Sorting Papers and Building Huts

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden

Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

The weyr's herb garden is perhaps the last place one would look for Jeyinshi. But there she is. The dolphineer is settled in one of the lounge chairs. She wears a pair of skinny black pants with a series of cuts up their length and a loose white t-shirt. Rather than leaning back and relaxing however, the dolphineer is sitting up with her legs folded underneath her. Several large stacks of papers are laid on the ground, the chair, and even more lay in her lap. For a few moments, Jeyinshi looks almost like a statue, simply holding a paper to her face and staring blankly. The illusion is shattered by a small groan and the young woman covers her face with her hands. "Why are there so many RECORDS?"

An herb garden would be the last place to also find Kelthero, but he too stumbles upon the tucked away space. Dressed in casual everyday clothes, the guard must have been wandering on his time off. Clearly, it was not his intention to arrive here as he scans the area with a bewildered but silently awed look. He gives a low whistle of appreciation over the work done on the open garden, stepping forwards and slowly following one of the paths, pausing only to admire or observe various plants. Might as well look now that he found it, right? He had just begun to crouch down to peer more intently at one flowering plant when he overhears Jeyinshi. Straightening up, he brushes his hands off on the front of his shirt before moving down the path and towards the dolphineer. "What's this about records?" he asks, even though the answer is staring him right in the face.

Jeyinshi pulls the hands away from her face, slightly taken aback by the sudden arrival of another person, and one who she actually knows. "You found this place to huh?" She smiles around at the surroundings before finally looking down at the papers and answering his question with a sigh. "I've got an ocean's worth of dolphin training records to sort out." The dolphineer lifts the stacks of papers in her lap and places them with the rest on the chair before leaning back and turning her face up to the afternoon sun. "Kiley is making a program to get these all into the computer. But I figured that I should sort everything out first, it'll make the information input easier. But anyways…" Jeyin pops one eye open and looks over at the guard, "Guess you've got a day off? Or do you have a later shift?"

"Uh… not quite found." Kelthero admits, grinning as he lifts his hand up to scrub at the back of his neck. "Kind of just… stumbled upon it. I think I took the wrong stairs or something." He then shrugs his shoulders and spreads his hands out. "So here I am. Wherever this is." As the dolphineer lifts a stack of papers to move them aside, the guard grimaces in sympathy. "I can see that." The guard then tilts his head in a curious manner at the mention of Kiley and the program. As Jeyinshi explains, he takes a seat on a nearby empty lounge chair, being careful not to get too close to the dolphineer's record stacks. "Really? Will that make it easier? I mean… putting it all on a computer?" Kelthero is apparently not tech savvy as some. "You guessed right." He says with a light chuckle. "Entire day off. First one in awhile."

Jeyinshi smirks a bit at his admission and nods, "Well, welcome to the herb garden. I'll let you in on a secret though…" The dolphineer lowers her voice to a whisper, her expression serious, "I found this place because I was wandering around the weyr lost." Her tone really makes it seem like it's one of Jeyin's deepest darkest secrest. But perhaps it's part of her humor. There's another exasperated look at the papers and she nods. "The hard part is entering it into the computer, but once the data is in there, it won't be a problem if the papers get lost. You have no idea how many problems we've had with lost records. It'll also provide a pool of information for when other dolphins begin their training. Anyhow, don't let me ruin your day off." The dolphineer smiles and begins gathering her papers. Why work when there's conversation to be had? "Anything of interest happen lately?"

Kelthero leans forwards a little, resting his arms over the top of his legs as Jeyinshi lowers her voice, only to look more amused then disappointed. "Want to know something?" he replies back, in almost as low a tone. "I was lost too." With that, he leans back in his seat a little. As the dolphineer begins to explain more about the computers, the guard frowns in thought and in the end just seems confused. "What if the computer is lost? Or damaged? How is the… data found then?" he asks, before looking slightly embarrassed. "Not that I'm knocking the whole project! Sounds ambitious and good in the long run. I'm just…not familiar with computers." Or trusting, it seems. Kelthero then snorts in amusement. "Hardly ruining my day! I think I'm being the intruder here. Not to mention a distraction." The guard then shrugs. "Interesting overall or on duty?"

Jeyinshi sits up, laughing at his own admission and shaking her head. "Guess we're kindred spirits then. Both destined to be dart champions, both getting lost, and both pretty helpless at computers. I honestly have no idea how to answer your questions." She furrows her brow, attempting to think of an appropriate answer, "Um…well then I'm in trouble. But we're not going to get rid of the paper records, so I guess there will always be a back up….I'll have to ask Kiley about this. I really just know how to turn on the stupid thing and type in numbers or letters where it tells me to." The dolphineer finishes stacking the rest of her papers, placing them on the ground and unfolding her legs to lay face down on the lounge chair before giving her own amused smirk, "I'd say you're saving me more than distracting me. I've been sorting through that stuff all day. The numbers were beginning to spin in my head." Jeyinshi throws a disgusted look at the papers before placing her chin in her hands and turning back to Kelthero. "Both, either."

Kelthero laughs in return, "Guess we are! Although I'm still doubting the champion bit, really." He mildly teases, before shaking his head a little. "Ah, no worries. You're looking at one of the least computer or tech savvy person here." He admits with a sheepish smile. "Ahh, okay then! For a moment I thought all this would be disposed of." The guard pauses to gesture vaguely to the record stacks. "And honestly, you know more then I do. I don't even think I've ever turned one on. So… you're one step ahead." Kelthero then chuckles. "I'd probably last only a few minutes going through records. Alright then, so I'm not a distraction, just a welcomed break." He muses, turning to swing his own legs up onto the lounge chair and leans back, propping his hands behind his head. "Hmm, duty wise nothing. Well, not anything I can really share… Otherwise it's a pretty dull life I lead. If I'm not working, I'm wandering the Weyr or just outside it." He turns his head a little, giving the dolphineer a slight smile. "What about you?"

Jeyinshi grins, "We can make the champion stuff a long term goal." She plays along with the teasing before looking towards him and nodding, "Maybe both of us need to ask Kiley for computer lessons. I've been meaning to see if she had any free time and could give me a few pointers. But nah, I won't throw them away. Though I really do need to get them into proper folders and store them somewhere. You should see some of the dolphineers, they're as scatterbrained about official stuff as Sungie would be." Heh, imagining Sungie trying to do anything concerning papers or administration was amusing in and of itself. "Same here, dull as dull can be. And no one's come to visit Sungie and I even though they've said they would. It's becoming a lonely existence out on the beach…oh which reminds me. Do you happen to know any builders? I need to make something a bit more permanant to stay in when I'm spending the night out there rather than two poles and an old bedsheet."

Kelthero can't help but laugh again, apparently finding the idea of computer lessons quite amusing. "Do you think she would? Half the time I feel like I'm Turns behind the rest of the world. It'd be nice to at least have /some/ understanding of the newer technologies. Even if all I learn is where the on switch is." He's still chuckling a little under his breath as he glances back up towards the sky. "Really? Didn't think you lot would be scatterbrained? Just busy… I mean a lot of your time is spent near water. Awful hard to bring paperwork when you're in the water, right?" The guard then seems to sober up a little and turns to glance at Jeyinshi again. "Ever think to ask for help with the record sorting?" he asks, not realizing he may have just proposed. He looks surprised though with the dolphineer's next words. "Really? No one at all?" Kelthero actually looks guilty for a moment. "Next time I'm at the docks for duty, I could pop buy?" At the mention of builders, the guard can only shake his head a little. "I don't know any builders personally, but I can keep an eye and ear out for any. Perk of being a guard." Actually, kind of a creepy perk.

"She's a real sweetheart. I'm sure if we asked she would help out. As long as she's not busy with something else. Kiley's already got her regular project and I'm afraid I've dumped two more into her lap." A bit of a guilty look crosses the dolphineer's face before she shakes her head, "A few of them are. The others are just busy like you said. But doesn't scatter brained sound more…I don't know, elegant? The word rolls of the tongue better." That certainly isn't the word that Jey is looking for, but she shrugs and just continues on, "We really don't have much time for paperwork while we're working in the water, so it's no surprise that most of us are pretty bad at it…help?" The dolphineer sits up know, turning towards the guard with a sly grin, "I guess I /should/ ask….So hey Kelth, think you'd be willing to save me from drowning in all this paperwork myself?" The promise of a visit soon has Jeyinshi grinning widely. "Really. No one. But that'd be wonderful! I mean, people have seen us when we're on break, but no one's actually come out to play, and Sungie's getting a bit lonesome. And yeah, if you could keep an eye out that'd be great. Worst comes to worst I could find some nails and a hammer and try to build the thing on my own." Which would probably end up a disaster, but oh well, Jey was adventerous enough to try it herself.

"Kiley, huh?" Kelthero repeats the name, frowning a little as he tries to place the name to a face and fails, judging by the defeated look crossing his features. "Don't think I met her. Wait. Was she in that random gathering that one evening?" Ahh, so his memory isn't so faulty! The guard chuckles again as the issue of being scatter brained or not comes up. "Hmm, maybe rolls off the tongue, but elegant? Not quite, not quite." Noticing the sly grin the dolphineer suddenly gives him, Kelthero suddenly pulls quite the 'oh, no' expression himself. Way to volunteer yourself, kid. "You sure you want a guard for help?" he jokes, smirking slightly before propping himself up on one shoulder to actually face Jeyinshi as he continues. "In all seriousness though, seeing as I've nothing better to do but to wander around and get lost, I might as well help. Just dunno how much help it'll be in the end." Kelthero seems to drift into thought for a moment then, brows knitting together. "I wouldn't mind, actually, coming out to see Sungie. I'm not posted to the docks for the next few days, but if I can I'll try to sneak out to the lagoon between shifts if I'm within the Weyr. Sound good?" He then gives the dolphineer a skeptical look. "You really that desperate to try building the hut yourself?" he asks, clearly not liking the idea.

Jeyinshi chuckles, "Yeah, she was one at that gathering of sorts. Not one for big crowds, are you?" The dolphineer seems to recall a bit of discomfort, but perhaps it was the amount of new faces and not the amount of people? Either way, she was curious to know. Jey leans back in her chair now, also turning onto her side to face him with a small smirk, "You belittle yourself far too much. Really though, thanks. After I'm done with this break, if you're still willing I might take you up on the offer. With all of the stuff I've got, even a little bit of help goes a long way." She listens to his schedule for a few seconds before nodding, "That sounds great! And if you're really that busy, don't worry about it. Maybe you can just stop by on your next day off. You might be able to enjoy it more if you're not rushed for time." Desperate? "You haven't tried sleeping through rain on damp sand have you Kelth? It's not altogether unpleasant or uncomfortable, but I'll be spending more time out there soon and since there's not a sign of a builder, I figure I might as well try. It wouldn't hurt right? If I fail then oh well, if not…why then I've got a proper shelter."

"That obvious, huh?" Kelthero asks, looking somewhat disappointed. He then smiles crookedly, lifting a hand up to idly scrub along his jawline. "Guilty, really. Unless I'm formally on duty, I normally don't join crowds. Too many new faces at once." The guard then chuckles, adding in a low and amused tone. "Didn't help I was soaked. Also didn't help when A'ven pointed that out." When Jeyinshi points out a flaw, Kelthero only shrugs it off. "Old habit." He says, before turning the conversation back to the issue of the records. Using his free hand, he gestures to the stacks, glancing up at the dolphineer as he does. "I'm willing to help. Seriously, no jokes or teasing." And it seems there is truth behind his words. "Next full day off may not be for a bit. Usually I got a good handful of hours between shifts though, so it won't be a problem to work something out." He admits, smiling widely. "So it's settled, then?" The guard's expression turns to surprise though when Jeyinshi mentions sleeping out in the rain and damp. "Actually, I have. Not on sand, mind you. But rain and damp, yes." His glance drops to stare at nothing in particular as he lapses back into thought for yet another time, before finally giving a bit of a resigned sigh. "I'm no builder either, but if you're dead set on getting this hut now, I could lend a hand with that too when I come to visit Sungie?" he looks back up to Jeyinshi then, no trace of a teasing smile on his expression. Apparently he's serious about that too.

Jeyinshi shakes her head, "Nah, it really wasn't as obvious as that. But I know how you usually act, or well, I think I know how you usually act, so I noticed. It really was a lot of people out there though. Only reason I could keep up with the conversation was becuase Sungie jumps from topic to topic like that. Lots of practice." The dolphineer smiles warmly at the genuine offer and reaches down for a couple of stacks, beginning to separate them a bit as she continues with the conversation. "Thanks, I really mean it. Without your help I'd probably be here for a few more days. "That's too bad, but a couple of hours is more than enough. Definitely settled!" The papers finally seem divided enough to the dolphineer and she carefully holds one out towards the guard. "You have?" She looks a bit surprised and somewhat curious at that, but his next words leave the dolphineer practically beaming. "I'd really like that. As long as you're not going to overwork yourself by helping out. You should let me know if you ever need help with anything too. I'm feeling guilty, making you do all this." Jeyin's words are also genuine, none of her usual smirks and grins. After a few more moments, the dolphineer sighs and begins looking through her own stack of papers. "Guess we better get on with this then. The sooner we're done the sooner we can relax, and maybe grab dinner. Hopefully it won't take until then, but who knows."

Kelthero looks taken aback by the dolphineer's comments to the point that he almost seems to blush. Or maybe he's just back to being awkward again, because he does shift a little in his seat. "So that's how you do it then?" he teases lightly, before turning serious again. "It was a lot of people. Guess I have to get used to it, really, if I'm to meet others." As Jeyinshi begins to separate one of the stacks, the guard's glance shifts to it and he begins to look apprehensive again but wisely keeps his self-doubt to himself. So much for that habit? Instead, he simply smiles. "You're welcome. And while this garden is lovely, it would be shame to work through all this days on end alone." As he's handed some of the records, he sits up full, swinging his legs back over the edge of the lounge chair and accepts them, resting them carefully in his lap. "Don't feel guilty. When you asked if I did anything interesting earlier it got me thinking… I kind of need to break out of routine. Mostly, all I've been doing these last Turns is just, well work. Didn't see no reason not to." He says, not quite going to detail, as is another of his habits. As he glances down to briefly skim over the first page in front of him, his expression drops a little. Oh boy, this is going to be tough for the guard. "Hopefully not, because I'll warn you now, I get quite irritable when I'm hungry." Kelthero teases one last time before giving his own little sigh. "So how do I start?"

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