Various Talks and Girl Talks

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Dinner time fills the Living Caverns with hungry people, all over and quite ready to fill empty bellies. Kiley is among those looking to fill their plates and then their bellies shortly after. Once her plate is full she drifts away to settle at a table by herself, at least for a short while to take a break and not be drawn into taking notes. Even with her journal being gone and long abandoned in her room. There is the normal hustle and bustle of the busy caverns, conversations going on all at once while the table in which the computer crafter sits lingers in silence for the moments in which she is entirely alone and starting to begin eating the meal settled upon her plate.

Kelthero is one of the many weyrfolk caught in the dinner rush, having just come in from the lower caverns. The guard is not in uniform and instead dressed in just plain everyday clothes, having just finished his shift and is now looking to eat and unwind before he's called back out. By the time he picks his way over to the serving tables and lingers over his choices of food, he turns to head to his usual favorite spots in the cavern, only to find that they are already occupied. Frowning a bit in disappointment, the guard tries to find another spot in which to sit, eventually approaching Kiley's table. One final glance to be sure he's not missing an empty, tucked away spot somewhere, the guard finally clears his throat. "Mind if I sit here?" he asks, smiling slightly.

Zi'on is one of those people with the empty belly. The bronzer doesn't usually eat during dinner, he's usually off sleeping or riding sweeps. He'll usually stop down to grab something either before or after. The bronzer peers over the buffet line when its his time to grab food. At the end he ends up with a mound of mashed tubers with some vegetables he stirs into them and a couple of meatrolls. And two bubblies. The bronzer peers around, and spotting Kiley he moves right over to take a seat next to her. "Hey hey."

It seems today is one of the rare days on which Jeyinshi /hasn't/ gone to the lagoon. Her dry hair, lack of towels, and favorite heeled boots certainly make it seem so. The dolphineer strides into the caverns, heels clicking as she heads directly for the food tables. Jey easily fills one, two…no three plates of food and grabs a mug of klah before turning to search the caverns for a place to sit. And look! 3 plates, 3 familiar faces! The dolphineer smiles and clicks her way over to the filled table and slips into a seat, "Evening everyone. You guys winding down from a busy day?"

Kiley glances up at the movement near the table, attention focusing on the guard with a curious uplift of her brow but not saying anything until he speaks after clearing his throat. A pleasant smile settles upon her lips and she shakes her head, "please feel free." She gestures towards one of the seats without any hesitation in doing so. Her gaze flickers down to her meal and she picks at it a bit, thoughtful before separating different parts of it a little more neatly before digging in once more. She remains like this for just a little longer before attention is drifting to Zi'on as he settles beside her. "Hey Zi'on." Another smile settles upon her lips before attention flickers back towards the guard. "I'm Kiley. Journeyman computer crafter." Her gaze is drawn to the other as she joins them and a bright smile is given to Jeyinshi. "Yeah. How are you doing, Jeyinshi?"

"Thanks," Kelthero gives a quick nod of his head before sliding into a seat across from Kiley, just moments before Zi'on joins the table as well. He focuses first on setting his plate down on the table, before giving the bronzerider a quick nod of greeting. The guard is then about to say something verbally to follow but is instead sidetracked as Jeyinshi joins as well. However, it's not her that his gaze lingers on, it's the amount of food she caries. "Uh… tad hungry are we, Jeyinshi?" he teases lightly, before he turns his attention back to Kiley. "Nice meeting you, Kiley," he says, giving her another smile. "I'm Kelthero, guard posted here from Torince Hold." Greeting out of the way, he begins focus on his meal. Hungry guard, it seems.

Zi'on nods to everyone. "Hey, Jey. How's the dolphins?" He peers at all her food. "Are you gonna pack that all away on your own?" Then he peers at her. What's he looking for? Probably to see if she's pregnant or something. The bronzer scoops up some of the tubers and starts eating. "Oh, I picked up the computers today. They're up in my weyr. When we deliver them I'll get your paperwork." Maybe the bronzer's been a little afraid to see Enka thus far. There's a nod given to the guard. "Zi'on, Suldith's rider."

"Heya Kiley! I'm doing great. Oh, and by the way, Kelth helped me sort out the rest of the training papers the other day. Is it alright if I drop them off later tonight?" She grins over at Kelthero and Zi'on, shaking her head. "You guys haven't seen me eat have you? I've always been able to down this much. And no I'm not pregnant or have any diseases. Just a fast metabolism." The dolphineer smirks a little before spearing a few vegetables popping them into her mouth. "They're doing great. Sungie's as excited as ever. He's itching for some work since I haven't been down there in a couple of days."

Kiley shakes her head for the thanks that Kelthero gives her, smiling still before focusing on getting a little more food in before conversations pick up again. "And you, Kelthero." There's silence for consideration, brows furrowing slightly before she's looking at Zi'on. "Really? That's wonderful. When we deliver them we can set them up then and I'll get to work putting all the records in. And the paperwork can get started." She chuckles softly and then sighs, "I need to get a laptop. Do you think you could drop me off at the Crafthall tomorrow?" She looks back to Jeyinshi and grins, "wonderful. You can drop them off whenever you're free. I should be around." There's no comment on the dolphin crafter's food intake as her attention is returning to her own food.

Kelthero gives the bronzerider a quick smile, pausing in replying to at least be somewhat polite and swallow his food before speaking. Hungry or no, he does have manners. Honest! "Nice to meet you too, Zi'on." He replies, titling his head a bit to give Jeyinshi a side-glance before shaking his head, chuckling. "I didn't say you were pregnant or ill! Just surprising to see so much food for one sitting." At the mention of the help with the paperwork, the guard wrinkles his nose a bit. "Quite the task, even with two people. But glad to be of some help, at least." Then it's back to tackling his dinner, pausing only to listen to the conversation continue between the others gathered at the table. Something eventually snags Kelthero's attention again and with a curious glance to Kiley, he simply says "Laptop?" before gaining a rather puzzled expression.

Zi'on blinks a bit at the dolphineer. "Uh. Nope. Can't say I have. Where do you put it all? You got extra stomaches in you?" The bronzer is kind of a picky eater. Most of the time food doesn't look that good to him. He's also got a bad sweettooth, so if there are bubblies out he'll forgo half a meal for an extra one. There's a nod to Kiley. "I would have had you come with me, but I couldn't find you. Also I didn't know how big the boxes were going to be." He nods about dropping her off at the Crafthall. "Sure. Maybe we can try to make the delivery before that, so you can turn your papers in." He peers at Kelthero's knot. "Oh you're a guard. Fun. You ever scare off any pirates? Or beat one up?" Zi'on has some unnatural obsession with pirates.

"Sounds great. And let me know whenever you're free to input the data, I'll help out. If the program is going to be of any use I need to know what to do." Jeyinshi smiles before taking a sip of juice and turning to Kelthero. "You should get used to seeing so much then. Unless you're planning on not being my friend any longer. And that really would be a pity." The dolphineer grins cheekily before looking down at her stomach and considering it for a few moments. When she looks up, there's a serious expression on her face and when she does begin to speak, it's in complete deadpan. "I don't think my body's large enough to have multiple stomachs. Unless some strange healer has given me implants that don't know of." Because that is the obvious explanation for being able to eat a lot.

Kiley colors a little at the talk of meals, uncomfortably pushing the food around on her plate now rather than putting it into her mouth. "I don't mind the paperwork. I'll be submitting whatever you both sorted into the computer. Then I can probably get the program in the dolphin Crafhall later and show them how to use it." A smile forms on her lips for the talk of her work. She looks to Zi'on, "that's okay. Really, As long as it made it back safely." For the second bit she nods, "sounds like a perfect plan. Tomorrow, then." Her smile grows wider before attention shifts back to Jeyinshi. "Of course. I'll find a time when you're free so that I can show you what needs to be done." There's a soft cough from the computer crafter at Jeyinshi's additions to the conversation about her food intake, and comments again remain her own as she continues to push food around her plate.

Kelthero can only give Zi'on a baffled look as he struggles to find an answer for the bronzerider's odd question. "Can't say I have. I've yet to be posted to a ship. Been mostly between the Holds. So unless any of the ones I've caught on land happened to be stranded pirates well…" the guard shrugs, "I'll say no." He then grins. "If I happen to cross one, I'll let you know?" How he'll do that, he doesn't say. To Jeyinshi, he simply holds up his hands briefly, "Alright, alright. I'll get used to it. Not going to ruin a good friendship over food." Kelthero then tries to stifle a sudden laugh at the dolphineer's reaction to the idea of multiple stomachs and does so by quickly stuffing his face with more food. Eventually though, his plate does become empty and after carefully pushing it aside, he turns his glance back to Kiley. "So all the paper records I helped Jeyinshi with are going to be put into these computers? To make things easier?" The question is asked innocently enough, the guard seeming genuinely curious but obviously lacking some understanding of some forms of technology.

Zi'on grins. "Well, no. You're not big enough for lots of stomachs. Though maybe you keep them in your pocket or something." Which is gross. At dinner. Thanks, Zi'on. It doesn't seem to affect the bronzer's appetite though. There's a nod to Kiley then. "Sounds good. We'll make a day out of it." He ponders Kelthero's answer. "Hm. Well if you do beat up any pirates, yeah, make sure you find me after you lock them up or whatever. That way I can go find their treasure. We can go halfsies on it."

Jeyinshi raises and eyebrow at Kiley's apparent discomfort and lack of eating before shrugging and continuing on with her own meal. "Great! Just come and find me whenever. Maybe you could teach me a few basic things about computers while we're at it? But only if you've got time. I've loaded you with enough work as it is." The dolphineer then turns to Kelthero and winks, "Good choice. But staying my friend means you're still obligated to help me build my hut." Seems like Jey is just loading /everyone/ with work. Apparently the guard's reaction to the dolphineer's deadpan is the correct reaction because her eyes light with amusement, though the serious expression remains. And it doesn't go away even as she responds to bronzer's comments. "I tried that for a few turns. It was incredibly messy, had to give it up eventually." Jeyin lets out a sigh, as if that were the most depressing thing in the world, and then she continues on with her meal, pushing one empty plate aside before reaching for the next. So what if there were talks of stomachs and implants? Almost nothing could ruin her appetite.

"Not literally, I'll have to type it all in, of course. There's no possible way of putting the paper into the computer.." Kiley considers and then shaker her head slightly, continuing to push the food around on her plate with another smile forming upon her lips. It grows even wider as she looks to Zi'on, "perfect." She agrees before laughter slips out. "What is with you and pirates? Shells." She tsks softly, shaking her head again at the bronzerider. "I'm always free to teach people about computers," she says as attention turns fully to the other woman. "After I get my laptop I can show you more easily rather than having to go a specific place for computers. Or we could go to Landing to learn as well, we can find information about something else you're interested in?" There's a curious look between dolphineer and guard with brows uplifting. "A hut?" The talk of additional stomachs is entirely ignored.

"Oh, I haven't forgotten about your hut. Trust me." Kelthero does make a face at the thought of stomachs in pockets, but luckily for him he's done his meal. But, gross or not, the guard doesn't complain - he simply smirks. "Oh, I haven't forgotten about your hut. Trust me." He says, giving Jeyinshi a quick smile. "You manage to find any supplies?" It's not long before his expression changes again though and this time it's yet another surprised look to Zi'on. "Halfsies, eh?" he says, not quite sure how serious the rider actually is. The guard figures to go with it anyhow and with a shrug, adds, "Alright then." He then glances away for a moment, looking slightly unsure of what he just agreed too. Then to Kiley, he gives a bit of a crooked smile. "Ah… yeah, I figured the paper didn't actually go in. Just seems like an awful lot of work to enter it all in when it's already written… and well… shards, I'm not making sense." The guard gives up then, before he digs himself deeper. Instead, he all but leaps on the chance to switch the subject. "Ah, Jeyinshi had it mind to try building her own hut." He offers as explanation, glancing over to the dolphineer and leaving it to her to give her own side of the story.

Zi'on blinks at Jey as well. "You're building a hut? Where?" So far Zi'on is free from work! That's probably a good thing, too. Well, except his usual work, but nothing from the dolphineer. He grins and nods about her extra stomachs. "I can imagine, All the tubes and everything… Then if they popped out everything would go everywhere…." He's just trying to gross Kiley out right now, really. He grins at the computer crafter and shrugs. "I dunno. I just like thinking about finding treasure." The rest of his dinner is abandoned in favor of pie. He's only half-serious about the pirates. Unless Kel actually manages to beat one up that has treasure. "Anyways, I gotta take off. I got sweeps soon and I gotta get changed. I'll see you guys later."

"And I will be helping with the typing. You've really got no idea how many papers there are Kiley." Jey sighs a bit, shaking her head and eating a bit more. "That sounds great. Either works really. I haven't been to Landing in quite some time but it might be more convenient to just wait for your laptop. Whatever's easier for you works for me. And thanks….really, you're a sweetheart." The dolphineer smiles genuinely at the other woman before she continues, "Yeah. That sorry excuse for a tent really dosen't provide me much shelter out on the beach, so Ias thinking of building something more permanant there. I was going to try and make it myself since I couldn't find a builder, but I don't think Kelth that idea much so he offered to help. Which either means he's very very nice, or he thinks I'm an incapable woman." She teases lightly in the guard's direction before finishing off her second plate and stacking it atop the other empty one. Two down, one to go. But then Zi'on starts talking about tubes and Jey raises an eyebrow. The talk isn't taking any toll on her appetite, but the dolphineer's strange sense of humor begins to show itself once more as she lets out another small laugh. "Leaving already? Duty comes first though, see you later then Zi'on!" She waves after the disappearing rider befoe earnestly digging into the third plate.

Kiley chuckles softly, "it would make the process easier. But think of it this way. If you have a copy on the computer and you happen to lose the paper, all you would need to do is print another one. It makes the process simpler and there is a little more protection for files and records." The woman smiles pleasantly and shakes her head, "it makes sense. Many people have these concerns, really." The computer crafter doesn't seem to mind answering these questions. Zi'on earns a look from the woman, nose wrinkling in disgust. "You're such a child." She doesn't say anymore to that, simply shaking her head. "Enjoy your sweeps, Zi'on. I'll see you later." Her gaze settles on Jeyinshi, "I can enter a lot of papers quickly, I already volunteered to do all of Enka's as well. It really isn't a problem, I type fast." She smiles nonetheless, "though I do appreciate the want to help and your desire to learn, so I won't say no." As for Landing the woman brightens, "we can do both. I love visiting Landing. There are so many computers and there is so much information about everything." The explanation of the hut clears everything up and the woman nods in understanding. "Sounds like a good idea, especially if you're spending so much time out there." It is when Zi'on takes off does Kiley begin trying to clear her plate once more.

"Ahh, actually that does make a little more sense now." The guard admits after Kiley answered his rambling question. "I'm guessing this is something all the Crafts are doing now?" he asks, glancing between both Kiley and Jeyinshi. As Zi'on gets up from the table, Kelthero lifts one hand up to give a half-wave of farewell to the bronzerider, trying not to let his expression show just what disgusting images of stomachs and tubes and Faranth knows what just flitted through his mind thanks to him. "See you!" he says, turning his attention back to Jeyinshi as she explains the issue behind the hut. "That's right… hey!" Kelthero just clued into that little teasing remark. "It's not that you're incapable! I just don't think it's good to tackle a job like that alone! Much easier to have extra hands, right?" Right? The guard then sighs a little, grinning at the dolphineer. "Just had to throw that in there, didn't you?" And he went right for the bait. Again. He's just about to settle more comfortably into seat when a sudden movement from further in the cavern catches his eye. It's another guard and he's trying to flag Kelthero's attention. "Shells, I'm not even on duty!" he mutters under his breath. For a moment he looks rebellious, wanting to stay in good company, but finally with a sigh he pushes back his chair and begins to stand. "Sorry to leave you two so abruptly, but apparently I'm needed." He nods to both Kiley and Jeyinshi. "Kiley, it was nice meeting you and Jey, I'll try to pop by the lagoon sometime soon about the hut. And to see Sungie, of course." And then he's gone, along with the other guard who interrupted what was turning out to be a great dinner.

"Really? Shards, that's a lot of paperwork. If you think it'll be faster to work by yourself that's fine. If not, count me in! I figure that I eventually have to learn computer stuff. Either by helping or watching. We'll just see what's needed at the time. That sound good?" Jeyinshi's attention is promptly captured by Kelthero's reaction and she laughs good naturedly, "It is easier to have more hands working on that kind of project. And really, would I be the same if I /hadn't/ slipped it in there?" She smiles though it soon fades at the sudden departure and she shakes her head, "Shards they do work you hard. But yeah, we'll be waiting!" The dolphineer sends a final wave and smile in Kelthero's direction before turning back to the computercrafter and leaning on the table. "So….how'd you develop the sudden appetite? And only after that one left?"

Kiley chuckles softly, "some are slow to catch up. But, I'd love it if they all did." She admits, even more cheerful and perhaps a little blissful for the thought. She listens to the banter between dolphineer and guard with a soft chuckle slipping out. She quiets when he pushes out of his chair and a nod follows, "not a problem. It was a pleasure, Kelthero." There's a slight wave in farewell before she continues to place smaller bits of food into her mouth. "I /like/ paperwork. But, I don't mind teaching you with the paper work from your craft. It's easier to understand if you have something to relate to and something you enjoy doing mixed in with it. I don't want you to learn on something boring and be frustrated by it and then claim that computers hate you. Either way, you can watch and I'll go slow and then let you do a few. Whatever it works out to." She looks between guard and dolphineer once more before he departs and there's a curious look before she's drawn fully to the other woman. "I'm always hungry.." Cheeks color at this admittance and then she mumbles, "didn't want him staring if I just started eating a bunch."

Jeyinshi wrinkles her nose at the computercrafter, "You /like/ paperwork? Well, to each her own I guess. I'll do it if it's work related, but I'd rather be doing something hands on. I guess I'm just restless like that." Frustration? Jey smiles and shakes her head, "Ah, don't worry about that. I'm pretty patient. I trained Sungie from scratch, so I kind of /had/ to develop it on the way. And he was pretty young when he started training, so yelling and such would get nowhere. Patience was the key, and now I've got it. Comes in handy at times like this huh?" Jey returns Kiley's curious look with a questioning one of her own before raising an eyebrow. "Kiley….do you see the amount of food I have right now? Even if you finished off that entire plate right now, I don't think he'd bat a lash when compared to what I'm wolfing down at the moment. But then again, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking….I understand. Of course what I'm thinking may be wrong, but it is what I'm thinking." She's not flustered, nor at a loss for words. It seems like Jeyin is /purposely/ repeating the same word over and over again to make the entire thing confusing. Strange woman.

Kiley mhms, "I like paperwork, information, statistics. I could go on." Perhaps she's a computer from her interests alone, being that they are practically everything a computer does. "But, we'll make it so that you'll be engaged.. How about after I get my laptop we go to Landing and learn there, there's two computers and you'll be actively involved in what we do. We won't do any of the paperwork, but it'll be a good learning exercise before then." The woman chuckles softly as Jeyinshi goes on about Sungie and she smiles fondly. "It sounds like he's almost your child. Patience is always a good thing to have, however." The questioning look the other gives her has the computer crafter's cheeks coloring a shade and her gaze drops entirely, not daring to look up again until the other is speaking. Then there's a look of confusion that crosses her face and her head tilts. "Huh? What are you thinking? I don't exactly understand."

Jeyinshi shakes her head at the list before smiling, "That sounds like a good idea. I can give Sungie a bit of a vacation. Faranth knows that he needs one after the way we've been working lately. Shards, we've got a lot of stuff lined up to do, haven't we?" Child? The dolphineer laughs and takes a sip of her juice. "In a way. Though he's really not as difficult as a child. No eating urges, no body changes, no cleaning up after messes. Just a lot of discipling and such. Soon I won't even have to worry about that. One day we'll be equal partners. It'll be a happy day, but kind of sad too." Jey looks a bit saddened at the thought but then she shakes her head and raises another eyebrow at the blush. "Alright Kiley, what was that look all about? Ask away. And I'm going to ask something too. Answer if you want, don't if you'd rather not." With that, Jeyinshi leans in, whispering into the computercrafter's ear.

"I'm sure he'd like a vacation. He'll have fun." A soft chuckle and she smiles a little wider. "We do. I love being busy and constantly working." Kiley beams a little wider, entirely pleased by the notion. "See? That's wonderful. And I imagine mothers have the same sentiment when their babies grow up and leave the nest. Only he'll be equal to you, different but quite the same." She gives Jeyinish a look for the question of her look, cheeks coloring a little more. "Ask away? I have nothing to really ask…" She trails off as the other leans in and then cheeks color even darker. "/No/. I do not like him. He's like a child with an obsession of pirates and… He's a child." Her head shakes firmly, "I like someone else. Zi'on is just a friend.." She trails off and then murmurs. "I lost a lot of weight after moving to Xanadu. I was teased a lot for my weight.. That.. Is where my issues lay."

Jeyinshi grins, "I guess they perhaps do. The closest I've got to babies is my niece…and then Sungie. Shards, I fell all depressed when I talk about him growing up. Really got to get off that subject." And on to the other one. The dolphineer laughs and puts up her hands. "Alright alright, don't get too worked up. I was just curious because of the self-conciousness." Perhaps Jeyin is too direct at times, and this may be one of them. "If you've got nothing to ask, there's no need for you to get embarassed….Seriously?" A definite scowl forms on her face at the mention of teasing, she might even look a bit angry. "That's completely rude and unnecessary. People like that should honestly learn some manners. I'll tell you right now that you're a very beautiful woman. So don't listen to any more of that, alright? And if you forget, I'll just keep telling you." The anger in her voice is soon to run out however and it turns to it's strange deadpan. "If you ever get bothered again, I can't do much. But Sungie will be more than willing to strand someone in the middle of the ocean." She /seems/ like she's joking. Perhaps someone should teach her more about humor.

Kiley drops the subject at the request, not adding any more into the talk of comparing children and her dolphin partner. Instead, she focuses on the topic of Zi'on and she gives the other woman a look of relief when she drops that. "Zi'on is nothing like Nikolas. Nikolas is perfect." As if that is answer enough, she says nothing more on that quieting even more as the other reacts to why. There's another coloring of her cheeks and she mumbles, "it happened a lot at the Crafthall when I was little and it happened once at Xanadu. I lost a lot of weight, though." She smiles and glances up again, "thank you, Jeyinshi. That means a lot to me that you would stand up for me." Laughter spills out and she relaxes more easily. "Thank you." More laughter for the threats with Sungie and she shakes her head with amusement.

"Nikolas huh? Well, he certainly sounds amazing. I'm happy for you!" The dolphineer smiles warmly before leaning back. "I've got a perfect and handsome lad too. His name is Haesungie. Have you met him?" Jey winks before draining off the rest of her juice and then draining her mug of klah. "Don't worry about it. And you're very welcome. Frankly, you're one of the few close friends I have here, so please don't hesitate to come talk to me or whatever." Someone else laughed at her joke! Jeyinshi seems pleased to no end and chuckles. "I'm glad that at least you and Kelth know when I'm joking. You should see the amount of people that have been scared off by some of my words. Not that I mind really, it's quite funny to see them get shocked sometimes."

Kiley blinks, "he doesn't know that I like him." She doesn't really say more than that before she chuckles softly, "I have. He does seem really wonderful." Though her tone lingers in confusion for the talk about the dolphin, despite this, she smiles. She finishes off the rest of the food on her plate, feeling a little better before she considers Jeyinshi. "You're one of my friends as well.." This brings a brighter smile to her lips. "I will. Thank you. I don't think I have much to offer in the way of counsel, but if you need anything you can find me as well." There's a coloring of her cheeks and she admits softly, "sometimes I struggle with understanding jokes. I just rule out the illogical parts and then understand it from that."

Jeyinshi grins, "But at least you have someone to like. That's happiness in itself. I've…well I've been so busy that I haven't really had much chance for that. Maybe soon though…or so I hope." The dolphineer looks a bit wistful, but that expression is quickly gone. "Thanks, I'll stop by if I ever need anything!" Jeyin grins at the coloring computercrafter, "Ah, don't worry about it. At least you get some of them….though, you don't seem to be getting the one about me pretending Sungie's my boyfriend. Since I don't have a real one, I just joke about Sungie like that. You seemed a bit confused by it."

"I suppose that is something to be happy about." Kiley agrees with a soft chuckle. "I lack a lot of understanding but the more I interact the more I understand. And shells, never thought about men before.." Fingers tap along the table as she considers the other woman with a thoughtful smile for the wistful look the other expresses. "You're welcome. Anything, really. Even if I don't understand, I'll try." Fingers tap along the table top again. "Oh! Yes.. I was confused about it. The other day when you said it I was confused. But, it makes sense now."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Well you seem to be understanding and coming along just fine. And there's no rush about men. We're still young right? For me it'd probably be more of a distraction than anything. Plus I've got Sungie to worry about. If he got jealous….shards, that wouldn't be a pretty picture at /all/." The dolphineer shudders at the mere thought of Haesungie's anger. "Thanks, and the same goes for you of course…but you really thought I had a hot date out on the beach that night? What with all the paperwork I had with me and such?" Jeyin teases a bit, chuckling softly. "Shards, it's been a while since I've had some girl talk. It's kind of fun."

"I would have nothing to do with relationships.. If I didn't find myself drawn to them or attracted. Attraction is an odd thing." Kiley chuckles softly, "yeah. There's Sungie. That'd be rather interesting if he got jealous." Amusement lingers as she considers thoughtfully before shifting attention elsewhere. "Oh. No, I didn't exactly register everything you had said in departure, or I simply filled in Sungie. Then Enka brought it up and I was rather confused. It was.. A bit of a mess. And the huge crowd of people is rather overwhelming." The computer crafter laughs softly. "I've never really had.. Girl talk."

"Mmm, I've known a few people like that. Sometimes they'd come out of their shells and sometimes they'd just say in them. But yes, attraction certainly is an odd thing. One of my healer friends said it had to do with something called endorphins? At first I'd thought he said dolphins and I was like….I don't think that's exactly riiiight." As if the rest of her eccentric behavior wasn't enough, now she'd admitted that she didn't always hear right. It wasn't a medical issue or anything, she just tended to get similar sounding words confused sometimes. "He'd probably ask me to bring the guy down and then proceed to drag him off in the waters, soak him with water, or throw fish at him." Jeyinshi chuckles at the thought before grinning over at Kiley, "It really was a lot of people, I don't really blame you…..No girl talk before? Well then, welcome to your first session. Usually there's more squealing and fawning over men, but I don't think that fits either of our personalities."

Kiley chuckles softly, "Zi'on has said that he'd drag me away from my computer if I ever try to hide away. So, I am left being outside of my comfort areas. But, everything interests me and I wish learn, so it is never a bad thing." She tilts her head slightly, "hm. I don't know much about.. Healing or anything, I'll have to do some research on what makes people attracted." A soft chuckle comes from the mistake of the words, "it happens when things sound similar. That is actually why I am having to speak with people so much for my research. The computer may hear something different than what people were saying. Some words it will have to ask for clarification." Can she ever not think about computers? Nope. There's more laughter and she murmurs, "at least you know the guy who sticks around will be perfect?" There's a sigh of relief as there is agreement from Jeyinshi about the amount of people. "I.. Only squeal over computers. There has only been one squeal in my life and that was when I went up to the Yokohama. I.. Can't imagine you squealing."

Jeyinshi grins, "He's not the only one that'd drag you out if you tried that. There's no fun in being a shut-in. Besides, the more you're out of your comfort, the more you grow right? You're not comfortable socializing, I'm not comfortable with computers. But here we are doing those very things. And one day it'll probably be useful." The dolphineer shakes her head a bit, "Mmm I see what you mean. Even computers don't have perfect hearing…Yeah, you could research attraction, but I prefer not to think about it. I'm no hopeless romantic, but what happens happens, and I'd like to think it's because of some inner emotion rather than a chemical reaction." Perfect? Jeyinshi laughs and nods, "Oh yes, if he stuck through that he'd be completely perfect. Heh. It's like some kind of blind date screening process, but instead of parents weeding out the bad ones, Sungie does." Her nose wrinkles in distaste at the thought of herself squealing, "The only thing I squal for is Sungie. And that's either when I'm hopelessly excited, or I'm speaking in their tongue. Cause that involves numerous squeaks and squeals. If I ever do such a thing in public though, please evacuate me from the area for a few moments. My pride would take a rather stiff blow at that. But the way you love the computers, I'm not surprised."

Kiley laughs brightly, "I enjoyed it, but.. I don't think I would mind too greatly if you did.. Thank you. I suppose that is correct, getting out of your comfort zone makes you grow. When I moved I had intended to make friends.." There's a slight wave of her hand as if that will explain exactly what happened there. "Yeah. Their, there, they're are all the ones that even we struggle with so it is understandable that the computer would be confused." She shakes her head, "I would rather know exactly why I am feeling something rather than believing that I am being blindly following emotion." A wrinkle of her nose for that but it relaxes as she chuckles. "That is a wonderful idea. You just don't let them know what is coming." The woman briefly considers this, tilting her head and then straightening once more. "Oh? You can speak how they do? That is interesting." More chuckles, "I will evacuate you until you return to normal, of course. As long as you make sure that you do it when I am around, otherwise I may be no help." Laughter spills out and she grins, "I scared one of the other candidates.. But, I was happy."

"You did? And you do want to know?" The dolphineer shakes her head, but there's a grin on her face. "Shards, we're pretty opposite in some ways you and I. But I don't think that's a bad thing. Kind of balances things out." Jeyin nods, because this seems to make perfect sense to her. "Exactly. Let the dolphin take them by surprise. But since my parents are so far away, he really would be the one that should screen. In that case he's like /my/ parents. So I guess we're already in a somewhat equal relationship in those regards." Jeyinshi chuckles and raises an eyebrow, "You scared one of the other candidates? With a squeal? They must not be used to excitement…but yeah, I can speak their language. We're all required to learn theirs and they're required to learn ours if they want to work with humans and be part of the whole program. It makes it easier for us to understand eachother when we can speak in our language and have them still understand. Or if there's something more important or secretive, we can relay information in their language so others don't understand."

Kiley mhms, "well, just various things. There's not one specific thing that I'd want to know, I like learning." She chuckles a little more, "we are. Opposites are not terrible, though. Depending on the situation, mind. But we get along and there is a sense of balance." She agrees easily, chuckling softly again. Lips curl into a wide smile as she goes on about the dolphin screening process and nodding in agreement. "It seems like it. But, that's not a bad thing, being equals." A soft mm follows and she chuckles, "he wasn't used to be actually being excited about anything before. He's an.. Odd friend-like figure. I'm not sure what we are, entirely. I should go visit.. He Impressed back at Xanadu." There's a soft hum released in which she considers the other woman again. "That is interesting. But, also logical and reasonable. That is very interesting."

"Like I've said before, to each her own. I like the myster of it and you like learning. Nothing wrong with either of those things." Jeyinshi also laughs at the continued talk of a dolphin screening any of her potential boyfriends. "No, being equals isn't bad at all. There's a greater sense of trust that comes with it, there's honestly nothing to complain about." She nods at the description of said person and shrugs, "That's good for him, maybe he'll get more excited now. Ambiguous type of relationship huh? Kind of like pseudo-friends. " As if that was a real classification. "Yup it's definitely interesting. Like our own personal code. Kind of strengthens the bond. Since they're not tied to us like dragons are tied to their lifemates, this is our version of personal communication. Speaking of dolphins….I really should go get that paperwork. Want to come with me, or should I just deliver them to your room in a few minutes?" The dolphineer begins gathering her plates and standing, looking over her shoulder to see if the other woman will follow.

"Certainly not. I believe both are perfectly good reasons for interacting." Kiley allows her grin to linger as the other laughs. "That is true. And trust is quite important in these sort of relationships, I hear. You work better, they say." Not that she knows too much about them. "Perhaps. I never met any of their dragons beyond what I saw on the Sands for the fact that I threw myself quickly into research. Not really.. Ambiguous.. More like.." There she trails off to consider, "I forget the word. But pseudo-friends is a good term." There's a soft laugh, "computers and the crafters have their own language, too. But it is all ones and zeros." The talk of paperwork has the woman perking further and showing excitement once more. "I'll come with you." Her plate is gathered and she follows with a hum of excitement.

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