Movin' On

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

K'ael hasn't been back to Western in a few weeks. He gets back to visit the kids every so often, but he's been a bit of a busy bronzer lately. But not today! He's off! And that means time for a visit. The bronzer doesn't feel like he's quite ready to watch the whole brood at once, but he feels comfortable with Ema and the twins at least. Yep, he's got Ema. So if Enka was gonna be mad about that then she better go and be mad. Everyone's out in the water. Well, sort of. They're out on the sand where the water washes over the beach. The twins are getting wet, but Ema and K'ael aren't really. The twins are running around in circles and jumping into the water as it comes up.

Enka is dressed to kill, baby. Well, maybe not /kill/ and she's definitely not dressed in anything more than some ragged cutoffs and a bikini top — the kind of thing people would wear at the beach on a nice sunny day. She'd already gone to pick up the kids, but having been told that K'ael got to them first, well, here she comes. With Miraneith lugging her tail along behind, the queen dragon quite awake and aware even at this time and as her rider heads for the water's edge, the gold lumbers a little ways down the beach, a pair of sun-bathing browns her target as she does her ready best to cajole and round them up into a pick up game of Miraneith-wants-your-tail. When she's starting to get proddy, /she/ chases the boys, not the other way around. Shading her eyes against the sun glare, Enka moves forward, offering a slightly hesitant smile of greeting at K'ael. "They seem to be havin' fun," she remarks, nodding towards the rambunctious twins. "It's good for them to see their daddy now and then."

K'ael certainly gives Enka a long look. Especially before he realizes it's her. The bronzer is just in his swim trunks. He looks… about the same as he always has. Azaeth is out in the water, busy playing catch the fish and doesn't notice the gold approaching the beach. K'ael smiles to Enka. "Hey there. Yep. They like the water." Liam happens to be closest, so he gets scooped up by the bronzer. "Who's gonna get a dunk?" There's some squealing, followed by K'ael dipping Liam down into the water up to his belly button. Then he grabs up Ken for a similar treatment. "So… how've you been?" He asks the weyrwoman. It's been a while since they've seen each other.

The goldrider can turn heads, definitely. Especially now, she's got that pre-proddy glow around her. She digs her toes into the wet sand, wiggling her feet around like little fishies before stepping into the shallows of the lagoon. Ema gets a hug, and Enka waves a hand cheerfully at Liam and Ken who are probably having the time of their lives frolicking in ther water. "Well," she admits, "I try and being 'em down here as often as I can. It's right outside the door, so to speak, so we take advantage of it. Took Ema ridin' a few times on the beach with the pony." The goldrider drops her hand away from her face, looking up at the bronzer. "Doin' all right," she answers rather less enthusiasticly than she might have otherwise. "Managin' the Weyr, gettin' a computer, spendin' time with the kids." She fixes K'ael with a look. "Why, you think I was pinin' for you or somethin'?" up on the beach, Miraneith's given up trying to persuade the browns into her little 'game' and stomps down to the edge of the water to sulk. She's totally pouting, seriously.

K'ael nods to Enka. "Well, it's good for them to be out. At least they won't have a fear of water. When they're a little older I'll teach them how to swim. Or you can, or both of us." He raises a brow at her. "Gettin' a computer? I hate those things. They're all over the place at Xanadu. They make you check in the deliveries on them and such. Ugh." He laughs then. "What, you mean to tell me you weren't?" He winks at her. "You must be feeling something. I don't even get a hug anymore. What do you think, Ema? Should Mommy give me a hug?" Azaeth is still out there, fishing. The bronze takes a second to peer out at the gold, then back to fishing.

"Kinda comes in handy, livin' on an island and all." Enka puts in. "I wouldn't advise swimmin' in the lake back at Telgar except durin' the summer, but at least they can frolic all Turn 'round here." Or at Ista, but since she's not living there anymore, it's not the same. "Gettin' two, actually. a laptop and a desktop. Supposed to help me doin' my sums." Because Enka can't multiply ninty and 7 to get … whatever number she's supposed to get out of it. She quirks a brow at the bronzer. "Depends," she says, "on whether or not it's the middle of the day and I'm tryin' to make sure I don't misplace forty-five herdbeasts on paper or if it's the middle of the night and I'm in my weyr by myself." She glances down at Ema, who's looking between K'ael and her mother before the little girl pipes up. "Yes." The weyrwoman turns to look at K'ael again, and leans forward to give him a quick hug. She seems a bit … well, distant about it, but it might be all to the good. After all, he knows what a mad Enka is really like. Better she's a little spaced out than well… hopping mad. By now, Miraneith's gotten down to the water's edge where she curls in on herself in sulky coils. Grumpy pre-proddy queen, grumpy! She does offer a soft whuff in Azaeth's direction, but she has yet to bestir herself and join him in the water.

"Yeah." K'ael agrees. "Though I get in a fair bit of swimming even at Xanadu." Not to say that K'ael doesn't miss the warm weather. "Ah, that's a good idea I guess. Never had much trouble with sums. Though I don't do too much of that anymore. Mostly just checking boxes. Three here, four there. It's awful hard to misplace 45 herdbeasts. The smell alone gives them away after a while." He laughs a bit. K'ael returns the hug, sort of. He looks a bit pouty about it, but doesn't press the issue. He doesn't much want to fight about anything. K'ael also knows a proddy gold when he sees one. Especially Mir, who is usually asleep during the day. "Guess your long break is over, hm?" Azaeth trudges out of the water, then. He's got a fish in his jaws, still alive and flapping around. It's a present for the gold, but she'll have to snatch it from him.

Enka chuckles lightly. "Even still, you probably don't want to go swimmin' at Xanadu for very long. Too much cold water and you'll start freezin' in places you don't want." She gives him a dry look. "Well luckly you, only havin' to count to seven." She's teasing him a bit, and it's definitely apparent that she can add small numbers for a satisfactory result, it's just big sums she has trouble with. "It's on paper, K'ael." the goldrider sounds just a wee bit exasperated. "I can too easily misplace forty-five herdbeasts on paper. Although you've given me a thought, maybe I oughta write them down with manure. Can smell that easy enough." A pouty bronzer might make her smile a little sweeter at him though… maybe. "Mmmhmm." the sound is rather non-committal enough, Enka looking to Miraneith who's finally given off sulking and is now wading into the water towards Azaeth and that flapping fish. "It's been a long time, she was takin' a break, I suppose. Last few times she rose, I …" she fixes K'ael with a suddenly impish look. "You benefited from 'em." Oh boy, did he ever.

K'ael laughs. "No. Not really I don't. But then I'll just switch to running instead to get my cardio." He grins to her. "I got enough fingers for that. So it's nice and easy. Heh… I know it's on paper. You still don't have any juniors do you? Or a weyrsecond. Well, maybe this time around." He looks over at Mir. Then it's Ema's turn to be scooped up! He pokes at Ema's nose. "Aren't you old enough to stand yet?" Azaeth might play a little hard to get with the flapping fish. Until it's starting to die, then he'll probably let the gold take it. K'ael chuckles a bit. "True. I did indeed. Gonna have to sleep with A'ven this time. Unless you got someone else to fill in."

"Ha!" Enka lets out a bit of a laugh, glancing over to where the boys are playing around in the water. At least, they're in too deep, otherwise, she'd probably go rush and save them if they were. "You did a lot of runnin'." she remarks cheekily. "Always was workin' out." Hey, he's got muscles, she'd still admire that, she would. "No weyrsecond yet, but that's more A'ven's assistant than mine. I really ought to put Rea to work more. Or maybe I will get another junior. It just depends on the flight and all. Maybe it's Mir, not wantin' another gold here." If that was the case, bad Miraneith. The queen's definitely in the water now, and hot on the trail of Azaeth and that hard to get fish. A game, hooray! And when he lets her take it, she darts in to snap it up with a meaty slurp. "Mama says I need to be bigger." Ema says, giggling when she gets poked in the nose. Enka chuckles a bit at her daughter, and then shrugs at K'ael. "I will won't I. Since I aint made any arrangements for anyone to fill in." Which probably means there isn't anyone. "It's a fair flight, whoever wins. I've no preference." She seems a bit dead-pan about that though. The goldrider purses her lips. "Are you happy, K'ael? Livin' at Xanadu again?"

K'ael grins as the boys run around. Soon enough their father would probably have them going through the same regiment he did. "Mm. Try to stay in shape and all. Got kids, it's good to stay healthy. I get Milo out there with me now." He laughs. "He can run pretty good for eight turns. Good swimmer, too. He'll be better than I am, that's for sure." He nods about Enka's helpers. Or potential helpers. Hopefully Mir wasn't being like that. "She was probably waiting, you know? That way no new golds to edge her out. I'm sure she's comfortable enough now though." He smiles to Ema. "Aw. Well, maybe next time around, hm?" He chuckles. The bronzer looks to Enka then. "A'ven ought to be excited. Unless you're thinking maybe he won't catch this time around?" Ema is set back down so she can go play. The bronzer looks at Enka and then nods slowly. "Yeah… I am. But it's not like I don't miss you, Enka. But it's probably easier if I pretend like I don't. How about you?"

Man, those twins were going to be althletes when they got bigger. Between their father putting them through boot camp drill runs and their mother taking them riding on runners, Liam and Ken were going to be very very fit indeed by the time they got old enough to stand for a clutch. "How is Milo?" Enka inquires, finding something 'safe' to ask about in regards to Xanadu. "He probably missed bein' there with all his friends, suppose he's stopped ridin' runners?" She considers the man's words for a moment. "That probably was it. Last time she rose, we'd only just been seniors here a short while. Probably was waitin' till she had more control or somethin' first. I've just got to keep hopin'. Otherwise, I'm goin' to be stuck with a lot of work." Ema is giggling when her mother is speaking. "Maybe." she agrees, scampering off to play with her brothers in the water. "I'm sure A'ven is," Enka puts in. "I'm hopin' Glyith's the one to catch, but I aint goin' to be influencin' Mir or anythin' for a rigged flight. Best bronze wins." After all, she's got no favoritism to show or particular preferences. "Shells, I miss you too," the goldrider says at last. "Wish you didn't have to pretend you don't, but if it makes it easier for you, it's probably better." she shrugs and sighs. "Just wish it could have been different. Still don't know what happened and what went wrong, but the twins are almost three and it would have been perfect for us to try for a girl then." she pauses, swirling a foot through the water. "I'm doin' all right. Just livin' anyway. Got some friends, but I aint got nobody special." Yet anyway.

Two big strapping handsome twins. There was definitely going to be trouble when they were old enough to start chasing girls. K'ael grins about his son. "He's good. Same as ever. Getting bigger everyday. He still gets to ride every so often, but I don't have a runner so it's harder for him now." The bronzer nods about Mir's next flight. "Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I know better than anyone that you deserve a little bit of a break." K'ael gives Enka a sad look. "For your sake, too. You should move on, Enka. When you've got the time. Just felt like I barely had a weyrmate is all, at the end. Didn't feel right asking you to be home more at the weyr's expense… I told you I was needy." He smiles a bit to her. There's a nod about trying for a girl about this time, and he frowns a bit. "I'm surprised there's not a line out the door for you, honestly. I thought you'd have found someone else before I even moved."

"That's good." Enka nods slightly. Oh yes, definitely, Ken and Liam were going to cut quite a swath through the female population of the Weyr when their time came. It was totally inevitable. "I might know of a runner or two that'd do for him, could always trade it to Xanadu in exchange for another one." she just shrugs a bit. "Let the Weyr stables take on the expense of feedin' and carin' for it and just let the kid ride." There's a slight wink from the goldrider before she sobers. "Oh, I intend to," she replies. "Movin' on, I have my regrets that it didn't work out between us, but if you've found somethin' better that makes you happy, that's good for you. Better that I don't think about it much." She turns a little to watch the water, and to watch Miraneith as the gold wades around, tracking past Azaeth before lumbering back towards the beach, and the sudden arrival of a blue dragon there. Hey, you… blue guy. Wanna learn to play a new game? "Probably cause I haven't really told many people that I am single again." Enka turns back to K'ael. "Just Zi'on, and that's it. I haven't been intendin' to look for anyone else yet. I will, don't you worry. But right now, I just want to get through Mir's next flight and get my shardin' computer." There's a long pause, and Enka steps away. "I need to go talk to the Headwoman. You'll get the kids back to the lower caverns, K'ael? I was nice seein' you. Stop by again when the twins have their turnday party." It's just a few more months.

K'ael nods to Enka. "Well.. I'll think about it. We just got a dog. I dunno if I want to go spoiling him too much. Maybe he'll get interested in being a crafter or something though. Who knows." He nods to her. "I guess things happen how they happen." He does blink a bit at Enka not telling people she was single again. "Well you ought to do that. Or at least let it leak out on its own. Otherwise the boys will all be afraid of you, even more so. Yeah. After Mir's flight might be good." He smiles to her and nods. "'Course I will, Enka. I'll be back before that, but we'll do a family thing for their turnday. I promise."

Enka starts to head up the beach, but not before she's hugged the twins — complaining of course because they wanted to keep playing — and Ema too. "It's no rush." she says. "I've got enough on my hands at the moment. I'm sure he's awfully happy with the dog. Ema's still got her kitten" — which is a full grown cat by now. "I love her soooo much." Ema pipes up. "Things happen. It's just part of Weyrlife, I guess. Look at my da. And Chaya, and how he's all happy now with his new weyrmate." she pauses, and takes a breath. "I'm not sure if I want to go chasin' after any one right now. Or have anyone chasin' after me. I tried, and … it didn't work out that well. Least we're still friends." And she'd probably leave it at that. She nods at his last words. "A family thing will be nice." And off she goes, leaving Miraneith on the beach, the gold having managed to persuade that blue — Inizituth by the way — that her idea of a 'game' is a lot of fun. Even if he's grumbling and complaining about being pestered.

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