also well? » A swirl of wind brushes Zeleth as she runs not-quite through the crowd and to the shore, continuing past her to ripple the mental version of waves. Sploosh splash!

"Dori's out there as well.." If the green might want to play with the shipfish again. Lyzaen chuckles softly, "Keeps things exciting then, which is good, yes?" She asks of K'lar as they walk, the smile warm and friendly as she turns attention to the growing crowd, "It would seem that way. One fire lizard mentions it ot a dragon, who tells another dragon, who tells rider… it gets out quickly." That much she's learned. "Did you want to go near the bonfire or..?" Hearing Litral call out, she ohs, "Want something to drink or eat?" Curious about the rider is she, that much is apparent.

There's a sudden popping noise and mass of sparks fly up from the bonfire like a million shooting stars.

Out in the water, Korvath is attracted to the noise and bustle of other dragons in the water, and he breaches the water in an attempt at something like what a dolphin might do, though it's about as graceful as a discombobulated wherry trying to dance. T'ana chuckles at the thought, then gets distracted by the dazzle of sparks. It might be a sign to start moving, so she starts a slow circling of the bonfire to see what she can see.

Shanatea just shakes his head and grins. He's a bit quirky, this one here. However, he does wait, and while he does, he noms on the delicious peach. When the other teen returns, he greets him with a statement. "Oh yeah, by the way… I'm Tea, Shanatea. Just call me Tea though." he munches said peach, a bit of juice escaping and him hurrying to lick it from his own face. Thats our Tea….

Haeyaneth warbles a little as Zeleth is noticed. « Glad you found us. » comes the windswept ocean spray of the greens mindvoice to the younger green. A glance to Garouth « You should look after her. » Yes, Haeyaneth is taking a bit more interest in the dragons around. Seems not all are needing to bit as Marzoth is. Krysa snorts a bit at D'lei "I dunno. I've been grounded for too long to even remember Deluge anymore." she jokes. She then hmms at Syd "So, you haven't had any fun liasons then?" she asks curiously. "That's really a shame, man your age should be having lots of women at his side." she says cheekily. She glnces towards the bonfire and whistles "Pretty site that." Ravy lets out squeals at the popping noise and Haeyaneth noses the little girl gently, crooning to her.

Dear sweet Taeski, someone you know is here, here and not discreet at all once the antisocial youth has been spotted and all homing mistles are locked in and ready to fire. Casual strolling turns nearly in an instant into a deviously shark-like grin as Valerian makes for the other grey eyed teenager with rapidly increasing speed. "TAESKI!" he bellows, not seeming to care in the least whatever disruption this may cause, using strongly built fourteen turn old legs to launch him bodily at his cousin and immediately there after to wrap arms around his neck, hugging the poor guy incredibly tight. "When did you get out?! You never said! I should punish you!" he pouts, rubbing his cheek happily against his despite it all. This might very well be punishment in itself, beause how's that for awkward?

"Might be good," K'lar decides, his eyes flickering out to the ocean. "I'd feel better knowing there's another pair of eyes keeping an eye on her, or at least keeping her distracted enough to where she won't run off somewhere." K'lar runs a hand through his hair, glancing towards the food. "Food would be good, would you like me to grab something for you, Miss? I wouldn't mind." Zeleth turns her overjoyous attention towards Haeyaneth, «Yes, there's so many people here. Is there a hatching going on? I don't see any eggs.» The green's nose burrows in the sand, as if half-expecting there might be burried eggs. That's how they are taken care of, right? Right. K'lar shakes his head in wry amusement.

A low moan can be heard from the bonfire that is then followed by a high pitched squeal and then suddenly there's a pop and a shower of sparks.

Taeski isn't gone for very long, not before he's able to make his way back again. It seems he's been willing enough to try peach bread though, since he has a slice of that along with an actual peach. He's sniffing at the bread though a bit curiously, though doesn't seem /quite/ ready to bite into it as he approaches Shanatea again. Yep, he didn't bother waiting for a name. Once he /has/ it though, he simply blinks at the dolphineer, sighing. "Tea? Lots of people call me Tae but..I guess that would get weird?" Maybe? Tea and Tae! What could go wrong? There's a glance at the mess dripping along the other boy's chin though, before he finally deigns to take a bite of the bread, complete with a rather thoughtful face. Maybe it's good? He doesn't quite get to make that decision though. Not with Valerian /launching/ himself onto the poor boy. And Taeski, with his hands full, can do nothing about it. At least he gets /something/ of an alert with his name being yelled all over, and he does a /marvelous/ job of not fallling over under the weight of his cousin. "Wha…Vale!? It's not…I haven't had much time to.." The heaviest of sighs is given. "You're already punishing me. Can you let go?"

Kalen is people watching, enjoying the safety of the tented table. He relaxes and puts his feet up and drinks from his mug, yup not on duty here just time to relax and enjoy. Zeleth gets a chuckle at her antics from him. He seems well happier to just hang back and watch for now, besides parties last for a while no point in burning out to early.

S'dny just shakes his head to Krysa. He can't recall her ever worrying about things like that. He certainly isn't going to discuss that with her so he just ignores the question she asked and goes straight to second comment, "I'll keep that in mind." Though he won't expound on that, "If you find any let me know." Yes. He'll just throw that off on her. D'lei will get a smile and a subtle nod of agreement, "Yeah. We'll fix that soon enough." When he is home all will be back to normal again.

Garouth turns his head to look at Zeleth as Haeyaneth mentions, and rumbles. « True. » He rises to his paws, padding down through the sand toward the actual waves, and leans his head down to offer a nudge of greeting with his muzzle for Zeleth's shoulder. « Perhaps we need to dig deeper. » So what if there are no actual eggs under the sand? It's a distraction, is what it is, and he scrapes a paw to help get that burial site started with the green. D'lei laughs back to Krysa. "I hear it involves the sky. Something about water, too?" An over-exaggerated shrug, like, what is this even, and then it's his turn to look to the bonfire while Garouth is too busy to do so. Then back to S'dny again, with a nod for him. "Yeah." He looks mostly-convinced at it, even!

Laughter bubbles up from a pack of weyrbrats as they run along the beach kicking a ball.

Krysa awws and grins "I'll tell E'vyl we need to see about finding you a woman." Yes Syd, Krysa has grown up. "I'm sure he'll be hppy to help out. After all he's so good at finding other things. Though I suppose it's mainly critters, but well. He's enthusiastic." she says brightly. D'lei is snorted at "Well, water and sky, who would have figured?" She giggles and then she watches the bronze start digging "Well, this could be interesting." Yes! Dragon holes on Monaco's beach once again!! Haeyaneth, however, looks quite satisfied. Digging a hole means the little green won't be going anywhere soon.

Shanatea smirks at the boys for a moment and finishes his peach, pushing the pit into a handkerchief and shoving it into one of his various pockets for now. "Hmm, I like it. Tae. I'll have to remember that." he then puts his hands in his pockets. "So, sounds like you need some time alone then?" he looks impishly at the pair of cousins for valedation. Not that he's going to run off, but, yanno……

"You know, you can call me Lyzaen? Instead of 'Miss'.." The young dolphineer does offer to the rider with a hint of a smile. "I understand as well, if you wish to be alone. I know my brother sort of pushed us together, and I apologize for that again." She seems to hint that she might give her brother a smack at the back of the head sometime soon whenever she finds him! As for dragons needing distractions, she chuckles, "Dori will be glad to have someone to play with." No doubt, the shipfish is near by, keeping an eye on kids,and dragons, that might come visit the water where she and other podmates might be found. "Food and drink sound nice though.."

Cheekrubs with gusto! Valerian squeezes Taeski all the harder, "You didn't fall over! I am so proud of you!" he beams, forcing all of his affection on the Half Moon Bay handyman all at once, whether he liked it or not. Does he notice the unjudged peach bread? Probably not. Would he care if he had? Probably not. "Don't want to! I've missed you and you didn't even say thank you for the paper and stuff I sent!" Yes indeed, more pouting and it wasn't possible for his embrace to get any firmer without popping his poor cousin's head right off his shoulders. Everything about the action said LOVE ME DAMN IT, even as grey eyes fall upon Taeski's dolphineer friend with a playful sort of suspiction. Oh ho ho. That shark-like grin widens as he impishly plants his lips right onto that cheek he'd been rubbing so vigorously. SMIRK for Shanatea.

Laughter bubbles up from a pack of weyrbrats as they run along the beach kicking a ball.

"I'm not sure that his help would be needed." Syd says with a shake of his head, "Who knows what he'd do." Yep. E'vyl might be good at many things but he isn't sure about this one. Syd turns to look at the dragon hole developing on the beach. Ok! Strange but it seems to be keeping everyone happy and occupied and that is the point of any party. Syd smiles at D'lei's reply. "Good." Yes good. Things are good. Things are normal. And that is the story that will be stuck too…for now.

K'lar relaxes visably once he eyes Garouth with his green, or…should he be relieved? Zeleth's brother hasn't been too reliable lately. K'lar doesn't look quite sure, so occasionally sneaks glances over his shoulder. Zeleth, as is her way, eagerly starts to burrow into the sand which goes flying into the air and possibly lands upon those who get too close to the excavation. «Do you think we were under the sand, Garouth? I remember it being dark and warm. We must bring them to the light. It must be horrible down there, then we can go on all sorts of adventures!» K'lar turns his attention to Lyzaea, "Ah, well, if you wish to go elsewhere, that is fine. I'm afraid I'm a bit on the boring side. But I would at least be happy to grab you something to eat, Miss Lyzaea before you go? Would you like something to eat as well?'

Taeski stands there, all caught by the Valerian-leech. He doesn't seem to have it in him to be /too/ annoyed by everything though. He manages to even get an arm where he can take another bite of that peach bread. Lacking a free hand, he pats his cousin on the head eventually with the peach in the other grip, chewing all the while. "You weren't there to thank. But thank you, yes." The sudden /deviousness/ of his cousin though has the teen's eyes rolling, and he gives a little shift of where he stands to get a better look at Shanatea again. "..My cousin. I've had too much /alone time/ recently, though. Stick around."

What is that in the sand? Is it some multi-colored stranded dragon sized rope toy? Looks like it's been down there a long time.

The wood within the bonfire shifts and sends out a wave of heat and sparks that swirl up into the sky.

D'lei grins to Krysa. "It sounds weird, I know, but apparently? The name is about this thing where water falls from the sky." True. Fact. D'lei looks back to his bronze… with Zeleth now… and sighs. A moment's silence as his thoughts go back and forth with his dragon, and then, "He'll fill them back in when they're done." Even if D'lei has to stand there himself until it's finished and the beach is no longer a hazard to navigation. For now, Garouth helps his sister dig… though she probably get in three excavations to his one. « I remember sand, but there was something else before. » Maybe more sand! « Perhaps they are like whers, and like it there. »

Lyzaen glances back, only to blink as Zeleth goes digging under the sand, "Oh wow… she can dig fast!" Laughing still, she wonders, "What is she looking for?" Curious is the dolphineer before turning back, only to tilt her head, to frown a little at K'lar's comment, "Boring? Why do you think that?" Surprised by that comment is she, though she soon offers, "Let's grab food and drink, and find a table and discuss this topif of you being boring a little more." If he's boring, then she's a goldrider!

Shanatea smirks at the cousin, and grins. "Well, pleasure to meet you too, cousin." he responds mildly. His hands tucked in pockets, he grins at Taeski and shrugs, "I've nothing else to do, so I'd like that." he adds, unzipping his hooded shirt and then tucking his hands in the pockets. Might as well, its a beach. Unzipping is allowed.

A sweet scent followed quickly by the scent of burnt sugar wafts through the air as someone loses a marshmallow.

Krysa pouts at Syd and then she gets a mischivous gleam to her eye "So, are you saying that E'vyl doesn't have good taste in women?" Hmm? Ooo. Tricky question there. Could be dangerous territory there. However, she can't help but laugh brightly "Wow, who would ever have imagined that! Water from the sky!" She glances back towards the holes "Might be a good idea. I hear tell that holes on the beach can be dangerous for Weyrleaders. They've fallen into them." she says as she looks back at Syd. "You just be careful if you go wondering about. Or E'vyl may just end up acting Weyrleader for even longer.

K'lar is just close enough to the conversation that the others are having to hear D'lei, "I'll help," he insists, "It's partly my responcibility. And, well, I don't want you to get into more trouble with Xanadu if you are supposed to be back there." His attention turns back to Lyzaea, a hand rubbing at the back of his head. "Ah, well…" He drifts off with a shrug, moving towards the man shouting about food and grabbing something for himself. "I tend to be by myself most of the time. Well, besides Zel, at any rate."

Out in the water a dolphin leaps high into the air and then splashes back down into the sea.

S'dny can't help but wonder if Krysa is 'trying' to make him feel uncomfortable or if she is just hyper focused on this right now because of hormones or what. Syd will do the only thing that he can do, try to turn the tables on her and put an end to this, "No. He has fantastic taste in women. In fact you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. If E'vyl isn't careful I'll steal you away." Would he really do that? No. Though it might be effective in getting her to change topics, "I won't fall in." Probably.

Lyzaen doesn't comment as the riders talk about filling in the holes upon the beach, amusement apparent over the dragon's antics. But questions are asked of K'lar, and as he answers, she tilts her head, likewise grabbing food and drink for herself, "What sort of things do you do for fun, besides going on adventures? " She motions to his clothing, "The other day, you mentioned you'd made your jacket.." She turn then, to looking for a free table, pointing out one should he wish to head in that direction. It's also near her brother, whom she hasn't seen just yet. Soon though, soon!

D'lei looks to K'lar, and nods. "Sure," he agrees, an easy smile for it. "I'm mostly just going to make Garouth do it, anyhow," Dragon backhoe! "But the help would be nice." With all that supervising! For now, Garouth continues to dig and talk with his sister, and D'lei grins to Krysa. "Does that make you an acting Weyrwoman? Getting the next generation is one of their important duties…" Admittedly, that's generally more about the dragons, but… details! He grins a bit to S'dny's reply, seeming gradually more at ease.

"Valerian." The starcrafter corrects as he's called cousin so many times, shooting Taeski a pout for not playing along. Why anyone would want to likely escapes his grasp of the situation but he hangs off of the handyman like only the best of capes can. He might even flutter if he's asked nicely. What is personal space, even? The snack that Tae had is eyed, then the young man himself and then to Shanatea. "Ooooh. I get it." Toothily he grins darkly, releasing his grasp and straightening out his clothes. "Guess I'll go find someone else to annoy and let you two be alone and do whatever it is that two crazy guys do." Clucking his tongue off the roof of his mouth, he begins to scan for his next victim. Then something clicks and he peers at Shana, leaning way as uncomfortably as two stangers can get, to the point of the dolphineer might consider taking a step back. "You look that that moony bronzerider guy…." Suspicious. So very suspicious.

There's a sudden popping noise and mass of sparks fly up from the bonfire like a million shooting stars.

Silence. Oh yes, Krysa goes quite silent and there is a noticable coloring to her cheeks. "Oh, umm. Yeah. Glad to hear you won't fall in. Isn't this bonfire simply wonderful?" she asks as she turns her attention over to it. Oh yes, quite an effective tactic. Awkward!! Oh, what a question, D'lei. Perfect diversion "Oh, thankfully no. That's still Aliona's spot and she can have it. Though she can't have E'vyl. I think I'll keep him." As for the next generation "Though who knows. This one in here could be Weyrwoman if it's a girl or even Ravy could be." She hmms a little "That would be kind of cool if it did happen."

Kalen is quicker in the game, and sees his sister heading this way. He grins and gets up moving way now heading over around the bonfire, he passes the young woman with the scars on her back and gives her a happy smile saying "Welcome to Monaco, havn't seen you around here before". He still keeps an eye out for his sister but no reason to be rude right.

Taeski is /free!/ Once untethered to Valerian, the teen straightens up again, sighing. It's like a giant weight has been /lifted/ from him. Still, there may in fact be a small smile tugging on the boy's lips. It can't be helped. But he's at least free to finish off that bread now. That done, he transfers his peach between hands in order to start biting into /that/ next, turning his hand a bit to lick at juice immediately running down toward his wrist. His gaze briefly drops along with the unzipping motion, but it's easily caught again by Vale's /leaning/ in, glancing between the two of them. "Moony?"

In the glow of the bonfire - running through the darkness - is that someone streaking?

T'ana is brought from her thoughts as she watches the ocean, and she smiles to Kalen. "Thank you," she says with a small nod of her head and a sincere smile. "I haven't been anywhere near here for a long time. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful the place is." She shifts the peach to her left hand, there, so she can then offer her right for a solid handshake, adding, "And I'm T'ana, rider of Korvath, currently of Ierne though our home is the Fort."

Krysa is not going to get off that easily. She started this little game and Syd is of a mind to finish it. The color in her cheeks only shows he can win this if he wants. Syd will move toward the chair in which Krysa is sitting, "You said that I should be surrounded by women." Her own words! Those are the best to use against her, "I think I might choose you. What would you have to say to that?" he asks. Yes he is going to take this chance to rub it in as much as he can. He'll turn his head away slightly toward D'lei with a grin on his face. This is something that will no doubt amuse him.

Shanatea simply leans forward into Valerian's look, grinning pleasantly. "I'm sure you mean my twin, T'lon?" he asks far too sweetly. Two can play this game, especially when one has a twin. What is personal space again? Neither one of them know, obviously. "However, nice to meecha Valerian." he adds, far too cheerfully. "My dear, sweet, shorter, younger brother-twin, T'loony the Moony." he can respond with the best of them. No worries, T'lon will understand, Tea will most likely tell him all about how he waxed so faithfully about his brother's age, stature, and twin-ocity.

K'lar grabs some food from the table, "Tend my plants, read books, bake, craft when I have time. Nothing too terribly exciting. Most of that happens when Zeleth and I go out." K'lar responds to Lyzaen. He nods to D'lei "Of course I'll help." Unfortuantly, digging is only so interesting for so long. And Zeleth's attention wavers. She digs half-heartedly in the sand and eventually decides to stop altogether. «Have you been on many exciting adventures, Garouth?»

The scent of roasting meat from one of the smaller fires rises up through the air.

Kalen grins at T'ana and shakes her hand "I am Kalen, Journyman Dolphineer, and Fort you say do you happen to know a Jaylen? she is rider of Brown Maehwazeyeth." He looks out at the sea and nods "the ocean is a magical place, or at least that is what the harpers and sailors like to say" he throws the woman a wink.

"I belive I've heard of Jaylen, but I don't think I've met her," says T'ana, smiling wider and looking out over the water. "And I suppose it is—magical, though I'm not terribly a fan; I'm more a forest-y sort. He's half-fish, I think, though." A nod to a spout of water as the blue Korvath breaches and flops onto the water once more. Looking back to her companion, she gives him a lopsided grin.

"Ah, that's likely for the best," D'lei agrees to Krysa. Is he saying she's not Weyrwoman material? (Never mind that Hae is green.) "I hear they have a ton of paperwork to do!" He grins, then nods to her, looking at the little girl playing in the sand. "You just never know, she could be." And Krysa could be (and is) getting teased by S'dny, and D'lei's distraction can only go so far. The Weyrleader has questions for her. Really digging in, like dragons to sand, though… as Zeleth's interest flags, Garouth shifts to start pushing sand back with his tail. Slow and subtle! « I flew through the water from the Emerald Isle to Half Moon, » he answers, with images of him flying low over choppy water at night. « It was… fun. » Exciting and terrifying, he means, with undercurrents of something else he pushes out of view.

When Shanatea refuses to back down, rather leaning in, friendship is born with the backdrop of bonfires and apparently nakedness with that streaking someone running about back there. Valerian pays it no mind, puffing out his chest in pride as he clamps two hands on either one of Tea's slender shoulders. "I like this one Taeski, he's a keeper!" And there's a kiss for him too, right on the cheek, because ersonal space, is not an issue to which he subscribes. Insanity, may be though. It's all good though, poking at Tae with the point of an elbow knowingly. What he knows, is all up in his own head strung together by imagined bits of theory and conjecture, but it seems to make him happy. Perking, he points with a gasp at the dolphineer, clutching the front of his tunic. "That's the one!" To Taeski, leaning way back in a rather impressive display of flexibility, grey eyes wide with a grin to match that somehow doesn't take away from his wonderment. "This guy's brother was picking imaginary flowers from a field covered in snow and picking the not there petals off of it. It was AMAZING."

Silence again, but then Krysa is gathering her wits about her again and she levels a glance at Syd. "Well, I'd say it's about time you've noticed I'm not a little girl anymore." Pause, regrouping and then she's tilts her head a little "But what would you say to E'vyl? Hmm? Would you really do that to him?" And another pause and she takes a near desperate measure to switch this back around again. "Or are you thinking maybe the three of us together? I'm not sure how E'vyl would feel about though." Sweat drop. "Paperwork?" She blinks at D'lei and looks confused a moment. Seems Syd derailed her brain a bit "Oh shards, yes! I am sooo glad that Haeyaneth chose me. I abhor paperwork."

Laughter bubbles up from a pack of weyrbrats as they run along the beach kicking a ball.

Lyzaen does seem honestly curious about K'lar, for even as he speaks of his boring life, she seems intrigued by it. "Nothing too exciting? What sort of craft? Weave Hall trained or…?" Setting her plate and glass on the table, she takes a seat, her gaze traveling to his green and back again, "There are times I wish I didn't have so much to do, but it is what it is, right? Some days are quiet, and those are fun."

K'lar glances occasionally towards his green, especially as her attention begins to waver. Poor K'lar, most of his attention seems to be upon his lifemate. So, he answers distractedly as Lyzaen asks him a question, "Leatherworking, actually. I mostly focus on riding gear for dragons, but I like making lots of things. I made Garouth and Kith's straps. I've been too busy as of late to get to my own dragon's." A hand flicks his hair ut of his face, turning his attentio to Lyzaen briefly. "Ah, I know that feeling all too well. I feel the entirety of my day is always accounted for from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. I barely have a moment where I can take some time to relax."

Zeleth seems to be content with the answer, even perking ever so slightly. «Did you dive under the water? I did that once, it was spectacular. K'lar and I dove /right/ into the water, and it was a lot of fun. Maybe we will fly over there at some point and go swimming. I bet there are all sorts of wonderous things to find!»

A sweet scent followed quickly by the scent of burnt sugar wafts through the air as someone loses a marshmallow.

There is a very slight tilt to Taeski's head, watching the interaction between the two boys in front of him. It's /educational/ or something. All of this natural human interaction! He doesn't seem all that concerned about the personal space issues though, or lack thereof. Instead he seems more fascinated by it all, than anything else. Though Valerian's declaration of Shanatea being a 'keeper' earns a brow raised from the teen. He does seem to recognize what his cousin is saying though, perking right up. "Wait, /that/ guy you told me about?" Yep, imaginary flower pluckers can't be terribly plentiful. …Can they? He shakes his head ever so slightly, still nomming down on his peach in a rather contented fashion, despite eyeballing Tea for his familial relations, smirking.

There will be no turning this around. Syd has confidence now and stuff! Krysa will not escape so easily though her attempt is a valient one. He'll lean down close to her, "Oh I've noticed." he says to her softly, almost in a whisper, "I wouldn't have to say anything to E'vyl since he isn't here and I am." He'll lean back a bit and add in a normal tone, "Yes I could do that to him. Though I only want you." he says, doing his best to sound convincing, "So what do you say?"

Shanatea smirks a little. "Hear that, I'm a keeper." he says no nobody in particular, only that he's proud of himself for being a keeper apparently. "Ah, yes, he's younger and shorter than I am, so he must have been a bit stunted in the brain or something." OF course not, but Tea will go alone with it. He grins at the pair of them. "Ok, now do tell the story, because I want something else to pick on him for." Yeah, Tea's not the good nor the evil twin……

So much derailment. That train of thought is gaining an extra caboose that's right off the rails! D'lei nods to Krysa about that paperwork, his grin… well, it's mostly there still, but there is some awkward around those threes that are being talked about. One and one and one make… well… a good question, and one that seems to be rather on his mind! « I am sure there are. I have have a friend there, and she has shown me some of them… but there are many more to be found. There is a place there where you can sit and all you see is ocean… » The shadows grow deeper for a moment, then soften. « Would you like to swim now? We can dive together. » And maybe meet those dolphins, out in the waves!

Laughter bubbles up from a pack of weyrbrats as they run along the beach kicking a ball.

Kalen nods and points out as a dolphin who looks almost black swims hear the dragon and spouts from his blow-hole playfully mimicking Korvath. The young make has a warm smile saying "That is my partner Atlas." He turns to T'ana "You want a drink? I am heading that way and could grab you something."

Lyzaen picks up a piece of the peach bread to try, nibbling a little as she listens, nodding her head to K'lar. "Yes! Exactly that. I will admit, things have been a little slower since we came here, but still, there's a lot of work to be done in settling in to some degree. But the people here have been quite nice." She rambles a little, pausing to take a sip from her glass, then glances back to the rider, "You haven't had time for her straps? For shame on you!" She teases, flashing him a quick grin then, bouncing back and forth in her answers, "Well, you are both here tonight, so hopefully this counts for relaxation for the two of you?"

AS the bronze turns to the water, at least a few shipfish will be there to meet up and play, one who recognizes Zeleth from a day or so ago, and clicks a greeting to the green whenever she comes to the water.

Okay, that sooo did not work. Help? Eyes dart toward D'lei. Do something?! Clearing her throat a little Krysa umms a little trying to figure out if this is bluff or not, and if not. Oh dear. What does she say "I should go check on Ravy, she's been awfully quiet over there." Course, she's not really quiet. Little toddler is playing with her stuffed feline in the sand and going "Meow, meow, meow, meow." In varing pitches and high squeaks. And of course Haeyaneth is keeping a close eye on her and she is still within that tail curl.

The sight of the dolphin makes T'ana grin wider, then she's nicely distracted by Kalen. "Iyes, please," she says, then glances back to the ocean for only a beat. "I'll join you, if you don't mind. I've rarely seen a dolphin up close. It has to be nice, though, II imagine?" So saying she turns to start slowly meandering toward the beverage tent.

The wood within the bonfire shifts and sends out a wave of heat and sparks that swirl up into the sky.

As far as proper human interaction goes, Valerian is definately not the one that you want to emulate, for he's just as clueless as his more antisocial cousin is. He does what he wants and doesn't care what other people think. A devilish wry smirk given to his cousin for his raised eyebrow, giving him more prodding elbow in the ribs. At least he's easily distracted from erroneous thoughts which have zero supporting evidence, soon hooking his arms around both boys and points enthusiastically towards the private cove. "Right then my lads! Onward to the gossip corner of gossiping! I will tell you everything I know, and we shall contemplate together the greater meaning of imaginary flower plucking!" With a determined and entirely non-serious expression of seriousness, he literally drags Taeski and Shanatea off down the beach and away from the adults.

Taeski steps over to the private cove.

Valerian moves over to the private cove.

You move over to the private cove.
Monaco Bay Weyr - Private Cove
Tucked behind an outcrop of verdance and safely hidden, for the most part, from view by anyone else on the beach, this quant little half-circle cove is the very image of peace. A spit of soft sand extends crescent arms towards the ocean, encompasing the little covelet of warm, cerulean water that laps quietly at the shore. Sheltered from the waves by the most part by an outcropping of rock on the far side of the cove, naught but the smallest of ripples ever make it to the shallow depression in the center of the beach, though the deeper areas further out are subject to stronger tides. The jungle forms a nearly impenetrable wall behind, and there is a constant undertone of insects droning on, the trill of one wild firelizard to another, and even the occasional crash of a wild animal passing through the trees. Back the way you came, the path is shielded from view by draping leaves and trailing vines.

People: Shanatea Valerian Taeski

Obvious exits:
Beach (BE)

"Oh, I heard. I'll have to judge for myself, though." Finally, more words come from Taeski. He's starting to look more amused than anything, and even more relaxed once Valerian starts the process of hauling them down the beach. Away from such a crowded setting? Indeed, the teen's shoulders look far less…tense. Hopefully he won't get in trouble with that rider who brought him. He works on that peach though as they walk, glancing aside at Shanatea. "I don't know the whole story, myself." So yes, Valerian has /tales/ that he must tell. There's another lick given to his wrist, for peaches are rather messy, but at least he's almost done with it. "Wasn't he..pretending to see if someone loved him with a flower that didn't exist, Vale?"

Shanatea just has to laugh at the exaggerated expressions of the lad, and soon he's hooked and follows without any hesitation. "An enjoyable outing, I must say." Wot, wot! Yeah, Shanatea isn't always the most socially graceful either. Which means…. THEY MUST ALL BE IN GLAD COMPANY! Bwahahaha. Ahem. He turns his head and just grins at Taeski, nodding. "That does actually absolutely sound like T." he comments as they wander off to a quieter area, his body language also relaxing. The noise, and bodies and all that, gets to be a bit much sometimes, even for the most social.

Arms hooked around one's neck tended to make resistance futile, espeically since Valerian did everything with such utter dedication and devotion, his boundless energy contagious. Or exsausting. Whichever. He continues to drag the other two boys along until they come to a place where they can sit and chat far away from where eyes can watch and ears can hear. Not that he hadn't already spilled all of the beans and laughed over their scattered remains. Helpfully, he pops one lad and then the other down beside one another onto the drunk of a tree that was more moss than bark, choosing for himself a sizable rock a foot or two away to drop himself to where they both could see him and he could murmur conspiringly. He does have tales! The best of tales! "Okay, here is what happened!" he begins, leaning in and looking around as if on the look out for secret spies, "I was laying on the hill outside the observitory, looking up at the stars as I always do every night…and out of no where…this cute tiny little guy starts FROLICKING in the meadow. It was like he wasn't there, I could have sworn there was a baby pink haze through the darkness with bubbles and hearts rising up from all around him."

Taeski is a thankfully willing participant in the wandering off. He does lean a bit with the arm being /hooked/ around his neck though, forcing him in a bit closer than he'd normally walk. But eventually he lands in the sand, dropping down before carelessly tossing the pit of his peach away. Then he leans right into the trunk of that mossy tree, making himself as comfortable as he can. His shoes are even toed off. But he listens to Valerian's story all the same, trying not to snicker at the idea of pink haze, bubbles and hearts. "That sounds like…a sight." He wriggles his own toes into the sand a bit then.

Shanatea chuckles as he plops down in a pile of warm sand off the side of the mossy trunk and grins. "Yeah, and the best part, he's a cougar hunter too." the lad looks over at the other two boys with a grin. "Oh my gosh, I can totally just see him with all the pink and so squishy and cute….." he trails off, obviously picturing it. He's gonna be so mean to his twinny-twin-twin.

"Oh it was!" Valerian says, stressing the importance of the vision he beheld that night, grey eyes ever so wide and an unnecessaey silence stretching out before them all. Then he just goes right on with the story as if he'd never stopped at all, a certain sparkle appearing about him when Shanatea refers to his twin as being a cougar-hunter. "I watched as he leeeeeeeaned over and plucked a flower up off the ground, but it wasn't just any flower no, it was the kind that blossoms only in the dead of winter. It was an imaginary flower!!!" He gasps, leaning back and covering his mouth with his hands. Shock! Awe! More shock! It was all too much! The back of one hand to put dramatically to his forehead, leaning back more, rolling his eyes towards the sky. "Then he began to puck the petals, one by one….the poor delusional creature. 'She loves me' he said," Vale holds out an arm now in front of him at its full length, mimicking the action of pulling a petal from a flower, his finger tips wiggling slowly to symbolize the fluttering of said petal as its released. "…'she loves me not'…" He repeats the action, not skipping a single step or speeding through, each 'petal plucked' with overexsagerated romantical fluffiness.

Taeski curls his fingers into the sand, quietly listening. Though he does at least nod along with the story. See? He can be somewhat animated, even. Look at his minorly..not at all shocked face at the tale of the invisible flower! He's trying. He does blink though, immediately throwing a look at Shanatea for his brother being a..couger-hunter. Even /he/ knows what that means. There's a face made, not at all /pleasant/. "Well that's.." What can he say? Though after a moment he just quietly chuckles to himself, eyes on his cousin again. "Are you sure you're not a harper?"

Shanatea just smirks and shakes his head. "My brother is a bit odd sometimes. But you're right, he's completely moony." Tea notes as he relaxes into the warmth of the sand a bit. Ah, boys on the beach. Whoooo! Excitement. So ossim.

Another petal is about to be plucked when Taeski pipes up asking if he was a harper, causing the starcrafter to crinkle his nose at the older boy. "Gross, no." Then he stiffens and waves a hand in a dismissive waving motion, in which one could all but seen the enormous sweatdrop sliding down the side of his head, "Not that there is anything wrong with being a harper….heh heh heh. Please don't report me." Apparently being swarmed by a horde of ravenously enraged bookworms was one of Vale's worst nightmares from the looks of things, quickly enough coughing and clearing his throat before he goes right back to plucking petals. "…'she loves me'…" Suddenly he's sitting up straight and thrusting his arms out to the side, "Laughter from the observatory brought him pause…and he stared in disbelief at the formidable construct. Was it speaking to him? Had he lost his mind completely? The flower plucking and lovesickness of his depraved mind…said YES. But from the shadows I emerged to put him at…a diffrent sort of unease…" Dropping his arms he spreads his hand out before him in a helpless gesture, "Because its what I do best." Welcoming back the sharkiness of his grin, he drops his chin to his hands, having propped them up onto his knees, "He tried to explain to me all about why it was that he loved this woman and she loved him but…" Scrunching his face up, Valerian appears slightly ill. "Sixteen and he's lost his sharding mind. There was no helping him…so I tackled him to the ground and gave him a white wash to remind him he was still a kid and shouldn't be thinking about adult stuff…." A shrug, silence, and then some rather darkly born laughter. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Taeski snorts softly, shoulders lifting in a shrug. "Not like I'm one to judge..odd." Most people had their..quirks at any rate. He watches Valerian flail his arms though along with the story, lips twitching in an upward fashion with his own continued amusement. Despite that though, he shakes his head, making a face right after. "I don't even want to know how old she was." Because…..yes. Gross. Fingers briefly roam into the hair that still has some length on one side of his head, shoving errant strands away from his face in the process. Valerian is given a rather flat look though, before his eyes roll. "Report you? Just who do you think you're talking to?" He just got out of lockup! He's not about to tattle on anyone for anything! Maybe. Depending. He leans back a bit further though, folding his arms behind his head comfortably before turning his own eyes upward. The sky is easier to focus on. "Can't help thinking about adult stuff if you're a dragonrider, though. Adult stuff happens."

Shanatea shrugs, "Odd kinda runs in our family though." he comments, scratching the inch of belly that he shows off as he simeultaneously stretches. "So, My dad was a bronzerider names T'ea, and my brother and I were named Shanatea and Tealonie…. So first is there's a lot of T, Tea, and T'ea in the family…." Yes, he stresses each of these in a different manner. "Now , my dad T'ea and T'lon are both bronzeriders and I'm a stumpy little Dolphineer." Not that he actually seems upset about that, because he isn't.

There is another albeit lighter shrug for Taeski, not taking the flat look or rolling of eyes personally in the least, giving him instead another of his ridiculously broad smiles, teeth and all. "We're in mixed company so I won't say." His shoulders bounce with a silent chuckle, now stretching his arms out above his head before leaning back with palms on the boulder to share the vision of the sky with his cousin, "Eh, I don't get it though. No one can explain it either, I just don't see the point of it…any of it." This wasn't something that Taeski hadn't heard before, but he reinterates it all anyway, his face pulled into one that expresses the deepness of thought and the briefest of frowns. "It's not even fun." This aside, he cants his head to one side as he peers over at the two other boys, grey eyes sliding first to Taeski, "He didn't say how old she was, I didn't ask, but it was suggested that she was probably old enough to be his very much older mother or something. He said he didn't care that she was so much older than him or what people thought, that it was love and he was going to persue her." He pffts and now rolls his eyes skywards, his attention landing onto Shanatea. He just blinks through all that, raising a hand as if he were in a classroom but doesn't wait to be called on, "But the question is…." Dramatic pause, "Do you like drinking tea? If so, with bronzeriders? It could explain a lot!" No it couldn't! He's just lost his damn mind, ignore him. WALK AWAY WHILE YOU CAN! Though Vale grins, "Nah, you're cute. Brother was cute two…but…." Another nose crinkle, "Out of his gourd." Like he was one to talk!

Taeski just makes a /face/ at the talk of the lady being old enough at /least/ to be T'lon's mother. In fact, there's a distinct gagging motion that the teenager makes. "Gross." His expression does soften a bit though for Valerian's talk of his own preferences..or lack thereof, shrugging. "People are different, is all. Do you even really /want/ it explained?" He finally sits up again, head cocked ever so slightly to the side as he watches his cousin. His expression morphs slowly into a grin though, and he has trouble containing the laughter that starts rising out of him. "I like tea with bronzeriders." At least the comment doesn't make the teen lose any of his mood. He just shakes his head and looks over at Shanatea again with a bit of a smirk. "And I'm a guy that fixes stuff around the Weyr..except I don't know how to fix things. We've all got something, I guess. ..Vale, I doubt you've ever /had/ a gourd to get out of."

Shanatea nods, "Yeah, he's odder'n me, and I like boys and girls, which means I'm pretty odd…." he comments, then shrugs. "Old ladies are erally odd though. Too each their own, I suppose…" he comments. Then he turns and looks at Vale incredulously. "I do like tea, and I have had it with bronzeriders, but not on a general basis."

Valerian nods in agreement with Taeski, as he also believed it was gross, but likely for the same and completely different reasons. He manages not to gag along with his cousin but looks a little green around the gills regardless. For the further inquiry, the starcrafter dismissively gestures that is both and neither a shrug, "Everyone seems to like it so sharding much I'm starting to wonder if I'd done it wrong or something to make it so unappealing." An overly deep sigh, and down his chin goes in one palm, the fingers of which curl against it. "Course I was drunk each and every time…maybe that was it." A long pause now, considering, and his shoulders pop up and then drop down again. "Having zero interest when sober is probably a good enough reason to leave it along, but…" He growls with a laugh, "…I still want to know!!! Faranth help me!" He shakes a fist idly at the sky above, letting the comment Taeski makes about tea with bronzerider's pass without putting his two marks worth in. Though he does stick his tongue out at the oldest of those gathered, "Not nice, Tae! I just like having fun." Shanatea gets a nod and his brows lift, "I think boys and girls can be cute, can't say attraction isn't there, because it is. I just…don't get the whole sweaty breathless mushing body parts together thing." Though the thought of it with old ladies brings back the look of illness about him, waving a hand to get the words out of the air before they've permiated his brain too deeply. "Ugh, Tea…just…bleh." Drinking tea with bronzeriders? "Well, there you go then." What?

Taeski gives a small snort of breath. "Men only for me, thank you." Everyone has different preferences! But since everyone is airing them, he might as well add in his opinion on the matter. Nails give a brief scratch at his jawline though, before brushing off sand that has managed to get there. Somehow. There's a brief smirk at Valerian though. "I know. You do a good job." Of having fun, anyway. All the stuff about sweaty bodies? Well there's just a shrug for that. The former renegade can't very well help his cousin figure that part out. "No point in forcing yourself to do something you don't like. Right?" Eventually though, the teen stands up, brushing more sand away from his pants. "I should get back to Ky'lai. Brought me here and was../technically/ supposed to keep an eye on me. Wasn't keen on sticking around too late, either."

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