Someone Is a Winner

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Everything the Light Touches
High, higher, and higher still, wing upward from the queen’s ledges and you will find (arguably) the highest point at Half Moon bay Weyr. The ledge here is wide and spacious, carved around the peak itself high enough that one can from various points see the entirety of the weyr itself, the lagoon and the glittering ocean beyond. A low cobblestone wall has been built at the edge, possibly an earlier nod to safety and encircles the large patio set to one end of the ledge made more noticeable by the potted lime trees near the entry, complete with a cobblestone barbeque and counters for cooking or entertaining. Wooden tables and chairs are outfitted with bright cushions and a small ice chest is tucked to one end. There are multiple sunning spots one at the opposite end of the ledge, away from the entrance to the living space proper, and perfectly situated to watch all that transpires in the ‘kingdom’ below.

The interior is marked as separate by four cobble stone columns spaced across the wide entry point of the Weyr, the entire space carved to be open to the view and elements most of the time. A few feet in from the columns where someone has strung a double wide hammock, a track which allows storm shutters to be drawn out from their cabinets on either side of the entry runs the full length of the opening, and the wooden shutters can slide and rotate to be adjusted for privacy, or foul weather. A second track consisting of gauzy curtains sits between the storm shutters and the columns, providing a sense of privacy.

Though the Interior has nothing on the exterior in terms of size, there is still a sense of airiness that speaks to the steamy tropics and those who live there. A circular fire pit in the center of the room provides heat in the warmer months, more wooden chairs with plush cushions arranged around the space with a large dragon couch to either side. Another set of curtains separates the sleeping and bathing areas where some enterprising young soul has set skylights above the oversized bed which is piled with pillows and fluffy comforters suggesting perhaps an absurd enjoyment of ‘’cuddles’’ by the resident. The bathing space which is separated via wood and paper folding screens. In the bathing pool carved into the stone naturally circulating the water via hidden pumps with valves to allow for temperature control, and another wide skylight for a view of the stars or storms passing by.

While maybe a moment ago there was quiet, now there is an awful lot of noise coming from the ledge, wings and yelling and even perhaps a bit of arguing. "No, Ysgie, Trust me its FINE. Of course Tanit wants to see me." The words carry easily, the deep rumble from the bronze apparently some sort of disagreement, though after another moment and some awkward cursing, there is the sound of feet hitting the ground and footsteps. "Tanit?! Tanit, love!" And Zel's voice carries easily as he invites himself into the weyr of a certain goldriding clutch-sibling.

It is no coincidence that Chauth chose possibly the highest point in the entire weyr to claim as her Territory. The expansive ledge large enough to accommodate several larger dragons while sill hosting a small patio space. Massive Cobblestone columns leave the interior itself mostly open to the elements, a few lines of inlaid track marking where sliding storm shutters or gauzy curtains can be pulled across the entrance. A wide hammock has been strung between two of the columns, the interior of the space still quite spartan as though the new residents haven’t quite settled in yet. Baskets and crates piled in the center of the room. Tanit is here, and in the process of hanging more curtains across the private bath area. The yelling earns the arch of one brow, and Chauth’s flames flicker as a whirling eye opens to study the arriving pair. « Where’s the fire? »

« I told him that perhaps now was not the best, but he insisted. » Ysgieuth offers with a hint of apology to his sister, the bronze remaining perched on the ledge, making no move to invade Chauth's space - despite his rider doing exactly that. No hesitation, no explanation - just Z'tan stalking across the weyr towards where Tanit is working, almost prowling as he goes. "Tanit, shards, I missed you.." Though perhaps that is an exaggeration, however his arms are held out expectantly, expecting a hug as definitely begins to invade her personal space.

« What is wrong with him? Did he drink too much firewater? » Chauth ponders, though the eye closes and the flick of her tail remains the only indication that she is not actually sleeping. Tanit, turns shaking loose the curtains before her attention can be more fully given to the bronzerider. “You saw me yesterday, remember? We grabbed lunch after I had to go to the meeting with Cita and the caverns staff?”

"Does that mean I can't have missed you?" Zel counters, looking hurt as he is left hanging for his hug, attempting to move in closer to take matters into his own hands. "Why do you have to act like it has to be a long time.." He murmurs, voice dropping as he pouts just a little. Ysgieuth would roll his eyes if he could, instead grumbling. « I was not successful at Monaco, and now he is acting like this. I do not know what is wrong with him. » First time flight questions - or at least - first time they weren't dealing with a lot of pain.

“You don’t usually seem to miss me quite this much after being apart for only a few hours,” Tanit notes, though she doesn’t avoid the hug this time, but it’s very much a brief thing on her part as she moves away to pry open another crate full of bedding, which she starts shaking out, before going to start making the over large bed toward the back of the room. “I take it sweeps went well then?” The dolphineer trying to remember what it was the bronzerider was doing for the day and failing. Chauth does not share the information as yet, though there is a peal of bell like laughter for the bronze’s defeat. « You don’t look like you fought very hard for the honor. Though perhaps it is for the best. Who won? »

« That Aedeluth, whose likes yours so much. He -cheated-. She was mine! » Ysgieuth snaps back as Chauth mocks him, hissing aloud as he shifts from foot to foot. « I performed perfectly, and he -stole- her. » So, right, questioning Ysgie's honor - maybe not the best bet. Fingers cling as he gets his hug, but then Tanit is pulling away from his grasp and he is once again left alone, frowning. "Stop working for a moment, won't you? It'll all be here later.." He attempts to reason as he follows her towards the bed. "Haha, sweeps." He mutters, though he doesn't elaborate, just moving again to try and wrap an arm around her - this time from behind.

« Aedeluth is clever, and stronger than he is often given credit for because of his leg. » A level of respect showing through the gold flickers in her flames, « It is good for them to win, they are the weyrseconds of Monaco, it should help strengthen their position there. I will have to send on our congratulations later. » Chauth does open her eyes enough to headbutt the bronze. « You are sore because you got out flown, you should get used to it. There are plenty of greens to keep practicing with, and maybe one day you too can sire a clutch. » Mirth sparking in the words as she teases her clutch siblings. As for Tanit, she laughs as an arm wraps around her waist. “My aren’t you handsy today.” Slipping away again after a few moments of lingering contact, making quick work of the sheets and the puffy white comforter. “If I don’t get this place settled out now while I have free time, I’ll never get it done, there will be meetings or other paperwork, or some diplomatic event that needs tended to instead.”

"You're a ~weyrwoman~ now, you can make your own schedule, and then you can finish putting all this away whenever." Zel protests, even as he is moving to flop on the made up bed. "Please Tanit, just come here.." And his tone is slightly whiny as he pouts at her expectantly, perhaps even attempting something like 'cute'. "Just for a little while?" Ysgieuth rumbles back at Chauth, doing a bit of his own sulking. « I did not get out flown. He cheated. He stole her away. » Thankfully, Ysgie will forget about the incident by morning - even if Zel does not.

There was that word, the one that despite graduating, Tanit still couldn’t quite claim. The whiny pout is regarded with another arch of her dark brows, and she sighs as he flops on the bed that she just made. “I just….” Sigh. “What is wrong with you?” Tanit notes purposefully going away from the bed with another crate though she does settle into the hammock. “I can take a /short/ break I guess.” Chauth is all light and laughter, « When will you learn brother, that not everyone follows the rules. There are rewards that come with being more daring and adventurous. » Chauth settles back into sunning though she does regard her rider with the spark of mischief in those whirling eyes. « I think yours might fair better in the lower caverns if he’s looking to take the edge off your loss. The need of flight isn’t on mine, and I’m not sure how she will react to his pestering. »

A rolling flop onto his side - Zel does at least have the courtesy to kick off his boots before he scoots further up the bed, patting the empty space next to him. "Nothing is -wrong-.." He insists, even as he sprawls. "Just a short break, I promise.." He agrees, hand patting the bed again. "I just need to lay down for a bit." Mmmhmm, lay down, sure. « Mine insisted that we come -here-. I do not know it is the what as much as the who, that he wishes for now. » Ysgieuth seems to be resigned to it, at least.

« She may injure him. » Chauth giggles, keeping her own council as Tanit finishes emptying another crate and stands hand on hip studying him intently with sea-green eyes. Finally she relents, joining him and settling into a comfortable spot in the bed. « No… She probably will injure him, she’s resisted this long, and I think if she figures out that he’s only here because he lost her flight. Well. » But Chauth’s flames quiet then, the gold slinking back into her own nap with the echo of bells signaling her amusement with the situation.

Puppy-dog eyes seem to work rather well, because Tanit is finally joining him and Zel is grinning at her widely, settling in and moving to pull her closer, looping an arm over her and potentially an ankle. "Just stay for a little bit, and keep me company.." He murmurs softly, moving to snuggle even closer, before there is a content little sigh.
Long fingers lift, enough to run through his hair lightly, finally bursting into a light airy laugh as he starfishes. “Feel better then?” Tanit murmurs, relaxing as he snuggles closer. “Do I want to know what prompted the sudden need to cuddle?”

"Ysgie has lousy luck.." He murmurs softly, eyes closing as she runs fingers through his hair, a little smile appearing on his face. And then, he is shifting snuggling in and nuzzling briefly, fingers plucking once at the side of her top. But then, it is only another moment before his motions cease and his breathing is far too regular for being awake, and he has he trapped as a nap-buddy.


After discovering that disentanglement from the human starfish (Aka Zeltan) Was all but impossible, Tanit had wound up taking a nap herself, only waking when Chauth announced that she would be going to hunt on her own, and wishing her trapped lifemate the best of luck with the ‘cuddly one’. Tanit sighed, looking down to where Zel’s head had wound up over her stomach, fingers absently tracking through his hair as the clingy male continued snoring. // Better behaved than I might have been, were the situations reversed. // She thought to Chauth after the full explanation of the lost of the Monaco flight. Whatever the gold’s thoughts were on the subject, she kept them to herself, a decided flicker as communication ceased between them.

Ysgieuth, for his part, had fled to his own ledge, despite being trapped in his straps - more than happy to flee from Chauth, and leave his life mate to the tender ministrations of the goldrider and her life mate. A soft sigh as fingers run through his hair, and Zel is shifting, stretching out along Tanit once more, even as he keeps am arm looped around her middle as he nuzzles into her neck. "G'morning.." His murmur is soft, and there is no move to open his eyes.

“Feeling better?” Tanit notes, trying desperately to suppress a smile. “If you are planning on using me as a human plush toy every time Ysgie looses, we are going to have to do something about the snoring.” He may not have actually snored, but Tanit will take creative liberties where she can. “Jaz and –“ Blanking on the correct spelling of the Monaco Junior’s lifemate. And the correct spelling of the Junior’s name for that matter. “You get to help me finish unpacking now I hope you realize.”

Fingers brush absently over her stomach as he opens an eye to peek at her, stilling after just a moment, sly grin slipping onto his face. "Well, I'd much rather do something -else- with you, regardless of Ysgie losing, and I promise I won't snore then." Z'tan snuggles back up and closes his eyes again. "I will, in a little bit. I am enjoying this far too much to move."

“I’m sure you would, I would venture to say that that might even be your favorite past time.” Tanit laughs, relaxing with a sigh, eyes shifting to the rolling clouds through the skylight above. “I wonder what you would do if I ever said yes.” She muses aloud, clearly too comfortable herself to bother with trying to get up and move.

"Make it very worth it to you, of course.." He offers cheerfully, as he absently loops a leg over hers, even though she has made no move to escape. After a moment, he shifts, propping himself up on an elbow to peek down at her, the other hand lifting to her cheek briefly, mouth opening as if to say something before it closes and he falls back into easy quiet.

“I don’t doubt you would.” Tanit laughs, nuzzling against the fingers against her cheek. “Sixteenth mark for your thoughts?” She notes as he falls quiet again, curiosity sparking in those sea green eyes as she shifts to appraise his expression.

Curling his fingers gently around her chin, Zel gives her a more somber smile, watching her for a moment. "You know I didn't come here just because Ysgie lost, right?" He asks after a moment, a bit of concern showing on his face as he watches her, holding her gaze. "That…" And he trails off, fingers falling from her face to her shoulder.

“I think I figured that much out after you behaved yourself almost impeccably. Well aside from hogging the bed and the not giving me enough room to breathe in this heat.” Tanit teases lightly, using her elbows to prop herself up and study his face more closely. “That – what?”

"That I care about you, even if you don't want me like that." Zel counters after a moment, blushing a bit and looking away, eyes glued to the wall on the far side of the weyr, even as his fingers remain lightly on her shoulder. Shifting a bit, he does relent, moving his leg so she can move a little more freely, at least.

Long fingers reach to angle his face back and If he shifts his face back toward her, he may or may not be surprised by her attempt to kiss him. “Zel, It’s never been that I am not attracted to you in that way.” She laughs, “Well, maybe at first I wasn’t, but.” It’s her turn to sigh, “I don’t want to expect anything from you, or turn into one of those crazy girls who gets instantly jealous or paranoid.” One hand absently rubbing at the scars at the back of her neck. “It isn’t who I want to be, and I don’t want to ask you to be something you aren’t either.”

"We both have dragons, things will always be.. interesting. And even without Ysgie.." He starts, before his face is turned back towards her, and he is caught in a kiss. There is perhaps a half second of hesitation before he is giving into it, leaning down to kiss her back, fingers curling back around her cheek, making no move to pull away until she does. Because sure, sleep helped, but.. Its still Zel, and there are still feelings of all sorts.

It doesn’t take much for things to – well – devolve. Blame nearly two solid turns of abstinence, lingering post flight feels, or even just the usual culprit for such things: Hormones. One fact remains abundantly clear, cuddling in the tropics is much more comfortable without clothes. And it is a very contented Tanit that is cuddling up on Zel when all is said and done. Elsewhere Chauth just gives an annoyed huff, and makes a complete mess of the kill she has all but picked clean. « Clearly humans can not be left to their own devices. Do you remember where that giant water bucket went Ysgie? »

There were definitely no protests at any point from Zel, and hopefully none from Tanit, as the bronzerider is happy to settle her back against him, snuggling back up with the most content sigh. "Thank you, Tanit-love." He murmurs after a moment, turning to hide a yawn, fingers idly running along her side. Ysgie, for his part, just seems resigned, snorting at Chauth lightly. « Do you not enjoy when yours is content? »

« I expect her to have better taste - and to put up more of a chase. Honestly, wasn’t she paying attention during mating flights lessons? Short flights mean small puny clutches. » Chauth huffs, in annoyance. « Adeluths would have done better. » Cue Tanit going scarlet and dark muttering. “Um, In case – miss bossy gives anyone the wrong idea.” She notes with a sleepy sound. “Sev and I are just really close friends. There’s – if it hadn’t been a flight – never would have happened. We aren’t um, that way with each other.” Awkward much? She’s just going to turn crimson and try to hide under the covers now. Thank you.

« They make such small clutches anyway. And perhaps yours does not want a clutch. They do not always make clutches. They are like greens. » Ysgieuth laughs softly at Chauth as she mentions S'van. « Mine says he is busy enough. » As Tanit turns red, Zel laughs softly, gently rubbing her arm. "I am not worried, you know. I think he has other preferences.." He clears his throat a little, moving to try and pull the covers so she isn't hiding. "Besides, it happens. Why should I be jealous?"

« If there is not a clutch, what is the point? » Chauth ponders incredulously. « We are not green. If you are going to do a thing, you do it impeccably. » Sigh. « Clearly, we must practice. » Sulk. Tanit shifts, at least enough to look Z’tan full in the face, caught somewhere between embarrassment and – something else? “Do you mean to say I can’t ever make you Jealous?” She wonders then, getting settled back in to nap, “I’m not sure I like that thought much better.” She admits with another yawn.

"I definitely didn't say that.. but S'van.." He shrugs a little, leaning to try and steal another kiss as she settles back in to nap. "I am not sure you are his type." He teases lightly, wiggling back down. "You don't want to unpack now, right?" He asks through a yawn. « Clearly they must practice. You must let yours practice, more. It is for the best. » Ysgie offers from a distance, amused at the change of tone.

« Don’t sound so smug, I didn’t say I would let her practice with yours » Chauth mutters, winging up to go swim instead, all restless irritated energy. « Still very poor taste. » “I am decidedly not.” Tanit agrees with a soft laugh, “No, no unpacking now, but you owe me. And… I would be careful around Chauth. I think she is concerned you will steal all my free time and attention.” Her eyes fluttering closed with a content sigh. « I Said no such thing. » // Yeah but you are acting like a two year old. // « I Am almost a two turn old. »

« Who else would she practice with? » Ysgie snaps back, before there is silence from the bronze, at least as far as the gold is concerned. "Mm, she is rather intimidating, too. But I promise I won't steal all your time. Only as much as you want to give." He promises, holding up his pinkie to her. "I mean, unless you want me to steal all your time and attention."

Chauth either doesn’t have an answer, or doesn’t seem to want to dignify the bronze’s question with a response. There are plenty of options, the silence seems to say. As for Tanit, she laughs, snuggling in and locking pinkies. “I might need the distraction, this job is way more complicated than salvage.” But if there was more she had to say, it is lost in the steady rise and fall of her chest suggesting that this time at least, it’s her turn to fall asleep on him.

" I think that can be arranged.." He agrees with a soft laugh, and then, as she settles into sleep, he is shifting to arrange himself next to her, and it isn't long before he dozes off once more.

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